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GDT-Tire fire vs Bombers


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couple things, for me.....

1) Not sure BC is a tire fire, despite their record. They've showed some good things, and with Reilly (even on a bum leg) there is ALWAYS a shot and they're always in the game

2) Just win....don't care how they do it, or which phase of the game leads the charge, just win this week. We'll worry about next week when next week rolls around, but for this week....just win, baby.

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1 hour ago, 17to85 said:

Too much PTSD with this team vs. Reilly to ever be overly confident. Seen too many games where he really only makes a couple throws but scores points.

it's crazy how many times he's been sacked this year, especially compared to everyone else's numbers... the man has been enduring a beat down this year... but he keeps on getting back up, you have to respect that...

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thats was when he had 3 legit threats at receiver to throw to...so you had to pick your poison in coverage...he doesn't have that now...we pay a lil extra attention to Burnham...have the D-line keep Reilly unsettled and pop him every chance they get..I see us strolling to an easy win to be honest

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