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  1. I've got my 3 shots. Gotta assume that this will become a yearly booster like the Flu shot (Got that one too).
  2. True, but the story says if Reilly comes back it will be at a restructured deal. There's also a rumour that Reilly is retiring.
  3. Great to have Collaros back. $550K and the highest paid player in the league makes perfect sense considering that he was the best QB in 2021. Great to have Biggie back. $160K (plus incentives) sounds too good to be true. I was expecting the $200K range.
  4. Fact: Here's the post that started it all: As you can plainly see, I said middle of the road which, as I've explained before doesn't mean mediocre no matter how many times you pretend it does. (Fact: You're the one moving the goalposts) We were above average for the first third of the season and we were below average at least for the last third of the season. Averaged together, we were middle of the road. (Fact: A reason for being below average doesn't change the fact that we were below average at that time.) Fact: Our defense was great, but not good enough to create many wins in the last third of the season until Collaros took over at QB. The defense didn't change, the QB did. You're confusing facts and opinions again. Any team that loses 4 out of 5 games, especially down the stretch when they don't have first place locked up, isn't 'well above mediocre' and doesn't even make it to middle of the road territory. FTR: It's rare to be able to pinpoint one trade, one player one thing that turned a season around. 2019 was one of those situations. The Collaros trade, brought in the one player we needed to turn the season around. The team visibly flipped a switch when Collaros scrambled and threw the TD pass in the last game of the season. After that, they were unbeatable. Before that they were a middle of the road team hanging on to 3rd place and hoping that Streveler would get healed enough to win a playoff game. Yet another argument that didn't need to happen, but that's the off season for you.
  5. I don't want any unvaxed players on the team, so it's no to Masoli unless he gets vaxxed. I don't see MBT as a MOS kind of player. That leaves Harris or Streveler. Harris is the better passer by far. He cracks under pressure, but our OL should make sure that doesn't happen very often. Harris may not be fully vaxxed and that could take him out of contention. We should be able to get Streveler for a lot less money and we don't need the offense to produce big numbers to win with our defense being as good as it is. It would be fun to see him in Bucks offense to lay the boogeyman PLAP OC argument to rest once and for all.
  6. Facts: 2019: 4th in the league. 3rd in the West. Collaros beat Hamilton which neither of our other QB's could manage. Collaros didn't lose a game. We lost 4 of the last 5 games before Collaros got his first start. The blue kool aid chugging fans who are arguing that we were dominant are the ones without the facts on their side.
  7. If we won't pay Collaros (I think we will tho) I'd take Streveler as our starting QB at the minimum starting QB rate.
  8. I say the whole season needs to be taken into account when you describe a dominant team. Others think being in first at the end of the first third of a season is enough to say we were dominant in '19. Yah but, we woulda been dominant if Nichols didn't get injured is actually a definition of why we weren't dominant. Would anyone describe any team not named the Blue Bombers as dominant if they came in 4th in the league? Of course not. Give Collaros the respect he deserves. Streveler and Nichols couldn't beat Hamilton in '19 even when we took Masoli out of the game. Collaros got the GC win against Hamilton and it wasn't really close. Without Collaros, we don't win the cup in '19 and we don't dominate in '21. If we kept Nichols, the only way we even make the playoffs is on the backs of the defense in '21 because we'd end up having to play a rookie QB for most of the season or trading for Harris(?).
  9. I say that because that's the truth and my argument has been consistent despite folks trying to move the goal posts. We lost to Hamilton, then Toronto, then squeaked by Calgary in Nichols last 3 full games. I don't call that dominance, but you and others do. If you want to see what actual dominance looks like, watch last years games. Besides, being good in the first third of the year doesn't define the whole year. In other words, the full season is a better look at the team than any other point in the season.
  10. and they still ended up 3rd in the West, 4th in the league which is (read it very slowly) MIDDLE OF THE LEAGUE!
  11. You're making justifications/excuses for the fact that we were 3rd in the West, 4th overall in 2019, which is the definition of middle of the road. Before that is COMPLETELY RELEVANT when talking about the level of success for the team in the Canadian Mafia era. The Mafia era: a 5th, a 4th, 3 3rds, a 2nd and a 1st. 2021 is the only dominant team. The 2nd was above average and the rest were average to below average. Before 2019 we had 1 playoff win in 4 playoff games. That's below average. Words matter. I said Middle of the road, which means being in the middle, not mediocre which means below average. Collaros moves the pocket, extends plays, hits the deep ball and doesn't turn the ball over very often. He throws on time and on target. None of the QB's we've had in the last 7 years or more could do all of those things. I've constantly said we were dominant in 2021 because we were, but we weren't in 2019 or any time before that. It's why MOS got his first COY award in 2021. The dominance started the day that Collaros got his first start in Blue and Gold. Is that fact lost on you? BTW: Someone asked who I'd be willing to give up to sign Collaros for what he's worth. Adams and/or Harris plus the guys we're losing to the NFL would more than make up the extra dollars. BTW2: I think we sign Collaros for a bit more than Faj-JJ got.
  12. We've had 1 year of being dominant with Collaros. Before that we never got a first in the west and we didn't win many playoff games. 2019 was a great playoff run with Collaros after coming in 3rd in the West, 4th in the league. That's the definition of middle of the road and you know it. Lapo was 4-0 with Collaros.
  13. Collaros was the top QB in the league last year so he should be paid the top $. If we don't pay him, other team(s) will. Considering we were a middle of the road team without him and a dominant team with him, we need to sign him at top $ even if that means losing a couple of other players. I don't buy the idea that we can be dominant with Harris or MBT or Masoli.
  14. Suitor has never been impartial. He's a Rider through and through and always has been. He's a fan and an ex player who has a mic, not a league spokesman. The rules say teams can go over the SMS limit and pay a fine. Suitor and tons of other fans have said that their team should take advantage of that rule. It gets clicks. It get fans talking. It makes the CFL relevant in the middle of the off season. That's Suitor's job description. Those of you who get on the 'That's terrible' bandwagon are helping Suitor be relevant at this time of year.
  15. None that I can think of. Fans just want him to sign for less than he's worth so we can build a better team with the extra cash.
  16. It's a big nothing burger. I read the same idea around here tons of times when we were bad.
  17. Lucky isn't even the best receiver on the Lions, how much are they gonna pay Burn-em?
  18. Wally offered Harris a contract that we matched and Harris came home.
  19. I don't mind losing our players to the NFL because the CFL can't compete money wise with the NFL.
  20. I don't much like the OT format in the CFL or NFL. I'd like 2 5 minute half's. Real football with kickoffs and punts. No sudden death. Repeat if it's still tied.
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