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  1. They made a point of that in the game and showed how Reilly forced that bomb in the endzone to Burnham who was in double coverage... yet Reilly had a guy completely wide open 15 yards down field who would of easily mad the catch and probably could of made it into the end zone. It seems like Burnham was being double/triple covered for most of the night.
  2. His 34 yards receiving last game was amazing and fantastic! Future HOF!
  3. But as per Glenn Suitor they have the ultimate weapon in Kian Schaffer-Baker. Did you know if you say his name 20 times per broadcast that it automatically makes him the top receiver in the league?
  4. The Riders will be perfectly fine... as long as opposing defenses give the old Richie Hall underneath cushions for Fajardo to hit those 8 yard passes. Those long balls were very iffy.
  5. That BC defense is not good at all. Reilly still has it though, need to contain him and let our DB's fight for all those 50/50 deep balls.
  6. LUCCCCCCCKY win by the Riders... BC Lions and the refs did everything to give that game to them. I'm sure Suitor will be jerking off massively about how heroic Fajardo was and how amazing the team is. Despite the sheer luck of a bad punt, the fumble on the Lucky Whitehead return and how the refs turned a blind eye to the constant holding.
  7. Boy they sure gave the Riders a lot of room for that underneath throw on 2nd down... why are they playing so far off?
  8. Refs have really been lenient on the Riders tonight... lots of blatant holds by the receivers and also by the DB's that have been uncalled. Jesus **** BC... doing everything to give the Riders great field position tonight...
  9. I just want to chime in that Barker must be a closet Rider Fan, the refs have missed many Rider holds, Fajardo cannot throw more then 10 yards, Whitehead is amazing, several fringe calls on the Lions by the refs... had to edit only seconds after posting this.... friggin Whitehead with the fumble and on the very first series of the game missing the easy catch.... Riders are catching a lot of breaks tonight.
  10. What or who could Ottawa bring in to salvage the season at this point?
  11. Maybe everyone can wear over sized 80's style fanny packs!
  12. After watching the last game... they could use the help
  13. I have no problem with people dumping on Suitor. Last night when they spoke about the Argos starting line up, he picked out all the former Riders and spoke about what they had done in the past with the Riders.
  14. I'd disagree they showed much more intensity in previous games , this defense looks like they are hung over and are moving in slow motion. The poor tackling and the wide open holes for Powell is definitely bizarre.
  15. The Argos are playing so soft tonight, they wont win with the constant fumbles and absolutely amateur tackling.
  16. Suitor is so damn horrible during Rider games... I like how smug he is when the Riders are winning it's terrible. I also like how he went over the Argos players and pointed out which ones were former Riders and said nothing else about them.
  17. Fajardo throwing absolute bombs..... to the sidelines which then has the Argos players being completely ineffective at wrapping the player and giving up a tonne of YAC...
  18. Am I the only one who is absolutely loving this game and watching how angry Dickenson is and how crappy BLM has been playing? This is absolutely fantastic that they are about to be beat by a dude who has 120 yards passing....
  19. BLM is looking off, he's had time to throw and he's missing those throws he used to make.
  20. David Watford is a short yardage QB only... that guy had some of the worst college stats ever and he cannot throw a ball at all.
  21. I think it was a joke... I'd take unproven back up QB over Davis in a heart beat.
  22. We are hoping for the chicken parm sandwich and the Cactus Cut Nachos (cactus cuts loaded with cheese and bacon on top)
  23. When my now wife and I went to Hamilton to watch the Casey Printers returning to the CFL game... a couple of drunk Ti-Cat fans were taking the plastic horns and pointing the spout right in the ear of a couple of really young Bomber fans (probably 18-19ish) and blowing at the top of their lungs. I was going to do something myself but before I could my angered wife ripped the horn out of the guys hand and tossed it down a few rows and told him to stop being *insert profanities* and suggested that he had a small *wee wee*. Nothing deflates a cocky drunk fan faster then a lady suggesting that he has a tiny one.
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