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  1. I didn't mind Snoke dying and the Leia scene was cheese but it didn't ruin the movie. I am very confident that if Luke kicked ass and was strong that people's opinions would of been very different of the movie.
  2. I enjoyed Solo and thought it was a good movie. The only reason 8 sucked was because they made Luke a whiny baby and killed him off. Rogue One IMO was light years better then both.
  3. Didn't Montreal do the same thing recently? With terrible results?
  4. This looks like it could be a lot of fun
  5. I read an article which said in one of the comics that Palpatine was able to switch host bodies and that the theory would be that he either was in Snoke's body or he was allowing Snoke to groom and make Kylo ultimately powerful and then at that point Kylo would kill Snoke and Palpatine would then take Kylo's body as a host....
  6. My Star Wars knowledge is limited, but did the trailer not show the old death star? The same one where Palp was slayed? Maybe he resurrects using Kylo's body?
  7. It will be good to have a few prospects on the Moose d-line. Stanley apparently has improved steadily this season with them.
  8. The last 2 seasons several football experts had said Foketi is starting material on any other team. I'm not concerned.
  9. Brandon


    I don't see Rousey ever going back to MMA and I don't think her popularity is enough for Hollywood. I guess she could open up gyms and do the seminar tour?
  10. If we include receiving stats and factor in the blocking ability then I really do think that Roberts and Harris are on par. If we are talking about handing off the ball and expecting a big play then I definitely favour Roberts.
  11. Blues in 5 because they are playing red hot and we are playing absolutely terrible. The fire Maurice talk will heat up fiercely...
  12. I'd much rather we throw cash at a receiver being cut from the NFL.....
  13. Having two little kids and dealing with ice cream cones I definitely can say that Dairy Queen has the lowest quality of ice cream. Literally it starts melting the second you get it. I'm guessing it's because of a higher water content over the dairy? It's a disaster with my kids because right away it gets all over their hands and clothes. We went to dairy queen the other day at work and my co worker had a dreamsicle cone and had to throw it out because the time it took them to make my oreo mint mcflurry his cone completely melted and was soup. Also a big thumbs down in the oreo mint mcflurry.... regular vanilla ice cream with some green squirts of "mint" shot into the flurry was extremely mediocre. When I go to a Sweet Tops or Cool Encounters local type store the cones stay solid for at least 5 - 10 minutes before slight meltage. Also the flavours actually taste like what they are advertised ....
  14. Berdin will be the next guy..... Comrie will be a throw in for some draft picks in the off season...
  15. Brandon


    What in the hell was that guy thinking? He's lucky that he didn't get killed by a bunch of wannabe tough guys and a whole bunch of legit tough guys. I'm hoping the guy lost a lot of teeth from ruining a special moment like that.
  16. I find that the local ice cream places to be a million times better then Dairy Queen. Sweet Tops on Henderson is ridiculously good and the ice cream doesn't melt and taste like water like it does at DQ.
  17. So what will the consequences be of this report... this is what I'm curious about.
  18. I don't understand why anyone would want to be a driver for Skip or any of those companies.... they make peanuts.
  19. What I don't understand is why they needed to hire private investigators? Shouldn't management realize that these employees are underperforming based on the amount of reports/cases they've done?
  20. Brandon


    More reliable then HBK. It was more then just Jannetty who said the same story. HBK also ran and hid backstage a few times over his career. The guy was known to being a **** disturber and a chicken ****.
  21. Do you think True North would dare let him go in the off season?
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