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  1. It's a good article and makes sense to me. I don't see any issue with it being a smaller league / small potatoes rather then trying to expand and becoming a big league. I don't see TSN really caring either way.
  2. Way to generalize a whole race based on one guys story. Maybe if the guy was raised by loving parents he wouldn't feel that way regardless of what color he was. For the record if you were to speak with anyone in law enforcement they could tell you dozens of stories of criminals saying that same line regardless of gender/race/background. I've had friends from Africa and other very dangerous places where they had family come to Canada from places from poverty, extreme abuse and neglect and all of their children became extremely successful because the kids grew up in a household with two
  3. Laine is going to get paid big time, the Jets have zero chance of signing him again unless they shed a massive salary from the team.
  4. https://globalnews.ca/news/7742787/man-chokes-dies-taco-eating-contest-lawsuit/
  5. No doubts, The Houston managment is probably pisssssssssed because they had offers of 3 first round draft picks for him earlier.
  6. Why do the Jets need Laine back? We have a plethora of guys scoring at the moment. The Jets need an all star D-man way more then Laine.
  7. The original CSI was fantastic and could of went on longer had they moved away from the dramatic over the top storylines that involved each of the cast members and went back on focusing on the science and cases. It only got real bad when each week one of the members of the unit would be kidnapped or somehow get involved personally in each case. Similar to Criminal Minds it made the show jump the shark when it became to cheese.
  8. Being a hardcore gamer and following the game industry... the best case scenario for a CFL game would be an "indie" game that would rip off something like Tecmo Super Bowl. EA is never making a CFL game, they would never profit off of it.
  9. It's a great show, what will be interesting is that in 2 years his dad is supposed to die. It'll be interesting to see if they go canon with the Big Bang Theory storyline where his dad was cheating on his mom and how he died of a heart attack. I suppose they can continue on until he meets the gang.
  10. Brandon


    Stipe looked old and less athletic then before, I don't think it helped him out losing 20 lbs of muscle against a guy who is build like a tank. I look forward to a Derrick Lewis rematch and a Jon Jones fight. Outside of that though the HW division is so thin on talent that anyone else will be highlight reel KO's for Ngannou.
  11. I'm curious on why Ambrosie has not formally made any sort of announcements in relation to this?
  12. Jeff Skinner is getting 9 million this season... Okposo with 6 million... those guys have 4 goals between the two of them.
  13. Just brutal I feel bad for the fans. What's crazy is that they have only two players with more then five goals ... The Jets have nine!
  14. It varies every year but it still usually sells 5-7 million copies while back in that era it was closer to 10 million. It's still a major franchise that generates a tonne of money. The online competitive scene is very much present these days and definitely a thing.
  15. League needs a long term plan, which should of started after Ottawa rejoined the league. I can't speak for Toronto since I don't live and am not familiar with the population and geography. But as Bluto said years ago, should of moved somewhere in the Suburbs. Drop the ticket prices get people at the game and come up with a marketing plan similar to how the Blue run operations where gameday is an experience that can appeal to all demographics. As I said before try to find Canadian partners in each city to help market the Canadian aspect of the game and working more with the youth to get
  16. The Goldeyes and Moose 1.0 both played with the same rule sets of the big leagues and had little to no success with younger fans. Goldeyes is full of seniors out for a nice night out and the Moose had lots of younger families also out for a cheap night out. You never saw 15 - 40 year old people wearing jerseys or merch or talk about them. I saw way more people my age associating with major league teams (Leafs, Blue Jays, Habs, NYY etc...). It would be completely ignorant to think that the reason younger demographics gravitate towards the NFL over the CFL is because of the difference
  17. Do I need to post a link for how many BILLIONS of dollars the WWE is getting on their latest deal with NBC? I'm pretty sure himself & the company are very savy when it comes to tv deals. Possibly the best.
  18. I'm sure the CFL could get some money (not a lot) from a streaming service down south. But I'd imagine it would not be anything significant or saving the league type of money.
  19. Once again ... betting odds does not mean % of chance of a team winning. It's more about how much money is being place on (in this case a team) over others.
  20. So Laine has had points in only 1 game in his last 10..... I don't think Columbus is a good fit for him lol.
  21. Maybe we need more size on the D? That's what she said?
  22. Considering he gave big American companies 50 - 100 million dollars freely and dropped a billion dollars to Syria... I don't think it would of killed him to give 50 million + to the CFL. Working at various federal Gov't jobs in my career... 50 million is a drop in the bucket. I've worked on unnecessary projects that have been given 10 - 15 million dollars that ended up going down the toilet because of the lamest of things (usually egos / hurt feelings). The Feds EASILY can give the money.
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