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  1. Jeeze I was joking about Jones wanting to bring back Carter.... this is just sad. So they are going to over pay for a locker room cancer rather then recruit someone who could be a long term solution and who would come in a much cheaper price.
  2. People need to find something to complain about I guess?
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/christmas-story-sequel-works-original-234904084.html
  4. It's almost unfair that we are keeping all our best guys
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/jan/21/meat-loaf-bat-out-of-hell-singer-dead-at-74
  6. I thought Bighill wasn't going to take a low pay day and was going to the open market and didn't set his roots in Winnipeg?
  7. Farhan crying inside because everyone is extending and not even testing the market
  8. Yes because we can only count the time McGuire played in a terrible rain storm with back ups and have to ignore his pre season time in which he played perfectly fine with back ups in nice weather.
  9. When I watched Strev in action in person in 2018 against Ottawa I more then certainly saw a guy who could be a passer and successful in the CFL. I think the issue in 2019 is that they kind of pigeon holed him into doing way to many cute plays to play off his running ability.
  10. And Bishop was 12 - 1 or whatever that one season he was so while QB is greatly important it doesn't completely translate in why a team is up and above compared to middle of the road. Look how terrible Collaros was in Saskatchewan playing behind a crap o-line and a crap system. Far more intangibles involved then simply a QB makes or breaks how good the O runs. Collaros was a cherry on the top, but also factor in some of the guys were new to our system and in 2021 after having time to develop they blossomed and also raised the bar on how good our O works (see: Bailey/Lawler) Nichols also was completely shot even in 2018 so it's a bit unfair to use him as a level to compare with. 2018/2019 Nichols is so far down in the ability to perform that guys like Masoli and Harris are light years ahead of being able to play QB. Long story short..... Zach is awesome.... if he leaves for whatever reason.... if we were to plug in a Harris/Masoli/Arbuckle/MBT to replace him... our O still would be formidable and those QB's would have the tools to also play at an optimal level.
  11. Signing two receivers does not prevent a team from signing more players. If we sign Lawler and Bailey it doesn't mean we can't afford Bighill....
  12. Harris is better then a Dilfer, a comp to Dilfer would be a guy like Fajardo. Harris can thrive if he isn't relied upon to carry a team on his back. Clearly Zach would be a far better option but if we had to Harris would work.
  13. I could be wrong so correct me if I am... but didn't the Blue offer more money to Zach several years back and he turned them down to stay out East?
  14. For everyone in the T-Cona / Elmwood / North Kildonan / East Kildonan area.. https://primetimepromotions.ca/Offers/dm-caribbean-flava/ Opening next month!
  15. Still much better then Suitor calling any Riders game.
  16. I don't think they would have an issue replacing Suitor with Dunigan on a full time basis.
  17. Back to the off season....... Hamilton signed Van Zeyl..... yay for them.
  18. Your claim of 50% racists is naive. Just because a place voted for Trump does not make people racists. I've never heard of anyone having issues in Grand Forks/Fargo for being non-white... I have heard/experienced/witnessed many issues in our own bible belt for non-white or non hetero people. Don't base an opinion on stereotypes and cherry picked articles on the internet.
  19. Lol well don't cast stones when your own country has some places with extreme racism. Also don't generalize a country because a small % of people are morons.
  20. I was mostly referring to the league copying that model. Winnipeg has done a good job catering to each age demographic. They have something for families with children, older fans, and the 18 - 35 demo for the game day experience. My only suggestion is not copying the Ottawa Renegades ideas of giving out beads for girls to flash mardi gras style... that was a bad idea lol.
  21. I don't see why they don't use Ottawa as an example of marketing it right for the younger crowd. The gameday experience itself is the draw for the younger crowd. Also why don't they post the numbers of how much the NFL fan is aging out and how the NBA is capturing a lot of the younger sports fans. Going 4 downs would do nothing.
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