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  1. Team is gassed...kicker screwed us over. Not much to say. Sign a kicker (proven) if possible. It's not the end of the world.
  2. I hate to somewhat defend the guy...but his receivers in 2022 have really done him no favors with several drive killing drops. Fajardo basically needs to run a Matt Nichols dink and dunk offense. Maas is not doing this.
  3. What amazed me is the Riders could of easily acquired Arbuckle or Trevor Harris and could get Adams again...yet they keep Fajardo who is just awful. Watching him try to throw a deep ball was as painful as watching Nichols in his last two seasons.
  4. Rourke is the real deal, I wouldn't be upset if he wins MOP. Dude has been amazing. If he looks this good in year one...how good will he be once he gains experience.
  5. Why would O Shea leave? If he wants to be a gm then give him the assistant gm tag. I don't see him a guy wanting to do both. I also have never read or heard him saying he wants to gm.
  6. He did us a favour and gave up his roster spot for Dalton. For that I truly appreciate him!
  7. Now that you wrote this ..I can't remember if I have ever seen him smile? I just picture a blank face with the wandering eye.
  8. Needed a star to market out of Saskatchewan... Unfortunately that is the best that they could find.
  9. Nice this end of town needs more sushi places. Leopold's on Henderson is above average so that should be a good addition also.
  10. Season 1 Strev was better because he WAS dropping back and playing a normal o. Season 2 was when things were not as good because LaPo was being cute and calling way to many running plays for Strev expecting him to always steam roll. Strev was far more deadly when he dropped back and tossed the ball quickly and only running when he had an opening rather then purely making him run around like a mad man.
  11. I didn't watch this game but Caleb Evans has always been the drizzling shits, last week was an exception. Dude locks in on guys and basically can only run. I have no idea on why Arbuckle hasn't been starting after his 2nd week with the team... Arbuckle can play good he has shown it before. Evans is just garbage. I wonder if Khari coaches the RedBlacks next season?
  12. The horn is at almost every game in Montreal though, this wasn't the first time it's made a game super annoying.
  13. And every game it blows non stop.... you'd think they would ban it. Super annoying on tv.
  14. To play double devil's advocate... if Agudosi is in and our of the line up and continues to miss over 50% of the games... do we still bother signing new un heard of guys who may get hurt?
  15. Harris is playing injured... if Davis comes in... how bad does it get?
  16. I will say Arceneaux at least looks better then Duke Williams... might be a decent possession guy like Nik Lewis in his older age.
  17. Worked in Ottawa! I'm guessing either go that route or find a stadium in the Burbs where mid to upper class Canadian born citizens with families live and try that?
  18. I think the Wally Buono dumps players before they drop off angle is far over used and over exaggerated here. I think Wally Buono being able to recruit HOF QBs was a much larger factor in his success then his ability to cut a player.
  19. I'd pump the brakes just a bit on the claims for Schoen. Dude is awesome but lets not claim that he's HOF material already.
  20. WTF why did Toronto drop 4 spots? That is a clown show of a web site.
  21. Rourke was getting pressured badly early on, his legs is what saved them and his quick decision making. Riders have a soft secondary so it is easy to beat them if you commit with your throws.
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