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  1. Nope , it was a Kickstarter that was instantly knocked off in China. Foldable straw to take on the go.
  2. I wonder if they give Copp a shot this season to replace Little as the 2C?
  3. I bought one straw for 5 dollars which was normally 20 😃
  4. Looking at his numbers against us it seems that he piles on the yards but has an even TD to INT ratio. From the games I've watched him play against other teams.... the guy is a better version of Jennings in which he usually only succeeds when his legs buys him some time to throw. Get pressure or contain him and I think we will be fine.
  5. What don't you love? The guy has played one full season and a bit , went undrafted, scored 6 goals, faded in the 2nd half... you don't think this is worth 3 million per season?
  6. I think the Bowman comparison is more so that we brought in a vet receiver who we expected to lead the group of receivers and provide us with a tonne of production.. the end result was things not working out and cutting the player. I don't think anyone is comparing the skill level between the two guys.
  7. The defense is just beating up on other teams so badly that by the end of the game they are dead tired and worn out.
  8. At this point who could BC bring in for immediate help?
  9. I've only gone to La Roca for lunch time so I can't speak about how it is at night. During the day it's far from being somewhere questionable. It's an *upscale* Mexican eatery which offers slightly over priced dishes that are nicer then your typical burrito joint. I don't mind the food but it's nothing mind blowing IMO. The place does look nice though.
  10. Wheeler was never charged for knocking out Kane at a night club, I'm guessing for this they want to sweep this under the rug and move on.
  11. In fairness though a tonne of ridiculous assault charges do go through the system. I've heard of someone getting assaulted by a slice of pizza, a pillow, and my favorite was assaulted by a water balloon lol.
  12. I think a dominant performance against Hamilton will stop a lot of this crap being posted.
  13. When they traded for him, on 1290 they had some of the Rangers sports guys on and they said Pionk had a really good first half of last season and was more then capable of being a top 4 d-man. As the season went on his play tanked and they weren't sure if it was fatigue or because of the team he was playing with.
  14. Did they confirm if Blade was going to be rated R. The first 2 Blade movies were awesome (IMO) but the TV series was the craps without it being a hard R (and without a decent budget).
  15. So what's the deal with the guy? Pre season they said he was being a leader and a great guy.... fast forward he's benched with vague reasons and then gets into an altercation?
  16. I want to say a few years back someone got into a fight and was cut instantly... can't remember who. I'm sure if their is any truth to this rumour that it would be leaked at some point today.
  17. I don't know about this rumour, you'd think a guy who already is on the hot seat would avoid getting into trouble after getting benched.
  18. I perused that site yesterday and couldn't understand why they think Streveler is a ****** and cant wait to see him get injured because he gets excited after making a big play?
  19. Those first two passes were horrendous as well... I was worried but so glad that he turned it around.
  20. Copp is asking for 1 year because he wants to get paid sooner then later. The offer isn't an insult it's a typical offer. He'll get 2.25 hopefully for 2 seasons.
  21. I don't know about the cottage factor, we have been looking lately and their is a tonne of inventory with a whole lot of older folks trying to off load them.
  22. I watched this game and the biggest takeaway that we already should of known is that Harris is weak mentally. That guy will not play well come play off time if he has to deal with the cold. Edmonton killed themselves with bad penalties yet again. Montreal is playing hard but I'm not sold of them being legit. Vernon Adams is still awkward but at least he has mobility that can extend plays for them. He's like Masoli in that regards. Edmonton has a terrible run defense and secondary but decent d-line. So glad that Montreal won!
  23. Everyone focusing on BC spending big money on Reilly and Chungh.... that's a zero excuse because Calgary has a boat load of money in BLM and still can find guys on defense. That defense is putrid... worst tackling in the league by far and so very soft. Saskatchewan looks at least competent, they aren't world beaters but at least they haven't given up like BC. On a few plays the BC d-line and o-line flat out stopped playing and gave up. Claybrooks is toast.
  24. I watched the first half only but the 2nd series BC had was good. Lots of variety.... it then became extremely predictable with the same hand offs and plays.
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