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  1. It would be silly to continue airing out the ball, up by 20-30 points. Smart, boring football in the second half and it leads to another win.
  2. When do we start thinking Streveler/Augustine? 4th quarter if this continues?
  3. Awesome throw and catch. Bombers are on fire. The Argos have no chance.
  4. Young guy was excited about a great catch. It happens. Let's see a few more big catches and everyone will forget about it.
  5. Trade Streveler to Toronto for two first round picks and roll with Nichols-McGuire
  6. Not quite, I think he was the one who tipped the ball to Edmonton in the 4th quarter.
  7. It happens.... the CFL is so small. O'Shea was a ST coach for four years before becoming a head coach. I put more of the blame on Jarious Jackson for a poor offence and Ed Hervey for not having any good receivers besides Burnham.
  8. There are millions of Canadians who love Trump too
  9. The season ends with a home-and-away series with the Stampeders followed by a Week 21 bye. If Winnipeg gets first place, the final game of the regular season will be October 25 and the West Final will be their next game, 23 days later on November 17... potentially also against the Stampeders.
  10. I think BC and Montreal are going to end up being tier 2 teams while Saskatchewan and Toronto are a tier of their own because they are so bad. Ottawa, BC, and Montreal will be fighting for the last two playoff spots.
  11. I like TO a lot more with MBT than James Franklin. But yeah, they have no chance against the Bombers. The battle in the trenches is firmly in the Bombers' favour on both sides. But it's the CFL so you never know. Argos have looked better every week but that also may have been the strength of competition going down.
  12. Plenty of guys could fill in on special teams if Briggs is out... I think they would use the Canadian spot on Griffiths
  13. Duke Williams became a star by exploiting CFL refs' unwillingness to call OPI. He definitely had plenty more egregious push-offs than Ottawa's on Friday. But IMO that was the CFL getting it wrong last season, and they finally got it right.
  14. Not watching but from the score and stats looks like its been a pretty sad affair
  15. I don't know how you can accurately judge the playcalling when Streveler was in. I don't think he was necessarily going through his reads very well. Might have been a couple unplanned QB runs and checkdowns to Andrew Harris in there. Lapo might have ran Harris on first and ten a few too many times but when you have the best RB in the league and he is playing well, and you're winning, and the backup QB is in, of course you're going to try to run the ball.
  16. Can't stop laughing. Sorry you had to go through that Mark 😂😂
  17. Hoping Briggs is ok, he looked pretty woozy on that hit that forced him out of the game.
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