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  1. Anyway, enough trolling out of me, I thought TLJ was weird and decent but I can understand how it might frustrate people who want different things from Star Wars than I do. The thing I am stoked for now is The Mandalorian. The cast looks great: Pedro Pascal (the Red Viper from GOT) in the lead role, with Carl Weathers, Nick Nolte, Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring from Breaking Bad) and Werner Herzog as an old Imperial slimebag.
  2. Maybe the reason I thought TLJ was a decent movie was because I don't remember the prequels that well. Seemed like a sensible move to try to forget them.
  3. Luke did exactly the same thing that Obi-Wan did at the end of Star Wars. He sacrificed himself while using the Force to trick and distract his opponent and enabled the next generation of heroes to get away. Totally a classic old Jedi thing to do. Jedis are supposed to use the Force to defend -- never to attack. The one time we saw the Jedi going on the offense as warriors and generals was the Clone Wars. How did that turn out for them?
  4. If the investigation was really to "rectify the injustice of Hillary losing" then why did the Republican attorney general (nominated by Trump, confirmed by GOP Senate) recuse himself from the proceedings, leaving the Republican deputy AG (nominated by Trump, confirmed by the GOP Senate) to appoint Mueller -- a registered Republican -- as a special counsel. The Dems living in your head have a frankly amazing ability to make Republicans do their exact bidding. I wish we had those Dems instead of the ones we've got.
  5. No bad choices there, but considering that House had Brock and Clements throwing him the ball, and Wilcox had Dunigan for three years .. meanwhile the best QB Edwards ever had was 2007 Glenn... Edwards made some chicken salad on this team, he'll always be a favorite of mine for that.
  6. here's a real nice and concise high-level explanation of how one takes a picture of a black hole. It involves taking simultaneous measurements from several telescopes worldwide and then filling in the gaps using computer guesswork. super cool.
  7. Gonna miss Fogg -- got confidence that the bomber scouts can turn up good DBs, but they don't turn up good return men very often. How many return guys did we go through between Johnson and Fogg?
  8. Manziel is kind of a special case, though. People like Sinkfield are free to return to the CFL now that the awful's crapped out. That door is shut for Manziel and god ain't opening a window anywhere for him.
  9. johnzo


    (bah, double post)
  10. johnzo


    This is a big reason I'm a fan of Johnny Impact / Mundo / Defy / Morrison. He always makes his opponents look awesome. I bet any random MBB poster could have a great-looking match against him. He got beat by Randy Myers at Defy, which is a ridiculous outcome based on wrestling talent, but it was still a great match. Morrison played straight man (literally) to Myers' weirdo hero shenanigans and got distracted into a surprise pin. Totally popped the Defy crowd where Myers is kind of a fave.
  11. johnzo


    This is a bit old, but I didn't see it mentioned anywhere on this topic -- Joey Ryan replaced Eli Drake on an Impact card after Drake refused to wrestle Tessa Blanchard, says he won't do intergender matches. I've got strong opinions on this but I'll just say that you see itty-bitty guys like Rey Mysterio taking on jacked dudes all the time and no one blinks an eye -- Tessa Blanchard isn't much smaller than Rey Mysterio. https://twitter.com/TheEliDrake/status/1099044040924753 https://twitter.com/TheEliDrake/status/1099044040924753920
  12. What happens to soldiers who boo or otherwise disrespect the Commander-in-Chief?
  13. Next Bomber jersey of mine is gonna be a Leggett. Just loved watching that guy play. So clutch.
  14. Got no love for Johnny Manziel ... but the way Montreal traded their seed corn and got just a couple of bad headlines in return puts me in USABomberFan rage territory. This was a move straight out of the bad old days of the Ottawa Rough Riders, except when the Riders went out and got splashy big-name/zero-hope talent from the States (Ware, Schlichter, Manley) at least they signed 'em as free agents and didn't trade the farm away. And now the Als' ownership is all up in the air, it's some deja vu. There's losing teams and there's laughingstocks, and I just hate hate hate seeing any laughingstocks in the CFL. I really want to see Montreal sorted out and stable again.
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