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  1. after the colossal fuckup of the Iraq War I was so done with American militarism, with the way the USA fetishizes soldiers and weapons and their belief that somehow their bombs explode softer and gentlerbecause they come from the land of righteous christian freedom-loving. but man I would love to see NATO air power fully unleashed on those Russian mechanized columns. It would be over in an afternoon. Ukraine's highways would be bonfires. then, of course, a bunch of cities would also become bonfires, so it's better they don't.
  2. Y'know what would make my bomber fan heart glow blue? Someday being able to add Collaros / Streveler to that list. Holloway / Barnes in Toronto was another good one. Maas / Ray had a great run as a tandem in 2005, with Maas coming off the bench to win the semi-final and final before Ray went start-to-finish and won the Grey Cup.
  3. Ploen / Van Pelt is an all-time QB tandem. Both were super clutch, both won Grey Cups as the other's injury replacement. I wonder if we could have kept them both beyond 1960 if Uncle Sam hadn't called for Van Pelt? I don't think it was so easy for players to change teams then... What are the other all-time QB tandems? Wilkinson / Moon is the best one I can think of, and it'd be hard to top that. In the 1981 Grey Cup, the two Eskies QBs had nine Grey Cup rings between them. Unreal. Flutie / Garcia would be close except those guys didn't play together very long.
  4. Man, I think about the life of a pro athlete ... working for months or years to rehab a significant injury, all the while the football world is moving on without them and an army of hungry kids is fighting to take their spot. The focus, discipline, and grit required to get through that is just mindboggling to me. Good luck, Stove, hope to see you back blowing up kitchens real soon (except for ours, of course)
  5. My band is covering Hopes Go Astray. I get to introduce a bunch of Americans to the Northern Pikes. been listening to this live set a lot to get psyched for that. Saskatchewan does produce good things!
  6. yeah, he went to the Concordes and had a Stegall-like season for a really terrible team.
  7. In the 2021 election, the Libs won 32.62% of the popular vote and the NDP won 17.82%. Which adds up to 50.4%. A majority of Canadian voters voted in support of the current government. It's a small majority, but it is >50%.
  8. Also this is pretty funny: https://www.thebeaverton.com/2022/03/conservatives-warn-liberal-ndp-deal-is-backdoor-socialism-handjob-democracy-and-salad-tossing-representation/ lol "over-the-jeans leftism"
  9. reading the National Post about the power sharing deal, I see the repeated perpetual grievance that only a third of voters voted for the current government. NP always forgets the 15% of Canadians who voted for the NDP. The current Lib + NDP governing coalition received support from just a smidge over 50% of Canadians, which makes it more democratically "legitimate" than almost all Canadian majority governments of my lifetime -- the Chretien, Harper, and second Mulroney majorities were all at about 40% of the popular vote, and the only majority parliament in my lifetime that also had a voting majority was the 1984 Mulroney majority, which won 50.1%.
  10. Related reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cable_Street (tldr: thousands of fascist blackshirts march under police escort in London in 1936 but are routed by a coalition of OG antifa. Great story.)
  11. Tired: cancel culture Wired: divesting from companies whose values don't match your own.
  12. man this guy did some great things for us. Comes back after being cut in 2016 and gets 100% dialed in with Nichols on that lethal endzone corner route in 2016 and 2017 -- for awhile those two were like Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker. Will always be a fan. He was a giant part of the 2016 breakthrough season that proved out the Canadian Mafia and gave them time to build the current juggernaut. Real pivotal player in a pivotal point in Bomber history. Wish we could've won him a ring. I think there's a dark timeline where we don't have Clarence Denmark waiting in the wings in 2016 ... Dressler can't do it alone ... the team doesn't break through ... Walters runs out of runway ... and now, in 2022 Mike O'Shea is back selling pharma and Jim Barker is the coach and GM of the Bombers.
  13. ok, that's it Speedflex, you've lost me. Impossible Whoppers are delicious. being in the US now, I miss Harveys. I ate at Harveys all the time back in the nineties, it was the best chain hamburger in Canada by a mile. I had one a few years ago when I was visiting Ottawa and it wasn't as good as I remembered. but yeah, TB4E has it, mom and pop is where it's at when it comes to hamburgers.
  14. I have read that the Nazis were greeted as liberators by Ukranians in 1941, and given how Stalin brutalized them, you can't really blame them. Alas, the warm welcome did not make the Nazis any less shitty -- the Ukranians were subhuman Slavs after all -- and Hitler's goons gleefully got down to the task of converting Ukraine into lebensraum and liquidating the population.
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