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  1. Breonna Taylor, damnit. least I can do is spell her name right.
  2. Check out the story of Breanna Taylor. Fuckup Kentucky cops no-knocked her apartment by mistake -- they were after a suspect who was already in custody and their target address was about ten miles away. Her boyfriend stood his ground and shot at them, and so the cops riddled her with gunfire. She was shot eight times. When they say "light 'em up" I guess that's what they mean. The essence of warrior copdom in the USA is "**** with us and die." You fight back against a cop, they will escalate like a mobster. Maybe you win in court afterwards, but maybe you're dead.
  3. This is a forelorn hope. If Trump loses big, the GOP will be too busy trying to confirm as many judges as they can during the lame-duck session. The GOP is full of people who hate each other, but the ties that bind them are stronger than the ties that push them apart.
  4. :meanwhile in Seattle.. watch the second video -- can anyone explain to me what that cop was trying to accomplish besides just being a violent clown? reminds me of a drunken jerk in a bar looking for a fight.
  5. this is the highest and best use of Wayne and Shuster... (nothing against those guys, I just really like this song)
  6. another giant youtube concert. there are no words, these guys were out-of-their-minds good.
  7. glorious, I've never seen the whole thing. impressed with the other Joey Elliott, the guy from Def Leppard. Roger Daltrey sounds pretty good too. hey, Tony Iommi! Stone Cold Crazy ... the very first thrash metal song .. and who comes out to sing it but motherfucking James Hetfield. a perfect moment in time. damn Seal takes that Freddy anguish from Who Wants To Live Forever and makes it smooove. gorgeous. I would've paid my eye teeth to have seen Queen hit the road with George Michael after this. He's one of the few at Freddy's level. Lost him too early too. And that orange blazer is so dope.
  8. hey canada, c'mere let me give you a big sloppy hug you magnificent feelgoodsad friday night gen-x comfort mutt. listen to how they pop the current singer slightly in the mix so they get a moment! 1:24 is such wholesomeness. TAKE THE SOLO WHISTLE GUY! to the guy playing in the plasma ball somewhere around 4:19, he's at 9o'clock in the mosaic
  9. Here's an interesting quote from a judge hearing a lockdown-related case in Wisconsin. You can guess who the meatpackers are and who the regular folks are. more: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/americas-racial-contract-showing/611389/ #alllivesmatter
  10. just dropped this on Youtube. couple friends helped out on bass and sax. It's astonishing what people with iphones can do without ever leaving the house. you want some super chill reggae trip-hop pumped up with some French absurdist despair, here ya go:
  11. Straight out of the Republican playbook. Inconvenient facts are legislated away. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-northcarolina/north-carolina-lawmakers-reject-sea-level-rise-predictions-idUSBRE86217I20120703
  12. Pence acts like someone who was severely bullied by the smart kids at his high school.
  13. johnzo


    Y2K was definitely not a conspiracy theory -- it was a massive and largely successful effort by IT folks to upgrade systems to deal with a very real bug. If we'd done nothing we would have been in some trouble. I was at Nortel in the late nineties and the phone switch folks took Y2K very very seriously. The power grid was legit a big worry, what with its continental scope and tricky-to-understand cascading failure modes. The 2003 eastern North American power outage was caused by a single failure at a single utility in Ohio .. and that knocked everything from Maryland to Thunder Bay down. Multiple utilities going down unexpectedly could have put us in serious uh-oh territory. Some of the reaction to CV19 reminds me of the reaction to Y2K -- since it wasn't as bad as it could have been, the threat was imaginary.
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