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  1. I dunno who is going to go out to see the Seattle XFLers. It's a super bad week to announce a new team in Seattle, the NHL in Seattle announcement has been huge, bigger than I ever thought it would be. The only sports coverage I saw about the XFL was whether its schedule might bump any Sounders dates or force the Sounders to play on a field marked for gridiron.
  2. johnzo


    Seeing my very first semi-big live show in a couple weeks -- the Pacific NW promotion Defy is doing a show called #onedge in Seattle and they're bringing in some Lucha Underground alums (Pentagon, Brian Cage, Shane Strickland, Jack Evans) and some guys I don't know yet (Chris Ridgeway from the UK, the American Gunz, Artemis Spencer, Schaf, Brody King) Totally stoked to see that lineup -- Chris Ridgeway looks like a vicious guy, a good match for Pentagon. A little bummed that they teased Rey Fenix in October but it turns out he's dinged up and on the shelf for the rest of the year. Fenix is awesome, my favorite luchador, a guy who moves like a cirque de soleil performer. Hey, here's a question for TUP: how long does it take for two seasoned pros to put together a match? Asking because both Pentagon and Chris Ridgeway are from out of town and they both look like they've got pretty busy schedules, so they might not have much time in town together before match time and yet they are headlining, so they gotta put together a match that's a big deal...
  3. I love this whole ridiculous league of ours but I love the bombers the best. I love the Als because they play in an adorable stadium in a beautiful city. I love the allcaps because I lived in Ottawa for the death of the Rough Riders and the 15000 or so die hards who reliably showed up to watch a no-hope three-win team are true fans who deserve success. I love Toronto because the double blue is ******* sharp, and also if I don't love them who will? I love Hamilton because all the Ticats fans I have met in other CFL stadiums have been cool chill people. I respecr Saskatchewan because somehow they got a 12-win season out of a 4-win roster. And whenever I meet CFL fans in the USA, 3 out of 4 of them are roughies fans and they're usually cool. Haven't got much use for the Alberta teams, I guess, and BC is meh.
  4. johnzo

    Thank you, Marc Trestman

    Since he was born in the USA, he's more like our Ben Cahoon. I remember how people used to ***** and moan that Cahoon wasn't really a non-import, back when he and Calvillo were killing us 3x yearly...
  5. Speaking of 1983, Youtube user Werner Miles has uploaded a bunch of 1983 CFL games, including our western final loss that year: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOkyALs3xT-LNvo0HaFDyFA/videos?pbjreload=10
  6. September 24, 1983. My very first live Bomber game, with my mom and dad. I grew up in the wilds of Northern Ontario so being in a crowd of 25,000 roaring partisans was something new and amazing to me. We beat the green riders 50-19. It was a perfect time to board the bomber bus because Dieter Brock had been traded the week before and the team was finally evolving from contender to champion. Nickie Hall started and got a big cheer when he was introduced, but he got dinged up so Tom Clements finished. Willard Reaves ran completely wild, something around 175 yards. I remember vividly the giant flame that shot up out of the stands when the Roughriders scored. As an 11-year-old, I thought it was super cool, but as an old guy now I can't believe that was actually a thing that happened, it looked pretty dangerous. Since then I have been lots of places and seen lots of things, but I still feel like a little kid when the blue and gold take the field -- doesn't matter if it's Clements and T-Jones or Harris and Bighill or even Goltz and Muamba.
  7. How do you know that it wasn't the video replay official who changed the call from lateral to incomplete pass? They don't announce when that guy helps out on a call.
  8. Gotta say that the refcam was pretty cool today ... it's so easy to complain about missed calls, from the refcam you could see exactly why the hit wasn't called on the field. Tough to appreciate how chaotic and crowded the game is from the couch or even the stands..
  9. johnzo

    West Final - Calgary - Who's in?

    Hmm .. Seattle to Calgary is a direct 2.5-hour flight... Looks like a 2-night saturday-monday stay, no good flights on Sunday....
  10. johnzo

    3 stars plus hh saskacrushed

    Neufeld gets a semi HH for taking a shot at Edem right after Edem took that unpenalized crap shot at Wolitarsky on the sidelines. plus one for good intentions, but minus a bunch for costing us a field goal.
  11. johnzo

    3 stars plus hh saskacrushed

    Some HH love for Darvin Adams -- he didn't stretch the field, but he had three second-down conversion catches, all of them in traffic.
  12. yeah, by the 2018 CFL rules there have been lots lighter hits ruled to be RTP, so if the ref hadn't been blocked by the saskie OL, that would've been flagged for sure. Hope Bridge is okay. All bests to him.