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  1. I'm still waiting to learn where all those millions of illegal voters voted in 2016
  2. I play drums today because when I was eleven, I heard Subdivisions and I thought "hey those drums are all weird, they're not predictable like in other songs." rest in beats, Neil. **** cancer.
  3. Spiderverse was indeed super great. Just saw Knives Out. It was pretty good, bordering on great. Definitely worth seeing. I know a lot of people here don't like Rian Johnson but that guy can make a film.
  4. johnzo


    was intrigued by the Dark Order at first but Lucha Underground did stories like that like a million times better. Let me know when the leader of the Dark Order kills the house band, makes a throne of their skulls, and presides over the ring like Thulsa Doom while Cody cowers in an undisclosed location. ****, I miss Lucha Underground.
  5. oh another reason I don't use chat is that sometimes the streams I watch can be 30 seconds to a minute behind TSN or live, so the chat is kind of spoilery.
  6. yeah, the chat isn't fun to use during games, whenever the Bombers suffer any minor reversal it's the ******* end of the world for some, which gets tiresome. If the chat had an ignore feature I'd use chat more. I tried to implement my own a few years back, but stalled out on it.
  7. https://pleated-jeans.com/2019/12/24/disturbing-vintage-christmas-cards-that-arent-around-anymore-for-a-reason-22-pics/
  8. We need @GuySmiley573 to cut a new version of this with more appropriate lyrics.
  9. yup, I know that Mrs. Johnzo hit up the Bomber store and that there's gonna be some Cup merch under the tree for me too...
  10. maybe the wrong holiday, but I am thankful for this place and for all of you, I don't know how much of a Bomber fan I'd be without you. all the best of the season to everyone on MBB, to the Blue Bombers, and to the entire CFL. I love this nutty league of ours.
  11. 1977 was a huge year for me. I was four years old. The previous xmas my brothers had gotten Led Zeppelin's IV, Kiss's Destroyer, and Rush's 2112, so the soundtrack was set. The following summer I saw Star Wars, the first film I ever saw in a movie theater -- I grew up extremely rural and seeing a movie in a theater was a huge deal for my family. As Palpatine would say, my destiny was set. I was gonna be a heavy metal sci fi kid until the day I died.
  12. I'm always impressed here with the folks who can dissect football games at a level beyond "oh that touchdown was a good play!" which is where I'm at. It's the exact same thing, just a different subject. Hope you enjoy the new film, Speedflex!
  13. yeah, me too! I avoided all but the very first trailer for this one. oh, a thing I forgot to mention: I got such a stupid giant warm fuzzy when Rey took Luke's X-WIng and his beatup old helmet and when Finn called her Red Five. Made it feel like she was actually the true heir to the Jedi. Strangely, all the passing-the-torch fetishism around Luke's lightsaber in the modern trilogy never really gave me that feeling, even though it was obviously shooting for it. plus, I was glad that they paid off the X-Wing's appearance in TLJ. See, they didn't completely ignore that film.
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