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  1. yeah, sometimes your only options are Michael Bishop and Jason Boltus. glad to see this is getting posted here. trust me, you do not want to indulge this kind of campaign rhetoric.
  2. holy crap, you guys.
  3. Labour Day Classic (week 13) = genuine LOL.
  4. (reading the politico article about the campaign) Here's my takeaway: somehow Trump's campaign was full of complete Coen-movie nincompoops like Guilifoyle, and had to work with losing thirty three cents of every dollar it raised to the various grifters it employed, and yet it turned out voters like an old Chicago machine. The guy still got more votes than any other candidate in history -- except for his opponent, luckily. **** Trump forever, but I will always be in awe of his capability to get the marks on board. We're just lucky that for every mark he brought in, he mortally pissed of
  5. The trouble with ruling by executive order -- as Obama did because of Mitch, and as Trump did because he was too ******* stupid to try to pass legislation -- is that the next executive can undo those things without a lot of effort.* Real change, like fundamental change, will demand legislation. And Mitch is a problem, but it's not just Mitch. The big Dem tent means that there are lots and lots of cautious and centrist Dems in Congress who are really not interested in progressive legislation. You saw that in 2009-2010, when a single pissy senator (**** Lieberman forever) blew up the pu
  6. unfortunately the system requires compromise. assuming Russian Mitch keeps the senate majority and the GOP keeps its discipline, no legislation -- even the bandaids necessary to fund the gov't -- passes without his say-so. the next coronavirus relief bill will be interesting. Lots of vulnerable GOP senators coming up in 2022, Biden has some leverage.
  7. such a gorgeous cover song here. Wasn't until I heard this version without all the Queen mega bombast that I realized just how heavy this song is, it's about absolutely crushing despair.
  8. ok normally I don't go for this lol GOP kinda stuff but good lord this is some kind of story. it's from 2017 so you might have heard it already https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2017/03/tennessee-anti-lgbtq-lawmakers-torrid-affair-cousin-revealed/ when you get deeper in the article you find out she wasn't -really- his patient. He was just writing pain med prescriptions for her while she was sexing him up, so it was more of a casual thing. what is the big German word for incest-cuckold-sexual-harassment-professional-misconduct-drug-dealer? Anyway, dude is currently facing dis
  9. the National Review (not linking) posted an article about how electing trump was a "middle finger" to all the evil progressives in the USA. No platform, no policies, no coherent philosophy, no health care plan, no COVID plan. Just a middle finger. That's all the GOP is now, that's all they can be. Reactionary anger.
  10. Lots of tweeting / news yesterday about how youth early voting is exploding in the USA. Here's the source story on that: https://circle.tufts.edu/latest-research/absentee-and-early-voting-youth-2020-election
  11. well, well, well. the FBI has charged a boogaloo boi in the burning of the MPLS precinct. https://www.startribune.com/charges-boogaloo-bois-fired-on-mpls-precinct-shouted-justice-for-floyd/572843802/
  12. listening right now. Announcing that Iran and Russia have compromised voter registration databases and that it's them (not the proud boys as was earlier announced) that are pushing out fake election alarms over email. (edit: and asking Americans to be "thoughtful consumers of information.")
  13. Miller is a ******* stealth snake. Guy is all over the White House immigration policy but nowhere on the record. Real mob style operator. I'm wondering who he sees holding him accountable for what he's done. Back in 2008 I seriously wanted the DOJ to put John Yoo on trial, but I trusted Obama when he said that we needed to turn that page. No more. I want Miller to be testifying under oath before Congress about what he did in the White House. Trump is in the crosshairs of a lots and lots of gunfighter prosecutors who want to put his notch on their irons, so I'm pretty sure that gu
  14. Respectfully, I think that if Trump could make a dollar from invading New Brunswick -- maybe to help get Trump Tower Fredericton built -- he would not hesitate. I don't think that Trump is some saintly dove, it's just that war doesn't seem to be his grift (so far) And this is the only thing about him that was a pleasant surprise. I was real scared he was gonna be lobbing cruise missiles (and worse) all over the goddamn place as soon as he was elected, completely ******* up the world just to put some "wartime president" shine on his ass. For whatever reason, that didn't happen.
  15. yeah, my mom was in municipal politics for years and knows elections very well. She's astonished at the stuff that happens in the USA. The First Amendment is a hell of a drug. It is very hard for American governments, at any level, to restrain speech.
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