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  1. gotta call out Mike Miller for his tight end sweep in the 2nd. love how this guy always makes the most of his one touch per game. ...is running a sweep to a tight end something that happens much in football? I don't know if I've ever seen that before, or maybe I just noticed it because it was Miller.
  2. They did the exact same thing last year with much worse QBing. That's a lucky, lucky team.
  3. Don't want Collaros on my team. Nothing against the guy, but he needs to retire .... or the next contract he signs will be with an assisted living facility.
  4. Safe travels DoD and Speedflex! I hear Thailand has some pretty nice beaches.... To stream the games, hit https://cfl.yaretv.com or https://www.reddit.com/r/CFLStreams/
  5. Here's a great story about Alan Dershowitz, a big-deal attorney in the USA who was an Epstein associate and who was accused of being a pedo as well, by one of Epstein's accusers. https://www.cjr.org/the_profile/alan-dershowitz.php Check out this filing from a lawsuit that Epstein's PR firm filed against Epstein. (found it in the linked article) It has an itemized invoice that shows the kinds of things that firm was up to to scrub Epstein's name after he got his kiddie rape rap on the wrist from Florida. You want to see how a media offensive is run, check that doc out. Fascinating and horrible how hard people are working to enable jerks and pedos.
  6. Yeah, my family is bullish on Warren too. She reminds me of my first boss -- direct, forthright, and thoughtful. Of course, this is all image building and political smoke and mirrors, but she is marketing herself very effectively to me. I'm sad that Bernie's having heart trouble and I would have been fine with him as the Dem nominee, but if he drops out and throws in with Warren, the progressive wing of the Dems might actually manage to get through this primary without shooting itself in the wang.
  7. So basically the dude is running around talking to foreign spy agencies to try to discredit the spy agencies of his own government. As a non-USA spook, what do you even say to that guy? It's such a huge opportunity to feed garbage directly into the top echelon of the world's hyperpower. There will be espionage textbooks written about this. And the whistleblower is in protective custody after their own President threatened them. Who's guarding them? A federal agency? Do all the people with guns report to Barr? Strange days indeed. The government is fighting itself.
  8. I do wonder how many athletes will benefit from this. In football, will the perks be limited to the 2% of pro-bound players, or will local legends who top out in NCAA see anything from this?
  9. I am not an expert in college football but everything I've read says this is a pretty big deal https://www.npr.org/2019/09/30/765700141/california-governor-signs-bill-allowing-college-athletes-to-profit-from-endorsem
  10. Is the hypothetical ninth planet in our solar system actually a tiny primordial black hole? This paper says ... perhaps. https://arxiv.org/abs/1909.11090
  11. cocaine is a painkiller? that's an off-label use...
  12. Glenn starting for the Bombers in the 2019 Grey Cup would be the ultimate unfinished business storyline. this board would be bonkers. (knocking wood, I don't want this to happen .. but if it did, whatta story it would be)
  13. yeah. I have respect for almost any pro football player who can go out week after week and perform in an elite setting. The level of dedication, discipline and perseverance one needs to get to even the CFL level is way beyond anything I've ever accomplished, and I've got accomplishments that I'm plenty proud of. That's not to say that all football players are saints deserving our worship, or that I'd even like any of them as people, or that they're entitled to a spot on the Bombers. It's just that I respect how hard they've worked to get to this place where they can entertain me. Doesn't matter whether it's Chris Walby or Michael Bishop or Roc Carmichael or Willy Jefferson. Respect 'em all. and so yeah, it's annoying to me too to see keyboard warriors calling out football players as cowardly or timid. Especially a guy like Nichols who has come back from some pretty gruesome injuries in his career and who is a huge reason for the team's turnaround since 2016. especially as a starting QB who has to find targets downfield and keep his cool while people like Shawn Lemon are trying to ******* behead him. (I dunno about you, but if Shawn Lemon were coming for me, completing a pass downfield would be the last thing I'd worry about, because I am programmed to think like a rational human being and not like a quarterback)
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