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  1. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    A lot of the veteran FA receivers we've signed have not worked out real great for us ... Bowman and Stafford were busts, Smith didn't ever get in a groove, Moore couldn't stay on the field and wasn't really the #1 receiver we needed him to be ... Demski, Dressler, and Adams are the only guys I'd put down as complete wins, and Dressler and Adams have had their own injury struggles.
  2. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Bakari Grant is still out there. What's up with this guy? Had a breakout year with the Riders in 2017, yet in 2018 he couldn't get a sniff of the field until the Calgary receiver emergency. Is he toxic?
  3. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    I've liked Hazelton everywhere I've seen him. Big guy, wins contested catches, moves the chains. I remember when he was like the WR6 for Edmonton and they rolled him out after an injury wave and I was all "how the hell do they have that depth at import receiver?"
  4. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    hah! I'm getting too old, all the seasons are blending into each other. appreciate the gentle correction bg84. At least the Stampeders didn't win the cup last year. Can't stand to see Dickenson win anything, that guy's not a gracious winner I hear.
  5. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    I'll always maintain that Coach Jones did a pretty freaking amazing job in 2018, squeezing twelve wins out of a 4-5 win roster. If he'd won COTY, I wouldn't have complained. But Jones the GM, hoo boy, he took a dump in the seed corn and then set it on fire. They're gonna be digging out there for awhile.
  6. I don't think I've ever seen a Bomber who could ignite a rally like Jovon Johnson. Anything good that happened between 2008ish-2012ish, he was usually the guy sparking it.
  7. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    ZC over Lulay is madness. How many games did Collaros even finish in 2018? Lulay isn't nearly what he used to be but he won some games last year without looking completely busted like Collaros did.
  8. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    going back to Collaros is almost cruel. It's his business, of course, but all indications are that that guy's head is broken and he needs to be moving on to the next chapter. Good luck to him. I hope he doesn't wind up even more screwed up than he already is.
  9. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Manny is done.
  10. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    If both Matthews and Adams are healthy, where do you line them up? Put em both at wideout, move one to the slot?
  11. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    I don't think that Argos are particularly hot properties when it comes to endorsements. I think I saw James WIlder hawking insurance once...
  12. johnzo

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Looking forward to Rod Black calling at least four more John Bowman retirement games.
  13. johnzo

    Alliance of American Football

    Birmingham. San Antonio. Memphis. hmmm.
  14. johnzo

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Wow, Moosehorn has a 1st Ave S and a 1st Ave N, but no 2nd or up. https://goo.gl/maps/wLBfqW5pkaK2 (when I get bored I just look at places on Google Maps. It's an amazing time we live in.) Think I spotted SF27's heritage house, but not sure.
  15. Comparing modern kickers with pre-2005ish kickers is tricky -- the standards are so much higher now. that said, I'd like to see Medlock in the mix because Kennerd was just barely an average kicker even by the lower standards of his day. Westwood wasn't that great either. And both have some serious playoff stink on them. Can't be an all-timer if you're not clutch.