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  1. yeah, I don't remember that hit being some kind of Ed Philion situation ... just bad luck and an awkward landing.
  2. he's also got that Kopp / Marve "get the crowd buzzing in your first home game" energy.
  3. this is the way. I'm trying to remember other runner qbs who had next-level burst like Pigrome. Doesn't seem to be a common combination.
  4. yeah, that's not great, bad game awareness. cost his rookie teammates a precious rep.
  5. watching the CFL.ca stream .. they are hyping the New Era gear .. I see the bucket hats are back, tempted to pick one up, but damn they are spendy.
  6. Nice breakdown by Suitor showing how Pigrome can totally freeze a DE with that RPO.
  7. good lord that end run. Piggy didn't just turn the corner, he took the corner.
  8. Cole! that was a great shot by TSN, the endzone view of the developing return really showed the action. also it's great to be back here. go Bombers!
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