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  1. Blue 1-0 this week-- inspiring do or die to go 5-7-5!
  2. I goofed up the name. It's actually "the Dark Side." We regret the error.
  3. ugh. two boring games and two laughers. even tho the good guys won, not a great weekend for the league. I pity TSN's panel for having to make chicken salad out of this week's schedule..
  4. what is the rationale for the roster rule change allowing only two QBs on the game roster? whoever had that brain wave, they're the villains here too. happens a few times every season that a team has to go three deep on QBs.
  5. Indecisive QB + leaky OL = fajardo tantrum got a lot of respect for Bo, he owned us for a lot of years, but no way on Earth is he in the Flutie tier, or the Garcia tier. Maybe Dickenson.
  6. okay, this week has been great to be a bomber fan but terrible for a cfl fan with three utterly non-competitive games so far. cmon stamps and riders, entertain us. having said that, I predict Duke Williams is going to play like poop for the greenies. had a terrible training camp in the NFL and has a QB who has trouble with the deep shots ... overhyped signing.
  7. Week 12 Lions @ Blue So-so kicking game? Blue's elegant solution: Score many touchdowns.
  8. He's got a whole puppy rescuing lifestyle going on. His videos of the rescues are super heartwarming. Seems like a real swell kid.
  9. two penalties for ten yards. FIFO baby.
  10. yup. We crushed the pocket rushing just three on that play.
  11. nice toss by Rourke while completely under siege.
  12. Mcguire time. Don't need Zach to get decapitated by a frustrated Lion...
  13. love seeing a guy get interfered with, catch the ball anyway, and tack on an extra 10 yards for good measure. Adams catching em in traffic.
  14. every game it's the same thing. Other team hangs around until we grind em like a burned down smoke in the 4th.
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