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  1. I would rather live a decade with Mike Kelly as the Bomber coach than a single season with Tim Burke. That 2009 team beat some quality teams and at his best Bishop was electrifying -- he had a couple 400+ yard games down the stretch where he was hurling the ball all over the damn field and simply couldn't be stopped. Plus you had the big Fred Reid game in there too. Sure Kelly was a psycho but his teams put up a fight, unlike Burke's.
  2. Whenever I hear Charles Nelson's name I think of this guy:
  3. BC's snapping is slow-motion horrible, looks like Dom Picard is back out there.
  4. Liked last year's road unis better.. those new Lions jerseys are pretty sweet. but yikes, orange pants..
  5. what's just amazing/magical to me as an semi-old guy is that almost all of these places ... Iqaluit, Qikiqtarjuaq, Belen NM ... have google street view coverage. Nothing for Mary River, but according to google maps, there aren't even any streets in Mary River. love taking google maps vacations.
  6. and now that pick off a ball that was lagging the receiver badly...
  7. what I wanna know is are the Trews ready to go?
  8. Nichols threw his second pick six right before halftime, and Streveler played the whole second half. When should O'Shea have pulled Nichols in the LDC? You don't think Bennett can make the team on merit alone?
  9. https://twitter.com/russ_sportsguy/status/1136842246177808384https://twitter.com/russ_sportsguy/status/113684224617780838
  10. What a great story, thanks for sharing it!
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