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  1. got shot #1 of Pfizer today. I can feel it working. My 5G microchip game is already way stronger and I have this weird impulse to go mow Bill Gates' lawn (he lives across the lake from me)
  2. that's such a great story! I've always heard good things about him.
  3. Yeah, I miss Wittman too. For me, his all-time call is "ELLETT LETS IT GO, SCORES!" Always liked Slack, it's crazy watching him run and move so well with his bone-on-bone knee. Wonder how he good he could have been with working hinges. re: QBs getting worn down, I was watching the 1986 Western Semi, us vs. BC, and both Huff and DeWalt took a ton of hits that would be RTP today. It was quarterback tee-ball back in those days, QBs getting torpedoed by guys who were 3-4 steps away when the ball was out. Man, that was a heartbreaker of a game ... Bombers discipline was terrible,
  4. Tons of vintage CFL games turning up on youtube, like this one from 1995. I'm not 100% sure but I think it has Milt's first two Bomber TDs in it. It's his second game and the announcers don't mention if he had a touchdown in his first or not. He has a couple funny rookie moments in the game, there's one bit where he and his return partner get all Keystone Kops. Ugh, those navy helmets, what were they thinking? Anyone else getting their CFL fix via old games on Youtube?
  5. dod sez: Fake populist Serial lyer Arrogant Ignorant Hypocrite Bigot/misogynist Conspiracy theorist * is actually a colony of millions of alien worms in a pressurized skin suit, as we see in JCon's gif:
  6. yeah, after Loffler and Hecht, I'm done with safeties that can't cover. All those big leads we blew in 2019... Our switch to Alexander at safety was huge in the Grey Cup run, our passing defence suddenly became fearsome, and we didn't blow any more 21-point leads after we made that change.
  7. well, congrats to Johnny Exume on his new arrival and contract and best of luck to him ... except against the Bombers.
  8. hey speaking of late round picks, what's going on with Johnny Exume? That guy was an assassin on the teams in 2019, loved watching him do his thing.
  9. bummed that Atomic is less around -- there was lots we didn't agree on and I think we had some pretty good battles but I enjoyed talking with them. if you're out there @Atomic I hope things are going well for you and yours.
  10. as I've been stuck in my house, I've been staying sane with this guy's videos. He's a chief aboard a container ship and has timelapse from all over the world as well as lots of cool (to me) inside baseball about container shipping. seeing the milky way rise over the Indian Ocean is astonishing.
  11. I'm still here! mostly lurking, though. with all the uncertainty, the way I'm staying sane is to not think about the CFL until someone actually kicks a ball to start a game and then I"ll be back here in full effect for sure. My wife and I have been thinking about travel plans after covid and we've agreed that a summer trip to the peg for the Fringe Festival and a Blue game or two is going to happen. We had such a great time last time we did that...and seeing the bombers live again, after 2020, will be very special. But not gonna plan or dwell on that until it can be a reality. I h
  12. yeah, sometimes your only options are Michael Bishop and Jason Boltus. glad to see this is getting posted here. trust me, you do not want to indulge this kind of campaign rhetoric.
  13. holy crap, you guys.
  14. Labour Day Classic (week 13) = genuine LOL.
  15. (reading the politico article about the campaign) Here's my takeaway: somehow Trump's campaign was full of complete Coen-movie nincompoops like Guilifoyle, and had to work with losing thirty three cents of every dollar it raised to the various grifters it employed, and yet it turned out voters like an old Chicago machine. The guy still got more votes than any other candidate in history -- except for his opponent, luckily. **** Trump forever, but I will always be in awe of his capability to get the marks on board. We're just lucky that for every mark he brought in, he mortally pissed of
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