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  1. check out this beauty block by Bighill on the Rios pick six. Ball is tipped, Gable standing around, Bighill and Rios are barely in the frame, but they get on their horses... Rios grabs the ball, Gable is still kinda ambling around, but he's in position to touch Rios down... Nope. Bighill runs past Gable, spins 180 degrees around at full speed, gets both hands on the only guy who can make the tackle. And so... Just love watching these guys rally to each other. What a team.
  2. yeah I saw that too, the way he was moving I thought the spotter was gonna demand the concussion protocol, but nothing came of it. Hope he's ok.
  3. passing game ice cold, dude calmly jogs out with a five-point lead and 6:31 to go. He throws for two quick first downs and our winning drive is rolling. clutch.
  4. My HH took a regular turn on the DL, including on the 3-man front with Kongbo and Big WJ, and he did not look out of place despite having zero elite football training prior to this season. On Rios' pick-six, he pancaked the Eskie LT, crashed the pocket, and rendezvoused with McCallister at the QB. And late in the second quarter, his pressure forced a rare Edmonton 2-and-out. After that play, Suitor said that Harris overreacted to the pass rush, that he was "feeling pressure that's not there." Ladies and gents, my HH tonight is Thiadric "Not There" Hansen. Honourable mentions to Edmonton 41 and 43, who gave us the winning TD by dinking out with some boneheaded penalties. That team is definitely taking the personality of its coach. Can't generally win a game getting outpassed 5 to 1 without a huge break, and that play was ours. Dishonourable mentions to everyone involved in the attempted explanation of the (roughing? contacting?) the kicker noncall.
  5. Damn, I forgot about the Cardinals. St Louis has really been jobbed by the NFL...
  6. So stoked for this, the cast is super lit. Giancarlo goddamn Esposito in Star Wars!
  7. Will they knock anything off the ticket price if you wear a Romulan uniform to the games? I kid, I kid. I might go to a Dragons game just to check it out, esp. if there's some ex-CFL players to follow there. Was just in San Diego and every second ad on my phone was for San Diego State Aztecs football ... "we're staying to represent San Diego!" they all said. As an old Wpg Jets fan, I really feel for these great football towns that the NFL is crapping on .. but then can't feel too bad for St Louis since you have a Stanley Cup as a consolation prize...
  8. A couple years ago I flew from Oakland to Seattle the Monday after a Raiders home game. The passengers were me, my wife, and 250 Raider freaks, most still dressed up in their gear, and in one case, with fresh corpse paint makeup. I bet the LV Raiders will have a *lot* of fly-in fans. It's so cheap to fly into Vegas, and Raider fans are a special breed. Sucks that their owner is such a greedy ******, tho I shouldn't cast stones because I've never been in the position to turn down a half-billion stadium subsidy because of my loyalty to my best customers...
  9. Wonder who the emergency QB3 is for the game this week? (hoping I don't learn the answer to this question obvs)
  10. remember when we were trying to figure out precisely where the massive voter fraud happened in 2016? So is the chair of the Federal Elections Commission.
  11. no, I seriously think that Johnny Manziel will get another CFL shot, and that SamCanadian's best football years are still ahead of him.
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