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  1. The nature of betting institutions. Just means put some money on the blue n gold.
  2. or the 2000 core with geroy, aj3, milt and robert gordon. Heck the milt, armstrong and TE would be great too. I think we have as much talent and athleticism in the wr core since then and I fully expect to see the most productive passing game we've seen in that time as well.
  3. You can make a lot of different skill sets work at slot, from milt to nik lewis. Its all about how they are used. Also, woli has good speed for his size. BC was trying to sign him before he got his NI papers as an imp. I have no doubt woli would excel at slot, hes really good with the tough yards and with catch and run stuff.
  4. The CFL is a cultural institution in canada. Its far more important than some large companies that got very large wage subsidy checks then still did massive lay offs.
  5. Fear isnt really accurate. Its more like slight hesitation. And the deep ball windows can close quickly. If a qb is aggressive in pushing the ball down field the instant they see the window open its often missed. Yeah early in his 2019 run we did see more pushing the ball down field than we had previous. But it wasnt like he was throwing "50/50" balls and letting his wrs make plays, or even game design. Our 2019 group of wr's were very dangerous top to bottom and defenses took a while to adapt to the level of speed we brought in. The fault is to be shared, pretty close to equally. Lap
  6. People think a high completion % (in a short yardage passing offense at that) He was by no means joe montana throwing guys open, or leading them to extra yardage. But idk if the cfl has one of those guys right now.
  7. Ol, especially tackle has become a position of much more athletic demand. Weve come a long way from the era when matt sheridan was a stalwart at guard to a time when geoff gray is the new standard. That or larry allen esq freak athletes. The NI pipeline is almost always behind the us. And that means the difference between what you find at ni T and imp T is lofty. Mean while we have also seen a great increase in ratio breakers. Its still hard to attract the most athletic big kids to playing line, but only more so up here. So we've gone from good teams striving to start 4 or 5 ni ol, 1
  8. Honestly aside from judge their FA pick ups could be the over-the-hill-gang. A bunch of guys who played in the nfl which means high talent level but not necessarily skill sets that will transition well to the cfl game. Judge and speller are the two young good pick ups of their off season. And both the ol and dl will see an insane amount of roll over. GL to them having any continuity with that.
  9. I feel like he mentioned playing in the nfl for 12 years, 12 times in that article alone. Worst case scenario its a constant humble brag thing, which is super annoying. But even then they were doing some really shifty stuff beyond what was publicly known. And a lot of shifty stuff came out of the jones era. One of 1000 reasons he should never be back in the cfl.
  10. I think we will see half their FA pick ups gone or on the IR by the vet cut day.
  11. Prince robinson looks like he was playing vs competition way below his skill level. Breon borders would be a pretty sick get.
  12. I think hes in as good a position to stay healthy as you can ask for. Balanced offense, great blocking, doesnt need to drop back and throw 50 times a game, hes had a full year to rest and recover. He seemed extremely mentally fragile with the riders before the season, but he played like a guy with nothing to lose here. He bottomed out with the riders then argos and bounced back with us. I wouldnt worry more about his health than any starting qb in the cfl. I would bet on him playing more games than nichols or half the qbs in the league this year.
  13. The herdman reeds were fringe players for the worst team in the west, judge was a keystone to the riders D that finished first in the west division. Of course he started many more games.
  14. Its almost a meme how every year the bombers talk about the OL we bring in being nasty, tough high motor/character guys. This guy looks like the exactly what we look for in OL on the DL side. Nice pedigree, 30 starts (51 games) for VT with 30.5 TFL 113 tackles (53 solo), 8 sacks, and 6 swats thats pretty good. Getting a TFL per start and more solo tackles then games played from the inside is pretty good.
  15. Hes exactly what our scout team turns up year in and year out. A guy whose biggest weakness is he doesnt fit in the nfl or didnt get a real shot to play. Athletic, high motor, good technical skills. Hes a 4i tweener in the nfl but here he fits perfectly with what we do at DT. Hes got the versatility and pass rush skill to excel in several roles, stunts/twists etc.
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