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  1. Couture was like 278? When we drafted him. You can get away with being smaller at center, it really depends on the build though. Gray at 6'6 308, would be of a similar build just taller. I do suspect teams would want him to bulk up eventually to the 300 range.
  2. It still isnt where it should be especially at the highest levels of football. Pass rushing was even worse. Qb killing 101. Wrestling was bad for leading with and using the head too.
  3. How did all these trees get on line? Just log in? We need to get to the root of this problem.
  4. If you could put bucks heart and football IQ into bishops body... Hes trying to hit for the cycle like kevin glenn, in 1/3 the time. Hes gotta be up to half the league already.
  5. Hand injuries are fairly common among strong arm qb's, especially ones that aren't great and don't know how to use touch and take some thing off the ball. Jamarcus russell broke more fingers with passes then picks and tds combined. (maybe the hardest tosser in history) Agree, and that explosive leg drive, hip torque is the difference imo. Same as looking at the hardest pitchers in baseball from the 70s-80s vs now.
  6. This rider slurping over soo little is making me sick
  7. Look at our qb roster then Davis and mbt in Toronto and ssk with benette. And I wouldn't take any of them over our 3. Actually isn't Austin Apodaca still in BC too?
  8. If you go back and watch any highlights of brocks you like, and compare with any random highlights of bishop you can handily see brock has less velocity. Brock was infinitely a better qb, but no doubt bishop had a better arm.
  9. The strongest arm in bomber history imo. Insane. The 10 yard ish pass early one he was virtually on his knees. The real amazing thing in that highlight is the als being first in the league.
  10. the league has put on a tactical master class in how to deal with a situation like this. I wish the PA had gone about this differently, but I get it from their perspective. Money, always taking the side of the suspended party, they are consistent at least. This puts the onus on the players and PA reps on each team to go back to the PA and push for change. Especially all those players tweeting about how cheap/dirty the shot was and how punishment / better in game over sight was needed.
  11. 🤣 Maybe... I mean the life style he lived to perform at such a high athletic level is astounding. If he would have taken his strength and conditioning as serious as Pro milt from a young age I cant even imagine the heights he would have reached.
  12. Good thing Milt has the great TSN gig. Itd gut me to see him coaching another team. If he goes after doug brown then im a be mad too. (dont think doug gives up his current gigs though) Ok ok ok, first guy in the hole you juke then cut it up the gut. Then you explode through the second wave and stiff arm the Lber. He grabs your jersey from behind and drags you down after you gain 20 yards. As a football guy, I think blink would make a tremendous coach. Considering we had soo few position coaches back then (how many years did we go with out a qb coach?) if you watched them in camp and practice they did some pretty smart drill work that translated well to the game. As a person, yeah him in montreal would be a laugh riot. A deep sleeper pick if khari sticks to HCing is Brad Yamaoka. He coached the Kamloops broncos for a considerable while. I can personally say he was an excellent coach of players, and had to manage some awfully low talent teams. He left last year and his kids are close to done HS. Perhaps lamar mcgriggs who still has his toes in strength and condition and coaching. Marvin coleman has been coaching kids in the states, Doug hocking has done well in the BC JC coaching ranks. Matt sheridan could be the teams dietitian too!
  13. Id say its grown. Seen a lot of development and improvement. But the core of winnipeg is still the same. It hasnt lost any thing in the past decade, only gotten better.
  14. 100%, Plus osborne village, I love the parks especially assiniboine and kildonan park, the zoo also makes the grade, I love the architecture of the exchange district, etc. Rae n jerrys is great. Im crazy about simons steaks at the forks too though. The city and province has soo many hidden gems and under appreciated areas.
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