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  1. Yeah the point was just his physical skills, his intangibles are miles behind his years pro and age.
  2. Nah, his accuracy and touch are below average. His athleticism is good but not great. His release and mechanics are average. 31 going on 16 in terms of experience as a starter. Not just a pro starter, a starting qb in general. Hes been a bench squad guy forever.
  3. On the deal it self, the big risk is if collaros doesnt play enough games. If that happens, he hits the 6 game and it doesnt count any way. Unless he sits 5 games twice, his salary isnt a concern imo. If streveler does sign and NFL deal then things get interesting. do we make another move to get a vet back up? I dont see them going into camp with collaros no1 and mcguire no2. I also see some retreads on the market I hope we dont touch with a 10' pole.
  4. Sure I have. And mos/walters have not been in sync at times and walters dictates who stays and who goes.
  5. Idk he is athletic, but not as athletic as streveler. And I dont think his arm talent is as good as mcguire or plenty of other guys. The mental tools and refined skills like accuracy and touch are the deal breakers in any qb.
  6. A coach doesnt build the roster, and the only difference is our nut balls are likable. Your avatar and his bff are both 100% as nutty as MBT. They are just far more likable.
  7. If every nut ball was shunned from the cfl (or any sport and league) youd end up with the better half of the league gone.
  8. Very different guys. Nelson is smart, tough, and a hard nosed running. North south guy who always gets you some thing positive. Whitehead is lightning in a bottle. He could score any time he touches the ball. He could also fumble, stumble, or completely miss read his blocks and take it out side for little to nothing when he had good yards up the middle. Its kinda like blinks returning vs stokes. But we dont have to pick one or the other any time soon. Both will be in camp and have a chance to make the team maybe even get serious wr reps. They could even both be rostered (though not likely) and split the field. Whitehead on one side forces the cover team to be much wider and leave more lanes for nelson. Some thing we did a good bit last year. Im very happy to have them both in blue too.
  9. Plenty of small schools run big wrs who are much slower then the dbs. And rely on cuts, timing, and catch radius to create rather then pure speed. Both are very similar athletically and physically. The big difference is at this point of development mccallster is far more polished and more of a natural pass rusher then jefferson was. Both are extremely big, long explosive ends. Im extremely happy to have Mccallster back in blue. If willy signs down south, and with kongbo gone Id love to see roh back as well. If either of those two come back though tough decisions will be a foot.
  10. Love good heart and motor hope he goes into camp as the dime
  11. That and we saw a lot more creativity in the front 6/7. WJ coming from all over the field, and dropping back now and then. bighill having a mix of medium depth zones and rushes. And a ton of end alignment play left the cats having no idea where the pressure was coming from or when. The secondary being sorted really allowed them to play with the front a lot more. I think thats too much in base. If they (and i expect they will) bring nichols back its gotta be an incentive laden deal. I think for him to earn 375-400 or more hes gotta start more then 12 games and play in like 14 or more. Not just that, hes a threat to make plays on the ball with speed to cover a ton of space and really really physical in the pass and run game. Loffler was physical in a decent size zone but more on the run then the pass. Hecht was physical in an even smaller zone, BA was as similar to loffler but in a much larger zone. And right away was making better decisions then loffler makes currently. The best S play we saw since Mo went from S to sam. I think he has enough warm fuzzies to shake it off from last year. His performance last year for his experience was phenomenal. Rookies usually face a lot more battering then he saw too. If he sticks in the league for another 2 years hes probably going to be in the elite tier of not the best qb.
  12. He pulls the same junk as often as he can. Wouldnt stop going on about manziel and how right he was after he was kicked out of the league.
  13. He was always knocked as a guy who couldnt win the big game. Even his superbowl mvp with the colts was kind of a defacto qb mvp selection. The combo of rhodes and addai (some un godly combined yardage between the two) and the pick 6 was what won. I dont think it was ever a figured him out thing as much as it was he didnt perform up to snuff in the play offs. the min golden gophers thought he had a future at wr/qb based on his athleticism. Thats not low tier stuff. Prolly more players from sub d1 teams then cfl teams in the nfl right now.
  14. I dont think hes especially over rated, but I also cant think of any one who is extremely over rated. Id put him in lapo territory. Maybe under him but its a toss up.
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