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  1. Thats true, but the unit and play call they went to in the play offs would have performed much better during the regular season.
  2. Lockheed martin doesnt likes this comment.
  3. Swaggervile had some incredible individual talents. the 2019 unit got it done though, with out the need to be tacky, and with much better team play.
  4. I hope one of the other two goes with masoli.
  5. I agree. This management group isnt that type. This is a huge opportunity to grow the bombers market share. The team has a key opening at OC, Mos deal isnt done yet, and lots of big FA holes. I doubt they will have the money to bring every one back, mean while two of our top execs are top candidates to also be poached. Every ones getting WBB GC merch for the holidays.
  6. I think we will just see teams spending even more at the QB position, rather then less at starter. I think all the other positions will take a hit to make up for it.
  7. I think for the very short future this will hold true. We have a rare situation where there are more starting QBs, then starting jobs. I dont think it will continue though, once the old guard of starters are gone teams will again over pay for a proven starter for fear of ending up with out one. 1290 is basically jets/nhl network. I miss when they covered more local sports. I feel like the jets brain drain chokes the life out of none hockey sports in the province more and more every year.
  8. He did end up on the PR here for a couple weeks after the one game return stint. I wouldnt be surprised to see him back in camp next year. Great talent, he is easily good enough to be playing in the league.
  9. A lot of people especially on here have maligned 3 of those 4. And continue to talk bad about MBT (who belongs in that list imo) It seems like the actual pay is going to be well below the cfl level (average to average) So I dont see them draining a lot of big name prospects we would other wise gets or cfl starters. (maybe some one like jonathon jennings) Im sure they will stumble on one or 2 guys with a pulse. But they wont stumble into enough QBs to make a whole league work.
  10. Happy he is getting another chance, but it seems like he is going to fall into the same trap again. His down fall is always his in game play call. If he could not micro manage the offense and let an OC run it, I think he'd be a really successful HC. Hes a great person and hes great at coaching players. He could be Mos 2.0 or better if he doesnt do the offensive play call full time. I hope he figures it out and makes it work. Itll be interesting to see who, if any one he takes from us in FA.
  11. When youre qb is hitting 50/50 deep balls with deadly accuracy and your rb is plowing through tacklers yeah skill can out shine play call. If any thing its a hasty generalization of post hoc ergo propter hoc. You think because we won and the team put up 30 points the offense was great. While ignoring all the facts from 2 and outs, to 3 total touchdowns in the last 2 games despite red zone drives some where in the double digits, with double digit turn overs forced, and 11 field goal attempts in those 2 games. (15 field goals, 6 tds, 14 turn overs from the D in the play offs)
  12. Just excuses and using the outcome to justify poorly designed offense. They didnt stop harris all night and we werent running audibles in the red zone. Youre just flip flopping because of the outcome and rose tinted glasses. If the offense did the exact same and we lost youd be hoping on the other bandwagon. You know, the exact same one you were captaining leading up to the game. Zero integrity.
  13. I feel like we are quickly approaching a critical mass with the developmental canadian back ups. But then again, I could see a guy or two retiring in the off season. We see more and more guys retire young to maintain a higher quality of life.
  14. Do you think the red zone play calls were good? How many carries did harris get? Thats defense, and with any more tds we may probably dont make it to a GC. The players played on a whole other level. The D play call was tremendous. The O play call didnt get in the way in the end. Thats not nearly the same thing as being good. Ends dont justify the means, and winning doesnt mean the play call was great.
  15. Designate strevereler as a RB then put him on the field at the same time as collaros and harris. I want to say they used to have a rule against that but I think it was tossed out not sure though. If any thing after the last year, teams will want to carry 3 qbs. You should go back and look at the interview in TC with the riders. It was a small sample size, but this is easily the single biggest mental turn around for a QB ive ever seen in any league or level. Hes gone from DOA to a good pick of teams where he will have a good chance to start.
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