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  1. True, though he is a very talented oc. If any thing. I think they have out performed the talent they have on o. This might be part of why Kelly is sitting for the Argos. They don’t want to give our Defense a free game worth of film vs us. One game of your own film against a guy you prepared for and played is worth 10 games of other teams playing that guy. As it sits if we meet tor in the gc, which is the most likely out come, we will have only played him in his few reps in last years gc. We will have what 10-12 meaningful games worth of film at best and most of those will be him $&@! Kicking bottom and mid tier teams.
  2. Some nsfw titled wheeler walker jr songs too. He’s pretty hilarious. Awesome 100% on all fronts. I’d rather he come here than the xfl usfl. I feel like if he really wanted to be playing out side of the nfl he would’ve been. I feel like the league is going away from big busts like manziel. Guys like that bust for a big reason and aren’t gonna fix it here if they aren’t willing to fix it for many millions a year down in the nfl. Seems like we always go for those fringe nfl guys though. Not the mid range pick guys who age out of opportunities.
  3. Such a joke. how long since he played? Must be 6 Or 7 years. I’d take the shot if I was looking for a qb and desperate. But a guy his age and time out adjusting to the cfl is more for a bad team.
  4. The crowd alone would make me want to have Kelly in. He needs seasoning This far our is beyond ridiculous
  5. Ni db, de, imp dt, maybe another ni fb would all be great. Wouldn’t be mad at a punter or a defensive global.
  6. Yeah. I honestly don’t know how much of a draw she is but I assume pretty big. Still I miss better cultural Canadian picks that we saw in the early 2ks. I’d have a band like the headstones in all the time. Have we passed the dead line yet? Hasn’t been an active mid season stretch.
  7. Hamilton coming up and beating Toronto in the east would have them and their fans going mad. Wpg mtl has never happened in a gc iirc.
  8. Crappy underwood for the half time show at the gc. I get that she’s popular, but I am soo tired of being force feed country by the cfl.
  9. Truth. He would be sick and would be soo deadly pass rushing from mac/jack
  10. I wouldn’t swap Cole due to his teams play. I’d sit Clements. also add kick schmekle to the curb. I’d swap burtenshaw for him and dress Kelly. I’d also sit Parker for blackmon. I’d consider Agudosi as a da for teams and offensive use. I’d do that if we used another guy to return rather than Blackmon. I’d also sit Bennett if basically any injured ni was actually good to go.
  11. Don’t think so. We were super reliant on medlock and that was his toughest year here. we really struggled to perform up to expectations in the play offs before 19. I don’t think that team finds a way to win it all.
  12. Imagine if Kelly gets banged up in this game? The 17 argos fans in Toronto would be livid! Man dukes has thrown 15 passes in the cfl. Dru brown has thrown 129, Poopkup has attempted 607. Collaros ofc has 2137. Kelly has 370. Harris has 164 Carries as an Argo. Boy I’d be concerned about experience among the Argo QBs.
  13. It illustrates what I said about the 90s and early 2ks lol. The Argos attendance of 2-3k last year couldn't go significantly down. Again, you’re wrong. (Is that better?) pinball hasn’t been un involved with the Argos at any point since he retired. Holding what must be the longest continual employement in the cfl today being an Argo in one form or another since 1989. he coached sporadically between 2000 and 2007 while also serving on and off as club president gm and ceo at different times while just being ceo and gm in 2008. 09-2019 he was the vice chairman of the board. 19 forward he was the gm again. Maybe check his write up on the Argos site or wiki or the cfl lol. Instead of lulu.com and a book about rocket Ishmail. No, it isn’t. Pinball is entirely responsible for Dinwiddie.
  14. Pretty awesome get. Reminds me a lot of Willy. this is always the rub. But if mos doesn’t manage the roster better starting this week we are in for a bitter disappointment at year end.
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