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  1. As long as we draft ol soo well and do such a great job scouting young imps we will enjoy great football for a long time. Not necessarily favourites but very competitive teams.
  2. I don’t think they are that far forward mos will probably coach another 10+ years easy. If some one was gonna take over I don’t think it’d Be buck either. Having every one back would be huge. A bit healthier year add a good vet and maybe a new rookie or two next year and they’ll be back in the cup again. The same secondary with guys like Lawrence Parker ford and Kramdi getting a bit more seasoning on top of the guys we have will be excellent. The front with kyrie and a nose sand healthy hansen will be much better too. a full year of Brady running like he did the back half of the season will be sick.
  3. Not just run stopped but stove and our previous chain of nose tackles demanded double teams leaving the ends one on one. On top of that stove would still push the center back onto the qbs lap and create pressure. The big loss with kongbo and hansen for most of the season is we couldn’t rotate des much at all this year. Not only was wj playing with no protection from double teams and no forcing the qb to move the pocket he played way more reps than he’s used to here.
  4. He was before. Haven’t seen any numbers yet. I suspect the early signs will take a bit less. I hope we get the top ten paid by position articles from 3dn this year again.
  5. Bombers bring back muljo from the pr. Big long athletic blind side tackle prospect. Itll be fun to see how he does in camp next year
  6. I’ve actually long been in favour of a third qb that can really run being the holder short yardage and a package guy. Now ideally the no2 qb more of a passer would be a vet but good back up vet qb are a unicorn in the cfl. If a guy has to come in mid game. I’d rather it be a limited package guy whose had more snaps. If you have to start a different qb then go with 2. the nature of qb development has changed soo much since then. Teams don’t groom back ups. Seldom does a guy come up in fa like Franklin where they had success in limited reps as qb2 over a couple years. They are all thrown into the fire and by the time they hit fa the first time you know their limitations. No mysterious up side. we also face the issue of most every team running the same offense and looking for the same qb.
  7. I’m fine with dru brown coming back next year. I’d be good with schlitz too. Really I’d like to see us replace prukop with an athletic, dynamic run threat. We’ve neg listed and worked on guys like quinton flowers multiple times for a year or two. I’d love to see us bring one in.
  8. Same with me except I don’t watch any games now. First couple seasons a bit. No hockey since. Used to watch world juniors and hall/ihl but hockey is lost to me now.
  9. He’d put up career numbers here. Always liked him. Even though Trevor Harris doesn’t seem to.
  10. When it comes to passing ability prukop is a really good running qb.
  11. That happens a lot in our offense. Many guys run option routes and we see clashing at times. I don’t think it was a great or good call. If it was 2nd and short it would’ve been. If he had just snuck for a first down going hurry up and running that against goal line package defense is a good call too. On first and 10 with momentum taking collaros off when he just got in a rhythm it’s just a bad call. But to be fair, he probably should’ve thrown it away or ran for what he could get. buck pierce is more frustrating than plop. Because he flashes brilliant calls design and potential. Then falls into the same mistakes as plop out thinking him self and getting away from what’s working.
  12. It’s soo important to take time and acknowledge these issues. It’s stuff people don’t even think about too often. The 01 loss hit me soo hard and a few times since I’ve had to step away. I was watching a video today on 3rd places. Basically your home is 1 and work is 2. The 3rd place is a low cost or free place like a local pub or coffee shop where you hang out and mingle out side of your 1 and 2 groups. With the mass suburbanization of North America a lot of places have lost that 3rd place. It’s hard to have a community area when the community is an endless sea of replicant houses. I think for me and a lot of people here the bombers and this forum is a 3rd place or the only 3rd place. So when the team is in the dumps or we suffer a tough loss it effects people a lot more emotionally and in terms of mental health than any one on the out side would ever think. the seasonal nature of our game makes it hard too. The off-season is long and dark. I think the last few years with regular threads on greatest teams and players has helped that a lot. Just because we lost and it’s the off season doesn’t mean this isn’t a 3rd place. Maybe we need a vent thread or one just focusing on all the good things this team has going. I know a lot of the efforts you’ve put in zach has meant a lot to some of the young remote bomber fans, even though you struggle, you’re helping a lot of people and the cause it self. Keep on keepin on bud. You’ve done soo much and come soo far in a short time. I can’t wait to see where you have risen in a couple years.
  13. Don’t agree. I think it’s far more likely they try to make a splash with ol and try to being in some of the cheap former wrs he’s worked with. Ham has some good wrs I think bringing in some one he’s familiar with and a top fa ol will go far better than spending all the money on lawler. Same. I really hope he comes back. He’s gonna be 29 hasn’t played a lot and his injury was a big one. If he hadn’t had that success I think he’d call it a career. But the extremely bright flash he showed before being hurt may compel him to come back.
  14. I don’t hate him. If it’s between him and lawler it’s a no doubter to go with lawler though.
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