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  1. Ed philion and his late hits on khari jones. I cant say enough bad things. His blind side crazy late cheap shots to khari directly led to his career falling off early. Guys that tore us up and I had a love hate relationship with, AC, ricky ray, and flutie for being a GC machine. Davis sanchez, john bowman, kenton keith, andre rison, robert baker, after they left blue n gold i grew to hate brian clark and arland bruce.
  2. DIBS ON 2! Its great news though, and I kind of expect it to be a slam dunk.
  3. It can, but then when he was off it you wouldve seen a drop off. Also there is no way any one would take that stuff in a micro dose and have such an expectation that the placebo effect kicked in. .3 seconds on google would dispel that. If he had been found with any kind of semi modern juice in his system, I could have seen it. Or even more if he had been caught with a blocker which far more people get busted for. IF he was a high school or college kid with no money I could see that too. But for a professional athlete with his considerable resources and finances I can not see taking tha
  4. Harris wasnt barred for life pretty big difference. And how many different front offices where home to each of those skeletons? Maybe not, But we will know that the micro dose of what he had wouldnt have any marked increase in performance.
  5. Fantastic news for us. Going to be alot of pressure form the front again this year.
  6. What an embarrassment of a league.
  7. If they are doing that it would make perfect sense. But the process thus far has not made much sense. Hope fully we will see news shortly. But yeah I feel like they have to be targeting the XFL with that start day. The fact that the XFL 3.0 should have a considerable head start tells me the USFL is either bluffing hard or is going to make serious waves this summer. He does look pretty rough. Might be covid lock down though, Im sure not my best right now lol.
  8. On top of this nothing burger doug flutie just announced the return of the usfl as a new spring football league in the us. Even further diluting the us spring football market. I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the xfl 3.0 leadership when they found this out. They have a partnership agreement with fox who owns a stake in the owners of the league. Fox as we all know carried the TV rights to the xfl 2.0. https://3downnation.com/2021/06/03/doug-flutie-announces-united-states-football-league-returning-in-spring-2022/
  9. 0: is that available on any streaming service or do they have an app?
  10. Its the best of the options they were looking at last I heard. Edmonton oilers LLOOOOOOOOOOOL!
  11. I feel like this has been in the lurch for a long time now. I also feel like its going to be panned no matter what. But if its the Edmonton football club with an EE logo it will be panned harder than any other out come.
  12. We had more of a tentative plan last year. Waiting for the last minute to have specifics all ironed out as much as possible is flirting with disaster.
  13. the 4500 fans in the stands at some point is their usual goal isnt it? 😉 I wish the league would come out with some thing solid. having soo much un certainty surround the league is really bad for every one.
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