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  1. The IR. Grant is now eligible to come off the IR. Should get stove back, we miss his push up the middle a lot. Kyrie would be big too. Hansen had 3 pressures 2 on one drive back to back. Loved adams getting called for PI coming back and getting the td back too.
  2. Trips over coffee table, stubbing toe, cries, limps 5 yards, flex.
  3. he did have a pretty good game. One great blocking series on demskis big yac, but whiffed on a chip during a harris run. Didnt drop any and made some nice moves to pick up yards.
  4. Yeah. Take out the 2 turn overs and they have 14 less points and we probably have 10 more.
  5. the kicking has been soo brutal. I dont expect automatic from 55. But you gotta hit at a high rate from inside the 40. legs punting was really poor out side of 1 bomber too.
  6. shouldve been another blow out and shut out. But we won handily and mos will have plenty to keep this team hungry about.
  7. my tsn stream completely got FKd
  8. 1 Andrew harris. Tough running tonight but combined 135 ish yards. 2 Alford with a pick 6 and a forced fumble. and a 2nd pick to seal the game. 3 A few guys could slot in here but Im giving the nod to jeffcoat. 3 tackles 1 tackle for a loss 1 sack 1 forced fumble. HH The Strip sack by willy big hill grabs it sayles and jeffcoat grab biggie and push him into the end zone.
  9. time for the D to dial up some pressure.
  10. that was easily in slow ass call
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