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  1. Pretty good prospect for camp. Showed some great ball placement and touch with plenty of arm strength as well. Release is a bit of a wind up at times but hes smooth and composed over all. Great arm talent in a young dual threat qb gonna be fun to watch battle it out in camp.
  2. Thats really cool and pretty smart. If you dont gouge people on booze it could be a smash hit.
  3. I certainly hope so, but if im an elite WR im not sure id bet on it for a 1 or 2 year deal. 2018 darvin was 8th in yards and 4th in tds. 9th and 8th in 2017, dressler 10th in catches in 2016 with denny 8th and adams 9th in tds, Nick moore was 10th in catches in 15, denny was 6th in catches and 2nd in yards in 14, watson was 10th in catches with TE 7th in yards and 3rd in tds, Te was 8th in catches 2nd in yards and 2nd in tds in 2010 and bowman was 9th in tds in 2009. The last time we had a wr with 100+ catches 1500+ yards and 15+ tds was milt in 2002. The last time we had an elite / top tier wr core was 2007 with armstrong TE and milt. After the TE era we've been a team that doesnt put the emphasis on throwing down field and producing big yards and points with wrs.
  4. Thats really cool, I hope I can find some streams to check out some of their games. Imo, the only rogue that is bad is on a missed fg.
  5. Doesnt their deal run 3 total years then he is betting on a big tv deal for after that? I think if they have a second season they might need to start it a bit earlier. March madness, nba play offs etc are gonna bury them.
  6. Must've some how missed it in the sea of off season banter... For hefney I wish they wouldve done some thing like donate half of the 50/50 one or two nights to him. Or part of it each night for a year. Such a sad, tragic story. And the war on drugs is a total sham.
  7. 10/10 for the pun. Flowers is a talented runner, but at this point you dont have to stretch to find an athletic running qb with a flawed arm.
  8. Bombers add a 2 guys, S isaiah johnson (SC by way of kansas) and OL shane carpenter. https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/02/28/bombers-add-two-roster-12/?fbclid=IwAR2xgLDofV6OkjOgS3NrFG9fuIh0AB2lOkAtFB9vqd2MtdWh-tz_rA0S-iA Johnson is interesting, pretty solidly a S and not a DB. Big time hitter and play maker but not a great cover guy. Average athleticism but smooth. Real good size for a CFL S. We seem all in on using an imp at S this year. Carpenter comes in being a guard in college despite a tall lean modern tackle build. But he did play on a deep and talented OL in college.
  9. To be good in limited action is easy for an OL. Come in on short yardage and blow up a guy who isnt the size of an interior DL. What do the riders do at QB if fajardo cant beat the sophomore jinx? A lot of his production came off 1 timing route and spinning into a roll out to the same side. Weve seen qbs have a promising year 1 as a starter then get destroyed by the second year wall when teams have ample film on them and game plan for them many many times. Every team in the cfl has this question at multiple positions. The difference is the bombers have a premier front office. We developed on of the best OLs in the league, lost pieces and replaced from with in, then had young guys forced into action early and they excelled. Weve rolled over our defensive backfield to a great extent each year over the last few years and still the guys we let go are starters for other teams. Other teams clamor for our cuts and free agents. We have shown the ability to identify and replace production at almost every position on the field. So we dont have a reason to worry.
  10. The riders and a few other teams got real pissy with us over the money we gave faith as the top pick and the precedent that set.
  11. Top prospects should command a respectable salary. Half are going to be starters after a year any way, they should earn like it. We face a huge brain drain for the top prospects with the nfl every year, why make it worse? Imagine if the XFL starts going after top NI prospects that the nfl passes on. Thats a real nice pick up for them. The offense will really hinge on how much VAJ can do now that every one has ample film on him but they wont lack for weapons.
  12. I want to say it was BJ and hal in the era before wheeler went to power 97. Ace burpee did a lot of shenanigans like that too back then.
  13. I feel like its always a good idea to kick the regular season off with the defending champion at home against the previous years challenger. Works great in virtually any sport. Love his writing and radio work. I dont know how TSN hasnt scooped him up yet tbh. But Ill be very happy if he stays here in a similar role for the long term.
  14. I am kind of surprised with the severe disparity in the xfl. With the people running things, and the way the league signs guys I thought itd be at least fairly close.
  15. 😆 Soo damned mean and funny. The whole league is soo tight pursed right now, the only chance walker has of getting the kind of value he wants is playing xfl then cfl in the same year. The old robert gordon deal. henoc muamba should call him and tell him to go on a team to team visit. Atleast then he could get dinner before he gets #&^%ed on a contract.
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