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  1. apparently sony took 95% of the profit on the first two spiderman movies and disney was trying to get a 50/50 split. I have trouble believing that disney would lose money like that though. Tbh idc as long as disney keeps making the spiderman movies. I think the target demographic was the older millenials. And it seems to have worked for them.
  2. From what i understand its a middle man not the nfl thats bungled this up. might be wrong.
  3. It would have been atleast interesting if they played on the cfl field.
  4. If he was healthy probably darvin adams. Beyond that, dont even want to imagine.
  5. Thats true it should. But for it to come out like that after and when the RBs werent doing poorly over all it kind of speaks for it self imo.
  6. Over the last few years you can toss up nichols n harris. id lean towards harris as well. But BLM and Reilly have been much better then harris. Thats the elite tier. Masoli, nichols and harris have all had flashes of elite play but none have come close to maintaining that level of play for nearly long enough to unseat those two. I just dont see him taking a spot like that. Hes had a lot of weapons to work with, strong defences at his back, and too often has struggled in the red zone.
  7. At the same time, a better qb was available in FA, and better WRs. Harris seems like he was a pretty big cancer I can get replacing a guy like that. But you gotta get better. Not settle for junk.
  8. It all depends on the qb. Most qbs are far more pro ready now then they used to be. Plus more ncaa and nfl teams are running schemes similar to what we do up here. Weve seen this year lots of guys go from zero to winning starter. Its all about the player and how pro ready they are.
  9. 100%. Its about leverage and not over paying. Every penny we pinch could come up huge after nfl cuts go out.
  10. 100%. Hubris to think that any thing he did was gonna work. Nothing would have turned that team into a winner with the constant air lifts from nfl cuts starting the same week they signed, moves like picking reggie slack over AC etc. That was the worst talent miss management this team has ever seen. Reinebold is another really nice guy who was not meant for that kind of roll. He could be a HC etc of an ncaa team but his stuff was never gonna work as a pro HC.
  11. He turned a junk team into a solid offensive team with his playbook. His RPO and zone running plays made a very under talented RBs team competitive. Hes highly thought of and well respected as an offensive mind by the best coaches in the cfl from 80s to early 2k.
  12. They were one of the best managed and coached teams. Not this year. To be fair though, paopao is a brilliant offensive mind. Similar to plop he will tend to out think him self if left to play all every offensive down though. He does it with trick plays though. He was one of the best to involve RPO plays, shovel and other options runs etc long before the rest of football bought into it. He could be a really good fit in the right role. Also a coach players love and would run through a brick wall for.
  13. Dont want wilder. Too much of a head case and low effort runner. If we wanted a complementary back to harris the ideal guy would be a scat back / cut back runner. Though we change pace with lucky and demski. Id be happy to see what Santiago can bring.
  14. Sts domination. And the offense converting from the oppositions side of the field. But still playing a half of football. Great teams beat adversity. This is a tough early test to see how great this team will be. Im hopefull.
  15. We need some one with league experience. Last I remember he was on montreals? NL. Probably on some ones still.
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