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  1. Yeah that makes sense. I could see us moving down trying to get a volume of picks with a lot of futures guys. The last few years we've had half a draft class and maybe less at the top half of the draft. Our front office staring down the scope at a full list of draft picks is scary.
  2. Im thinking montreal will get a top pick if not the top pick.
  3. Its kind of strange the split the fan base had on loving/hating glenn vs nichols. But in the end I think with glenn people expected the team to win a lot and with nichols it was a constant wave of elation at the end of a dark era for bomber fans. I wonder how badly he man handled that league...
  4. Fb has the most unchecked blatantly bigoted and hateful content on social media, with no desire to clean it up. A couple years ago it seemed like the place your grandparents hung out, now its just the most derisive and divisive platform.
  5. The collapse of pg13 as an actual advanced age teen, pre r rating has hurt the entire move making world. back in the early 90s when pg13 movies werent over glorified kids movies film makers had a mark they could aim for that would allow them to make a legitimate action/horror etc movie with out having to neuter it. Now every one is pushed into making movies any kid can walk into. The MPAA is bad enough, but now they have positioned them selves so that its hard for any movie to be more then a kids movie and less then an edgy adult flick.
  6. I had it as background noise at one point, didn't really grab or hold my attention. Which is too bad Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in T2 is one of the best characters in a very robust 80s/90s action genre. I liked Emilia Clark in the re boot, but not much else. And I find that's kind of par for the course. 1 good movie, 1 truly great movie and a TON of mediocre at best sequels. People / the movie going public don't care for political agendas being used in lieu of actual creative content. (ghostbusters remake, the craft remake etc.) But what they care for least of all, is remakes / seq
  7. I had never heard this story, am I alone in that or what?!
  8. Chris jones has a blight on the cfl, and his teams were a haven for the worst pro football has to offer. Every team has had its time employing un savory people on and off the field. But in the modern era no one has seemingly made it a point to recruit the most un savory team possible like chris jones. I love how the rider fans try to take the moral high ground now too its soo rich.
  9. Sure it makes sense for the nucks to buy them, its pennies to them any way. I wonder if it makes more sense though to move the lions to the other side of the fraser river(or to burnaby or the coq). I dont feel like any thing can make the lions draw decent crowds in VC.
  10. He was a mess and built a lousy team with some horrible contracts. I wonder if between this and the lack of a season this year if mike reilly hits free agency 2021.
  11. Did they go reverse ladder after the first round? So if you get stuck with the last pick in the first round do you get the first pick in the second round etc? I vaguely remember the nhl lotto, and them doing a test on the system the day before that got leaked where the leafs won but not much more then that.
  12. I wonder how they will determine the draft order? Pure lotto? Maybe have a lotto then flip the order each round?
  13. Yeah this is just typical of the deep dark middle of the off season. Beast mode. He could go from being a world player to an all star in a year or two. Glad hes getting some reps in.
  14. 3 worst. Charles Roberts trade. It all ended soo fast, one of the hardest player transactions for me. 2007 East Final, kevin glenn breaks his arm. Other wise that team wins a grey cup. 1995 off season matt dunigan leaves the bombers after appearing in 2 out of 3 grey cups here for the memphis 1 and done expansion team and puts up his best statistical career. 3 best. milt scores 4 tds on 4 catches vs bc. Juran bolden pick 6 on danny mac Andrew harris runs it down the throat of the entire cfl media and wins moc and mop while not being an allstar.
  15. I read that in the cba that if a full season is missed all contracts are voided.
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