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  1. Truth. It is hard to find qbs with projectable arm talent and the mine to execute. I imagine finding all that and a fifo locker room guy isn't easy.
  2. True. Iirc he played like half of 19 at s when he came back from injury but that moment was critical to both gc wins. Idk if any one is more under rated.
  3. I thought Castillo had 2022 under contract from when he extended or re activated or what ever. Might be wrong but I also don't think he gets an NFL call. Right now we have a kind of scary number of must signs. Ba was the most under rated defensive player in the league last year.
  4. Omg that's hilarious I'd never heard that before thanks for sharing. It's a pick em between moss and Megatron imo. But I'd probably go with Megatron. Watching him play it looked like he could've kicked it into another gear and gone all Michal Jordan any time he wanted. Those two wrs are just from another planet. Funny thing is they could likely improve their ol with the couple imps they've plucked recently but still have the worst ol and be even worse off ratio wise. He's a 100k a year back up qb. And yes as many people will point out he is nuttier than an out house rat. Between Masoli mbt and streveler who do you take if you need a starting qb? Masoli is the better qb but he's anti clutch. And an anti vax nut bag. I'd still take streveler. I'll bet on heart and a good head on his shoulders every time. I actually think Montreal would be a great spot for strevy. Rpo former great qb in khari who has worked well with mobile qbs who are limited passers great run game and wrs.
  5. Good point. The amount of great ocs who didn't play qb and didn't have a qb with a great system teach them is tiny. It's like trying to make all pro in the nfl being 100 lbs soaking wet. If plop could recognize his limitations and bring in a guy like a younger Dinwiddie help make the playbook but let his oc call the game and coach qbs he could be successful. He is a good personnel coach. But that wouldn't happen. Even if he wanted it I don't think it's possible with the coaching cap.
  6. That moves a biggie. Stove and ba then the defense is in great shape. Zach Bryant Lawler and rbs on offense. A lot of work for the mafia left to do.
  7. Yep. 100 percent. And to give him credit where it's due he can draw up a playbook. Bill Walsh June Jones mouse Davis a lot of the innovators on offense failed as qbs either in college or early in the pros. Sean mcvay is a offensive modern guru who is great with qbs and didn't play qb. He was also a failed college wr. But he is a disciple of Shanahan who was a qb. Plop doesn't have a coaching lineage to fall back on. Over coming not playing qb and not having that former qb great coach teacher is pretty near impossible to over come. Chip Kelly was a db. Don coryell was a hb. Woody Hayes was a tackle. Andy Reid was a tackle too. But that's early generation spread offense with coaches who qbd above their lineages.
  8. Do you know how many ocs ac struggled under? Also steveler was never an NFL prototype. Trying to force him into being one was silly. If a team did rpo and qb runs really well steveler would be a monster. I agree. Though I'd love him back I dont see money and reps working when some one else will give him atleast 250 or more and a chance to start. I think the elk could be it. He's better than Fajardo and cf over achieved in that system.
  9. I would argue that no qb ever got any better under plop. Play calling and play book aside he was never a qbs oc.
  10. Plop had him running lousey fake rpo crap and throwing 5 yard outs. I'd love to see what he could do with bucks playbook and what buck could do with his skill set. Imagine trying to defend counter qb Power and qb power like the ravens run but with strevy in the cfl. June Jones has applied to be the hc at Hawaii again. Probably gets the job too.
  11. He would pretty much any rush end would but that passport is the money. That said I don't think the Bombers will have that for a 3rd de.
  12. He's gonna run some ones offense one day. Leonard is one of the all time great at dodging tests. Up there with Wanderlei silva slipping out the window and running down the street half naked. The Jeff part 2 really stepped up in 21. He played some of the most dominant defensive games league wide last year. He's just coming into his peak too. Saw on 3dn the weekly gossip piece said they think Jones will dump both Boateng and Betts this off season. If he doesnt try to bring them back it should be a huge red flag to the elk brass. Their ni talent is already pencil thin they can't just replace a starter that easy.
  13. Qft. I don't think any one can argue that the late year team wasn't alot better than the early year team. Long passes and big returns were added late but ba in at s and the adjustments to the d front alone were huuuge.
  14. Actually in the modern era or football you can see tons of guys who produce as first year starters. Also Allen and flutie weren't stars by any means in their first 3 combined years.
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