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  1. If I was the owner I would’ve instantly canned macciocia for this.
  2. I’d take him as a qb coach in a heart beat. Some one to be on the side line while buck is in the booth.
  3. I bet it’s more of a walk through. I think rourke will get yards late but not tds. And I think this will be his toughest game. If ba and kyrie were healthy I think he’d be in deep water.
  4. https://3downnation.com/2022/07/04/former-alouettes-lb-tre-watson-was-cut-for-two-incidents-with-unnamed-alouettes-personnel/ it’s just his side but sounds like he wasn’t in the wrong to me. That team needs guys who hold them accountable.
  5. Offense is missing demski desjarlais Harris and couture. We still haven’t filled drew’s or andrews spot sufficiently. im not too worried because we have the qb and the tackles. defense is missing lots too. Injuries are a real adversity this year.
  6. We won’t have a chance of beating bc unless our offense is a lot better.
  7. 1 clements. Comes in for a kyrie gets banged up and puts up 6 tackles sack and a teams tackle 2 rose big bounce back game 3 legs all his fgs xpt great punting and kick offs hh. The wicked tip pick lateral by Malcolm rose and Taylor. honorable mentions to schoen and to yoshi for playing through a bunch of pain.
  8. No he doesn’t. 4 yards a pop with no gap soo night. He’s running into multiple tacklers every carry.
  9. It’s just collaros trying to play play ground football. Running around making some thing happen with bland ass offensive play calls.
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