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  1. You mean like when he took over for zach mid game with zach game plan and played a better half of football than zach has in 10 months? Or with the jets in the preseason? Or his entire college career? Or the first year here? We’ve pin holed him into this Michael Vick package because it’s got a high floor. Nothing to do with what he’s done or capable of. if you haven’t seen it, you don’t know what to look for and wouldn’t know short of the second coming of Montana. Strevy should be running a passing offence with some rpo plays worked in and a sprinkling of qb runs. Those runs should be built around big plays not squeezing out 5 physical yards.
  2. I mentioned it in turn gdt, we can’t wait till the off season to dump all these old clunkers. If we do we won’t be able to compete next year. We’ve got less than a month imo to move on and start plugging in new guys. Other wise we will be making the moves too late and not getting guys into competitive games.
  3. I never do, I can’t stand the inane questions from callers. Thats why I asked for cliff notes. With the due money to zach next year we couldn’t make a deal for him work any way.
  4. Sticking with 35 year old qbs over the long guys you’ve groomed seldom works out. Except for when it does lol. in general it’s a refusal roster wide to move on from old guys with nothing left. Imo, he’d be doing a lot better here. Especially if we also moved on from guys like kola.
  5. It’s fine if he toes the line to the media and fans. As long as his actions aren’t as mindless. The smug, excuse laden crap after a loss isn’t ok. Some thing like, “the offence didn’t and hasn’t been performing as we expected. To a man I think they’d all agree with that. We will have to go back and review the film, and see why we came up short. We can’t keep playing and under performing like this. If performances don’t improve quickly, we will have to make changes. No one is beyond being accountable no matter what they done here, in the league, nfl or what have you.”
  6. Dirty with out question. But I really don’t think the league will suspend like they should. Might not even be a max fine. Bobandy is a terrible commissioner. we need full time, decently paid refs, then we need to hold them accountable. The short yardage sneak spot was soo bad too. CFL refs being cfl refs.
  7. Really poorly called game. thing is, the team that is consistently physical generally gets the calls. The other team is often left playing soft and retaliating. We have been playing soo soft, waiting for the call to bail us out rather than making plays. That’s why the worse teams in the league always feel victimized by the refs and why good teams tend to see far less calls. Aggressive, physical football is good football. Any thing less, isn’t. Need sysco to air lift in a huge supply of apples to supply all the rabble that has to be cut.
  8. That many drops from different guys are seldom 100% on the wr though. Placement and catchable balls make a big difference. Johnson should get an apple and a road map, if lawler isn’t back we need to shake up the wr core. That performance can’t be acceptable. It’s time for sweeping changes.
  9. How do you feel about that play call? That was the dumbest, and worst time kill play I’ve seen. It was a dirty hit and probably the only highlight reel biggie will make for the rest of his career. I hope he’s suspended, but it’ll just be a fine unfortunately.
  10. Really really stupid play call. on the bright side maybe biggie gets suspended and we have to start a real lber
  11. 1 zach just had 2 biggie/ba the can’t tackle gang 3 the dropsy boys in the wr core CH Demski fumble awe that’s dirty, biggie taking a cheap shot at the end of the game. dishonourable mentions, Thomas the season tank, koala aka huggy bear, holmly the cover buster, Mr im too smart to play to win mos.
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