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  1. Dont think itll happen, but I could see us rotating jones and jake thomas.
  2. 2 cbs 2 hbs 1 sam import for sure. Jones at S seems extremely likely.
  3. Pretty incredible story, with a good book to accompany it. (Trial and errors the people vs Brian Gordon Jack)
  4. This is another spot mike sellers could've slotted into. The longevity of ernie pitts, in that era no less, is incredible. Gonna do coaches eventually?
  5. What he managed to do with soo little to work with in Ottawa was incredible. Return of the shovel pass! Also he is just the best kind of person in football. I remember when we did this. I think it lasted half a year. What a mess. It smacks of indecision and lack of trust for your coaches. If you give a young hungry ast coach more responsibility and invest the faith in them to run things you find gems. Doing it by committee just tells the coaches involved management doest trust them to do the job. Not to mention none of those guys are going to take the full responsibility. Its not THEIR job. If we ended up in the same spot and lost plop late in the offseason, I have no doubt they would anoint buck the new OC and give him all the time and trust to learn the job. And Buck would run with it. Same with mos and plop etc. The management has shown more trust and dedication to dom davis then to their offensive coaches.
  6. If I was them the only changes I would make is the ones the NFL has looked at for the future. Like wider fields, cfl style return rules etc. Give a product that's the future of American football. Also, I liked the sprint to center field for the first position vs the coin flip. Skip the silly endless forward passes junk. You could even create excitement by heavily limiting pass rushing. But im sure they will do some thing stupid with rules.
  7. what happens when the XFL fails for the second time? Does trump come out and shave mcmahons head?
  8. Im sure this is the case. I suspect we have good money for a wr and a lber even. This should be the most cap room weve had post FA frenzy in the last 3 years or so.
  9. What he went through sounds absolutely terrifying. The fact he is still pursuing football like this shows tremendous heart and desire to play. You can create a pro football career based on heart, work ethic and football IQ. (wade miller) Hope he does well in camp. 100% the cba will get done. Im not worried about that at all. Im sure we will see some concessions to the players, and deservedly so. But no one is gonna get hooped between the teams and the players. Also agree 100%. The als could not have been in a worse position previously. Short of maybe the gliebermans returning. I dont think the league will have to prop up the als long term either. That market is too strong and passionate a year from now Id be surprised if they didnt have a long term solution to ownership in montreal. First step in a long recovery process for that franchise. I worry more about the argos then the als. It is what it is. Little else to talk about any way. I think its all a bit rushed but I dont see any harm coming from it.
  10. Not a fan of protecting QBs sliding head first the same as hook sliding.
  11. Id be good with that. madden glitches can eat their heart out.
  12. My fingers are crossed for betts but yeah I think we look long and hard at DL too.
  13. over under 1 guy from this draft making an active roster this year?
  14. Annnd it's over. Looks good on manziel. I'd take bass back on a low cost deal. He'd look great next to Bighill.
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