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  1. Ritchie was the ultimate players coach in that era. Like mos today. It was a tremendous mistake, especially to underestimate a wally led team in that era. They didnt even wake up at half time. That team was soo much better then the rest of the league in 01 if they woke up at half time they probably still would have won in a route. But once you take your foot off the gas, good luck. Ritchie especially lifted off the gas hard at the end of the regular season.
  2. No imo. we are much better off playing a home game. Normally its really hard to beat a team twice in a row little on 3. But I feel like this calgary team is weakened to the point they are breakable. We sweep em and they go into rebuild mode in the off season.
  3. He was kinda like streveler, only much older and with out upside. Loved the heart and toughness he played with. Not a guy I ever pined for to qb the blue though.
  4. Lets be real, the bombers were celebrating the entire week leading up to the GC as if they already won and came in ill prepared and over confident. Calgary performed and the bombers coasted. Even then the game was close and an ultra rare block on bob camerons punt was the play that won the game for the stumps.
  5. I feel like a lot of this is cycling rest days for vets.
  6. https://www.sbnation.com/2017/9/2/16247118/miami-players-gold-chain-sideline-turnovers-real 🙄 1/10 troll grade
  7. Even ricky ray was run in tandem with maas for what a year and a half?
  8. Agree. He isnt normally a guy who is hesitant to lay out for catches either but hasnt been the last few weeks. Bailey is a stud. He and Lawler could shock the league next year if targeted.
  9. Flowers is still on the NL? That guy is a dynamic runner. That list does not inspire me with confidence in the XFL.
  10. Mockingly if any thing, but you must have missed where the riders version is an imitation it self. And hardrick was with BC before he came here but is maybe the biggest leader on the team. That isnt how pro sports and leadership work, especially for guys on the opposite side of the ball.
  11. We missed woli a lot in terms of blocking. Petermann gives his all but just cant measure up to woli's blocking. God knows the press wont pay attention and report how guys are playin in camp. I would bet on him getting some reps yeah.
  12. Its been a tough stretch for him, but the drop off in terms of blocking from the back up wrs is steep too. And that is very important to our screen passes and run game. Which is 80% of the offense. Really hope gaitor is healthy soon.
  13. Exactly. Weve seen mop candidate QBs fold in the GC, and average or worse QBs dominate. The GC is about who gets hot, and wants it more. Can he carry us through a season and to a GC game right now? Not likely over the course of a season. But he doesnt have to. Its late in the year, our play off ticket is punched, and we have a team that doesnt need to be carried. We have the best RB of the era healthy and with a large chip on his shoulder. We have arguable the best D in the league, a D that can do it all. We have guys who have won it all, and tremendous leaders on both sides of the ball. Weve seen Streveler dominate at times, you cant by any means expect it from him consistently currently. But he is capable of contributing heavily to team wins against any one in the league. Weve had to make due with worse before.
  14. They were saying he was very close to coming back when harris came back. But nothing since then. Could have been a leak and untrue, or maybe he had a set back, or they just arent gonna rush him back. If he goes back to practice right now, he might be in shape for the play offs but he still wont be sharp. Might be best to just pack it in for him for the year any way.
  15. where was it said he was? Seeing an awful lot of junk and trolling these days. Really hope we see mods clean up the forum. Jury is out and probably will be for another year or more. Hes young and raw. We shouldnt rush him like the leos did with jennings. As long as he is getting better thats what is important.
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