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  1. every one shouldve been paid 250k to be associated with the argos last year. Make a stupid pay day on a dog of a team or make a reasonable one on a contender. If he chooses the henoc muamba route hes better off not being on a contender.
  2. easy to throw around those words when he doesnt have a league any more.
  3. 100%. In the top tier of best players and people to ever be involved in the CFL. Thick nick was a riot to watch as well. Joe montford too. I had major respect for what kelvin anderson did too.
  4. Lots of places are still paying bonuses adding incentives and hiring new people that are looking for bailouts and or support. The fact the gov't is being Soo stingy and resistant to helping a cultural institution and one of the oldest championships in history is sickening. That's a good point. Has any one signed a draft pick yet? Maybe the teams have agreed to a movement freeze while this is sorted out.
  5. Low base decent bonus to lock in his rights if you end up with a season this year. Chances are solid of a late partial season Imo. Offer him base vet salary and 40k bonus not a bad gamble at all
  6. If I was walker I'd take any deal right now that gave a signing bonus
  7. mr keggle fell to the 8th round.
  8. I trust college sizes about as much as i trust posters on RF. too bad we didnt have a combine this year.
  9. no it is the law. we must draft an OL that we really like who is tough and nasty. he looks rail thin any way you cut it. If hes over 230, hes wide as hell and gotta be 6'6 ish. hes a good chunk skinnier lookin then willy.
  10. 210lbs dl, thats not a classic lb/de tweener thats a sam tweener. Some one get that guy 100 protein shakes stat!
  11. it seems we like to keep one kicking around (ill show my self out) the system.
  12. Yeah super high upside, big athletic as get out and explosive. iirc son of an nfler as well. tremendous value pick.
  13. with the first over all pick in the 2021 draft bcs new gm is proud to select... an ol.
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