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  1. It’s hard to tell if the last 4 ish drafts have just been weak or if this is just the norm now. The nfl vacuum is at an all time high. Feeding the larger and more expensive tcs and prs.
  2. 3rd and 1 sneak is on the ol. This concept that it’s lame difficult high value role is insane. Even when poopkup was running upright it was fine. That’s a great point. 3dn is very good at gathering fa and contract info. They do have a place and value. For me, the value when we heard actual football stuff was much higher. But they still do fill a gap that wouldn’t get covered other wise. I wish we had a football oriented site, and that we didn’t get some of the
  3. Agree 100%. the best thing 3dn had was the anonymous weekly quote article and that’s been gone a while
  4. Maybe, but if he isn’t taking a bargain deal he isn’t playing again. And that is a heavy weight that just gets heavier. yeah, we’ve been picking guys hoping they would insert right away on teams and develop into rotational players or better. And missed on damn near all of them. We aim low and still don’t get value. Our depth problems are damn near all chalked up to drafting poorly. We got guys starting that shouldn’t and back ups that are fringe last guy on the roster types. I’m hopeful that we will improve that this year. If we’re just going for teams guys we should look to trade 4th or lower for guys who are in the league. Some thing. I think we will see a run on linemen and wrs in this draft from the bombers. Eric Wilson went both ways for us as well.
  5. Bucks heart was worth more alone than most all the rest of those QBs. 3dn has gone to pot and was mediocre for the most part at its peak. It shows both and has a 0 in both.
  6. You’re talking trash about his pre season, camp and rookie camp play, writing it off based on one short yardage play lol. You were also certain no one else was gonna pick him up. Or roster him. All the purpose is listed in comparison to our rookies, and number of arms needed. barriere is a guy worth sitting on for a year based on arm talent alone. I hope he isn’t one of those two weeks and out guys. oh man team goltz days that was bad. We had soo many flops. Brown isn’t any thing like goltz. By that logic we should’ve stuck with kerwin bell over khari. The move would’ve been to go with strevler and brown. Then we’d have an insurance policy. Streveler plays with reckless abandon. Having an extra running qb would be a good idea, since he’s our back up to collaros and a package weapon.
  7. Likely both imo. The good OL bodies will be long term gambles. We likely go to the replacement level pile for another guy like kola. At this point, Likely some one worse than gray or gray him self. But I don't think they have interest in moving gray to guard and want to roll with eli/dobson inside.
  8. 4 qbs under contract right now. 2 have experience in the league, 1 has experience in our offence. If we are going to go 5 arms, Pigrome would be the perfect guy. Wont have to learn the offence, or the league like the 2 rookies. Imo, the sweet spot for arms in camp is right in the 4-5 range. More than that and multiple guys aren't getting enough reps. Less than 4 is playing with real fire. Right now we have 17 dbs under contract, with 16 wrs. A bit less than the 20 ish we normally roll into camp with, but plenty of time plus the draft still to go. We also have a high rate of cutting rookie qbs with in a few weeks of them landing. There is an eye test or some thing that weeds guys out here FAST. So with 2/4 rookie qbs going into camp right now, I believe we will sign 1 more qb between now and the start/end of rookie camp. Pigrome has oodles of talent, and could back up strevy with the run package etc. It would allow us to sit and groom Barriere at our own pace. That said, I don't know the last time we cut a QB, and ended up bringing them back. So for me, while it's a clear win and a perfect pick up It makes entirely too much sense and is one of those moves that we just don't seem to make.
  9. Wow that’s abysmal. Crazy to look at how long that list is.
  10. The Martin etc era was much shorter the post bishop era had soo many bad QBs it’s hard to compare.
  11. The cycles of violence and poverty are soo much larger and have soo much more gravity than can be stated. Even when you get out, you aren’t free of their pull. And it’s soo prevalent in pro sports.
  12. We do, that said no player is worth compromising on these issues for. Not mike Vick, not Deshaun Watson not any one. I think with what we know right now the majority of the punishment would come down on the Argos management. Murphy should be barred from the league.
  13. Those were nice too, kind of looked like college unis but I like them a lot better than our 3rds now. I’d even be happy to see the khari lightning bolt uniform have a come back for a game or two.
  14. I wouldn’t mind a throw back to these uniforms. Better than the current alternates
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