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  1. Vikes will be paying Cousins 38 million a year the next two years. Nobody is trading for that deal.
  2. Its not Sandler's fault, they drove a dump truck full of money up to his house and the man is not made of stone.
  3. Is it me or is 6.5 million a year for Gallagher too much $?
  4. Winnipeg picks first due to the Canadian Mafia led by Don Miller running the CFL.
  5. So you're saying brothels are out also?
  6. I'm wondering if we follow Ontario's lead and close in restaurant dining and gyms. I'm hoping gyms stay open.
  7. Anybody else feel like Manitoba is in trouble? I feel like more restrictions are coming.
  8. I thought Hall said he was interested in winning?
  9. That would be a nice add but if Chevy lands a top 4 Dman to go along with the 2C he just acquired, what am I supposed to do with my torch and pitchfork?
  10. Little to LTIR seems likely. Potentially gives us the $ for another D.
  11. I'd take Statsny but Vegas needs to pay to offload that contract, retain some salary and send us a pick back. They've spent like a sailor on leave and want to make a run at Pieterangelo, so **** em, make them pay.
  12. Would Vegas retain salary? 6.5 million is a lot for Statsny
  13. I wish they would have shown either the 2005 game where Milt had 4 catches, 4TDs, 200+ yards or the 2010 Casey Printers meltdown.
  14. Happy DeMelo reupped in the Peg.
  15. Man, Van Halen was such a good band. Saw them in 2012, not an amazing show but the ten minute EVH guitar solo was amazing. RIP EVH.
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