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  1. I feel for Khari. Good coach. Maciocia on the other hand, bad coach, bad GM.
  2. Take the 3 if I am the one making the call. Last three minutes its a kickoff after field goals made.
  3. I'm worried, short week, banged up, BC playing on fire, years of being let down, so that likely means we win a close, ugly game.
  4. So we're headed into week 5 and Toronto has their second bye already. WTH?
  5. We're dumping on a kid who was born and raised in Canada, who spent his last high school season in the US and then played college in the US for not being Canadian enough? There are a lot of talented Canadian kids who play college ball in the US or who even play part of high school in the US. Dallas Sims is a Winnipeg kid who is playing in the US now for high school and has multiple D1 offers. Is he not Canadian enough?
  6. Oh and I like to say CFL Command Centre, **** you. Despite you gifting Toronto two TDs they lost. To the officials, **** you. You are still terrible. To Ryan Dinwiddie-**** you. You deserve the loss.
  7. Going to borrow a basketball expression to talk about Bede's miss, balls don't lie.
  8. Fake TD by Banks and then a joke PI to allow the Argos to tie. **** the CFL league office.
  9. Rod Smith sounds like he took the Argos on bet now
  10. Rutledge with a great hit to start it, Thompson with the pick and then a nice return by Taylor. Love it.
  11. **** the command center, not a TD, Houston is clearly down and has the ball. Guess they need to do something to keep those 7 fans in Toronto happy.
  12. I am apparently a Grand Master, not sure of what.
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