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  1. What a shock, Carter continues to be a moron, no surprise considering who his daddy is. Props to Burnham for his comments.
  2. "Who needs a QB?" Mike Kelly, January 2009.
  3. So he doesn't want to go to Buffalo but how would Antonio Brown feel about Winnipeg?😀
  4. How bad is a Jonathan Jennings versus Dom Davis QB battle?
  5. Ottawa made sure Energy East got kiboshed due to opposition in Quebec and played a part in Transmountain's delays.
  6. Anybody else see the piece about the Raiders possibly doing an exhibition game at Mosaic? Isn't it bad enough those guys have to live in Oakland?
  7. Well, others have pretty much stated it. Essentially he wants the league to begin to have more of an international focus in order to increase viewership both around the world and in Canada. So they have begun to reach out to these football federations in order to build partnerships (not like the NFL going in and dictating but an actual partnership). The thought is that the best of their players will eventually play in the CFL and that Canadians who can't make the CFL will end up in those leagues.This will led to other venue streams from these nations which will increase the league's revenue. As well, he mentioned the differences in markets across the league. His belief is that places like Toronto with some many first and second generation Canadians are more attracted to leagues they view as international in nature.
  8. I was at the event on Friday and as other posters have said, it makes sense when you hear him.
  9. They will tout how Cody Fajardo or David Watford is a combo of Ron Lancaster/Kent Austin and Doug Flutie.
  10. Wait TSN cares about the other 30 teams now?
  11. At the risk of being offensive, the above statement shows that you are either extremely shallow or extremely ignorant. A sitting Prime Minister, his Minister of Finance, the PMO and the top civil servant in the country spent four months putting pressure on the Justice Minister to essentially fix a case for a company that has donated millions to the PM's political party, to gain a political advantage is a huge event.
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