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  1. I thought about bidding $1 for the Jackson jersey but was afraid I might win.
  2. Habba for one of Jackson, Clements or Cole would work but apparently a fullback who blocks on ten snaps and two back up linebackers to play teams is key.
  3. Clearly its going to be that dude whose music they play every game.
  4. Habba for Jackson Burtenshaw in at fullback Hansen for Mauro. Fox for Cole.
  5. If Dukes starts, I hope we take him out to the woodshed. He looked awful versus Calgary.
  6. Why do we need him when we have The Seal said MOS, probally.
  7. I'm mad at both. Dinwiddie played terrible and on the last drive should have ran instead of tossing it up and getting picked for the third time.
  8. The BC game is the more important game and the must win. I do hope we kick the Argos butt. I am still mad at Dinwiddie for 07.
  9. Toronto is resting Oullette. They can rest all their key guys against us if they so chose.
  10. Hopefully we play on the 29th, the way we have played in the past three home games.
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