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  1. I still have nightmares about Dave Donaldson covering Boerichter in the 2001 GC and by cover I mean running 25 yards behind him.
  2. We've heard good things about so many of our international WR, hopefully it continues next Friday. Really hoping MOS have some tough decisions in that area. Man Hecht should not be a starter.
  3. You guys are all wrong, Drew is going to play QB and SB at the same time. Just wait till week 1 versus BC where he throws for 400 yards and 5 tds, while also racking up 150 yards receving and 2 tds.
  4. I'd love to see them go 3-15 with numerous crushing losses including a 77-0 loss in the Banjo Bowl.
  5. Let's say Bryant, Neufeld, Couture, Gray, Hardrick with Desjarlais as the 6 game day OL. You can still put Foketti and Eli as your two man reserve.
  6. Bladek is coming off a serious injury and looked average last season, Blake seems to be on the decline and Shepley is a fairly raw rookie. I disagree.
  7. The Riders have a bad QB group, a bad OL, so so receivers and the D lost some key guys. How does anybody think they are going to be decent?
  8. Thanks to everybody who contributed reports. On a side note and the Print media wonders why it is dying.
  9. Its basically from a fansite isn't it? The author of the Bomber piece is a first year creative communication student at Red River.
  10. Why does Rod Pederson think that Collaros would have helped the Rider's D slow down Harris in the WSF? 153 rushing yards and 8.1 yards per carry.
  11. 4 guys per team? Does he talk about anybody other than "Sticky Staala" and "Sam-The Specimen Giguerre"?
  12. Atomic for the Free Press beat or maybe at the Athletic.
  13. The off-season workout plans and OTAs really paid off it seems.
  14. Sayles played well last year as a rookie at HB, don't see Winnipeg moving him to CB.
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