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  1. I want to complain about the kicking game and TSN being cheap and not having the Flex cam for Wilder.
  2. I suddenly feel a little bad for all the negative comments I have made about Troy Westwood over the years.
  3. FYI I just read this last page and flexed.
  4. Me too. Drove home after that one with my Dad and on the radio, the Rider hosts and their fans were acting like he was a future HOFer, blend of Lancaster, Moon, Dunigan, Flutie etc.
  5. 1. Suitor is not ok when he does non Rider games. He still sticks to his same pre determined points, makes the same incorrect points every game (Its not a PI if you turn around, was at an officiating clinic hosted by the club and the CFL's head of officiating who made a point of mentioning Suitor is wrong when he says this) and is not entertaining. 2. Agree Rider crowd affected by their lower vax rate, hope this helps drive it up.
  6. So according to stats crew in 97 the next receiver for Winnipeg was Dexter Dawson 339 yards followed by Joseph Rodgers 294, Turhan O Bannon (Who?) at 291, Allan Boyko at 280 and Bruce Boyko at 247. Shows how great Milt was because hell would you not just triple team him with that crew?
  7. I liked Kevin McDougall for some reason, can't really recall why. Milt in 97 1616 yards, 14 tds, 26.5 yards per catch with Vargas and McDougall at QB and no other recieving threat is remarkable. MOP really.
  8. So Harris is at fault and not the Riders who took the cheap shots at Demski and other Bombers? Riders acted like bullies after the play and then act shocked when stood up too.
  9. Somebody tell the four stripes they'd be the three stripes if not for a QB injury so they shut up.
  10. We got a buddy a Van jersey for his birthday back in the day.
  11. So a rookie with no CFL experience of a career backup, hope the boys take care of things.
  12. Heaven help us if Ken Lee wins the Manitoba PC Leadership. basically wanting to go beyond Alberta.
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