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  1. Perhaps Biggie feels that $160,000 + whatever he makes at his other job is enough? I mean I thought his deal would be higher too but who knows. Curious if Harris is coming back or if he rides into the sunset and we go with the youngsters.
  2. Evan's comments make me think of Bullwinkle asking Rocky to watch him pull a rabbit out of his hat and Rocky saying that trick never works.
  3. Collaros Alexander Bryant would be my three. Alexander replacing Hecht was a huge move for us. Bryant is the best tackle in the CFL Collaros because hey, 17-2 as our starter. Not that I'd be happy to lose him but if Couture left, I believe Speller is a pending FA. (He did play C for all three 2019 playoff games). Harris-Want him back of course but in theory Oliveria/Augustine would work.
  4. True. I was thinking more of his asking Oscar to explain something to him like he was 5. Can totally hear Friesen saying that to a Deputy Minister.
  5. Stamps re upped McEwen today and Rose and Wiggan yesterday. Good moves.
  6. Cameron Friesen was Michael Scott level inept as a Justice Minister and a Health Minister so of course he gets Finance. Gordon remains Health Minister. Ewasko fresh off his horrible handling of the strike at the U of M moves to Education. Heather basically giving the province the middle finger today.
  7. If we don't have Collaros, I think Harris could keep us a contender with the infastructure around him that we would have. If you're Collaros, do you want to play behind Ottawa or Toronto's OL for a little extra $?
  8. Disagree. You try to find some young talent similar to what they did for play by play with Dustin Nielson.
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