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  1. I don't think Kilogore is any good so I'd say Hamilton wins.
  2. Do you remember the stripping of abortions rights? The tanks in our streets? The Privatization of healthcare? The end of immigration? I feel like I'm forgetting more.....
  3. Are we sure most Rider fans have a 4th grade education? That seems high.
  4. How about mentioning them cutting over $20 billion from Canada Health and Social Transfer which is what led to the cuts in education and healthcare that every province faced in the mid to late 1990s? How about them taking EI surpluses and uses them to fund other government projects (not legal btw). Now I'll stress that they did what was absolutely necessary at the time but people tend to mention the eventual surpluses and tend to forget how they accomplished them.
  5. Did I call him a racist? Nope. Did I call him sexist? Nope. I simply mentioned my belief that a politician on the right would have received more criticism, media scrutiny and would have been more likely to have been forced to resign for any of the actions of JT's that I mentioned and he's basically done all four that I mentioned. Now on him being an empty vessel, totally agree.
  6. Guys, the last 7 times that we won a Grey Cup, there was a Conservative federal government. If JT wins again, we are doomed. There now I've combined both topics.
  7. Has he really received the same treatment that Harper got for any of his mistakes or Duffy? I don't think he has. My point was that he gets preferential treatment from the media and that he is a hypocrite.
  8. My point was that Trudeau hasn't stepped down yet, nor has he faced the level of scrutiny and criticism that a politician on the right would face for any of the actions I mentioned, let alone getting away with all of them. I never said anything about freedom of expression but thanks for bringing that up.
  9. So if it was Sheer in the three videos, nobody would be calling for his head? If it was Sheer who groped a reporter nobody would make a stink? If Sheer had done the same thing on SNC Lavelin, people would excuse him like they excuse JT? If Sheer had accepted a trip from a registered lobbyist, there would be no outcry? Twist yourself into a pretzel to justify your double standard but expect people to call you on your bullshit.
  10. I don't like Goldy and perhaps it was a poor example but the media tends to ignore failings if its a Liberal. CBC story on this, 2 white people condeming JT and 4-5 people of colour offering forgiveness. No slant there at all right? Meanwhile if you're a Conservative they treat you harsher. This, SNC Lavelin, taking a trip to the Aga Khan's island would have all by themselves gotten a Conservative politician like Sheer ousted.
  11. Doesn't matter the MSM will ignore it or defend it or likely just write another set of articles about Faith Goldy.
  12. Getting The Neuf back would be a huge bonus (pun intended).
  13. Imagine Temco Bowl Streveler with Bo Jackson at RB.
  14. No Ryan? No Lauther? I can already hear the cries from the Gap of fake news.
  15. There's many here doing better than me, just raised the point to show that lots of us are smarter than those writers.
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