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  1. I don't disagree with this at all but do you think that the protests didn't cause any cases? I agree many states opened too fast and for political reasons.
  2. In all honesty, it seems likely that states reopening too fast and the protests have been factors in the spike in cases in the US. Not blaming one more than the other, nor do I think either is the only factor.
  3. I always thought they should call Nik Lewis, The Baconator, since Wendy's used to sponsor Friday Night football and Nik looked like he had eaten a lot of them.
  4. There does need to be a serious examination of the nursing home system in Canada. 81% of Covid deaths were from nursing home residents versus the OECD average of 42%.
  5. Time to not allow people to enter any other province from Quebec, I think. Unacceptable.
  6. Bertans, Arizia, Bradley so far in the NBA.
  7. Is he living in a state where weed is legal?
  8. Who are these Brian Morans and how can they help us?
  9. Why not give Kaepernick a look? Blaine Gabbert, Jeff Driskel, Ryan Finley, Matt Barkley, David Fales, Sean Mannio, Mike Glennonn are all on NFL rosters as QBs
  10. Well I have to mow his lawn and clean his pool every week....
  11. Mine is a credit towards next year.
  12. What's interesting is that most parts of Canada are doing well. Quebec now accounts for something like 88% of active cases.
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