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  1. Now we're going to have to hear about how amazing the Riders are and how they are the Western darkhorse. Son of a.....
  2. Sponsorship Scandal, David Dingwall, Marc Harb. I'll say it again, if you think that its only the Conservatives, you're mistaken.
  3. SNC Lavalin, Norman Affair, Irving Shipbuilders being given word from the Feds when reporters ask the Feds questions about Irving's ship, Appointing judges with ties to party higher ups, I could go on or do you actually want to face the truth that the Liberals cheat?
  4. There are parts of the stadium for sure where they need to lower the ticket prices.
  5. Yep, down 30 points and getting totally dominated all night = Shut your pieholes
  6. How do you get Bighill on the field? WTF? Thomas Miles Mom would start Biggie over him.
  7. Nichols Lawler Rose HH- Willie Jefferson for that sick sack HH-Jackson Jeffcoat
  8. Walker would look good on a team with a better QB imo.
  9. Toronto rosters three american running backs. Total roster mismanagement.
  10. Just think about giving Lapo another toy. Really like how he used Lucky last game.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't most of the growth of the city in the South End (St Vital, Waverly West, Sage Creek, South Pointe), all areas resonably close to the stadium? As for downtown, where exactly would you have built the stadium?
  12. We might not think Chamblin is a good coach but he has more Grey Cup rings than any of us.
  13. I like the addition of Bennevides and Sanchez is growing on me.
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