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  1. Don't we all want a Milt/Arland Bruce combo at SB?
  2. Name needs to change but this seems apt
  3. Why in the world would you trade Helle for a goalie who seems past his prime, who has 5 years left after this one at 10.5 million per year?
  4. Why not use Heinola? Niku is useless.
  5. Hopefully Young Legs steps up and we don't miss a beat. It does give us another DI which is interesting.
  6. Nobody can get under a goalie's skin like Mario.
  7. Interesting comments about Edmonton and the culture.
  8. While I'd love to be able to attend starting in June, I'd take a start with no fans and maybe season ticket holders only around August or Labour Day (My guess is we have around 16,000 ST holders, so half the stadium).
  9. I'll take the win. Hey, this PLD kid is pretty good eh. 😁
  10. CFL needs a plan period and given last year many of us are going to be skeptical of Ambroise until he gives us reason to be otherwise.
  11. 1. If Charles Roberts had possessed the work ethic of Milt, he'd have set every rushing record and been the GOAT. 2. Guy was still an all time great and its amazing what he did given his lack of working out etc.
  12. So Judge had 61 tackles, 11 special team tackles, 2 Int and 5 Sacks in 2019. Jordan Herdman Reed had 37 tackles, 8 special teams tackles, 0 Ints and 1 Sack Justin Herdman Reed had 37 tackles, 5 STT, 2 sacks Yeah when they said similar numbers did they mean combined?
  13. Guys, guys, guys, all these moves by the Argos just might get them 2 minutes on the local radio outlets and TV stations before those entities go back to the Leafs talk.
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