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  1. It is nice we got our first two goals.
  2. I think Matson and Taylor are likely both gone due to age and injuries combined with us having options such as Nichols, Alexander, Houston, Lawrence, Parker, Darby, Ford, Holm. Shocked that nobody in the NFL has inquired about Schoen. If he ends up back with us, I can see Riderfans finding a conspiracy of some sorts here and Dickenson adding it to his airing of grievences about the Canadian Mafia.
  3. I'll add. I think the long term plan is Buck as head coach when MOS decides to stop coaching.
  4. What is Farhan implying, that Walters is unhappy? **** Farhan. Go back to polishing Rourke's knob.
  5. Maas losing his mind on the sidelines every game would be pure entertainment for fans of the opposing team.
  6. Extending a coach who has won 10+ games in each of the last 6 seasons, gone to 4 consecutive West Finals, has teams who played in 3 straight cups with 2 cup wins for three years is a mistake? In the words of Bugs Bunny, What a maroon.
  7. Read the last two posts and all I can think of is it going down like this
  8. According to them we are just signing a bunch of over the hill dudes and we will stink in 2023.
  9. I wonder if Jefferson looks better with a young DT in the mold of a Nevis or Stove and if Biggie looks better with an athletic young WIL in the mold of Wilson?
  10. Canadians are gold. You keep the elite ones. McCrae is nowhere near Demski. Not even sure he is on the team next year.
  11. @Noeller and @Mark H.make some great points. Leggs gets singled out yet the offense played poorly all game including: Buck's playcalling Collaros's play the entire game The OL giving up 4 sacks and allowing pressure the entire game Some drops by the receivers and then on special teams issues with kick coverage and while they played well overall the inability to stop a back up QB scambling by the D and the lack of turnovers that we've seen in the past.
  12. When Ballsy got that job Derek Taylor had a few tweets that infered that Ball is a bully and a jerk. Tweets seem on brand for that.
  13. You expect Riderfans to be logical? Better to expect the Cleveland Browns to win a Super Bowl.
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