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  1. This is me, proud resident of Winnipeg.
  2. 1. That is a lot of guys that the Riders have to sign/make decisions about. 2. More importantly, isn't it nice not to have to worry about this yet and to be worrying about the Grey Cup game?
  3. I agree, just think its likely he goes to Toronto. Then again, I was critical of the move to acquire him so what do I know anyways.
  4. Collaros's wife is a teacher in Toronto apparently. CJOB mentioned it yesterday and spoke of the situation as a hockey rental.
  5. That's what I saw. Debating about the drive.
  6. Is there a team charter? Flights are insane right now.
  7. I have complained about Hall a lot but the D made some plays yesterday, especially those three goal line stands at the end. Think about it, a team had 3 drives get down to between the 1 and the 5 and they came away with a FG and two turnovers on downs. Remarkable. When is the last time that happened?
  8. I'm waiting until we win a Grey Cup to join so I can have one glorious post where I crow about the Bombers winning the Cup and telling them to suck it leading to a ban.
  9. First team to win a game at New Mosiac- Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2017. First team to win a playoff game at New Mosiac- Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2018. First team to win a West Final at New Mosiac- Winnipeg Blue Bombers 2019. So much great history we're making in that place. IG Field West indeed.
  10. We could beat Hamilton and Reinbold (I still dislike that guy). Are we sure he's not an honourary Dickenson? Can we make him one?
  11. I'd like to give a shout out to Kongbo for his sack in the 4th quarter that turned a TD chance into a FG.
  12. Let's see on the officiating: 1. Over the line of scrimmage-Command centre messed up. 2. The fumble-Not a fumble, Command centre again messing up. 3. We beat the Riders in their barn so who cares about the rest.
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