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  1. JCon

    Portage & Main

    This is exactly how I feel about the "Closed" side.
  2. JCon

    Portage & Main

    I didn't lie, I quoted. I made no claims. Please show me where the study contradicts what's written on the Vote Open site. I rather have the evidence shared here.
  3. JCon

    Portage & Main

    The Core Area Initiative that you're referencing indicated that it was a piece of a rejuvenation project. No single project, rejuvenates an entire area. 30+ years ago, people thought that redeveloping The Forks was a terrible idea.
  4. I think for a few grams it's similar but once you start getting into larger quantities, you're right. If you have a reliable dealer, then I can see lots of people, just like your friend, sticking with the non-retail suppliers.
  5. I checked online prices and I don't see much of a difference. I suppose in volume. I think, like tobacco, there will always be a black market for cannabis, just nowhere the size it is now.
  6. JCon

    Portage & Main

    Interesting conclusion but I haven't seen anyone on the Vote Open side saying traffic won't be worse. In fact, right on the Vote Open website: ...the conclusion was that some traffic would be delayed by up to 30 seconds during the morning rush hour, and up to 54 seconds during the afternoon rush hour. RE: Costs. UPDATE: October 15, 2018 New information concerning the state of repair of the concourse below Portage & Main suggests that repair and remediation will require the removal of everything above the concourse area: concrete, asphalt, and barriers. Since the barriers have to come down, there is no incremental cost to remove them, and it will likely be less expensive to leave them down. In addition, a proposal that removes transit bus traffic from Portage & Main should result in savings on the costs that the Dillon Report suggested were necessary to maintain transit service levels through Portage & Main. All questions and answers available here: https://voteopenwpg.ca/
  7. I think he kept him too long. If he's not playing as a receiver, then why have him? To be a crappy CB? Jones thought he could get through to him, make him mature. But, so has every coach going back to his days in HS.
  8. I don't understand this comment. Carter wasn't utilized in his best position for most of the season. Jones carried him for months, long after there were problems. The man was arrested for possession twice and tried to start fights with his teammates last season. Jones carried him too long.
  9. Didn't they forfeit the game? I know they didn't show up.
  10. JCon

    Random News Items

    No it's safety. You're operating a moving vehicle. No one being around is not a good excuse. At a train, in park, I don't really see the issue. At worse, you're just annoying people and holding up traffic when the train passes.
  11. JCon

    Game 6 : Oil Money Gang

    He took over 300 face-offs last year and won more than half.
  12. JCon

    Canadian Politics

    FPTP. Having a national lead is meaningless unless you lead in the majority of ridings.
  13. I like your optimism. But I also know that they're trying to make a few things work, like fitting in Bighill.
  14. I hope they get all three locked up. But, the Canadians are the most important, IMO.
  15. JCon

    Random News Items

    It's against the law to be behind the wheel and texting. Whether you're in a parking lot or sitting at a train, you can be ticketed. Only when parked can you use your phone. And, no, you can't just put the vehicle in park anywhere and use your phone (like waiting for a light or train).