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  1. WTF, that's crazy. I wonder how punts there were?
  2. I bet he starts Game One of the season.
  3. "Resign ourselves". Man, I hope we can start he season 7-2 again. I will resign myself to that.
  4. They won't. The Collaros deal with the Argos will be announced just after FA opens.
  5. I don't think he's a good fit at all but I think Desjardins likes to make a big splash at QB, so I think they'll target him.
  6. Nah, Nichols returns knowing that he's splitting time with Strev. All about the transition now and he knows it. I think he's fine with that. Doesn't mean he likes coming off the field and tries to make it difficult for Buck (OC) to do that but I think that's the transition plan.
  7. Pierce played the game the way MOS did. There's no doubt Pierce is a MOS guy. Good fit.
  8. I'm not giving anyone who is not currently part of this team a ring. Rings are team achievements not personal. Milt has all the personal accolades. Same as Brown and Charles.
  9. This one is great. I would love the original, high res, version.
  10. Totally. And, I know I keep harping on this, but they need to extend Walters too per their practice. They'll want both deals in place before they make the announcement. We're only in the seventh day of advent, people. The best surprises are always saved nearer to the end.
  11. Congratulations Lapo! Underrated around here but a huge contributer to our longterm success. I know he wasn't happy about not being able to interview in Saskatchewan last year but I think we saved you. Ottawa is a good fit.
  12. I mean, he contributed as much in the GC as he did during the regular season, so...
  13. That's interesting. I wonder if they want to go with four NIs on the OL next year? Could they? Then they could four Muricans on the DL.
  14. This is not Blue Bombers sponsored gear. The Bombers and Strev make nothing off these.
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