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  1. Been like this for a few months already. Sheer is such a disaster and the idiots coming in behind him could be worse. The NDP and Green Party are complete non-issues right now. But the Liberals better not go to the polls this fall. I'm not sure there is a protest vote out there but I would certainly try to find it. Dude, what's the Marijuana Party up to these days? Dude?
  2. JCon

    US Politics

    I would honestly hate to give any money to that POS to learn what we already know about the other POS.
  3. He asked for mine but I said, Floyd was loaded, you can keep his. I turned my credit into Bomber Store gift cards and got an additional 20% back. I'm going to buy a new jersey anyhow, so may as well get some extra back.
  4. They said the same thing to me a few weeks ago when they called. I think it has more to do with holding onto our money for as long as possible, which makes sense to me. I converted my credit into a Bomber Store gift card.
  5. You certainly can if you tie the cap to revenue, like in the NHL. The teams would have to manage themselves in that scenario. That would mean that CFL players would take a much bigger risk though without guaranteed contracts and shaky finances of some of the teams. I find it difficult to support the league cutting coaches and their salaries when they let some teams go over the cap unpunished.
  6. I traded my Soros-Dollars for the mystery box.
  7. JCon

    US Politics

    I wonder how many interns he'll molest? Which one's will he press himself up against and grab them by the p**** because he's the President and can do anything he wants?
  8. Former Winnipeg CAO Phil Sheegl's case split from other defendants in police HQ lawsuit https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/phil-sheegl-police-headquarters-lawsuit-winnipeg-1.5604631 It would be nice if we could recoup some of the money lost over this scheme and some people faced jail time. Of course, I expect nothing of the sort.
  9. It's a career limiting move, I'm sure.
  10. "Handouts" 🤣 The Federal Government controls the DC budget. He's so stupid.
  11. JCon

    US Politics

    What the GOP is a racist organization? Shocking. Maybe they should be investigated to be put on the global terrorist list?
  12. JCon

    US Politics

    It's not even the weirdest, most efd up thing that happened on that day. This would be a national scandal if any previous administration had done this. It's just crumbling as we watch.
  13. JCon

    US Politics

    That is absolutely ridiculous. She was briefed? Briefed for what purpose? What could she possibly do with the information? What role in gov't does she play, exactly? I'm sure Trump is looking for ways to fleece gov't in as many ways as possible but I'm not sure how this would help that? I suppose he's probably inspecting the bunker again. Just in case.
  14. JCon

    US Politics

    Collins is really concerned too. Really, really concerned. So much so, she keeps protecting him. Mukowski has done the same. It's all fake consternation, worried about their own re-election hoping to dupe the supporters again.
  15. Stepped down is code for "was fired". Good. One less POS spouting racist propaganda. May we never hear from him again.
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