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  1. We haven't played great in a while now. We also have not made many changes. So, for a group that is as familiar with one another as any team in this league, and one that has had so much success over the past four seasons, why do we think that all the glaring deficiencies will magically disappear? PEDs?
  2. I sure hope they win but it will not stop the hyperbole. We are the worst team in the league so far this season and this team is not making any changes. So, more of the same this week. I wonder how MOS will enjoy all the booing Friday night?
  3. What would we counter with? MOS saying Collaros is the best QB?
  4. And, yet, they can't stop him. Augustine was a waste, but I'm happy BO is back. Other GMs were prepared to pay him more.
  5. We're admonishing Walters for not re-signing him. Doesn't sound like an overpay.
  6. I wish were complaining about his shorts and not his shortcomings.
  7. Who's still pretending that Augustine is an every-down back? And, why are you so wrong?
  8. I was at baseball last night. That did not end well. So, at least I have my Blue Bombers, who surely turned it around this week and lay a whooping on the lowly RedBlacks, right? Riiiight?
  9. He should go wherever his buddy Ehlers is going. They seemed to have a good connection, and I bet he could use some friends around. Best of luck to him.
  10. I'll be watching baseball at diamond in Fort Richmond. But, I will have the game on my phone. So I have that going for me, which is nice.
  11. We just need Brian Dennehy to show up with those cocoons and we'll be fine.
  12. So, Bighill misses the preseason, gets a couple of practices in and will be ready for Thursday? This will go well, I'm certain of it. Why is MOS so committed to these Americans?
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