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  1. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I didn't know that there was a The Good Wife spin off. That show went downhill fast near the end. And Diane Lockhart's character really became unappealing to watch in the later years. Reminded me of an opportunistic politician. I see enough of those in the news already.
  2. Certainly, but that won't nullify the contract. At best, the players can sue to have them nullified but that takes time. I suppose there's risk allowing players to attend a camp like this but you would think that the AAF would allow it? Then, if a CFL team was interested, they could negotiate a release with the AAF?
  3. The contracts are assets. I don't think, once you're in bankruptcy protection, you can simply release people from their contracts if they are considered assets.
  4. Their contracts let them sign with the NFL.
  5. Rogue One was awesome. Top 3-4 Star Wars movie, for me.
  6. JCon

    US Politics

    Great little tweet thread. Follow the link.
  7. JCon

    US Politics

    The man could kill someone on the front lawn of the WH and Trumpkins would defend him. These people want a dictator to tell them what to do and what to think. Little minds.
  8. Jesus, Hellebuyck, could you make a timely save???
  9. Flames remind me of the Senators from a few years ago, when they went to the Eastern Conference Final. Everyone assumed that they would be a great team going forward but they dropped off a cliff. I could see Calgary doing the same next year.
  10. It depends on the class of the creditor. Creditors are classified, the highest class getting paid first. Secured creditors will get what's owed to them. But most won't, including the players.
  11. I thought Hnidy was good by the time he left. I really liked Engblom and was sad when he left.
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