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  1. Just going to go back and delete the posts where I thought he wouldn't play and if he did, he would just get injured. Then, I'll go and erase all the posts where I said he wouldn't re-sign. I really wasn't expecting to have to do a lot of work today. This is going to seriously impact my forum surfing.
  2. I got a sub, yes. Last year, I think the deal was around $19 for the entire year. I'm sure you saw the $24.48 deal on right now? Still on sale from Cyber Monday. They have a lot of very good writers but I'm not sure how long the model will be sustained.
  3. Buying with draft picks? No, thank-you, Pierre.
  4. Winnipeg Jets Oh man, losing top defensive centre Adam Lowry for a month hurts for a Jets team that has tried so hard to hang in the fight despite a depleted blue line made worse by Dustin Byfuglien’s shocking training camp decision. That Byfuglien situation still looms large, of course. His $7.6-million cap hit is off the books while he remains suspended. The Jets will need clarity on that before Feb. 24 if they can make any impactful move. There’s no question in my mind that between the Lowry and Bryan Little injuries up front and the blue line issues, that Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff will look at all options on the market to try to help his team in both areas if he can. I think he wants to reward his group for the kind of effort it has put out to make this a season that could result in a playoff berth even if they went into the break wobbling and looking fried. If Little comes back at some point over the next month (he is skating but there is no firm timeline yet) the more pressing need would be on D. The Jets have their top three picks in the June draft so the full arsenal in terms of the kind of assets sellers look for at this time of year. But Winnipeg also has to stay in the race, the next 2-3 weeks looms large in indicating just that.
  5. JCon

    US Politics

    This makes sense. Star Trek was set in the future. Perhaps it's more documentary than science fiction?
  6. I don't think they're buddies with Scott, just that they know him and know what he brings to the table. That may or may not fit with this group and their vision.
  7. In the off season he would be. He's an assistant coach with the Capitals now. He has a connection with Chicago, having coached the Wolves, and so, has a connection with Chevy. Of course, he has a connection with True North, as well.
  8. I'll tell you who shouldn't out of that list: Babcock Carlyle Anyone from the house I would be fine keeping Maurice (but his time may be up) or chasing Gallant. Or someone else that's up and coming.
  9. JCon

    US Politics

    The GOP is convinced everyone is moron like their followers.
  10. I'm surprised to. When he's healthy, he's pretty good but not better than Grant and he's never healthy.
  11. There isn't anything wrong. The media latched on to a couple of tweets by some nobody and ran with it. Got get them clicks.
  12. Okay... I wish they would just release the full neg lists. It's beyond ridiculous that they keep this info from the fans.
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