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  1. 1977. 43 million copies worldwide. I can't believe I hadn't seen this before today. Absolute NSFW gold! Gold, Jerry!
  2. Both QBs locked up on the same day? Walters'is just toying with us.
  3. You know which side he's on. It kills him when we win and only comes around to slag the team. Ignore him and move on.
  4. Part of Harris' extra-curricular work is training elite youth. I wonder if he would be interested in grinding it out for a few years as a coach, working his way up the ranks or if his other business interests are more important? Could he retire into a coaching gig?
  5. Nothing you can do about AB until he realizes he has a problem and needs help. His antics have been documented for years. He's self-destructive and needs some intervention. Won't help though, until he's sees it himself. I don't expect him to see it, though, and I worry for his (and those around him's) safety and wellbeing.
  6. I agree that some hardcore Trumpers would but not all GOPers. Some are already moving on from him. He reignited the white-supremacist movement in the US and someone else will take over. They're lining up. If he dies, nothing he did illegally ever gets prosecuted. He just gets away with it. Sure, lots will be written, detailing all his crimes but they'll just dismiss it as political revenge.
  7. Stamets has grown and changed. His character has evolved given EVERYTHING he's been through over 3 to 4 seasons. They all have. I like Disco for what it is. I just wish their mission was to discover new things, not fly around and make-up with old friends. We've gone this far in the future and all we get is personal transporters and what else??
  8. Based on what? There isn't a CBA in place and the billionaire owners are complaining about revenue. TSN has an agreement in place, so no more money there.
  9. JCon


    The worst bunch of babies.
  10. Someone tell him the "Middle of the Road Blue Bombers" have won back to back Grey Cups. I wish, when you blocked someone, you didn't have to see their quotes either.
  11. Um, I hate to disappoint you but the current Minister kept her portfolio as Health Minister. The PCs added a new Department for Seniors and Long-Term Care. (A move that they heavily criticized the previous gov't for but did again, anyhow)
  12. This will be quite the departure from Black Sails, which I'm finally finishing this month.
  13. Middle of the road team. 🤣 Will just say anything.
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