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  1. Yes, but we're not getting anything good for Little. Only a project or equally disappointing player.
  2. Depends where you're looking. I see you're suggesting but others, on other forms of media are losing their shirts right now.
  3. To make room for what people are demanding of Chevy, we need to move out a big salary.
  4. I guess we need to trade Ehlers. Good, long-term contract for someone else out there with a good, long-term contract.
  5. He would need to move an asset to with similar salary in order to replace to add a defenceman. Who can he move?
  6. I saw Miles warming up on the sidelines but hadn't even noticed Rempel go down. Hopefully, it's not too serious and we'll get him back before the next week or the playoffs.
  7. More on the list... I don't think Rempel finished the game last week and I haven't been through the game day thread to see if it was mentioned.
  8. Because it wasn't a chain, it was just the links. And, this is for the players, so they probably don't care what you think.
  9. We're trying to win a GC in 2019. 1991-2018 are completely irrelevant to this discussion. I'm not sure what you're arguing. What QB is better suited to lead the Bombers than the one who is starting now? Who knows the playbook better? Who is a proven winner that is or was available?
  10. Before he was injured, Nichols was a better QB as evidenced by his statistics. However, this does not make Streveler "garbage" or "trash" or whatever. Streveler has far less experience and can grow, as Nichols did, as evidenced by the voodoochylde's post.
  11. I really, truly, have no idea what you're saying. But we're not getting Nichols back now (or ever, probably), so.........
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