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  1. JCon

    Riders- Blacks Thursday

    How much do the Riders need to pay the RedBlacks for the return of Carter? When you own someone that bad, can simply offer a cash settlement for their return?
  2. JCon

    Upcoming Movies

    I'm surprised it didn't do better. Although, it felt as though it kind of "snuck up" this year. I would have preferred a Xmas time release. And, the negativity right from the start helped to kill it too. I know it doesn't fit into the regular timeline but it's the backstory to one of, if not, the most popular characters. It was a bad movie, so it makes sense it didn't do well. I'm disappointed that we won't see more origin films, like "Lando: This is Coruscant".
  3. JCon

    Random Death Notice 2018

    He was so sick for so long. RIP.
  4. I think he'll have it easier against the Als. He'll have more chances and he won't wait nearly as long. RE: First INT. I hate that (I forget who) had two arms around the ball but on the ground, after the whistle, the Esks pulled it away. I hate that rule that whoever gets up with it, gets it. I hate it.
  5. JCon

    Tiger-Cats @ Stampeders

    Troll needs to go away. And take TheSource with you, Troll.
  6. I can`t believe it`s finally game day. Go Bobmers! Protect Fort Hew!
  7. JCon

    Prediction time

    Go away troll.
  8. JCon

    Prediction time

    What is it about Nichols injury that makes you think he’ll be out longer than 6 weeks? And, why do you think he would come back early and re-injure himself?
  9. JCon

    US Politics

    I'm sure they'll continue to lie, they'll just do it for more money elsewhere.
  10. I would have Demski backing up Fogg on return duties.
  11. I'm saying that trying to determine how success an entire scheme is based on whether Bighill is in the right place at the right time in his first game is ludicrous. It will take a few games before they function as a cohesive group. We already know that Bighill can tackle and CAN be the MLB based on previous experience.
  12. Absolutely, I just don't think we can determine the success or failure of the Hall defence on one game. I would say by game 4, we'll know for sure.
  13. Bighill the "QB" of the D. It's not plug and play. There are plenty of variables that go into having a cohesive defence. Just like the o-line, you can have all the talent but they need to learn to work together.
  14. That I agree with. I don't put much value in preseason games other than to see individual play and not to worry about team accomplishments.