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  1. Nice to see De Bruyne and Lukaku crash out. **** those two.
  2. Should have just called them the Park Bears 'cause they don't see the sea!
  3. They're current bench coach, promoted on an interim, is going back to manage the AAA team. They needed a new bench coach. Also, last year was a step back.
  4. Smith knows none of this will work but she's trying to create a fight. A fight with no winners because Cons just burn stuff down and never build. The worst. Rage farming. You got conspiracy whackjob leading Alberta, an alcoholic murderer leading Saskatchewan, a entirely useless and only in it to pad her fams pockets leader in Manitoba, and what could be the most corrupt politician in Canada leading Ontario. What a s***show.
  5. Huge in what way? Mattingly, Yankee legend and all around fantastic human, has never been able to find sustained success as a Manager. What the Blue Jays need is more discipline and adults running the locker room. I don't think adding Don helps the Jays get that.
  6. Alberta has gone off the deep end. See you on the other. Conservative govts are the efing worst. Bar none.
  7. One of the many places where the NHL matters so little.
  8. It feels really early to be out on a lake.
  9. Every week there is a new claim. Him and Kim Jung-on have both had several different ailments. They die so frequently.
  10. Canada won the Davis Cup this weekend! https://www.daviscup.com/en/news/328489.aspx They play three. And, no, no one thought they would get out of the group stage. It was remarkable to get there, as top of the CONCACAF qualifying.
  11. Or qualified. The worst people collect other terrible people. In fact, I think that's the new CPC motto: The worst people, representing the worst people.
  12. To be fair, I heard you led them down streets of town right to the traffic cop. Don't pretend you aren't complicit, Frosty!
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