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  1. This is funny but contains a few NSFW words, so be warned. Listen to the end.
  2. Change the name from Keim to Walters and this is exactly what we heard two years ago.
  3. Yankees put their money back into the club unlike some others.
  4. It's good timing to get everyone back. But, the home runs tend to disappear in the playoffs. They better be able to hit for average and not rely on getting 5+ dingers per game. Cole is dealing, though.
  5. That could be really good. When the trailer opened, I was wondering why Fred and George Weasley were there.
  6. I couldn't use Rakuten, unfortunately. I was refreshing on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. Finally, it showed up again on Walmart.ca. Que sera, sera.
  7. Correct. I think The Source is taking $100 deposits for in-store pre-orders but otherwise no money down!
  8. I got my pre-order in for the PS5. It's a whopping $630 CDN for the full console.
  9. JCon


    Pembina Trails. I should also add that I don't hold the teachers responsible. They were stuck out there with little supports. I know that they are working tirelessly, while managing their own personal situations. We have older teachers in the system that must be worried about their health and younger ones with children at home trying to figure out schooling too.
  10. JCon


    To add.... But not to dwell, I see other school divisions proactively making changes to their school set up to allow for social distance. Our school is happy with a meter and wonder, out loud mind you, if they need to do anything else. I know in a few weeks time that my children will be out of school. Something will trigger a shutdown and I know that our school is just as prepared for online delivery as before. So, not at all.
  11. JCon


    6 months ago, they were closing schools and already knew about social distancing. They could have easily developed a plan and have done little to nothing. Cripes, my school does not even have a rain plan yet for the students. It's September and they don't know what to do if it's raining outside. When students were going back in June, my children went for less than an hour. They had no assessment done at that time. They were abandoned by the teachers and the school. One teacher was so horrible at online delivery, she spent her two hours (!!!) a week of online teaching, reading
  12. Netanyahu is a career criminal but he's no match for Trump. Trump is like the crazy mob boss you don't want to cross because he'll drag you down to his level. Netanyahu is a crime boss too but at a lot more discreet. But once you start operating in Trump's world, you need to play by his rules. He's got receipts, I'm sure, and he'll destroy Netanyahu if he crosses him.
  13. JCon


    Your school has plexiglass? I wish. Our school mused at Parent Council the other day that they could buy them if all parents gave $200. It's September and our school still doesn't have a clue. Our school division has been AWOL this entire pandemic. I'm so disappointed in the leadership from top to bottom. My G1 wears his all day, except to eat. More than half the kids in his class wear one.
  14. JCon


    Whoa, really? My oldest (G5, A10) has to wear his mask at all times inside the school. The only exception is outside. If he chooses to take it off, he has to stay two meters away from others in his cohort and 4 meters from someone outside his cohort.
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