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  1. I lived in Saskatchewan when they had the telethons. It was a sad time for Rider fans but, it's okay, because there were so few of them. Rueben Mayes was the story where I was. That name will take you back to the 80s.
  2. No, it's not true. It was a joke based on the Giants shemozzle from earlier in the week.
  3. Neufeld and Fatboi were hilarious at halftime. I didn't get to watch the whole thing but it was neat to hear them talk over the plays. Good insight.
  4. Are you saying that you're not intoxicated now?
  5. Payton was lucky, Winston threw a punch but it was intercepted.
  6. JCon


    Which is why it's over a 10 day period to reduce the skewing. These numbers are not as a result of the protest. This is much bigger than that.
  7. Which, of course, doesn't make sense.
  8. Link to entire schedule: https://www.cfl.ca/schedule/?season=2021 I'm excited, very excited for this thing called football to make a big comeback in 2021. It will be bigger than Tik Tac or Twist or whatever the kids are gyrating to these days!
  9. Hopefully, she leads a new, strong Democratic party into the future. The likes of Pelosi, Feinstein, Grassley all need to get out of the effing way.
  10. Quid Pro Quo, I'm sure. Money in Barr's pocket. I'm assuming they can refile once the crook is out of office? IT's about locking up as many black and brown people as possible. So far, they're doing a bang up job.
  11. My guess is that there will be a lot of trades. Teams will want to move up and down depending upon what they need and what's available. GMs must be going crazy trying to figure out how to evaluate talent and how to determine what they'll have to work with once FA opens. I will just be here criticizing what they do.
  12. Why do you hate baseball? No different from any other sport.
  13. They need to find ways to get the money out of the campaign. That's why all the Trumps are on the payroll. It's all a grift.
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