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  1. Awe looks like he played it right. Let the (teeny tiny) bidding war comense!
  2. Not really news but a question of decision making... 2:02 left in the game. 3rd and goal from the Argo 5. We kick a field goal from the 5 yard line to take a 7 point lead. Argos take the ball on the 40 andgo down to score but fail to tie it. With 2:02 left, up by 4. Would you go for it on 3rd down, maybe a choose a safe play, and force Argos to drive down? Or, do you always take 3 in that scenario? Argos getting it at the 40 was really concerning.
  3. How are we going to stop Rourke from running? We haven't been good against the run and we're traditionally not great against mobile QBs, like Masoli.
  4. Game: Saturday, July 9, 6pm (Central) It's time to turn our attention to the BC Lions. Unbeaten vs unbeaten. Tuesday, July 5-Wednesday, July 6 No practice/media availability Thursday, July 7 Closed practice. Media are asked to meet inside the Bomber Store for 1:30 p.m. and will be brought down to Press Room for post practice availability. Please send requests to [email protected] later than 12:45 p.m. Friday, July 8 Travel to Vancouver Selected players and Head Coach Mike O’Shea available to media at Hyatt Regency Vancouver(655 Burrard St) at approximately 3:15 p.m. PT One practice this week.
  5. 1. Liegghio. He made his and his counterpart didn't. 2. Biggie. I'm sure he wears skates to move like he does. 3. Thompson. 7 tackles and huge tackle on Special Teams. HH - Rose. Pick-6.
  6. We know it's all about timing, Just be the best team when playoffs start. Get there by winning games, any way you know how.
  7. It's pretty clear unless you're trying really hard to make the call make sense.
  8. I remember watching the Kentucky Derby a couple of years ago and they were reviewing a interference claim. The cameras were right over the reviewers shoulders, we could see what they were looking at and their discussion. Transparency would be nice for the command centre. It's a new world, betting matters to the CFL and that play changes who covered.
  9. The West won't continue to fund a proxy war with Russia. They'll get the Ukrainians to negotiate a peace deal, with a disputed zone. There will be ongoing tensions but I don't see the war continuing, as it has, much longer.
  10. They've already started it. It's already circulating amongst the Freedumbers.
  11. The Russian's have been there, with local militias and a sudo-gov't, for 10 years. They won't be able to take it back.
  12. There's no way to stretch the defense right now. No one is fast enough to make the d worry. Or, so it seems. Everything is vanilla, with lots of throws into the middle of the field. Will need to see the stats on Skip's throwing grid.
  13. Harris runs for over 100 yards and the Bombers win. Same old story.
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