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  1. That first is going to be a VERY high pick next year. I would offer a second and take my chance.
  2. That's straight out of Slap Shot! Vicious.
  3. The game is secondary on TSN. They seem so uninterested in the play.
  4. I agree for the most part. When it becomes a distraction to calling the ACTUAL game, it's a problem. I am not opposed to TSN highlighting some of the non-football event attractions. Like, when they talk about tailgating, the Rum Hut, the Pilsner Zone, the kids events and everything else that adds to the entertainment value of attending live games. But, it needs to be measured. It shouldn't interfere with the game. TSN is not very good at balance. It's like Black and Forde were bored and uninterested in the play.
  5. So, if they have tons of talent but are not getting results, it must be on the coaching. Is that what he's saying?
  6. And only because they play Toronto and Montreal twice.
  7. And I wouldn't pay Myers over $5M. And I wouldn't pay Chiarot over $2.5M And I wouldn't pay Tanev over $2M. It's going to look different. Kind of exciting because last year's crew didn't look so hot after December.
  8. He won't. He doesn't think he's the problem.
  9. I thought the Bombers should have been in for him. I'm no GM.
  10. I predicted he would be MOP. Not that I think he will deserve it but I think he'll look good against the East. The Eastern journalists will love him.
  11. To be fair, they did put a long string of competitive teams together. Should have won more GCs. But, it shows you how important it is for a GM to find a QB in the CFL (or NFL for that matter).
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