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  1. Had to dig my card out of a drawer today for a hold pickup. Wasn't sure where it was. I've been using the app for a while.
  2. We need to bring in another few young arms. Cheap and with potential. Get Prokup back after his XFL/USFL stint. Our only hope is to catch lightning in a bottle if Collaros goes down.
  3. 'Destroyed" is doing a lot of heavy lifting.
  4. That is a sad sack list. Brown is the only one on there that I would want to start because the rest are god awful. Stevens is the only one who still has a chance
  5. Oliveira is not making a camp because there will be at least 10, non-drafted NCAA players to fill those roles. Never mind those that get drafted. BO will not make more than Lawyer. You have no idea what you're talking about. Ballsy?
  6. I guess we know who got to use the Saskatchewan wifi today. I wonder if it's decided on a lottery or rotation?
  7. $160k is a joke for a starting QB. Oh, but Keyboard Lawyer Warrior knows everything.
  8. Maybe a 10% (up to 50%) reduction on the salary cap impact for every year they are there after 2 or 3 years. So, someone like MOS, is only costing us half against cap.
  9. I would say, a 2-year deal $300k & $400k. Includes a $125k & $125k signing/roster bonus. He has some leverage.
  10. You want to compare attendance at Rider games versus Argo games?
  11. Riders keep their pants down in the hopes of getting lucky.
  12. Careful, Festivus is still 24 days away. Don't prematurely air your grievances.
  13. Sad that he never faced the consequences of his actions.
  14. O'Day is playing 4D chess. He's a genius and his perceived incompetence is just a facade. - Ballsy, probably. I mean BLM is going to love playing for Buck. 🤣
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