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  1. JCon


    Yes, the Province announced earlier in the day that many of the supersites will have ongoing walk up availability. The availability at the Leila supersite went fast yesterday.
  2. Taylor and Ferguson have been pumping this for the past year. Let's just ask where the Grey Cup is right now? At home, in Winnipeg, where it belongs. You want it, come get it. We know the KittyCats don't want it. They laid down and Banks cried that he was getting the ball to much during the Grey Cup. And, the Riders don't want it, based on their personnel decisions.
  3. Rightful home? The Grey Cup can't even find Regina on a map!
  4. We'll only allow 50% by August but could allow 100% by the Banjo Bowl, provided we hit the immunization targets, which we will.
  5. JCon


    Sore arm but not worse than the AZ shot. I had a some mild flu like symptoms earlier this morning but only lasted a few minutes. Otherwise, a little tired but completely fine.
  6. I think that's how they'll do it. But, if you didn't get into the first game, you'll probably get a chance for the second.
  7. JCon


    I opened the utensil drawer and was almost stabbed to death with all the knives that flew out at me. Magnets are no joke. I still have a spoon lodged in my ear.
  8. They're worried about people's souls!! Of course, I mean money. It's all a grift.
  9. JCon


    2nd shot done. Just sitting here, soaking up the magnetic fields.
  10. They're doing the same stupid stunt here. It's amazing how quickly some will drop their opposition to getting vaxxed with the remote possibility of getting some money. It's never been about the vax "hesitancy", it's always about them getting attention and something in return. It's all a grift.
  11. 52 Days, 52 days, 52 days!! Can't wait.
  12. All little less talk and a little more action.
  13. JCon


    I think appointments are currently full until mid-July in Winnipeg, anyhow. Perhaps if we get a few more guaranteed deliveries, they may open more spots.
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