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  1. You might want to re watch the game, or maybe it was a completely different game you were watching. In the First half, Steveler had 1 dropped pass in the red zone, one int. Which was a 50/50 ball the rec basically gave up on and a TD pass. In the 2nd half he had one pass attempt in the red zone and it was a throw away after the pocket collapsed and he had to roll out and no one got open. In the 4th everytime they got close to the redzone all they did was run. I'm not saying he lit it up, but he certainly wasnt horrible.
  2. I personally think the chain is stupid. Looks amateur. You don't see any other professional league with stupid crap like that. But that's just my opinion. If it for some reason makes them play better, have at er.
  3. You're dumb. He has to go through mandatory tests for the rest year. Theres a stupid narrative that AFTER his suspension his play would drop off....because stupid people...think that if he was in fact doping on purpose, he would have stopped just as the news came out. Not realizing that all the testing etc etc took place in July. So had he been doping to get a head, he would have stopped well before his suspension. His play now is exactly the same as it was in july, which isnt at all surprising when you actually look at the facts of his case and not just read mindless thread posts from bitter crider "fans".
  4. 4 years of 10+ wins. Hasnt been done in 30 years.
  5. Well said. There are going to be good times and some bad times while he develops. Anyone expecting nothing but the best is dreaming.
  6. "man short" cause collaros would have done what if he dressed? Stood around and talked to people. Which is likely exactly what he's going to be doing.
  7. I guess. But it's not some big risk to not dress him. Theyve been rolling with two qbs for a few weeks. One more shouldn't be an issue.....of course now that I've said that
  8. I mean, it's the way they team has been playing since Anderson left.
  9. Same level? I dont think anyone is saying that. He's definitely worse.
  10. What is this, year 6 now for this crew? Why anyone actually believes anything they say in the media is a mystery.
  11. I know. Argos gave up two draft picks. The first to get him and the second to us...they did get one back obviously....
  12. Right. The only ones saying this are dipshit rider fans who apparently think Nichols went home for the year.
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