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  1. I agree, I'd just like the convo to shift to those plans.
  2. I wish the conversation would shift to what they're GOING to do. I'm tired of hearing what they wanted to do.
  3. You'd have to find someone who has literally never watched Bo play to find someone who would call him a running QB.
  4. 3 worst: 52-0 at labour day...first time I've ever stopped watching a game in the 3rd. I didn't leave the stadium but just went underneath and drank. 2001 grey cup loss. Just crushed me. Dunigan leaving. He was my hero as a kid and I hated him for leaving. 3 best: Milts 4 for 4 HOW DO YOU NOT COVER THE GOAT!! lol Come back win against MTL (That game changed the team) 2019 GC.
  5. KCs new running back made me go "oh...OH damn!" on his TD run. That was a thing of beauty. Hard to believe that O got better, but if they continue to run the ball that well they will be very hard to beat. Also I did not start Watkins on my fantasy team...and I'm kinda regretting it. wait does this new site update auto add new posts to the last one you made.... Oh it does...that's neat...
  6. Tsn is showing the 2016 ldc.....at 3 in the fuming morning!?!?! Wtf? How? How is the only football on this weekend starting at 12am(cgy vs.edm) **** tsn
  7. Anyone have a copy of the 2016 game?
  8. damn libs can't get anything right
  9. I can respect that. But hes still a pos rider
  10. Good way to drum up some revenue. But there's no way I'm paying that price.
  11. Yup, The 2.0 hate is short sighted if you ask me.
  12. It ain't great, but I'm watching live football here https://afi.yaretv.com/
  13. I think my 1st memory related to the bombers would be lining up at a Taco bell (I think) to get an autograph from Matt Dunigan. I was very excited to meet him, but when it was my turn in line I froze. I don't think I said a single word to the man. But I got him to sign a poster and a hat. I still have that hat...though it doesn't fit anymore. And the autograph is basically worn away (I wore it with pride as a kid). I can't remember what my first "bomber game" memory is. But other things that stick out would be racing my brother down the ramps at the old stadium after the game. Just running
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