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  1. Bauming tweeted a quote from Harris, saying he's fine and will be back tomorrow.
  2. Calm down, likely only need 12. Bombers will win 70-3. That's right, 10 of the 12 plays will go for majors. The other two, Streveler will kneel down on their one yard line to not run up the score.
  3. Careful they will use anything he says here against him on their **** show of a forum. You can't see it rider fans but I'm giving you the finger!
  4. Well you can't really expect NFL players to use a CFL sized field. Likely don't have the athletic ability to do all that running! /s
  5. How so? He played every snap while here in WPG. For the most part anyways.
  6. That's too bad. Wish him luck in recovery.
  7. So the Raiders seem to have some kind of promotional thing going on, on the corner of Osborne and River Ave right in front of the LC. However, I can't figure out what it is. (And haven't had time to go out and see/ask) But they have a big Raider logo and a couple of girls in golf shirts standing around. Haven't found anything on social media about it. The girls aren't talking to people or really doing much but chatting between themselves. Is this the "week of activities" type of stuff that was suppose to take place to get Winnipeg pumped for this complete joke of a game?
  8. I would give up a half full bag of balls for Franklin and that's about it. Guy is a bust.
  9. Franklin coming here would be 1) a complete waste of time as he hasn't shown that he can be better then Streveler, and I don't think he can be better than him honestly. And b) a distraction, creating a QB controversy even when Nichols returns. Of course Hodge wrote this complete pile of crap.
  10. Everybody sucks cause they've lost to back up qbs, but everybody is also good because they've won using their back up qbs.
  12. This is a big game though. Will decide the series.
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