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  1. that's dumb. Laws don't stop ****. They need to take a look at the long history of prohibition of....literally any substance that has been banned....and see where that leads.
  2. To be fair, those videos exist they just don't go viral. We are a rage addicted society. I was talking about this on the weekend with some family. Everyone is so scared on every side. It's the fearful policing the afraid. No trust on either side. Add in a lack of training and things aren't going to end well more often then they should.
  3. I don't believe there are any options for a better TV deal. That is not where my issue with TSN stands. I do believe they're paying market value....my issue is with the seemingly lack of proper representation on TSN. And I think the CFL brass need to push TSN to do a better job of marketing on their end. This past year and the games that were shown is a prime example, it should have only been the most exciting games throughout the years (i believe there is an issue with TSN being able to show older games though). Not games that are only significant because it was the last game played in the st
  4. 4 (1) Winnipeg Blue Bombers — Les Maruo, LB, Japan The first Japanese born player to ever start in Division One college football, Maruo spent much of his childhood in Wichita, Kansas before going to UTSA. He’s a mean, violent linebacker who moves really well and will instantly be a core special teams player for Winnipeg.
  5. You should check out, A Colony in a Nation by Chris Hayes. Real easy read, and discusses similar topics. But yes you are right, the system is not broken.
  6. 1. Where did I say it wasn't? 2. When have I mentioned the color of someone's skin? Maybe it's the timeline that isn't getting through to you. I'm not talking about during a sentencing process/court case etc. I'm talking about after all of that. The criminal has been caught, the criminal has been sentenced....then as a society/charity/non profit/police force/social programs etc etc. You can examine what lead to the crime. Example: I worked in a neighborhood that had an incident happen. Incident was, after school a group of kids picked on another kid, this continued on for weeks...l
  7. I've been saying it for years. TSN does the CFL no favours, and often hurts the product more then it helps.
  8. It's not about taking their background into account when considering punishment...ITS NOT ABOUT EXCUSES. ITS NOT ABOUT PUNISHMENT. ITS ABOUT PREVENTION. No one thinks they shouldn't be punished, they should be. It's understanding how they got to a point where they murder, and how we can put things in place/fix things/change things etc etc so the next person who is in a similar situation won't make that choice. In terms of imprisonment, our society whether you like it or not very rarely sends someone to a true life in prison. Which means basically everyone who goes to prison, is
  9. It's been explained multiple times that no one is excusing the choice. He's just being Tburg at this point. There's no point in continuing the conversation.
  10. Jesus this might be the most pathetic way to look anything that I've seen in a very long time. "I can't imagine a possible solution to any problems, so there's no use in trying!" Yeah @17to85 explain to me on this internet forum how you would "fix" these immense problems facing our society....I'll wait...lol honestly what do you want him to say here? I'm not even going to start arguing. But I 100% think people who see the world through this type of lens are useless.
  11. I dont know who this guy is or anything more then the tweet...but it could be interesting Oh my bad....I read his tweet like he already had a meeting lol.
  12. Maybe for some younger players. But Franklin/Mitchell are long in the tooth. Are these more of "big name" players we were told have been considering retirement? What will the league do without who ever that WR is and a career backup qb? I do love that this kinda screws with the riders though.
  13. I'm not sure I'd call it "good". It's typical 3rdown put something out for the sake of putting something out. Someone notify me when there's actual news about this situation cause as of right now Naylor/TSN/3rdown etc is just putting out the same story via different words/headlines. It actually addresses that in the article. Saying it seems to be the hype of NFL that is drawing people and not the style of football....claiming the increase in NFL viewership in Canada doesn't correlate with an equal increase in american college ball. But yeah. "A significant number of people want 3
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