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  1. This! I'm all for them showing off what the stadiums have to offer. But that's a side act, the game is why people are watching. The other stuff is just a nice add on - if done correctly.
  2. I did see him using the arm shortly after he left the game, thinking it was just a stinger. Maybe "hoping" is a better word.
  3. He came into my work one day last fall. Super nice guy, was surprised I knew who he was. He then crushed my hand when I shook his. Lol.
  4. I don't mind the interviews during the game...would be nice if they kept talking about the game when it made sense though...like when a big play happens etc. During the argos game they didn't even show the field while talking to RR...in fact they completely missed an entire "drive" by the argos while watching Ricky Ray yammer on. So strange.
  5. All this without actual game film to review. People are putting way too much stock into the first few weeks, both good and bad. Except for maybe the Argos
  6. Lol did he **** in your cereal one time or something?
  7. Is it me or was that a very fast 1st half of football?
  8. I love Fogg the dude...solid guy. Saying that, I would not want him to be a start HB on my defence....which he is today for the argos...
  9. Were we watching the game together?? Lol I noticed basically all of this. I even mentioned to my wife how horrible a play call the first play of the game was for BC. Likely ridiculously stupid. I was also confused by bc having to waste both challenges on obvious calls...that were basically identical. Total crap shoot again when it comes to what the eye in the sky does and doesnt do. And with Reilly, they showed him at the bench after coming right off the field and hes breathing heavy, which is to be expected....but you're right, they went back to him a few minutes/plays later and he was still suckin wind....I thought maybe I was just making something out of nothing...but definitely thought it was odd cause it wasnt like he had a huge run or anything.
  10. I'm starting to think both Chungh and Reilly didnt really care about winning this season... $$$$$
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