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  1. Yeah not surprising from the few reports I've seen. Good luck to him, hope he can catch on somewhere.
  2. I bet a quick post on twitter tagging some players here like Biggie or Willie or Demski etc etc might be able to get the school some better looking footballs.
  3. Yeah I'm sorry anyone who thinks a Junior player, a Running back no less, would have had a legit shot to compete for the starting job is just being dishonest at best.
  4. The CFL is not the only league in the world with this type of rule. There are some football(soccer) leagues with similar rules in place. And that's bogus that the ratio doesn't make the game unique...it completely changes how coaches/scouts/management do every part of their job. Specifically coaching and making a game day roster. It's absurd to say different. And again Grass roots isn't shrinking(though I believe it actually is slowly) because of the great Canadians of the past. Gretzky alone changed everything. No Canadian stars = less interest from Canadian kids. You're right, grassroots does so well because of how Canadian hockey was seen in the past. Canadians had a real chance at being stars because that's who they saw on TV and the support was there in terms of coaching/training etc etc etc. Less Canadians playing football in the CFL means that will absolutely impact the way kids see the Canadian game. lol The government said they would, as soon as the CFL opened the books and proved they needed the help. They wouldn't do that.
  5. That's a bullshit comparison. The NHL has never been in a position where it was in only canada and had the potential to employ only americans. There can't really be any comparisons to the CFL because of these unique rules. Grass roots hockey does fine because of the focus and energy that was put on Canadian players long long ago. If there were little or no Canadian hockey stars, do you think it'd still be as popular as it is today? specifically the ratio
  6. No it's 6 and 1 I'm fairly sure. I'm fine with them making it 6 true starters and 1 american who has aged in. The 49% bullshit was just a dumb idea from the jump. Also lets not all jump on what the media (Especially TO media) are saying. I've seen at least 2 americans say they voted no as well. This wasn't JUST about the ratio and Canadians. But even if it was. Tough ****. This is Canada. Don't like it. Leave. I'm 100% in for an all Canadian league even though I know it wouldn't be what we've come to enjoy.
  7. Dropped a couple hundred bucks at bomber store today after the futures camp. Got a Stanley Bryant home jersey on the way and new hats and shirts for the family!! Week 1 can't come soon enough!!
  8. People are really getting sour about what a former player said about his old teams city compared to his new teams city? Really?
  9. Can add Bond to that list as well. I've been trying to remember just how many OL this team has lost since 2016. At least 1 a year I believe.
  10. The club moved on from Eli in late November 2021.
  11. Kylie is fast. He has covered wr downfield and stuck with them and ran down speedy b on a crossing route in the 2019 GC. If anything I think the new rules will help bring him the attention he deserves.
  12. Oh I hope they're back. I had one a few years ago and loved it. I'm going to get a new jersey soon and will likely buy another hat cause....why not
  13. It might be funny if it didn't involve 100,000s of dead people for no damn reason except to continue the mirage that is American excellence. It might be funny if it didn't result in the rape and torture of innocent people. Or the increase rate of suicide among those he sent to fight in a unjust invasion. It might even be funny if he decided to take care of even a portion of those people who were negatively impacted by his war crimes. But yeah I guess he laughed a bit so we should give one of the worst war criminals a live a break. If you haven't figured it out yet. I hope that man dies a painful death.
  14. It's becoming clear he's just another out of touch rich kid who needs a good.....ummm...reality check....
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