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  1. I'd suggest getting your glasses fixed They will bring in a few guys for TC. But I'd be very surprised if it isn't those two come week 1.
  2. I really hope the Bombers are not even thinking of offering Nichols a contract now (and I suspect they aren't going to). MBT/Nichols are on the downside of their career. Bombers need a backup with potential. They have one now. No need to **** with that.
  3. Prepare to be disappointed then. He will 100% be the back up (outside of Strev coming back).
  4. I mean, if you can get two guys with their talent level. Why not? That would be the ideal situation. Except maybe for the response of media/fans when one has a shitty game. I'd like to see Collaros and Mcguire to start the year personally. With Mcguire getting significant time in the pre season and regular season games. Really want to see what that guy is made of.
  5. We will have to agree to disagree about what "throwing someone under the bus" means. Telling a player they won't be pursuing them before FA starts, as far as I see it anyway, is the right way to do business in the CFL. Let them know where you stand, Nichols can now focus on his next step instead of waiting on something that may never come.
  6. MEH. Just another hyped up NFL guy who is "definietly a ratio breaker", without any experience in the CFL and mediocre success (if that) in the NFL. I don't expect him in Winnipeg, I also don't think he will be anywhere near the level Farhan is projecting.
  7. Isn't that the biggest issue with basically everything CFL though? The best talent will go where the money is. It does. But he's heading there. Tells you about his potential.
  8. I completely disagree. Streveler isn't a pocket passing QB. He's a football player. He can take those hits, just the same way any receiver/running back could. And he proved it when he was running over linemen and linebackers. Could he get hurt? Sure. But that's football.
  9. As much as I don't like it. I completely agree. The NFL is seeing a new trend of athletes being used anyway they can be. Streveler fits that bill. Maybe he won't stick, but he most definitely will get a shot.
  10. I do agree with you, but Hansen was regarded as the most pro ready player in the draft. It wasnt like he is out doing his potential.
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