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  1. Is that DE from last season at TC? I completely forgot about him...MCAllister I think? Played 1 game for us when injuries were plying up.
  2. Lol he actually tagged them? Wow...even if he wasn't already under orders to not do that kind of thing, that would have been stupid...but the fact that he had a court order to not set up protests just makes it all the more funny
  3. Hopkins talking about how he doesn't know of he wants to play in the NFL now...DONT **** WITH MY FANTASY!!! Just play damn it!!!
  4. Its probably for the best that word got out about this, cause it would have (maybe still will) turned ugly real quick. Even if other people are going to protest there is guaranteed to be heavy police presence now.
  5. So I had an interesting morning on twitter after I said I agreed that Governments should not be mandating vaccine passports for grocery stores/food purchasing. But I also think private companies whose only service is a want/privilege (in this case movie theatres) SHOULD be able to mandate vaccines in order to get in. Of course the anti-vaxxers said I was promoting a two tiered society (wait until they find out about our financial system) and that companies shouldn't be allowed to discriminate against those choosing to not get the vax. And I had to legitimately describe to people what a NEED is and what a WANT is. And this got me thinking. How is this any different than money? Let me explain and see if you can find any flaws in my logic. I don't want to work anymore. It's hard and can even be life threatening in some instances. At the very least, most jobs come with some underlying issue that is sure to impact your health. So I have decided to no longer work, in anyway...of course this means I no longer want to make money. BUT I still want everything that society has to offer to be open to me. If I want to go to the theatres I should be able to. If I want to go get a brand new car, I should be able to. If a company says "Sorry but you HAVE to pay for this product/service" that is discrimination and shouldn't be allowed.
  6. I agree Collaros has the ability to make things happen that Nichols doesn't But the facts are the same. His numbers were similar to Nichols. I agree with you no Plop out thinking himself. I was watching a home game against BC from 2016 (I think)...the one where Moe Legget made that game saving tackle on the goal line. The bombers O was dominate in the first half. Doing basically whatever they wanted...mostly on the back on Harris. 3rd Q rolls around, and Harris didn't get a touch until there was 1:30 left in the 3rd Q....enough time to help BC get momentum back. Why go away from what's working?
  7. Also something that seems to be missing is that Collaros wasn't exactly lighting it up. It's not like he was going out there and putting up 350 yrds passing and 5 tds lol. His stat line throughout the playoffs look pretty similar to Nichols.
  8. Just saw on Twitter from the WPG police that the organizer has been arrested lol. **** with the Governments money and you're about to feel the long arm of the law. lol. https://twitter.com/wpgpolice/status/1418238934681673733?s=20
  9. So there is no record of her getting the vaccine? Also that's some BS they're putting people through. I had heard about a student who is facing a $120,000 bill due to an emergency situation that was made worse when he caught covid in hospital.
  10. My parents can't get them either. But they both have printed a paper copy. Can your wife not do that?
  11. They'll just do what they always do and claim they are a fictional show/playing characters, so their "lies" shouldn't be taken seriously.
  12. They are pretty deep at WR. So not too surprising. Depending on what is going on with Adams. He might be a good pick up. Though at this point...it's been how many years since he did...well anything in this league...?
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