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  1. Or maybe farjan was talking out of his ass.
  2. I agree. Ellingson and Rogers are both gonna want higher end salaries. Also I soured on Rogers after he scored a TD at IGF and then went up into the fans to mock Bomber players doing that. I don't know how he didn't end up with spit on him after that.
  3. Where ever Wylie goes Good to Great Online play isn't far behind. The guy is truly one of the GOATS when it comes to positional coaching. The Chiefs say hi....
  4. Those "insider" articles are becoming more and more laughable. No one talks about Rogers? Who are they listening to? And WHY TF would Ottawa let their biggest FA walk away without playing a single down, under a HC who has publicly stated He has wanted to work with him for years? Anyway 3down is really becoming hard to read/take seriously. I hope they figure it out asap.
  5. This is a man speaking from experience! lol
  6. lol do people really think Harris ISN'T coming back?
  7. Yeah I have been waiting for the medlock signing, I wouldn't be surprised to see both parties move on. Of course there will likely be a fall off in terms of consistency. Harris is either in WPG or he's retiring. End of story.
  8. I think that comment was about Walker
  9. Dom isn't going to be the starter. That's Arbuckles job right now.
  10. Why are we expecting the media to do anything different now? lol. was it though?
  11. Did you see the video of the woman crying after she got maced? She got interviewed after and said she "wanted to be there...cause it's a revolution". All while being comforted and having her monkey tears wiped away. These people want to play war with people who don't play. It's pathetic but inevitable.
  12. I see more of Americas chickens have come home to roost.
  13. Isn't that going to be a new rule though? An american vet on the same team for 3 years will be considered a non import? Or did I just imagine that...
  14. I could have sworn Begelton was CDN...Wasn't there a big REC in calgary that was? edit: Brescacin is who I was thinking of. Anyway, that's what I mean. To increase the talent pool in the CFL better Canadian supports are needed. It's an interesting thing to think about (getting rid of the ratio) and I obviously lean towards keeping it. But I don't think there would be a significant jump in entertainment if it were gone. I honestly don't care if they are big names or not. I don't question their passion for making it in the NFL. But if they don't even want to come and TRY the CFL...ob
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