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  1. I've been saying this since they released the schedule of the games. Most are super boring games. It's like TSN can't help but **** up most things CFL.
  2. My thoughts too. Wish they would just rip the band aid off and officially cancel the season. Ask the Gov for funds to keep the league a float. And start planning for 2021 which will still be heavily impacted by COVID.
  3. Yup, it would also be a pretty decent fit for him. They have talent at all levels on the O.
  4. I'm going to be very surprised if there is a season as well. Just don't see how they get it done.
  5. There's a LOT of misinformation in this Thread. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SPEAK WITH A DOCTOR AND DON'T TAKE ADVICE OFF A FOOTBALL FORUM. There are a lot of good football people on here...their medical knowledge/advice is not to be followed. p.s whoever told someone that this was a 2 week deal was a ******* dummy. I don't know who said that to you speed but you should stop talking to them.
  6. His back ground and Sanchez too. No other professional league in any sport would do something like that. Absolutely brutal and I hope they got a tongue lashing from the CFL for doing so. If any of my employees (Not that I have a lot) were out there promoting another business/borderline competitor, during a huge event, they wouldn't be working for long.
  7. I actually disagree that he is dumb. I think he knows exactly what he is doing/saying and why. The issue is WE, (or at least most people) don't know. For the most part, when a president speaks everyone understands where he is coming from and what his motives are/have been. With Trump his motives are almost never clear (Which I believe he's doing purposely) and he panders more then any other president in the history of that country. But dumb..I don't think so. He knows what he's doing. For good or bad, he knows...
  8. It's paid hours. I'm working more then I was before this. And the company I work for has been hiring on an almost continuous bases to keep up with demand since this has started.
  9. This is the same for literally every country.
  10. I think it'd be close to that. You'd have to factor in ticket cost, concessions and even possibly the store purchases. Plus many households come to games together...so instead of 3 or 4 tickets, it's one PPV. And parking sales too, though I don't know where that revenue goes to.
  11. Oh ok, I hadn't seen that. So one hurdle down!! yay! lol
  12. Yes, but I don't think it would be smart to base ratings on something was free when talking about something that would not be, especially when that product would likely be close to if not over $100 per person.
  13. Another hurdle that has been talked about..but not nearly enough. Is the American players. Would they be able to come over?
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