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  1. I don't take that guy serious after he tried to argue that the 2021 Bombers were scared of the 2021 stampeders....especially if Mitchell was playing. I know that sounds like a joke...but it wasn't I should add, he said this going into the playoffs...as in the Bombers were afraid of Bo and the Stamps in a cold weather playoff game in WPG....again...as far as I could tell he was dead serious lol.
  2. $$$ wise yes, it did. do yourself a favour and look up where the vast majority of people live in this country.
  3. WTF kind of logic is this? lol. I'm honestly (almost) at a loss for words. lol. Sooo because...no other team...traded for him...he's not good enough to be worthy of a trade? I'm failing to understand your point there. And you're right about A+ talent never being a healthy scratch. Like could you imagine if you had a QB on your roster that WAS at one time a League All star, so you trade for him...he gets healthy and instead of playing him you opt for MBT/Arbuckle lol. That would never ever happen! Not in the CFL. It's clear that you just can't understand the nuances of the game enough I suppose. But those things matter, especially for skill players. Darby wasn't being put in a position to play as well as he did here (As has been stated, he hasn't been playing horrible this year by any measure and Hamiltons D is not a big concern at all..but keep going on about the worse team this and that I guess) just in the same way Collaros wasn't put in a position to play well in SSK/TO, or Taylor in EDM, or Hardrick in BC/SSK, etc etc.
  4. Should also be noted that Hamilton isn't bad because of their Defense. They're bad because their offense turns the ball over like they don't want to touch it.
  5. Apparently Ellingson IS active at practice...not sure how active but he's there doin....stuff
  6. I don't think we're as thin as some suggest. We signed what 3 DE in the last few weeks? MOS said pregame that Cooper would be ready for a more prominent role next week. That kid from the criders knows the CFL. I'd be willing to Bet that Jeffcoat plays this week as well.
  7. I actually really like the potential in Holm. He did look lost out there at times...but man is he ever quick. And if he can ever figure this game out, he will be a very good player!
  8. Maybe they weren't "all stars" by the leagues standard...but those guys along with Jones absolutely made the secondary better and were a big reason the 2019 defense was lights out in the playoffs.
  9. You mean players might look different in different systems? With different supporting casts and playbooks? Take a look at who the Bombers have turned into All stars on their back end and where they came from. Just off the top of my head Jones and Maston were cast offs I believe, Taylor too...though I could be wrong about that one. The coaches know who fits in with their style and Darby is absolutely one of them. Just need our LBs to get healthy now...well mainly our WLB. Come on Wilson!!!
  10. Darby is an actual all star though...like the last time the league said "hey who should we vote for league stars?" Darby was on that list....
  11. I'm really surprised to see you say something like this.
  12. He conveniently leaves out the fact that the team they play next absolutely dominated the same defense the riders couldn't handle...lol
  13. Ftfy What about Thomas? Longest serving member. Just a stable member of that Dline for years! Along with Bryant, was part of the journey from worst to 1st. Would love to see him up there! Not the godly stats but his contribution can't be ignored.
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