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  1. His play definitely took a hit as the year went on though.
  2. The rationale decision for this up coming year would be to pass on Masoli. For the simple fact that it seems like he wont be ready to start the year. I've heard he wont be ready until as late as August.
  3. He has to agree to be on the PR. Likely said no thanks, which if I can remember correctly, is what he did after TC.
  4. But that's what I mean. Why say that to someone who doesn't work there...the way blue85gold and Noeller etc feel doesn't reflect the way the bombers feel..as far as I know they're just fans. The organization is wrapping up this year and will be focused on winning again. Not sure anyone has said they wouldn't be or thinks they're going to sit back and coast off 2019. I don't know. maybe it's just me. But I wouldn't/don't put much weight behind what fans feel in regards to how the Organization is moving forward.....
  5. Do they work there? In a role that directly affects the make up of the team/the teams ability to stay focused on the goal?
  6. To be fair, there isn't anywhere for Dinwiddie to go in CGY. Dickenson is going to be the guy for years to come.
  7. That was Simonis best attempted tackle of the night. #Overrated
  8. The only thing that could make that better would be having another Bombers vs Riders game via cross over with the Riders listed as the away team!!!
  9. The CFL did...the NFL hasn't. In fact the NFL has told their clubs to not sign any players currently under contract in the CFL. So it kind of makes that rule change useless. Which is why the Bombers had to release Kongbo.
  10. He also has one with the Ticats.
  11. He was on a 3 year deal...buuut I'm guessing the interest must be significant for them to do this. Good luck to him. Hopefully he comes back if he is ever done with the NFL. That is a significant blow to the ratio though.
  12. While I hate defending that **** hole organization. Macadoo has interviewed for HC positions...so maybe they have a feeling he's gone anyway. I hope they replace him with Maas either way though, Would love to see Farjo in a Maas offence. Why? Because I don't think he will thrive at all in it.
  13. Neither just yet. Still too young. But if he wants to play it'll be with the Patriots as we live in the area.
  14. That's awesome!! Which club are you with?
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