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  1. Trudeau's fault! JPMorgan Chase announced a pledge to facilitate $200 billion in environmental and economic development deals and will pull back from advising and lending to the coal-mining industry. Apart from helping to fund new climate and economic inclusion projects, the bank said it’s taking steps to accelerate the transition to clean energy. On top of stepping back from advising companies that get most of their revenue from coal extraction, JPMorgan said it will put restrictions on financing new coal-fired power plants, phase out “credit exposure” to the industry by 2024 and will stop funding new oil and gas drilling projects in the Arctic. CNBC
  2. I further should add in my defence regarding my ill considered post, I watch the game, but have radio play by play on, instead of the TSN play by play. even with lag. ---- Bob is the greatest broadcaster in world sports history. ✌️
  3. guess I overstated what I think, or misrepresented myself. I don't like zany either, don't like it at all, and I don't like other broadcasts better than the Bombers. I think Doug is excellent, and bob is really good at the play by play. Probably the best at it. I think pregame, and Ed Tait is outstanding, by far the best league wide. I agree that one or two of the broadcasts are not very good. so we probably agree on most of it.
  4. talk about the Riders, talk about Ambrosie, but the puns...... oy vais.
  5. For me, Bob doesn't have much of a sense of humour, and sometimes is a little too ready to compliment the other teams. I find he gets a bit too excited about Bo Levi Smith for instance. Bo doesn't need any help in feeling good about himself. Doug helps in the humor department, but Bob is pretty dry. I often listen to other teams games on the internet radio, and it's usually pretty good. Even Sask, I don't think the sask radio team is as "homerish" on gameday, as they otherwise are. (29 year ban pending)
  6. Canada has a higher GDP than Russia. "In 2012 oil, gas and petroleum products accounted for over 70% of total exports,As of the 2nd quarter of 2015 inflation, compared to the second quarter of 2014, was 8%; the economy had contracted by 4.6%Russia is rated one of the most unequal of the world’s major economies,A poll completed in 2018 among 1400 managers of non-hydrocarbons Russian businesses demonstrated high level of pessimism, with majority describing the economic situation in the country as "catastrophic". 73% of respondents in large businesses and 77% in medium and small are dealing with a "crisis"... wiki amazing that a country so badly run, can cause so much trouble. When the oil bus ends, Russia is going to be in chaos. again.
  7. agree.. also, Golf would be better if there was contact.
  8. My guess..... price of oil is too low to make money. Otherwise they would proceed with it. but when the head of Goldman Sachs is issuing warnings about oil business risks, and says that business is now done, these investments no longer make financial sense. These financial warnings are coming from many of the largest banks and institutional heads. Just not from Petro states like Russia and Alberta. glad that the NDP lost in alta, had they won, this would of course be their fault.
  9. Poltroon Chris Mathews called bernie supporters "Brown shirts" What a hysterical dolt . He's too stupid to have the job he has. He should be fired. today.
  10. not bad.... but you should have dated Lola Heatherton!
  11. interview "“Coach LaPo’s philosophy is that we’re not going to invest a lot of money in receivers." Is this true? sounds odd to me.
  12. msnbc, the supposed left wing media outlet: What a facking farce US media is. Carville was citing a recent report that, along with helping President Donald Trump’s campaign, Russian trolls were working to promote Sanders’ campaign. Anchor Chris Matthews even compared Sanders’ strong showing to the Nazis overrunning France. Here’s exactly what he said about the Nazis overrunning France in 1940. pic.twitter.com/Ipg550pXsd — Chris Hansen (@tankcat) February 22, 2020
  13. Supposedly, there are huge (trillions of dollars), of mineral deposits in Afghanistan. also, at an important point in a proposed oil and gas pipeline route. course that's probably history now cause of other things. The "great powers" have been fighting over Afghanistan for a century and a half. Our "allies" there, are scum. It's long past time to leave them alone, and let them sort it out for themselves.
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