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  1. somebody was taking pictures while driving on an icy highway. not good.
  2. Defence can't have had the result it had last two games, without everyone of them doing their part.
  3. there was one game this season where the Ticats d line manhandled Bombers O line. specially 56 Ticats. Worst game of the season.
  4. There are some new posters who are very funny, which I appreciate. down goes CoFaj!!!
  5. if I apologized, which I deny, I meant it only in jest, and fully intended it to be viewed as such!!! 👀
  6. changed the link to the official trailer, that's why nobody likes it, wrong trailer! the movie is absurd. That is why I like it. shark in the toilet..... 😂
  7. It is Mutual. They are a branch of houston .
  8. yeah I thought he played for the Bombers.
  9. hilarious stuff. as usual, they are accusing dems of exactly what they did when Obama was pres. They said this publicly. American education system needs to be upgraded. Only a dolt could swallow the drivel these guys pump out.
  10. helmet to helmet, I don't care what team this happens to, I am sick of it, and want it gone. I want the league to make a warning statement about helmet to helmet. Helmet to helmet, should be ejection from the Grey cup game. Randy needs to tell the refs to do this, or they won't do it. He Needs to tell both teams, that this is what's going to happen. Maybe Collaros should have his lawyer send a letter to the ticats saying that if he's injured by helmet to helmet, he will sue whoever did it, and the team too. seriously. If the league won't protect him, the player needs to protect himself. Player association what are you going to do? NFL started ejecting players for this this season, and guess what? It stopped.
  11. that goal line stand is going down in Blue Bomber lore. One of the all time great plays.
  12. kind of sad that "youze guys" is more or less gone from the vernacular. most unfortunate.
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