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  1. agree. re what to do..... I would like to see direct investment in renewable energy, start with alberta,help for oil worker who,lose jobs, train them in the new energy technology. build it. its cheaper now anyway. as a powerf source. figure out each provinces best renewable potential.... and concentrate on that on that place. help needed for all workers who face job,lossmcause of changes like this. they need and should get help from the government. certainly they wont get any from the big corps. who,will treat their workers as they treat their abandoned
  2. glad it was easy, didnt waste much of your time. I think we Need large, direct investment in the Province of Alberta to go renewable, and retrain workers who lose jobs in oil and gas. private sector free marketmwont do it. update, Trudeau trying harder newer information. Investing as much as C$3.2 billion over 10 years to plant two billion trees Spending as much as C$631 million over a decade to restore and enhance wetlands, peatlands, grasslands and agricultural lands Investing C$1.5 billion in a low-carbon and zero-emissions fuels fund
  3. trudeau put fifteen billion into a pipeline. including cost to build how much has he put into renewables? and, maybe give me some examples of some signifcant activity in renewables anywhere in canada, cause i am not aware of it. sure phase out oil, but show me his, or any canadian politicans any partys plan for the transition that doesnt look to 2045, which is a sad joke. also the ndp have sucked up to the oil industry too.... mulcaire, the ndp alberta premiere, were pro oil. notley demanded the pipeline be built. only canadian politician that had any kind of plan was
  4. TRUMP GONE, MANY TIMES THANKYOU! when obama was elected, his cabinet appointments were industry hacks, from banking, insurance, oil.... I thought he could direct them, but I was wrong. Obama was for the most part a timid industry friendly war loving failure. Biden has made appointments that are being praised, by people who want reform, so, bernie, also, appointed a liz warren supporter in consumer affairs, the energy and interior same thing. also heard nancy saying some things about trump that surprised me. Biden may not initiate investigations, but he wont be stopping or
  5. Trudeau..... still promoting fossil fuels. the oil industry in houston gave him a medal, easy to see why. what a hack. Trudeau has no interest in the renewable economy, in any meaningful way. hes no better than Harper. re keystone pipeline lucky guy, that his opponents are so useless.
  6. comment i like seen elsewhere: "We should carve a big toilet at the back base of the mt. Rushmore statues with trump’s head stuck inside.
  7. didnt know about this group.
  8. impeachment conviction hopefully. and that he is a slimey person faithful to himself only.
  9. "Donald Trump? Never heard of him." …moscow mitch. Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday accused President Trump of provoking the violent crowd that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. “The last time the Senate convened, we had just reclaimed the Capitol from violent criminals who tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people,” McConnell said on the Senate floor, marking the first convening of the full Senate since the attack.
  10. why does roberts get pick and choose. coward.
  11. 🤪 it would be hilarious if trump continues acting as if he had legal authority of President. signing things and holding them up for camera shots. seventy five million votes for this idjit. good god.
  12. Gordon Liddy is a good example.so many on the Republican side. Gingrich.
  13. no problem pay for it with health care workers lay offs. . ruin the system.. then complain that it proves public healthcare is no good. winning.
  14. more barn burner NFL playoff games. yipee that would be excellent! (been a pats fan since mack herron played there mid eighties) and always good to see sean payton lose.
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