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  1. Streveller on Monday night football now! update.. no plays for Streveller. update bowling celebration was good
  2. Peaceful nuclear weapons. Spending by the world’s nine nuclear nations climbed to nearly $73 billion in 2019, nearly half of it by the United States alone. At the same time, the Trump administration has prioritized nuclear weapons in its defense budget while abandoning nuclear treaties, fumbling negotiations and confounding allies. The administration’s lack of coherent goals, strategies or polices have increased nuclear dangers, leaving the U.S. “blundering toward nuclear chaos with potentially disastrous consequences.” Those are the findings of two separate reports published in Ma
  3. War is peace. “Since becoming president, Donald Trump has overseen historic increases in defense budgets, fawned over military equipment, installed a number of defense industry insiders in top Pentagon positions and made a major push to sell weapons overseas. Nearly half of senior Defense Department officials are connected to military contractors, according to an analysis by the Project on Government Oversight. But beyond personnel choices, Trump has made the purchase, public display and foreign sales of military hardware a major priority of his administration. He ha
  4. Trump senior “ Donald Trump junior? Don’t really know him, I’ve been at some events that he was at, but I’ve never spoken to him”
  5. Probably should have signed bo Levi. He’s better than cousins. Three picks in the first half. also piles up garbage time stats. spielman the genius, other qbs Ponder, Sam Bradford. what did Bradford play, three games?
  6. Spielman thinks he’s the smartest guy who gets great players in late rounds. Media love it, but it has not worked. He has had lots of time, Vikings O line has stunk since he became gm. time to go. owners seem to be content with all the money they make, the fans will never give up, so bad combination.
  7. Vikings losing to the Falcons. cue excuses. update. Vikings getting clubbed. Zimmer and spielman should be let go.
  8. Vikings have one of the better offences, it’s the Zimme defence that isn’t very good.he is the anti Mike O’Shea, Zimmer blames players publicly for losses. His defences choke when it matters most. Don’t like him. chance to see Streveller on Monday night football v cowboys. Hope he gets into the game.
  9. "“Sure, sure. The president knows all about this,” Giuliani said, adding that he had briefed Trump on the “general” parameters of the files." would like to hear that " briefing" although you would need a linguistics prof, a shrink, a New York mobster, and a hooker to decipher it.
  10. Random Comment from the reddit sub “owning the libs”, which has many examples of people making fools of themselves for the sole purpose of owning the libs.
  11. Where’s Mike Pompous these days? maybe too preoccupied with wiping drives to put in an appearance for dear leader. Trump is on his own now. pity.
  12. Getting a glimpse of their next President. the first actual President since Obama.
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