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  1. lol! you are truly clever! it is hard to keep up with all the witticisms around here!
  2. based on pregame interview wih michael reilly, where he said they were going to run more.
  3. thought bc was going to run more.
  4. what about brian bennett? what happened to him? bo is dink and dunk qb now. I dont think he can throw anything long.
  5. lol hunchak spinning the ball with one dead arm.idiot.
  6. get the country pop out of there. please. (they listened to us on r. black so......) als 52 appears to be very good
  7. ottawa offence... must be league worst rtedblack games are not entertaining
  8. lapo is out lapoing himself second and eighteen.... draw play
  9. this is madness.... its The Handmaid's tale, or something like rural India, Pakistan. people arent shocked anymore bymthis kind of crazy thing. pretty soon expect to see honour killings by fascist men in the states. lol, like what....the jews brought it on the selves, or they are a disease, or it didnt happen. luckily, mthe Nazis were very good record keepers. what a facking madhouse. a few years afo a judge in alberta asked a rape compainant why "she didnt just close her legs" so much stupidity in this world
  10. negativity in this thread gets the raspberry award.
  11. refs let edmonton get away with dirty play.. lot of. late hits, forearm to the head. awful ref job.
  12. drink every time they mention kyler murray
  13. well if it turns out close, at least we have a good field goal kicker!
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