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  1. if the NFL, NBA, baseball, hockey, depended on ticket sales as much as the cfl, they would be in the same boat. not the same situation at all. but the general silence from the league is pretty bad.
  2. I have a friend who is retired rcmp. its not straightforward, what a person will do, how they will react, in some of these situations. although american police are clearly right out of control. imagine being an iraqi under American occupation. I have a theory that a lot of this is American military experiences abroad, now being brought home and inflicted on black and brown in America.
  3. showed he could twist arms when he felt like it. "Traveling to the Cleveland area to make yet another major speech for passing health care reform into law, President Barack Obama chose as a travel companion one very skeptical lawmaker. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) is from the area where Obama is speaking. That would normally make his appearance on Air Force One Monday morning a non-event. But the Ohio Democrat also happens to be one of, if not the only progressive holdout in the House, on health care legislation. And he has hinted strongly that his vote, which could be the d
  4. one of Obama cowardly failures was the withdrawl of an analysis done by homeland security concluding that the worst threat in america was the right wing insurrectionists, with many cops and military involved. accurate report. shouted down by fox, and withdrawn with abject apologies from Obama. what a spineless dud he was. and a phoney. but he's wealthy now.
  5. Formula One has announced an agreement to stage a race in Miami from next season. A Miami Grand Prix has been in the pipeline for a number of years following the acquisition of the sport by an American conglomerate, Liberty Media, in 2017. After a series of setbacks, a 10-year deal to race at the Hard Rock Stadium – home to the Miami Dolphins NFL team – was confirmed as teams prepared for Sunday’s Emilia Romagna GP. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/apr/18/miami-grand-prix-f1
  6. jets are yo-yo ing throughnthis season. good power play,,penalty kill, and goalie. explain how they can have a good penalty kill, but average at best even strength d. maybe they think they can "turn it on" when playoffs start. 5 losses 2 wins v oilers (thanks frosty) does not say jets are better.
  7. can not find it, anyone know jets v oilers wins this season.? thanks.
  8. skating into the goal crease no longer a penalty.
  9. defence goes into snooze mode at ten minutes wow.
  10. "Wood Mackenzie forecast demand for oil would start to fall from 2023 under this scenario and this decline would quickly accelerate thereafter, with year-on-year falls of around 2 million barrels a day. The report said oil prices could go into “terminal decline,” with international benchmark Brent crude falling to between $37 and $42 a barrel by 2030. " https://www.cnbc.com/2021/04/15/oil-could-plummet-to-10-by-2050-if-paris-climate-goals-are-achieved.html scenario referred to is meeting paris goals.
  11. Biden press secretary Jen Psaki is outstanding. I see some of her briefings on facebook. honest, very smart, very well informed, polite, but tough. worth a look if you have not seen her in action.
  12. not me. I dislike the entire Canada/ Toronto centric nature of everything. not just sports. everything. example CBC morning radio talk show q.... if they have a band or musician on, odds are its Toronto or Ontario band. chances of hearing someone from the Western provinces are small. even though there are large numbers of outstanding musicians and bands from the western provinces. so .....q.... is a toronto show that us outsiders should be thankful we get to listen. also......changing my moniker to "disgruntled westerner" and my info to say "try heating
  13. question why do sports fans hate the leafs, but cheerfor the blue jays, raptors. raptors, blue jays have nothing to do with me, a westen canadian. need some consistency in our hate.
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