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  1. or cars that get better mileage. Who needs that? Given two choices Trump will invariably take the wrong one. Amazing though, to watch the Democratic party sit there and twiddle their thumbs as this fool runs their country as an absolute dictator. At this point, given what we know about climate, I have concluded that some of these people in power think that they and theirs have enough wealth, that they'll be ok, to hell with the rest of us. Pelosi for instance, is not stupid. The old guard has to go. They have to get out of the way, now.
  2. John Bolton's replacement: Being cavalier about human suffering has never been an obstacle to holding high office in the USA. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/charles-kupperman-nuclear-war-trump-nsa_n_5d7b9809e4b03b5fc88212fd
  3. too much mouthing off in the CFL these days. "
  4. riders are a stupid, chippy team. just as bad as edmonton.
  5. Do you think it would be a good idea to do the National Broadcast, and have them tell us how shitty this or that team is? Good thing you're not in charge of promoting the CFL. But football fans in Vancouver love the Seahawks, to the extent that the Seahawks brought the trophy there when they won the superbowl. don't know if its five or ten percent, but that's what the CFL has to deal with in Vancouver.
  6. did the ref move the ball back after it was spotted? goofy I hope Jennings is gone after this season.
  7. reilly got clobbered on the td pass to duron.
  8. another useless tackle attempt by I guess the Ottawa safety on Lemar Durant. Ottawa looks like an arena league team.
  9. Last year, Korbach, the guy that was in charge of the Trump search for all those illegal voters had this happen 😂 You can google search for days, I don't think you'll find another case where this happened: On Monday, in a courtroom in Wichita, a federal judge told Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach that he had so blatantly violated federal discovery rules in a case he argued, defending a law requiring voters to prove their citizenship, that she ordered Kobach -- a former Department of Justice official under George W. Bush -- to take remedial legal courses. Perfect guy to represent Trump.
  10. DW is a very good station/channel. Pepe Escobar has some good articles about the new Silk Road https://www.asiatimes.com/search/?q=pepe escobar
  11. 😂 Is this impeachable? https://www.businessinsider.com/intel-veterans-react-us-spy-extraction-trump-russia-classified-info-2019-9?utm_source=reddit.com
  12. Gainey pass int in the endzone on Darvin put ball on the one, and next play touchdown. Later looked like he was supposed to cover Augustine, touchdown. Don't know anything about him, but he didn't play well in this game.
  13. consequences of Trump's blunders against Iran and his blundering trade war with China. China will invest four hundred billion in Iran, and put 5000 troops there. https://www.juancole.com/2019/09/defies-investment-troops.html Iran was ready to become part of the West, and spend its oil money there. Not now. Trumpism might be the turning point for US dominance.
  14. don't misunderestimate the Allouettes.
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