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  1. Give it a rest booch… try to find something good about the team if you can
  2. Was bighill off the field at the bomber 2? getting too cute and clever again maybe. Forum has already given up on this game I see. Broken record around here.
  3. No bighill that I saw, while they run it up the middle from the two.
  4. Hardrick mskes carney look child size
  5. Photo of you sent to me from tonight.
  6. My offensive game plan…. Ti cats going to try tonstop Bomber run game early…so…. Bombs away. Demski is due for a big game. good interview with neufeld on bonfire sports yesterday. Defence…. Carry on.
  7. Is a player arguing with ref about a penalty an infraction? should be calling that if it is.
  8. Maas ”if I keep staring at this piece of paper, maybe when I look up, we will have scored”
  9. also very cool that the O line is this good, and that the guys in the pipeline are going to be as good, or better. Als had that in their glory years. now we do. and just like harris mentored brady, zach is mentoring dru brown. also jeffcoat, sack, strip ball, recover fumble, inflict pain on dolegala, on the same play. ace. gordie howe type of play i am pumped up. man that was fun. I was laughing for two minutes, end of first half. thankyou Bombers.
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