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  1. what can be expected from Nancy Pelosi. husband is Paul. answer. nothing of substance. dont expect someone to pass laws that might affect their own stash. it will not happen. "In March, the House Rules Committee, which is closely controlled by Pelosi, blocked votes on amendments to the For the People Act to rein in congressional stock trading, including an amendment from Reps. Chip Roy (R-Texas) and Abigail Spanberger (D-Va,) that would have required senators and representatives, their spouses, and their dependent children to put stocks and other covered investments into blind trusts until after they are out of office. Paul Pelosi is one of the most prolific stock traders among congressional spouses. So far this year he has purchased stock in companies including Tesla, Walt Disney, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, according to disclosures filed by the Speaker. The Pelosis were worth nearly $115 million as of 2018, according to OpenSecrets." gee, I wonder if nancy would pass a law that interfered with her husbands ability to make multi millions of dollars. 🤪 Sludge. good corruption tracking site.
  2. lol what does this mean? He works give-and-goes from the point, reads hands-offs, fills space, and stays low when activated -- an offensive zone possession extender. There’s no locking to the point -- he skates down the middle or down low when the puck comes to the point, then he dips behind his man and cuts inside. -EliteProspects 2021 NHL Draft Guide gibberish.
  3. Lancet. "There is growing evidence that individuals with severe COVID-19 disease can have symptoms that persist beyond the initial illness, including through the sub-acute and into the early chronic phase. Often referred to as ‘Long COVID’ there are colloquial reports of ‘brain fog’ with self-reported broad psychological symptoms including low energy, problems concentrating, disorientation and difficulty finding the right words. In parallel, case studies have provided evidence that COVID-19 patients can develop a range of neurological complications including those arising from stroke encephalopathies, inflammatory syndrome microbleeds] and autoimmune responses There are concerns regarding potential neurological consequences due to sepsis, hypoxia and immune hyperstimulation with reports of elevated cerebrospinal fluid autoantibodies in patients with neurological symptoms white matter change in the brain and psychological and psychiatric consequences at the point of discharge "
  4. good job on this stuff, thanks. also, site says I am a collaborator. not sure I like that. better post more for a while
  5. Alabama elected city councilman at meeting of council. " do we have a house ****** here" https://twitter.com/Allen_Pilk/status/1417307605677088770?s=20 man oh man.
  6. good question, but they will figure it out, to keep their percentage. house never loses.
  7. year 2037 a.d. longest morning big blue thread: was it Nichols or Lapo that sucked. most comments: 17 to 85 (jr) and some others. sub topic. did Damon Allen suck.
  8. nfl getting tough on anti vaccinationers. "The NFL just informed clubs that if a game cannot be rescheduled during the 18-week season in 2021 due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the team with the outbreak will FORFEIT and be credited with a loss for playoff seeding, per sources." there is a long twitter thread on this. Pelissero.
  9. after the really physical hockey playoffs, I though I d try to watch soccer. put on a game, and not more than thirty seconds in, a player was felled like a tree, by someone brushing their finger against him. no thanks.
  10. it's the same selfish, simpleton thinking as smokers and tobacco companies used. surprised some con artist hasnt declared it is a godly punishment.
  11. since "conservatives" are supposed to be concerned about spending money effectively, what is the extra cost, ie, money absolutely wasted, of caring for those who refused the vaccine? probably many billions. hand government to a dunce, treat him like he was sent by the Lord, this is the result. greed and stupidity is defeating normal intelligence, and compassion. dead end species.
  12. not sure why a team would let Jaime Aleksiak go.
  13. Republicans just realized they are killing their own voters. like in Alabama. By Dennis Pillion | [email protected] Dr. Brytney Cobia said Monday that all but one of her COVID patients in Alabama did not receive the vaccine. The vaccinated patient, she said, just needed a little oxygen and is expected to fully recover. Some of the others are dying. “I’m admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections,” wrote Cobia, a hospitalist at Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, in an emotional Facebook post Sunday. “One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.” so Mc Connell now publicly urges and supports getting vaccinated . Hes as stupid as he looks, but hes also a person who seems to have no concern for fellow human beings. looks,like eric clapton is a dope too. pun intended.
  14. heckuva job manchin West Virginia's pro-fossil-fuel politicians have long been a disaster for their own constituents. West Virginia ranks near the bottom of the US in just about every major dimension of wellbeing. In the current US News and World Report ranking of all 50 states, West Virginia ranks 47th in healthcare, 45th in education, 48th on economy, and dead last on infrastructure. The state is also notorious for having the highest number of opioid-involved overdose deaths per 100,000 people. But instead of looking for real solutions for the state, and moving beyond the fossil fuel sectors (which employ less than 2% of the state's workforce), Manchin and Capito are actually trying to slash Biden's plans for federal investments in infrastructure. common dreams
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