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  1. Mark F

    The Anthropogenic Climate Change Thread

    Increase in land due to Aral Sea drying up. Increase in land lost due to glaciers melting. In Asia, where people will have no water, when the glaciers are gone. Such great news.
  2. Mark F

    Game 36 : @ Expo '86

  3. Mark F

    Game 36 : @ Expo '86

    not a good game so far, really scrambly.
  4. Mark F

    US Politics

    Spend the money on something at home. They need it there.
  5. Mark F

    The Anthropogenic Climate Change Thread

    David Phillips, head of environment Canada. Canada is not as cold as it once was, with every region and all seasons warmer than ever before. While Canada is still the snowiest country, less snow is falling in our southern regions. Our mountain snowpack and glaciers are disappearing rapidly, and frost-free days are increasing. Our growing seasons are longer, but so are the length and intensity of our wildfire seasons. In the Great Lakes, the past decade has featured both record high and low water levels. When it rains, it often rains harder and longer, with higher incidents of flash flooding, especially in our cities. Storms seem to be getting bigger and moving more slowly, leaving more damage in their wakes. Scientists from Environment and Climate Change Canada have concluded that the risk of western fires since 2015 has increased two to six times due to human-induced warming and that, in the Arctic, extreme sea-ice minima in recent years would have been extremely unlikely in the absence of human influences. In fact, scientists have made a clear link between climate change and extreme weather events that include heat waves, wildfires, flooding, and sea ice disappearance. Weather changes in Canada are happening abruptly not subtly, rapidly not gradually. As Canadians continue to experience more and more extreme weather, intense month-long heat waves, suffocating smoke and haze from wildfires, and extreme flooding will simply be the norm mere decades from now. Events that were once rare or unusual for our grandparents are now more commonplace, while we all become more vulnerable due to extreme weather. As the Top Ten Weather Stories of 2018 bear out, Canadians must become more resilient—not only for what lies ahead but also for the variations in climate, which are already here. (Rocky mountain glaciers supply drinking and irrigation water for parts of the praries. Not sure what we'll do for water after they're gone.)
  6. Mark F

    Game 35 : @ Do You Know The Way To San Jose

    Get a lesson from Ron Hextall
  7. Mark F

    US Politics

    Modern American military leaders are Unlike the ones from earlier days, who wanted to win and end wars. these guys love war, and don't like ending them. They want to stay in every war zone, permanently. Been in Afghanistan for fifteen years. Accomplished nothing. Spent trillions. Thousands dead. Good riddance.
  8. Mark F

    US Politics

    Sounds like a good idea to me. His Israeli and Saudi friends won't like it. saw.....trump ending bump stocks.
  9. Mark F

    Game 34 : @ Kings of Oblivion

    2 to 1. Team went into this game a little overconfident maybe. Or tired.
  10. Mark F

    Needs for next year

    yes, ball size for those two, He said there isn't much difference now, I didn't know that.
  11. Mark F

    Needs for next year

    How much difference is there? I didn't know they changed anything.
  12. Mark F

    Game 32 : Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

    goal as period ends!
  13. Mark F

    Game 32 : Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

    chicago radio amazed by Wheeler's pass on the goal. 5 for 9 Jets on power play against Hawks.
  14. Mark F

    Game 32 : Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

    I'm listening to the chicago radio pregame...... announcers and blackhawks coach sound like they have zero expectation of winning the game. "Jets....They're big, fast, they're young, Ehlers is only 22, they have Buff, " lol. MIchelle Obama is from South side.