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  1. Mark F

    US Politics

    Trump supporters. I guess Trump will condemn this right?
  2. Silverback that all makes sense, our young qbs are virtually unknown. so much hype for RG3, for instance. also, money, NFL salary cap, a young qb is a lot less money, so they have money to put into other positions, if the young player can do ok, or better.
  3. Mark F

    US Politics

    I was scanning the AM radio last night for some sports , tuned in some American stations, which at night are mostly right wing talk.... They are really ratcheting up the racism and hatred..... against blacks and Hispanics. I guess it's always been there, but, somehow, I thought we were a bit further along. One of them was shocked and angered that millions of Americans don't speak English at home. lol. Not that they couldn't speak English, but that they chose to speak something else at home. promoting racial and religious prejudices, anyone who uses that to gain money and power are without redeeming qualities. But there's money in it. have to take a break from their doings for a few days.
  4. No I agree that is not easy. But it's not insurmountable. the American receivers have to adjust to it. so do the Defenders. Why can't the QB? I'm not trying to say that it's great to start a rookie. I'm just saying sometimes it might be better than starting an experienced player who for whatever reason has not been leading. I guess it's a question of how many chances does Nichols get, and how poorly does he have to play, before Streveler starts.
  5. We also don't have defenders like kahlil mack and Von Miller in our league. Carson Wentz is not facing for example, Sam Hurl, as a rookie CFL qb is. he needs to be quite a bit better than a QB starting in the CFL, cause the players he's facing are significantly better, as are their coaches. Saying a rookie can't start here cause he isn't as good as an NFL rookie who starts, really doesn't hold up. Apples to oranges comparison.
  6. I think it's ok to compare leagues,.....differences aside, in many ways the things the qb has to do are the same arent they? go to line, try to figure out what the D is going to do, run play, avoid rush, go through reads, find open guy, get ball to him. Sure those players are elite, but they are/were still rookies. probably relatively speaking, our rookie, in our league would be capable of the same as some of them. He is without question as fast, or faster, than any of them, and as good, or better at carrying the ball, than any of them. In the old days of the NFL starting a rookie would have been unthinkable. Times have changed there. Why not here too? I think that "you can't start a rookie qb" is outdated, and about to be proven wrong over the next few years in the CFL. Anyway, what we have been doing, isn't working at all. At some point the players won't have the faith in Matt that Mike does. then what?
  7. Did not say it, but I was including the NFL. Wentz, Mahomes, Trubiski, Sam Darnold, , Jameis Winston started as a rookie, Mariotta started as a rookie, Russell wilson started as a rookie, guy in Houston, Dak Prescott, guy in Cleveland this season, CFL...... not so much I guess, maybe we should look into this idea.
  8. Thanks. This is precisely what he does. With a frequent spicing of insults. This is clearly intentional. Who knows what the goal is. There's a name for it "Gish Gallop" As they used to say "bullshit baffles brains" sometime next few days, I'll post a new thread and with any luck this Pigeye will do us a favour and keep away from it. Too much time wasted on his dog's breakfast endlessly looping looking glass arguments.
  9. Mark F

    US Politics

    Wow the hooker screwing serial liar, supporting a guy who is accused of attempted rape, for the highest judicial office in the Country. The Republicans are really burning themselves down with this. Surely they could have found someone less repulsive than this guy, who would just as reliably do what they wanted. A pack of oafs. So used to not having to do anything useful, that they don't know how to do anything at all. Looking more and more like they're done like dinner.
  10. These internal assesments are available, having been disclosed online, and in courtroom proceedings in the USA. Their authenticity is not in doubt.
  11. spare us your fake science, and obnoxious instructions. thanks.
  12. Pig last citation american meterological society thinks it show no warming. here's what that organisation says about climate change, recently.
  13. It clearly doesn't show at all what the poster thinks. If you look at his own article you find this: (Its a paragraph above the section he quoted) The storm surge from Hurricane Sandy was unprecedented. flooded parts of NY city subway, and destroyed Far Rockaway NYC. Hurricane Harvey of 2017 is tied with 2005's Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone on record, inflicting $125 billion in damage, primarily from catastrophic rainfall-triggered flooding in the Houston metropolitan area and Southeast Texas. Florence might be worse. one year later. 24 inches of rain in one day. exactly what science says will happen. if you want to attempt to show greenhouse gases do not cause warming, probably don't want to cite NOAA.
  14. correct, but other than that not flawed. He didn't get a chance here, he still might there. and the bombers have gone with experienced qb, most of whom were not very good at all.
  15. This is not good. They seem to go completely with experience, over youth and potential on this team, for qb position. The trend these days is the opposite of this. I don't think Wpg would be my first choice as a young quarterback looking for an opportunity to start. example..... Dom Davis. Three years, one half game, then hooked. for a guy who is out of the game. And then they went with Darien Durant, for backup. That's who we would have, if he hadn't quit. Another guy who is out of football. Maybe this is why we will always be looking for someone else to find a qb for this team. Which won't happen, cause they'll likely keep any such player.