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  1. We were worried about losing some nastiness on the OL, with the departures. Worry no more.
  2. If you saw two pursuit plays in particular, the other nite......you know Hansen is fast enough
  3. Gable hit that seam for the 30 yard run. The rest? 11 carries for 23 yards...
  4. Wondered about this as well. Seems like he is able to free lance all over the place - really has the 3 man set thing, down
  5. Come to think of it.....Fenner has played pretty good ball for a while now.....
  6. Him and Speller do this fairly often....
  7. People like to talk about the Esks DL......and should talk more about the Bomber DL
  8. It's time to hand the punting duties over to Jefferson...
  9. A little puzzled by all the straight drop back passing plays. Thought the playbook can still open up a bit wider.
  10. Jefferson on another level, all nite
  11. Huge win.....style points be dammed
  12. That ball has to be a least knocked down.....terrible
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