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  1. Wheeler keeps talking about the "process" I for one, would like to learn more about it...
  2. Laine had a "players coach", with talent around him, in a crazed hockey market. Ended up with Torts, not much around him in a different market. Grass not always greener, on the other side....
  3. Sure, growing pains.........but, we just finished having the pain (worst playoff performance in NHL history, according to advanced stats) , with not much potential upside....except perhaps, Stanley
  4. Knew about Copp's status. My thinking was if the Jets are serious about signing him, they should do it before arbitration, for a number of reasons....
  5. Sure, we can have a quick bounce back if a few things happen, but plenty of questions this off season... The deal is to get younger, stronger and faster, overall... On D. Just show Boo Boo, Forbert, and Benn a map to the exit ramp. Keep Poolman for now( who can skate), and really hope somebody helps him along with his hockey IQ. Protect Stanley. Heinola and Slamberg have open slots waiting for them. Need to bring in another D-man, so we can have enough competent pairings, back there.... Up front. Convinced PLD was nicked pretty badly, confident he will have a big
  6. We got totally out skated, out battled and out hustled ...........by the Habs...... playing their 4th game in 6 days after playing a 7 game series. No excuses in the world, covers that.
  7. Coughed it up along the boards, one more time. Fitting.
  8. Why do we look so much more tired that the Habs?
  9. Habs got in TWQ CHANGES, while keeping the puck in our end, the whole time..... Joke.
  10. 13 shots in the first 47 minutes, in a must win game. Impressive...
  11. Trying to look up the official NHL rule, against hitting Perry.... Jets getting some pretty tic-tac calls on them...
  12. Our new trigger man. Price didn't look too hot on that one...
  13. A man not afraid to shoot! I must protest. Merely thought about it...
  14. Tired of reaching for the gin Bottle just sits in my lap now....
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