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  1. Well, seems there were no books at hand.......so they had to do something..
  2. When looking around at these Trump wannabees......Pence, Cruz, Hawley, DeSantis.......some real Presidential material right there. Makes Biden look like FDR.
  3. For anyone who thinks I have, over the course of a lot of time....... exaggerated the supine cowardliness and gutlessness of GOP leaders.... https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/541376-pence-breaks-silence-to-criticize-2020-elections Unreal....
  4. Same methodology employed on massive tax cuts, it seems...
  5. Another courageous Republican steps up... Haley praises Trump CPAC speech after breaking with him over Capitol riot https://thehill.com/homenews/media/541081-haley-praises-trump-speech-after-breaking-with-him-over-capitol-riot ...who am I kidding?
  6. For Trump, starting a new party from scratch would be too much work, and would cut into his golf time. Besides, why would he need to do that, when the GOP has already morphed into the Trumpest Party, anyways? Donald can still rake it in, from both the cult, and the currently supine entity known as the former Republican Party. These GOP types talking about Trump somehow stepping back, and enabling some form of "unity" are simply dreaming in technicolor. The Don can (and will) continue to get his attention, money and revenge....snug and cozy, within this absurd personalty cult, on an
  7. Job not quite finished at CPAC yet. What is still needed.... is a swearing of personal allegiance to Trump and also to come up with an appropriate salute, MAG-AH!!, MAG-AH!!
  8. All that is needed now..... is introducing a Trump loyalty oath and a salute......
  9. Fake media. Bunch of wide eyed crazed liberals smearing a Medal of Freedom recipient.
  10. But not for John Lewis, or Covid victims, or whatever. Trump wannabe.
  11. Fake populist Serial lyer Arrogant Ignorant Hypocrite Bigot/misogynist Conspiracy theorist Sorry to say, but this actually worked for the GOP last time. Hopefully a lot of Americans can get off the cool-aid, moving forward.....
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