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  1. Too much jumping the dots and feather dusting by a lot of our forwards. We also have no apparent system for clearing the D zone, against a heavy forecheck
  2. For all the talk about our skill.....the reality is that with this team D, we saw all year......wern't going anywhere, anyways....
  3. Maurice just now: "Players played as hard as they could tonight" Do or Die just now: "I'm not THAT drunk"
  4. As far as the Jets.... I got nothing, and they had nothing
  5. Do not blow it up.....but some tweaking really required
  6. Well deserved loss.....as I quaff my well deserved gin
  7. 55 minutes is a long time, to lull the other team into a false sense of security
  8. PP looks like everything else, tonight. Useless.
  9. Way to bounce back from Game 5. That is if you consider falling off a cliff, a bounce
  10. Our compete level on the puck is horrifying.....seriously.
  11. Don't care if a car fender was coaching this team. Players need to show some jam. Outshot 15-1, that period
  12. Jets in desperation mode, facing elimination? Give me gin...
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