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  1. Articulate as well... Trump speaks at level of 8-year-old, new analysis finds: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-language-level-speaking-skills-age-eight-year-old-vocabulary-analysis-a8149926.html Of course, this may actually be appropriate for a certain amount of his target audience.
  2. Right up there, with her telling the media " I will never lie to you" Unreal lying Administration....
  3. He's a product of his times....
  4. Will not be that easy to wash off the stink
  5. White House to forgo summer economic forecast amid COVID-19, breaking precedent https://thehill.com/policy/finance/499906-white-house-to-forgo-summer-economic-forecast-amid-covid-19-breaking-precedent What? They don't want to chart and broadcast that tremendous prosperity coming in the 3rd quarter (according to Trump, Kudlow, Muchin, Moore, et al.) WH twisting itself into a pretzel, once again....trying to protect Trump's re-election chances....
  6. He also tried to get the FCC to squelch Saturday Night Live. That didn't get far. Trump - defender of free speech 😄
  7. He didn't want people to reflect on 100,000 dead......crazier and crazier distractions every day...
  8. Or for that matter, actually apologetic about any of the constant garbage that spews out of his mouth....
  9. If that was to happen, I would have to issue a formal complaint and rant away on MBB
  10. Originally, the tax cut was going to "pay for itself". Part of that plan was to repeal Obamacare, denying 20-22 Million Americans access to health care, and diverting monies to cover some of the tax measures. When that failed in the House, Republicans went to plan B - just make the cuts anyway, and add a couple of Trillion to the debt. Not a peep from those solid fiscal conservatives.
  11. Being a played out and useless member of society. (According to some folks in media) I take no responsibility whatsoever, and continue to cower in the Ginbunker
  12. People forget that Obama inherited the financial crisis and had to pay for 2 Iraq wars and still left a stable economic platform
  13. The New Deal was a one-off to address massive unemployment (like today) He implemented it after being elected, Roosevelt gave no details on the election trail...knew that he was getting in, on the strength of not being Hoover (sic) True that a lot of that employment was generated by massive public works projects - but given the situation - needs must. Also Roosevelt was the first President to take advantage of new media (radio) in address the fears and discontents caused by the depression, and re-assure citizens that government had not forsaken them.
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