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  1. Looking at their OL, DL, team depth and ST.....not convinced that Riders are some kind of super team
  2. Hamilton? Real good team? Sure, hell they went 16-4 last season and should cruise in the East this time. But the games are still decided on the field and in the trenches, as the Cats found out in the Cup game.
  3. In terms of what will happen, if there is a brokered leadership convention.....not so off base.
  4. Yeah, everybody knows that it was actually the Democrat secret server in Ukraine. Because D. Trump and V. Putin says so.
  5. They are not doing that badly, considering that Trump told us that they had been completely defeated.....
  6. Used to go out with her. Unfortunately, she just talked too much.
  7. Looking down my glass.....and still no sign of Walker
  8. Should of saved that name for Mosaic....
  9. Looked at the replay many times......dude was not close to being open.
  10. He shouldn't feel bad. My hazing ritual on RF has been going on about 10 years now... 🤣
  11. Welcome aboard Steve. Trust you will survive the hazing ritual. 😀
  12. The potential for a two-man race between a 78 year old billionaire, and a 78 year old "socialist".......resulted in Warren, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg getting on their horses, and feeling their oats. MB is the perfect foil for the "progressive wing" of the party and got pummeled on all fronts. The 300+ Million, that Bloomberg has already spent on mostly TV ads, really seems to have stuck in everybody's craw. Bloomberg's presence, took a lot of the heat off of front runner Sanders. Biden is already becoming a complete afterthought. He, along with Bloomberg, were the biggest losers of the night.
  13. Sanders does have some negatives. But one thing he has - him and Pelosi are about the only Democrats who truly understand that a race against Trump, has to involve kneecapping, groin kicking, and repeated blows upside the head.
  14. Irony is that if any country could afford universal health care.....it is the US. If they would do something about the total gouging done by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries....all under the guise of "giving people choice"
  15. Sanders and Trump should do a simultaneous reveal.....and the winner is the one that suffers the least embarrassment
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