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  1. Finishing 3rd had the Bombers facing the daunting task of winning in Calgary and Sask. Team has rose to the occasion. Need to level up, just one more time.
  2. We are going to need all hands on deck and all guns blazing....to beat this Tigercat team.
  3. A Jefferson sighting would be nice, this weekend....
  4. When it comes to supporting this football team......no such thing as interlopers, period.
  5. Tough to win on the road in Calgary and Sask. Not going to get any easier in the Cup game....Ticats are the real deal.
  6. Will need a lot more from Streveler and Harris next week
  7. Shotgun screwup on 2nd and goal. They dumb. We lucky.
  8. they ran their run QB package better than we did
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