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  1. There would be a petition from Rider fans.....
  2. Heard Nucks are willing to go up to 7.5 on Myers. Plumb crazy.
  3. I know......I really shouldn't quibble over tribbles....
  4. MOS will make an announcement.....at the end of the 1st quarter.
  5. These bye weeks really become some sort of alternative universe....
  6. WolitMan......we can clap for him...
  7. In the case of TSN.....mostly ham-n-eggers....
  8. Kinda like calling Dr. Ken Nielsen...."doctor."
  9. References should be given in a somewhat more subtle manner, anyways....
  10. Just not a lot of emphasis on tackling techniques re: player safety......back in the day....
  11. There were also guys who had wrist, forearm and elbow injuries......who after they healed up, got team "clearance" to continue wearing a cast.
  12. Doing one of these before week 3 or 4 is a dive off the deep end - but here goes: Montreal at Hamilton Life in the East is good - if you are a Ticat fan. Fresh off the heels of beating down a hapless Argo squad, they get another "challenge" in Montreal. Als gave up 600 yds in their opener, and have question marks, elsewhere. Take the Cats at home by 14 BC at Calgary. Calgary DL and secondary were not up to the usually standard against Ottawa, and Bo Bovine did not have the best of days. Rielly has struggled behind a suspect OL, and a offensive playbook shrunk to the size of a pin. Lions secondary has looked cheesy, as well. One of these teams is going to uptick their game. Betting on it being the Stamps. Take Calgary by 10+ Toronto at Sask Argos didn't win a single road game last year, and are coming off a totally inept performance, in their opener. Franklin Expedition still sitting at the dock, but not much happening around him. Last week, Sask had almost shocking production O, but done in by bad D and brutal special teams. Toronto may be the only game that this Rider O can keep this kind of O, going. If Riders somehow go to 3-0, losing against TO at home....look for a total manure storm to hit the Rider fanbase. Can't see it though - Riders by 10. Edmonton at Winnipeg Probably, the week's top matchup. Bombers bring their overall team continuity, balance and efficient O - Esks bring strong 2-way play as well, so far. Both these teams are pretty physical and will pound on each other. Expect home cooking and discipline to give the Blue the edge in this one....by 7.
  13. Parroting what Reilly said post-game. Who is the coach here?
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