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  1. who’s gonna trade for him when he is a pending free agent and the free agency is in essence is like a week away?
  2. Griffiths will be in the roster. He was not cut and he did not end on the PR at the end of the season.
  3. Still hoping for a Hall retirement, and a Claybrooks hiring.
  4. We lost Glen Young to the Argos. He will be named DC there.
  5. only remaining pending FA OL is Couture but with Speller and Eli here, he is not a must sign. I got a feeling Willie will be back.
  6. i think he has issue with his eyes that why he’s doing it. i remember Mike explained it here already.
  7. Per CFL.ca transaction page, looks like Demski reconstructed his contract.
  8. I got a 2019 Grey Cup Champion cap and two hoodies. Nice to start a collection. I want a 2020 version to go with it.
  9. Are all farms in Saskatchewan planting weeds now?
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