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  1. https://www.cfl.ca/schedule/2021/ So our new sched : Week 1: HAM Week 2: TOR Week 3: @TOR Week 4: CGY Week 5: @SSK Week 6: SSK Week 7: @EDM Week 8: Bye Week 9: @BC Week 10: EDM Week 11: @EDM Week 12: BC Week 13: Bye Week 14: MTL Week 15: @MTL Week 16: @CGY We will not face Lapo and his RedBlacks this season and only facing Steinauer and his Ticats once. We'll be facing the Elks 3x - we need hunters I like our byes on Week 8 and 13
  2. I’m guessing the ref will call the first penalty on Jets in OT. Then Habs score on the PP. It’s got to be, right?
  3. DeMelo. At least, Morissey & Pionk should get better value on trade if that's what's needed.
  4. Stanley's going for his cup! Stanley for the new "C". 😁
  5. how many minutes before they give up another goal
  6. At least, Scheifele will get on his vacay with less body ache.
  7. Just resign, and save 40 mins and get to the tour bus earlier.
  8. told ya, Jets are in for another sweep. 😜
  9. But that's 7 years of no result. At least O'Shea won 1.
  10. If Jets got sweep by Habs, will that spell the end of Maurice era in Winnipeg? So much promise but no result to show.
  11. I feel like we're in for a sweep. 😔
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