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  1. Not the big name receiver that we are looking but... Rodney Smith was released by the Argos yesterday. He’s a big guy @ 6’6” and has 250 receiving yds in 9 games last year. Hope the Bombers will bring him in for a look see.
  2. I'm OK with DT taking the Rider PBP gig for now but would love him and DB together on the same radio once Knuckles finally hang'em up FULL time. But how do you feel having a Winnipeg "eye" on the Riders camp ? 😜
  3. Hmmm.... maybe you're Matt Coates, ha MC ?
  4. We signed the wrong Walker 🤣 Sorry can't help it
  5. 2019-03-18 WPG WALKER, Kenny WR I UCLA Add To Active Roster
  6. I got a feeling that they will diminish the NI starting spots to 6 when the 10th CFL team is confirmed. Teams will protect 6 NI starters in the expansion draft so in essence they’ll be giving away their 7th NI starter. If that will be the agreement, and it happens (10th CFL team) I think Im OK with that.
  7. Jeffcoat - Bryant - Nevis - Jefferson Me like...
  8. Haven't read the article, but maybe the caveat on this, each team will field 2 "Global players" (players from etiher Europe and Mexico) Could be the required numbers of Nat'l and Int'l will be lessen by 1 to accommodate the 2 "Globals" 3 - QBs 20 - Canadian 19 - US 2 - Global
  9. only 2 are good - Santos-Knox & Alexander Walker and Marshall - meh Flanders is originally from BC
  10. that will be a disadvantage to us, if that happens. we have a poor US scouting compared to other teams.
  11. 2019-03-07 WPG OPARAKU, Chinedu LB I Fairmont State Add To Active Roster I believe we have him last year
  12. 2019-03-01 WPG WARREN, Dale LB I Tennessee Chattanooga Add To Active Roster
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