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  1. I forgive the first miss. Let’s see the next.
  2. Even faking it, Nelson cant do it well.
  3. Dang. Interception in the end zone and force fumble. Now, Suitor’s voice is beaming.
  4. Richardson is now in Limited. I think he plays this week.
  5. So basically, Bombers need to employ the same strategy they used on Fajardo. Collapse the pocket, stop the run and make him throw.
  6. Elizondo: Prukop: Elizondo (to Cornelius): Corneluis:
  7. Too bad I can't watch the game. I'm in BC this weekend and wont be in the hotel until later that evening. 🙁
  8. Now this game is definitely a trap. 😂 If we get the 3 games against Edm, Riders cant catch us also since, they need to win 6 of their 9 remaining games to get ahead of us.
  9. Can I pick the Bombers' D here? 😂 I’ll go with TD Jake Weineke
  10. Maybe I'm selfish, but I really want the Bombers to make it as back-to-back champs, so I'm open to any help we can get.
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