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  1. so you mean Allah and Buddha exist? Just saying if you RESPECT the Moslem and the Buddhist religion you must respect the Christians too. Otherwise, that’s discrimination. I rest my case.
  2. Just a question… why you guys are using Jesus Christ name as mere expression but never saw anyone using Allah , Buddha or any other names?
  3. Whoever wins the WSF, I want to see them limping coming down to Winnipeg on Dec5.
  4. Looks like Mourtada will find his next job 😅
  5. What sad is the CC didnt see that or they just ignore it.
  6. Are we sure if Chevy is always with the team and was present when these things happened and he is not in some place or country busy scouting prospects (I would assume being the Assistant GM that’s one of his role)?
  7. So which is true is Chevy a member or not member of the Hawks senior leadership then?
  8. So are the people here that wanting Chevy disciplined, going to boycott the Jets now? Just asking for a friend.
  9. I'll take the 4 2019 games of Collaros anytime. Him leading the team to end the drought is the best in my books. The only topping that is if he lead this team win back-to-back.
  10. To be clear, I'm not defending anyone on this matter. Just want to say that if we dig people's past... 5,10,15 years... I'll say most will not come out clean. Now, back to read-mode on this topic. 🤐 EDIT: When I say "people", I mean people in general not pointing to NHL people only.
  11. BC needs Lucky back and be lucky to get a playoff/crossover spot.
  12. Seconded by Naylor. Lapo want a lot of say especially on their QB situation.
  13. Huh !?? No deals made today before the CFL trade deadline ??? Walters is sleeping, cut him now !!! 😂😆😁
  14. Agree. If you watched one of Bailey's interview when he was asked regarding Buck's offense, you kinda sense that he is more happy with this. I guess maybe because Buck's offense feature more downfield strikes compared to Lapo's.
  15. https://3downnation.com/2021/10/26/during-his-time-in-ottawa-lazy-narratives-emerged-about-former-redblacks-gm-marcel-desjardins/
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