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  1. Of course, he’s German its what they do 😂
  2. Good work by Geoff igniting the scuffle and for Streveler to pull him out at the right time.
  3. Beating the Riders back to back is a tall order but it will goes a long way to secure a home field advantage in WSF.
  4. Not gonna happen. Like MOS, Older Dicky is a ex-ST coach and he sees the value of BB the same way.
  5. any Bombers injuries on this game?
  6. I lost on my pickem but i’ll take the 8-2 and most importantly we got the season series against the Esks
  7. its officially a crap officiating if this will not be ruled as a fumble by Esks.
  8. Need another stop from our D.
  9. Bombers O need to stay on the field and grind it out. Dont give the Esks a chance to catch up.
  10. We need a very good game from our D and ST. Let's hope Grant and Whitehead make some good returns tonite and give Strevy and O short fields. While our D keep Esks away from the end-zone.
  11. Just win even if its by 1 point.... and if we lose, please make it less than a TD.
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