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  1. I don't think we can catch up with the Riders for the first place in West. They have an easier schedule with Lions and back to back with Esks. Both teams playing with their backups and both have nothing to play for. Finishing 2nd requires us to beat the Stamps twice. We can't split the back-to-back and hope they will lose to the Lions. That's not gonna happen. So to me, I really don't care if we lose both, win both, or split the back-to-back games. The most important win vs the Stamps is the WSF game, whether it's in Wpg or Cgy. Win WSF and we march to Ssk and beat the hell out of the Riders. It doesn't make sense to bust their ass off and suffer injuries just to win these 2 remaining games and comes up limping in the WSF. As my boss always say, work SMARTER.
  2. One reason that Stamps rushing yards is down is because of injuries in the RB position. Jackson, Carey and Williams have suffered injuries. They have recently added Flanders as depth. Also, Bombers should be wary of Milanovic-Litre, he was very effective for them last game.
  3. ..and once proven wrong, Brock is gone. 😂
  4. Reilly’s injury is another lucky break for the Riders. A BC lose tonite will eliminate them from playoffs, leaving BC and Edm remaining games no meaning at all.
  5. Because MOS want his guys on the roster. Hoping next week they put back Gray for Neufeld.
  6. Bombers dont let up. Still a lot of time.
  7. It's almost a turnover... but I'm liking Bailey right now than Whitehead Let's drink to that!
  8. agree. after the int Lapo feeling scared now. I want them to pound the rock here though. used up the time and wear the D down.
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