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  1. My only concern on this next game is our secondary. They cant play the same way they did in BC or else Ellingson will have a feast.
  2. Although, Leo's OL ineptness made the Esks DL looked like a monster out there, I believe that our OL will be a very good match up.
  3. Agree. Don't expect Nichols to throw on the 300's. Bombers bread and butter is the run game.
  4. Riders fans are now playing the "WHAT IF" game.
  5. A small sample size, but is anyone still worried about this OL? I’m not. Gray is giving some licks out there. Speller was one of the lead blocker on one of Harris big scamper. Couture didn’t have a bad snap. ...and helping Harris with 148 rushing yards for Harris. Them playing more minutes together will only help this OL get more chemistry.
  6. Im not sure if he play well on a structure, or he’s best if he is set loose.
  7. Cover team better be good on the next punt.
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