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  1. QB Dalton Sneed signed by the Bombers https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/03/30/bombers-add-montana-quarterback-dalton-sneed/ https://gogriz.com/sports/football/roster/dalton-sneed/5078
  2. Defense cant make a sack and tackle. 😂
  3. teams with lesser roster changes will definitely benefit from this.
  4. another restructuring done by Ticats - this time it's Van Zeyl
  5. im not trying to take any credit from it. in most of my posts i mentioned that im getting it from cfl.ca transactions page. im just posting it to get some discussion re the player. but if you think people are confused... sure no more posting about it.
  6. QB Dru Brown https://okstate.com/sports/football/roster/dru-brown/7306
  7. 3 4s ... that’s 13 right?
  8. DB Damian Swann https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damian_Swann
  9. im very suspicious of some contract restructuring being done by Ticats - Banks and Lawrence. maybe making room for Walker?
  10. someone has to start a thread for that one and let it run for 20 pages or so. i heard Derel will not sign until he see this thread reach 87 pages.
  11. Yet, the QB that you're says is done, was the QB that beat you in the WSF. Go figure, four-cup-franchise fan.
  12. Really don't care about power rankings. They can put the Bombers at the bottom all they want. It's meaningless for me. Besides, it's not how you start... but how you finish.
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