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  1. If Buck will be the OC, I think he should convince Lulay to come here as QB coach. I think Lulay has a future in coaching.
  2. If Buck will follow Lapo, I wouldnt mind Costanza. But I hope O’Shea make a phone call to Milanovich.
  3. Buck Pierce will be promoted most likely. Still hoping they add veteran coach on the O staff. Receivers and QB coach perhaps.
  4. If you look at it, we paid a 3rd rounder to Clemons for the Grey Cup + a 5th rounder. That's a win.
  5. I heard the Riders will require the Jason's (Maas & Shivers) to wear this during games. Also, Craig is looking for an ST coordinator with the same first name. They are filming a new movie - Riders the 13th
  6. That's OK. We will just trade for him next CFL deadline and win at Mosaic on Nov. 😉 Is that tampering though?
  7. Per reports NFL and NFLPA was not informed by the CFL about this. At least, that's what I understood. 😂
  8. Suck to see him go but this should bode well for the reputation of club and Walters.
  9. Cmon Ottawa, grab McAdoo as HC and Benevidez as DC. Cant go wrong with that.
  10. Pierce - Co-OC / QB Costanza - Co-OC / Receivers
  11. Argos re-signed LB Bear Woods for 2 years. What's old is new again. 😁
  12. Per TSN: Dinwiddie is interviewing for the second time with RedBlack for their vacant HC gig. Thorpe is not being mentioned on any of the HC openings. One has to think he is not a HC material.
  13. Chill people. Our beloved Bombers are still celebrating their Grey Cup championship. Once the celebration have settle down, I would expect some announcements from the club of player re-signings. I would think the first domino to fall though is O'Shea's. Some players might be waiting until they know and confirm that O'Shea is back as HC.
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