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  1. Not a lot of holes to fill, only 4 (projected) starter spots remains vacant as of the moment RG - still waiting for Neufeld or Speller; Gray and Eli (and a draft pick) may have the opportunity SB - Lawler is a free-agent and maybe looking for other opportunities elsewhere. We also have lots of receivers on the roster. Rogers and Ellingson will be available in free-agency though DT - still waiting for Richardson; there are new guys on the roster. how 'bout a free-agent DT? Boundary HB - Sayles moved on so do we. Who we got from our new guys? or are we waiting for a veteran
  2. https://3downnation.com/2021/01/16/star-riders-pass-rusher-charleston-hughes-expected-to-entertain-offers-from-competing-cfl-teams/
  3. It’s Farjan Lalji speculated we have trouble resigning Harris.
  4. He played 17 games in 2019. And with a full year rest everyone should be 💯.
  5. https://3downnation.com/2021/01/15/barring-changes-in-contract-negotiations-veteran-receiver-eric-rogers-headed-for-cfl-free-agent-market/
  6. I'll welcome anyone of them. Ellingson is a 1000-yard receiver for 5 straight yr. Rogers is also a 1000-yd receiver if he stays healthy. I would think they also understand the league situation salary-wise. I don't like Jefferson before when he was wearing a different colors... heck even Harris when he still playing with BC. But I really love them both now..
  7. So with the remaining Bombers FAs, I like these 3 signed and I'm good, the rest will be a bonus. 1) OL Neufeld (or Speller) 2) DT Richardson 3) and DB Exume
  8. Feels like Farjan is about to cry when he post that.
  9. ...and it ends the chatter about Harris few posts back. 😁 meanwhile, chatter about Neufeld continues
  10. Not a big loss. He is not a receiver, he is a kick returner. And late in the season Bailey won the job from him.
  11. Not mentioned there that Harris & the Bombers are having trouble getting a new deal done. This from the insiders... https://3downnation.com/2021/01/13/insider-talk-chris-jones-job-cam-judges-nfl-aspirations-arbuckles-future/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=insider-talk-chris-jones-job-cam-judges-nfl-aspirations-arbuckles-future
  12. I dont see a 3DN article related to it. Ive seen the TSN. It’s Lalji still hoping Harris will come back to the West Coast.
  13. They can find a way, they start 6 Canadians (Harris, Demski, Wolitarsky, Desjarlais, Neufeld and Couture) on Offense and Thomas on Defense. They can play 5 American DBs if they want to.
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