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  1. I can't blame the Argos for resting starters. And I suspect this may come back and bite them in the end. I'm sure the home crowd will have a great time regardless.
  2. Oh yeah. I was at that game too. Lol. I blocked it out of my memory.
  3. I'm glad we've locked up a home playoff game at least. Still hoping it's the west final. The last couple years' home playoff games have been such incredible experiences. We've been getting spoiled with 3 straight home playoff games but don't forget prior to 2021 our last home playoff game was in 2011 (the Chris Garrett game). A full decade between games and now we get 3 in a row. You just can't beat playoff football at home in the hostile cold.
  4. Oh my god the disrespect to go deep when you're up 30 in the first half hahaha
  5. Officiating aside.... how stupid can that 45 be.... Holy ****. Headbutt the QB after the play. Really.
  6. I fully expect someone from the Riders to put up a big performance today. It is the LDC after all. Just not sure they will score the team victory.
  7. Agreed. Kate wants to talk about anything but football. Barker has some good insights.
  8. Randorf, Dunigan, Climie, Schultz was the pinnacle of CFL panels and we've never gotten close to that again
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