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  1. This is the latest one. I don't know how to find them if they aren't on the front page. https://www.cfl.ca/2019/09/17/accuracy-grades-target-week-14/
  2. Which one do you mean? He is still doing the QB accuracy one.
  3. You can get seats on ticketmaster for 80 dollars to most games but what I tend to do is buy off season ticket holders who are looking to get rid of some games... easily find tickets in the 50-75 range whenever I want them (aside from really premium games which are a little harder to come by). I do agree that tickets are getting way too pricey though... I'm just sharing how I try to work around it. 😁
  4. It does.... but I think this one is going to get ugly in favour of the Stamps. I'm just not a believer in Dane Evans.
  5. I think it's because their team is garbage but they've lucked into facing beat up teams every week so their fans think they are actually good.
  6. Want this win so bad. I will be ever so pissed if we lose
  7. Demski obviously adds a speed element that Petermann doesn't have, but Lapo seems to try to use Demski as a possession receiver for some reason and Petermann is much better suited for that role.
  8. The Lions are the worst CFL team I have seen in a long time. Like early-2000s Hamilton bad. I think the Argos are definitely the better team and will win their game against Ottawa today and maybe even finish third in the east.
  9. Montreal may take the east
  10. Edmonton is trending towards a 9-9 finish and I have a hard time seeing us finishing 8-10
  11. Eventually the wheels are going to come off in Saskatchewan but I feel like Calgary is just getting started. I am expecting the standings to be: Calgary Winnipeg Saskatchewan Edmonton BC That gives us the home playoff game vs. the Riders, but then we have to go to Calgary and I don't like our chances there. It is shaping up a lot like last year.
  12. I think EDM underachieves this season with an early playoff exit and fires Maas... then Hervey fires Claybrooks and hires Maas in BC.
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