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  1. Always hated the Ticats since 2009 and the boat incident. They always seemed to get the best of us. During our time in the East division I'd say they were our biggest rival. It feels good to beat them but I don't feel as much hate towards the Ticats now as I did in the Otis Floyd days. It's hard not to like Orlondo Steinauer. They'll be winning a Grey Cup soon enough.
  2. Should have signed him for the last game, I'm sure he is in shape
  3. I was 3 years old when the Bombers last won in 1990. There has been so much disappointment along the way but this is an incredible feeling.
  4. 1. Andrew Harris - Leader. Incredible. Man on a mission. 2. Defensive line - fantastic across the board. Impossible to choose just one. 3. Mike Jones - No better time to have the best game of your career. Love this guy. Fought all the way through this season from the practice roster to today. HH to Richie Hall for defying all the doubters and coaching the best damn defence in the league.
  5. The 2019 Bombers are the greatest football team of all time
  6. Pretty sure MOS can get on the same page as Pinball.
  7. Collaros has a better deep ball than Nichols and it's really not close at all. And I like Matt Nichols. But health-issues aside, Collaros is the better QB. In my opinion...
  8. If you believe in your abilities as a head coach then every situation has equal odds of achieving success. If you think O'Shea would be discouraged by walking into a tire-fire like the Argos then you really haven't been paying attention. If he can turn around the Bombers after 2009-2013 then he can handle any situation.
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