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  1. Probably. But I wouldn't give up any more than that to get him.
  2. I would be interested in moving a 4th or 5th round pick for James Franklin if he is available. I don't like any of the experienced options out there right now.
  3. Great finish to the game and the CFL week!
  4. Revisionist history. Fajardo was so bad coming in game 1 in relief of Collaros that fans and media were speculating about Isaac Harker starting game 2.
  5. This team is good enough all around to still win with an average QB. As long as Streveler and/or McGuire can play up to that level, I'm not worried at all. And after seeing guys like Arbuckle and Fajardo succeeding I can't see any reason why our guys can't do the same.
  6. If Nichols is out long term I would expect them to bring in a third QB but more likely a prospect than a veteran. Around this time of year there is always a pool of QBs out there who have been waiting for an NFL shot and are starting to realize that it's not going to come.
  7. It is very much a different crowd than it was in the Canad Inns days.
  8. Shoulder injury on throwing arm is never good news... it's not a normal rehab, as a quarterback you can't go back in at 75%... gotta be 100%.
  9. Watch them start McGuire and have Streveler continue with the short yardage stuff.
  10. Yeah, looked like it. That is a tough position to be in with his throwing arm facing the LOS so the defender had an easy time swatting at the ball.
  11. Nichols dropped back 7 times and ran it once for a one yard touchdown over that stretch of the game. He was 4/4 for 55 yards but got sacked three times, the last one being the fumble and the end of his night.
  12. No one knows what Streveler is going to give us. I don't think it's fair to judge on the limited plays he's had so far this season. He looked unprepared last night.... maybe just a little jitters at being called upon to lead the offence. Give him a week of practice with starter's reps and then see how he does. This was his stat line in the opening game against Edmonton last year: 15/28 for 178 yards, 3 TD and 2 INT, with 7 carries for 30 yards. I think it's fair to expect he will look pretty similar if he starts on Friday against Edmonton. If the defence and special teams play well then we have a great chance to win.
  13. That's what they said. Pretty wild stat if true (offence no offsides).
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