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  1. I think you can go ahead and put Stegall in at SB, Sellers at FB, and Walby at OT, not much debate required there!
  2. Atomic


    All the Kenny Omega stuff is pretty cool
  3. Still waiting on this one???
  4. So true. You're not going to trade Myers in the middle of a season where you're poised to make a cup run.
  5. Nice to see some success from the Connor-Little-Laine line
  6. He could get injured anywhere. It is pretty rare for quarterbacks to get hurt in camp these days. If he tries the NFL there will be big offers waiting for him from every CFL team if he gets cut. If he has a shot in the NFL he would be foolish not to take it now because it's probably his last chance at it.
  7. Ha! They'll be calling for Bryan Bennett after the first loss.
  8. Atomic


    Crowd was so annoying
  9. Logan Shaw is fitting in nicely with five points in his four games with the Moose. He has found some chemistry centring a line with Skyler McKenzie and JC Lipon. Huge upgrade over Dennis Everberg.
  10. Nichols has been just average. I'd place him at 5th best among starters, behind Reilly, Mitchell, Harris and Masoli. I think you could make an argument for Nichols being better overall than Masoli as well. There are four teams without a "for sure" starting QB right now... BC, Sask, Montreal and Toronto. If Reilly hits the open market the bidding war will hit 600k. Lots of money for one guy. Anyways it's going to be Nichols next year one way or another. Does anyone really expect any different?
  11. I was pretty indifferent about the result of this game before but I'd love to see a big comeback here.
  12. Rose absolutely deserves that DQ. What an idiot!
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