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  1. Yes if I had to choose I would take a D man. Of course. But I do miss Laine's rocket of a shot.
  2. Just watching the Calgary/Winnipeg 1995 game, a few comments - at the 24 minute mark (ish) - Slack throws a pass to Stegall (incomplete). He takes a hellacious hit to the head from the Calgary player and goes down like a sack of potatoes, but then just gets up after collecting himself on the ground. Glad to see the game has moved to the point whereby hits like that are flagged etc. The play doesn't even warrant comment from Don and James Curry who just ignore the horrible hit to Slack's head, other than Curry talks about how CFL QB's get "worn down" by hits like that during a game (lo
  3. I miss Don Wittman so much. He was the voice of so many classic Jets and Bomber games from the 80's and 90's...
  4. I wonder if those two (Liut and Scott) are still sticking to that story. Laine sure drove me nuts sometimes but I do miss that guy's goal scoring. We sure could have used him in that shoot-out against TO the other night...
  5. imagine having a crystal ball and Chevy drafting Dubois over Laine in 2016. He might have gotten fired for it but here we are...
  6. Sweet hands, sometimes this guy could just defy the laws of physics...
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9407441/Author-reveals-startling-new-theory-missing-Malaysia-Airlines-MH370-jet.html
  8. One positive though, we know neither of those guys hit anyone....
  9. Our biggest advantage against Vancouver? Connor McDavid plays for Edmonton...
  10. Bieksa gave Stanley a shout-out on Saturday. As much as I have little respect for Kevin Bieksa, it was nice for the youngster to get recognized. I think Stanley has to stay in the line-up. He is only going to get better the more that he plays, and given the dumpster fires that Beaulieu and DeMelo have been this year he's not exactly out of place or making a ton of mistakes you would expect of a kid that age. Just my two cents anyway.
  11. Evander Kane files motion claiming lenders wishes violate 13th Amendment - The Athletic
  12. What team would be? Seriously. Edmonton with McDavid or Toronto with Matthews?
  13. I would love to see an interview with McDavid between periods with a similar frightened deer in headlights look that Dane Evans had at half time in the Grey Cup.
  14. Also - watching that goal by Ehlers, good thing that he scored instead of hitting Price and having a big rebound, as Montreal would have been off on a 2-0 the other way. Not sure why both Dubois and Connor went to the net - one guy should hang back at least a little bit in that situation, no? Anyway, I know I'm nit-picking here. 3 on 3 is fun hockey, that's for sure. No team seems to really play very smart, especially if you have 3 forwards out there. LOL
  15. Glad that Nickolage scored there but his laziness coming back nearly cost us the game 15 seconds prior to his goal. Just coasting back leaving Petry all alone and forcing Helle to make a circus save to salvage the point. I don't know who told KConn and Ehlers that they don't have to play defense this year but they need to start playing like this is the NHL and not Friday night beer league when it comes to a two-way game.
  16. Yup. And he was in Freddy's Final Nightmare.
  17. Hey Killian that was Sub Zero. Now...plain zero!!!
  18. Did the owner of the Sabres get cursed by a gypsy or something?
  19. He was also in the movie Running Man with Arnie.
  20. It wasn't that bad of a game, Price just was Carey Price. He's just that good. I'm not saying Helle didn't play well either, he was hung out to dry by that Pionk brain-fart.
  21. Those are hands that are a gift from the hockey gods all right
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