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  1. I only count 7 Bomber MOP's. And 4 Bomber QB's: 1971 - Don Jonas 1980 & 1981 - Dieter Brock 1987 - Tom Clements 2001 - Khari Jones Non QB winners: 1984 - Willard Reaves 1986 - James Murphy 2002 - Milt Stegall
  2. Ottawa scored in OT. What shoot-out are you talking about? Oh just saw the iheart post. Got it.
  3. Let's hope that Kyle is burning up the phone lines right now trying to find someone, anyone, out there that is available that can come at least within a $10 Uber ride of the middle of the goal posts. Mourtada murdered our kicking game. I would have preferred Legs out there against Edmonton, at least he'd be getting in-game field goal experience.
  4. At this point I am wondering what it would take to get Trevor Kennerd out of retirement...
  5. Yes Dieter Corny needs to get some sack time.
  6. I had a Blue Bomber plate on the front of my truck when I lived in Alberta...for about a week before it was stolen....
  7. Does he work with Chris Cvetkovic in his charity? Just curious because I remember Chris had an animal charity as well.
  8. Yes, I read that and thought next up for Blair's reporting - "if humans don't get enough oxygen, they die", "water is wet" and other truisms.
  9. Good to have another bye week at the end of the season like 2019....sort of bye week anyway...
  10. Per TSN they are saying Corny Taylor is the No.2. I prefer Robert Wagner. Especially if they bring in Rocky Butler...
  11. Oh man, now I am going to have to change my pick to the Bombers from the Elks in the weekly pickems....(kidding).....
  12. Not sure how I missed playing Burnham last week against the dumpster fire RedBlacks. Come on KBF get your head in the game!
  13. having just finished Teemu's book "My Life" I get why Finnish players like playing at home in Finland, especially if they aren't getting much love in the NHL.
  14. Like we've never seen? I'd say they are playing like we haven't seen since 1990. Tyrone Jones would be so proud of these guys....
  15. Ok sorry. Guy living in BC here, not up on the beer snake.
  16. I'd trade horns for a return of the beer snake lol...
  17. https://www.castanet.net/news/BCFC/345489/The-Okanagan-Sun-scored-early-and-often-in-a-62-6-shellacking-of-the-Westshore-Rebels#345489 Mike O'Shea Jr. tearing up the BC junior football league right now....FYI...
  18. Timing of that was suspect too. 3rd down incomplete pass and turnover to the Bombers if they keep their flag in their pocket.
  19. Honorable mention to the Command center for overturning that phantom offsides against Demski. The officials got flag happy and it appeared that the refs were really trying to get the Bombers out of field goal range. That overturn was huge as it put us back in FG range and woke up Valesi and his crew to stop calling fake penalties.
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