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  1. Maybe if Bryant wanted to become a punter he could extend his career for another decade lol...
  2. Apologies if this has already been discussed/disclosed but does anyone know if Fatboi Jake is coming back for another Grey Cup run? I haven't seen or heard anything.
  3. Yes like to see Geoff G. get a shot at starting. He's definitely paid his dues. Yes both of those teams are where we were in 2013. Building a culture is so important, and for the life of me I can't figure out why its so hard for so many teams. I get it in sports like the NHL, where you have a guy like Blake Wheeler making double in a season what the entire Bomber payroll is for a year, but in the CFL, you shouldn't have to tolerate fools and me first guys. The money just isn't the same. Anyway, maybe I just don't know what it's like as I've never run a CFL team so it's easy for me to judge. I just think that would be the backbone of the organization for me - culture. If you aren't here to play for the team, then get lost. How Duron Carter hung around in this league for as long as he did is a mystery to me, as there's the very definition of anti-FIFO.
  4. If Booch is correct it sounds like he's had one shot. Let's hope whatever was a factor in him not getting the second shot is being mitigated. I would hope it purely wasn't him being "pig headed" or "dumb/ignorant" as so many have been quick to hang on him. That being said, if it was pure ignorance on his part to avoid the second shot then shame on him. Big time.
  5. Well said Booch, and you have more insight than most here as to the inner workings of FIFO etc in the Bomber dressing room. Unless people here know Eli personally and are speaking about his situation from personal experience, they don't know much if anything about the decisions he made and why they made them, and it could be a health issue. Easy to judge coming from a place of high moral authority and no actual knowledge, and say that he is "dumb/ignorant" (though I doubt too many would have the gonads to say it to his face). I do hope Eli gets vaxxed and comes back, he was a freaking wrecking ball on that O-Line and I know we could use him. Especially if he's a "FI" in the dressing room as you say he is.
  6. Every time I hear the words CFL and "agent" I can't stop thinking of this guy: LOL - very similar day here in Kelowna (except for the -30C part). This signing was what I needed!
  7. Been doing that since about 5 minutes after I heard the news....boy the CR is tasting good tonight! Can't wait for May! Bob has become a real worry wart in retirement...lol...
  8. Better bring two pizzas. Spoiler alert there is OT!
  9. Especially good idea if you don't have the jab... Without Zach I don't see us in that Grey Cup to be beaten.
  10. Maybe for DoorDash to deliver food orders during the games.
  11. imagine those teams though with a FIFO mentality enforced, you'd have just had Milt and Khari running out on the field every game lol...
  12. Taman wasn't given the same resources that Kyle has at his disposal now. Very true. That said, would he have done as much with them as Kyle has done?
  13. Oh ok. They were throwing our drought at us got it. It's just been so long since we weren't the Champs that I forgot....
  14. Yeah..."back in the day"... lol They are going on 112 years now Booch, and I believe you are referencing their 1989 Cup win, as a different team won it in 1990...cough...
  15. In this case it wouldn't surprise me if they literally did find Taman in a dumpster, or at the very least living in his car like ole Gil lol...
  16. I remember that hit on Brown by Burfict. No question Brown has CTE.
  17. That team getting on the bus are the "Barleyjacks", who are all quitting their league to "try their luck in the CFL". At least we got a shout out instead of the Riders... One of the best. Ole Gil....almost makes a sale...
  18. What about starting to pay players in BitCoin? Would that circumvent the salary cap? I was looking at some random trivia today and I stumbled on the random fact that Zach Collaros and Dean Martin are from the same home town, Steubenville Ohio. Did anyone else know that?
  19. I'd agree with you if I had any idea who their QB is going to be. I don't think Don Cornelius or Dakota Fanning are going to cut it. Is Fanny Arbuckle the next man up there? Or does he get moved again?
  20. I'm more concerned about the effect on Tavares and Marner, as they are much more sensitive guys...
  21. Technically it was him calling out your hyperbole, so you share some of that responsibility.
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