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  1. Oh no, I know that albertans are idiots already. They overwhelmingly voted a crook leading a party of losers into office hoping he can do the impossible. Lost a lot of respect for an awful lot of people.
  2. Cause if they praise her she might sleep with them!
  3. If you had to work with Rod Black all the time you'd become disinterested too.
  4. He honest to God thought he was down. I will give him slack for that once.
  5. So I noticed you haven't made a pick yet.....
  6. That is you answer. Kenney only cares for enriching himself and his cronies and making sure gay people know what awful awful sinners they are.
  7. Calgary and Edmonton used to have minor league baseball stuff but pretty sure that's over with. Neither Calgary or Edmonton have ahl teams alongside nhl and whl teams. That seems the biggest difference. Calgary has the roughnecks lacrosse team and some people go to that, but it's not the kind of draw ahl could be in my opinion.
  8. Not on the roster coming off an injury and you think that means healthy scratch?
  9. Well speaking for Calgary... there's nhl, CFL, whl and lacrosse... that's about it right? I guess they got the new soccer team but does soccer really count?
  10. Healthy scratch in the same way bighill was a healthy scratch last week no doubt.
  11. Yeah the CFL needs to adjust the prices in my opinion. Costs have gone up and up but the entertainment value has remained static. Make it a more accessible experience for families and cheapskates if you ask me.
  12. I wonder if there were some comments involved that escalated it cause the clip looks pretty tame...
  13. The PCs oversaw the **** hitting the fan and the NDP got left holding the bag on it but the right wing loves to pretend that the NDP made the mess.
  14. They blamed the NDP instantly, just playing by the rules that the right wing established 4 years ago.
  15. Except they were getting things going in the right direction... I tell you it is worse out there now for me as an oil and gas guy than it was a year ago... thanks Kenney! Trickle down economics and crony capitalism ain't gonna fix ****.
  16. Eh I think it's more a case of we lost a guy due to a massive over payment so we hope he enjoys being part of a terrible group when he could have got paid well here and been part of a good group.
  17. Nichols comes out like a whirlwind but it falls off when there's a lead... yeah Nichols didn't start sucking in game and the defense didn't just figure it out, the play calls just got super conservative as happens with lapo.
  18. If the bombers get into a situation where they aren't leading in the 4th quarter you will see Nichols 4th quarter passing stats balloon up. It's like no one has watched lapo at all before...
  19. Well there was talk even when Mike Kelly was here about him trading for Ricky Ray so I suspect Edmonton revisited that with Mack. One of the pieces rumored to be involved when Kelly was looking at that? Doug Brown... so ask where that would have left our Canadian depth and you can understand the reluctance.
  20. I don't recall saying he played well... hunting didn't leave the stadium thinking that boy Nichols ****** us over, I left the stadium thinking "how the hell did they expect to win waiting for mistakes from Calgary?" They brought the same do nothing offensive game plan they had against Saskatchewan. They didn't give the offense a chance to have any success barring Harris single handedly beating a tough defense like Calgary had last year.
  21. Except of course for the fact that the problem in the west final was more the game plan than Nichols.
  22. The fact is that we don't need to rely on Adam's as much and that means the group overall is stronger. I think demski is playing better, wolitarsky is similar, Whitehead is doing more than dressler did so far... I would say yeah better group.
  23. Noeller and I were discussing this and basically we figure the cba negotiations got really heated and he is totally F-ed.
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