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  1. Special teams are part of the game too.
  2. Very interesting that neufeld is slated in over gray rather than desjarlais...
  3. Saskatchewan Roughriders say hi
  4. That is the part that gets me the most. He's talking like it was the 50's and that's just how it was. It was in the 2000s! people were "woke" then too.
  5. Family night at the football game, sounds like an awesome night
  6. That's just it, the middle between the Democrats and the Republicans is pretty far right compared to most of the world. What they Democrats badly need is to stop trying to appease the far right and get a real left boundary pusher in there to swing things back towards where the rest of the world is going.
  7. But how is that any different from all those "republics" that have dictators? The idea of every form of government is often times very different from the implementation of it. It's as I said every form of government is neither good or bad, that is determined by the people in charge.
  8. So I ain't gonna say it but.... maybe take one for the team?
  9. you are confusing the principles of communism with the flawed implementation of it.
  10. Stalin is hardly representative of the ideals of communism. More dictator than communist if you ask me.
  11. Communism is neither good nor evil, it is just a system of government, and like any other system it's the people in charge who do good or evil things. Communism as an idea is actually pretty noble and I would say a good idea... the problem is that in practise human greed takes over and ruins everything.
  12. I didn't, I knew he was a moron from day 1
  13. This is what it is, I think the problem for Trudeau is that he was and is too stupid to realize how offensive and insensitive something like that is... which is a problem for a guy who is the leader of a country. No stupid leaders please. Oh I am not excusing the shitty behaviour of a lot of the conservatives here. I just want the same outrage shown to everyone no matter which team they play for. The conservative party, and conservatives in general these days have gone completely off the deep end.
  14. Realistically he's going to be the PM again.. I just can't help but wonder what the reaction would be if this was Andrew Scheer in the photo not Trudeau. That's what bugs me is the double standard people get held to. I'm no Scheer apologist, he's a weenie and probably has a lot of discriminatory views he'd love to implement as policy, but man conservatives and liberals have a double standard for what they get roasted for saying or doing.
  15. You know normally I don't really give a **** about that stuff, I don't consider it super racist, bad taste sure but it's not like it's some attack on a race, however when Trudeau does it considering how sanctimonious he gets about **** like this then string him up cause when you pretend that the bar is set super high you best not have any skeletons in your closet. Guy is a total ******* moron and I am embarrassed that he is the leader of our country.
  16. yeah well you said it wrong and besmirched a fine city.
  17. Not to mention that Peterman is more likely to put his shoulder down and go forward than try and dance around everyone possibly losing yards.
  18. None of them are offering anything to fix that problem. This is the sorry sack of **** election I have ever seen and the voter turnout is going to be an ugly ugly number mark my words because none of these clownshoes is going to inspire anyone to cast their vote for them.
  19. Evidence based policy platforms as opposed to Ideology trumping everything else. I could maybe stomach voting for the Liberal platform, but that party has shown too often that they like to piss on the west and Trudeau quite frankly is a dope that I don't want to vote for. I normally just vote Conservative but Scheer offers absolutely nothing and is too similar looking to assholes like Ford and Kenney who are hell bent on tearing everything down in the name of tax cuts. So basically I am missing something that appeals to me as a normal middle class white guy in western Canada.
  20. Well my only goal is to show up and vote and not endorse anyone. How they count it our not doesn't make much difference it's the principle of the thing. I take voting seriously so not showing up isn't an option and this remains one of the only ways to have my say.
  21. lucky you getting people actually having to campaign. The Conservatives can run any loser in my riding and win and everyone knows it. I had hopes for the guy last election but turns out he's just another little social conservative do nothing weenie. Won't give him my vote even though it doesn't matter. Probably going to have to end up spoiling my ballot.
  22. Well it's not disguising, it's an actual designation American beef can get... just that the industry down there isn't as regulated so you need to have the thing as opposed to up here where it's all hormone free anyway.
  23. I don't think I'd trade our kicking game for any teams. Medlock just does too many things too well.
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