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  1. I dunno, having 2 wins in the bank against BC I don't see how anyone passes them at this point. Unless they totally **** their pants against the stamps...
  2. No comments about the assumption that the riders will be in the West final?
  3. I mean christ Jason kenney cut the corporate tax rate first thing in Alberta and companies took that cash and moved anyway.
  4. Reilly is an always has been mobile. very adept at getting away from pressure. but as his age with his mileage on him you crank him a few times he gets jumpier than he used to.
  5. They've had 2 games against Ottawa right? That'll boost anyone's defensive numbers.
  6. Best way to beat BC is to hammer Reilly all game long.
  7. No you see the narrative is that the Bombers haven't had any injuries this year. Because we have depth and can win when guys are out, a foreign concept to a team like the riders, the Bombers just haven't missed anyone important. Honestly if we even had stove back, just the one guy who has missed every game but the first one, the riders are so much less dangerous to the Bombers. His ability to disrupt a run game and then it's all on fajardos noodle arm.
  8. Been clear for a while, but cfl teams are stubborn about that sort of thing.
  9. It just blows my mind that every other situation like that, even when McGuire is 3 yard into the endzone kn the plunge the refs delay the signal, but last night the arms were up before all the bodies even hit the turf.
  10. that was a pretty quick td signal for not the greatest push.... and of course the camera angles suck
  11. my bad, I put it in the books too soon. What a collapse by the Lions.
  12. fajardo showing off that big downfield arm again. 1-3 in your last 4, that's officially a slide there riders.
  13. and more dirty **** by the riders. God what an awful excuse for a football team. That's the legacy of Chris Jones having run that team for as long as he did.
  14. Jesus christ suitor, take the rider **** out of your mouth for a second. Actually arguing that it wasn't PI? The only question was why the ref waited so long to throw the flag.
  15. More like he got the vaccine to not miss upwards of 30 games during the season while he had to quarantine.
  16. Better than taxation would be finding a way to make employers compensate their employees fairly. In lieu of that taxation and government support for the working class is needed.
  17. I am fueled creatively by my massive hatred of immigrants
  18. Hey leave me out of this, I saw the opportunity for a joke and took it but I ain't said **** since.
  19. Considering there are no guaranteed contracts in the cfl the one year vs. 2 argument is about as lame as "I couldn't pee"
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