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  1. Choose between a better social safety net, affordable healthcare, a more equitable system or racism... there is no middle ground let's not kid ourselves. The oligarchy in the US has dragged everything to the right that their cries for the middle ground are still right wing ****. Trump might want Bernie, but I think anyone else is an easier target because the people of the US want change. It's the entire reason trump himself got elected. He was different than other politicians. As for Russia, they want Bernie cause they want chaos and the democratic party imploding on itself is good for chaos, and that might happen if Bernie wins.
  2. I completely disagree with your take. That is the hope of the corporate media whose owners don't want to actually have to pay taxes. Bernie is the best at engaging people of all the candidates. He is strong at messaging and won't get sucked into trying to not offended anyone. Yeah he's old as **** and that's a negative, but the guy had built a following. He's got support for a reason. It's the same reason there is a faction that supports trump no matter what. He tells them what they want to hear. Except in Bernie's case it's not racism but things that will actually help people.
  3. The rich need to be eaten quite frankly.
  4. 17to85


    Quit living in the past
  5. Is it a vocal minority when the guy is consistently winning polls? The establishment democrats and corporate owned media want you to believe sanders is too extreme,but people support his positions overwhelmingly.
  6. 17to85


    Their evidence is suspect at best. Too many variables to be proven. And I'll have you know my only contribution on Friday nights is sweeping. Can't throw for **** this year.
  7. When everything is a hole, nothing is a hole.
  8. 17to85


    It's all bullshit. The ******* old people in friday mixed buy into it too and it's poppycock. Even if it does have that much impact the light dusting the old fogeys do won't move any impact at all.
  9. The Democratic party is fighting tooth and nail against the "loony left" it's the grassroots trying to make it happen.
  10. There's the problem right there. To make it as a smaller guy you have to be really standing out above everyone else cause size always works against you.
  11. **** the Riders and their fans. Most over rated team going. Flat out lucky to win as many games as they did and when fajardo comes crashing back to earth I will enjoy every minute of it. Plus we are sure to get some great Jason Maas meltdowns.
  12. but hey on the plus side, it's Maui. Nothing is ever really that bad there.
  13. yeah but there is no centre party in the US. There is right wing and crazy religious fundamentalist authoritarian. Bernie is actually the middle ground in the States. Republicans have been dragging things so far to the right down there it's laughable.
  14. I told you before, every Democrat is a socialist in the campaign. They tried to appeal to moderates with hillary, it didn't work. Need to appeal to progressives cause people are sick of the same old same old politicians
  15. Dirty POS player can't give your QB a concussion if he's on your team.
  16. 17to85


    Some one better have been drunk...
  17. Why I got so angry at the folks ready to fire everyone. Stability with good people in charge gets you where you need to be.
  18. Fajardo is elite, hosted the west final so clearly they're an elite team that retained everyone!
  19. Really the problem with the world is that the truth has a liberal bias because republicans (and increasingly at an alarming rate conservatives in Canada) are just flat out lying to our faces and have their biased right wing propaganda (can't do them the justice of calling them media) report it like it's actually true.
  20. Bill Maher is a self important ****** nozzle too so you gotta stop playing this "both sides" crap. No one takes their cues from Bill ******* Maher.
  21. Difference between Republicans and democrats.
  22. Impeachment isn't about criminal charges. Why the democrats in congress opted to only go with 2 very obvious and blatant charges I don't know, but if they had chosen they could have piled on a lot more. Hell the Mueller report flat out said, guy is guilty as **** but we can't charge him cause of a DoJ memo. So Mueller put it up to congress, and predictably the Democrats don't want to actually get down in the mud and wrestle with republicans who are happy to sit in said mud and throw it at everyone.
  23. More false equivalencies and misinformation? Seriously get some new material. Who was the last democratic president to show this blatant abuse of power and obstruction of investigation? You don't think that if there was any shred of anything against Hillary she wouldn't have been burnt at the stake? They looked damned hard for any shred of anything, like they did with Bill and Obama and found a lie about a blow job for one guy. That should tell you something.
  24. Except that's not all they dug up... why do you ignore that? That's even with the White House with the aid of the DOJ and Senate Republicans prevent witnesses from talking... So I say again, stand up and pull your head out of your ass.
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