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  1. No you keep hammering away and it will become funny again.
  2. does Sergio Castillo count as a global player? Just saying you submit the paperwork to the league who is going to question it?
  3. it also goes to show why you don't trade your depth. One injury and you need that guy.
  4. Now personally I prefer more threads as opposed to mega threads, but what ever people want.
  5. You mean stupid? Too many nerds talking about sportsball on that site.
  6. Even without a Grey Cup I wouldn't be firing these guys. They have built a team that top players want to play for, they have built a system where our top players are in demand from other teams.... Why are we in a hurry to blow that up just because they haven't hit the jackpot with a cup yet? Stability matters when the group in charge is doing more good than bad. You fire people when it's actively hurting the long term prospects of the team, but these guys are building a hell of a strong foundation here, one that we haven't seen since the 90s.
  7. So maybe this is Trump being brilliant after all, by being the most corrupt president in history he is exposing just how rotten the system is in the States and it will in fact lead to a draining of the swamp....
  8. Don't look at me. I desperately want to make that argument but it can't be done, and as you know, I can't argue a losing point.
  9. Get your head out of your ass with stupid suggestions like that, he was obviously playing DE.
  10. They are nothing if not self serving. Trump is just a figurehead. He becomes too toxic they dump him overboard.
  11. That's just it, vets don't need as much practise time early on.
  12. I am not sure the Senate would give Trump a pass... they would turn on him to save themselves no doubt. Claim he was a Democrat before he was a Republican so he bamboozled them all.
  13. You forgetting how often dressler was deep?
  14. Aside from Goossen, Taylor Loffler was the biggest loss Winnipeg underwent in the off-season. LOL. can't take it seriously when Loffler is a bigger loss than Chung.
  15. So you want to just chuck it up and let the big dudes win balls eh? Not the worst plan.
  16. someone tell him to knock that off in practise, don't need him getting into Nichols head already.
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