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  1. I mean, obviously, lol.
  2. BLM would still need to get it out there. Rose is still good to bring one back.
  3. Yeah, not a good sign when they trade the players calling out guys instead of the ones who are doggin' it.
  4. I have not heard/seen one reference to Schoen this whole TC. Could have not shown up for all I know.
  5. DT said he was suited up.
  6. #1 was used in short order (I didn't like it at the time - huge Charlie fan). #85 should be out of use - that's a best player of all time player. I personally don't care if they use #33. I think I'd feel differently if he was with us for his whole career.
  7. We likely can't afford the contract. Might be an opportunity for a deadline deal tho....
  8. Haba may be that guy and I'll spend the rest of the year singing his praises. And I'm the biggest Kyrie fan in the world. Thought he'd be DPOY last year. Incredibly disappointed that he's not ready yet.
  9. I think we've mostly been complaining about the recruiting effort, however. I don't really care about adding Sankey if Bighill gets hurt. I would have enjoyed seeing a young player on a minimum deal pushing Clements of the roster or rotating in with the Jeff's.
  10. Fair. Limited roster space is what it is. I still think that over the last two seasons (From last years TC to this one), there should have been more DE and LB prospects...
  11. 100% It's something we did not do last season. And we certainly don't have a ton of bodies along the DL on the roster right now.
  12. Can't wait for this game. On paper, Hammy looks good. I don't think Bo can be what he was over the course of a full season, but the East is so bad, they will finish first if he can just be average most of the time. Anyone know who their RB is? I personally really hate resting starters as much as we do, makes me a little worried about rust to start the season, especially against another veteran team. Really looking forward to seeing some practice reports from today. Hopefully DT can give us some live updates.
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