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  1. Well, you’re not wrong about that. Our drafts since 2019 have been pretty disappointing.
  2. We'll have one of Eli/Dobson and then yeah, probably a rookie as the second depth spot for the three interior positions. I certainly don't see this as a gamble. You can't expect to have experienced depth on you bench 2 spots deep for multiple years.
  3. Well, your first mistake is thinking there are going to be free agent signings.
  4. iirc, he started off hot and I got really excited, but then....
  5. He sent me a photo that I still have up on the shelf. I've also followed him all this time and am shocked to here this news. I've always been a fan.
  6. lol. My 2005 Charlie Roberts. It was the year after I graduated high school and I could finally buy myself a jersey.
  7. We 100% have many of our own examples. I don't think you can legitimately make this argument for anyone employed under the current Bomber management, however.
  8. Right there in the 3down article: “The league is aware of the legal claim that has been made by a former employee against the Toronto Argonauts and Mr. Kelly. The League is currently reviewing this matter but has no further comment at this time.”
  9. I personally view my jersey's as my personal history of being a fan. As I look back through the closet, it reminds me of the different teams/games.
  10. Great LBs. My claim to fame is my gold Cory Watson jersey.
  11. I mean, our team is full of guys of have been here forever.
  12. Makes me wonder if they refused to acknowledge her complaints and this is more about holding her abuser accountable than about money.
  13. Well, this seemingly happened and they were told not to open that can of worms. If the the lawsuit has been filed, they already tried to handle it quietly and the club refused.
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