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  1. My all-time favourite football player. The reason I watch football, tbh. I don't think I can call him underrated though. He's well known as our best (or second best) RB in team history,
  2. I was listening to the pre-game before the LDC and Tait and Irving were giving major props to Fajardo, talking about all he has accomplished and what hr had done so far this year...but Doug was adamant that he just didn't see it. He also admitted he could be biased against anything Riders, but damn if he didn't call it.
  3. I appreciate his reporting but yeah....Don't think I'd enjoy (or that he's really capable of) play by play.
  4. Obviously Nichols has now hit the end of the road.
  5. That said, Lapo loves what Nichols does with his offence and brought him to Ottawa to continue doing it.
  6. Is there only going to be one RB and QB chosen?
  7. Man, I'm 33 and was wondering if I'd see one in my lifetime.
  8. Congrats! It's always a nervous time when the wedding date is set but you haven't seen the schedule yet.
  9. I personally thought Edmonton would be right up their with us and Calgary this season. I also thought Sask would be on the outside staring up at the three of us.
  10. Question: Is there a difference between an opinion and simply being ignorant of a fact? Or is ignorance, as you say, a wrong opinion? ie. Is the world being flat really an opinion someone can have when they're indisputably wrong?
  11. I feel like I read he had hired an agent to try and get him an OC job.
  12. I think it'll be the other way around.
  13. What is happening today?!?! Everyone just want to get all business out of the way before the weekend hits?
  14. I'm just straight up confused by this. Why'd he leave in the first place? I know Jacksonville is struggling, but he seems to have done good work with the QBs. I feel like his job isn't in jeopardy.
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