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  1. Hefney is my unquestioned #1 here. I’m going to need others to talk me into my #2 pick.
  2. Jesse

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    They are heading back now, I think he just had some non-football things to take of before they go through the moving process (or just wanted to get their moneys worth out of the place they were renting). Actually, I bet they sublet their place in BC through November, now they can head back. That makes sense.
  3. Remember when the Jets came back and the Bombers got a spike in season tickets sold? Sometimes these things just get people excited.
  4. Jesse

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team

    Going by stats (because I never saw him play) you have to go with Rod Hill as #1. 5 seasons, a couple of Grey Cup wins. Ridiculous numbers. I have a hard time going with Browne or Bennett because i believe they only played for 3 seasons with the Blue and that takes something off for me as an all time great. So I’m going to go with the young guy pick of Jovon Johnson. For those years, he was part of an exciting group of Bombers that kept me going to games when our offence wasn’t worth turning on the TV for. Six years in blue and gold. A four time all star and defensive player of the year award ( even though Hefney should have won it). Don’t @ me.
  5. Jesse

    Player Award Team Nominees

    Can’t see it. Not after missing the play offs. Some guys will vote elsewhere purely for that reason.
  6. Jesse

    Rate Ritchie Hall's Defense

    When after multiple years of seeing one thing, there is a sudden change. It makes me suspicious that Hall just figured it out.
  7. Jesse

    Silver Linings

    And the West can't be 4-0 if we lost.
  8. He certainly won't be the only one.
  9. Jesse

    Training Camp 2018

    That was completely made up by Hamilton to get us to offer something for him.
  10. He did not take kindly to the fact that we did not offer him a contract (or gave him some paltry offer) under the guise of not having money to spend on a vet back up, but then signed Durant.
  11. Jesse

    Training Camp 2018

    Streveler to the rescue! Best rookie season since Ricky Ray himself (but without stupid Jason Maas in the way)!
  12. You've never gone to a party with nothing but a six-pack of Lucky or a 2-litre of Stone Cold? Geeze. Must be nice to come from money.
  13. Jesse

    Training Camp 2018

    I don't think he is really there to be evaluated. If one of the other guys get injured, we need another arm around to take a few reps during practice so no one gets dead arm during TC.
  14. Jesse

    Friday June 1st Edmonton here

    I was hoping Reilly would play a bit. Love watching him. Oh well. Ill echo some statements here, want to see what Alex Ross can bring as #2, perhaps see the first steps in Streveler’s (hopefully successful) development with our team. Every new QB brings hope, right guys? im going to reserve judgment on our DBs. I’m sure the preseason isn’t going to make them look great. But I would like to see something out of our receiving depth. I think we’re going to be using a lot of them over the course of the year.
  15. I don’t care that Nichols is at 20, I hate when these lists prop up QBs ahead of other positions. IF - and I’m speaking hypothetically - Nichols is in the second tier of QBs and Carter is in the first tier of receivers, then Carter should be ranked ahead of Nichols. However, I think that Carter is a few years into his CFL career and the media is still talking about his potential. After a certain point, you shouldn’t get ranked about what you might do if you put it all together. And I couldn’t care less if he plays both ways, that seems like more of a stunt then actually adding value. He should be behind several other receivers on this list. Nichols was probably ranked fairly, IMO. I don’t have him ahead of the big three yet (Ray is obviously only good when healthy at this point, but gets the nod because of his total career).