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  1. I don't believe this. I don't think it's a good idea and I think it's the opposite of what Walters and MOS would do.
  2. I don;'t think that's true. The conversation has just centred around those people - for obvious reasons. I don't know if this was here or in the other forum, but people have spoken of Willie's young family and the experience they have had in Winnipeg as a reason for him to re-sign. That was before NFL interest, of course.
  3. Fair or not, a QB isn't going to have a lot of fans throwing for <200 yards per game.
  4. It's not ridiculous to understand that players are human beings with more going on in their lives than what happens on the football field. Multiple factors will influence their decisions. That's all anyone was suggesting.
  5. I think 2011 is only better if you cherry pick the first 8 games of the season. Everything went off the rails after that point.
  6. That's certainly optimistic given how we looked with Strev as our starter this season.
  7. I'm pretty sure he also refused to play anything other than QB. People are taking about Strev as an offensive player, not as any single position.
  8. Can't the Globals only rotate with Americans?
  9. Meh, how much turnover have we actually had in recent years?
  10. Nothing's impossible. There's just other factors for Zach and his family to consider. If his wife has a career and a baby in the way, he's going to take that into consideration.
  11. Oh, absolutely. We simply saw him getting healthy as the season ended.
  12. Man, I love Roh. Sad to see him ride the bench - though he obviously needed to. I hope he gets a starting opportunity next season.
  13. I'm sure it won't be a problem signing him away from the NFL, lol
  14. Was there for that - Strev still loaded out of his mind - walking her around the store, you want that? It's yours. You need one of these? I don't know what it is but it's yours.
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