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  1. That wasn't my interpretation of what Noeller said. He seemed to imply not hiring (a potentially better candidate) because we have to show loyalty to someone who's been here. If you're hiring who you have instead of the best candidate, I'm calling nepotism. None of it matters right now, there isn't an opening to talk about, and I don't think Walters will have the same opinion as Noeller, but personally, I'm not really considering the feelings of my assistant coaches during hiring practices - all I'm saying.
  2. Lol. Nepotism at its finest.
  3. They're positive when things are going well and negative when they're not. its silly - and not objective - to say we have a good thing going right now.
  4. Yeah. It's tough when the kids probably don't understand the reasons they're not allowed to play. They sure understand that their parents are having none of it though.
  5. Parents are definitely having second thoughts about registering their kids. We'll see the ripple effect as time goes by. Lots of Americans though. And the NI rules are on their way out the door.
  6. The only people who use shot gun are those who don't know how to coach QBs.
  7. Burnham is going to thrive with Reilly at QB.
  8. I don't want to jump into this debate - because it's a ridiculous one - but what would they gain by disparaging our league and saying the talent level is crap? No matter what they think, that's what they're going to say.
  9. Great play by Diggs to avoid contact, gets the call anyway.
  10. Lawerence with the pick. I'd be so disgusted if I was a Rider fan right now.
  11. KD Cannon's made some plays for him.
  12. They're not having any luck with an already crappy OL.
  13. Hated them since they jumped in our boat.
  14. Off topic, but anyone else see that Darrin Bauming is predicting that Speller starts ahead of Gray?
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