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  1. There's a Hall of Famer. The best at what he did, no matter where you lined him up. His was an incredible return threat. Did it across multiple years.
  2. Am I the only one who's underwhelmed? Neither of these guys have Hall of Fame resumes, imo. Reid had two good years.
  3. lol, My dad always talks about those. I've never seen one before.
  4. I'm not sure I agree with that, tbh. But I guess we'll see on Sat!
  5. It's obviously just been an offensive issue. Maybe we get lucky and Drew and Chris shake loose and we roll to a 3rd Cup, but in the event that we have to work with what we got... there are things to figure out...
  6. Agreed. I just would have hoped these games weren't as close as they were.
  7. Also haven't played any West teams yet...I mean, everyone is beating the East teams.
  8. I would see it as a shot if it wasn't Harris himself who described himself as that. Brady was describing how impressive it was, to still be able to do what he did.
  9. Of course, but the accolades and blame always falls on the guy in charge. Even if ZC is checking the play, he's doing that within the framework of Buck's offence. And we've seen both the primary play and the check play look like nothing for 4 games now... No run game.....lucky to get to 200 yards passing.....whatever is going on, whoever is calling the plays...it needs to improve tremendously.
  10. Thanks to those referencing Zach’s comments on OB. Did not hear. Need to address the play book in that case. Other options to check to other than a WR screen? Get a slant in there?
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