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  1. I remember when at practice,the punter was booting 60 yard punts from one sideline to Bishop at the other side and Micheal was literally just flicking his wrist and rifling the ball back to the punter on the other side like it was nothing. Bishop by far had the strongest arm in Bomber history,its just too bad he could barely hit the broad side of a barn.
  2. Tim burke was only good at coaching when he was calling the defence from up in the booth.
  3. Considering they emptied the bank to get him,not likely they'll have high end pieces in other departments.
  4. I'm being very gracious giving them -2 points
  5. I still know if that f*ck Kevin Eiben hadn't broke his arm that we would have won the grey cup in 2007.congrats KG!
  6. I'm just excited that the CFL season is hours away and more excited to have the echos of b*tching and moaning coming from a province over.
  7. You could be right,do head to head wins matter then?
  8. WEST 1-Winnipeg 13-5 Team has much improved in most departments,oline being only question mark. 2- Calgary 11-7 Lost too many key pieces on defense but still have the major threat in BLM at qb. 3- BC 10-8 Sold the farm to acquire Reilly,team could be a coin toss this year. 4- Edmonton 8-10 lots of change from last years team to this years. Lost arguably the best qb in the league and major receivers,Harris is a downgrade from Reilly. 5- Suckskatchewan 6-12 Still have a recycled and past his prime QB in Callaros,defence will be their only shining light. EAST 1- Hamilton 11-7 The east should be a walk for the Tigercats this year,much superior team to everyone else in the East. 2- Toronto 9-9 Upgrades at receiver should help their QBs. 3- Ottawa 8-10 on the cusp of being a tire fire,lost many key players and Jennings is not gonna be their answer at the helm. 4 Montreal 5-13 just let go of Sherman,they're a fully blown tire fire. WSF- Bc upsets Calgary WF- Winnipeg beats up on BC ESF- Toronto beats Ottawa EF- Hamilton destroys in the battle of Ontario GREY CUP Winnipeg 37 Hamilton 17,this has to be the Bombers year....right??? MOP-BLM Mod- Adam Bighill Moc- Andrew Harris Grey cup MVP- Matt Nichols
  9. Its football,love the game. I'd be interested but Bombers are still #1 focus.
  10. Man,our front four is going to be scary
  11. Yep,we didn't have him last year and we were the highest scoring team in the league....just sayin
  12. Itll Be Hamilton 1st and then a tire fire behind them.
  13. Its head coach or bust if hes not in Winnipeg
  14. I could be very wrong when I say this and I know it's the CANADIAN football league but lowering the ratio isn't a bad thing at all. I'd much prefer to see great competition in camp,have the best product on the field if it means an international takes a nationals spot.
  15. I think moving on from dressler was more likely to happen. Very smart football player but age and injuries have caught up to him big time and we need a consistent receiving core.
  16. I would like to see them sign a receiver and then I'll be happy. Bring in some linebackers at training camp to compete for JSKs spot and we'll be fine.
  17. Man, Solomon would look very good working with bighill behind the line. What do we give up for him? Maybe Bighill tries to convince Walter's to bring him in like the old days in BC where they were very dominant.
  18. I agree, just look at examples of him when he ran 3000 yards on the punt return against Montreal or when he had the huge return against BC in that crazy comeback at Thanksgiving.
  19. And I'm glad he didn't. We would've never heard the end of it and the grey cup parade they would've already planned and labour day classic and blah blah blah blah.
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