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  1. Momma bear scored free tickets at her work this morning,I guess I'll take her to the game.
  2. I'd say our OCs offered us flashes/teasers of what good offense can be but none of those OCs could generate consistency.
  3. It's muthafu*kin game day yo!!!!!!! LFG 10-0!!!!!!! Huge crowd expected, hopefully a big push in walk ups could put it close to a sell out.
  4. To be fair,we didn't really have a very good OC during his time
  5. Agreed,I love the entire rest of the jersey but the W needs to stay on the shoulders and helmets
  6. That's just sad. Again,one of the biggest cities in North America,we need those stands filled.
  7. Okay,I'll lay him down gently then I've got nothing against Wolitarsky at all but I just feel I were picking from the best line up for skill then Wolitarsky would be a back up according to the options we were given.
  8. C. I believe that's the best receiving corps we could put on field. You got a big body at wide and a scary set of slot receiver's.
  9. Maybe an odd question maybe not,does keeping Rasheed at WR hurt his skillset? He's a slot guy and I know we signed him to two years but I feel like he'd be at his best in the slot,could be wrong though.
  10. That 792 yarder helped Best bend but don't break 10-0 team
  11. We still have no clue where the helmet is, likely rolled to Grunthal
  12. Like someone had mentioned,if he's healthy then play em. Doctors likely wouldn't put em out there mid season if he was hurt,he'd likely not be "hurt" if it was the playoffs though.
  13. Russell Wilson is 5'11 (my height),Rourke is 6'1 , won't compare talent as he has to get there and have game action. And there's only a 5 lb difference.
  14. I hope they prove you wrong Thursday and we clinch then lol
  15. It's crazy were already within a win or two (at most ) clinching a playoff spot before labour day
  16. BC relies heavily on the big explosion pass plays,take those away and BC comes down to earth real fast.
  17. I doubt Montreal gives us the same hard time they gave us in Montreal back in Winnipeg. This crowd will be a damn near sellout and the game is before a much deserved bye,boys will be fired right up .46-16 final I'm calling.
  18. I'd love to play BC fully healthy. Cleaning up explosion plays is getting better and thats all we have to eliminate from BC and they become one dimensional.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Montreal have 4 1000 yard receivers one year? Rourke could have at least 3 receivers over 100 this game,Rourke has to be getting many NFL scouts following him. He's 24(just turned) and has many good tools for a qb.
  20. How the hell do you expect to get chemistry and continuity when you're changing your line en masse every single week? Lots of decent players being under utilized with that joke of a coach
  21. Schoen and Ellingson made losing Lawler not hurt one bit
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