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  1. I had a few edibles an hour ago,everything around the tv is more entertaining than the tv.
  2. "After getting pounded for the last 2 weeks by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers....I love saying that" Dunnigan for premier.
  3. Oh the irony of the Rider fans cheering that they didn't jump offside on the goal line....
  4. They can try and flex Cody with his stats against Toronto but they should always end with "but then there's the bombers". Rod Black can also eat ****
  5. I'm sitting here by myself and ive already passed the attendance of an argo game
  6. I think they may have rushed Vajardo back too fast, Toronto has some heavy hitters and this could potentially put the Riders season on the line.
  7. Harris gets burned at the stake by RF but Micah is a saint? How strong are those drugs over there???
  8. Our chances of a victory Saturday went up drastically but they should still be cautious. The team will rally around the rookie qb and will bust their asses. Definitely a trap game but cautiously optimistic.
  9. Any news on Fajardo and is he taking #1's or is he likely out this week?
  10. I've watched these highlights a million times,one of the best comeback games I've ever been to.
  11. I can see them keeping legghio for punting and maybe kickoffs,he leads the league ,just get a place kicker too if they can.
  12. I'd say we're doing just fine with our receiving core
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