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  1. Absolutely. Lapo has to get even more creative if they're gonna try trick plays with Streveler. It became very obvious what they were doing and Saskatchewan keyed in on it very fast.
  2. Better than Christmas day,I just hope I dont get coal. 26-13 Bombers..GO BOMBERS GO!!!!!!!!
  3. Powell is going to play a very critical part in this game with the extra blocking. Hall will likely be sending tons of blitzes to try and get Fajardo out of his comfort zone with his injury.
  4. Dont like seeing anyone injured but our front 7 must be just drooling right now.
  5. Just drove by the stadium a minute ago,they're using jet engines noise for obvious reasons. Could hear it over my radio with the window up.
  6. Lota of doubt coming from Riderfans,let's just hope their gut feeling is right.
  7. If we play like we did yesterday vs the Riders,I dont care how much they game plan,they wont win. Calgary had a healthy BLM and had Kamar Jordan back, Saskatchewan is questioning their QBs limitations right now.....men,we got them right where we want them.
  8. Nolby


    I deliver mail to the bomber stadium and saw Streveler 2 days ago with a very noticeable limp. Go with Zach imo.
  9. Theres really only been a couple team that have been capable of developing a quarterback instead of just buying one,I wish we were able to do this as well.
  10. Where did our fuc*in defense go?????
  11. I'm hoping the team will rally around this and get streveler 300% confidence that we can do this.
  12. I'm a huge Argos fan today
  13. Who knows but it's a nice problem to have right now.
  14. Man,there were tons of Bomber fans there,cant wait for the Banjo Bowl next week!
  15. If streveler can hit around the 200 yard passing mark,mix that in with his/rb rushing then we've got a good chance.
  16. Nothing beats being there,whether it's a 6 hour drive or 16 minutes.
  17. I may have missed it but did they say anything about Darvins return?wouldn't mind him back for these huge back to back games.
  18. I'm assuming he will appeal this or can you when it comes to something of this nature?
  19. This is true but it definitely makes me a little more comfortable knowing that were not just a one dimensional team,harder to game plan against.
  20. Obviously this game is always tough for us and maybe more so with Nichols out. Chris needs to have a more balanced game with more passing to beat the riders. If he can throw for 200-225 yards and our D keeps it close then we win.
  21. Defense gave up a ton of yards but was a bend but dont break with only giving up 1 td. Willy J was an absolute monster and is our obvious vote for defense mop for the Bombers. No the best passing game obviously by Chris but he got it done. Next week will be tough but we've got the team around him to beat the Riders on the road.
  22. And we own the tie breaker now if it comes down to it at the end
  23. Need the D to keep up with Harris and keep the game close for Streveler so he doesn't lose any confidence.
  24. I seriously dont understand the bitching,a wet grass turf is more dangerous than a 2x2 patch. Again,the Raiders play on a beach and the packers dont seem to have an issue with that.
  25. We're men in the CFL,ain't got no time for no hole
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