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  1. I'm not sure it really matters quite frankly. Any new QB brought in regardless of CFL experience will immediately be the #3. I believe before they went to the new guy they'd give McGuire a shot to run the offence.
  2. I think I’m starting to believe noeller that there is a curse. We must make a sacrifice to the football gods. Anyone have a goat or skunk 😜.
  3. If this doesn't go well, I may not watch the LDC. It's not worth the pain and shame.
  4. I heard some during the game and it might have been after the blocked punt. I just deleted my recording of the game so I can't confirm but I definitely heard the "BC Sucks" chant at one point. But you're right, nothing like the good ol' days. .
  5. I’m at work so listening the esks game on 630 ched. These radio guys are horrible. I dread the day bob Irving retires.
  6. Now wtf am I going to complain about? I enjoyed penning my annual message calling out Danny Mac and his team. Oh well...who will be next?
  7. Don’t forget that we won a grey cup with Sean Salisbury. So anything’s possible but you got to get there first.
  8. I can always count on Noeller to read my sarcasm. It's Glenn's broken arm all over again.
  9. Nichol's or the team? 😬😬
  10. it's the type of play our defence used to give up at least once a game. Not so much anymore.
  11. The one thing our receivers are going to have to adjust to is the velocity of Streveler's passes vs. Nichols. Streveler's are going to be coming in hot and the receivers need to be ready. We might see some passes go right thru the hands until the receivers can adjust.
  12. The report was older as it was written after his senior year. I started to get concerned with Streveler during training camp where the other QB's out played him during the pre season games. He couldn't move the offense or sustain any drives. Then McGuire came in after 2 weeks working with the playbook and he was able to move the ball, looked composed in the pocket and made some good throws. Lets hope he can get into the right head space and prove that he deserves consideration as the future #1 QB.
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