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  1. You can try vrbo ( vacation rentals by owner) but even that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Good luck!
  2. Question...Will there be professional football in 50 years from now? I personally believe that unless there are significant improvements to equipment or we move to a non hitting league. Football will be eventually fade away due to future liability to the league, owners and a dropping registration. I've heard from younger parents who wont let their kids play football because of the prospect of brain injury. I know other sports have brain injury problems but football leads the way. Discus... .
  3. Do you blame the guy who gets robbed because he was wearing an expensive watch? Ridiculous! And if so. Does the offender get off because the victim should have known better?
  4. That sucks! Can the league put Lawrence on the 6 game suspended list? I know I'm dreaming but it would be nice to see the league take a stance here and doll out a significant suspension.
  5. So lets look back at how the game played out and compare it to some of our areas of concern. Nichols played a near perfect "Nichols" game. A game manager not a gunslinger and at one point we were 3 for 3 in the redzone and no picks. When was the last time a WBB team could boast that record? Many were concerned about the interior of the O-line. I think they answered the bell and more. How many rushing yards did Harris get? Plus Nichols was kept upright for most of the game. Special teams were a bit of a concern but they redeemed themselves with the blocked convert and ran it back for 2 very important points. The secondary was a concern for myself and they played a so so game. I saw some good and bad but all in all they came out ahead. I believe the talent is there but they'll need time to gel. The front 7 had a strong game. I mean 4 yds rushing by the Lions is a testament to that. However, maybe I had too high expectations for the d-line as I thought they'd be more dominant. I know I'm nitpicking but I thought Jefferson would open up opportunities for the other guys. Now I'm going to take the opportunity to gloat about my boy Hecht. He showed many of you that brains and experience can overcome other perceived deficiencies. He has game and he;s going to be an important contributing piece to this defence. All in all a damn good game 1 of the season and it'd just nice to win a game 1 once in awhile. Well it turned out nice again (Cactus Jack Wells)
  6. Any word from the league about an scheduled disciplinary hearing? Or will they wait until week 1 games are over?
  7. If you want to blame the Riders for putting Collaros out there. Then you need to place blame on the Bombers for employing Buck Pierce.
  8. I think we have as many questions about our roster as the Lions do. Our front seven are strong but the secondary could be still be the weak link. Special teams will be strong with Medlock and our usual stingy coverage teams. On offence our O-line worries me as I didn't see enough of this group in the pre season to make any kind of evaluation. Which Nichols will we see tonight? The game manager or the skittish passer who misses his receivers. Nichols play may also be affected by the play of the O-line. I like the makeup of the team but I don't feel that our 2 pre season games gave me a confidence level that I need. Plus Reilly has been a Bomber killer over the years.
  9. I think Hecht will surprise some of you. Jones will be the starter next season but I think the coaches think he could use another year if seasoning. Hecht may not be the fastest but his years in the league will prove its worth. I’m not worried.
  10. Every RB will fumble the ball once or twice. I guess it’s irrelevant when you’re committed to a cdn backfield.
  11. I know it would have been a long shot but I was hoping Santiago would have made the roster or PR. But we just don’t need a import RB.
  12. The fact that you could only remember one play is the proof in the pudding.
  13. The physical attributes were there but the execution was lacking.
  14. When did you ever see simonize out jump a dB and make a contested catch. Not enough to stay on the team.
  15. Bennett struggled with accuracy. McGuire’s velocity and accuracy made it an easy decision.
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