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  1. It appears that based on Loffler's salary expectations and our cap limitations, he's more than likely going to sign elsewhere. And quite frankly the return the last couple of seasons has been disappointing. I'd rather go cheap at the safety position if that means we could sign a game changing receiver. Maybe we could find a stud safety in the draft this year but I honestly believe that Hecht could fill the safety position. IIRC he played the position in Calgary and no one can question his drive.
  2. It might have had to due with the fact that they had 5 injured receivers.
  3. I thought it was "******* Canadians". I don't buy Dickinson's explanation for 1 second. He knew what he was saying and it had nothing to do with the talent level of our Nationals.
  4. Are you the guys with the spikes on the shoulder pads? I love those guys.
  5. If mike Reilly does decide to become a free agent. Why wouldn’t he be interested in Winnipeg? Good supporting cast. Management seems to be well respected. Fanbase is strong and we have the nicest stadium in the league. Does he want to go to Toronto or Montreal and play in front of empty stands?
  6. To me it looked like we took the offensive game plan from a week earlier and hoped it would exact the same result. Unfortunately the two opponents couldn't been more different. That's entirely on Lapo.
  7. Given how Dressler was used this year. I can see Peterman, Simonise or Demski filling that role.
  8. sorry...my bad. I don't remember that.
  9. Sounds like the same beefs year after year. I have no concerns with Walters or O'Shea but the inability to find game changer players is a real concern and that lies at the feet of the scouts. And the scouts report to Walters. But Walters has done enough in other areas to save his job. But something has to change. Recruiting US players is going to get even more difficult with the new spring league that this time seems to be legitimate and well funded. The best off season move would be Lapo securing a HC job somewhere but I just don't see that happening.
  10. Not managements decision. I believe that was forced upon us.
  11. So you would have been ok if we missed the playoffs?
  12. I say no to dressler. Not worth the money and we need to shift that money to a proven free agent receiver who can stretch the field.
  13. Where does everyone think Bo Levi is going? I've heard some talk that there's been some NFL interest. I don't see him leaving the Stamps for anything other than the NFL. But I'm skeptical he'll get anything more than just an invite to camp. Is that enough to walk away from a good thing in the CFL and take a chance he gets injured while at camp?
  14. Potential for large bonuses? There's the risk right there. The CFL is a passing league and until Streveler proves he's a passing QB that can also run. I'll stick with the guaranteed base salary vs. the potential for large bonuses.
  15. So is everyone willing to give the coaching staff a free pass next season if we go 5 - 13 with Streveler as the starter?
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