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  1. I hate to say it but this game could be ugly and could end up to be our worst loss of the year. I had to work last weekend and with thanksgiving I was just able to watch the Als game. I was completely unimpressed with Streveler's play. Almost every time we got in to the red zone he either thru a pick or an off target pass. He can't play like that against the Stamps. As soon as Streveler gets within the 20 yrd line he seems to get jittery and makes poor decisions. Unless he can run it in the probability of scoring goes way down and I don't think we can expect the defence to intercept BLM as often as they did against Adam's. I like Streveler but he's done nothing to change my mind about his ineffective passing game. So either Streveler has the game of his life or the defence will have to play lights out. Not confident with either of the two. I hope I'm wrong though.
  2. Might as well just turn off the TV right now. If that was a prop bet I wouldn’t touch it.
  3. I think khari stays in Montreal. With a head coaching job and a 3 yr contract he’ll be comfortable enough to uproot his family and move east.
  4. Richie Hall is fine. It was reported today that his absence is due to the death of his brother.
  5. Overreact much? Seriously you might not want to operate heavy equipment today. No risk move.
  6. Now I'm depressed and it has nothing to do with our football team 😄😄
  7. If O'Shea leaves and goes elsewhere, there's nothing the team can do about it. He obviously wants to go home and you can't compete with that. I'd like him to stay and bring a Cup to the city and it's long suffering fans. \but if he goes, well you move on and sign the best candidate available. I remember losing an employee to a competitor and this guy was probably the best employee I had and had a bright future ahead of him. When I called my boss in a panic letting him know that he left for the competition. His response was no problem. Here's an opportunity to hire someone even better than the guy we lost. So while I would be upset if Osh leaves. Here's a chance to find the coach that will take us to the promised land.
  8. Unfortunately there are some on here who wont get this reference. Wisers clap to you fine sir.
  9. I completely disagree. I doubt he lost his touch in finding talent. The common denominator is the QB. I don’t care how good your supporting cast is. Without a really good QB. A good coach or GM can look like the 2nd coming of forest Greg.
  10. Another example of a coach being fired because the GM didn’t give him a QB to win with. Same old, same old.
  11. It just goes to show you that an all star QB can make even the General Manager look good. Popp was once the wonderkid of the CFL and as soon as AC retired his career to a quick drop off. The shine came off quickly but I think he did himself no favours by taking on the coaching duties in Mtl.
  12. Don’t care about exciting football. We need wins and that’s what Nichols gave us.
  13. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. I’ve done it here before and I’m sure I’ll do it a few times before my time here is up.
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