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  1. We really need to let this thread die until a decision is made either way.
  2. My bad...I thought she was employed by the team up until the end of last season.
  3. I think she's a woman.You sound like Donald Trump.
  4. Yes the ones that lived in town during the season. Which I believe Holly Jefferson did last season along with their young daughter.
  5. Kim might have have the inside scoop. I know she no longer works for the club but given her prior position with the club. She probably built some close friendships with the players wives and girlfriends. Especially those that were living in town with their husbands/boyfriends.
  6. Why do I think that WJ will announce his decision tomorrow via some type of cryptic tweet.
  7. Walter's understands it. You can never have enough quality Cdn O linemen. It's amazing how this franchise has turned around from the days we struggled to find enough quality starting Cdn's.
  8. If there's a team out there that will grossly over pay for WJ. Its the Argos. .
  9. Happy for Streveler but I think we’ll be seeing him in the blue and gold again.
  10. So the Winnipeg Sun is reporting that it'll take north of $250k to sign Willie Jefferson. That's alot of money. Worth it mind you but damn that's going to hurt. WJ came to play when it counted but there were also a handful of games where he wasn't the same dominating player that he was in the play offs. Apparently he as paid $210k last year so really a $50k - $60k bump should get it done. But will that hurt us from possibly signing Streveler should he go to the NFL but get released at the end of camp? Ditto to the other defensive players that also went to the NFL. Do we pay him the extra money? Of course we do and hope Walters can do his magic and maybe sign 1 of our possible NFL returnees.
  11. I agree but the defence has taken a few big hits this off season. It's up to Walter's and the scouting staff to replace the players we've lost so far.
  12. Holy crap Batman! Collaros was a major factor in getting to and winning the GC. We've seen that you can't win without a great QB and the money and structure of the contract is a moot point. Smarter minds than any of us who are familiar with the minute intricacies of CFL contracts are OK with it. So why are we questioning it?
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