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    Practise Observations Aug 30, 2018

    Heard Bennett is taking all the 1st team snaps. Too bad about Bighill's injury. Probably won't play. I like the new fake punt they're working on. Medlock has a good enough arm to pull it off. If Bryant's knee injury doesn't heal, I wonder who they will start at LT? I like all the play action stuff with Harris. I bet the Riders fall for it every time and try to prevent the run.
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    On Offence - O line same as last week with Foketi at RT - Simonise got Adams' reps; - LaFrance got Harris' reps; - Washington got all reps with 1st team...Lankford didn't get any with first team while I was there....leads me to believe that if either Adams or Dressler can't go...Washington draws in with Lankford off the game day roster; - My sense is that Adam's will be good to go...while Simonise took Adams' scrimmage reps...they didn't have him taking part in 1st team offence drills while punt team was scrimmaging...he and the other reserve receivers were tending to their scout team duties on punt coverage... - Dressler's participation in practise was similar to the past two weeks...helping out LaPo with drills...not sure he draws in... - Nichols threw a bad pick to Priester (playing the scout team) - Streveler moved the ball well against 1st team D hitting a home run deep shot to Lankford over Fogg... On D - Bryant got 1 team reps at tackle - D Line was Roh, Bryant, Nevis, Okpalaugo (Thomas rotating in...didn't see Poop Johnson rotating in) - Secondary was the same as last week - Fenner in at SAM for Leggett - Gaitor came in on some packages as extra DB...didn't see Cooper coming on as extra DB - Randle subbed himself out intermittently with Priester coming on...doesn't look serious Based on how they practised today, it appears as one lineup change will be Washington on for Lankford (Dressler was on the game day roster last week); another will be Jeffcoat coming off...not sure who comes on in place of Jeffcoat...maybe Gaitor Fenner and Wild were on punt team...leading me to believe they'll continue to be on the roster as DI's...not sure if an extra DB like Gaitor will come on...if so...the other DI will likely be a choice between Poop Johnson and the extra DB. Based on the way they practised...it doesn't look like they're too concerned that Leggett won't be ready to go...I based this on the fact they kept Fenner on punt team...not likely that they would have him on punt and kick team and starting SAM... They still have one full practise day left...plenty of time to change up D and ST if Legget can't go FWIW...the team looked very loose...not especially as sharp as I've seen them in past practises...but that's a subjective opinion...others who attended may feel differently
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    Rod Black

    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    I was at Salisbury House today. They ran out of onions for the hash browns. The waitress said it’s “Nichols and Hall’ fault.”
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    I really think Wolitarsky is being criminally underused .. this guy just screams Jason Clermont to me .. that's a body that could be used in the slot.
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    Good grief... it's all up like RF in here. Holy smokes Guys, take a step back from the edge. There are issues with this team and I totally understand people's frustrations, but let's not go full riderfans....
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    1A and 1B Quarterbacks

    Why is the draft not as strong as it once was? We got depth on the OL, depth at receiver, enough Canadians scattered on the D, good special teams guys and he's sitting on 2 first round draft picks this year... Durant was a douchebag, not Walters fault, Bond hasn't been missed and neither has bowman or Heath. So what's the issue? I'd say it's premature because we're talking about this **** when we are sitting at .500 on the season after back to back double digit win seasons. Like seriously people this is insanity. Do we not remember how shitty it was going from Ritchie to Daley? Or Berry to Kelly? Hell even Lapo to Burke was a **** show. Don't **** with things now, it is the complete wrong time to do it.
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    sweep the leg

    LDC/Banjo Bowl

    Gord Barnsley‏ @WinnipegGordo 2m2 minutes ago At #Bombers practice and Dressler isn't practicing. He seems to be running around pretty good however. Washington is currently on first teams.
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    The Collapse

    That’s 100% one of those catches that looks way easier than it is to actually make. He had two guys beat and now all of a sudden, the throw is short and he’s essentially boxed out by two cover guys and has turned into a defender and people are saying it’s more on Adams. Kinda gets me confused to say the least. Adams did his job on that play, he got wide f’n open for a free TD if the ball is on the mark. Nichols didn’t deliver.
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    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    Streveler will produce the same amount of passing as Nichols (thinking actual game numbers, not the last 2 minutes when teams lay off, or the 20 minutes of prevent he saw vs Ottawa). About 220-250 passing, but Streveler adds the element of running, both by design and out of necessity when plays break down. This has to be defended and opens up passes to backs because the LB's have to wait for Streveler, they can't pay too much attention to Harris leaking out because if they run at him, Streveler runs up the seam for 20. This offense with Nichols is just too easy to defend when he has no midrange game. and no hope of hitting a deep ball consistently. Now Streveler is young so automatically you worry about turnovers, but in reality he's been better at protecting the ball than Nichols thus far in 2018. I don't see a huge downside in terms of production. The downside is Nichols losing his mind and never playing for us again, but seems to be heading that way regardless. The guy is out of sorts.
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    At least if MOS gets fired at the end of the season he'll have had 5 complete seasons to build a winner. No one can say he didn't get a chance & we need to keep him for consistency sake. That is no longer valid.
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    I’m not going to freak out and join the “fire everyone” bandwagon but O’Shea and Walters need to have a long hard talk about whether Nichols is the future of this club. Their final determination will decide for me one way or another whether I have faith in them.
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    Mr Dee

    Winnipeg 5-5 @ Regina 5-4 Game Day

    CFL Game Notes - CFL.ca 👁‍🗨well, if you go by stats..the Bombers are in for a tough time in Regina.. Ugly, ugly stats Chris Jones is 46-35 as a HC Mike O’Shea is 40-42 Sask is 35-19 over Wpg in the Labour Day Classic. 29 of those games have been decided only in the last 3 minutes. The meetings since 2002 have generally not been all that close - only 5 of the last 16 games were decided in the last 3:00 - Saskatchewan comes into the game with a better record (5-4 vs 5-5) than Winnipeg for the first time since 2014 - QBs: Saskatchewan will start their 4th straight different QB in the Classic, with Zach Collaros; Matt Nichols will start his 3rd in a row (Nichols started once for Edmonton vs Calgary and threw for 203 yards); Matt Nichols has yet to be held under 300 passing yards; he has 341 & 364 yards in his two Winnipeg LDW starts (16-17) (Nichols started once for Edmonton vs Calgary and threw for 203 yards) - Zach Collaros has also yet to be held under 300 passing yards in an LDW game; his three 300+ games were with Hamilton - Zach Collaros becomes the 38th player to start a Labour Day Weekend game for the Riders; Nichols is starter #39 for Winnipeg - Winnipeg snapped a Saskatchewan 11-game win streak in their 2016 LD Weekend meeting but dropped to 1 win in 13 last year - The Riders have outgained Winnipeg in the last 7 LDW meetings by over 100 yards per game (Avg: 388 to 275) Breaking Down Who Wins LDW Classic: There have been 54 previous games in this LD matchup and here is how it has broken down based on which club came into the game with a better record. The Bombers are 5-5 this year compared to the Riders at 5-4. WPG came in with better record: 29 times (Wins: SSK 18, WPG 11) SSK came in with better record: 15 times (Wins: SSK 11, WPG 4) Note: Teams came in with even records 10 times As the Riders were seeking in 2017, the underdog has often won this LD Weekend matchup. The Bombers have only 4 upset wins as underdogs i.e. the team lower in the standings heading in. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Team Notes – Winnipeg at Saskatchewan: - Charleston Hughes: Leads the CFL with 12 Sacks (7 more than any other player) and comes into this game with a streak of 7 straight games with at least one. That is the longest consecutive games streak in his career, his previous long run was set at 6 in a row from Jun 28/14 to Aug 9/14. - Most consecutive games with a QB Sack: Over the last 25 years, here are the longest streaks with at least one QB Sack. Charleston Hughes has tied the most by any Saskatchewan player and is 3 short of the highest on record since 1994 👁‍🗨Joe Montford and Philip Hunt are the two players ahead of Hughes, each with 10 game streaks. - Sam Hurl 100 GP/ U of Calgary: Hurl will suit up this week for CFL game #100 in his career and it will be start #56. He is a prominent member of a remarkable 99 players that have come to the CFL from the Dinos - of those 99 individuals Hurl will become the 20th player of this group to make it to 100 career regular season games. - Nichols 9-3 .750 coming off a loss: Despite a second straight loss last week, Matt Nichols has had a remarkable run since July 2016 in the next start after a Blue Bombers loss as he will be doing again this week. In his last 12 starts after a Winnipeg defeat the club has gone 9-3 for a .750 winning %. - Avoiding 3 losses in a row: The Bombers have not lost 3 games in a row in the same season since the final three weeks of 2015. They have gone a span of 46 games with just 5 streaks of 2 defeats in a row and none longer than that. 5 of the last 6: The Riders have beaten Winnipeg just once in the last 6 games. This is the best Bombers' 6-game run against their Saskatchewan rivals in the last 13 years. Opponents' 502 net yards: The Bombers yielded just 325 net yards per game over their first 8 contests and through Week #9 ranked #4 in the CFL. Since then, they have given up 502 yards per game (493 & 511), the highest in the CFL since Week #9. The main area where this has come is on 1st down plays. First 8 games: 6.3 yards per play, Gm #9-10: 8.3 yards per play. Riders Sacks Allowed: Saskatchewan allowed 9 Sacks in their first 4 games. Since then in 5 games they have yielded just 3. Expect some 2-&-Outs: The Riders are #1 forcing opponents 62 times into a 2-&-Out. Winnipeg is #3 with 53 forced 2-&-Outs. - Jovon Johnson: Sat out last week's game and that snapped his consecutive games played streak at 73 in a row. Andrew Harris: Was held to just 13 yards rushing last week on 7 carries. That tied his lowest yardage since Oct 7/15 vs EDM. - Josh Bartel Inside the 10: Bartel has 6 punts pinning opponents inside the 10-yard line this year, one off the CFL lead. He is #2 overall with 60 since 2012. Winnipeg's Justin Medlock in many less games is #3 since 2012 with 36 including 7 in 2018. - Offensive & Defensive TD Same Game: The Riders' Nick Marshall scored a touchdown on offence and defence in the same game two weeks ago with a 3-yard rush and a 67-yard INT return. That specific Offence/Defence TD pair had not occurred since Tyrone Walls for Edmonton on September 4, 1972 a span of 46 years. There have been only 4 such pure occurrences in the last 50 years. Last week, Marshall scored another offensive TD on a short run and actually leads the club in touchdowns with 4. The nearest since 1972 was Milt Stegall on July 15, 1999 who caught a 37-yard TD pass from Kerwin Bell and returned a blocked punt/fumble 52 yards for a score.
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    1A and 1B Quarterbacks

    The voice of reason! We’re 28-18 in the past two seasons plus this season and we’re acting like the sky is falling. Good teams go through adversity. Remember Ottawa and Toronto getting hot when it counted and winning the Grey Cup? I do. It’s ok to have high expectations and wanting to be better but I wouldn’t panic just yet.
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    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    He did make an effort. He started running, realized he wasn't going to catch the guy and that was it. He had absolutely zero chance of catching him. Of all the stupid things he did that game, people are complaining about a play in which he had no chance of making a play (besides the throw).
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    Geoff Gray has been cut today by Cleveland
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    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    If you could GTFO here with garbage comments like this, that'd be great.
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    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    Yeah, but Bob is pretty much an angry sounding broken record on this stuff who has always focused primarily on pandering to Blue brass. I mean, how many times can you say, no excuse me, yell (as Bob routinely does): "Well, who does that?" whenever someone has the temerity to suggest that it might be time to try something different than trotting out Nichols, again and again, until the game is out of reach. Yes, the D ended up giving up a lot of yards today. But only after the O s*** the bed again and again and again. The D held a very powerful offense to 12 points until well into the 3rd quarter. What was the time of possession? Yardage stats? It has to have hugely favoured the Stamps...you're only going to hold BLM and Dave D. in check for so long. Your bloody O has to do something. So, to Bob's question: who does that? Well, Wally Buono does that. Chris Jones does that. Rick Campbell does that. All have "done that" (i.e. pulled the starter) in the recent past and all have won Grey Cups. What's the definition of insanity, according to Einstein? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That's what we did with Nichols again today. Putting Streveler in would qualify as something different. I mean, what's Bob's solution? Answer: Just keep defending Blue brass' stubborn stupidity? Just keep endlessly repeating "who does that?" I mean, how's that philosophy working out for us?
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    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    When a DE has two interceptions, one for a TD, the QB did not have a good game.
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    MBB posters if Bombers do not make a game of it, or if lankford drops a few.
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    Matt Nichols -BOO!!!!!!!

    2 plays over 20 yards. One involved Nichols. Completed 3 passes that traveled 10 yards or more downfield before garbage time. No run game aside from Streveler. Max Hall would have been disappointed with that performance.
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    He tried to throw them under the bus, but one hopped them.
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    Those stats can't be right. Dont they know Nichols has played like ****. He couldnt possibly be 3rd in the league on deep TDs. Not possible. System is rigged. Championships are won week 10 of the regular season. If they dont win this game. All is lost. Burn IGF to the ground!!!!......oh sorry just getting caught up in the hyperbole around here.