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  1. Neufeld IN! Bailey IN! Whitehead IN! Rempel IN! Thank goodness for bye-weeks!
  2. Showing a bit larger for those will small screens.
  3. That cross-fit race was the best!
  4. I too want to go to Montreal, alone, without my wife.
  5. You're wrong. We need ticket sales and all the associated revenue.
  6. From the 2018 Blue Bomber Annual Report Revenue 2018 2017 Game revenue $ 11,880,243 $ 13,267,198 CFL distributions (Note 9) 4,385,748 4,201,047 Winnipeg Football Club revenue 15,768,877 11,868,222 Stadium management revenue (Note 6) 714,465 2,512,884 Community support and special events 683,998 618,839 33,433,331 32,468,190 Revenue recognition Game revenue from the sale of tickets is recognized as revenue on a game by game basis. CFL distributions are recognized as received or when receipt is reasonably assured. Winnipeg Football Club revenue is recognized as follows: Revenue from the sale of partnerships, stadium naming rights and radio rights is recognized over the term of the related agreement; revenue from the sale of products or services, including food and leverage is recognized when the products are shipped, delivered or served to the customer, and services are rendered; suite revenue from the license of suites is recognized as revenue on a game by game basis; parking and park and ride revenue is recognized as revenue on a game by game basis. Stadium management revenue is recorded as revenue on an event by event basis. Revenue from community support and special events is recognized as revenue in the period when the community support is received or when the special event is held. Deferred revenue consists of corporate partnerships, premium seating and season ticket sales which relate to the subsequent year. The Club follows the deferral method of accounting for contributions received. Deferred contributions are recognized as stadium management revenue in the year in which the related expenses are incurred or as amortization is recorded on the related asset.
  7. JCon


    And those were only two hour shows! We would watch RAW live. I taped WCW and fast forwarded through the commercials. Same with ECW.
  8. I'm on the boat tonight. Go Argos!
  9. JCon


    Even when I was young and at my peak wrestling watching, including attending local shows and watching WWF/WCW/ECW, I don't think I could consume that much wrestling. Hooboy, that's a lot.
  10. JCon


    NXT - 2 hours. Raw - 3 hours. Smackdown - 3 hours? Are they really trying to produce 8 hours of content each week? Yikes.
  11. I was thirteen when Rocket came out of the NCAA. I had a Sports illustrated subscription and my weekends were spent following football. I watched every Notre Dame game I could and every NCAA game on TV. He was a special talent. I remember the issue with him on the cover, the Heisman and his choice to come to the CFL. For me, it meant everything. Not because I thought the CFL could NOW be on par with the NFL but I knew it always was. We weren't far off the USFL collapse. I was thrilled to watch him play in that Grey Cup and I know I was one of the few that cheered for the Argos. He was a special talent and I was thankful he came here. Hindsight is always 20-20 and Bruce McNall was swindler, but those were good times as a CFL fan, IMO.
  12. A Rider fan that spells it "Rough Riders"? 🤔
  13. Bring your son. 'Ef the industry.
  14. Funny, because all the Dem leaders are right of centre except Bernie. And, even Bernie, still has a lot of right-of-centre policies. I mean, Kamala Harris is a pro-police, pro-three strike, former AG of Cali, who fought hard to keep people locked up. The new Green Deal barely keeps the US up with the rest of the western world on energy production. They're so far behind, that they have a president who thinks when the wind doesn't blow TV will shut off with wind power. There is not a single policy that the dems have put forward that is left of anyone in the developed first world.
  15. Math is hard for a Rider a fan because when they were twelve they were in the fourth grade and when they were fourteen , they were still in the fourth grade. Those were the longest ten years of their life!
  16. MBBs hottest thread is the Canadian Politics thread. We have bickering and fighting and name calling.
  17. Some people want ultimate power and control. Some will use any system they can manipulate in order to get that power and control.
  18. Ye shall not question the authority of thee almighty green or ye shall be pursued to the depths of social media hell.
  19. He said they HAD interest. From 31 Thoughts: 1. Winnipeg had interest in Ben Hutton, but had to wait until things settled before formalizing anything. Hutton had to get started, and the Kings were ready.
  20. Everyone is calling out JT on all those things, so what's your point? Those have literally been at the top of the news cycle for the past year.
  21. Stupidity and privilege. His apology rings hollow, although I'm sure he's sorry it's come out. Singh's response and comments are the most thoughtful I have seen. JT's gotten very good at saying I'm sorry without seeming very sorry. Not sure why his party didn't boot him a long time ago. Oh, I know why, he's surrounded by his "people" who control the party.
  22. DYK, Coach O'Shea said last night that the team is 41-4 when they win the turnover battle under him.
  23. He was managing the store in St Vital. I see him regularly up on the west side. His boys are there all the time.
  24. Faith Goldy is garbage and the people that call her friend are too. This is all over MSM. It's everywhere. Canada, US, everywhere. It's not going away and no one is downplaying it.
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