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  1. Just picked up my "Come On Down to WPG" T-shirt and my flag. I love game days.
  2. Sure, for people just going out. Not so for those that are involved in emergency services, which was the primary concern. Ambulances, fire trucks, police couldn't move around. Never mind those that work at hospitals.
  3. Argos could use the military's help right about now.
  4. There's a certain player that they could cut and their offence would be none-the-worse. Carter, Duran.
  5. Yikes, I don't like the way this is going. Teasing is one thing but the CFL needs butts in seats everywhere.
  6. Dammit, I have to defend Toronto. I hate when this happens. Anyone who has lived in Southern Ontario, north and along Lake Ontario knows how ridiculously heavy the snowfall can be when it storms. I don't just mean volume but also the heavy weight of the wet snow. That was a crazy snowfall that shut the city down.
  7. Water under the bridge but... when do they anticipate the o line will show up this season?
  8. It can’t get worse than that. Argos and Riders are like, hold my beer.
  9. I thought BC would be bad out of the gate, still get a few wins and turn things around in the second half, becoming very dangerous in the playoffs. Let's just say, my views are evolving. I mean, the Riders might not be the worst team in the West and they're hot-garbage.
  10. What a glorious day for football. Can't wait.
  11. Would it be arrogant to pick to pick the Bombers to win by 20 points?
  12. Can we please get back to trashing the Riders?
  13. You would see them hanging off resort balconies in Mexico. Trashy.
  14. I agree. Although, I like Streveler's default to run, rather than other young QBs who try to force something. I hope the game slows down for him and he feels more comfortable reading the defence and making throws.
  15. I'm sorry to hear about your pending divorce.
  16. I mean, compared to the US (4 down football), our rules do seem quirky. But, it's what makes our game more entertaining.
  17. Nope, I think the Lions could win too. Although, Nye picked the Lions and that guy is a tool.
  18. Since the City doesn't own any piece of the stadium and bares no financial responsibility for it, it makes sense to have them removed from the Triple B board. Clearly, Bowman wants to insulate the City the from any of those responsibilities too. It's a smart move.
  19. 'Inadequate ventilation' at Super 8 led to carbon monoxide poisoning, officials say https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/carbon-monoxide-poisoning-hotel-winnipeg-super8-1.5206755
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