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  1. It sort of felt inevitable. But, this time, Walters had the upper hand negotiating. I'm kind of surprised he didn't go UFL, then sign with a CFL team when that contract ended.
  2. And, so instead of expecting more out of men, we make young women bend? F*** that. It is a horrible take because it says that men can't control themselves when the reality is that they make their own choices. Even worse. Tell your daughter she can't live her life because we make excuses for pathetic men.
  3. So, yes? Blame the victims because we couldn't possibly ask grown men to not harass the staff.
  4. It's not the reality because **itty people keep making excuses and blaming the victims.
  5. JCon


    4 of 6 teams in the playoffs are from Manitoba. Whoa. Although, I don't expect Lawes or Cameron to make much of a splash. I had Einarson vs Homan in the final before the week and I'm still expecting this as a final. Homan has been the best team this week, IMO. Can Jones get to one more final?
  6. She should sit down with them. Really her fault for being assaulted, saying something, and getting fired. Am I doing this right, Argo fans? ****ing trash.
  7. Need to stop apologizing for Pinball. Kelly has always had questionable moral character and John Murphy fought fans. He's pretty Teflon, but some of these issues will eventually stick.
  8. I will ask this of our resident expert, what is the economic impact of the CMHR? What is the ROI? How does this compare to other cultural events/venues? I'll hang up and listen to your reply.
  9. Incorrect. Student visits make up ~10% of the overall attendance.
  10. They didn't give VAJ an extension with all that guaranteed money if they thought he would come back.
  11. I guess they're pretty confident Rourke is never coming back.
  12. He went through the time and effort to become a licensed financial planner.
  13. That's a weird extension, given the givens. VAJ would have taken a bit less but he'll have a lot of guaranteed money on that extension. So, why lock him in all the way to 2026? Was there a chance he would leave?
  14. You're not old enough to remember Chi-Chi's.
  15. So, it's a soft cap now? This is bizarre. Somewhere in Regina, they're filling houses with bunk beds. We're back in business baby!
  16. Yes, his management team is made up of lawyers and accountants. That's the management team that they hired.
  17. Who would you have manage his affairs?
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