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  1. https://twitter.com/friesensunmedia/status/1665810815314808837 @friesensunmedia You’ve heard the joke about an athlete being out with a hangnail. Blue #Bombers LB Adam Bighill revealed he missed all of training camp with an ingrown toenail.
  2. And, if you're a politician, you have a larger responsibility not to be a POS. That's tough for Browaty.
  3. He'll just appreciate someone catching his passes.
  5. And, those are just the high profile portfolios. They've been a disaster for this province for 7 years. Almost criminal what they've done.
  6. It's a federal by-election, which is why it's in Canadian politics. But, I'll vote for whoever is running against Obby. And, it is better than a Nazi. Seems the right is very comfortable with them.
  7. Or, maybe if your party supports terrorists and violent overthrow of a democratically elected govt, then you should expect some push back when you on knock on people's doors. I'm certainly not inviting them here. You punch the Nazi in the face.
  8. The worst people. Saw some CPC campaigners out today. I look forward to them knocking on my door so I blow an air horn in their faces. We'll see how that terrorist supporting party likes have horns blaring at them.
  9. Question is... Are they that far behind Lieggs? Cause if his passport doesn't matter and we need to field globals anyhow, does it make financial sense to keep him?
  10. Yes, and Johnston doubled down. That would have been an easy way to get out of it. The ****ing Libs can't get out of their own way.
  11. He only says it in Parliament because he has immunity from prosecution. He can say anything he wants in the Chamber without fear. He'll never say defamatory things where he could get prosecuted.
  12. I'm not saying that PP fondles children but he's never been able to get a real job, so maybe it's his criminal record? It's not a conspiracy theory because it's true that he's never been able to get a job and probably cannot get security clearance. It's not a conspiracy theory if it might be true.
  13. Slowly, those that provide us the news are moving to other platforms.
  14. We're going to be surprised by the outcome of the kicking game. But there are some bigger questions in some bigger names, leaders, in this team. We can't even evaluate them because they're not practicing or practicing much. We should have some pushing Biggie this year. We should have some pushing the Jeff-Ends. We should have some pushing Wilson. I'm worried about the defensive trenches.
  15. I rarely stand with any Blue Jays fan but I did tonight. Loved it. The CN Tower was lit up for Pride Week too. Choose love.
  16. Elections have consequences (for thee, not for me).
  17. Oh, wow, you're using evidence. Funny that.
  18. Let's hope he brings the same level of success to the Leaf organization as he did to the Flames organization. Great hire for all non-Leaf fans. Superb!
  19. IF, IF, IF... I'm just throwing out ideas. It's clear it's not a discipline issue and likely just involves a personal matter, which could include red tape issues with immigration.
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