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  1. Sounds like Desjardins trying to blame someone else for his failure as a GM. Not a surprise, that's his MO. But, even the Argos didn't want Arbuckle.
  2. This is really what they did this year. Some players, with no business taking a discount for their services, still took a discount. Quite the team Walters has built.
  3. Two things of note: 1) No one had the Bombers winning the West. No one? 2) They were a lot more down on Saskatchewan than I remember. Must have been the TSN crew that we're all giddy for Faj. Sask have outperformed their projection (according to 3Down) than what has happened. Could still finish fourth but I expect them to be 2nd, at this point.
  4. Yup, in his own words. I misinterpreted his actions completely. You were correct.
  5. I think he was just excited and wanted to thank him. Very clear he wasn't trying to give him the ball. More like a thanks. He never tries to give him the ball. Not even close. Just puts his hand out with a thanks.
  6. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  7. Also playing today are the 3-0, number 4 ranked team in the country, have scored 24 unanswered points to take the lead in BC. I want BO to do this to the other BC football team tonight:
  8. Weather report: 5 at kick off, feels like 2. 2 at end of game, feels like -2. Wind steady all evening 14kms, gusting to 21kms. Probability of big game hunting? 100%.
  9. Who? Little Kitties at the Big Bad Bombers. What? Football with a chance for the Champs to lock up a home West Final. When? Tonight, 6pm central. Where? IG Field (East), home of the CFLs loudest fans! Why? Cause October football is awesome. Keys to the game.
  10. Watching that video of Williams, I was like, "whoa, nice catch. Nice catch but Rose just took it the other way for 6 points." And, with Fajs accuracy, that's where it will end up.
  11. Exactly, but don't get me involved in this. True fan meeting still at 5pm in the tailgate section tomorrow? EDIT: Oops, that was to be a DM. There is no meeting tomorrow. The above mentioned group does not exist.
  12. Not taking that bait, not opening that can...
  13. Per the CBA: https://media.cfldb.ca/documents/cfl-cflpa-collective-agreement-2019.pdf No Player shall be eligible to be placed on the Six Game Injury List after his Member Club has played its 15th regular season game. Any Player who has been placed on the Six Game Injury List prior to the Member Club's 15th regular season game will be eligible to be extended on the Six Game Injury List for the remainder of the season without penalty. Playoff Games and the Playoff Bye will be considered a game served on the Six Game Injury List. A Bye in the regular season will not be considered a game played Yes.
  14. Only works if they stay on the entire six weeks. If they come off early, the full salary gets applied to the cap.
  15. We'll get more than 20k. Book it. We set an October record during the last game of over 27k.
  16. Yeah, that's totally my question. Can he be Harris? Probably not but can he be good enough to keep the Bombers fielding a national at that position? And, then do we back him up with another National or do we keep enough nationals elsewhere on the roster to replace that position, in case of injury, with an import. As long as we have Harris, I think we need BO backing him up. Or Augustine. But, after...
  17. I don't know what the figure is but there are a lot of open seats for tomorrow's game.
  18. There were more people attending the pre-season games. I suspect we're going to see a lot of empty seats this season unless the Jets match the pre-season projections.
  19. For discussion purposes... IF Oliveira is not as good as Harris and does not project to be, are the Bombers better off going with an import RB and using the cap space to secure other positions in the future? Obviously, not a decision for "today" but perhaps for going forward .
  20. Finland and Canada have near identical GDP per capita numbers. I like the approach because a $100 fine to someone living in poverty is much different than a $100 fine to someone wealthy. If it's meant to be a deterrent, it should impact both parties equally. Anyhow, I would like to read some research on the effectiveness of Finland's approach and how it might (or might not) work in Canada.
  21. We have three non-champ games this week. Friday: Argos (6-3) @ Als (5-4), 6:30 Central Saturday: RBs (2-8) @ Ticats (4-5) , 3:00 Central Riders (5-4) @ Stamps (5-5), 8:45 Central ------------ Season series on the line tonight and possible tie for the Leastern Conference lead. Argos won the first 30-27 in Week 8 at home. This is the second and final game between these two teams in the regular season. Here's a link to the Als PDF depth chart: https://d3ham790trbkqy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2021/10/RosterMatch_10vsTOR2021-2.pdf (Sorry, can't find an graphic) Shiltz is starting at QB.
  22. That's remarkable, when you consider that number of personnel involved. Everyone must be doing their part to keep the risk really low. Well done.
  23. If you consider them to be part of two separate tests, you can. Test positive (but be asymptomatic), then subsequently get tested and receive a negative result. But, that would mean one test was erroneous.
  24. No, seriously, Murat says that they don't have cap space to call anyone up but didn't they just call up Toninato when they announced Sheif's Covid situation?
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