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  1. No one cares about goal scoring on the third line. Why not quote +/-?
  2. I think so. Someone would have paid him $4+. This is his prime.
  3. Wow, does this make me happy. I kind of feel like we now are 3 deep at centre, with perfect role players in each. Lowry and Copp are just as important as some of our pure goals scorers, IMO. But, I want him to sign after the expansion draft for obvious, selfish reasons.
  4. It's White Nationalism. That's it.
  5. Sure but don't pretend like Sportsnet or TSN are actually national sports stations. Don't call all the iterations "regional" when all they do is report on the Leafs.
  6. White supremacists are everywhere in the US:
  7. Eichel, a 1st, a top prospect and cash for 55. That would have to be the opening bid from Buffalo.
  8. I agree, which is why I want to know what was brewing. I doubt he only worked on the one deal but probably let others go when this one seemed pretty assured. It's Chevy's style. He's a good GM, IMO. But, I am glad that our young D will get a chance to grow here. Maybe they can become as good as Morrissey has been.
  9. I have been having non-stop issues with BellMTS for a couple of years. I've dumped every service I could and will now be switching to Rhawgers.
  10. This is interesting. 2 minutes, have a listen. I am happy that no big deal was done. But, boy, am I curious what the deal was and who was involved.
  11. I believe I shouted 'Ef Corey Perry' at BP. I was happy the team scored but still am embarrassed that he wore the colours.
  12. Reminds me of Zombieland and Z2. A fun, action packed, turn your brain off, sort of movie.
  13. Still hated Corey Perry and was embarrassed that he was on the national team.
  14. This looks like it could be fun. I will re-subscribe to Netflix to watch this.
  15. JCon


    And, the media's need to amplify them.
  16. The only time I want hear that name is when he's been investigated or sued. Just like anyone named Cheney, Bush or McCain.
  17. We're finally moving in that direction too. https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/nova-scotia-organ-donation-presumed-consent-law-takes-effect-1.5271098?cache=ngyhfzxv%3FcontactForm%3Dtrue%3FclipId%3D104062 Nova Scotia organ donation presumed consent law takes effect Nova Scotians who don’t choose to opt out of donating their organs and tissue will be considered as having agreed to be a donor after death. Nova Scotia became the first province or state in North America to pass such legislation when the act was passed unanimously in April 2019. Now, we need our gov't to do
  18. JCon


    I totally expect to continue to get Covid vaccine shots. Vaccine boosts will be needed. The only reason to hold this info back is the wacko anti-vaxxer talking heads who would rather die a slow painful Covid death than get a needle in their arm.
  19. Well, no. It's not about Western vs Eastern. It's only been for like 25 years that the Jets have been in the NHL. So, if you were watching the NHL, you needed another team. Also, the Blue Jays suck. Go Yankees! When the NBA expanded, I cheered for the Grizzlies and even caught a couple of games when I lived in the GVA. I cheer for the Raps now but they are not my favourite team. I don't really have one. But, you see them all the time on TV and become familiar with players and the org. Same with the Jays. You know what you see.
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