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  1. Grade 3's are soft these days. Maybe with MORE guns in the schools?
  2. Always. And, they're going to have a big gun party this weekend. Yeehaw! Kill Em All! Yeehaw!! Pew pew pew. With all their orphanages that will soon be overflowing, this is a perfect time for a Hunger Games style show. Get those kids and train them up. In twenty years, just have them kill each other off with guns. It's a win-win.
  3. Freedom without responsibility. Same theme over and over from the same group of individuals.
  4. Murica. I guess they just need more guns.
  5. Was at the stadium this morning for a Bombers Futures program with the youngest... Those hash marks sure do look narrow. It's striking how much field is on either side.
  6. I don't see the fit on D+. You're not going to draw fans into subbing to D+ to watch XFL games. Although I'm sure there is a lot of demographics that crossover with D+, it would make a ton more sense to put it on ESPN+. At least then, you're targeting sports fans, possibly adding value. Same amount of work and bandwidth regardless which streaming service they put it on. Unless they plan to merge the products, I don't see the fit.
  7. Remember when Trump was going to seize TikTok and hand it to Oracle? The corruption, oh, the corruption.
  8. Housing prices are out of control. I bet they're only hiding 80 players now.
  9. I see it working now. Before, I could only get all over nothing..
  10. But, that's the full CFL schedule. I only wanted Bomber games. You can also get that schedule by going to CFL.ca. It has the link too.
  11. Same thing happened to him last year, when One Throw Over The Cuckoo's Nest took over and became the Argo starter. He got moved to the L(k)'s who shut him down for whatever reason and extended him. He just doesn't seem to get a consistent chance.
  12. Nope. Had to manually enter the home games into my calendar.
  13. JCon


    Not behind a paywall...
  14. I don't know if Nick has what it takes to be a starter in this league but he sure seems to get the shaft wherever he goes.
  15. L(k)'s have released Cardale Jones. https://www.tsn.ca/edmonton-elks-release-cardale-jones-1.1802251
  16. From Tait's article... WR Carlton Agodusi, who spent last year on the practice roster, made a spectacular catch early on Friday, but came up injured and did not return…
  17. Hopefully it's nothing. I was reminded recently that the way the negotiators view deals versus balance of the union membership can be quite different. The MLBPA negotiating team did not endorse the CBA but the membership voted overwhelmingly in favour. Sometimes, the negotiators have done enough, even if they don't feel it.
  18. Sir Alex Ferguson had in his managers agreement that he got paid at the same level as the highest earner on the team. But, he could demand that in his contract negotiations.
  19. 'Alberta Politics' is the Canadian equivalent to 'Florida Man'
  20. Looks at weather... Turns out I'm too busy to observe any TC today, maybe Monday.
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