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  1. This is it, Bombers as a whole are more patient that fans. And given the number of wins and a couple close plays here and there from 4 time champs (regardless of everything being said on here) is a very easy sell for management to give more rope to people.
  2. Better question, are they actually going to use Augustine this week? Cause based on usage they'd have been better off starting Eli at rb.
  3. Saying that in public is fine. Take all the heat keep it away from the players. It's not words at this point that matter, it's actions.
  4. It's just maddening to me that they hardly gave any reps to a runningback that was going to play running back and streveler got 1 quarter and the rest of the QB reps in preseason went to guys who were either straight up cut or not likely to ever see any real playing time in the regular season. In what universe does that make any sense at all? And people wonder why the offense looks like garbage out of the gate.
  5. That being said, proper line depth in that game might have led to a win despite bad qb play
  6. They should at least use him and see... yet another ******* bonkers preseason idea. Give all the carries to Americans they were always going to cut... why notjgive augustine reps if is your guy when Brady is out?
  7. I was bored last night so I watched some 2019 playoff highlights. Interesting to see how collaros back then took a lot of heat in the pocket too, but he was able to avoid it and make a play. These days he never seems able to avoid it.
  8. Well collaros has sucked at the quick game forever so not hopeful if it's not a run game.
  9. At this point they need to establish a run game. Collaros ain't gonna pass his way out of trouble now. Need a run game to lean on for now.
  10. No I am expecting him to be part of the passing game when collaros is stinking up the joint. Last time he was here they used some packages where he got to run a real offense. Feels like he's just got the prukop package right now which is stupid. Streveler can play qb. He's shown that in the past. He is a weapon, use him rather than treating him like a running back.
  11. Well Nichols was also basically injured to the point of retirement... that's what this team used to do, bring in depth. Not like collaros was a one man show in 2019 either, streveler played half the games in the playoffs despite a busted ankle.
  12. So what is it that made people doubt strevelers ability to play quarterback? Is it his NFL time?
  13. Neilson would do well to have suitor taken away from him IMO.
  14. The way they've run training camp the past 2 seasons and set up their practise roster and game day roster seem to indicate that they really don't..
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