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  1. well 3 boys standing on top of each others shoulders can pass for a man.
  2. If Harris is out the beauty of it is that it forces other guys to have to step up and it takes away the crutch that he is. The team would have no choice but to let other people be the man.
  3. alternate dimensions don't count!
  4. but trending up only means winning against shitty teams plus Hamilton with the backup qb and no top offensive weapon... I know people love to ***** about how the Bombers win, but after how many seasons of winning that way can we please pretend it's all smoke and mirrors when it very clearly isn't? Riders had a good stretch in their 10 ply stretch of the season, do we really think that will last when they start to face some tougher defenses? We saw how Fajardo looked against the Stamps defense earlier. Just because the Bombers took their foot off the gas in Toronto doesn't mean a lot in the grand scheme of things.
  5. it always does, the CFL back loads the schedule with divisional games to create excitement leading into the playoffs. Thusfar however, the Bombers have beaten their 2 closest rivals in the west so what's the problem? That they need to do it again? Well yeah, that's how football works.
  6. and the Riders lost to Ottawa who we **** kicked. There is no argument to be made that the Riders are superior to the Bombers. None. PLUS we aren't using COdy Fajardo as our starting qb. PLus that game of theirs against Hamilton that they won was a home game if I am not mistaken. There is a big difference between home and road. Riders suck until they beat one of the legit western teams. So far their only chance they got an absolute ass kicking.
  7. At least we've beaten Edmonton and Calgary. Backup qb or not, that same Riders team got **** kicked by that stamps team with Arbuckle. The Bombers gassed a road trip in Southern Ontario but have beaten everyone else they've played, the Riders meanwhile won against the worst teams in the league and Hamilton the week after they lost their starting qb (and I think their best player Banks was also out) If you can't see the difference you're as blind as Rider fans.
  8. Well the ticats knew Masoli was gone for the year, Nichols is expected back before too long. That's a big difference. I don't buy they're waiting to see how Streveler does, they'll bring someone in regardless, just less rush knowing that they should be able to run with Streveler until Nichols is healthy.
  9. Disney trying to strong arm Sony and both are using media and PR to fight the battle. Disney will win cause MCU spiderman is too popular and Sony too negatively perceived.
  10. Every over .500 team has beaten up on the weak teams. Every team but a couple has lost their starting QB. You are working very hard to discredit the best record in the league. If we got questions about our record then so does every other team too.
  11. I don't care what their record says the riders back to back isn't a difficult part of the schedule.
  12. Yeah Edmonton is a good team, but we can beat them. The rely a lot on getting pressure on the opposing QBs and we have a team that should be able to scheme around that. We got a chance, gotta do what they always do. Minimize mistakes and capitalize on their own opportunities.
  13. So here is what I hate... having to have multiple subscriptions to get content. Welcome back piracy!
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