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  1. Lol, OK you could have just said they were morons.
  2. Oh but don't you see? That 34.4 million profit is all the evidence needed.
  3. Hey I put my name in for the lottery. I mean I got my needle as soon as I could possibly get it regardless but if the government wants to give away money why not to me? Better than wasting 1.3 billion on a doomed pipeline.
  4. because it's reckless dangerous behaviour that has caused enough harm and needs to be called out. Why be hesitant to get a vaccine? Unless you're one of the people who have legit medical reasons that you can't get vaccinated there's no excuse. This slowly growing distrust of vaccines is a blight on society spread by morons who don't understand what the **** they're talking about.
  5. Honestly if people need more reason other than trying to keep themselves and the population as a whole healthy and alive then they need to get their heads outta their asses.
  6. As opposed to stopping this pandemic being reason enough?
  7. Their secondary? Oh my stars.
  8. You know those Saturdays where they have 3 games back to back to back? I would love one of those right about now.
  9. Tell em to go pound sand if they don't want to play. Don't **** the rest of us over. They can't get fans in the stands anyway so what's the difference?
  10. I approve of the sentiment but you can't do that. Medical care is one of those basic things and we have to save even stupid people. However denying them the frivolous fun things because they're too stupid to protect everyone and themselves, that's totally fine.
  11. I had read that covid was an oddball in that it can spread before symptoms appear so it wasn't necessarily getting less deadly as it mutated. Guess we will just have to see what happens.
  12. See the corporations pay for democratic senators too, the establishment democrats can't go against their masters so we get this game of trying to appear bipartisan. It's all about the corporate greed.
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