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  1. because one game does not a career make.
  2. Yeah but 160 for teams tonight Brown to be a possible starter? Sorry that is a joke. More likely his number is 100 grand higher than that with some incentives for other metrics.
  3. If he's only getting backup offers he might as well stay here and be the backup in a great situation... the reason he would leave is to be a starter and the comes with a starters pay cheque whether you like it nor not.
  4. What scars are those? Being the best team in the league? The only spin is coming out of Saskatchewan. No-one thinks mace is a poor hire but this notion that Pierce withdrawing had nothing to do and is saving face is ludicrous. Who has to save face more buck Pierce who had all this come up only when rider media started tweeting he was the likely choice or the team who had been turned down by nearly every coach they've approached then last few years... I will believe they went into the process having mace as #1. But I also believe Buck did enough to wow them that sask media started tweeting about him being hired. So when buck is no longer interested It's back to "yeah we always wanted Mace!" Which can be a technical truth... but it ignores the ebbs and flows of the situation. And the situation is another coach told the riders he doesn't want to be in that circus.
  5. You think brown only gets 160k? If that's the case no way we lose him. Sadly for you, you're wrong.
  6. So the way I interpret it is Buck came in and wowed them and they all got a hard on for hiring buck (hence media reports) but Buck wasn't as impressed and withdrew so it was "mace was always the first choice!"
  7. Literally no-one wants to coach there so when someone tells them they actually want to be there they lose their minds.
  8. I see, so Buck just has to save face after no one knew he was a top candidate until rider media started tweeting about how he was their choice but actually they were wrong it was mace all along. Ok got it.
  9. People actually put weight into what that tool says? He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
  10. It's a game of inches, you are viewing fatigue as being too tired to get out there... it can be as simple as that one step slower. Fact is our star players are on the wrong side of 30 and the best this D played was with heavy rotation on the defensive line. Fatigue is absolutely a factor. I don't know what more evidence you need to see.
  11. Retired pretty early (relatively) because of all the injuries I think and then jumped straight into coaching.
  12. Oshea has been the head coach here for a long time and as we all know coaches are hired to be fired.... not saying he should be fired but it'll happen at some point.
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