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  1. a sample size of 1 isn't anything I'd be overly concerned about.
  2. No I'd rather play the stamps in Winnipeg. Not worried about that Rider team. Don't do stupid things they won't beat us.
  3. Rider fans started calling themselves the loudest fans in the league without cause, Bombers simply showed them how inferior they are. Act like jackasses, get called on it. ANd like I said, the bandwagon is full to bursting. Probably got a bunch of 14 year olds waxing poetic about how awful it was sitting in the stands during the Al Ford days, or how great Bobby Jurasin was and what a treat it was to watch him live!
  4. That was in the redzone, I know people like to use 20 or 25 yard throws as deep but I'm talking about something not into the endzone here.
  5. That sign is there is remind rider fans that they are not the best fans like they think. And more people on the rider bandwagon? Yeah lots of bandwagon jumpers in Saskatchewan I agree, it's a big part of what makes the fanbase garbage in human suits.
  6. No no see, there is a difference. They need to know what I think of them, I don't care what they think of me of Bomber fans.
  7. and the ****** might be thinking that way. Fits his MO.
  8. Best case is sweeping the stamps and hosting them in the west semi (since I don't think we'll get the help we need from teams with nothing to play for and no qbs against the Riders) but then we'd have to beat the Stamps 4 times in one year. That's a tough challenge, but I don't believe that Stamps team is as good as they were previously. They've lost a bunch of games this year they wouldn't normally. Last year in the playoffs it really was a case of Singleton getting the better of Andrew Harris and they don't have that matchup anymore.
  9. They need a reminder of how vile they are and lord knows someone has to take up that mantle.
  10. I was discussing the state of the Bombers the other day and I flat out asked why we stopped pushing the ball deep as often. When was the last time they tried to send Adams downfield in a one on one matchup? Why don't they try letting Whitehead just run under a ball? The only deep shots I can really remember are to Demski and when Harris caught a pass from Adams. The deep ball might be the weakest part of Strevelers passing game, but come on, you gotta take some shots anyway to keep the D from camping on your short game.
  11. Oh yeah how DARE we question the greatness of the BEST FANS IN THE CFL!!!11!!! Here's a pro-tip, I don't give a **** what you or your other Riders fans think of Bomber fans, it's your fanbases collective shitty behaviour that has made the rest of the league hate you all so much, not the Riders, you the **** head fans.
  12. Said in another thread, will say again here because apparently people don't pay attention... The Stamps lost to that same Als team just a couple weeks ago with the almighty Bo Levi Mitchell at QB. Calgary is a good team, but they're not the same team they have been the previous few years. They've got warts like the rest of the league.
  13. when was the last time they tried to go deep to the guy?
  14. It started in 2003, I remember it vividly. Team wasn't a complete joke and TSN started hyping up the Rider fans as being such diehards to put up with such **** (and to be clear the ones who actually did, yeah I got respect for them) but what happened is every ******* johnny come lately decided that yeah they were one of those special fans, real super fans who are clearly superior to everyone and it's poisoned the entire fanbase. They're all trash now who think the sun shines out of their asses. They are insufferable and the absolute worst thing about the CFL.
  15. See and I don't think it's the play calls exactly, more like teams know exactly what is coming and stop it. Which is why 2 years in a row now this team has gone through a stretch of football at about the same time of year where they've turned the ball over an inordinate number of times. That I put on the offensive coordinator because yes in a vacuum you can look at it and always find a player fault. Anything will work if it's executed perfectly by the players, but you also need to keep a defence guessing to put guys in a position to succeed. Lapo is a problem for this team. He doesn't make it easy on the quarterbacks and he relies quite frankly on the offensive line winning their battles one on one and for Harris to drag people for big yardage. The guy is capable of calling a good game and putting a good gameplan together, but I also think that he has next to no in game awareness or ability to ensure that his team keeps the upper hand.
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