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  1. I know what they were, I'm trying to get the other guy to offer up what he thinks actually happened. It's sure to be a good story.
  2. Which crimes did clinton have?
  3. The report itself says if they could have exonerated the president they would have just they couldn't, aka crimes. Why they never pursued impeachment I don't know, probably because of the sham trials the senate was always going to do, but just because they didn't act on the thing doesn't mean there was nothing there. The failure to act on it is just an example of the Democrats being awful too. See that's your problem. You pick horrible examples to prove your points. Be better.
  4. Except Mueller outlined many crimes.
  5. Little snow, but it was also cold as balls that day. The 25 or so of us the stands were really bundled up.
  6. If it's as much of a nothing burger as you think why are Republicans fighting tooth and nail to hide any evidence? I mean christ hillary clinton sat in front of way more bullshit hearings and they found nothing. Trump can't even keep from getting in trouble on his own. It's just so strange that trump is the one who gets defended. It would be easy for regressive to throw him under the bus and get someone less obvious in their crime in his place. Or is he popular because he is normalizing the abhorrent behaviour that they had to keep a secret before? Regressives only hope at this point is to continue to rig the system cause trump is turning off normal people and pushing people left.
  7. You know what that was? That was classic lapo thinking "hey The Fever can run, we don't need to risk throwing the ball without our starter that way!"
  8. Hey if Mike isn't being a smarmy ass to someone then why is he even here in the first place?
  9. even if they heard it they'd ignore it anyway because even the heavily censored crap the republicans are letting out is damning. At this point I'm not even sure if they're playing dumb or are actually just THAT dumb. Sadly I think it might be the latter.
  10. Funny when I think of the Borg I think more of regressive like yourself. No autonomy, complete group think, destroy everything in their wake. Resistance is futile.
  11. The essentially had to constantly roll their qbs out and throw the ball quick or the qbs would be killed. Bombers D handled that offense well all season. Losses were only when they turned the ball over themselves.
  12. Because he didn't. The riders offense really lacked anything of note to hurt the bombers that season regardless of who was at qb.
  13. Collaros didn't suck with the riders, he was astoundingly average and injured a pile... but his win/loss record was solid.
  14. and I really don't think that's an accurate statement... That guy was as into the Grey Cup game as anyone and as into the post game celebrations with the fans as anyone. He seemed to really be enjoying everything and if the Bombers ask him back I bet he's back.
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