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  1. 17to85

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    yeah if you watch carefully a lot of times in TV and movies if there's a football game on in the background it'll be a CFL game.
  2. 17to85

    Bombers / Riders Pre Game "Discussion"

    yeah and all those people who drive under the influences are pieces of ****.
  3. 17to85

    Game 6 : Oil Money Gang

    You know what happened in that game? In period 3 the Oilers coaches finally changed the lines around to what the fans have been screaming for since forever. Put Puljujarvi with Draisaitl, stopped making him drag Lucic around all the time and putting yamamoto and Lucic with strome in the bottom 6 and take some of the pressure off them. It changed the dynamic of the lines and they all started playing better. They also stapled Benning and Garrison to the bench on D after they were on the ice for the first 2 goals against. Benning has been on the ice for something stupid like 70% of the goals against for the Oilers, no idea why they keep dressing him. Draisaitl has had a poor start to the season so no wonders he's not noticable, but again McDavid looked invisible when they made him drag Lucic around for half the year last year too. And the reason the Oilers D looks slow is because it is. Only Nurse is a great skater out of the bunch. Klefbom and Larsson are OK skaters but hardly speedsters.
  4. Cause I will give Lapo credit when it's deserved.
  5. especially one who has had probably less than 5 passes thrown to him
  6. 17to85

    Game 6 : Oil Money Gang

    and Kassian if he feels like it. Khaira isn't a total goon but is showing a lot, and Nurse can be a tough dude when he wants, but being thin on D has kept him from really having the ability to sit in the penalty box for 5 minutes.
  7. 17to85

    Riderfans.com Game Day Thread

    forget connor macgregor, this is why it made me laugh:
  8. Nope. Not in the context of that game. Lapo does this thing where if the offence doesn't need to move theball he won't let it cause he'll call the most bullshit safe game plan you've ever seen. Saturdays game was a classic case of show up, score 2 touchdowns then the Bombers all but leave the stadium on offence cause they don't need to be there anymore.
  9. Lapo is way too conservative. If the guy had a set of balls he'd be a great coordinator but I've seen too much of his play not to lose mentality over the course of the 3 times he's been here and I ain't a fan.
  10. 17to85

    US Politics

    he fell down an elevator shaft onto some bullets.
  11. 17to85

    Bombers / Riders Pre Game "Discussion"

    It got your collective panties in a bunch so mission accomplished.
  12. 17to85

    Riderfans.com Game Day Thread

    Why not give thompkins a chance to be that guy? He seems to have the athleticism.