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  1. Remember, TSN is a partner of the league, they do try and get asses into the seats any way they can, which is 2hy you get burgers and hot dogs.
  2. We are bound and determined to make it happen.
  3. He came back in the game though right?
  4. Hey he's new to the league, he doesn't know any better.
  5. I would suggest rewatching the game against BC. An uncharacteristic kick return td and some iffy pass interference penalties made it seem closer than it really was.
  6. Harris had some big moments in Ottawa too. To me he is the same guy. Montreal and BC aren't the strongest competition to start the season. Bombers handled BC easily while playing a sloppy game, Edmonton will be good but they aren't juggernauts yet.
  7. You just know that some suit had the bright idea that they need to be more entertaining in the booth to draw people's interest. That **** annoys the hell out of me. The game is the entertainment, the talking heads are there only to supplement and compliment that. Who ever decided commentators were the stars of the show has made sports really hard to watch.
  8. Trevor Harris always plays his best football in the summer.
  9. The Argos being a steaming pile of **** does no favours for the league.
  10. Well to be fair Noeller brings up the hat all the time, not just now.
  11. Noeller has always had this weird obsession with hat etiquette... I remember when a bomber player one time tweeted about how awful it was to wear a hat to the gym and poor Noeller had an existential crisis.
  12. Claybrooks face during the game says his internal monologue is "Wonder if I can just go back to Calgary..."
  13. You sell out to sack the qb Harris will rip them to shreds. That is what BC lacks. Edmonton knows there's no run game to worry about.
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