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  1. In general terms, problem is the books are massive sprawling things and the show had to cut characters and consolidate roles. The end might be the same but how they get there is wildly different.
  2. I will watch them when Martin either finishes the books (I read the first one like a year after it was published so I been very, very patient) or he kicks the bucket, whichever comes first. I'm not letting the HBO clowns ruin any potential spoilers for the vastly superior books.
  3. Except they're a coupe of hacks too. Without material from George RR Martin their show quality dropped off the face of the earth and they just tried to have big shocking moments to carry the show. I stopped watching after I guess it was season 4, maybe 5 because it was just crap compared to what it was when they had the books to follow.
  4. Rian Johnson is simply a self important douchenozzle. Guy thinks he's better than doing what everyone expects, but if you're making Star Wars the point is that you gotta give the fans what they want. You want to go subvert expectations go make your own movie and don't **** all over beloved characters and movies.
  5. Yeah the biggest issue with TLJ was that they clearly set up plot points in TFA and then just completely disregarded them in the following movie. You just can't do that. If you are making a sequel you have to follow the story laid out in the first movie.
  6. am I reading this correctly? A top 5 list that doesn't include A New Hope? So basically They're all good except I really hated The Last Jedi and Solo was just a useless movie that I found boring and uninteresting. So those two suck, the rest are fine. Yeah even the prequels. They're not the greatest things ever and they got lots of cringe in them, but they're way way better than the **** that Rian Johnson smeared on the screen with his attempt at subverting expectations. What an asshat that guy is.
  7. No way, Trump would lose his mind if people actually saw his finances. Guy is all about projecting his image. Being wealthy is what defines him in his own mind, if he didn't have that he'd have nothing.
  8. they gotta have a couple actual reporters to keep the news part of their name no doubt.
  9. yeah every thing I've read Mueller basically says "there was a ton of collusion here, but collusion isn't in the criminal code so we looked at conspiracy and while we see all these acts of collusion we don't see an official agreement between Russian government and Trump to really nail him to the wall" So if that's the angle one wants to play go for that, it's what Barr did, but to say no collusion, that's just not paying attention.
  10. it's not about Hillary losing, it's about the criminality of Trump. It's about holding the elite and politicians to account for their actions. Especially as a Canadian I don't really give a **** who wins an election in the states, their system is bullshit anyway when a choice between 2 people can have the person who receives less votes win the presidency anyway, but this is all about seeing justice done. The Democrats lost the election themselves choosing Hillary as their nominee despite how utterly un-electable she was as president. She might have been qualified and a popular choice withing the party, but the general public was not going to pick her. Her image was just so poor. However that doesn't change the fact that Trump is a wannabe mob boss who is compromised and committed crimes and needs to be held accountable. I question Democrats are going to do the right thing here for political reasons, and we know the GOP will put party over anything else and protect Trump, but the Democrats in congress need to impeach Trump just so that no one else is allowed to get away with it. Next time it might not be a bumbling buffoon like Trump.
  11. No, the reason for no charges is this ridiculous idea down there that you can't charge a sitting president. Full stop. They've already charged a pile of other people for things related to it. Collusion happened, go look at the report, obstruction happened, go look at the report.... but nothing is done because there is a belief that the president is above the law. So the way it has to happen then is congress has to impeach the president to move forward with anything. It's really quite simple, but anyone who says there's no crimes is just being wilfully ignorant. If you really believe there is no collusion go find me something that shows that and don't hide behind this straw man argument that no charges = no collusion. Even ******* Trump has flipped. Remember when Barr released his summary and Trump was all "total exoneration! No collusion!" and now that the thing is out there redacted and all he's "Presidential harassment!" "18 angry deomcrats!" "Witch hunt! Lies! Fake News!"
  12. actually he said he found plenty of crimes but didn't have the authority to act on them, so he did what he could and prepared the report so that congress could act on those crimes as they saw fit. I mean christ there is a direct quote that says if they could have exonerated the president they would have, but they couldn't exonerate him so it's up to congress to pursue charges. You set up this ridiculous expectation without being grounded in reality at all. Trump is guilty as ****, it's laid out in the report, just a matter of what political games get played now. If justice was as blind as she is supposed to be there would be charges a plenty, but it's all politics down there right now.
  13. the report literally says it was beyond their scope to make charges against the president and that it's congress who decides on that.... why ignore everything in the report and cling to this bullshit? I hope to god you're just trolling because if not you sir are a complete ******* moron.
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