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  1. Brandon Banks showed his true colors when he pussed out in the grey cup.
  2. It's worse than that. He actually seems to think that previous things just disappeared, not understanding that it was because of systems in place to control it that it seemed to disappear before. He is the text book example of proving that any idiot off the street can't just run the country any better.
  3. 17to85


    I would think the in the car qualifier indicates it's for the times he is out and about.
  4. The second that the lower class realizes that the upper class has been waging a class warfare they are in big big trouble.
  5. 17to85


    Woo! Highway 325! Drove into town on that road all the time.
  6. Which is why I don't vote NDP. The Liberals can hardly be classified as left. They are the epitome of centrists. Bend over for big business but throw some social progress as well.
  7. Never stop your opponent when they are making a mistake.
  8. Not if he keeps saying stupid things like he has done recently. No the problem for the conservatives is that they have been fully taken over by the extreme right, and that won't win elections. Look how hard Harper had to work to keep that in check.
  9. 17to85


    I was gonna say, perhaps report the store. If they're having people work with symptoms, covid or not that is grossly irresponsible.
  10. None of these are shocking revelations to anyone paying attention... and all those shiefs of staff so upset... maybe they should have spoken up sooner. Let's face it, people were happy to enable trump as long as they were benefiting from it, but now that it's all falling apart, as it was always bound to do everyone is trying to distance themselves. They're all guilty and they all need to own this on their permanent records.
  11. As Bomber fans we should be very aware of how hard it is to be successful with a **** teir offensive line.... Yeah they had some nice receiver and Reilly, but when the qb is getting his ass kicked night in and night out you won't win very often.
  12. LOL, you know what else is an ongoing joke on reddit? Everything. Reddit is a fun platform, but it's pretty much an echo chamber.
  13. but at the same time that Lions team was not built terribly well either.
  14. Russian asset. Imagine going back in time and telling republicans back then that their party and their party supporters would be totally OK with the president bending over backwards for Russia...
  15. CBC like all news outlets had shifted towards the attention grabbing headlines to get eyeballs on their content... but their factual reporting is still there. They just aren't going to run with incorrect stories.
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