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  1. Well they don't have to say what they're doing, but a simple statement of "we have some ideas if things are still in a dicey situation" Given how spectacularly they dropped the ball in 2020 you can see why it seems like there is no faith.
  2. But that was my entire point... come up with some ideas for multiple scenarios instead of just shrugging their shoulders and saying "well we hope things get back to normal" It may not work out, but for God's sake put some effort in. Come up with out of the box solutions.
  3. The bottom line is that ambrosie has been a pretty poor commissioner and the lack of plans surrounding this are a sign of poor management. Yes this pandemic has made everything difficult, but the organizations that handle it well have multiple plans for multiple situations. The cfl barely had a plan for one certain scenario.
  4. I am sure the war room will get right on that.
  5. That's just it. They are ok with the shitty policy, but don't like the guy saying it out loud.
  6. It was the biggest softball possible and trump not only whiffed, he hit himself in the face doing it. All you had to do was listen to the experts and be a strong calming figure and people would praise your efforts. But no, trump is just weak in every way.
  7. Which is the problem... Moscow Mitch and the Republican controlled senate are sitting on their hands while people are faced with no jobs and an out of control pandemic. They are actively hurting the country through their unwillingness to do anything that isn't for the benefit of the 1%. Those assholes in that party need to be dealt with right away because as long as they exist in their current form you will never unite that country.
  8. Republicans are the problem, trump is just a symptom. You can't unite the country when one side is responsible for the tribalism. It can't wait, the cancer that is the republican party needs to be fixed.
  9. This is the biggest drawback to Joe Biden. He is a middle ground, reach across the aisle type and the Republicans simply don't reach back. The USA needs someone who will play the same games the Republicans do and string em up for all their ****. Because next time the wannabe dictator they pick won't be as inept as Trump.
  10. The GOP would never allow paper ballots only. Too much to lose without easily hacked voting machines.
  11. This is what happens when you don't pay your lawyers.
  12. GOP Gaslight - Obstruct - Project
  13. The only way Trump could crush Fox News is if he were to own it and run it like he has all his other businesses.
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