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  1. The argos game plan on D was exactly what you don't do against the riders.
  2. Shotgun handoff 3rd and goal from the 1 is pants on head ******** play calling
  3. Good news! We just happened to have the hardest hitting D in the league.
  4. Well first thing, no one is really complaining that the riders have had only 1 road game, it's said more in amazement because it's ridiculous scheduling. As you pointed out they're barely at home for the end of the season. Isn't that ridiculous? And second of all the schedule does not even out. Pretty obvious that Ottawa is the worst team in the league and the Bombers for example don't play them once while other teams get multiple games against them. Edmonton gets boned on the schedule too with that ridiculous re-scheduling. It's a piss poor schedule and I think everyone can agree with that.
  5. If Harris took the helmet and swing at a player then yes he should have been suspended. But that didn't happen. Let's face it, you are out to lunch on this argument. Could he have been ejected? Sure if the refs wanted to be really strict, but it's not automatic and they felt it wasn't warranted.
  6. Yeah only 1 road game for the riders. Ridiculous right? Also stubler is an idiot. Soft run D and give up the short passes... the exact things you don't want to do against the riders.
  7. We are basking in the back to back victories over a division rival. Go be salty somewhere else.
  8. Outside of khari the best qb he had was Kevin Glenn. Ain't that some ****?
  9. Ummm has fajardo not started every game for the riders thus far ( Bombers kicked his ass twice in a row by the way) Harris has been in the whole time for the elks up til now... so why is it just an excuse now that the Bombers record is better than everyone else's? I will say this, the narrative that the Bombers are just lucky with injuries is crap. Our team has depth. Full stop. That is why it doesn't appear injuries have impacted them. Get a GM that does his job and you can replace guys lost to injury. Kyle walters is the hardest working most proactive Gm in the cfl. Change my mind.
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