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  1. Being able to delay the 2nd dose to 4 months is huge for getting the first shot into as many people as possible. If everyone gets their first shot by summer that goes a long long way to getting lives back to normal. The question of course is, does life go back to normal? Or has there been a systemic change that will linger?
  2. Governments really dropped the ball supporting small businesses imo.
  3. Colin just wants to go back to the days of milt and Bruce at slot. Lots of ways to make receivers work. All depends on what kind of offense you're running.
  4. As I said, Nichols came in and did the things you praise collaros for. Willy started the same way. Streveler too. But when ever qb that comes through here has the same progression towards ultra safe dump offs you gotta start looking at the guy coaching the offense.
  5. I feel like we have said this for every qb we have had the last few times Lapo has been here. Maybe, just maybe that's a huge thing in the Lapolice offense. I mean Drew Willy became dump off man, Matt Nichols did it. Streveler started out throwing all over the place and became run or dump it off guy... Maybe that's just want Lapo does to his quarterbacks? The more time they play the more they dump off. The issue with Nichols is that he is not as accurate on the deep ball as some guys. He took his shots because a lapolice offense will always try and hit some big plays. Colla
  6. lots and lots of isms.
  7. They play any more games like they did against the leafs they'd be lucky to get 15%
  8. All of the media companies in this country seem like complete trash.
  9. Yeah the 60% isn't a concern when you consider that it has shown to prevent people from getting seriously ill anyway. At this point take whatever we can get and get ourselves some herd immunity going.
  10. Was never in doubt. He showed his support during both impeachment proceedings. They are Republicans. They might hate each other but they all play for the same team and are hell bent on winning even if they have to tolerate people they despise.
  11. The more vaccines that get approved the quicker we can get enough stock to vaccinate everyone so huzzah!
  12. the early studies from Israel show something like 90% of transmissions were stopped and it appears that the vaccines prevent people without symptoms from spreading. So those are pretty encouraging results.
  13. I think the smartest teams are the ones who think outside the box with their Canadians. The old school mentality is to draft a bunch of offensive linemen, but I’d rather take the really good pass rushers or running backs or corners because there’s no competition for them. Kyle Walters snorts derisively.
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