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  1. To be fair, the ducking autocorrect often changes it to Kylie.
  2. Demski gonna embrace being the top local boy now just you watch.
  3. Yeah he stayed on the NDP would have cruised to victory, he doesn't want to own that. As it is I am not sure how the ucp recover from this. That party has deep divisions and they have pissed off a lot of moderates. Not sure who in their ranks can convince the masses they are worth voting for.
  4. Going to disagree with that statement. How much the league and teams make is 100% relevant to players because the players make the entertainment. If teams are making a pile of money why shouldn't players get their cut? Meanwhile if the leagueis losing money it is easier for player to accept not getting as much as they might want. Transparency is a good thing.
  5. Exactly. This is 100% about the owners not being willing to be open with the players.
  6. But which policies do people take issue with? I know people don't like the carbon tax, no one ever likes a tax, but it is a relatively minor expense all things considered. So which policies are so bad for rural Canada?
  7. Fanbois without journalist credit don't understand fact checking!?! The hell you say!.
  8. One of his kids wrote a children's book about his story. My son has a copy and I've had to read it to him about a million times.
  9. Well they wouldn't need this law if the plebs would just know their role and accept the **** that their betters force upon them.
  10. There are 9 teams in the cfl, how many players are there? Easier for 9 entities to be united than all the players. Players don't have the leverage people think. They are more desperate than teams are. That's why they always get the shaft in these negotiations.
  11. But some of those things are heavily Ritchie issues too right? I mean those two were prettylockstep in their decisions. Taman learned how to GM from Ritchie. That's the bottom line.
  12. I don't remember who so I will give you the benefit of the doubt but definitely originated on ourbombers. People were going nuts over signing Peterson and I was like "yeah but his hands suck" hard to be right all the time.
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