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  1. 17to85


    A lot of work and planning goes into things that big though, I understand waiting until as late as possible to cancel.
  2. 17to85


    it would be the one that wants nothing to do with her family.
  3. Says the guy who is borderline obsessed with those movies... jokes on you as it's essentially the same thing, just a different form of media. Books are no more or less nerdy tha movies. Time to face facts, you seem like a nice fellow but you're clearly a nerd.
  4. I heard he owns a Feed and Seed shop. Bought it from Chuck.
  5. 17to85


    No discovery without personal hardships!
  6. 17to85


    god bless the researchers doing this stuff.
  7. 17to85


    Jason Kenney being an *******, nothing new here. Same as he ever was. Just gotta ride out the next several years and hope people have smartened the **** up next election.
  8. I did my absolute best to try and tell people here that Kenney was going to be like this but to no avail. They all thought that conservatives had a magic oil price button to push.
  9. absolutely, if someone I had supported in the past acted like a dink I'd vote for someone else no hesitation. Elected officials are only accountable when voters hold them accountable. Voting for someone no matter what simply enables abuses of power to happen.
  10. Yeah but they can't afford that because they're spending all their money protecting these countries! Slackers should have to spend on their own militaries! Rabble rabble rabble!
  11. 17to85


    That seems the pessimistic view to me. Flattening should show up sooner than a couple months.
  12. Add in that Canada is going to start paying 75% of salary for small and medium businesses too. Really impressed by the way they are stepping up and doing the right thing.
  13. Poor Trumpy. So desperately wants praise for solving this thing yet history will write about his ineptitude exacerbating the situation and it being a complete disaster. Being a good leader isn't that hard, you simply listen to the smart people and let them make you look good. Trump though doesn't like not being the smartest guy in the room, which given how low a bar that is makes the entire thing a gong show. Sad. Even sadder that so many people bought into the crap.
  14. 17to85


    There were jerks before and there will be jerks after.
  15. 17to85


    OK Boomer sorry I don't really mean that, it was just too easy to pass up.
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