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  1. Do you remember what he was like as the head coach?
  2. Ottawa will be in every game... and probably play just well enough to lose. It's the lapo way.
  3. Well no offense, but what you don't know could fill a warehouse. No just joking, never pass up an opportunity to use that line. He was mentioned as being interviewed for sure so it isn't out of the blue.
  4. Mcguire showed a lot of good things in the preseason. Definitely a guy that I too want to see more of.
  5. Streveler and Nichols 2 qb system. That's the ticket imo. One vet and one young guy I think is required.
  6. What because a 2nd year qb isn't Doug flutie? Streveler has sky high potential and already has shown some ability as a passer.
  7. a first round pick for a starting qb is a well worthwhile trade. Problem with Collaros is his injury history means you might get him for 1 play or all season or anything in between. That's where the gamble comes in.
  8. Macadoo gets such an unfair rap there. Guy made cofaj look like a qb, i wouldn't be in a rush to move on from him.
  9. You missed the point, the point was in past years the defense was awful and even with a good game offensively by Nichols the team lost. If nichols had a good D backing him in BC and against Edmonton in past semi finals he probably walks out with some wins there.
  10. This is the stupidest ******* argument in have ever seen. Give nichols the D we saw in this playoffs backing him up he would have won a lot more playoff games. Also calgary this year is not the same as Calgary last year so don't even try and make that comparison.
  11. Everyone has even lost the entire point here. It's not really whether or not Collaros is better than Nichols, he may very well be, but at this point in their careers (pending how Nichols comes back from injuries) they're not so far apart. The entire point here is that it is complete and utter horseshit that people are so willing to downplay everything that Matt Nichols has done for this team.
  12. Some people just have a negative outlook and I honestly feel sorry for them. I don't know how they go through life never truly having any long lasting joy in their lives.
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