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  1. There was a convo on twitter yesterday suggesting that this may be the worst group of Premiers in Canadian History. Is it a mere coincidence that there are 7 provincial Conservative governments?
  2. He is not listed as a potential FA, so I assume the Bombers have his rights (excluding NFL window).
  3. Updated List (MBB Free Agent Tracker): Bomber Free Agents: Quarterback Dakota Prukop (A) Fullback Mike Miller (N) Receiver Rasheed Bailey (A) Nic Demski (N) Greg Ellingson (A) Janarion Grant (A) Timothy Knuettel (G) Greg McCrae (A) Luke McMillan (N) Offensive line Stanley Bryant (A) Michael Couture (N) Jermarcus Hardrick (A) Patrick Neufeld (N) Re-signed Eric Lofton (A) Tyler Witt (A) Defensive line Keion Adams (A) Jackson Jeffcoat (A) Willie Jefferson (A) Re-signed Casey Sayles (A) Jake Thomas (N) Linebacker Adam Bighill (A) Re-signed Jesse Briggs (N) Shayne Gauthier (N) Les Maruo (G) Kyrie Wilson (A) DeJuan Cooper (A) Defensive back Alden Darby (A) Desmond Lawrence (A) Mercy Maston (A) Winston Rose (A) Nick Taylor (A) Souleymane Karamoko (G) Cedric Lavigne (N) Donald Rutledge Jr. (A) Kicker Ali Mourtada (A) Long snapper Mike Benson (N)
  4. And Finally, Toronto's Potential Free Agent List: Quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson (A) Running back Andrew Harris (N) A.J. Ouellette (A) Receiver Markeith Ambles (A) Juwan Brescacin (N) DaVaris Daniels (A) Kurleigh Gittens Jr. (A) Eric Rogers (A) Offensive line Isiah Cage (A) Philip Blake (N) Justin Lawrence (N) Trevon Tate (A) Defensive line Ja’Gared Davis (A) Fabion Foote (N) Shane Ray (A) Robbie Smith (N) Linebacker Brandon Calver (N) Wynton McManis (A) Henoc Muamba (N) Defensive back DaShaun Amos (A) Robertson Daniel (A) Chris Edwards (A) Royce Metchie (N) Shaquille Richardson (A) Kicker Boris Bede (A) Long snapper Maxime Latour (N) A number of players finished the season on the practice roster, including American receiver Jeremiah Haydel, American offensive lineman Kofi Appiah, Canadian offensive lineman Dylan Giffen, Canadian offensive lineman Braydon Noll, American defensive lineman Jared Brinkman, American defensive lineman Eli Mencer, Global defensive lineman Simeon Okonta-Wariso, Canadian linebacker Enoch Penney-Laryea, Canadian defensive back Jonathan Edouard, American defensive back Caleb Holden, and Global kicker Toshiki Sato. As such, they are currently free agents.
  5. Got my bivalent booster and flu shot yesterday (that's my fifth Covid shot). No side effects and my family of 4 still has not tested positive. On the other hand, it seems my school age daughter has RSV and has missed this entire week of class.
  6. I think it's important to find a sense of fellowship and community. The reality is that the community itself does not and should not rely on the outcome of a game.
  7. I should add that my interests go well beyond just "finding out why things are they way they are" and into pursuing stories about people and organizations that are succeeding in making the world a better place. Without the extra step, I'd be doomed and so would my kids.
  8. I used to take sports way, way too seriously and then about 25 years ago happened on a video essay by Ian Ross discussing the concept of Bread and Circuses. I cannot find it unfortunately, but here is a good summary of the concept: The idea that people can be pacified by food and entertainment when they should be rallying to their prescribed civic duties isn't a new one. In fact, the concept was first described in ancient times by the satirical Roman poet Juvenal, who penned the Latin term panem et circenses, which means "bread and circuses." "Two things only the people anxiously desire -- bread and circuses," he wrote, lamenting the failure of citizens to take action as the democratic Roman Republic fell and the heavy-handed Roman Empire began. Within a mere 100 years, Rome underwent massive governmental changes. What in 133 B.C.E. was a free republic that relied on a voting populace and an assembly system morphed into an embittered autocracy by the first century C.E. [source: Beard]. Thus, Juvenal's term, "bread and circuses" went viral, used by scores of people -- then and now -- to describe people who voluntarily trade their democratic freedoms in exchange for stable-yet-controlling government. Back then, the Roman government kept the Roman people pacified by offering them free food and rousing entertainment in the Roman Colosseum. Now, "bread and circuses" applies to any civic or governmental entity -- or any situation, really -- in which the masses willingly accept short-term solutions to ease their discontent. So, essentially sports is and has been used to distract us from what's really important in our lives. That's not to say that we shouldn't allow ourselves to be distracted, but we have to recognize it for the distraction that it is. As someone who takes the world far too seriously (and also suffers from depression) I struggle with thirsting to know everything I can about why things are the way they are. I appreciate the excitement of sport, the beauty of music and great stories (whether they be delivered in a book or by a television show or movie) if only to remember what it's like to feel something. That being said, those feelings are fleeting - perhaps by necessity - because I still try to care about the truly important things we all can get distracted from.
  9. Not sure why this took so long to come out, but here it is" Montreal Potential Free Agents List Quarterback Dominique Davis (A) Trevor Harris (A) Running back Walter Fletcher (A) Fullback Regis Cibasu (N) Receiver Mike Jones (A) Kaion Julien-Grant (N) Eugene Lewis (A) Hergy Mayala (N) Reggie White Jr. (A) Jake Wieneke (A) Chandler Worthy (A) Offensive line Chris Schleuger (A) Defensive line Thomas Costigan (A) Vincent Desjardins (N) Michael Wakefield (A) Linebacker Micah Awe (A) Tyrice Beverette (A) Keishawn Bierria (A) Frederic Chagnon (N) Defensive back Kerfalla-Emmanuel Exume (N) Mike Jones (A) Nafees Lyon (A) Adarius Pickett (A) Greg Reid (A) Wesley Sutton (A) Raheem Wilson (A) Long snapper Pierre-Luc Caron (N) A number of players finished the season on the practice roster, including American receiver Jon’Vea Johnson, Global receiver Kevin Kaya, American offensive lineman Jamar McGloster, Canadian offensive lineman Jakub Szott, American defensive lineman Nick Heninger, Canadian defensive back Treshaun Abrahams, Global punter Joel Whitford. As such, they are currently free agents.
  10. Because that would negate a gold medal response early on?
  11. This is exactly why I'm cooler on Lawler than a lot of people. I don't think anyone is going to pay him 300K again, but his price is going to be very high. Even the Riders will have freed up their Duke money. Interested to hear what the "sign Lawler" advocates think his price tag is going to be.
  12. I love Kyrie Wilson and thought he was our ODP at the beginning of the season. It's the healthy part that concerns me. Santos-Knox can play MLB too.
  13. I think Santos-Knox could solve more of our problems than Lawler, to be honest. Of course, that depends on what happens with Schoen.
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