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  1. Yeah, I guess I asked that rhetorically.
  2. So the Texas Republicans experimented with deregulating energy, saying that competition would drive down costs and make things more efficient - 'cause capitalism rules! Kansas Republicans implemented the wet dream of low low taxes - 'cause capitalism rules! Both "experiments" turned out to be abject failures. What else does the right wing even have beyond promises of low taxes and deregulation?
  3. Ted Lasso is fantastic. Probably the most optimistic and pleasant show I've watched in awhile.
  4. All reports so far say he was alone in the car.
  5. Katie Porter is the kind of person who would be awesome in any government role, but this is a fine appointment.
  6. It seems to me that moving Brandon Alexander to safety made a huge difference to the team's success, even though I know I shouldn't be pointing to just one player as a difference maker.
  7. I'm old enough to remember watching Notley beat the Conservatives instead of watching a Blue Jays playoff game.
  8. The fall of Jason Kenney By Bruce Livesey | Opinion, Politics | February 8th 2021 Jason Kenney was pissed. On Jan. 20, the Alberta premier walked into a press conference at the legislature in Edmonton, making a beeline to a podium that bore a sign reading “Standing up for Alberta.” Wearing a dusky navy blue suit and matching tie, Kenney was responding to breaking news that U.S. President Joe Biden had just canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, which was to carry oil from Alberta to Nebraska. “This is a gut punch for the Canadian and Alberta economies,” s
  9. Scientists develop transparent wood that is stronger and lighter than glass Bob McDonald · CBC Radio · Posted: Feb 05, 2021 3:22 PM ET Researchers at the University of Maryland have turned ordinary sheets of wood into transparent material that is nearly as clear as glass, but stronger and with better insulating properties. It could become an energy efficient building material in the future. Wood is made of two basic ingredients: cellulose, which are tiny fibres, and lignin, which bonds those fibres together to give it strength. Tear a paper towel in half and look closely alo
  10. Did a certain poster just get his computer privileges back from his mommy or is it just me who thinks that?
  11. I've heard about a number of "Super Battery" technologies, but this one seems to top them all: How Could Nano-Diamond Batteries Revolutionize Power Generation? Researchers have claimed that nano-diamond batteries could last for 28,000 years. Such batteries would not only be beneficial to the world of electric cars and mobile phones, but their application would also be useful in aerospace and medical technology. This article discusses the development, commercialization, and application of novel nano-diamond batteries. In 2016, at the annual lecture of the Cabot Institute, Universi
  12. NOVEMBER 19, 20208:32 PMUPDATED 18 HOURS AGO China-led shift to electric vehicles to help end 'oil era': study By Reuters Staff SHANGHAI (Reuters) - An aggressive China-led shift to electric vehicles is expected to slash global oil demand growth by 70% by 2030 and will help bring an end to the “oil era”, according to research by the Carbon Tracker think tank published on Friday. Within 10 years, China could save more than $80 billion in annual oil import costs as new-e
  13. From today's Free Press: GM: New batteries cut electric car costs, increase range DETROIT (AP) — General Motors says a pending breakthrough in battery chemistry will cut the price of its electric vehicles so they equal those powered by gasoline within five years. The technology also will increase the range per charge to as high as 450 miles. The company’s product development chief promised a small electric SUV that will cost under $30,000 and pledged to roll out 30 battery-powered models worldwide by 2025. Nearly all current electric vehicles cost more than $30,000. The announcement
  14. Yes, it's a beautiful park and a nice way to spend an evening or afternoon, but the whole Goldeyes business scheme has stunk from the beginning. Katz was self-dealing by billing the city for parties he held at his restaurant; the parking lot deal stinks to high heaven and him failing to disclose more financials for taxpayer subsidizies makes the fish smell even fishier. I could get behind the franchise if he wasn't involved at all, but I actively don't support the team because of the above. He's no different than Trump in a business sense - just on a much smaller scale.
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