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  1. You're predicting 8 field goals and a punt single for the Als? Bombers don't give up touchdowns.
  2. Been away on a family road trip for the last 3 weeks, but watched the last 3 games on PVR. Just want to point out that Winston Rose is getting better each week. Most impressed by his sure tackling which is pretty amazing for a slight guy. Looking like his all-star self again.
  3. I was at that game and it seemed then that the Bombers always lost when I attended. We lost 44-21. Trevor Harris went 29/39 for 361. Powell rushed for over 100 and Ellingson caught 8 for 100 yds. August 17, 2018. https://www.footballdb.com/games/boxscore/ottawa-redblacks-vs-winnipeg-blue-bombers-2018081701
  4. Play by play Accuracy Get the players' names right Get the penalty calls right Describe what the radio or TV audience cannot see or hear (wind, crowd noise etc) Attentiveness/Focus Describe the play as it happens. Don't ignore an active play. Skill & knowledge Has a strong vocabulary so they don't need to describe a similar play the same way twice. Ability to control the broadcast. Skillfully throws to the colour commentator and is willing to cut them off when a new play begins. Ability to perform a concise interview. Impartiality *Just think about what made Bob Irving great. Colour commentary Knowledge of the game Ability to break down a play Explain why it did or didn't work Storytelling ability Enthusiasm for the game Intelligence Don't have to be Einstein, but should have a decent grasp of the language. Discipline Know when to shut up. Ability to tell a tale relevant to a current game situation Authenticity Feel free to add.
  5. He did the job for far too long to be as bad as he was. I'll never understand how he kept getting the prime gigs.
  6. You can't compare a play by play announcer (Black) with a colour commentator (Dunigan/Suitor). They have totally different roles and duties.
  7. Not the same at all. Black was not interested in actually doing play by play which was his g*d damned job! Black also had a poor vocabulary which led him to develop some really annoying nicknames and terms. Suitor's lack of personality means he has to resort to repeating himself. It's also super obvious when he's referring to his minimally prepped information. It might just be me, but also find Suitor to consistently speak from a place of cynicism, which really isn't helpful when trying to sell the game. I also find him inauthentic. Dunigan brings enthusiasm and knowledge delivered in a hodgepodge way, but he has the personality and authenticity to pull it off.
  8. I think Reilly could have become a broadcast legend if he chose to or was offered the opportunity. Super well-spoken and even keel.
  9. You would need to give him 6-10 feet of space to pull that off in the corner of the end zone. Doesn't sound advisable on a one on one.
  10. WOW!!! Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. ETHAN CAIRNS / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Carlton Agudosi scores a touchdown for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers against the Calgary Stampeders at IG Field in Winnipeg, on Friday.
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