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  1. That depends on what Mourtada shows in practice (obviously). His lifetime stats are not good and certainly not as good as Legghio's. Tough spot we're in on the placekicking side of things...
  2. They seriously need to consider regional measures for places like the Bible Belt in the South. The pandemic is almost 2 years old, vaccines have been administered since December 2020(!) and some people still choose to endanger others. Time to stop coddling the fools. If Manitoba can lead on Vaccine Passports, they can lead on this as well.
  3. A 10% cut while costs are always rising is not insignificant, especially when you consider that CBC was at the forefront of providing digital news and media to Canadians during this time. Also take into account that CBC lost major ad revenue (anywhere from 50 to 175 million) when they lost the NHL contract in 2013. You might be surprised at how much it costs to produce a single episode for television. Now consider that CBC's mandate is to provide content for all Canadians in English and French on Radio and Television. It also provides streaming music and other digital content for free to Canadians. I won't even touch the 10 or 12 trucks comment because it goes beyond hyperbole. I know enough people who worked at CBC to know that local news programming has been slashed to the point where it is almost impossible to deliver any kind of quality news daily. As for non-news ratings, if you want more Big Brother and Real Housewives in your TV menu, have at it. I'm glad there is programming for thinking people. I'll repeat that both sides of the political spectrum are complaining about CBC bias, so maybe your problem isn't with the CBC.
  4. So the CPC will eliminate advertising on CBC TV to prepare it for sale to private interests that will require advertising. It doesn't take a genius to realize they want to destroy what's left of what they started destroying under Harper. Local programming is almost unwatchable, not because of bias - but because local news programming and staff were slashed under Harper. You need staff to create strong programming and it sure doesn't start and end with reporters. I hear claims of liberal bias in regards to the CBC, but I hear equal claims that they are too conservative and need to get rid of what's left of Harper's board appointees. If both sides of the spectrum are complaining, it tells me that they're not as biased as some people suggest.
  5. It's way back in this thread, but I firmly believe that the most recent slide began with Reagan telling Americans that they can't trust government and then winning the Presidency.
  6. The Golden Rule predates the bible - any of them. It's the only thing people really need to understand.
  7. It would make sense that his next test is not so "randomly" chosen.
  8. Great response to Rebel Media reporter trying to make Rebel Media (and not the election) the main story.
  9. I had the same immediate reaction based on what the American military/governement has said, but I also don't know if the former Afghan government ordered their American supplied weaponry destroyed when they surrendered.
  10. North of Hwy 3, maybe.
  11. Alberta still has about 1.5 million unvaxxed. Only 52% of America is fully vaxxed. When you're working with the smaller Manitoba numbers, I believe it skews the percentages.
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