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  1. Do we really know that, though? The only really good look we got was in horrible weather with a weaker roster. I'm fine with being patient with him if we get Zach back.
  2. Was hooked on Nick Park's work since I first saw this in 89/90 at WAG's Animation Celebration.
  3. I can't take credit for this, but anyone thinking about voting for a right wing (and let's face it, they're all going this way) party, should first sing this little ditty while looking at that option: Super-callous, fascist-leaning, sexist, grifting, a**holes
  4. Fact: None of that matters now -no matter which side of this argument you are on.
  5. I realize this has been out since August, but I don't recall seeing it in this thread. Watched the first season over the holidays and can honestly say it is the best thing I watched in 2021. Three of the four leads are Canadian. (EDIT) - I see JCon recommended it way back in September.
  6. A town destroyed: The grim aftermath in tornado-ravaged Mayfield, Kentucky Debris is pictured from a cinema in Mayfield, Kentucky, December 11. Shawn Triplett/via REUTERS
  7. Just had an odd feeling that Castillo is going to be the difference maker today, even though I haven't thought it was going to be that close all week. I don't have ESP.
  8. I see TSN has added Bo Levi to the panel, which made me cringe- until he spoke so glowingly about Demski. Still think Michael Reilly is the next best choice for a spot. He's a thoughtful, intelligent and well-spoken interview.
  9. I also think he had pressure coming from behind his right shoulder and started his throw from the top and lost power because of that.
  10. I had to rewind the the Hansen tackle 15 times in order to figure out where he came from. As a bonus, I watched the tackle 15 times.
  11. If Hamilton can't get the short/quick passing game going, they are absolutely doomed.
  12. I was disappointed that CFL Wired didn't offer any new camera angles. Sometimes you see stuff that isn't shown on the broadcast.
  13. That's who is quoted in the article! "Carvalho and Danny Boyko, AJ’s father, both said Gainey threw the ball with enough force to cause an injury." Carvalho even reported it to the Bombers. "After the game, Carvalho complained to the Bombers and the team notified the CFL, as per league protocol. Late Thursday, the CFL said it would look into the complaint. The Roughriders didn’t respond to the Free Press."
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