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  1. The seeming Democratic "inaction" on this may be because they know this measure will be defeated in court. The EPA set out minimum regulations for states to adhere to while explicitly stating that States could implement standards higher than the national guidelines. This was because California already had an "automobile plan" when the EPA was created in 1973. There was a good segment on NPR about this the other day. If there is any silver lining to Trump, almost all his attempts to destroy things are either tied up in courts or have already been defeated in court - despite his unprecedented stacking of the courts with unqualified Republican yes men.
  2. And I'm worried about MTS being privatized.....oh wait. It's not like there isn't history to consider.
  3. Incorrect, but the Conservative Party repeatedly fails to nominate a leader that I can't hate. Michael Chong would have been the proper choice for leader, but the Conservatives can't have nice things either.
  4. Do some critics overreact? Absolutely, but the same can be said for both sides. Remember how bestiality was going to run rampant after gay marriage was okayed? The guy literally removed the word "Environment" from Environment Canada and "Progressive" from the Progressive Conservative Party. Don't know why we'd be concerned about Harper. People today are disgusted by some Trump policies and forget that Harper implemented the same policies while he was in office (muzzling scientists, removing protections on water ways, trying to make it harder for people to vote etc.). Conservatives play a long game - you don't notice how your rights (as a non 10 per center) are slowly being stripped away unless you are paying very close attention.
  5. Again, the way he governs is contrary to the idea that he's an actual racist. Him being an empty vessel is a whole different discussion.
  6. The CPC won't run against Chretien or Martin's legacy because then they'd have to complain about budget surpluses
  7. A global system of unfettered capitalism will accomplish the same things.
  8. Monsters have emerged from all political and religious stripes. Even the Buddhists are committing genocide - again.
  9. Stalin was a monster and his implementation of communism was at odds with the idea of a classless, egalitarian society. A real communist (in the Ancient Greek/Persian sense) would not have made Ukraine expendable. By the same token, the feudal system pretty much did the same thing to Ireland - just on a different scale.
  10. The PPC is running over 300 candidates, so I guess it's ok.
  11. Max Bernier must be very concerned about losing his supporters to Trudeau now.
  12. Nothing sadder than cries of "fake news" regarding the truth. https://news.yahoo.com/canada-pm-hid-closet-during-attack-151453229.html https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/527146/Canada-PM-Stephen-Harper-cupboard-gunman-stormed-Parliament https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/24/canadian-pm-stephen-harper-ottawa-shooting https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/stephen-harper-exactly-followed-protocol-during-parliament-hill-attack-rcmp-chief (a complimentary article in which he refuses to admit that following protocol meant hiding in a closet).
  13. It's still Harper's party and policies. If not, show me any platform changes that would suggest they've "evolved".
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