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  1. Then they should be called "benchmarks". This is certainly not a "plan" in any sense of the word.
  2. Chris Larsen hits the top of the charts with a bullet. Ottawa Redblacks suspend Chris Larsen amid investigation into possibly hate-motivated beating Investigators say 24-year-old man was beaten and left with 'significant injuries' CBC News · Posted: Jun 09, 2021 3:49 PM ET | Last Updated: June 9 The Ottawa Redblacks say they have suspended defensive lineman Chris Larsen amid an investigation into an alleged beating at the ferry docks on Toronto Island over the weekend. "Late last night, we were made aware of soci
  3. My son lost 2 years of High School field lacrosse after winning Provincials in Grade 10. It's the only sport he was ever passionate about.
  4. Your vaccination history is already part of your medical record. I don't think we want to give the ticket takers at IGF access to PHIMS, plus your medical record is private.
  5. Does anyone have a problem with vaccine passports? I don't see how they can hurt an accelerated return to "normal" if they are implemented and enforced where appropriate. And yes, they should have space for booster shot stamps as well.
  6. It has been a real struggle for both of my kids and one is graduating this year. Should have been the best year of his life.
  7. Except that the Jets scored 40 seconds prior and still had a minute on the timeclock. He was certainly frustrated, but he frequently looks upset and frustrated. Agree no intent to injure, although only he truly knows what his intent was. Not sure about the lapse in judgement part. He was trying to prevent a goal by getting to the necessary point on the ice first. He'll definitely get suspended. Parros has to cover up for the Wilson fiasco. The Jets are in tough if Stastny and Scheifele are both out on Friday. Fortunately, they are centre-rich.
  8. I totally disagree that this is a case of "blatant charging". It was a race to a specific point on the ice. Scheifele's only other option was to let Evans score.
  9. As bad as this hit looked, it was a hockey play and it was unavoidable given what each player was trying to do. You have to watch this play at full speed. The freeze frames and slow-mo's don't reflect on how little time Scheifele had to finish this play. The skating paths these 2 players had to take to arrive at the point of collision were a recipe for disaster. Anyone saying Scheifele skated 200 feet to take Evan's head off is full of it - he was in a puck race. Friedman posting the charging rules without any nuance suggests that a player should not get into a puck race if there
  10. Scheifele pretty much always has the crazy eyes, though.
  11. If we're going to teach history using statues and plaques, we're doing it wrong.
  12. I find it interesting that like authoritarian countries, North American culture seems to celebrate individuals more than ideas.
  13. Statues of historical figures have next to zero value in educating people about actual history. Therefore, there is little history erased when one is torn down. We should be spending more on books and less on statues and even less on fighting to keep them up in public spaces.
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