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  1. How are you even equating the two? Serious question, what metric are you going by? I am honestly baffled (maybe I am a noob to politics), can you indulge me and give me a few examples, I haven't been as tuned in to US politics since Biden. Also, the sheer volume of despicable actions on one side FAR outweighs the other.
  2. Interesting article on vaccine trials in kids younger than 12 years old. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/inside-covid-19-vaccine-trial-for-kids-under-12-and-what-parents-should-know/3047996/ "Dr. Robert Frenck, the Director of the Gamble Center for Clinical Research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, says children actually appear to respond better to the vaccines than younger adults. The challenge now is to find the right dose for kids, which is lower than the 30 micrograms given to adults. "You're trying to find this base where you have the best immune respo
  3. This thread is pretty revealing- most assumptions of corporate USA and the GQP relationship with Super Pacs and so on pretty spot on. In this thread though, it is still pretty gross to actually see it:
  4. The fact that she asked permission first is ******* gold... the fact she said it with all her being.... priceless:
  5. So... what is the difference between class room transmission and daycare transmission? Isn't that defeating the whole point of suspending classroom instruction?
  6. Isn't that considered an essential? I know it is in my household.
  7. I hope the fact that there is actual transmission happening in the schools might get them to go to remote learning...
  8. 502... yeah. All the science was pointing at this... all the experts said to lock that **** down 2 to 3 weeks earlier than when the "targeted restrictions" were implemented.... we had an extra 3 weeks.... ******* wasted...
  9. "Give your Mother flowers, not Covid" - Brian Pallister. FFS...
  10. Good, cuz the transmissions through the schools during this third wave are really ramping up.
  11. Ok, seriously- who had 23 ton rocket crashing to Earth on their 2021 Bingo card?
  12. Yeah, that's how I read it too... Yeah, that sentence seems like Trudeau is to blame.
  13. Well, the man speaks the truth...
  14. No, this is now the third wave- we knew it was coming and once again did not act fast enough. You make a mistake, you learn from it... then you make the same mistake... and then you are given 2-4 weeks of notice from your neighbours as to what is coming... you don't take what you should have learned the first two ******* times and here we are... May is going to be a **** month.
  15. Well... let's hope something comes from this... maybe not too late. Barr did lie to a judge....
  16. This should be the case... if you are having trouble finding workers... maybe pay them a fair wage? I checked it out and it GLORIOUS in it's shitty laziness... it's basically a blog with comments turned off... add in a "contribution button that leads to the grift with the check box to stop recurring "contributions"... it is amazing how far that toad shaped man-baby has fallen. Here is a thread of HS students trolling anitmaskers/vaxxers
  17. Yup- it's nuts... I just saw a clip here:
  18. Well... that's clever: Text your Zip Code to "GETVAX". I like it.
  19. So... Because Liz accepts Biden as the lawfully elected POTUS, refuses to spread The Big Lie and is against insurrection, she is now a pariah in the GQP? Oof, the GQP is poison to USA democracy.
  20. WTF... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/police-oath-pandemic-legal-challenge-1.6012099 "A group of 19 Ontario police officers has launched a constitutional challenge against the provincial and federal governments and several police chiefs, claiming that enforcing sweeping pandemic health restrictions puts them at odds with their oath to uphold the charter. It seeks these declarations: Canada's pandemic laws "are not rational" and have "no force or effect." Lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and curfews are "forms of martial law." Wearing masks, soc
  21. I think an even split is exactly what should happen in this case.
  22. Looks like someone ordered the Pu Pu plater.
  23. Agreed. I am really stoked for the Eternal's
  24. Sweet- someone in the MSM finally refers to fox as what it should always be referred as.
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