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Everything posted by wanna-b-fanboy

  1. Just stop feeding the troll. He orgasms every time you get annoyed.
  2. I think we should have ZC as QB and Strevs at full back... I think that could be plenty fun. But save it for a second half surprise, so the opponents don't get a chance to draw anything up to counter it. If we can never do competent second half adjustments... just throw the whole 1st half concept out the window and go with something completely different in the 2nd half.
  3. Never understood why Albertans got rid of Notley. Maybe you have to live in Alberta to understand...
  4. Yeah it sounds like you are whining and then being petty about it. It's ok the Liberals at least lost their majority and the cons won the popular vote.there is some good that came out of this election.
  5. Exhibit A) The rider's standing due to a soft schedule and lucky breaks.
  6. I never liked him... he just always seemed... opportunistic. The one dude who I will miss though is Ralph Goodale.
  7. I would be shocked at a majority. If that were to happen... we would really need to check our morals and values.
  8. Increasing the tax on the ultra weathly? How is this a bad thing?
  9. That is a classic conservative move by Harper. Starve the Beast to justify cuts to social programs. Shave off 2% of the GST, and then move on to cuts because we can't afford nice things any more. Classic conservative playbook. How do you think Sheer is going to pay for his boutique tax credits for the rich? Cutting personal taxes? Gotta come from somewhere.
  10. How am I wrong? The growth council didn't raise the old age security... they just made a suggestion... And yeah the difference is Harper did and Trudeau didn't. Who is spinning what here? Do your post make sense in your head before you type them out? Please continue, it entertains me to no end.
  11. What does that have to do with the increased transfer payment from the Liberals? That was his point... why bring the other stuff- it has NOTHING to do with his point. So, say thank you to Justin Trudeau and move on.
  12. I can't find when they raised their Old age security plans.... nor which governments did that.
  13. The same party that upped the minimum retirement age by 2 years because we can't afford the 2% GST cut? 1% per year seems to be the going rate- that's awesome.
  14. You want to show people that you're still wrong?
  15. Yup. Harper sure did pretty good at digging out the surplus he was gifted...
  16. Did you spend the last 20 years in Winnipeg?
  17. I say we treat this next game as a pre-season game to evaluate some talent and rest up our guys for a GC push.
  18. Could the saviour of the US republic be... "Binders full of women" Romney? That would be pretty cool...
  19. So... instead of accepting the reality of "what is"- you are banking on "what might" be reality as your argument? Cool, that is one way to go about it.
  20. I am hoping for a conservative majority. We can return to an ideological driven and ignoring evidence based policy decision making. We can return to muzzling Canadian scientist (who are funded by us the tax payer). **** those scientists! Screw those immigrants- not in my Canada. 65 is too early to retire- should bump it to 70! Time for a right wing populous government, what can wrong there?! Social services? Nothing but hand outs to beggars! CLimate change? Who the hell needs a future when I can save pennies on a dollar when I fill up- **** you Millenials! Yeah- that's who I need to vote for.
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