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  1. Or... a yugefucking liar.
  2. I'm ok with chez or chezzy- but if his name is linked to a vile sex act- I'm out.
  3. I made a note of your post, thinking in the future I would quote you for truth... didn't take too long... https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/17/politics/donald-trump-race-america-democrats/index.html
  4. More on to renewables. Tar sands are a stranded asset and should be left in the ground.
  5. That is scary. And sad. Waiting now for some poster to debunk that picture with another picture from earlier, inadvertently with more evidence of climate change.
  6. Equating the two is silly- one, is an agenda driven second tier "media outlet" that is sticking a mic in your face trying to force a gotcha moment- the other, is an opportunity to rebuke a racist presidents racist comments on your own terms where you have time to thoughtfully gathered your thoughts and hold your own press conference and release a statement. Replying to the rebel media if you are on the left, is never a good thing- if you aren't carrying the conservative water, they are going to spin it. The rebel is not even a news organization- it's basically fox news, if fox news dropped it's news section. It's been described as "The Rebel Media is a Canadian far-right political and social commentary media website." not even news- so what kind of journalistic integrity are they beholden to? That is the equivalent if the young turks were chasing down cocaine mitch and demanding him to denounce whateveryouwantatthispoint and getting outraged if he didn't respond, because of course he isn't and he really ******* shouldn't. For the record, I think it is silly when any of these media outlets are walking beside republican lawmakers and sticking mics in their faces trying to get a gotcha moment too.
  7. Refusing to condemn or refusing to acknowledge trump's lies? You got a link to the AOC thing- cuz all I get is louder with crowder and the rebel media... I would ******* ignore those media outlets too. So out of everything AOC has said or championed- that is your take away? That is 100% cherry picking and taking things without context. Shoot me some links and I will check them out- I am all for discussing it. Help give me context here please.
  8. Rusal, Dropped $200 million into his riding. Oh Yeah, that is the company Oleg Deripaska is head of, who recently had sanctions lifted... guess which way cocaine Mitch voted onlifting Sanctions? https://www.newsweek.com/company-russian-oligarch-millions-aluminum-plant-mitch-mcconnell-1397061
  9. Good grief... the channel has been changed. Last week there was talk about the trump and a pedophile. Now no one is talking about that. It's kind of surface brilliance... Looks genius at first glance then you think.. "Yeah I would prefer to be looked at as racist than a ******* peder-ass". The choice is not really a choice.
  10. Why not? We read your blatherings and take what you think in consideration- why would you discount her thoughts?
  11. Agreed. But to constantly point out "issues" of our team and rarely critique other teams and give them the benefit of the doubt constantly... well that is kinda stupid too.
  12. I honestly think we would have lost that game against Edmonton with Strevs. That defence required a bit more seasoned experience to defeat.
  13. That may be your belief, but it is far from reality. It's the constant stream of nitpicky reasons to hate on Nichols while ignoring the rest of his body of work this year. You can't discount him as a bad QB by cherry picking stats or perceived shortcomings in a vacuum - people need to take his whole bodybof qork this year into consideration and stop with the "Yeah, buts".
  14. Didn't jones get owned on two of the three touchdowns?
  15. Unfortunately i think they might be the first team to beat us. The plus side... we will be what... 8-0
  16. $30 million well spent- the oil and gas industry needs more tax payer hand outs for propaganda.
  17. **** that guy is a dirty player... You can't give him and open lane- he will always come in dirty.
  18. Why would he do That? This ensures his strangle hold on the departments.
  19. Yup- that pick 6 to seal the game in OT.. was epic. There was a gif of CP throwing a tantrum- can't find it now.
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