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  1. Hey- the seperate training camp days is a great idea- you should start a thread for each day of training camp. that is a very good suggestion, you should pull the trigger and do it. This is a community driven site- if you feel you its lacking in something, feel free to suggest and/or just add it. If it is unnecessary or inappropriate- the mods will take care of it. if you disagree with them, feel free to pm them and find out why or what happened. they are an approachable bunch.
  2. So you mean to tell me that these 21 posts below would have gone into 2-3 threads? Well that is just ******* batshit crazy and would NEVER work! We should keep all those in the bluebombermegamaincampthread- #MMBBGA!
  3. More specifically: "The drunk uncle that breaks **** and then blames it on the pets." I know what you did DoD!
  4. You know that there are some people that will still talk about the uncertainty and/or error in the data. Any ways, thanks for posting this.
  5. Sure thing- if you don't really care about a deep dive into Bomber news, the subreddit is great. I feel this site and ones like it, are more for the fans who want a deep dive instead of a general "skimming of surface" news. I am interested in minutiae of what's happening in the one on one drills and the 12 on 12s in training camp. I want to know that Adams had to get talked down by OSH after a full blown fight in main camp. I like to be informed of the post practice practice that Matthews is holding for the newer guys. I like the crazy insight some of the posters have about the game and our team ( @Booch, I'm looking at you!). The ever consistent dissenting opinions of a few certain posters. I like the community that has been foster here and the other site, good people all with interesting things to say and differing points of view. It's stuff like that I feel I get more out of this site than a subreddit.
  6. Because... of course they did.... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-court-gerrymandering/us-supreme-court-blocks-redrawing-of-ohio-michigan-electoral-maps-idUSKCN1SU292 Kind of self serving... two of those justices wouldn't be on the SCOTUS bench if it weren't for gerrymandering. I don't even need to see how each justice voted, you know which way Kavanaugh and Gorsuch voted.
  7. Agreed- it was an Epic season. And Anson Mount KILLED it as Pike.
  8. I know... it it ******* crazy. Two sets of laws. That is an obscenity to justice.
  9. Hopefully not- we have a good idea of what they bring to the table. I would much rather the coaching staff get a look at the newbies when the bullets fly. The 1s can get more time in the last pre-season game. I would be happy with them getting to knock the rust off that way.
  10. It's kind of scary... I was thinking the same thing after I hit "post" on that one.... KaharitoMilt! GET OUTTA MY HEAD! trust me, nice place to visit, but you don't wanna live there.
  11. The Lone GOPr with a backbone and a working moral compass. Good twitter thread, give it a click.
  12. Ross- not surprised. I thought it was ******* crazy that the CEo of Sears- Eddie Lampert, Sells all of sears land... to Himself, at a very favourable price (favourable to him of course) then rents out that land to... Sears at a rate that Eddie Lampert sets... then take the money "Sears" made from the sale and buys back stock to inflate the stock prices and enriching the share holders, which he is one and getting a sweet assed bonus in the tune of millions for work well done... meanwhile, Sears is driven into the ground and goes bankrupt, while the works are laid off and employees pensions are taken away... if this is not criminal- then seriously, what the **** is?
  13. My Two favorite Democrats just teamed up! and they have Mnuchin (funny autocorrects to Capuchin) in their cross hairs.
  14. Well... this is kind of big news... https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/bank-ceo-stephen-m-calk-charged-corruptly-soliciting-presidential-administration Interestingly- Paul Manafort was the point man on this. Securing 16million dollars in loans in exchange for a plum WH admin job.
  15. I hope you are right. Love your optimism. 👍
  16. True. I'd take a the next prime number year over a pearl anniversary.
  17. The only problem here... Nixon Resigned. I honest don't think trump would resign. The senate would give him a pass and trump would crow about it for all eternity. But there is hope! https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/new-york-lawmakers-pass-bill-aimed-weakening-trump-s-pardon-n1008381?cid=eml_nbn_20190521 No more double jeopardy law. State criminal charges can be levied against those who have been pardoned federally.
  18. Cool- it pays to read the rules of conduct. Looks like you are continuing to post quality information that is factual and well supported- keep up the good work!
  19. Yes they will... yes they will. If not this year, then at least make it to the dance. I would be happy is we won it next year though too. 30th anniversary of the drought... would make it an extra special victory.
  20. I forget what was said... Also, I can't shake the feeling I get every time I think of BLM- I want to crane kick him...
  21. I think 70 years old should be mandatory retirement. I am hoping she is just waiting for the opportune time to start impeachment proceedings for MAXIUM political fallout- that is the Nancy I want to see: The “She'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding,” Pelosi.
  22. Sadly... the current spineless and evil bunch of GOP'rs would even let that slide and would still vote along party lines to not remove him from office. I can honestly say-with a great degree of certainty- I can see, in the confession scenario you outlined above; cocaine mitch, jim jordan and matt gaetz would vote NOT to remove him from office. **** those guys.
  23. True, I totally hear and agree with you. The facts totally support your statement. I am just saying that he will claim total exoneration, while being completely guilty after all the evidence is paraded out and anyone with a hint of respect for facts would see that he is guilty, he will still claim total exoneration. It. Is. Crazy. Making. It's like arguing facts with an unrelenting child, that water is wet and they claim "no, it's not- it's burgundy", and this child is one of the most powerful men in the world with the nuke codes... I agree with you here- **** political convenience, do your ******* duty to uphold the constitution.
  24. Sadly... it's playing right into trump's hands... Impeach with no real threat of being removed from office by the GOP Senate. Then he will claim "TOTAL EXHONERATION" and coalesce his base by pointing at the "NEW WITCH HUNT" by "the trump hating dems".
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