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    • no....means replacing a Biggie from the starting lineup.....dumping an Augustine at 100k and replacing with a rookie....a Thomas.....a Briggs....a Kolo....not re-upping a Houston and using our scouting to replace him....Benson.,,,Miller....you replenish with entry level guys there, or guys coming into only the second contract in free agency from elsewhere will fit right in there then...keep em coming Oday
    • More serious? Sleeping with a teammate's mother?? If that were true & players were packing that player who did that would be dead.  
    • So, you'd prefer a 22 year old rookie with no experience to a veteran backing up a 35 year old Zach Collaros with a running qb like Prukop for short yardage? Yeah, good luck with that scenario if Collaros goes down. Our season would be ******. You'd be crying the blues when we go out one & done in the playoffs. If we even make the playoffs. 
    • Man I swear Sinbad was in that movie. I would've bet my life on it. That is ******* nuts that its fake. I've heard of this mandella effect before, but I've never heard it regarding Shazam yet until reading this comment moments ago  Wow
    • Thought Steven's just resigned in Calgary. Didn't mind him. Davis will be done in the CFL. Doelaga probably back with the Riders    If I had to guess its dru brown in winnipeg or Ottawa if he gets a fat cheque. Dane Evens or Schilitz I'd take to replace him. Wouldn't want either to see the field for longer than a game or two, though.   I saw Strev worked out for San Fran.. doesn't look like he was picked up. I for the life of me can't understand why he's not cracking a roster. Taysom Hill has proved valuable to the saints year after year..   It's also mind boggling to me that Rourke is merely on a PR. He looks like a solid number 2 NFL qb. 
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