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    • But it’s not odd, because they don’t see it that way. It would require self awareness from them for it to be odd, since there would be no rational explanation for why they followed him.  And he lies to them telling them to their face how is there for them. They can’t be reasoned with when you tell them he isn’t the man of the people he says he is, that he is the epitome of born with the silver spoon in his mouth, is the epitome of the elites they hate so much. They are so desperate to find someone to validate their “blame government for my sucky life” mentality, for someone to take control of the life they don’t want to be accountable for on their own, that they eat it up. I am waiting for Trump to flee the country when he knows he has no bullets left and he leaves them high and dry like Simpsons monorail guy or any other grifter does when he steals their money and skips town, and only then will the cloud maybe lift and they will be like the runners in that scene from Forrest Gump when he says he is tired and going home - “Wait, what are we supposed to do now?” as they are literally standing in the desert with no direction. Then the 5 stages of grief kick in: Denial - he’ll be back and show us the way, he’s just planning anger - first anger at liberals for screwing him (and by extension them) over, this could last a long time, then anger at him - I can’t believe he’d abandon us like that bargaining - maybe they Supreme Court can overturn it, maybe we can impeach Biden and he’ll get a third term since they stole one from him  depression - AOC and the squad will ruin America now, democracy is dead acceptance - normally at some point they would face the harsh reality that they were duped and admit they were too gullible, but given how their leader always doubles down and never admits he was wrong (even when Trump conceded the Obama birtherism was a hoax, he presented it like he was putting a stop to other people’s lies and being the authority on the truth, and ignored that he was the original liar in the first place) I wonder if we will actually see stage 5. 
    • Macron declares second national lockdown in France - Starting on Friday, people would only be allowed to leave home for essential work or medical reasons. College Louis Riel to close for 2 weeks.
    • I never tire of this gif. It is one of those rare things in life that bring joy every time you see it; Like re-watching the Bombers win the first ever game in New Mosaic. 
    • That is like asking a monkey to Plan a parade route. It will come to a point where the monkey just stands in place, yelling at all onlookers and eventually devolves into flinging feces.
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