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    • This is more important than whether Zach plays or not. Keeping in mind that we had Dru Brown in each of the last couple of years as well. This year, we have a couple rookies taking snaps, one of whom has been here for a few days. How do we evaluate any of the offensive players? How does the OL begin to come together as a unit (with a two new starters this season)?
    • Also if we are truly trying to evaluate receivers when the bullets are flying, are we giving them a fair shake with QB3 and 4 throwing to them?
    • that was also 3 seasons ago now...and last year he had a lot of less than stelar moments...I'd prefer he gets some reps but it wont be end of world if he doesnt....I think with 2 new lineman tho they need to get an idea of what/where and how long he back there extending plays so they dont ease up and he gets whalloped when the real bullets are flying is it up?  
    • It’s more the entire idea that nobody needs to play that bothers me. Our depth chart tomorrow is baffling.
    • There you go, I thought he had played preseason 2022. He was so awful from getting no reps in preseason 22 that he promptly went out and laid out a 9-0 start to the season en route to a MOP award. Hopefully, this will end the teeth gnashing as it appears that Zac always has very little pre-season play time, if any. So far that has worked out just fine.
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