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    • Hey al - no I don't know him. That is HILARIOUS. I do have a music buzz friend that is an old school Lions fan.... He claims the Lions didn't have the correct footwear and that's why they lost. Fml.... He also believes Milt is "maybe a top 10 receiver all time" and "Mervyn Fernandez is the greatest receiver in CFL history and its not close".... Siiiiiiiigh. 
    • As a fan base here, all we can do is plainly sit back and enjoy our team, its fun to watch & cheer for. We have lived through many disappointments throughout the previous years, which the Saskatchewan fan base, fails to see or mention. All I will say is: those were some interesting comments provided in the Rider fan forum, this past evening!!!  Its not worth spending time on their views, it is what it is. Looking forward to the next three (3) regular season games, including the Dec 5th game here in the Peg. Go Bombers!!!!!
    • Blue 1-0 this week-- inspiring do or die to go 5-7-5!
    • I predict the bombers will not go 3-0 in the playoffs at IGF west this year.    Also predict you will spend more time posting with the banjo crew down the stretch...    Have a good night bruh. 
    • I goofed up the name.  It's actually "the Dark Side." We regret the error.    
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