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    • Why do I have a feeling that we will see at the end of the season the report where Toronto was fined for going over the salary cap....
    • As I said before... some people cheer backyard wrestlers smashing light tubes over each other,  it doesn't mean that it's popular or that the general public would like it. Marko Stunt is 5 foot 2 and 115 lbs (as per wikipedia) with zero muscle definition and zero wrestling ability...   Rey Mysterio is 5 foot 6 and 170 lbs to put that in perspective.  I'm suppose to believe that Marko can even inflict a slight bit of damage or even remotely stay alive for two seconds in a ring?   Joey Janela looks like this:    I stated the reasons why I didn't like the product and what it would take for it to change my mind and more then likely help them gain a much larger audience and possibly mainstream attention.  Anyone with two eyes can see that AEW has a lonnnnnnnng way to go in getting over.   To put it in perspective... TNA on Spike many years ago was pulling double the viewers that AEW currently does and that was when Austin and other big guys were still around.  These days despite WWE being at it's all the time low in viewership AEW is losing viewers after it's initial launch and has failed to build any sort of audience despite adding more "stars" and having a year to work out angles and the talent.   
    • https://mobilesyrup.com/2021/02/25/supreme-court-dismisses-incumbents-appeal-crtcs-lowered-wholesale-rates/ Also... KODI V19 apparently disables most of the good addons so... Don't update!  
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