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    • Eli has earned a starting spot without even lifting a finger.
    • Don't care what MOS says......win or lose, he has always played shut pan with media.  What counts now is action - pulling certain guys, right out of the lineup.....and start the retooling now......
    • Buck sending Grant up the gut on a run play to get squashed was dumb. Not muzzling Boudreau and his awful teams schemes was dumb. Letting Grant go knowing Miller was going to set special teams right…. extra dumb.
    • Letting Grant walk over a few grand......boner.
    • Most of this if not all is already evident but for the record, here goes. The organization has delayed the replacing of players on a graduated basis until we have now reached the point where major surgery is required and that, my friends, will mean wandering in the wilderness for a long time to come. Along the same line of thought, why in hell do we bother to have good players on the sidelines if they are never rotated in? The Bombers could have saved a lot of money, time and effort by not having any backups.  Whether its offence or defensive units, when the same player(s) keep screwing up and giving winnable games away, the caring players eventually reach the "f***-it" point and start giving less than their best and this contributes to blowouts and extended losing streaks.  There may be something physically wrong with Collaros. Near the end of the first quarter last night after he took a bit of a tumble, I saw him doing a certain stretch motion typical of those with nagging back injuries/pain. Also: if Streveler is injured, why have we not seen the third-string QB? If O'Shea is solely responsible for the on-field decisions, then Walters is not doing his job. If the on-the field decisions are the choices of both Walters and O'Shea, then Wade Miller is not doing his job. If we have not passed the point of no return on this season, we have to be damned close.
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