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    • Streveler would of thrived in the early 90's during the days when Christian Okoye would be given the ball to bounce people off of him for the short yardage TD's....
    • Look at how short yardage is run or on the goal line in the NFL, They don't do what we do up here. The starting qb stays in.  If a team is on the 1 yard line they'll hand the ball off 5 yards deep hoping the back can search for a hole. Even the Saints used Hill on short yardage but now that he's the starter, the backup qb doesn't come in. When will Kingsbury realize what he has in Streveler & use him? Probably never but the answer is maybe occasionally. As in 2 or 3 times a season. It just isn't the NFL way. Why? Unlike the CFL, head coaches & OC's in the NFL don't want to change things around on short yardage due to a lack of continuity. They're afraid of a mistake like a fumble or a penalty. So, the starters stay in. You'll get old waiting. 
    • Lets not forget the environment. Idling cars is a bad thing.
    • Cardinals crapped the bed twice in the Patriot game today....Down on the one and instead of putting in Streveler to run it in for a sure td they tried to run it with a light weight back who was stopped cold....Turned the ball over to New England...td pooched.....Cards could have had a go ahead td in the late going but instead of putting in Streve for a sure new set of downs  ..crapped out on a wide field goal attempt...,,,game blown...When is Kingsbury going to realize what they have sitting on the bench in Chris ....Big question mark on his calls in that one
    • Watching Bears QB Mitch Trubisky & wondering how he keeps on playing. He is dreadful. So are his receivers. Carson Wentz may not be the only qb to change address before next season. 
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