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    • Best of luck Marcus!  
    • This is what struck me watching the first debate. Trump uses business jargon to avoid facts. Things like "i just had X in my office discussing that" or "X and I spoke on the phone about that" that might be a fine stall tactic in a board room but it doesn't work in politics.
    • And John Yoo is back, advising Trump.   ” “Alka Pradhan, a defence counsel in the 9/11 terrorism cases against inmates in the Guantánamo Bay prison camp, said: “John Yoo’s so-called reasoning has always been based on ‘What can the president get away with?’ rather than ‘What is the purpose and letter of the law “The fact that John Yoo is employed and free to opine on legal matters is an example of the culture of impunity in the United States,” she said.” Obama completely screwed that up. And it was obvious at the time. And it is partly why we have trump. The Republicans will just keep pushing the limit of  their criminal culture until someone stops them, with jail time punishment. Shame, and reputation are irrelevant, as is collegiality.    
    • listening right now. Announcing that Iran and Russia have compromised voter registration databases and that it's them (not the proud boys as was earlier announced) that are pushing out fake election alarms over email.   (edit: and asking Americans to be "thoughtful consumers of information.")
    • I think it was Sasha Baron Cohen  
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