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  1. I'm fading out, so goodnight, all. I expect the Blue to up their game in the second half and walk away with the game. Elks are hanging on by their fingernails and it cannot last unless the Bombers let them off the hook.
  2. Collaros should stop trying to force the ball despite his three TD passes. An effective short-pass game will loosen up both the pass rush and options for the deep ball. Bombers need a lot of variety in their attack. And get to Cornelius.
  3. Would be nice if we flattened Corny soon.
  4. Suddenly, our kicking game is a concern. Or not. Tell Moutada that 52 virgins are waiting impatiently for him if he aces every kick.
  5. Demski has to come back to the ball there.
  6. Pretty obvious that the Elks are expecting a lot of Harris, so gotta use the hot routes.
  7. Bombers telegraphing run on first down
  8. Damn. Our nemesis- the run right up the middle has hurt us again.
  9. Oh well, things were going too well, I guess.
  10. Briggs certainly has a nose for the ball.
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