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  1. Tracker

    Needs for next year

    I'm 50% sure of that.
  2. As a footnote to Brian Herosian, he and his late wife had a special needs son (Ben) and one of the reasons Brian chose to retire was to look after him. Brian did remarry and have two more kids. One of the reasons I recall him so vividly is that Brian's late wife had the same first name as mine and we had driven that same road a few days before.
  3. Tracker

    Needs for next year

    If history is any indicator, Nichols will likely be about the same as this year- for better or worse. The only real question is what O'Shea will do about that, if anything.
  4. According to my admittedly porous memory, Herosian was most effective as a safety.
  5. Tracker

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team

    I don't know Jack.
  6. Tracker

    Needs for next year

    2019 will give O'Shea a fresh start, and it will be up to him to prove that he is not blindly loyal and stubborn to a fault. If he does well, all will be forgiven. If the team stumbles for the same reasons as seasons past, all of the wolves will howl.
  7. Tracker

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    And with most of their receivers on the DL, most of us thought the Stamps would be in trouble this season past. It will be interesting to watch how Huffer and Co. deal with this.
  8. Tracker

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    On the Bomber neg list, QB Bryan Schor looks interesting. Of all the clubs, two whose QB needs would seem to be the highest (Riders and Alouettes) were very light on those in their lists.
  9. Tracker

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Wasn't the Perrizo signing announced earlier this week?
  10. Ryan is a good, hard-nosed hockey player of whom I can say nothing bad.
  11. Well, his sons have not covered themselves in glory. Ryan was a thorn in the sides of the Jets.
  12. It was a lament. I recall him being a dominant safety until the accident that took his wife. His career was cut short, though.
  13. Tracker

    Needs for next year

    I'm not sure if this has any relevance here, but a CFO of a sizeable company said that on a $100 million operating budget, and using perfectly acceptable accounting practices, a competent accountant could turn a $3 million profit into a $3 million loss or vice versa.
  14. No one is talking about Brian Herosian.
  15. Tracker

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Dickenson did pretty well with all kinds of receiver injuries, a suspect O-line and a QB who did not have his usual stellar year. Huffer and a heckuva scouting staff have his back.