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  1. The only two C&W songs worth listening to are "Goin; back to Beethoven 'cause country music sucks" and "She's got sawdust on the floor of her heart".
  2. Skyfall was crap from beginning to end. I am hoping for Rowan Atkinson to be the next 007- he did so well as Johnny English.
  3. I'm still holding out for Gregorian chants. Or Inuit throat singers.
  4. If not, there are several CFL teams who would snap him up.
  5. The Jets, their pouting superstar and GM have not impressed anyone for several years, so edge: Bombers.
  6. Well, maybe. If the Argos can beat the Bombers with a starting lineup peppered with B team players, the ought to give them a huge psychological lift. Even if the Bombers squeak out a win, it would be almost as beneficial for the Argos. If, on the other hand, Bombers trounce the Boatmen, the Argos can comfort themselves with "well, it wasn't our best lineup". The key might be to humble Kelly with sacks, knockdowns, hard hits and maybe an INT or two.
  7. No doubt Shoen had a few bruises after getting hammered by the TiCats.
  8. Defending your master's thesis? Butt pucker time, but if your advisor thinks it's good, it will be.
  9. The BC Lions are gonna be in tough to play two games in one week.
  10. There is a good reason that cops call motorcycles "organ donor transport vehicles".
  11. Actually, chickens can be carnivores under the right circumstances, even callibalistic.
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