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  1. He will have to Duke it out for that honour.
  2. Thank God our hospitals' ERs are being overhauled to make them more efficient.
  3. If I was an Argo fan, I would only vote that late at night so as to avoid being outed.
  4. If a "Little person" salutes you, would that be a "micro-wave?"
  5. I may well be wrong on the Rider-Argo game but I am willing to be just so that I do not feel like I am cheering for the Riders.
  6. He's playing quarterback AND pass blocking????
  7. I would venture to guess they will win between 3 and 5 games this year. At most.
  8. The Argos and Alouettes have some hope because they have credible coaches but the same cannot be said for either the Lions or the Riders. This is as unbalanced a league as I have seen in a long while.
  9. Lets look at the bright side. Parity in the league is good- right? Well, the Lions, Als, Argos and Riders are equally pathetic and when they play each other, it will be entertaining and with unpredictable outcomes. And that's what watching sports is all about, yes?
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