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  1. Tracker


    But,,,but...but...they have the best healthcare system in the world. How can this be????
  2. I would think that the next election will make the last one look tame by comparison. The GOP is busy setting up dummy websites and fake news outlets to spread their messages and also sources purporting to be Democratic which are spreading disinformation. The PCs here in Canada are starting to do the same.
  3. Tracker


    NOT THAT THE DONALD WILL CHANGE BUT.... Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump's 26 year old daughter with actress and 2nd Trump wife Marla Maples, reportedly tested positive for the COVID-19 Caronavirus. That would be news standing alone, but Social Media is abuzz because she apparently tested positive last Saturday. The liberal media is out on force on this one, with any number of new conspiracy theories popping up.No comment as of yet from the President's daughter, although she has been active on Social Media in recent days.This is a reminder for us all though; The COVID-19 Caronavirus can get any of us.
  4. Probably due to Inuit eating a lot of bean burritos.
  5. Tracker


    DESPERATION TAKES HOLD...... Today I ran out of toilet paper and had to use lettuce leaves. It was just the tip of the iceberg. Tomorrow romaines to be seen.
  6. TRUMP FORGETS HIMSELF AND TELLS THE TRUTH FOR ONCE! One of President Donald Trump’s surprising virtues is that, because of his lack of filter and his tendency for obliviousness, he is occasionally explicit about parts of Republican Party orthodoxy that more circumspect members avoid saying directly. And on Monday morning in an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Trump let slip a truth that has long been known but frequently been denied about the GOP: They prefer for fewer people to vote so they can hold on to power. He was responding to a question from a viewer who was concerned about “special interest projects” included in the coronavirus relief bills. Erroneously and mendaciously, Trump implied that only Democrats use big pieces of legislation to fund special interest items that they feel are important for their personal electoral chances. But then he slammed the Democrats for the reforms and funding they pushed to make it easier for people to vote in the wake of the pandemic. They had hoped to get $2 billion to fund this effort, but they eventually settled for $400 million, which experts believe is insufficient. “The things they had in their were crazy,” Trump said of provisions Democrats wanted in the legislation. “They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again. They had things in there about election days, and what you do…”
  7. Not to mention the sunrises, oxygen and gravity. America is so blessed.
  8. Tracker


    A Florida sheriff announced an arrest warrant for a controversial pastor on Monday, after the religious leader refused to stop holding packed church services amid the coronavirus outbreak. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said at a press conference that Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne is wanted on charges of unlawful assembly and violation of public health rules after flouting social distancing orders at The River at Tampa Bay church. Howard-Browne—an ally of President Donald Trump—has been an outspoken opponent of social distancing requirements, claiming his church has machines that can stop the coronavirus and vowing to personally cure the state of Florida himself. “His reckless disregard for human life put hundreds of people in his congregation at risk, and thousands of residents who may interact with them this week, in danger,” Chronister said at the press conference. Howard-Browne did not respond to an immediate request for comment.
  9. Tracker


    There is a real possibility that there may be successive waves of outbreaks over the next 18 months. Even though is is a flu variant, there are features of COVID19 that are unique and more surprises are sure to come. There is an unconfirmed report that two dogs have been identified as carrying the virus.
  10. Nice, but it would have been really incredible if he'd spent his career with the Big Blue.
  11. He sounds like a villain on Huckleberry Hound.
  12. Trump's grandiosity compels him to believe that he can bully his way through any confrontation and he actually welcomes these. He believes that any public exposure validates his self-importance and infallibility. What the hell- its been working for him for 73 years, so why would he change that behaviour? The American media is so desperate for eyeballs that they are afraid to boycott these pressers.
  13. Tracker


    Even this one? This is what happens when the inquiring mind of a scientist is combined with the sheer boredom of working from home. An Australian astrophysicist had to go to a hospital after getting four magnets stuck up his nose during an attempt to invent a necklace that stops people from touching their faces during the coronavirus pandemic. Daniel Reardon explained to The Guardian: “I thought that if I built a circuit that could detect the magnetic field, and we wore magnets on our wrists, then it could set off an alarm if you brought it too close to your face. A bit of boredom in isolation made me think of that.” Reardon tried clipping the magnets to his earlobe and nostril but admitted “things went downhill pretty quickly when I clipped the magnets to my other nostril.” The two magnets stuck together inside his nose, then he attempted to use his remaining magnets to remove them—but they also got stuck. “At this point I ran out of magnets,” he said. Reardon’s partner took him to the hospital that she works in “because she wanted all her colleagues to laugh at me,” he said. The magnets were successfully removed. Read it at The Guardian
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