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  1. Oh well, at least we have some clarity now.
  2. It was actually in the last millennium. Feel better?
  3. When the Rider fans inevitably turn on Dickenson after a couple of losses, they will have Maas to turn to for salvation.
  4. We feel your pain. Keep up to date on your tetanus shots if you are dating or attending social events.
  5. I'd like to think that Streveler is smarter than Hobart. The knock on him was that he was a one-trick pony with the accuracy of a Claymore.
  6. And you may have noticed that gravity has gotten stronger as well, particularly in the evenings. And late comes sooner too.
  7. Streveler's future is in his hands and those of the offensive coordinator who watches over him. Streveler has to evolve to where he can read a defence well enough to decide which is the better option- to run or pass, rather than planning to run first and passing as a distant second option. His OC also has to design plays that work to Streveler's strengths and coach him up. Streveler's getting hurt was predicted in this forum and if he wants to have a long and productive career in this league, he has to make the opposing defences respect his arm as well as his legs.
  8. Admittedly, the highlights are selective, but Hammond looks to have tenacity, speed and a power bull rush.
  9. "Better" isn't necessarily "good", and that is the problem with Nichols.
  10. No doubt it would sell Poppcorn and sodaPopp.
  11. They do not sell those in Saskatchewan. Makes them feel inadequate.
  12. Definitely a stable-like smell in and around Regina.
  13. Disagree. Collaros showed a pocket presence. and a touch on his passes that Nichols had not shown. Yes, he made some errant passes, but considering how long he had to get to know his receivers and their tendencies in routes, he did darned well. Of, course, there are no guarantees as to where Collaros will sign, and it may come come down to good old fashioned money.
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