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  1. Tracker

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    Fixed that for you.
  2. Tracker

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    How will ever find out how good Peterman, Simonise and Washington are if O'Shea keeps trotting Lankford out?
  3. Tracker

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    Isn't Pipkin one of the Hobbits?
  4. Tracker

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    And dumb luck will beat skill every time.
  5. Tracker

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    Snowball's chance in Hell for the Alouettes. There is no part of their team that is working well, from the GM to the coaching to the players, but this is the Crazy Football League. Pitkin will have to walk on water to avoid a blowout.
  6. The problem is that there is no way for the fans to vent at coaching decisions without having some that scorn falling onto the players. Booing is a pretty broad brush that gets poop on everyone involved, and sometimes that is richly deserved. Fans deserve the right to criticize they team that they are financially supporting. When they do not care enough to get angry, that is the time to worry. I hope that we do not get to the grim resignation stage.
  7. Tracker

    Going for 2

    Agreed. That made me furious and was a damning condemnation of the defence. It wasn't like the Ottawa offence had the whole field to spread out- just the end zone and a bit and the Bombers still could not stop them even once. This game could be the turning point of the Bombers' season and the end of some coaches' careers.
  8. Tracker

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    Unless Nichols is able to shake off whatever ails him real soon, the logical thing to do would be to swallow hard and take the growing pains of starting Streveler for the rest of the season. However, with O'Shea being who he is, I cannot see that happening unless Nichols is dismembered.
  9. Tracker

    Going for 2

    I do not question O'Shea's intelligence, but his stubbornness and rigid thinking is a continuing concern.
  10. Tracker

    That was painful...

    A quick but pessimistic look ahead tells me that we have a shot at two, maybe three wins at our current level of performance. That would put us at or near the .500 mark for the year. Simon says: take a biiig step backwards.
  11. Tracker

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    That might solve some of the Bomber problems but not all.
  12. Okay.Upon reflection, I'm having a hard time defending Lankford.
  13. Tracker

    Is MOS Our Danny Barrett?

    I have no confidence that LaPolice is the answer at head coach. He cannot seem to adapt the offence, so what would he do as head coach?
  14. I was expecting Lankford to completely flop, but he did make a couple of catches as well as dropping that guaranteed touchdown pass which might have changed the whole flow of the game But he did not cost us the game, and it is clear to all that he is not a kick returner and if used as such, it sets him up for failure.