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  1. Fox News caught trying to pass off GOP operatives as parents "concerned" about critical race theory. A new report sheds light on the backgrounds of the nearly dozen anti-CRT guests featured on Fox News Fox News failed to disclose to their audience that nearly a dozen guests billed as parents panicked by what they misleadingly label critical race theory being taught to their young children in school are also professional Republican operatives, according to a newly released report. The liberal media watchdog organization Media Matters for America details how Fox News has repeatedly
  2. There was a report on CBC radio this afternoon that some of the vaccination supercenters are taking walk-ins.
  3. GOP's Jim Jordan outraged after DOJ refuses to investigate bizarre Italian space laser election fraud theory Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is outraged over a new conspiracy theory he says the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to investigate. According to Above the Law, Jordan actually believes Italian laser satellites swayed the 2020 presidential election in President Joe Biden's favor. "That is a problem," the Ohio congressman said on Wednesday during the House Oversight Committee hearing for Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. He referred to a cache of emails that highlig
  4. Conservatives follow Fox News' Tucker Carlson to baselessly claim FBI was behind Capitol riot Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson was quick to give air to a relatively new fringe theory that the January 6 Capitol riot was an inside job hatched and carried out by FBI operatives — and other conservatives pundits were even quicker to buy into the baseless claims. On the Tuesday episode of his top-rated Fox News show, hours after military officials and FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress, Carlson claimed that there remain a series of "basic factual matters" to whi
  5. I had zero ill effects from my shot on Sunday. The waifu had some pretty strong chills that night and a sore arm for a couple of days.
  6. No big loss. The storyline had gotten so muddled I mostly lost interest this season.
  7. Fines are not going to prevent further violations- all the pastor or pastors will do is squeeze the parishioners a little harder while wringing their hands as they complain about being persecuted for "Jesus' sake". Send them to jail. I hear Milner Ridge is nice this time of year.
  8. This could have gone in the humour section, but... Economist Robert Reich tears apart GOP's 'dangerously loony' claim Dems caused Chipotle price hike On June 9, National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Mike Berg issued an official statement blaming Democratic policies for fast food chain Chipotle's decision to raise their prices by about 4%. Democrats have been mocking Berg for that statement. But in an op-ed published by The Guardian on June 13, liberal economist Robert Reich does more than mock Berg's claim — he debunks it. Berg, taking aim at the American
  9. From what I can see, there is a window of time- a few months to a year, for the Biden regime to aggressively and legally go after the would-be fascists who supported and rose to power with Trump. After that time, it will seem like old news and convictions will be harder to pursue. Worst of all, each day that passes gives more encouragement to these criminals and increases the chances that American democracy will fade out of existence or mutate into an unrecognizable travesty of democracy. Biden and the Democrats have to stop trying to be nice guys and realize they are in a death match.
  10. I am so happy with the prospect of my Bombers and CFL returning I am giddy with delight and verging on urinary incontinence.
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