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  1. The very good news is that the number of ICU patients has dropped.
  2. There is no one currently in the Conservative party who has the credentials to step forward as a credible candidate for PM. The influx of Reform Party people have skewed the party so far to the right that it is in danger of being mistaken for the GOP. Singh is both credible and articulate but I do not think Canada is ready for a practicing, observant Sikh as prime minister. Trudeau has made some politically bad decisions, and this is on him and his advisors, but none of them are criminal, so far as I know. When the Conservatives were able to have credible leaders like Joe Clark and Bob Stanfie
  3. Riders and Argos rated ahead of Bombers..(snort).
  4. Roquemore has really not much to recommend him at 6'1" and 210. From the clips, he looks a bit slow but in his interview, comes across as intelligent and a student of the game. Was listed as a safety. Boobie Williams does not looks all that spectacular- no breakaway speed but appears to be able to absorb a hit without falling over. Was give an looksee in the NFL but not a power runner, either. Training camp fodder?
  5. Its looking like new cases in the 50's will be the usual for a while to come.
  6. There is a federal election looming and considering how much stimulus/survival money is being thrown around, 9 million dollars is almost negligible.
  7. I spoke to the Costco manager at the St. James Street store a couple of years ago. He told me that the plan was to build a new Costco somewhere on Portage Avenue west in "a few years". That would mean the closure of the St. James store.
  8. New report exposes Trumpworld connections to a plot to 'strong-arm' elections officials in Michigan Michigan is one of the states where former President Donald Trump and his lawyers, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, unsuccessfully tried to overturn Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election. Reporter Mardi Link, in an article published by the Traverse City Record Eagle this week, discusses events in Michigan in late November — when some pro-Trump GOP operatives showed up to examine election data. The operatives, according to Link, went to Antrim Count
  9. Time knows no master and we cannot halt or delay it. My mother in law died a few years ago at age 99- two months short of her 100th birthday. She often said that everyone she knew in her adult life as peers had already died, and most of her familiar community and church had changed over time where she felt almost an alien in her own world- two of her children had died also. We are not permanent residents here. We are passing through and all of the accumulated losses are meant to let us know that our days, like the days of all those who have come before and all those who will come after, are nu
  10. Ireland/Ulster is a wonderful example of what can happen when there is sufficient good will and enough pain and disgust over the past. There is a parallel between Ulster and the US to a degree. In both cases, what may have started out as legitimate protests over real grievances got coopted by essentially criminals who used and are using the veneer of protest to both exacerbate and profit from them to increase their power and wealth. In Ireland, when enough people saw that the IRA had become a criminal organization, dealing in extortion, selling drugs and so forth with no real concern for peopl
  11. Paul Gosar Spoke At A White Nationalist Conference. The GOP Doesn't Care. Last week a sitting U.S. congressman delivered a keynote speech at a white nationalist conference in Florida. “Wow, what a group,” Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) said as he took his place behind a podium emblazoned with the letters “AFPAC” — an acronym for America First Political Action Conference, the second annual gathering of the white nationalist “groyper” movement. After speaking about “cancel culture,” Big Tech’s supposed censorship of right-wingers, and the need for a big border wall to keep “America F
  12. Still has the acting ability of a stop sign.
  13. Trump aide with top secret clearance beat officers with riot shield at Jan. 6 Insurrection: report A Trump-appointed State Dept. aide allegedly beat officers at the U.S. Capitol with a stolen riot shield, used it to force open a Capitol Hill door, verbally engaged with police, and led insurrection rioters into the building, shouting, "We need fresh people, need fresh people." These new details come from The Washington Post, after Politico Thursday night broke the news that the State Dept. aide, Federico Klein, appointed by Trump in 2017 after working on the Trump campaign, was arr
  14. Things under the Tsars were at least equally dire. For a brief period, Russia was a democracy and things improved until Lenin seized on Marxist philosophy and altered it to fit his agenda. The cannibalism and such was under the Stalin regime. The western democracies very briefly supported the "white Russians" but quickly decided that they didn't want to be in the middle of another war. Did you know that the US actually landed troops in Russia at that time? Lenin decided that democracy was too slow and beyond the understanding of the peasants and chose to exterminate anyone who disagreed with h
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