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  1. `He should have added and "Eh?" at the end. And then go to Timmy's.
  2. I have liked Konar's play since he came into the league. He is no Muamba but a solid linebacker- particularly against the run.
  3. Hey, hey. No bad-mouthing Saskatchewan. That's our job in this forum.
  4. It is the bankruptcy trustee's job to wring every last dollar out of whatever assets might remain. I do not know if under US laws, employee owed wages are given priority in company dissolutions but I would bet not. So, the trustee is working for creditors and creditors only.
  5. He's obviously being paid by the hour but it must be like picking through a landfill site for beer bottles.
  6. I would think so, but the international barrier would be an issue. However, there is not an agreement between the two leagues and there is probably no one at AAF left alive to pursue the action, or pay for it.
  7. And a sizeable retainer to the lawyer up front. If the corporation (AAF) has no tangible assets, you would end up with an unenforceable judgement after spending a fair bit of money.
  8. Yup. 'Cause a camel is a horse designed by a committee.
  9. At that rate of production, he would have 500 yards in 18 games. Pass.
  10. Your suggestion and mine have about an equal chance of implementation.
  11. How about 7 games in the first round, five in the second, three in the third and a one-shot for the final? Yeah. Right. Like That's gonna happen.
  12. They're gonna throw all kinds of weird rules and procedures out there just to get attention. I would think that darned few are going to survive.
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