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  1. What- you do not think this will turn his image and prospects of re-election around?
  2. Trump Wanted to Sell Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria, His Former Homeland Security Head Says President Donald Trump raised the possibility of selling hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico to his Secretary of Homeland Security in late 2017, The New York Times reports. Elaine Duke, a Republican who served as acting head of Homeland Security from July to December 2017, told the Times in an interview, “The president’s initial ideas were more of as a businessman, you know: Can we outsource the electricity? Can we sell the island? You know, or divest of that asset? https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-wanted-to-sell-puerto-rico-after-hurricane-maria-former-homeland-security-head-says?ref=home?ref=home
  3. This just might be a perfect metaphor for the coming Goldeyes' season.
  4. Trump and cronies have devolved to the point where they do not care any more about public perception or the law. They have absolutely proven that they can do anything up to and including treason and get away with it without losing the support of either the GOP, the stacked courts or their 38 million or so lunatic fringe base. This may have given them the final incentive to go for the brass ring- seizing power in defiance of the sane electorate.
  5. Tracker


    Given the mass stoopidity in the US and parts of Canada, I am doubtful this will be an object lesson.
  6. Tracker


    Given the mass stoopidity in the US and parts of Canada, I am doubtful this will be an object lesson.
  7. Tracker


    Durex now makes condoms for those guys who don’t wear masks properly in public. 296 points · 27 comments
  8. We can only hope that the Biden administration will break with precedent and send the slimy bastard to jail for the next 100 years or so- in Guantanamo. Or have him held in one of those cages that he is putting kids into.
  9. Stupidity does not confer invulnerability.
  10. When you are openly corrupt and stand no chance of re-election, why pretend otherwise?
  11. I cannot find any relevant website infromation, either. I could have the African country wrong, as IIRC, I heard the article some 30 years ago on As It Happens on CBC radio. I looked for any references to Africans being returned to Africa and found some, but the country was Liberia, which apparently took its name from frred slaves returning.
  12. Wow. Where do I begin? You have tried to create a false equivalency- the protests are a popular uprising in response to systematic arbitrary arrests and unwarranted killings of black and coloured people in the USA and has spread around the world. As far as violence in black communities is concerned, if you take any group regardless of ethnicity and cram them into substandard housing, give them substandard educations and employment opportunities and no hope for a decent future, you will get drug abuse, violence, homelessness, mental illness, broken families and all the rest you see in many places- not just in the USA, but in the favelas, the Palestinians enclaves, and so forth. How does illegal killings of black people by police equate to marxism, and terrorism?
  13. And getting stoned in public would take on a whole new meaning.
  14. This is common knowledge but just another damning indictment of Trump piled up on top of all the other corruption. It has become so commonplace that Americans, the media and the politicians hardly notice any more. Can you inagine how insane it would be if Trump were re-elected?
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