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  1. Excessive testosterone can result in two bad outcomes: wars and DIY projects. Beware.
  2. The issue with Zac Collaros is not his attitude or talent, but whether he will be sidelined by a gust of wind.
  3. If Streveler plays as well against Calgary as he did against Montreal, I like our chances against the Stamps. They are are not as potent a team as in other years and BLM is not as effective. Its probably going to be trench warfare that decides the game, and the Bombers compare favourably there.
  4. Its hard to be aware of what is going on in other places when all you can see is your spleen.
  5. In the spirit of the day, I wish that all and sundry have a great day and that all of us remember how much we all have to be grateful for. We may not agree on all things, sports or political but we live in a great city, province and country whereas what we take for granted many cannot even hope for. Thank God for dirty dishes!
  6. I think that Bridge would have been a better choice for the Bombers than Collaros. Bridge knows the CFL game, has a good arm and would probably survive the first jostle.
  7. Well, I'm a bit startled that you are surprised about Joe Rockhead's posting.
  8. Once you disabuse yourself of the notion that the Bombers are a powerhouse team this year, things become clearer. Bombers are going to struggle to win and will have to be at their best to survive the first round of playoffs.
  9. There is always a risk to every decision. If the team is apparently way ahead and you sub in your backup, you can always switch back. Regardless, backups need live game experience and if they don't get it, you get problems when you are forced into it.
  10. And I am still amazed how fast Harris gets up to speed. He may not be the fastest man on the field, but between his acceleration and being tough to bring down, he is a force after the third step.
  11. There were several games over the past 18 months when the game was decided and Nichols kept getting put in. We paid for that when Nichols went down and Streveler showed how ill-prepared he was. There is no substitute for game experience.
  12. Streveler is getting an education and educations are always expensive. Streveler did not get enough reps over the past couple of years to make for a smooth transition from backup to starter, and I have concerns that McGuire is getting the same lack of experience.
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