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  1. In Calgary, the Stampede is still a go. very little talk of cancelling. I think it should be cancelled as upwards of a million people show up every year although a lot of visitors are American or from Europe. So borders may still be closed. What I'm seeing with these fairs & festivals is that they seem to wait before announcing they're cancelling even though the government is telling us to stay indoors, limiting the amount of people gathering together & use social distancing. Or businesses are shuttering & layoffs continue. Like the health of people aren't important just as long as they get their festivals in & make their money.
  2. Duron Carter left after the 2018 season. Don't even know why Craig would even mention him. Carter has always been a headcase.
  3. You hit forty & it suddenly happens. Trust me, I've been doing this now for 25 years.
  4. I watched the beginning of Raw tonight. Joan Jett came on from last year's WM & I turned it off. I won't be watching anymore until they go back to live shows & actual wrestling when this coronavirus is over.
  5. So, now dogs will be sacrificed as we know humans will do that.
  6. I agree. What was the point of Dickinson calling out Carter? didn't make a lot of sense.
  7. Well, everyone is suffering so no reason to think pro sports would be untouched. If players think they'll get their full contracts in a shortened or cancelled season they live in a dream world.
  8. Kenny Rogers is going to hit you with a baseball bat.
  9. Great job. You can sing the blues, man!
  10. For me, I find this easy. In 2015, I had foot surgery that went terribly wrong. I developed a severe bone infection about a month after surgery as the metal hardware had bacteria on it. One incision on my foot where a screw had been inserted refused to heal. I was bedridden for 10 months where I could not walk at all. I had to keep my weight totally off my foot. I also endured 3 hospital stay each about a week long during that time when the infection flared up & had to be debrided & treated by antibiotics. Without going into boring details, 4 month recovery time turned into an 18 month ordeal. My last day at work was end of June 2015 & I didn't return until January of 2017. I have nerve damage where that incision is now & it tingles constantly. Some days more than others. I'm always aware of the time that incision took away from my life back 5 years ago as it always reminds me constantly. The last time I was house bound just getting out of bed to use the bathroom was a sometimes painful but always an exhausting experience. Taking a shower & having to stick my left foot out of the bathtub & under the curtain as it wasn't supposed to get wet while wearing a plastic cover over my foot was a pain in the ass. So, one thing I developed was patience. My life was on hold for 18 months under difficult situation. So, seeing as I no longer have those mobility issues this self isolation is a piece of cake. Last summer, I had my left knee replaced. After a couple of weeks I was able to start moving around. Once my stitches came out I was able to start physio & the road back to recovery so that little stint was easy as well. I was driving again in 6 weeks & my wife said I was on my own to get to my doctor & physio appointments. My advice to anyone going stir crazy right or depressed right now? Take it from someone whose life was on hold for a year & a half & in the middle of it all didn't know when things would get better. Just be patient. Take it one day, even one hour at a time if you have to. Do something you like. Stay engaged with people you know & like on social media. I do CFL trivia with my facebook friends & the response is amazing. I have pvr'd a bunch of old movies I'm stockpiling to watch when I feel like it. Old Westerns & war movies. I'm going to start doing some reading. My son is reading a book about Richard Nixon & I told him once he is done I'd like to as well. But patience is what you need even when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. One other thing from my long experience of being a shut in... Appreciate your loved ones. Don't be a pain in the ass when you get down. Don't take your frustrations out on them as they feel the same way you do.
  11. "Joe Kapp is not exactly someone anyone should cheer for." That doesn't sound at all like you said he shouldn't be cheered for just acting like a clown for punching Mosca. It seemed you were saying that he shouldn't have ever been cheered at all going back to his playing days which is wrong. I think the way you said it rubbed me the wrong way as Kapp played hard when he was on the field, was a good teammate & has been as good a citizen as anyone else since his football days were over. You made it sound like he was some kind of a bad guy when we know he isn't. Kapp & Mosca holding a grudge for 56 years is stupid. Saying he & Mosca were foolish octagenarians for their most recent dust up is a fair comment. Anyway, I now understand what you meant so unless you have anything more you'd like to add, this particular discussion is over.
  12. His Dad wasn't a socialist. He was a Communist. Spent time studying in Moscow in the 50's.
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