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  1. Yeah, your precious NDP. Don't tell me you never voted for them as that is a lie. If it quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. You quack here louder than anyone.
  2. I think Singh knows that if an election were held tomorrow many NDP supporters would votr Liberal. They would lose seats. Singh would be finished.
  3. I have read the NDP as a party is broke. They can't afford to fight another election so the fix is in. The New Democrats will prop up the Liberals for a long time. Trudeau knows it which is why he is governing like he has a majority.
  4. If we have a season in 2021, Mikey will have to take a HUGE pay cut. Maybe as much as 50%. I think Hervey leaving speaks to the financial situation of the CFL. No season this year. The league ghosting media & fans about next season. Absolutely nothing being said regarding plans for 2021 other than a bubble in Edmonton... Edmonton??? They were supposed to have a bubble in Winnipeg last season but had no money, remember? Nothing has changed.
  5. Well, maybe throw that at the feet of employers who honestly would enslave their employees if they could get away with it. And governments talking a big game but in reality not caring as well. I blame employers & governments for allowing this to happen. Look at Trudeau, he convinced Jagmeet Singh to support his minority government if the Liberals brought in 10 days paid sick leave under EI. He knew Singh would ask for that to be added to get his support so the Liberals didn't do the right thing by just going ahead & doing it, I mean, they had six months. They made Singh look like a her
  6. Again, people with no sick days are going to try to work because no work means no pay. No pay means no food on the table, bills don't get paid or being able to pay rent. Unless the symptoms are obvious they won't stay home. They'll get pilloried for being selfish asshats while someone working in a union who get paid for being sick will just put their feet up & say, "Meh.... maybe a couple of more days". Most working poor are a paycheque & a half from living on the street.
  7. I watch college football & they don't seem to be social distancing at all in the stands. Some games look crowded & it is sad that these teams don't take a leadership role with Covid. These universities must all be run by Trump Republican syncophants.
  8. No, it's not all in there. You're as much of a liar as Notley or Kenney. It was never a part of the UCP platform & you know it. Tell me exactly where they say they're going after physician's pay like they have. Give me the the exact quote from the campaign promises. You can't because it isn't mentioned. They didn't have the guts to say they'd go after physicians & people on AISH because they knew they wouldn't get elected. Kenney & the UCP told a mistruth. Not a lie because they never mentioned it during the last campaign. So just like your precious NDP who brought in a carbon
  9. Kenney & his cronies never said they were going to go after doctors. No one... absolutely no one... voted for him to do that. Where in Kenney's campaign literature did it say he was going to cut physicians salaries & treat them like ****?? Check the campaign promises below & tell me where he said he'd do that. It never came up during the election campaign so get off your constant whining you keep droning on about the way Alberta voted. It's clear now that we were lied to. At the same time, no one gives a **** if your feelings are butthurt. If you don't like it you have a choice. Yo
  10. My wife & I stood two hours in line during the 2017 Mayorality & Civic elections in Calgary. While standing in line, we all thought it was due to a record turnout. Nope, the City of Calgary didn't deliver enough ballots to the polling stations. They ran out & more ballots had to be shipped to these polling stations by couriers which took hours. I read that some City employees were also ddeliveing ballots to polling stations using their own vehicles to speed up the process. Some polling stations even closed their doors at 8 pm with people who had been standing in line since dinner
  11. Yep, no surprise with your answer there.
  12. Well, I'm referring to winter & when it truly starts. And people stay indoors & heating systems in our houses & buildings.
  13. Sports was a big part of our kids life growing up. Both our kids played football & baseball. My youngest also played basketball. To have those taken away from them would have been sad.
  14. This is just me but I think people in general won't take Covid seriously until schools get closed down again. That seems to jar people into thinking this is serious. They stay open while health officials & politicians lecture us constantly. Yeah, tough spot for you & your family. Glad we didn't have to fo through this when our kids were growing up.
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