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  1. It's not positivity when you know the story is daft from the start. If you believed in your mind thru positive thinking that if you stepped in front of a train going 100 kph that you wouldn't be hurt is that reality or stupidity?? That's all I get from his stories now. I want some actual hope not pie in the sky musings. I'm looking for something to grasp on to that makes sense. I'm desperate for some good news that the 3 down game remains. We'd have no TV money to even cover flights & hotels without those markets. It may not even be feasible to televise games. Smaller is not good.
  2. Oh yeah, there was another John Hodge story last week on twitter & at 3DN which I called him out for as it was totally ridiculous. Hodge said Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal were holding back the CFL so screw them. He claimed that they can be replaced by other cities. I said he was delusional. How do you replace three markets with nearly 13 million people? I asked him what "cities" would replace them?? Saskatoon, Kelowna, London or Quebec City? Kamloops or Kelowna? Red Deer??? Charlottetown?? Victoria?? St. John's??? Who would pay for new stadiums? No government would. Taxpayers wou
  3. Until I know what's going on, I'm not even paying attention anymore. I could give 2 shits about the global draft. The way the CFL is being run is just sucking the life out of me as a fan.
  4. Have you read any of John Hodge's tweets or stories lately on 3DN? Even worse take than this one. I think someone hit the guy over the head with a hammer. One story he wrote talked about how the CFL can spend it's way out of its problems while admitting it's not his money so the owners may not want to do it. The other was about how single game betting could cover the losses the league suffers so it doesn't have to change it's business model. It can just carry on like nothing happened. Just complete crap. As bad or worse than that 3DN writer there for the Riders who wrote about what positions p
  5. Why do Rider fans hate the Bombers but some love the Jets or Oilers?? No one cares about the Flames.
  6. I've been ranting about that for years. TSN does a shitty job all around. They spend more money on Milt Stegal's suits than they do on production values & new technology for games. And the young talking heads they have now don't care about the CFL. Anytime these young 20 somethings from Ryerson fail to properly mention the CFL in their sportscasts they need to be hauled into their bosses office & read the Riot Act. There needs to be a lot more accountability but there isn't.
  7. I can't argue that. But sad that Canadians have turned their backs to our own unique league.
  8. This is what I've been saying. That no matter the outcome the 3 down game is probably finished. I'm not happy about it. I wish things would be different. I really do. It sucks but I guess I'm a realist about this. I can't do a thing about it if it is so I just have to accept the world is changing. Other businesses that were run a lot better have failed & a league that is so marginalized by ticket sales, failing attendance & losing money that I'm not surprised it's on life support. This has also always been about a lack of leadership. Especially now. About having a business model that
  9. Don't believe that for a second until network bids outside of TSN are opened & revealed. No one wins in a monopoly except the one holding the monopoly. So, going rate??? I highly doubt it, though. A monopoly only helps TSN not the CFL. Why would TSN pay top dollar if they're the only one paying for it? They don't run a charity. They run a business. They don't set the bar. They are the bar. Again, it comes down to competition & the league needs more money than they have at present so they have the right to look elsewhere for more financing. And it looks like they have with Redbir
  10. And this is why we are where we are. People have to realize that the pandemic changed everything. Revenues are virtually at zero right now. In order to get much needed tv money the league must play but in reality they don't have the money to do it. The Liberals just turned them down. So, they have to go elsewhere to find it.
  11. The only way to find out if Heinola can play is to give him ice time with the Jets. Looks like Cheveldayoff is still in charge.
  12. And then when the value of the product went up with better ratings nothing changed. The CFL kept dealing solely with TSN. So, they did create the situation they're in. Also, responding to TBurg's comments about TSN not keeping the price of the tv contract low for theirs & Bell's benefit, there is no way that they are paying full price or even a premium now for their TV product to the detriment of the CFL. This also drives home the problem of limited revenue streams in this country & why the CFL is in discussion with Red Bird Capital for more money. The cold reality for the haters
  13. One less bell to answer. One less egg to fry.
  14. Without competition how do we know what the going rate is? The CFL created the situation of devaluing their product by deciding to partner completely with a cable sports network who isn't exactly the most innovative when it comes to broadcasting games.
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