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  1. Environmant Canada really scaled back the amount of snow the Winnipeg area will get. At least from the forecast I read this morning. I think the amount of rain & freezing rain will affect the amount of snow you guys get. Here in Calgary, we've got close to 20 cms of new snow on the ground. We've had 2 years of bad drought so I hope that this means we'll get more snow & rain for the remainder of March & into spring.
  2. No, what the guy did was criminally wrong. he may see jail time for his actions (or not) but he can't be labelled a sexual predator.
  3. It was so bad I remember some posters here being angry Justin Goltz was benched. That list makes you wonder why people wanted Brown to start over Collaros.
  4. That's a drunk not a sexual predator. It didn't sound like he was interested in anything sexual (thankfully). He's either on a psych ward now getting treatment for mental illness or going to AA meetings.
  5. Typical Noeller. I wasn't criticizing. I was listing some of the things he did by memory. Hence Boeing & not Bristol Arerospace. Noeller was 6 when Mulroney was PM.
  6. It probably kept him busy & made him feel better doing it. Sad.
  7. Yeah, let's make fun of JFK getting the back of his head blown off with his brain matter & shattered skull covering his horrified wife. Well done....
  8. Not the greatest PM in Canadian history. He brought in the free trade agreement, with the US & Mexico, saw the CF 18 contract given to Bombardier in Montreal rather than Boeing in Winnipeg which led to the rise of Western Populism & the Reform Party with the slogan, "The West Wants In". He brought in the GST, the Meech Lake Accords & had a few scandals in his second term that caused the Liberals to come back... Certainly Jean Chretien's career was resurrected from the ashes because of it. May he Rest in Peace.
  9. I agree but let's let the investigation take place before we jump to conclusions.
  10. Leo turned into a very good OLB. Too bad we had to trade him to Hamilton along with SB Gord Patterson. Patterson & Jauch couldn't stand one another. He benched Patterson in 1979 even though we were the first team in the CFL to get rid of the TE (Ezerins) in favour of an extra SB.. That should have been Patterson but Jauch said nope.
  11. Certainly looks real. Man, have styles & tastes changed.
  12. Yes, I certainly get that but my reaction is good for him. As a GM, you can't build a defense around guys like Muamba that just leave every year. I'm sure Adam Bighill wanted to provide security for his family as well. Yet, when he was still in his prime in 2018 he came to Winnipeg & in this world of one year deals put down roots. He even restructured his contract to take less to help sign other Bomber & CFL free agents. I hate the one year deals. They do nothing for the CFL except let guys move around unfettered & have driven up salaries. We're the only pro league I know of that doesn't have some kind of restricted free agency yet we have a ridiculously low salary cap. Like most things the CFL does, to me it makes no sense.
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