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  1. Claybrooks will be a disaster. He's just not ready. He doesn't even have nice hair.
  2. Just don't fall for his lies because you'll dance & sing like a puppet on a string cuz you ain't in control of a single thing.
  3. Dickenson is older & been a part of different coaching staffs so he's been exposed to different coaching styles & philosophies. In fairness to Craig, if a lot of coaches lost their staring qb after just 3 plays into the opening season & had virtually inexperienced rookies to replace him they'd look lost or frustrated too. Dickenson knows how to coach football. He just needs more time. O'Day has to get him decent players. As far as Claybrooks goes, he's only coached with one team for a short time so he's pretty inexperienced. I think he may be a bit overrated. Huff recruited & signed a lot of great defensive players like Ciante Evans, Micah Johnson, J'Gared Davis & Alex Singleton. Any defensive coach would be a genius with the players he had on D with the Stamps. He doesn't have those players anymore. He doesn't have Huff for guidance & to offer advice. He's on his own with an impatient GM in Hervey probably wondering if he made a mistake hiring him. In Claybrooks case, we're going to see awfully fast if the organization made The Man in Calgary or if he's capable of coaching a winner in BC with the players he has. I'll be honest with you, I think his inexperience will be his undoing. That he wasn't quite ready for Prime Time. There's quite the step up from DC to HC.
  4. BLM signed a new deal with the Stamps in February. Jim Popp stood absolutely still with his qbs & didn't bring in any new guys so the same shitty players that they had at that position from last season are still here now & for that stupidity on his part he should be fired. It appeared BLM was Plan A & Popp had no Plan B.
  5. Careful what you guys wish for....
  6. The fans are staying away from games by the tens of thousands & the CFL brass seem oblivious to it. They are excited about the increase in viewership in Romania, though.
  7. Don't like it when 3 teams have a bye on the same week especially just 2 weeks into the season.
  8. The Argos kept the same qbs from last year. Go figure.
  9. Why was Claybrooks rubbing his stomach? I missed that part of the game. To me, a HC rubbing his fat belly & wearing a goofy grin has far more serious implications than wearing his cap a bit sideways.
  10. You can't judge teams like that. If the Bombers beat a team by 10 points & another team beats that same team by 15 points it doesn't mean the other team is better. Every game is different.
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