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  1. Having 2 separate brands doesn't work. Fans want to see the best talent in the ring on both shows. Same as on tv. Have 2 separate shows but have the best wrestlers on the WWE roster appear on both Raw & Smackdown.
  2. We don't upgrade at free agency. We seem to be losing out on players available to help us. I just wonder how much of that is money, players not wanting to come or stay here or Chevy himself. Is there too much faith in our core?
  3. Every player in the BCFC unless they had already been to another CFL training camp belong to the BC Lions. In Winnipeg, it's just the Rifles. Edmonton it's the Huskies & Wildcats. There's definitely unfairness in the system.
  4. Other than Stasny or Hayes the past 2 seasons, we can't or refuse to trade for better players. We can't sign the ones long term that we do. Do players hate Winnipeg that much as a place to play or is this failure the fault of the GM?
  5. Well there ya go. Maybe Daniels is still alive when Discovery arrives. (Temporal Cold War Future Guy).
  6. I think 34th. But I think the Discovery writers forgot about the Temporal Cold War.
  7. No connection to anything. They are far enough in the future that they aren't bound by Star Trek Canon anymore. They can make their own. Kind of an easy way out for the writers, if you ask me.
  8. Not bringing back Anson Mount to play Pike next season is a huge mistake. I'd also not feel bad if Discovery was somehow destroyed & the surviving or remaining crew merged with Pike's Enterprise & he took over as the new permanent Captain. There'd have to be a place for Saru but Number 1 is there. Anyway, it won't be happening anyway. Letting Mount go will form a huge vacuum. It's already apparent. They had a good thing going with Mount's Pike & poof he's gone.
  9. Did we need insight on Sulu & Checkhov in TOS? They just drove the ship, too. They both became beloved characters. So, I'd say yes.
  10. Am I the only one who has trouble following the storyline on each episode? A day or 2 later, I honestly can't tell you what happened. Discovery is the only show I have this problem with. The special effects are fantastic but there's so much going on that I find it hard to keep up. I wish they'd simplify the plot lines. Or slow the series down a bit for the benefit of viewers. Star Trek was always about social commentary & getting to really know the characters & we get very little of that with Discovery. Other than Burnham & Spock. IMO, I think that is what happens when the writers only have 13 episodes to get a very complicated storyline as well as complex characters in to a complete season. I think if they had 22 episodes the series would look totally different & have a different feel to it.
  11. I just remember seeing that Mo Eisley Cantina bar scene in the first Star Wars movie in 1977 & it blew me away.
  12. Some players looking for new contracts will probably be playing elsewhere next season. No way this group can stay together after the way they played. Especially late in the season & in the first round.
  13. Hellebuyck did play a great game after I criticized him, of course. So, I will give credit where credit is due as it's only fair. His teammates sure let him down.
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