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  1. It would have been fun to play them at IG Field.
  2. He didn't quit. He retired. He never left us in the lurch mid season. He did it the right way before the season started. When every other Bomber starter calls it a day on his career are you going to say they quit as well? Did Chris Walby quit? Lyle Bauer? James West? Tyrone Jones?
  3. Rightful home??? Who is he kidding??? The Riders have 4 Grey Cup wins. The Bombers have 11. Eskimos have 14. Argos have 17. The Riders do have more Grey Cup wins than the Elks.
  4. Obvious now that Stern or MLSE never had the support to derail this thing. The blowback for any owner who voted to cancel the season would have been tremenous. Tremendously BAAAAAAAD!!!
  5. I'd dump him. We need to have more flexibility with our salary cap. If he goes somewhere & dominates so be it.
  6. Less than 24 hours when we find out if the CFL has a season. Props to John Bowman for putting pressure on the Als owners by demanding the vote be televised. I'd like to see Argo player reps be as vocal as well.
  7. The great unwashed & tooth gap doubters will say they didn't catch Covid as it's fake. They caught something else like the flu.
  8. Not an unpopular take but that's not how universal healthcare works. No one can be denied. Those dickheads know that & are now crowding our ICU's across the country with Covid but saying it's something else. Congrats JCon!
  9. Was Larsen ever convicted? The Stamps haven't dealt with their own player (Pinto) with his sexual assault charges. They refuse to release him. At least the RedBlacks acted.
  10. CFL Double Standard when it comes to sexual assault on women... https://3downnation.com/2021/06/10/trivel-pintos-charge-reveals-double-standard-in-cfls-handling-of-violence-against-women/
  11. The Great Ones find ways to break your heart if they play for the other team. I know the feeling. Most of us do.
  12. The league will vote to start in August. That's my feeling. Too many negative things will be thrust upon Toronto & Montreal if they don't play & the others do. The embarrassment they'll bring to the league & bad will they'll show with the "Eff You Go Shove It" middle finger to everyone will be remembered for a long time. If those teams don't play it'll affect advertising revenues. So watch TSN try to screw over the other 7 teams by saying the value of the tv contract is less with the country's 2 biggest markets no longer represented. What happens to the contracts of the players on
  13. The word "change" is a word that is forbidden in the culture of the Winnipeg Jets.
  14. I think it's way too early to worry about that now.
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