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  1. That's why I don't see the Lions winning the West. The word "Me" usurps the word "Team". I saw it last year at times with Nathan Rourke whom I felt was thinking that he was just a little too good for the CFL, the off season with Dominique Rhymes complaining publicly about the monetary value of his contract & now with Keon Hatcher getting into it with Kongbo on Twitter. Not a very united locker room. Like GCn20 said, this would never happen here.
  2. What? Damn! Sounds like the inmates run the asylum in BC. I've never thought much of Rick Campbell. Kind of a loosey goosey coach, discipline wise. So, not totally surprised at what happened. The Lions think so little of Kongbo that they traded him out of the West Division.
  3. I thought, did I miss a trade or something???
  4. Harris is a better qb than Fajardo until his all of his teams get into the red zone.
  5. Their OL isn't as good as they think it is. Deniis was playing very well when he got hurt last year. They didn't sign a tackle to take his place.
  6. Hufnagel has taken a major step back as far a running the team goes. He's now semi retired but still retains the title of President. Dickenson runs the show now. We'll see how he does as GM & Head Coach.
  7. I was reading on Sunday in the Calgary Sun that the Stamps cut Derek Dennis but have no left tackle to take his place. As of right now, Dickenson has no idea who will play in his place. They have a couple of options but not sure what they'll do. It'll be decided in practice thios week. Cutting Dennis was also a salary cap move as the team was not impressed with him showing up late for training camp & not being in shape. He put on more than a few lbs & couldn't keep up physically on the field. They could have kept him around as he rounded himself back into playing shape. The Calgary Sun article implied (without saying) that Dickenson was not happy.
  8. So, the ref has to make the call. I love our uniforms & helmet & the tradition it shows. Teams like the Argos & Lions always seem to want to change their looks every couple of seasons.
  9. For me, I consider myself a good person. I've volunteered in the community for a lot of years. I try to do good & want what most of us want which are honest politicians & good government. So, when I'm ridiculed & personally called insulting names because of who I support, it hurts. I try to stay above it all but when someone here last week who has no idea who I am or what I'm about called me a hater because I'll always find something to hate, I just said, allright. I can be that way as well. I started being insulting as well. Respect goes both ways. Respect me & I'll respect you. Anyway, appreciate what you just said. But it's pointless being on this thread anymore. I'm going to stick to football from here on in.
  10. I've been called a racist & hater here by more than one of the Accolytes who live on this thread. Simply because I'm conservative. It's to the point I don't give a **** anymore what I call them because most are cowardly keyboard warriors who just swarm incapable of having any kind of meaningful political discussions without name calling & intimidation. When you see Accolytes just substitute the word for assholes. Anyway, you'll all be glad to know that I'm done with this stinking thread. Spit. I said what I wanted to say. See ya, Accolytes.
  11. I used Hull because suddenly Kinew said he's sorry for what he did. For being an alcoholic & beating up women. So, suddenly that's okay? He's now fit to be leader & what happened in the past can now be forgotten?? According to the Accolytes here, yes. Bullshit! The Accolytes hate Bobby Hull because he did the same thing. He beat up his wives as well & said some stupid things about Hitler. He also had a drinking problem like Kinew. Of course, the Accolytes don't care that drunks constantly run their mouths saying dumb things they don't always mean. The ramblings of a now dead broken down old man will never be forgiven by these same Accolytes. When Hull died he was wheelchair bound & could no longer speak. Just like my alcoholic father was when he died. Ever consider that the things Hull said were said by someone whose faculties weren't all there. But Kinew is forgiven by the Accolytes for his actions simply because he's the leader of a political party they like. Oh yeah, he never mentioned Hitler so that makes him alright. Stan Bowman who was GM of the Blackhawks covered up the sexual assault of Kyle Beach & another teammate that occurred in 2010 now wants back into the NHL. He has requested a meeting with Gary Bettman to pave the way for that to happen. I'm sure he's sorry as well for what happened. So, will the Accolytes here forgive him & give him a second chance like they 're giving Kinew??? What about a bank robber or a thief?? Are they fit to be leader of a political party? What about a drunk who is inebriated driving his/her vehicle through a red light strriking another killing the occupants?? They're sorry. Where's the line drawn once you start forgiving? Or pick & choose who you forgive? How can a legislator who ignored & broke the laws of the land be fit for office by passing new laws that he'll expect people to follow?
  12. I answered your statement the way the leftist accolytes would treat mine. It was probably unfair & for that I apologize. You're looking for good government & you feel you'll get it from the NDP. Unfortunately, Kinew should never have been elected NDP Leader. Anyone who says they are conservatives here are branded as white, colonial racist Nazis. Of course, the people making those claims don't know me, what I'm about or even what I look like. But let's paint everyone with the same brush. So, welcome to the party. Now you know how I feel.
  13. If Lemon comes here for a year & helps us, then why not? The guy has no loyalty to anyone. But then, what team truly has loyalty to their players? Every team will replace a long term serving vet for someone cheaper in the snap of the fingers. He'll sign his customary 1 year deal & then probably **** off like he always does. One year deals should be abolished. Besides, who cares about next year? It's this year we all care about & we need a guy like him desperately.
  14. No one is going to die wearing socks if it's hot, c'mon. Suit up & look like a pro. Not a high school player.
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