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  1. WTF is Ambrosie doing? What a useless Commissioner.
  2. He was run out of here a few days ago.
  3. Too bad we can't use Streveler like the before mentioned Taysom Hill of the Saints a we have a dumb rule where two qbs can't be on the field at the same time. Earlier this past Sunday afternoon vs the Niners Hill came in as a qb & threw two passes. Later he came in as a fullback & ran the ball with Brees handing off to him. That's okay in the NFL but not okay in the CFL? Which makes no sense to me at all. Imagine if we could use Streveler all over the field as a fullback, tailback, slot & qb?? Trying to account for him would drive opposition DC's crazy & he'd be a very dangerous weapon. But nope. The rules don't allow.
  4. Minor contact shoulder injury? He was pancaked from behind by 280 lb Shawn Lemon. How was that minor?
  5. Nichols may be the same. as he may not be ready for TC either.
  6. Swaggerville was all about individuals. Yes, they played extremely well together but they weren't as close knit as the Band of Brothers playing D in the playoffs & Grey Cup.
  7. I know this is a discussion about our defense but to me, the play that won the game for us wasn't on defense. It was on Special Team punt cover. When Hansen took out 2 guys with a ferocious tackle. That was the final blow to an arrogant team that thought we'd just lie down for them because they thought they were better. That was the final knock out punch. The Cats were finished after that. They wanted no part of the Bombers anymore.
  8. It's always a gamble when you pay your starter big money. Look at Reilly in BC. Willy signed for big bucks here & played himself off the team. Evans could regress surely but he also could take the next step up in his development. But he won't if he has to be backup to Masoli. Jeremiah may want to stay in Hamilton but I have a feeling he'll go where the most money is as he's now in his 30's. This could be his last contract.
  9. Then that's a poor GM using his limited resources under the cap unwisely. Why would you pay Masoli the big bucks just to sit him as a backup? You could use the money instead to sign other veterans or shore up a couple of other areas in free agency. Masoli is going to want what other starters are making so I'd say a minimum of $500,000. There is no way Evans plays if Masoli signs. And no, he won't come cheaper to Hamilton & why should he when teams like Ottawa & Toronto are out there?
  10. Because he'd be a starter with other teams. I don't get why you can't understand that Evans doesn't want Masoli to sign & automatically take away his starting job. Evans played very well & got them to a Grey Cup which Masoli never did for Hamilton. Besides, if they sign Masoli then he'll make much more than Evans & be the starter.
  11. Your last sentence. Most coaches prefer calling the plays from upstairs. They can see the entire field & what the opposition is doing. And yes, there are less distractions than on the sidelines. Sounds like LaPo will have an offensive coach upstairs telling him what he sees.
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