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  1. The new series was so long ago that I forget who was in it.
  2. Ha, ha. Back in my single days. I'd always stay home, watch MV then hit the bars in Winnipeg downtown. Couldn't PVR or stream in those days.
  3. I watched that first season with Hagman but when he died I wasn't interested anymore. As soon as Hagman died that series was finished. He carried that show as the supporting new characters were weak in comparison to the original series. Patrick Duffy wasn't able to carry the new showon his own the way Hagman did. He didn't have the same presence on screen & his character Bobby was a nice guy. In the original series, he balanced off JR's ruthlessness & lack of morality. Without JR, Bobby was just a weak Goody Two Shoes. Victoria Principal wasn't part of the new shoe & neither was Steve Kanaly who played Ray Krebbs on the original show. He was the half brother of Bobby & JR & he was looked down upon by JR who never considered him an equal or entitled to any of the estate of their father. Leaving Kanaly & Principal out were mistakes. To me, the new series was okay but not great.
  4. The Eighties had some great cop series. One of my favourites was this one. Crime Story with the Vegas Cops vs the Vegas Mob set in the early 60's.
  5. I watched it all the time as that was my generation. My 2 sons are in their 30's & are married.
  6. Veterans like Dennis are the players being forced out.
  7. That kind of remark reminds me of a very old commercial from the 1960's that I remember as a kid. Microwaves were just coming out back then in the middle of the decade & a sales person was showing a group of people in a department store how microwaves can speed up cooking time. After the demonstration, everyone was so impressed by how fast it cooked. The salesman started taking orders from the audience until one guy yelled out, "But can it brown???' Apparently, this microwave in the commercial could. Most microwaves couldn't. Walker will get paid whether he blocks or not just like microwaves kept on selling even if they couldn't brown.
  8. The Riders always win the GC. Except in November.
  9. Randy might be wearing his scarves too tight cutting off circulation to his brain.
  10. I MIGHT be impressed with MLB if they had the guts to strip the Houston Astros of their World Series titles & awarded them to the runners up. That would send a message that cheating is not allowed. Right now, the Astros could do the same thing & win the World Series & nothing would be done. The Boston Red Sox are now under investigation for the same thing. So, CFL stay away from this rotting corpse.
  11. Ambrosie must think that if the 30 team MLB can pick its playoff opponents then it must be okay for the 9 team CFL to do so as well. Not that MLB has ever considered fair play & integrity an important part of the game. The 1919 Chicago White Sox gambling scandal, Pete Rose banned from the BBHOF in canton for life for gambling on his team in 1989 as well as the Houston Astros signal stealing scandal of today tell me that the CFL should stay away from anything MLB thinks is a good idea.
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