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  1. Elizondo says Cornelius has NFL arm strength. Well, wouldn't that mean if you threw an NFL out from the far hash mark on a CFL field, you'd be short? ,
  2. Kinda looks like Wilder... It IS Wilder.
  3. Wilder walks to his car in the rain, gets wet, flex. Unlocks his car, flex. Car won't start, gets out, flex. Opens hood, gets soaked, flex. Dead battery, flex.
  4. I'm just wondering if Mourtada is taking a bus back to Winnipeg while everyone else flies.
  5. Fricking fracking TSN & video glitches. Just Mickey Mouse.
  6. I wonder if Bernie Ruoff would like to make a comeback?
  7. Mourtada must be freaking out right now hoping he doesn't have to kick again.
  8. Harris gets to rest during the injury time out.
  9. We need to get the ball more to Demski!
  10. Now Liegghio shanks a punt. Holy ####.
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