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  1. Delbert Fowler, Aaron Brown & Tyrone Jones. Pretty good set of linebackers but the best was yet to come with James West, Greg Battle & Tyrone Jones.
  2. SpeedFlex27

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber team safety nominees

    He's my pick. As far as fullbacks go, Dan Hucklack was pretty darned good. He should be on the list.
  3. SpeedFlex27

    CBS To Revive Star Trek on Television

    McCoy was 137 in TOS.
  4. Rest In Peace, Tyrone Jones.
  5. SpeedFlex27

    Random News Items

    Online bullying is online bullying. Not every fan is clued in to what is going on. And to be fair, I've bullied & been bullied here. I'm maybe a little worse at times than most so when I talk about bullying I include myself in it. Sometimes "telling it like it is" is just an excuse to intimidate. I need to remind myself to be better.
  6. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Pickings seem to be lean. We may be thanking our lucky stars we have Nichols if attracting top flight qbs to our league becomes an issue because of the lack of a CBA as well as the new pro leagues starting up. Saskatchewan & Calgary could be in real trouble.
  7. SpeedFlex27

    Random News Items

    I'm just gonna say this & I'm NOT pointing fingers at anyone here but making a general observation. The same people on this forum that are abhorred by bullying in a Christmas story are the same ones who seem okay with anyone else bullying others on this forum with insults & mockery if another poster says something they don't agree with. Why is it okay to belittle members on this board & yet then be outraged over whether a flying reindeer with a red nose is bullied by other flying reindeer & an overweight senior in a magical sled? I just don't get it. Bullying goes on in here every damned day & yet that seems to be acceptable. We need to have a serious discussion about why some posters here are always on the outside looking in & aren't part of the "in crowd" here.
  8. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Is Nick Arbuckle is the answer at qb? I'd say no.
  9. SpeedFlex27

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber team safety nominees

    Brian played safety the entire time he was with the Bombers so that is where he should be listed.
  10. SpeedFlex27

    The MBB All-Time Blue Bomber team

    In the 60's there were a couple of positions on defense that were called Monster & Rover. I assume Monster would be on the DL & Rover would be at linebacker. Anyone know?
  11. SpeedFlex27

    Random News Items

    Noeller, it's a song. Written in the 1940's. What about Mick Jagger & the Stones pleading with a woman to "Let's Spend The Night Together. Cuz I need You More Than Ever?" How many country songs are about sex? Same with rock. Then there's rap whose lyrics & artists don't respect women at all. You ban one then you have to ban them all. What about female performers looking like sluts onstage? Shouldn't they be banned as well as they portray women as sex objects. You can't pick & choose. Ban one then you must ban everything. Too much political correctness & honestly (not saying you but...) some people need to get a life. Just sayin'.
  12. SpeedFlex27

    Blue Bomber Photos

    Fullback Lorne "Boom Boom" played for the Bombers from 1951-55. He won the Western Interprovincial Football Unions Rookie Of The Year Award after he rushed for 491 yards in 1952 (he played only 1 game for the Bombers in 1951), The Winnipeg native's best season was in 1953 when he rushed for 561 yards. He finished his 5 season playing career with 1,671 yards rushing. An all around great athlete, he also starred as a junior hockey player & had a tryout in the National League with the Washington Senators. He was an avid curler & played in the 1962 Manitoba Consols as a lead with Lyle Henry's Strathcona CC rink. He later skipped his own curling team to an 8 ender in the Men's League at the same curling club.
  13. SpeedFlex27

    Blue Bomber Photos

    Bud Grant talks to receiver Norm Rauhaus during the 1962 Grey Cup. Rauhaus passed away on November 26, 2018 in Winnipeg. He was 83.
  14. SpeedFlex27

    The MBB All-time Blue Bomber team safety nominees

    Herosian was a beast. He deserves to be nominated so I will do so right here. Please add his name to the safety position. But you're right that tragic accident cost him his career. How does anyone come back after what he went through?