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  1. The Ravens are setting the passing game back 50 years. How can a guy that can't throw be the NFL MVP? Ravens are ugly offensively.
  2. I think it was a conspiracy of all the different agencies. The decision makers who backed Trump prevented the different agencies from being coordinated & having a proper response. maybe Trump told them to stand down secretly.
  3. I'm worried the Argos will steal Speller. I think it helps the older players to heal the injuries & work on being stronger. Someone like Andrew Harris for example. He'll be fresh.
  4. Rogers struggled at times. He would miss an entire week of practice but Dickenson would insert him in the lineup last minute. He's never been 100% as a player since he was injured & came back. He's had a lot of "maintenance days" with the Stamps where he wouldn't even be at practice as he stayed home resting. He's older, Now he's missed an entire season. As a guy who suffered a similar injury to Rogers years ago & had a knee replacement in 2019, I know that these type of bad knee injures never get better with rest. They get worse with age as the knee joint deteriorates & arthr
  5. You can only sign one player at a time. It's 3 weeks to FA. having trouble signing Harris? Like really?? Yes, I knew that.
  6. They have fans writing articles like what positions would various Saskatchewan Roughriders play if they were NHL hockey players.
  7. I don't think Davis is a good backup. He can't read defenses & that is suicide for an offense. You're basically sending out your team to die if you're an OC. When he started, he was mostly awful. Desjardins just can't spend the money on another backup.
  8. Cold. Since his knee injury he hasn't been able to play or practice a full season. Do you pay a guy (in a tough market financially) full price for maybe 10 games a season & having to be rested to make a playoff run?? What if he's needed down the stretch to get into the playoffs & then can't compete at 100% in the playoffs? I know John Hufnagel is thinking the same thing. That has to be a big reason he hasn't signed yet.
  9. John Hodge is one of the problems. He just throws **** against the wall hoping something sticks. Then there's TSN speculating the Bombers were having trouble signing Andrew Harris. Keep on speculating, asshats!
  10. Interesting thoughts on Nick Arbuckle maybe playing in Toronto by Justin Dunk considering Arbuckle signed a restructured deal in Ottawa weeks ago. Now that LaPo is gone there is no reason why we can't have a thousand yard rusher in Harris & at least two thousand yard receivers with the players we have.
  11. For a day or a week. The day a coach is hired he is one day closer to being fired.
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