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  1. SpeedFlex27

    Canadian Politics

    Deflecting. So, now he may have put the idea in some wack job's head to kill a federal politician during the election. What an ass.
  2. SpeedFlex27

    The RIP 2019 Thread

    I lived thru that era so your medal is on the table over there.
  3. SpeedFlex27

    Random News Items

    His balls are smaller.
  4. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    If they pay in pesos we're effed.
  5. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    No. Would have preferred Walters have signed JSK. Great young player gone. Then bring in Elimimian? That move wouldn't make a lot of sense.
  6. SpeedFlex27

    QB situation Winnipeg

    Limp? Pudgy face??? What absolutely STUPID comments.
  7. SpeedFlex27

    QB situation Winnipeg

    Yeah, the **** some of the "fans" here throw at Nichols is unbelievable. And it is ****. And the same "fans" will turn on Streveler, too.
  8. SpeedFlex27

    QB situation Winnipeg

    We have some really great fans on here, don't we?
  9. SpeedFlex27

    QB situation Winnipeg

    My son played for Chaps at SFU. He used a version of his offense adapted for 4 down football. It was an extensive, difficult offense for him & the other qbs to learn. It wasn't that the offense is bad as it's not. It's totally based on creating mismatches on offense with the defense. The problem is the terminology isn't qb friendly as Chaps never was a qb so it is difficult from a qb perspective to learn. It's more receiver friendly than quarterback. The reads are different if you're a qb. I can only tell you it's quite complicated for a new qb to learn. Again, my son thought the offensive playbook was actually pretty decent but it comes at the qbs from a different perspective. It takes awhile to learn compared to other CFL offenses. Ricky Ray could probably pick it up easier than Franklin.
  10. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Grandma hast to be back at the Home by 6 for supper.
  11. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Seventy new seats. The one operator is being run off her feet.
  12. SpeedFlex27


    Not a huge fan of Corey Graves.... I get what his role on the broadcast team of Raw, Smackdown & NXT is but maybe it's just a little too much.
  13. SpeedFlex27

    Around the League: 2019 Off Season

    Considering 20 years ago, the Riders were taking grain as payments for season tickets & holding telethons. Talking to farmers on combines.
  14. Dave Raimey was simply an outstanding player. Great running back who had the ability to change directions & juke defenders out of their shorts. Nicknamed The Knife he was a great receiver out of the backfield. As well as a great KO returner. Top that off with the fact he could also play defensive back very well & he was one of the greatest to ever put on a Bomber jersey. By 1969, he had become tired of losing every year. Other than Raimey & Flanker Ken Nielsen there were no other threats on offense. He demanded a trade by going public with his beefs & was dealt to Toronto. Raimey had said the Bombers as an organization wasn't committed to winning which was a criticism directed at then Bomber GM Earl Lunsford. Those comments angered Lunsford. No player could criticize Earl publicly & get away with it. Even superstars like Raimey & Don Jonas weren't immune & both found that out as they were gone in a flash.