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  1. That Stampeder team still had a core of experienced veterans from their 1998 championship team as well as 99 Grey Cup finalist team. Huge mistake to underestimate them the way the Bombers did. Still pisses me off thinking about that missed opportunity.
  2. Crandell was a vet who got on something like a five game hot streak, reg season & playoffs & he played lights out. So, have to give him props for playing in the moment. Salisbury was nothing special but he didn't make many mistakes & handled the pressure very well in the playoffs & Grey Cup in 88. But he had a great defense backing him up & a monster in Rod Hill making huge plays like blocking punts in the 88 East Final & Mike Grey deflecting passes on the goal line in the Grey Cup. Burgess great game manager & didn't turn the ball over much & had an even better defense behind him in 90 than he had in 88. That defense dismantled a vaunted Esks team that year piece by piece.
  3. This a thousand times over. The Bombers thought all they had to do was show up & the Stamps would fall over in awe from their greatness. Dave Ritchie did nothing to stop the nonsense by his players. The Bombers should have been champions that year.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to know who these far, far worse qbs are as well.
  5. Things will just be getting started out here if he forms even a minority government.
  6. He's been walking that tweet back all day. What a piece of slime Butts is.
  7. It looks like Elizabeth May did nothing but cement the image of a clueless socialist wingnut in voters minds. She's pretty much fallen off the radar since the English language debate.
  8. Running is not a fundamental. It's a physical attribute. Just like Dieter Brock had a rifle for an arm. Tom Clements agility & scrambling ability. Matt Dunigans's physical attibutes, strength, power & leadership abilities. All physical gifts. How can you call that having a cherry picking agenda? LOL.
  9. Ha, ha. You lecturin' now? You sure that rock didn't bounce off your head before it hit your hand?
  10. You laughed in reaction on the last quote, Skunk which is why I wouldn't bother trying to explain it to you. Since when is running a THROWING fundamental.?Thanks for stopping by though. Your input is greatly appreciated. You've certainly enriched this conversation, as always.
  11. What I'm concerned about is the stubbornness of both our HC & OC & that they won't even try to sign another FA qb come February. That they won't change the offense & the way plays are called. Things need to change but they won't.
  12. Being able to run is fundamental? I'm not even going to try & explain it to you. Let someone else waste 3 minutes of their life.
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