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  1. Starts 10 Canadians.... Eleven if you include the fact that there are two Canadians alternating at the same position at DT. We should be playing 11 Americans on D with Ford the lone Canadian. Maybe 10 with another Canadian in the rotation.
  2. Probably but kudos to Bighill for the hit. He knocked Patterson into next week. Mace is lucky he doesn't have to explain why their third stringer is starting.
  3. A huge thanks to Walters & Osh for thinking Janarion Grant was washed up. Thanks for nothing, Boys. Jeff Hamilton on X messaged that the Bombers had the $$$ to sign Grant but chose not to. What a dumb move. As usual, our return game is the worst in the CFL.
  4. His style of play. He can't carry a team based on his own talent. He needs talented players around him. However, he should be given free reign to run the entire playbook so he can be ready to go. He's on the roster so play him.
  5. She's 36. Playing in the Olympics & playing in a pro women's soccer league in KC are like apples & oranges. The Team Canada coaches don't think she's good enough anymore.
  6. No, never said we can't try him as we should, But Streveler is no better than a transitional qb until the next legit starter comes here. Looking around the league, Strev could be a transitional qb for years to come. Wilson? Oh yes.
  7. Oh, stop talking nonsense which this is. You want players playing to the whistle & then at the same time you want them to let up so they don't get hurt. Like, it can't be both ways. You either go full out or you don't. Do you actually think Mace would have called that play if they were up by 7 points or even just three?? No, he would have taken a knee to end it. Mace wanted to run the score up on us as winning by 10 points wasn't good enough for him. Well, his ego nearly cost him Shea Patterson. I make no apologies for being glad Bighill put that big hit on Patterson. No one here will change my mind on that. People can whine & cry all they want about the play being dirty but it was Mace with his huge ego who sent in that play. He should also be held responsible for what happened.
  8. Seriously, why have to kneel, you ask? I'm not even going to answer that question because it's so ridiculous. Appears that you have never heard of the Victory Formation & it's origin. Google Joe Pisarcik, New York Giants & the Philadelphia Eagles 1974, to find out what happens when you "play to the whistle". Anyway, Bighill did play to the whistle & nearly put their qb on the 6 game IL. Good for him.
  9. Zach's acting like Nichols did. Seeing defensive linemen coming at him like phantoms. Have you looked around the league? I don't see any young backup qbs waiting to burst onto the scene as a free agent. Powell for sure but Hamilton will never let him go. We're in big doo doo **** at the qb position.
  10. No, Bighill sent a message to an asshat HC in Mace who wanted to run up the score on us despite up 10 points with 10 seconds left. I'd have done the same thing if I was Bighill. Hey Coach, you want to play stupid games? Then get your qb hurt.
  11. He's starting to do what Drew Willy & Matt Nichols did. Can't set up in the pocket. Bails a second too early. has to throww deep on the run or if he stands in there a second too early. Balls are underthrown. Or Zach panics just to get rid of it & it's picked off. Our line is the problem. These high priced & under performing vets are killing him.
  12. You'd think that asshat rookie receiver won a Grey Cup the way he was acting. One of our DBs should have cold cocked him. Take a suspension for the team. It was awful watching those turds like Ajou Ajou from Saskatchewan just mock us. How the **** can our secondary & linebackers make that idiot look lik an NFL first round draft pick??? There's very little pride on this team.
  13. How many of you think Mike O'Shea is the Head Coach we need to turn this team around? I thought so.
  14. Until we fix our OL & I have no confidence in O'Shea's coaching staff that they can... We could have Patrick Mahomes & it wouldn't matter. But Powell be a nice addition.
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