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  1. Nichols is a veteran & at least can process what he sees in front of him. Streveler isn't. Hope he does well but I'm expecting he'll be in for a rough ride from the Esks defense.
  2. Promoters just think they can charge anything they want, including outrageous prices & people will open their wallet & show up. That's not true at all. This game would have failed in every other Canadian city because of ticket prices. This promoter especially seems out of touch with reality.
  3. I think the promoter is a joke. He made the total experience a joke for everyone.
  4. How anyone can think that we can win even if Streveler doesn't play well will be in a for a big shock when we lose.
  5. I'd be bitter too if Dominic Davis & Jonathan Jennings were my qbs.
  6. Considering that it came out just before the RedBlacks played the Eskimos I question the motives of Pruneau who to me was being a jerk. Harris never responded & good for him that he didn't. For all we know it was Pruneau who was the so called cancer. I just think it was sour grapes.
  7. That's Antoine Pruneau's opinion. I question motives when a player takes something that should be kept internal, public.
  8. I think Desjardins let Harris leave rather than lost him. But hey, whatever Antoine Pruneau says. Hope he's enjoying the losing.
  9. I blame this fiasco on Marcel Desjardins who more than ever this season has shown he really is the GM from Hamilton who ran that franchise into the ground. Not the guy who built the RedBlacks. Thinking he could win with Dominique Davis & Jonathan Jennings over Trevor Harris. Now his team is struggling. Great job, Marcel.
  10. Slim Whitman knew he could single handedly kill every Martian.
  11. Okay, I'll play. I think Don Jonas is an option. If he can play & play well at 34 then why can't he at 79?
  12. Not at 43. He knows his playing days are over. He's making twenty times the money & in American funds he'd make as a Blue Bomber.
  13. Some of your names... Do you even know where these players are now? Michael Bishop is 43 years old. Max Hall is or was in prison. Buckley is a medical student at the U of C. Crompton has just been hired by the Argos as an offensive coach. None of the rest will ever play again so why even bring their names up?
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