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  1. No more than LawLers whoopsie daisy lack of judgement Friend 🤔
  2. With Eli as well...team knew well in advance his situation...so could have suspended him wayyy before that...or had him as the scratch...but they didn't...so obviously they didn't sour on him or not want him as part of the team...and the self policing locker room would have spoke well before that too....more is being made of it than needs to be...
  3. People need to slow down and realize...we had all these players signed last year...as did all the teams...and many spent closer to floor than ceiling...so saying team X is over the cap..or close right now at this juncture of the off-season is ludicrous..and just plain dumb....period! As for us...a couple guys got a nice boost...but others probably a small minimal one...as all our resigns really to date are 3rd..4th contracts now...not rookie entry deals. And we got 2 guys...star impact guys (biggie and Jeffcoat) at friggin bargain...they prob both could have got 30k or more on open market...so that in itself is huge in re-upping say a Stove...BA and Rose....Darby too...I'm sure also we will get Maston on a team friendly deal too...
  4. I agree...people should all get vaxxed if it's not a health risk to them...but also have the choice to not get it...and live a more restricted life....though flying on a team charter shouldn't negate a professional player right to play..if he passes all tests prior to and after a game..Christ..if a daily test has to be the way..so be it...I won't begrudge a person for a choice.. The real asshats..and ones who people should cut out of their lives..SM...etc..and are the selfish idiots are the people who choose to keep travelling...and ***** and moan about restrictions...they are the problem with this..and reason why it keeps on chugging along..it's proven and known it's a person to person contact infection...it's not a bug or organism flying around on its own stinging people and looking for fresh meat...those are the idiots Case in point..grey cup...we had no team issues....but what happened when we sent a full contingent on a "trip" somewhere...bammm....cases galore...and that was just intra country travel....people who book trips and feel they are privledged to do so...be dammed with the consequences are the ones who need a boot to the face...
  5. Eli fit in very well...and if he finishes his vax...he will be back...team management and players loved him...the only negative sentiments were formed in this board
  6. Desjarlais if he sticks down south I would expect will be a PR guy this yr..maybe next if he hangs around..may do the Geoff Gray thing....tho he is still soooo young...he could be the next Brett Jones who came from Canada and actually was legit starter material...guess we shall see. I also wouldn't close door on ELi either for 2022... especially if we lose Desjarlais and can't see Couture not being here as well. Be crazy to think we could possibly start 2022 with Bryant/(gray/Eli) Couture/Neuf/Yoshi....now wouldn't that be a coup...especially with the Jeff's and Biggie also already back on the other side...along with Sayles and Fatboi...darn good base to build on in the trenches
  7. Couture has a team of ties..especially his coaches and 4 other starting linemates...he won't run away for a few extra bucks
  8. That be a Rider trick...we don't need to go that route..
  9. That's what culture and a tight room gets u...not to mention solid management and treating players..and families like pros
  10. Told u to just set and forget Bryant...was just a formality once the other big re-signs got ironed out Couture I don't see leaving...he will stay here in a fair deal ..and like I mentioned before..he isn't coming off entry level deal...so his bump isn't gonna me huge
  11. As asinine as what they payed Zack Evans . Then tried justifying it saying he was best Canadian interior d lineman in the cfl
  12. YUP....long time coming, but it's the elite place now...from top to bottom, and guys wanna be here, and can't see a culture or philosophy shift occuring here....get used to this
  13. sad day for a fan base when pumped up about a Mike Edam resigning...yikes!!
  14. yeah...game he left winning, and likely would have won had we kept all the starters playing
  15. Don't get too discouraged. I'd say the number of teams lined up to offer Collaros $550k, was much lower than the number of teams lining up to pay Duke $200k. I'm glad the Bombers got their starting QB back, but paying Collaros $550k in hard money (rumoured?) is asinine... Lol. Last edited by #1Fan; Today, 09:26 AM. Now isn't that just the funniest drivel coming from out West....That's the uneducated logic out there for sure...I guess 512k for loser Fajardo who will never get a team to the Cup isn't assinine???....the injury excuse there as well they bemoan is laughable....injured sub par players wouldn't have made a difference there...and yes..we had a whack of injuries too, but it wasn't noticed....Hi depth...how ya doing?? lol
  16. It's added as bonuses are met....but the G.M has a running tally of both the hard money spread sheet of all contracts, and one with max salaries too, to see where it all fits, and uses that generally to build the SMS
  17. Winnipeg guy...lives here yr round...he'll be back and it will be an affordable contract not hindering other signings...Prob already has one..just not announced
  18. yup....a true brotherhood...oops no that the Bombers...I mean a true Mefirst culture...and BA is way more versatile, and better...he excells at any position...Purifoy...is just adequate....and obviously isn't team first...who tweets that??!/
  19. basically...I dont wanna be here (SSK) So....u gonna have to overpay hahaah
  20. yeah...I didnt expect anything below 195k to be honest...that 40k extra to play with will be huge for re-upping vets who need a bit of a bump...say all toward Stove....or split between say Rose and BA...
  21. couldn't agree more...whoever we want back from last year (save for NFL defections) we will get
  22. Also...looking at some of the bargains we have gotten...looks like there is a team effort to take whats fair, and keep the band together...looking out for their brothers, cause even WJ's 225k is below what he coulda got elsewhere easily, and same with Jeffcoats 175k...thats a right steal!! I expect Harris as well to come back in I bet the 175k range at top end...maybe with a games played incentive, he and everyone in league knows he is not a 200k guy like he was getting...he wont go anywhere else for a few sheckles more if he wants to keep playing...and from all accounts I have heard he's playing
  23. We will be ok signing back who we want/need most ..you have to remember save for Stove abc Sheed the remaining guys are not getting bumps to entry deal contracts...that's huge. And Willie didn't break the bank ..Biggie and Jeffcoat are utter steals and Zack being under 600k Is a big win. We weren't at ceiling capwise last year and pieces all fit ..so spend closer to that ceiling this yr to accommodate the bumps...and it appears based on a few deals already that guys are wanting to stick around here for what they think is fair..good for them...good for the team...and helps enable others to stay here..true team mentality and brotherhood going on here...u can tell they wanna run at 3peat with this group
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