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  1. Sask offence is a whole lot of short crap..guess that what u do with no online and a QB who can't consistently through down field..
  2. not counting them out....just looking at factors...QB...Lions...Receivers...Lions....RB...Riders...O-line...Lions...Secondary...Lions...overall defense based on play to date...Lions...playing at home should help...but....game is won on field so we shall see
  3. this will surely be a game to determine who's who Yes they played Ottawa twice...but beat them handily as they should have, and Montreal, if they are playing like they should could/and can make a lot of defenses look a bit suspect. They have given op less points than the Riders, scored more, and should have beat them in the first game when they were a hot mess, so logic tells u this should be a BC winb at home, but then again this is the CFL and anything can happen That being said, I will take Reilly over Fajardo for a win in a one game 9.5 times outta 10....so theres that too haha
  4. If they didnt have that global kicker, and start the 1st quarter in total disarray in that first game they would be sitting at 5-1 right now...they SHOULD be 5-1...
  5. the return part of the game will be fixed when Grant is back, and I wouldn't be shocked if it's for the BC game...that in itself may be the difference in 40+ field goals and ones in the 20-30 range if the offence fails, and be nice confidence boosts for Leggs, or whomever is kicking. I in all honesty would have gave the kid the last game still to try and get it right leading into the bye, but trust in the coaches, so will ride with that for now. I just like the idea of not using a DI spot on a kicker, when we could roster a guy as a db...receiver...whatever
  6. agree....Medlock here...we win that game....and to the snapper/holder question...non issue, they have been spot on, and at this level if it gets to the tee in the time it's supposed to it's all on the kicker.....Medlock was just uber particular and he earned that right to be....Leggs right now is all mental...he will be fine
  7. people sleeping on the Lions...thats the team in west that scares me the most actually I think Reilly will pick apart that secondary tonight...despite the TSN/Media hype they aren't that good...and Teitz is horrendous...watch him in chase mode all night
  8. I think Lapo gets this full year...regadless of management....but....2022 if they start out like an outhouse again he will be gone by week 6
  9. Only place right now that you see that Oshea was dirty is on a dirty lil website forum to the West of us...and it's because he coaches here, but if he was there coaching e'd have been a saint and just played hard aggressive football...lol
  10. Oshea was hated as he was good, and intense....not cause he was dirty...did he take liberties..u bet..all guys did/do but was never suspended from what I know...played hard whistle to whistle...tough and mrean byut by no means a blatant dirty guy....and this is what our teasm does now...
  11. Dyson I believe sued TSN for defamation of character as well
  12. ED Phylion would be up there for dirtiest and just plain assbag....Gotta include our guy Dyson...from what I know the CFL actually contacted the Bombers and asked/hoped that we would not bring him back...I think his contract dispute for yr 2 and wanting more money was our "out"
  13. Harris tho...technicaly showed trace amounts of a substance nobody in football would use...and is very very hard to even get now..and not worth the bang for the buck...only player who might use what he was flagged onnis maybe a big ol lineman who wanted to bulk up..and then only in the off-season as u would have next to no aerobic capacity on it..a rb..db.. receiver would never use that even in off-season and from my experience (don't go off on me now Tburgess ) is why I know Harris showing of it was unintentional...as it would have made him worse and not better in season. Yeah technically it was a fail...but it was also an amount that was insignificant too...and he took test..one of many he has taken each year..every year for a while now without issue...therein lies the difference
  14. Oh I agree with u...many didn't want to accept it...and like it is with sports...a guy can do no wrong when on yuur squad...but is a bum when he leaves haha...where abouts u live..I we as basically in El Sobrante for the most part...
  15. I lived in san fran area when Bonds was doing his thing...people all knew and believed it...trust me hahaha
  16. its a bold faced lie basically, generally takes upwards of a gallon of water to "possibly" dilute a test shortly after a competition...and even then it's not a certainty, so even a half gallon consumed post game...within an hour of that...you could piss....totally crock, and sad cause really he isn't even a true difference maker anyway, but still screwed his team for 3 games....no FIFO going on there
  17. I heard he is close as well....Wouldnt be surprised he back to practicing after the bye week
  18. Well obviously your "experience" in recent testing didn't inform you that guys now aren't dehydrated to a point they can't piss in 4 hours...especially now when you take in fluids...pedialite and other similar to liquids the day before and morning of..some during and many with i.v as well intra game. That's just a crock of crap...if he has nothing to hide then offer up hair samples and or fat...that is tell tale sign and will show everything...bet he won't ..and most likely there are others on that squad who would refuse too
  19. Things have hardly changed since the early 2000's to eliminate amount and what you can consume post game....and why didn't he offer a sample next day then? If he had nothing to hide?
  20. I see no reason to stick with the 8...tho....wouldnt shock me...if one knock I have on Oshea is his questionable roster use at times, really...at times just plain dumb...but he's the coach so obviously knows more, but man..head shakers at times
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