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Everything posted by Booch

  1. Basically 2 teams..sask and ham yap too much
  2. Head snap and lose mouth piece..how u not bbn pulled by concussion spotter?
  3. Riders are idiots the way they act And man they suck on deep balls...horrible and beat repeatedly
  4. Basically yup...nothing in that province really at all worth looking at
  5. Total hold/grab missed there...christ
  6. Didnt sprinkle enough jesus there lol
  7. People there didnt even have to dress up for 80's night
  8. So can Suitor....Charston Hughes does not a defence make..or flow through.. he ain't no Willie Jefferson
  9. The beating Fartado took in the back to backs is really affecting him..he got Willy'd it looks like..haha
  10. They wont be able to stop stand standback often
  11. Being used like he should be and wasnt here..running little slants and hooks isnt Chris Matthew's game
  12. Atta boy big Chris...I thin Al's are gonna spank em
  13. Something is always odd about it..doesnt sound like cheering crowd noise like all other stadiums..more like a droning murmur or booing..and it always sounds the same
  14. I'd rather get hoofed in nutz than listen to Claire Hannah
  15. No ****..he's a right doucher extraordinaire
  16. Man thise rider dbs constantly yapping.. why I dont know cause they no hell
  17. For sure..all kinds of artificial crap they pull
  18. Hopefully Hamilton hangs on to the ball for final 12 minutes and does t give this game away...be huge for us
  19. Yeah...but Strev is a "his" guy too...he loves him
  20. So Hughes has been one-gamed...I guess ol Dickie trying to preserve him so he doesn't fall off the map yet again as he has seemed to already have started his swoon..
  21. Totally agree....if he continues to win...whatever way that is...you keep rolling with him..especially once it gets cold out...
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