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  1. It could be better especially with Willie back even though we lost a couple dbs There a couple in free agency who would make rose and Sayles gone a non issue.. Full year of Maston..Wilson will be better..and I expect a dominant yr from Biggie..he was knicked most of yr..and I see him at gym couple times a week and he is wayy fitter than last year and its noticeable..and he has been doing some intense freaky training to improve his quickness and flexibility
  2. No..no..no...if he was a rider he woulda jawed for the camera...yapped a bit to any player around him..looked for his plastic necklace that someone on the sideline was holding.. and if he was like Gainey possibly begged for dealership to loan him a vehicle
  3. Not sure as I never looked..but know he was supposed to be a free agent again this yr
  4. Ackie and Stephan are only ones I would target..we could stick Ackie at safety or sam and slide Maston into safety..I bet he be lethal there
  5. Lucky wont pull a Kenbrell Thomkins..he knows he has an opportunity to seize and I bet he comes back more polished..if he gets to work outta the slot and hit line in full tilt then one subtle move and he's behind the secondary.. if anything that will spread out the defence and give other guys room. Lapo never used him like that..was generally hitches and short outs and the odd slant..for most part all his touches had him static..and he had to search for the seam and juke out multiple guys. The times we did use him down the rail or on a deep route he always was in behind coverage and gone if the QB could have hit him. Go watch back games there are at least 4 or 5 I can recall as just missed.. some where he layed his arse right out trying to get them..no lack of effort on his part or fault of his they didnt connect
  6. Davis though last year was hung out to dry with next to.nothing for any type of coaching and coordinating..was in a position basically to fail He has skills and ability but needs experience in games.. and coaching..in games as they progress and he has never gotten that even though in league for 5 yrs or so
  7. i think their offence scored only 20 td's all year
  8. and part of the injured a lot, and somewhat average was cause of a craptacular o-line and shitty OC game plan...somewhat forced onto team due to crappy o-line and the inability to allow plays to develop from lack of protection so constant barrage of hitches..screens and dump offs
  9. Griffiths I can see as this years 50-60% of plays rotation...maybe we exchange Nevis for Laing outta T.O...National...in his prime...brings a nice bit of nasty to his game as well...also played when Oshea was in T.O as a coach still as well, so he would know him well
  10. Didn't expect this re-signing prior to free agancy but competition is good, and he showed well when in line-up
  11. Either the Schmoes really wanted him back, or we have a guy targeted who is on the esk's list taht we wanted, or want o sign and are going to be, seeing as we just re-signed Robinson......
  12. well he went 12-19 for 146 yards...no picks in pre-season...which doesn't mean much, but shows he can chuck a pill....playing against lesser talent for sure...but also playing with for most part guys who were cut too...
  13. Agreed...truly think we just need a proven place holder for this year to transition to one, or the other
  14. Titles within assistant coaches are only as cut and dried as the paper written on...he will be doing more than just baby sitting Augustine and HARRIS
  15. Opportunity to win..stability within organization...universal agreement that Osh is a draw to play for...and the fact he is probably safest in regards to his health behind our O=line is a huge draw...and I sure wifey see's that and has expressed it...Pretty sure she doesn't want his noodle taking more shots than it has to
  16. also 14 KO returns for 292 yards, and 29 Punt Returns for 289 yards...so has usefull skill set
  17. Obviously must have lived here when dad played here..ss a baby..still counts lol
  18. Yeah he is a bit of an unknown wildcard but being a national with skill obviously as he played significant NFL reps he us easily rostered and can back up import or national reciever spots as well as return
  19. Being he is a Winnipeger..be perfect landing spot here
  20. I'm okay with Young going..was afraid we were gonna lose Younger which would be a bigger hit...I honestly think he is being groomed to eventually be the DC
  21. Hall should stay..he has evolved his defense and is a perfect guy to mentor Younger Constanza as well is a great hire..and will he heavily involved in game day management for the offence..I can see a more vertical game and using the run to augment the pass more so than the other way around this yr
  22. In preseason McGuire showed a lot of poise and confidence in the pocket..has that instinctive ability to sit in there..find his reads and make all the throws. He's also athletic and can run effectively if need be..
  23. plus the fact there is a 25% chance Matt's surgery has as a failure rate and he won't even be ready for TC is a huge factor involved...
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