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  1. Did they change time of practice tomorrow? Thought i read that
  2. Yeah..its easy tho with intermittent fasting...and keeping up the resistance training..saves the lean mass..guess I had more water and non muscle weight than I thought hahahah..
  3. I may go just to see the guys on bubble or with slim to no chance of making it..be good scouting at the least for the organization to get a look at some guys up close..possibly even talk with and sell the team to them I need a replacement too but been holding off..Dr McDonald told me to drop some mass since I dont play no more or bounce and it make it less bothersome so i reduced about 30 pounds off my frame since late March and made a huge difference..
  4. Has it been determined who was wearing his number?
  5. McAllister was a guy I was pumped we signed..looks like a young Jefferson and is very quick off the edge from what I saw but also used some nice inside moves so not a one trick pony..sure hope we PR him as I pretty sure he would accept as he wants to get his career going..and as it sits now no room on roster other than if a couple injuries happen which is bad news all around Agree on Whitehead.. if he gets a crack or a seem he's gone..he's got the unique ability to explode to full speed in a couple strides
  6. Just read what was going on..bizzare...Eli was 67 and I know who he was 100 percent...but there was a 57 and looked good..never took helmet off..or when did I never made note but just assumed it was him and he was listed there on the roster.. either way he was impressive hahahaha
  7. Not sure what Nate is babbling about..I was there that day lol...most likely will go Sunday too..
  8. IF yiou think back hard enough too...we were experimenting with him at center too
  9. DAMN!! I had tried to erase memories of Hurl hahaha I think they are just easing Jones into things, and seeing as most likely they have Hecht as the back-up are giving him reps
  10. you all ever tend to think that maybe they are giving Hecth all this work to play himself off the team, or prove he isn't starter calibre..and giving Jones a bit more recovery time and less wear on his knee???...from all accounts and what was said in off-season Jones was their guy...i doubt that has changed
  11. yeah dumping any at this junture is foolish...It's like Fenner said...everything is in place and it's up to them to execute and win the cup...nothing short of that...and I agree...through drafting..free agency, over all team management and league wide image/perception these guys have hit a slam dunk...now it's time for the players to finish it...the window is now..get that first one and see what happens around here and it will most likely result in multiple appearances and hopefully wins
  12. I seen both..that behind said I seen Hecth with firsts at SAM too..so most likely auditioning him around the defense to determine if he stays over say a young draftee..
  13. Foketti would want to leave which I doubt..plus has been on 46 last 2 yrs so gets full pay..plus he loves this team
  14. Yeah with Kongbo and Forde here, as well as Tarique who is versatile Jake should be worried
  15. Shepley is all potential at moment..Bladek fresh off rehab and wasnt that good..labatte..Coleman..Blake..Ckarke are all in the 31 to 35 yr old range as well..not a good scenario for proclaiming a strong line.. especially protecting for a paper mache QB and your 2 main RB's on the wrong side of 30...same with Roosevekt..Arceneaux..Hughes..Johnson..Ryan.. i bet if you look at their potential starting 24 plus punter 14 or 15 are all 31 yrs old or older...that's an old team hoping for lightning in a bottle
  16. Well it's only couple days of camp so saying that is jumping the gun.. but the guy is a force and his skill is really noticeable as is his physical appearance..the dudes arms hanging there look like legs.. You cant discount experience and familiarity in the league and Nevis is damn good and underrated and isnt breaking the bank, but I cant see us letting Richardson go, but who knows how management is thinking but having both on roster would be a deadly rotation with Bryant. I could see us letting Roh go or PR'ing him if he would accept, especially with Kongbo in the picture. Bryant can take reps on the end and I bet Richardson would be good there too and would make people think of Dwight Freeney
  17. If we start safety as our import..no need to "have" to have the extra national dlineman on roster.. we can go all import with import backup..have one national dlineman on the game day..which will eventually be Kongbo Ideally be nice when he healthy to DI either Richardson (if he is the real deal) or Nevis in place of Roh and have Kongbo as the rotational National end. Also Bryant can play end too believe it or not so we would be pretty set there.
  18. Yeah if lucky has a seam and hits it he's gone..he can hit top speed in an instant.
  19. Yeah from watching Richardson it didnt matter who he lined across..he just drive through them..always had guys back peddling And combine him with Bryant..who looks like a besst and is uber explosive and either oir ends are gonna be free all game..or if the Ol focus on them then the middle is gonna collapse.. Nevis too this yr looks more explosive and faster..and he is a bull too.
  20. I just saying what I see...theres piles of guys who dont even deserve a pre season game too..but that's what camp is Relaying info on who looks the best at certain positions doesnt mean a sunshine boy...just critiquing our camp talent at this time and who may stick That being said..guys like Jejjerson..Jeffcoat..BIggie.Alexander..the 2 Bryant's.. yoshi..Harris..Adam's.. Matthew's.. Woli..DEmski..Medlock can be considered as top players at their positions..or top 3 in the league..so ya a lot of sunshine there to be honest.
  21. Augustine on a nice run..now getting testy..Yoshi and kyrie Wilson got in a tussle..bunch guys pushed and shoved and got all vocal..pay before that Speller and 74 had a bit of a tussle on Oliviera run
  22. Gotta say..Wilie Jefferson is good..just owned Yoshi on back to back plays against him..and Jeffcoat did Bryant his last go at him..our ends are gonna raise some havoc
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