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  1. To be honest...I never minded Duron..was a bit weird/off at times and seemed a bit childish but he never really got to be nausiating until he got caught up in that Rider culture and followed the lead of the douchers there..wasn't nearly as much of a doucher in BC...
  2. People are just way too consumed now with causes and protests...and will look for anything it seems to cause a ruffling of feathers...when I played sports with Indigenous teamates...and it was often even they claimed/stated that things are getting ridiculous..straight out of the mouth of one of my longest termed friends (a Native Canadian) he said the notion of calling him..or any other of his people an Indian as opposed to a First Nation Person..Or Anishinabe or it would be offensive was plain dumb..he said "I am a effin Indian" whats the issue?? and its not any more derogatory than calling an Italian..an Italian...Or a Chinese person...Chinese...or for that matter a white person...a White person When I played in California was called everything from Cracker..****** Tonk..White Boi..Cornfed...and some i wont say here although funny...not appropriate and was never offended and generally it was said to me by friends and associates, and fans...It's how you use a word which can make it offensive or racist within it's context moreso than the word itself The worst treatment I was given and insulted by was oddly enough from a White Police Officer in Oakland when I was out with teamates...majority of which were not white...They got more offended by it than me and felt like they had to protect their poor lil Cnadian Corn fed ****** lol
  3. that crew with Edam and Francis too were trying to start **** in warm ups at midfield prior to the West Final...as well as the west semi the year previous...and we just ignored it andf took care of business...difference between a team of pros and a bunch of individual putz's
  4. being part Italian....If I was on a team called the Pawtuket Whine Swilling Wops it wouldn't bother me a bit...Would wear it as a badge of honour hahahaha
  5. Is it really a racist name though? Not trying to be a knob but rather a legit question..Would it be wrong to call them the Edmonton Inuit as well?...It's a proper name for a group of people...Are the Irish soon to follow and ask Notre Dame to drop the fighting Irish moniker?..how bout any offended BoilerMakers...And lets stop offending the Ragin Cajuns...I hear they don't like that either...like where does it stop??...people are wayyyy too ultra sensitive now and just looking for a cause..or a fight I can see the point with the Redskins name, as that was an offensive term...But Braves?.Chiefs?...cmon...thats like a rank in an Army in a sense...heck I played on a travelling Baseball team back in the day..An Indigenous based team for that matter and they used the team name Braves for their ball team, and Chiefs for their hockey team and it wasn't an issue...still isn't You could go on and on and on with amateur..college and pro teams who have a nickname or support a phrase or a cheer that the snowflakes in this world will deem offensive...let it go man
  6. Ferri and Philion were just plain dirty pieces of ****...hated them and how they preyed on players in compromising positions to try and cause an injury...Philion especially Current guys I can't stand are Ed Gainey (his banjo bowl episode cemented it) and his 2 running mates Edam and Marshall...all 3 need a lesson in how to be a true pro and it wouldn't be so bad if they had the top tier skills to back up their constant yapping..Edam never had it and Gainey is running his mouth based on a lucky stretch of games 2 years ago where he got all his career picks basically in a 5 game stretch...look at his career numbers..the one year was an anomally Also in the mix is Simoni..dirty and disrespectful player and constant yapper....clips of him on CFL Wired really show what an assbag he is
  7. yEAH....I think mentality and reality set in and it's become apparent in the sports world now that excessive spending doesn't work now...Many leagues are realizing this...The positive post Covid world tho for the CFL is going to be the reality that it's NFL...or CFL and that will be it..highly doubt any upstart league will come around for a while now..id ever and even so...won't be able to out price established vets, and young up and comers in the CFL The top end guys will still get the nice deals, (not crazy money like the last QB free agent frenzy) but established guys will be in the 400 to 600k range and thats sustainbable, and top tier defensive guys and offensive stars are going to all be sandwiched in the 150 to 250k range and thats also very manageable for teams to have some guys in that salary range (albeit not pulling a BC and hamstringing yourself) Once all the dust has settled I think this will have been a good thing for the league..an eye opener for teams...and players...and a better sustainable business model will be in place. The league average As well as minimum wage will be higher, making it more attractive to new players to come up...allowing for league to discover/develop new stars, and you will have a lot of hungry player putting in the work with the knowledge that if they show they belong they could supplant higher priced aging players...which in the end is good for the league...the teams..and recruitment
  8. pretty sure the Lions are or were working on restructuring Chungh's and Reilly's deals earlier into the new year,,not sure if it was finalized and/or formally announced but from what I understand both will be taking less of the pie this year with the Lions..well that is if we play any games...I guess last year they learned a nice big fat lesson that when you dump a third of your sms into 4 guys...well you suck
  9. Taylor is ruined now doing pbp for the Riders hahaha...too bad I'f I was to make the decision I would make my A team be Walby and Dunnigan...bar noine,,,neither a true PBP guy but who cares, they can handle letting the fans know whats going on...and be very entertaining To be honest..I don't need a guy telling me "Qb takes the snap....looks through his reads, oh oh...pressure...sack" I'd rather have 2 football guys say whats going on..and pretty much explain the whys and hows as it unfolds...
  10. calling him an upandcomer...at 28 hardly an upandcomer I would think that Harris..Evans, and Even Adams in Mtl would be ahead of Fajardo...
  11. define big? Riders also hosted a playoff game...and didnt have to pay for 3 playoff road game expenses and all the other $$ winning the cup costs...from what I hear was roughly a million smackers..
  12. If the Rider's are this huge juggernaut fiscal money making best in the CFL team...how is it they loose money on the season, yet the "inferior" Bombers in their eyes make money...Riders enfded up over 200k in the red, albeit they would have made about 300k if not for the 500k they put toward the 2020 Grey Cup...If the Bombers didn't have to fork out an additional 800k+ for playoff expenses being on the road...grey cup expenses..rings etc, they would have pocketed even more than they did this season...while still making their loan obligations...This all with the Green Turds hosting a playoff contest....Me thinks their(that fanbase) needs to re-think their worth and realize they are not the be all..end all.
  13. yup...took that title onc ethat sad sack old Mosaic was torn down...dump of all dumps....situated basically in a dump
  14. Through in some SCTV as well...some good stuff came outta there too
  15. From pre-season and practices, and minimal game action last year he is the best pocket passer we had....and have had in a while, and he also can get out of troubles way and run a bit as well...not Strevleresque but more than adequate From what I observed he had the best pocket presence and looked most comfortable and confident standing in there going through his reads, and with this o-line that could be a lethal combo as he has no jitters and yips and will allow things to fully develop...will be interesting to see how and if he develops...and by all acounts has the smarts upstairs too. As I commented before, he has the best arm and ability to make any throw that I have seen come through camp here in a long time
  16. if you had any ability to find news you would see that 3rd down got that little snippet from somewhere else...not gonna spoon feed you since you say you are 60 something so should be able to do so yourself\f..also never based anything on the "one" specific Doctor you are trolling..he's one of several...and there are other tests to give with short term results to clear people..one made right here in Winnipeg of all places Who knows what your angle is..you just are not in agreement with how things may progress for your own reasons an I applaud you for that...Dr Rousin if you are too lazy to look into things has said the "close prolonged contact" thing..several times and it was not something he came up with...it's from the medical community...also just like gyms..and the rest of second phase things opening up in Canada..and world wide it has been stated places can function if any close contact is "brief"...ie...not prolonged The CDC...WHO...and other agencies have dropped the ball on a lot of this when it first came about...so basing your opinions soley on certain agencies as well doesn't make it the be all end all...like anything these days for every article..website..governing body claiming one thing..you can find another totally disputing it The Mayo has irons in the fire too...they promote what will get them $$...and the CDC...is almost laughable in some aspects of this
  17. i quoted something so you could see what I was referring to as y9ou like to dispute,,argue and go against what people say or think if it doesn't fit your opinion 100 percent I also actually wasn't relying on the 3rd Down article actually...there is more in depth discussion on it on other sites..I'll let you go look for yourself as you seem to be up on all things current and set in your opinion...I guess though experts..physicians,,etc..etc should consult you though first before moving forward as you seem to have thinks to debunk everything...it's not just the CFL looking into this, or organizing committees to do the same thing...and if you read other articles which explain methodology about it...different layers of access and testing...the facility being the "inner circle/covid free" zone maybe you will not be such a critic...but I doubt that highly...and again to reiterate..."close prolonged contact" with an infected person...not ones who are not...mot sure how that statement/idea flies by your intellect I get it..you disagree...don't like it...and you have your reasons...But the world and things are gonna open up..wether you like it or not and you have every right to complain and be against it, and if so..stay home and just ignore it then..
  18. Seeing as you asked who and how and whatnot...it's in media now what I was referring to, and what I had been told via players who have talked with CFLPA Reps and this was conveyed to them..all of whom are on board...among the group of leaders and Doctors in this Medical Committee of experts to create a health protocol tailored for a sports league to play is Perhaps the most impressive and accomplished member of the group is Dr. Lawrence Steinman, a professor at Stanford University and former immunology department chair, who like Dr. Anthony Fauci is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine. For any sports including the CFL to play in a hub city model or otherwise, strict guidelines would have to be followed. According to Madani: What got the CFL committee’s interest spiked was Dr. Steinman’s suggestion of a particular antibody test that is FDA-registered and takes only 15 minutes to provide a result. Stringent testing would help create a safe inner CFL bubble. “Once in the inner zone, the assumption is the player is COVID-free until they go to the outside world. Nothing is official because nobody has made anything official yet” said Dr. Copeland. “I’m very cautiously optimistic from a medical standpoint that the CFL can do this.”
  19. as guys like Woli..Harris..Demski revel in it...Not to mention that nasty O-line who always seem to thrive in cold...weather...as seen the last 2 post seasons
  20. Extended care homes...and healthcare facilities are a different beast than a training camp...and yeah...you can have staff who interact with team exercise protocol to avoid getting...or risking infection...just the same as all the healthcare professionals who work with actual infected do...again...you keep saying all this physical contact...and at this point in a camp and slowly introducing things there needs to be no contact...not sure how you don't get that point...it can be done...and is done anyway to a great extent I believe the MB Health dude who does his pressers has said the "close prolonged" contact thing..as well as others but I am not gonna go scrounging around the Net to find it for you...have better things to do I guess I am more an optimist than pessimist as well as a problem solver solution maker..guess thats why I ended up in Engineering. and if everything was halted..stopped..delayed due to all the naysayers...risk fearers..and just people or groups saying it couldn't be done..then nothing would function..evolve or get solved. Also it depends what surface it's on to adress one of your concerns...and its mainly surfaces that a football player isn't excessively touching...and again...like I said...if protocol is put in place where you get tested before stepping on field...when you arrive 2 weeks prior to camp..and at start of camp and are virus free...you cant give it to someone else..or they you when you are sitting in a team meeting...running sprints...doing one on ones.....and fact of the matter..virus and disease t like this are here..aint't going away and gonna be others...world has to keep spinning and people cant hide in a box forever....you are afraid...worried..stay home...everyone else well I guess they choose to live their life...is that cold..callous..ignorant of fats..who knows...but this ****..and others like it will be ongoing for years..upon years...deal with it..work with it..do things to minimize it...be smart...but hiding out and shutting down all parts of society isn't the answer and sooner than later people are gonna just say eff it....it's already happening anyway
  21. do you assume everyone to be basically mentally incompetent...or just plain ignorant to things? Of course that doesn't mean you are cleared forever...no poop Sherlock...But if you don't have it...and don't go out and about ( which would surely be restrictions on players as they have no need to..they are here to play ball and stay symptom free) you will not get it....and if that has to come down to players keeping their own dorm room clean...and only eat in the team facility...then so be it..they are grown men wanting to make a team and breaking rules..like a curfew could be reason for dismisal (cut) Its pretty easy to keep a team quarantined ..and under strict control....obviously you have never been in a pro camp..as that is basically what you do..get up...meet...get served breakfast..practice....meet..train if you have the energy...eat again..go back to your dorm room and rest and study...guys aren't going out...trust me and the guys over my experience who were out and about were generally first on a bus outta town. As for football players...where did I mention in a game??..oh yeah...nowhere....read before your usual inclination to argue and bicker..and yes..transmisson is 99.9% from close..prolonged contact with an infected person...and even then they have to be spewwing a vehicle out of their body for infecting...case of the matter...for teams to start some sort of a camp...training/conditioning is an easy task...with less chance of an infection than joe average stepping out to the store..flopping around a park...and everywhere else that has opened up...If you seriously think a player in a quarantined camp is gonna jeopardize himself..or the team..or the process in general you are very misguided...and yeah..the PA would approve a strict set of conditions to start up..as they wanna get paid..and from guys I know and talk to, are all chomping at bit to do so
  22. I'm talking about just now getting teams together..to practice..condition..learn playbook...you can run drills..practice assignments...even run skelly with minimal contact..and like the conditions state...brief contact is allowed..or however it was worded..so 0ne on Ones are easily done with a brief bump and run...pass break up..etc...people are too hung up on just being close to someone is gonna make you sick...and if all the participants are cleared as covid- free..and are not mingling among the "unknowns" out there there is no way to catch it...it's not floating around out there all willy nilly looking for hosts..its transmitted with prolonged physical contact..this has been proven and stated on all health authority websites and news briefs.. I
  23. REALLY...its about time to be honest...training and team activities save for tackling one another is easily managed with appropriate safety measures...film work...weights...skelly....if people can shop...go to dentist..chiro..etc and exercise safety measures..certainly pro athletes and franchises can do the same when it's their livelyhood and bottom lines financially at stake
  24. well if the league was running as usual...it would pull in about 60 million in gate revenue alone between the 9 teams and thats a bit conservative using only an average ticket price of 30 bucks a seat on a league wide avg attendance of 25k...not included in that is box/club seats revenue Also lost in that is any game day revenue brought in by concessions...parking...booze, as well as game day corporate and business sponsorship and ads in each stadium above and beyond what the league pulls in. So basically that 150 million number to me is bang on when you add in the lost TV money and if covid hadn't happened things would be rolling along as usual and not in dire straights....Winnipeg..Sask..Hamilton..Ottawa, and usually Edmonton would operate in the Black..Calgary usually is just under..or just over and new Ownership and proper management in Mtl will allow them to not bleed money again...BC...T.O...Who knows there but MLSE has deep assed pockets and are trying to do things to make that team viable and noticed again Covid has been a good thing and has forced teams and league to take a look at things. and tweek their model to make it stronger....Roster and Coaching numbers are just fine...smart management and savy business minds are key moving forward...just like basically any big business these days
  25. Farhan knows his ****...He just blindly loyal to his Lions and will look for any negative aspect of a rival team to promote to give sense the Lions are in the hunt...
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