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  1. He doesn't need to be pushed...he needs to have reduced reps to greatly increase his effectiveness
  2. No...but when it's burning u use it...we flat out put 4 guys out there who couldn't perform when we had 4 healthy fresh bodies...for no other reason than our coach doing them a solid for a lack of a better term Many here say ..claim other guys were prob not ideal....but they are pro athletes and if ignored would have roasted mtl...and if they actually garnered the attention...would have made BO and Lawlers role that much more effective
  3. which made/makes things even more annoying
  4. nice....good portion went to this yr cap ....freeing up valuable cash for the Schoens and BO's....expect a few more before the yr is up
  5. WJ is just fine....as is Jeffcoat if he stays outta the tub...which he basically did all yr for most part...he plays a more physical game than WJ....so that makes that legit rotation guy even more important for the over all production and health....we lacked it last few yrs pretty bad
  6. I'm more talking in general terms didnt need to be allstars....just healthy and capable..... Ellingson...who did nothing...and got....re-injured
  7. The amount of comedic posts about anything bombers on yer Lil trashy site it's pretty clear who lives rent free....the funniest thing is now they can't cling to their #1991 thing so they revert back to the idiot who crapped in a flower pot...not even realizing he was a clown from Sask visiting in wpg...that's the best part of that
  8. Yup they need to be building for the future...and Harris isnt that, so not developing a guy now, or going after someone else just further delays their ascent out of the dumpster
  9. Not pull Demski...Bailey....No player with a torn Hammy is of am=ny use and was just going thru the motions, as more a decoy and when Mtl realized he and Schoen were of zero threat...Limited Demski and Lawler were smothered...and if Ambles wasnt worth a cup of piss and not gonna be used...why was he here?...and yeah Bolo dressed....didnt see field....and Mcrae was there but not on roster....but game prior what was point of dressing him? I get your point, but any receiver....a guy right off the street who could run a basic set of routes, and had hands would have helped the offence out....and remember...Osh said all our guys are number ones...thats why we they are here...well coach...back that crap up then and stand by it and put money where your mouth is.....and he didnt...and we payed for it
  10. Mike Oshea says there are no defined starters...even professes it and gets smug with reporters about it....they all number ones....but when it comes down to it...these other "number ones" dont play a lick...I like Osh don't get me wrong but at times he is a BS'er
  11. they were healthy, and able to actually make basic football plays...thats all we needed from them part of the game....the fact tho we had no contingency, or where we did...we didnt use it...Injuries suck, but also is an excuse a team lacking depth makes...we didnt have that excuse up to 2021...we use it ad nauseum now tho...and it's a glaring weakness
  12. hows it unlucky?...You had Ambles and Alston...BOLO actually on roster and I dont even recall him getting a snap....let alone a chance to make a difference.....also Mcrae tho who knows what his real status was as we dressed him for the previous game and I dont think he had cleats on, let alone a farts chance in the wind to see the field Coaching failed us in our second straight game we pissed away...Mtl paid no real attention at all to Schoen and Bailey other than let them grab a few pointless short out patterns underneath that were'nt going to amount to anything...Demski may have been more effective tho not his usual self if we had Ambles and Bolo clearing out areas, and actually drawing attention away from him and Lawler....If Mtl failed to respect them and play way off...they would have been roasted
  13. what we fail to do...is plop guys on our PR that cant cut it, and or get no chance to show anything and when have injuries avoid them like the plague, and suffer with our roster, instead of evaluating guys....maybe give them a opportunity, then either develop further, or cut bait and replace with someone else....that's where we fail...we seemed to have stopped continually turning over stones and trying to get better...we stand pat too much now with what we settled with out of camp....whether they have a future or upside...or not.....thats recruitment and roster management failure clear and simple
  14. too bad we only rolled out 2 healthy ones...Epic failure of stupidity
  15. Yes generally true...but with our current squad...he has played with them all...and a lot of the playbook is relatively the same ..and we could easily flip back to some older stuff that everyone is familiar with...so that would be the one saving grace there in that situation...and be the one instance where could almost hit ground running
  16. if ZC gets hurt...and its appearing to be lengthy..Immediately he should be parked on the 6 game and if Strev not signed and still looking for opps...You sign him to starter money and deal with things when and if ZC is readyto be back...lain and simple
  17. Briggs...Maybe Miller...possibly...more hopefully Thomas...that's all I see...Benson possibly too tho he ain't eating up much space for a specialty role... This mass retiring mantra is more media soon speculation and fan opinion.... Biggie won't retire as he is signed...does he agree to restructure and be a bit/role player? Maybe...but could also see him released before FA then to give him best opp to sign elsewhere for good money if someone wanting to pay him before FA dollars get gobbled up. That being said I have no issues with him coming to camp and competing against all up and comera and new young guys...and if he gets beat out then offered the Briggs role and actually designate him as the Nationalized American and freely sub him in for a Canadian for certain situations and sets...he could be very useful in a 30 snap or less role as well as his leadership and defacto extra coach on the staff Walking on in a huff is a good thing...the fire and.desire still burns strong and he knows we wasted another chance....I bet he comes back and goes out on top for 2024
  18. Adams is probably best of bunch...if they dump him I'd welcome him here instantly
  19. All adds up...save for Brady and Schoen...no big bumps are required....if anything some vets may get a shaver
  20. no....means replacing a Biggie from the starting lineup.....dumping an Augustine at 100k and replacing with a rookie....a Thomas.....a Briggs....a Kolo....not re-upping a Houston and using our scouting to replace him....Benson.,,,Miller....you replenish with entry level guys there, or guys coming into only the second contract in free agency from elsewhere will fit right in there then...keep em coming Oday
  21. If no NFL team signs Strev between now and in winter...he will be back in cfl...his window has been effectively closed now...and with some key injuries this yr and he didn't get picked up is even more proof Dude is a competitor and wants to play...and he's no dummy...he knows his window now to have a pretty substantial career is now...in Canada
  22. what is the first time starter salary tho?...and depending on where he goes to compete....who is gonna drop 400k+ on a guy that may not beat out an incumbent?...there is also that to consider....He's been in a system with same coaches...and literally the exact same teamates for 3 consecutive yrs, and knows the vernacular and plays, and players tendencies inside out and backwards...and that is part of what his teamates here are surely talking to him about to help him in any decisions he will make....more to it than just taking your shoes and stepping behind center in a shitshow
  23. yeah I had no inclination nor had ever really stumbled across that name...very interesting and impressive oh thats great...he has an extensive catalog, and access to archival stuff from before christ I think lol
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