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  1. that was also 3 seasons ago now...and last year he had a lot of less than stelar moments...I'd prefer he gets some reps but it wont be end of world if he doesnt....I think with 2 new lineman tho they need to get an idea of what/where and how long he back there extending plays so they dont ease up and he gets whalloped when the real bullets are flying is it up?
  2. I think the whole unit in the last pre-season should get at least a few series....yeah they all vets..etc....but still you just don't turn it on and off...you need some live fire regardless of how long you have played in the league. There will be likely 3 new moving parts on the offence....so get that familiarity now, even for just a few series before trying to find it in skelly next week...which isnt the same....It's just askibg for a big miscue or 2 in forst game, and possible injury risk...I think it's foolish to not dress....
  3. even how they tippy toe around Osh with their questions...and his 90% of the time lack of any real response is also baffling....are they scared to tick him off and have him actually answer/justify something...Has he told them before hand he won't offer anything other than..we like him (which is his comment on everyone), he looked good eh?....saw him running around out there....he was here klast yr and like what we saw so we brought him back...Our media need to grow some onions and be real reporters
  4. yeh pretty weak article no mention who is the front runners for anything...who needs to show well...who may be safe.....I could have wrote a better primer from where I am and seeing 2 days of camp I still just cringe at the comment returning stalwarts/core and Tait always tossing Thomas in there...Is he told to?...Is that what he gleens from practice?.....or is it his personal opinion...and if so it's a weak one
  5. IT IS stupidity really....especially with unlimited roster at home....One those QB's will be number 3...and not see the field....so tons of time to evaluate them....Also, we may just dress 2 anyway with Strev being the short yardage and backup...which would allow us to throw on another Global, or national who would give more depth on ST if anything meh...If they can play...and know their sh!t I not worrid..Hallett hardly a rookie...Kelley has a yr.....And those new LB's ooze talent, and their athleticsism can make up more than enough what Biggie brigs with Knowledge....Wilson and even Nichols...can have them qued and tell them whats going on. I would be salivating thinking of a trio like Wilson/Moses/Cole an their sideline tosideline ability working behind what I expect is a revigorized WJ causing havoc with 2 active hungry ends, who are having a pocket collapse from the likes of Fox and whoever wins that second import DT spot...
  6. while Biggie is out....and hopefully he is for the full 6 minimum I'd like to see Moses get the shot at the MLB and Petrishen as one the DI's for teams and rotation....let Moses jump right in, and if he falters a bit...flip him and Petrishen around. I don't wanna see it handed to Gauthier as thats in no way preparing anyone for next yr, you can't see what you have with the new blood and really is a step backwards. I hope we see Moses/Petrishen or Moses/Gemmel right out of the shoot. I'd even go as far if BA isnt ready to delare Safety and Corner canadian spots, and for first game role with Clericus as #5 on offence. That would allow us to have our 15 imports with an all Imort Dline and one end who isnt a DI...Then use the 4 DI's with Castillo...a LB...returner(Hopefully Smith forversatility) ...and either another DB or WR.of whom can also return With Hallett..Kelly...Karamoko (who can sub in for an injured Canadian) we would have enough coverage there and and could freely sub in a DI on defence.
  7. For the amount of balls they are gonna see with Lawler/Schoen/Demski/BO and Woli in the offence I not seeing it as a super vital spot anyway...I hope we use it to roster a huge upside guy....someone who can really rip the top off a defence actually....Something we havn't really had here in a long time.
  8. I'd give the starters 2..maybe 3 series with ZC and then park them..they already know the playbook and system and just need a few reps to knock of the rust and recalibrate the timing at game speed Some the excess db's and wr are more for looks at returner now as opposed to the #5 spot...I think it's a final audition for Wilson..Mitchell..Johnson and Vann for that 5 spot. I think Smith is the likely front runner for the return job and offensive Swiss army knife...especially if BO is not 100 percent..or they may want to ease him in...Smith offers just too much versatility to ignore...and is prob one the most explosive guys in camp...hope we go that route
  9. They did settle again...as Buck removed himself out of the equation
  10. I bet we get around the same amount again on Thursday
  11. Yeah...certainly no head scratchers there...and will allow some others the all important reps in practice and that final game
  12. Like I said before...I take requests....and do have time to spare this week Like I said since last yr...Save for WJ that I always thought Garbutt brought the best overall skill set at end....man I just hate that Jackson waste all yr as he would have been so much further along if he had 12..16 games already under his belt...Haba too
  13. I think I am now lening thatway...if Not Woods...maybe that Adams...Curious to see the reps he gets and how they use him....he is that versatile Interior guy we seem to like to employ...can play multiple techniques
  14. Until proven otherwise..any returner....nothing in that pre-season game gave me any reason to think otherwise yet....tho it was pretty heavy with newbies....but still
  15. Bastards...well at least Sheed will have 1 solid teamate
  16. yup....It wont all happen in 1 yr for sure...I think Mace is a solid start (For Rider's sake hopefully not overwhelmed like Claybrooks)....AS Dickie was just a total dud....and there was no semblance of any locker room structure there...Marshall gone too will help a lot....and did they jettison any other questionable "leader" types?...But I still think Oday has to be on the hot seat this yr, and they need to really show some progress.....He's now they anchor there pulling them down...As a Bomber fan I hope they just keep re-upping him....But as a realistic observer he needs to go
  17. more apt to slip into lol cautiosly optomistic we may roll with 2 import starting ends, and a Di'd rotation piece...2 import starting DT's and a Canadian back-up DT....Amazingly I hope it's Schmeck's as just maybe there is upside there.....if anything he offers more than thomas now....that gives us a solid 6 guy rotation...now do they Add another Canadian...Thomas?....most likely, as Havnt really seen Samson as being viable yet....And dont see Kornelson or Hubert as being anything as PR depth his yr...Reps on Dline there would be I think a waste...Use it on a National DB type
  18. considering we dont need a canaduian there save for rotation...fact we brought in some new Dline guys....maybe we may just go that route...would make us a stronger defense...as we are likely to set our roster with Imports....using 2 Imp DT as starters....with say Ford at Corner is 15 Imports...so the 4 di's could be an End...castillo...a returner and one of Gemmel or Moses if one is rostered in Biggies spot...the other is Di'd....Or we use the 4th as a DB...so it is easily workeable yup....sadly its more than likely
  19. He doesn't need reps in the backfield...he does at reciever though
  20. Definitely needed a culture shift there...that's key...I think tho not much will change tho until they punt O'Day too
  21. its not thaaaaat bad....lol I havnt perused the Rider forum since last year...so not sure who is being touted...so...who is?....curious
  22. the Elks starting guys on the weekend took it to the Rider's...if not for al the Elkesque giving away the ball...they would have won handily Agree....Shiltz will do well there, and an actual 1a/1b combo of him and McButterpants might surprise...I can see the Stamps battling for 2nd/3rd with B.C....whom I think really regresse this yr. For all the league wide ballyhoo about Mace and what Riders did...I have a hard time seeing better than 3rd for them, and thats if everyrhing goes right...Harris isn't the guy...who is "next up"...and Oulltte and Hardrick isnt what will put them over....Carney and Thurman are basically interchangeable as to what they had last year...and Mace...is he the real deal?....or Claybrooks 2.0 who also got trumpeted as the next best thing If any team in the West really improved the most, I think it's the Elks..
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