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  1. I watched him tip the plane over a couple years ago in the endzone,I think hes always drunk
  2. Recovery time from a Walby burger is 5-7 weeks,Nichols injury isn't as bad,3 weeks most.
  3. Yep,I was going to say the same thing. First time seeing him do commentary and its lightyears ahead of rod blacks efforts.
  4. #northendforthealcohol
  5. Needed to just dive forward,its a high risk high reward running sideways on a short play.
  6. Its early but this game is massive for end of the season positioning. Richie Hall said he counted 43 mental error on defense vs Toronto,let's see if they've corrected those. GO BLUE!!!!!!!
  7. Saw that too,only said hes participating in first full practice,dont know if Huff will rush him in. He'll start next week forsure if hes 100%.
  8. I just know that the Bombers better take advantage if Arbuckle is playing since it could come down to us or Calgary for first place at the end.
  9. I was expecting the Bombers to rebound greatly against the argos.....we did until we blew the 20 point lead. Back home,pissed off and hopefully a seriously pissed o'shea should put us in a good position to beat Calgary.
  10. I know our dline is very good but I dont see them getting as many sacks as we should with all that talent.
  11. I could still see the Cats winning but also missing banks will hurt them. Calling it a squeaker in this one.
  12. After last weeks game,I see Nichols coming out mad and will correct his mistakes he has last week. 35-16 Bombers.
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