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  1. Walker will sign any year now,I can feel it!
  2. Watched that today as well,honestly,got a little choked up haha. You see all the fans tearing up and it just gets to you,I blamed the tears on the bedroom fan to the girlfriend,didnt wanna look weak.
  3. You know,we won the grey cup without Walker....jus sayin
  4. These were the only books I'd ever borrow from our school library.
  5. Sorry to bother,just looking for a Derel Walker,if anyone has seen him,please let me know.thanks.
  6. In my absence of working and delivering mail to the Bomber,I've gone and decided to watch the grey cup highlights so I get my daily fix
  7. Maybe so but I personally think he enjoyed his career the most here in Winnipeg.
  8. Literally just watched this yesterday, not too far behind the Bombers grey cup win this year in terms of satisfaction.
  9. Dont forget,he went down only from an incredibly dirty cheap shot. If that doesn't happen then he likely plays a full season.
  10. Got to help carry the grey cup out of a vehicle and into the store, not sure how to insert pictures from a phone to the chat.
  11. V sauce is awesome!good time killer while waiting for walker to sign.
  12. The song is really the hardest part
  13. I keep getting all these TSN app pop ups and I get excited until I open all of them and see they're nhl trades
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