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  1. Its head coach or bust if hes not in Winnipeg
  2. I could be very wrong when I say this and I know it's the CANADIAN football league but lowering the ratio isn't a bad thing at all. I'd much prefer to see great competition in camp,have the best product on the field if it means an international takes a nationals spot.
  3. I think moving on from dressler was more likely to happen. Very smart football player but age and injuries have caught up to him big time and we need a consistent receiving core.
  4. I would like to see them sign a receiver and then I'll be happy. Bring in some linebackers at training camp to compete for JSKs spot and we'll be fine.
  5. Man, Solomon would look very good working with bighill behind the line. What do we give up for him? Maybe Bighill tries to convince Walter's to bring him in like the old days in BC where they were very dominant.
  6. I agree, just look at examples of him when he ran 3000 yards on the punt return against Montreal or when he had the huge return against BC in that crazy comeback at Thanksgiving.
  7. And I'm glad he didn't. We would've never heard the end of it and the grey cup parade they would've already planned and labour day classic and blah blah blah blah.
  8. For a proven linebacker coming off the DPOY,easy money
  9. What is bighill worth again?
  10. He chose it because Toronto obviously has an amazing quarterback and is a major football city.
  11. Who the fu@k is even going to throw to him?!?!?!?
  12. What kind of $$ will we pay arceneaux coming off a major injury and at 31 years old? 160k?
  13. Man,Burnham would've been phenomenal
  14. Sorry,I didn't pay a whole ton of attention to Calgary,I stand corrected. But wasnt a whole pile of calgary's starting receivers hurt during mid-late season thus making him their best receiver?
  15. Is Mathews still as good as he was? I could be wrong but he really didn't stand out a whole 5on after he came back from the nfl. I'd still take Roosevelt first and then Mathews.
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