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  1. $550 is still very fair,deserves every nickle of that. I wish I was a fly on the wall in regards to talks around Harris. Don't want to lose em but turning 35 this year brings in those difficult conversations. He's shown he can still be an absolute force,can block extremely well but the age factor and our cap are tough.
  2. It's no offense but he's the CFL version of Cam Newton. Can run the ball extremely well,run RPO's but when it comes down to strictly throwing Westwood isn't wrong. I'd kill to have him back but McGuire is just fine here.
  3. If we by chance lose Collaros then we would likely lose out on potential WR options if Lawler leaves. Having a qb that's won back to back is a very flashy toy to some of these elite receivers and could help bring some of these guys in for cheaper if they know theyve got that chance to win, Streveler won't have that kind of pull,Zach is priority #1 until we know he's too far out of reach.
  4. Jorden doesn't have the circus catch resume Burnahm does but I'd definitely be interested,I also feel like Bailey is our next go to.
  5. I don't recall if he's a FA or not but would there be any interest in Banks at a lower pay? I know he'll be 34 but he still has some speed and seems fairly reliable,just an idea if Lawler buggers off and we don't acquire a player like Burnham to replace. Lucky would've been nice as he's a burner but not saying I still wouldn't be happier than **** if Lawler signed back here.
  6. I hope they dump all their money into Duke,please dump all their money into Duke first
  7. One of the guys from Montreal I loved watching but hates playing against,could throw Chip Cox in there too.
  8. I don't disagree that removing Suitor from Rider games takes away the conflict of interest but let's be realistic,tsn doesn't have decent play by play callers lined up right behind him currently. Try and fix the issue instead of getting rid of him and then having to bring in someone brand new.
  9. No joke,when the Bombers intercepted the pass in OT,I jumped up to the right of my couch to cheer,felt a pop and found out through MRI that I tore my inner medial meniscus. I'm off work for the foreseeable future but it was all worth it. $900 brace,$460 Durolane knee injection,Bombers winning back to back cups...... One torn knee ...I mean priceless.
  10. The entire planet damn well knows we win that cup if Jerk face Eiben doesn't land on Glenn.
  11. In front of their own fans playing for their lives in the Grey Cup. Their effort doesn't happen like that all season.
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