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  1. Isnt antigha usually playing up on the line? Might be a little too slow for safety.
  2. After signing Awe,do we even have the money now for Walker? Might be worth it keeping whatever money is left,finding a couple reviewers through training camp unless someone decent comes up for cheap.
  3. Dont worry,O'day is already doing it for us
  4. Besides,arceneaux has mush brain after Loffler introduced himself to Manny.
  5. Riders thought the cross bar was another extra man
  6. 7 combined brain cells were combined forthis list
  7. You know it's going to go along the lines of......they've got no money and screwed themselves,no quarterback to throw to him,hes gone after 1 year blah blah blah
  8. Stamps took a step back this off season as well,losing Arbuckle,Brescasin are some big losses
  9. I hope for the Collaros 2015 for a full season and 2019 playoffs collaros for 2020
  10. You'd think maybe walker would lower his price and take a look at say Winnipeg. The potential this team still has going in to this season and coming off a grey cup must be wortht of a bit of a pay cut.
  11. Lol,I work at canada post and deliver their mail everyday.
  12. Just chatted quick with Willie as he was on his way in to the Bomber store,told em we were obviously very happy to have em back.
  13. Kind on topic/not on topic. Is it very unrealistic that we sign Walker? And if we do,does is screw us long run with players potentially coming back like Rose etc...?
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