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  1. It's been a long time since we've had a dominant,tall outside receiver. Chris Mathews comes to immediate mind,may be missing others as I'm just turning back on the football part of my brain.
  2. I'm driving out to Edmonton on Saturday, unfortunately,a large deserted piece of land is in between Winnipeg and my destination. I should rock the Jersey,maybe a sign thanking the cross bar too?
  3. I'm okay cheering with vaccinated fans at the games,cheering with vaccinated fans while we watch them raise the Grey Cup banner or slap the riders around. Cheering with vaccinated fans while we raise a young beer snake. Doesn't bother me and I'm sure it doesn't bother other vaccinated folks either.
  4. Saskatchewan Roughriders,hate them as a unit. Honourable mention and 3000% hatred of Kevin Eiben (we win the grey Cup if Glenn doesn't break his arm,even rider fans know this).
  5. I deliver the mail to the stadium every day and I keep getting more and more excited when I see the parking lot slowly filling with cars and life finally being put back into the stadium.
  6. With the right coaching,our front 7 will be a monster.
  7. Passed away at the age of 61 from a heart attack. Loved his analysis and heart for the game, he'll be missed.
  8. Any minute now,I can feel it
  9. Argos will be much improved but the QB spot is still a who knows
  10. 100% agree. Yes,money always draws interest from any player but so does a good organization and staff. An immediate example is Bighill taking a monster pay cut to stay in Winnipeg. Gotta think a part of that decision was having Coach O'SHEA on the team. Walters/Miller and OShea have seriously brought this team back to a high level of respect and brought our city exactly what we'd been missing for so many years.
  11. I was chatting with the girlfriend about the potential fans. If seated properly,you could spread out 10000 fans in that stadium. .........The argos heads will be spinning when they see that many seats filled.
  12. Least favorite-Mike Kelly Favorite- either Charles Robert's or Milt
  13. Walker will sign any year now,I can feel it!
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