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  1. Very funny. Two of the teams you're using as examples have been bailed out by the league. All 3 teams have attendance problems.
  2. And he's playing the blame game. It's not going to end well.
  3. I hope Buck & ZC watched this game. BC does a good job of combining quick hitters with downfield passing - even if it's just Lucky falling forward for 5 yards.
  4. Gutsy call and great execution on 3rd and 2
  5. Hyperbole deserves...more hyperbole.
  6. Changed my pick to TO, due to Schilz starting. Should've stuck to my original theory, that MBT is not likely to win back to back.
  7. Bryant was struggling last night. STANLEY BRYANT. Either he's playing hurt or there are problems with the protection scheme, as JBR keeps pointing out.
  8. Then they would've held their noses and voted for Scheer.
  9. They also prioritized first nations with the covid vaccine.
  10. West: Winnipeg Calgary BC Edmonton (cross over) East: Toronto Hamilton
  11. But here's the rub: the current Conservatives have no one nearly as competent as Harper was, but even he had trouble winning majorities. If they get in with a minority, they have no one to prop them up.
  12. Jake's not every down DT - but who really is anymore?
  13. I thought about that. Not sure their QB wins back to back games very often.
  14. That's a mean. I wouldn't make too much fun of dairy farms - they are worth huge $$.
  15. Yep. Taking the Argos worked for me last week. But I'm going with Hamilton this week.
  16. Put the game away by halftime, then rest some key starters.
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