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  1. It's mind-boggling. Made worse by all the BS they can find online
  2. Unfortunately, those are mostly people who don't take any kind of vaccine, it's not just covid. Yet, 99% of them vaccinate their animals.
  3. Tburg gonna Tburg. It is what it is - looking forward to August 5th. Go Blue!
  4. I was told to make sure I get Pfizer again for my second shot.
  5. I arm was pretty sore. My parents' on the other hand - no tenderness or flu symptoms whatsoever.
  6. Depends if it's a covid positive household or not. Reality is, they have to choose between following protocols or doing their job properly.
  7. All jokes aside: many have good reasons for wearing a mask when alone in their car. They could be Healthcare / Homecare workers traveling to the next site. They are limited to x number of masks per day.
  8. I am of the opinion - that Bill Gates needs to make better grass seed choices.
  9. https://boingboing.net/2021/06/08/danish-psa-for-wearing-bicycle-helmets-is-the-best-viking-movie-in-63-years.html
  10. Workers at the supercentre in Selkirk say they are currently vaccinating mostly second shot.
  11. I know people who got their first dose yesterday - the nurses said 21 days.
  12. Some ridings did not even have a Liberal candidate.
  13. A bunch of clean up done, for the obvious reason. It would help if we didn't have numerous people quoting the inappropriate post.
  14. Gimli is used to be Peter Bjornson's riding - it will swing with a legit candidate - or even one who just shows up to campaign. No, I don't think vaccine cards will be much of a factor.
  15. There are plenty of rural ridings that can swing: Selkirk, Gimli, Interlake - just to name a few.
  16. How about Connor after game 4 vs Edmonton "we are so deep."
  17. And every government wants FEWER citizens paying FEWER taxes.
  18. And don't forget - Bill Gates is working depopulating the planet - until only he and a few others are left.
  19. But like any other virus, it is still more likely to spread when symptoms are present.
  20. Governments of the past might have had the capability if the will had been there. No way in hell will Trudeau and his platitudes do anything about it.
  21. There is no way you can make a living with hogs- without a vaccination program.
  22. I know this from working in the livestock industry. When a new vaccine comes out, it is quite common that two doses will be required, until they fine tune it.
  23. The $5, $10, & $50 bills - would have some interesting stories...
  24. New France (17th - 18th century): the "no Black Robes - no fur trade" policy with the natives 16th - 18th century Europe: assimilation and/or killing of Anabaptists and others who did not conform to established religions Canadian Residential Schools (also includes Anglican, Lutheran and others): the longest running genocide in world history. From fairly early on in New France, to as recent as 1996 And more...
  25. The intent is still to control an oppressed segment of the population - even if the definition is a micrometre off target.
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