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  1. Can't argue with that option! The x - factor, imo, is how much holding will be allowed. Reilly is still dangerous on those roll outs - he's a tough old war house. It's interesting that I'm more concerned about 1 player, than I am about the entire Elks' roster.
  2. We will see. If they can prevent explosion plays to Burnham & Co. we will win. If they let Reilly buy time too often...there could be trouble... He can make you pay - no matter how good you are.
  3. I don't think they'll lose to the Elks while Harris is out. Not with the Jeffs putting heat on a green QB... If there is a trap game coming up - I think it'll be against game wrecker Reilly in BC...
  4. I listened to Matt Dunigan throw for 700 yards - while picking saskatoons.
  5. Yes - they are far more in depth on issues - than any other media platform. And only some of CJOB's hosts are anywhere close to CBC quality.
  6. On the other hand, CBC radio is equally unbalanced, yet tops the rankings.
  7. I did pretty much the exact same - drove past Petersfield Hall and saw the advanced polls were still open.
  8. Back in 2020, MB. schools definitely stayed closed longer then many other jurisdictions. We were down to 5 cases a day, and schools were still closed.
  9. Ok, fair enough. I need to watch the cfl.ca recap again - it's on there.
  10. As success with the longer passes increases, teams will be less inclined to put 7 or 8 men in the box The Riders were committed to stopping the run, but the Bombers made them pay for it And Andrew Harris still got 80 yards. Next game in Edmonton is going to very interesting - I'm very much looking forward to it...
  11. Scotch was also tasty...yesterday. And I don't think Bighill was ever tagged after making that interception.
  12. Still playing the way they did during the 2019 playoff run - if not better.
  13. Wasn't it Bob Cole who was always keeping up the booze supply?
  14. That makes sense, thanks. Oh, I am confident we would have still won the game - was just curious about the call.
  15. Any comments on the PI the Riders challenged for in the first half?
  16. Bob & Doug were also expecting Harris to be ejected.
  17. Just a honk to Buck Pierce. He made adjustments that made them pay for focussing on Harris.
  18. Fair comment. He was indeed a rare talent. Far too many great talents did not win a GC while wearing Bomber colours. Top 3: 1. Milt Stegall 2. Charles Roberts 3. Doug Brown
  19. Agreed. But that '07 Grey Cup is kind of a big deal.
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