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  1. It was there last year too... He had almost as many bad games as good ones. The decline had started... And this year has sped up.
  2. At worse he shoved him and his shoulder rolled up at the end. Listen, I've watched Adam Bighill his entire career and I have seen him knock a guy into next week.... This was far from that.
  3. So that's the first time I've seen that, as I too shut it off early..... And the whining about it seems overblown. He shoves him down and then MAYBE rolls up on him with the shoulder. But the way people on here are crying about it, I thought Bighill teed off on him with a missile to the head. This gets a meh from me...
  4. We know that O'Shea hates to lose more than he likes winning, and we know that he always shelters the players publicly. This isn't difficult to figure out.
  5. I think we'll make playoffs but home playoff game is long gone.
  6. Publicly, yes, but behind closed doors, definitely not this... I can't imagine the amount of hand wringing going on right now.
  7. I've loved Demski since his Bison days but him carrying the ball like a purse is his calling card. Over and over and over again.
  8. This is all "hindsight is 20/20" nonsense... But ya, they shoulda kept Brown. Sigh.
  9. I'm so angry right now that I can't even with this bullshit... Demski carrying the ball like a purse yet again... Was the game. He hangs on there, totally different outcome. I can't even with the 3 "Stars".... I'm coming home for two weeks holidays next weekend.... Gonna be a **** show vs Toronto (which I have to watch in Saskatoon along the way) and an even bigger **** show vs BC at home, which I get the PLEASURE of watching in person..... **** this ******* ****.
  10. I've been thinking about this a lot lately... A slow burn that hits it's stride in the final 3rd and just goes on a heater....
  11. I 100% saw that as well.... You have to think that Yoshi knows. After all the time here... He went for the paycheque (and we're all happy for him!) and nothing more.
  12. As long as he's getting his money, and doesn't have to wear that gross uni, it's a win. Hope he has a speedy recovery and is back to 100% before next season.
  13. Going to be home for the Aug 1 BC game... Would love to see Lawler back in action... We sure could use him.
  14. Guess we keep rocking with Vive Le Strevolucion.....
  15. Well, my Monday night is planned....
  16. Brown's contract ends the same time as Zach's... Brown's contract ends the same time as Zach's..........
  17. That was my take away from the first half. When he gets time in the pocket to set up, he looks so good.
  18. A little while back (5 or 10 years ago?) they got a bunch of those guys from the 94 Bombers together again and they compiled a bunch of existing video, along with some archival CJOB audio, in an attempt to create a full game... And had them watch it together. Dunigan, Walby, etc ... I would have paid all of my TFSA and most of my RRSPs to be a part of that night..... And after that event, I'm not sure they even made that project available to the public. I kinda thought it might end up on YT but not that I know of...
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