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  1. 2 doses doesn't mean enough for Omicron so I sincerely hope they change the definition to 3 doses. Need to be boosted.
  2. Absolutely fantastic that he actually wants him as a DB and not a Rec. You can't recruit ANYONE better than a locker room cancer who's a natural Rec????
  3. Walby played till he was 40 I think... Or 39 for sure. So Stan's got a year or two of good football left in him I'd bet... *edit* Born Oct 23, 1956.... Last season was 96, so he played to 40.
  4. I wanted to ask someone who might know.... On the Cinci INT at the end of the game that set up the GW FG...... How was it not DPI? The DB had his arms around the receiver well before the ball got there. In the CFL it's overturned every time. Are the rules different down there?
  5. Really want to see this sooner rather than later....
  6. Super weird hearing Rob Faulds call anything other than curling.
  7. Ya he was a rabid pro-Trumper and anti vaxxer... Loved his music, feel sorry for his family.... But he made his choice.
  8. I don't have anyone within my circle of friends or coworkers that's unvaccinated, and anyone I was casually acquainted with that's unvaxxed is now cut out of my life completely. Delete them off SM, the whole 9 yards. As Dave says, I think so much less of them now. I don't have room in my life for someone that dumb/ignorant.
  9. The White Men Can't Jump pic... 🤣🤣 Welcome back to..... Imma say it.... Greatest OL in CFL history!!
  10. the key is The Trinity. As long as we have them, we're in a good place...
  11. Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, the only game Collaros has lost as a Bomber is the game in Toronto...
  12. 550 is still a spicy meatball within the confines of our cap, but what can you do... Can't say he didn't earn it.
  13. @rileymarrais untouched around the league. Absolute beauty.
  14. Surprised it was a 1 year for Collaros. I really thought, even if only for optics, it would be a minimum 2 year deal.... Just glad (tho not surprised) that he's back!
  15. Castillo likely back to the NFL Benson is a LS...shouldn't be a "big ticket item" If you put a gun to my head and made me choose, I'd say Richardson or Rose....
  16. Bighill's been showing a lot of love on social media for all the team's signings recently, so I figured he was leaning this way. He absolutely loves playing for Oshea, so you know he wanted to be here. And as others have said, he just spent a year building a custom home here. They wanna stay in the community for sure.
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