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  1. his line is always making something happen. Just all hustle, all the time. That's my kinda NHL player...
  2. Now I'm lost on what contracts go for these days, but that seems good right?
  3. wouldn't that be something if it was Jets vs Leafs for 1st in the division on the final night...
  4. Lowry might be my favourite Jet......would love to see him around long term.
  5. Moderna having supply problems and will be reducing shipments to Canada by approximately half, but Ottawa has struck a deal with Pfizer to more than cover the difference:
  6. I 100% get what you're saying and I do agree, but........I also know TSNs rationale for doing that is that there are as many Leafs etc fans living in all of those regional markets as the "local" team..... the demand from those regional outposts for Toronto teams coverage is still very VERY high, even with a "local" team in that spot. Trust me, I hate it, too....it's insane.......but they've got the numbers to back it up.
  7. I get why people hate it...I truly do.....but the reality is there are just way more Toronto fans across Canada than any other team. The only thing that comes close is Montreal, but it's just generations of Leafs fans raising future Leafs fans that goes back to the Original 6 days...
  8. my thing is....I need good coverage in both rural AB and Calgary, and want the best coverage possible when I'm back home in MB. To date, Bell has been the best choice for all of that. If Rogers or Telus could offer me the same without jacking up my monthly bill, then I'll be looking at it in June when my contract is up.
  9. I really and truly do trust Chevy...he hasn't steered us too far wrong yet. I don't think he'd be selling the farm for a bag of magic beans any time soon.
  10. I've really been looking for an excuse to switch to Telus, on account of what a giant piece of **** Bell is as a company...........this might put me over the edge, if they help kill the thing I love most in life.
  11. This, for me, is what sports is all about...... more so than watching the best players in a given sport compete against one another. It's a geographical thing for me that truly drives my passion...
  12. "Nobody" (Odenkirk, filmed in Winnipeg) begins streaming today....that's my after-work plans tonight anyhow. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype... *edit* They're charging $25 to view it online.... not available to any of the usual streamers yet. That's a big "no thanks" from this guy.....shame.
  13. Intriguing, anyhow....curious to see if that takes off. Hey, tech related thing......... what all are you guys doing for smart watches these days? I'm an Android-only guy, and want to get a new smart watch for the usual stuff...sleep tracking, fitness monitoring, and I like the idea of being able to receive texts and stuff on it. I think @17to85you've got a Samsung, right? What's everyone else doing? Are they all in around that $250 mark -ish?
  14. wild animal backed into a corner....
  15. Leafs without Matthews or Nylander are a different animal, but I'm enjoying making Campbell and Rittich look like assholes...
  16. I would absolutely love for Jack Campbell's big undefeated run to be proven as a mirage and all of a sudden the Leafs have no goaltending....
  17. I know this guy is full of **** more often than not, but if even some of this is true, it's gonna be a rough future........ https://3downnation.com/2021/04/15/promise-of-2021-cfl-season-a-fallacy-scary-stuff-behind-the-scenes-not-being-talked-about-rod-pedersen/ Saskatchewan-based media personality Rod Pedersen has some good news and plenty of bad news. The recently vaccinated broadcaster joined The Jason Gregor Show on TSN 1260 in Edmonton to share that current health models could have fans back in stadiums by September or early October. While that sounds like good news for the
  18. I think there's a sense of loyalty because TSN took it on when nobody else would. Having said that, I don't know that any other network has even approached the league about possibly broadcasting games. Sure it'd be great to see CBC or S'Net come on board, but if they absolutely want no part of it.......? What can you do? Go back to the days of the CFN with Irving and Neil Lumsden? I don't think that was optimal...
  19. Interesting...always excited to see Heinola get some time with the big club.....Stanley has looked really good at times, and then looked completely lost at other times.
  20. As posted yesterday, TJ Miller, speaking on behalf of the Canucks players, said they are nowhere near ready to play professional hockey. Some of these guys were in REALLY bad shape a week ago. They can't be expected to just get up and play right away, regardless of what money is on the line. They had a conference call with the NHL/NHLPA earlier today and thankfully common sense prevailed.... they will post-pone the 'Nucks games for a bit longer yet.
  21. Actual CFL news?? By gar, it's been awhile! ^^ that above quote is straight outta the Mike O'Shea handbook..... Also, re: 2021 season..... https://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/what-next-week-s-bog-meeting-means-to-the-future-of-the-2021-cfl-season~2182003 important part of above: Team reps are meeting daily, and there is a board of governors meeting on Tuesday, after which they're expected to announce the delay of the start of the season. Lalji believes they do not want just an open-ended "season is postponed indefinitely" statement, and are instead wanting to have a h
  22. Not a huge fan of either of those guys, personally... Didn't really care for Hnidy either. Thought he was overrated. Give me Ferraro or Debrusk or nothin'... Two best in the league. (Darren Pang an underrated - in Canada - analyst as well...)
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