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  1. Blue Flu! Nobody wants to stub their toe or bang their shin on the stove.....
  2. I never understood why people disliked Baldwin's Trump....I thought he was great.
  3. I was JUST going to say that it can't possibly be any worse at QB for the RBs, so if I was a part of their fan base (thank Christ I'm not...) I would actually be excited about this. We already know their two veterans can't get it done....at least with the Devil You Don't, there's a chance....??
  4. the byes both come at good times for us...
  5. Just put a bubble over the Bible Belt and be done with it.....frick sakes.
  6. DB went from Grant looks "a ways off yet" to "is ready to come off the 6 game and play..." in pretty short order....
  7. meh......no mention of Demski in the MOC category, when he's the clear choice. Also Bryant and Hardrick over any other OL......
  8. Reilly can run, but prefers not to. He's a deadly pocket passer.... Maybe the best in the league. He's really the opposite of Jesus Sprinkles. Gotta put plenty of hits on him, right from snap 1...
  9. I've never understood the crazy fandom that exists for U2. I mean I don't mind them... The main stuff off Joshua Tree is obviously important.... But other than that... Eh. It's the same with bands like Coldplay and Radiohead.... I will never understand it.
  10. Just couldn't possibly agree more. I'm excited for the first week or two of the season and the first week or two of the playoffs. Other than that, it's a slog. It's just too many games to keep track of. And I honestly don't like hockey THAT much... Part of what makes football so important and interesting is the limited number of games and relatively short season.
  11. I would probably put Tragically Hip - Trouble At The Henhouse, Offspring - Smash, and Green Day - Dookie as the most important albums in my high school. Honourable mention to OLP - Naveed and Clumsy and The Wallflowers - Bringing Down The Horse....
  12. You're trash... Your team is trash. Whether we play at IGF East or IGF West, we're gonna shut you the **** up again and again and again.... Go. The ****. Away.
  13. Superunknown was a really big deal for me. Got that from the old BMG Music Club 12 Cd's for a buck program... Ha ha. Spoonman and Black Hole Sun were such a big deal. I eventually discovered Alice In Chains and PJ... All just so so so important for us 90s kids. Again, not as important as The Hip, but it's up there. Green Day and Offspring worth mentioning, too... A really big deal.
  14. For those of us who came of age in the 90s..... It was everything. Almost as important as The Hip.
  15. A really good Mid-Season read from Our Man Tait.......always worth your click..... https://www.bluebombers.com/2021/09/22/bombers-by-the-numbers/
  16. the Nate, Roy, Beard and Higgins are absolutely the best characters on the show. I laugh hard virtually every episode...
  17. I have little to no use for anyone who didn't jump on the first vaccine offered to them the second it was available......
  18. No, that was an instantly hilarious sketch, and one of the best things Ferrell ever did. It's outstanding, as most of his work is. Anyone who doesn't like the best of Ferrell's work.......I just have no use for you.
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