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  1. Believe what you want to Speed. Doesn't make it true. No other network is interested in out bidding TSN. The CFL needs money? Hardly a surprise. That's why they are talking with the XFL. If the CFL goes to 4 downs and NFL like rules, I bet most folks simply watch the NFL. Those who want to go to games and watch the home town team play NFL lite likely aren't enough to keep the CFL/XFL going for more than a couple of years.
  2. The going rate it what TSN is paying. If the going rate was higher, another channel would outbid TSN. If TSN decided to pay less, the CFL wouldn't have any choice but to take it, unless another channel was willing to pick it up for more. It doesn't float. TSN pays the same no matter how many folks are watching. Sometimes they are overpaying. Sometimes they are underpaying, but its all the going rate.
  3. You're right about participation, but you're wrong about TSN keeping the price artificially low. Other networks would out bid them if they thought the price was low. TSN pays the going rate for the CFL, maybe a bit more to keep the competition out.
  4. The ills of society lead 1% of people in these circumstances to murder. Your white guilt is better placed on the victims who suffer than on the murderers. The conversion starts as soon as the person gets arrested, not after the court case or the sentencing. Most people absolutely take skin colour into account, just read the posts. Therefore, your timeline argument is invalid. I also disagree with your opinion that bullies don't have good parents who would have corrected them. In your world, society 'makes' murderers, lack of good parenting 'makes' bullies and you can '
  5. IT'S ABOUT MAKING PEOPLE FEEL SORRY FOR THE MURDERER and it's a great STRATEGY. We talked about this for a week before anyone brought up motive and the percentage of people who murder. It took another day before anyone brought up the victims. By the time someone gets caught it's too late for prevention for them. I'm all for changing things to make the world fairer for more people, but that conversation needs to be outside the realm of the 'justice system'. By bringing it up every time someone of colour kills someone, you're perpetrating the myth that their background is THE reason they ki
  6. My bad choice of words. I should have said it's not just a poor choice. The murderer may be 100% responsible (premeditated) or they may be partly responsible (manslaughter) or defending themselves or it may be an accident. Each type has different levels of punishment or no punishment at all. I'm not for treating them all equally. Most here are saying that background and societal influences should be taken into account. How do you explain any middle class or rich murderers like the Menendez brothers (Rich, entitled, killed their 2 parents, no slavery, no racism)? Are societal influences o
  7. Murder is not a 'poor choice'. It's not because of a poor upbringing and it's not because of slavery and it's not because of single parents and it's not because of poverty it's not because of racism and it's not about being trapped. All these things are brought up at trial to change the focus from the grisly act of one person killing another to societal issues. It's about shifting blame, pure and simple. It's a magic trick so to speak. Look over here, not over here. I'm not saying 'nothing can be done' and you should know that if you actually read my posts. In fact, I laid out a way to g
  8. Provide solutions to the problems or else your just whining for no reason. Dare I call that useless? Solutions, if they exist, won't stop people from murdering people and they aren't excuses for people murdering people. They exist outside the murder conversation, but you want to attach them to it. Is that to excuse murder?
  9. If Education is the answer, and I think it's part of the answer, then we can fix it without saying that poor guy didn't have any choice but to commit a crime. We can't eliminate poverty because those with money aren't willing to give it to those without money and the Governments are on the side of those with money. Minimum guaranteed income would certainly help, but suggesting $1500 a month maximum still leaves the recipients in poverty. We could make the tax system fair in 3 steps: 1. All income is taxed equally. It doesn't matter if you work for someone else, yourself, make mo
  10. Why? So you can 'fix' it somehow? How would you do that? Folks are calling colour a root problem. That's not 'fixable' and only a problem in some peoples minds. Poor upbringing? Can't fix that. Poor? Can't fix that. Single parent? Don't even try to fix that. That just leaves to excuse the conduct based on the murderers 'root problems'.
  11. I'm not discounting peoples surroundings. I'm saying those surroundings aren't an excuse for murdering anyone. I hadn't heard of the 'reproduction calculation' but it makes perfect sense for the times. That being said, it's a huge stretch to equate that with absent fathers AKA baby Daddy's.
  12. What a dumb comment. I didn't say or imply that poor people choose to be poor or that they lack responsibility. I said they are responsible for their actions and most of them never murder anyone. Ah yes, the white guilt argument. The colour and the race of murderers doesn't matter. The fact they are murderers is the only thing that does. As long as you are bringing it up tho... America abolished slavery in 1863. That's 150+ years ago. Even in the worst of slavery most white families didn't own slaves because they were way too expensive. It's the top 1%, actually 1.4% of the
  13. Rehabilitation sounds like a great idea on the surface but does it really work? The percentage of prisoners released in the US that return after committing another crime within the period of three years is 68%. If the stated objective is rehabilitation, then it obviously isn't working. If the objective is punishment, then the Recidivism rate doesn't matter. You simply put them back in when they commit another crime. Keeping folks in private prisons makes some people tons of money. I'm on the side of personal responsibility rather than societal failure. All poor people aren't murderers or
  14. If you think jail is to rehabilitate people you're wrong. Never has been. Never will be. Jail is to lock people away who have done something against the law. It's punishment, not rehabilitation. Repeat offenders go back because they did something else that's illegal, not because they were in jail the first time. A bad upbringing doesn't explain away murder. Most folks with a bad upbringing never murder anyone. Fatalistic would be saying that murderers from a bad upbringing had no choice but to commit murder. That's nonsense.
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