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  1. Maybe the 1s won't be playing at all in the first game.
  2. Last year. We need to do it again this year because 1 playoff win in 6 or 7 years isn't enough.
  3. They've got to make the playoffs and win a playoff game. If they don't accomplish that, then we really need to look at replacing MOS.
  4. Anyone have any idea if they are just resting Harris and Neuf or if there is some type of injury problem?
  5. I agree with most of if, but Collaros is the worst QB in the west.
  6. Hall had a good season last year. Nichols didn't.
  7. Would we tho? Would Streveler have won less games?
  8. I wrote what I wrote and you read what you wanted to so you could start another useless argument.
  9. Gaiter/Fenner is great competition. Last year Gaiter came out on top.
  10. I chose them just fine. You chose to add additional meaning that wasn't there, so you could argue against a point I wasn't even making. Nichols should play this year cuz he won games in the past? Are you suggesting that Streveler wouldn't have won most of the same games that Nichols did last year? I remember Nichols being a big difference maker in one of his wins last year and a big difference maker in a bad way in two of his losses. Wins are a team stat. I never suggested yanking Nichols or any other vet at the first sign of trouble. Players confidence shouldn't get destroyed because the coach didn't let him play when he isn't playing well. That should motivate him to play better. GTFO about perfection. It's not about perfection. No one is perfect. It's about competition and letting the best players play. If Davis and LeFevour were still the backups, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Nichols was clearly better than they were, but I don't think he was clearly better than Streveler last year. If Nichols gets back to 2017 form, then he clearly beats Streveler and should get the starting job. If he maintains that level, he should clearly get all the starts until the last game of the season, assuming we don't need the win. If he's at his 2018 level again, he shouldn't get a ton of rope based on past successes, but based on our coaches he will.
  11. It happens every year. Vets who are more expensive than they are worth and vets who are owed bigish bonuses get cut before camp. Toronto didn't sign an expensive QB either. It's just the way things are.
  12. What I actually said was it's not the fans decision and for better our worse, OUR coaches give vet players the benefit of the doubt. 'That guy used to be good in 2017' is a lousy reason to give a player the benefit of the doubt. Football is a what can you do for me now profession.
  13. And.... another thing I didn't say. FTR: It's not about how many games he won in the past. It's about how well he is playing right now and if Streveler is playing as well or better.
  14. Nichols gets 'a ton of rope' because it's the coaches, not the fans who decide if he gets pulled or not. Right or wrong, our coaches have proven time and time again that they will give vets the benefit of any doubt.
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