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  1. Sure, but that has nothing to do with the CFL ratio.
  2. It doesn't really matter what the sport is. Wrestling, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Hockey, etc. It's a bigger problem getting some players across the border than it is to get them a work permit once they get here.
  3. Sure but that doesn't really apply to the CFL ratio. If you play sports or are an actor or several other industries, you can work in Canada pretty easily. Every US player is legally entitled to work in Canada and that includes the guys on the PR and the guys who don't even make the team.
  4. Like I said, I'm no expert. As you are, can you point me to where in Canadian Labour Law it says that companies must hire X% or X number of Canadian's. A quick google search turned up nothing. Does the NHL require X number of Canadians per Canadian team or does each team choose the best players?
  5. Bryant's a must sign. Jefferson too, if he doesn't get an NFL contract. Streveler and one of Nichols or Collaros are needed. The rest are replaceable.
  6. I'm no expert, but I doubt there is anything in Canadian Labour law that forces Canadian companies to hire X% of Canadian workers. The CFL has the ratio because of it's own rules and because they negotiated X number of Canadians with the union. Changing the number, which happens fairly regularly, requires the players signing off.
  7. Like usual, I've been watching the NFL since the Grey Cup. Way better players, but the game itself is much slower. The NFL and the CFL are both football, but they are way different to watch.
  8. Its not just the younguns. I'm in my 60's and I'd watch the CFL even if they didn't have a ratio. It's the game that matters to me, not the birth certificates or however else they decide a player is 'Canadian'. 'No ratio' doesn't mean what a lot of folks think it does. It doesn't mean no USports. Lots of folks play sports for the fun of it, not to get a job from it. Most USports players aren't making the CFL anyway. It doesn't mean no Canadians on teams. 8 or 10 players on each team would still get a job, some as starters others as backups. Just like our best make the NFL, the best would still make it. The rest wouldn't. It doesn't mean no home town hero's making the team. The marketing advantages alone would make sure that doesn't happen. It doesn't mean a stronger CFL or the death of the CFL.
  9. The CFL has too many 'special' statuses. Imports, DI's, Non-Import, Globals, QB's and now quasi-NI Imports. Just give me NI's (7 minimum to be maintained) and non-NI's. That's all we really need.
  10. Not really. A NI QB at #3 might not be designated as a QB. Designating them as any other position would make them an NI which would be good for development.
  11. It's still confusing. 3rd QB designated as a QB. Takes a backup NI's roster spot (Roster - QB's - Imports - DI's - Globals = NI's). Also means that the other special QB rules still apply to the 3rd QB. 3rd QB not designated as a QB. 3rd QB is a DI and the other QB rules don't apply. 3rd QB on the roster as the reserve. Can be on the roster, but can't dress for games.
  12. You think they are waiting to get a WR coach to tell them which QB to go after? Doesn't make any sense. It makes a little more sense if they are waiting to get a QB coach, but not much. That's an entry level spot for ex QB's to get into coaching, not a guy who gets much of a say in who the QB will be. In fact, if the QB doesn't like the QB coach, you change the QB coach.
  13. That reads like we don't have our offensive staff in place. Maybe Buck's not the OC choice like most folks are expecting.
  14. Stamps get a 3rd rounder to talk with Arbuckle. They get another pick if Arbuckle signs, which I expect he will. Arbuckle wasn't staying in Calgary anyway so Huffer got what he could from Ottawa. It surprises me that Ottawa is willing to go with another mostly unproven QB after what happened to them last year. It also surprises me that PLAP, whose had both Nichols and Collaros run his offence, would rather go with Arbuckle. Question is back to Nichols or Collaros for us and for Toronto.
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