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  1. Streveler's throwing for almost as many yards as Nichols was AND he's moving the sticks with his legs, which Nichols just can't do. Streveler has upside. Nichols doesn't.
  2. That would be 1962 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Winnipeg_Blue_Bombers_seasons
  3. It's been a very long time since were ended the season first in the West (1972), so just reaching that mark is a very good thing. Considering the way we've played this year, it should be our expectation to finish first in the west, win the playoff game and get to the Grey Cup. Anything less than that would be a major disappointment IMO.
  4. Why would Ottawa pay a 1st rounder for Nichols when he'll be a FA?
  5. Streveler - Getting better every game Augustine - Not going to make anyone forget about Harris, but give the kid his due Grant - That TD broke the Riders back HH - PLAP managed to keep the offence going without Harris, Nichols, Whitehead and Demski.
  6. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Streveler is looking good against good defences. Playing Edmonton and Regina is no where near as easy as playing BC and Toronto. This is what I hoped for from Streveler. He's been getting better each week as he gains experience. I think he's almost as good as Nichols already and has a long way to go to reach his peak.
  7. If Remple lands on his ass or his back, he's back on the field the next time he's needed. Bad luck that he hit his head on the field.
  8. IF Nichols is done for the year, it wouldn't hurt at all to announce it. Other teams aren't going to prepare to play Nichols unless/until he comes off of the 6 game anyway.
  9. The defence kept us in the game in the first quarter and lost us the game in the last drive.
  10. True. My point is that it doesn't matter how we get the yards as long as we get them.
  11. Nichols and Streveler are putting up around the same number of total yards per game, they just do it in different ways.
  12. The biggest knock on Streveler is that he's inexperienced. I for one am glad he's getting some this year. He's way ahead of schedule in his QB maturation IMO. These games will go a long way towards knowing if he's a guy you can build a team around or not. I think you can.
  13. And's matter. There are several letters in Article 4 with and's in them. The first one is: a. Piling by a player who, in an unnecessarily rough manner, falls upon the ball carrier after the play has been terminated. Any player in possession of the ball, who falls to the ground without contact and is not attempting to advance the ball, may only be touched down and may not be contacted in any other manner... If the 'and' doesn't matter then there is no reason to add the is not attempting to advance the ball. The and changes the meaning from it's always UR to hit a player who is down to it's UR to hit a player and not trying to advance the ball. If 'and' means something in case a, it means something in case h. If the rule is supposed to mean this or that or the other thing, then they'd use OR instead of AND. They could also change it to multiple cases like: h. Delivering a forcible blow to the long snapper while their head is down i. Delivering a forcible blow to the long snapper while they they are in a vulnerable position j. Delivering a forcible blow to the long snapper while they are unable to protect them self That would match with g. Delivering a blow to an opponent in the neck or head including the long snapper on kicks from scrimmage and convert attempts which is another case that specifically mentions long snappers. How to you even define what a vulnerable position and what unable to protect them self, means if it's not attached to having their head down?
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