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  1. Congrats! You just got to the same place as me, from the other perspective. Exercise the option to keep Rourke = Stay within the CBA salary structure.
  2. If he leaves for the NFL the Lions can retain him for next year by exercising the option in the draft contract.
  3. You're purposely ignoring the question. FA or Lion in Feb when they have to decide? FA means every team gets to offer a contract if Rourke comes back next year. Lion means the Lion's are the only team that Rourke can come back to next year.
  4. Rourke isn't signing a contract until he takes his NFL shot, so he's not going to sign in Feb, so that's not an option. It's FA or Lion. Which one is it?
  5. Folks who think that BC can ignore the option year by not taking the option: If you're BC do you: a) Not take the option in Feb and make a Rourke a FA if he comes back to the CFL next year OR b) Take the option and keep Rourke as a Lion next year if he comes back knowing that means he won't get the money he deserves
  6. I'm not disregarding the word OPTION. I'm saying it means what it says it means in the CBA in the section for draft picks. I'm saying it doesn't mean ignore the CBA rules do whatever you want at contract time.
  7. I was gonna stop but you asked a question. It's not an argument about fairness. Fairness would be to give Rourke QB money right away, because he's a QB rather than let his passport screw him outta salary. Year 2 the Lions did ask to tear up his contract to give him more money and the league turned them down. The only difference in the 3rd year is the word OPTION. Folks around here take that to mean the team can refuse to take the option, turn Rourke into a FA & then offer Rourke a new contract that ignores the 3rd year in the CBA. I take it to mean what it says in the CBA in black and white... not more than 10% > 2nd year salary.
  8. I don`t think either Ellingson or Schoen are back next year. We`ll need new top receiver.
  9. What part of: not to exceed 10% more than the 2nd year base salary, is hard for people to comprehend? If teams/players/agents could say that Option means what it means in a different part of the CBA, then there is no reason to put the option in the draft picks salary section because it wouldn't mean anything. The simple fact that it's there means it's the option that is allowed. All Nationals will be required to sign a minimum 2 + 1 first contract and follow the salary grid. So yes, you still have to follow the salary grid even if you 'opt out' of the contract.
  10. OPTION in the same section as draft pick salary is the OPTION that is used for draft picks. It's contract 101. Once again from the CBA: Option year base salary to be negotiated - not to exceed 10% more than the 2nd year base salary. Some of you have the reading comprehension of a spoon.
  11. Option means what it says it means in the CBA.
  12. Brady was drafted in 2019. From the CBA: Section 9.02 Length of First Contracts (starting in 2020) Therefore, Brady, and everyone before him doesn't matter to the conversation.
  13. Source for how much did he make in his 3rd season?
  14. We had a punt return for a TD and blocked a FG that would have put them up by 4 late in the game. They missed 2 FG's and had one blocked. They took RTP penalty that gave us an extra chance to win the game. It finally came down to a blocked FG in the last seconds for the Argos to win. I sucks to end a great season with a GC loss.
  15. I don't know why you guys are upset that the media is trying to make this into a game that either team could win. That's what the media does. David vs Goliath has been told and retold for thousands of years. IMO We win this in convincing fashion unless Collaros is knocked out of the game. BC was closer to our level last week than Toronto is this week.
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