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  1. Of course he will. It's rumoured he was making $285K last year and $200K+ is currently top receiver bucks.
  2. I think guys like SJ and Dennis are going to double dip to get their salaries up to where they want them to be.
  3. There's always been as much written about the Riders as the Bombers on this forum, so it's not a surprise at all.
  4. Preseason? You're talking about preseason like it means something? Keeping McGuire over Bennett doesn't really mean anything unless you're talking about Bennett's preseason work and then I go back to.... preseason? The only thing Bennett's done well so far is play special teams. The coaching staff choosing Streveler doesn't make them infallible. Quite the contrary. Look at all the young QB's this coaching staff has believed in and you'll find that Streveler is the only one to have done much of anything and he wasn't quite ready yet to be a starter last year because of his passing. The ratio of good to bad young QB's this coaching staff believed in doesn't work in their favour. Were not Calgary. We trade for or pick our QB's up in Free Agency. The Bombers brought Danny McManus (1990) and Dieter Brock (1974) into the league over the last 45 or so years. Even then, we didn't get the benefit of having Danny Mac as our starter. I'd say the Bombers track record of bringing young QB's into the league is abysmal. Yes, we're Grey Cup champs, but we were also 3rd in the west. We made a huge trade that worked out perfectly for a vet QB in the last hours before trades closed last year. If the coaches thought McGuire was ready to play then, we wouldn't have needed to make that trade and we wouldn't have likely been GC champs.
  5. All we really know is that McGuire has completed 2 of his 3 CFL passes for 17 yards and run 3 times for 9 yards. The rest is just folks hoping he can do in the CFL what he did in college and the CFL is filled with QB's who couldn't make the jump. Now some folks want Bennett? Really? Why? Because we know his name? Because he can play special teams? Because he was once a Bomber. It's certainly not his 4 completions in 8 passes for 72 yards or his freezing in the playoffs for the Riders.
  6. If it's Walkers choice, he'll choose a deep ball offence to show off his skills, not a running offence.
  7. 1. He was in the league before the Global designation so he keeps his import designation. 2. He gets paid more as an Import than the capped Global salary.
  8. One will be cut or 6 gamed after TC.
  9. I'd love for us to sign Walker. He'd immediately be our #1 receiver and it would make Adams a very good #2. That being said, I doubt we have the bucks left to get it done.
  10. From the CBA: No mention of who Globals can go in for, but... And Doesn't sound like a Global can take an NI spot.
  11. Good signing for the Riders. Experienced backup for cheap.
  12. Excellent signing. I was kinda worried about losing Jefferson to the east.
  13. Last year it was the top 2 or 3 QB's in the league getting paid. This year, it's the second or third tier guys. We're paying big bucks for a QB who only had 4 starts last year due to concussions. Ottawa's paying big bucks for a QB who only has 7 starts under his belt. Regina's paying big bucks for a QB with only 1 year as a starter. All of them could be considered over pays compared to 2018 levels.
  14. Most of you want McGuire as the backup. Hoping he's at least as good as Streveler was last year after a few starts under his belt, not like most of the rest of the backup QB's we brought into the league between Brock in the mid 70's and Streveler a couple of years back.
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