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  1. My Internet's $40 a month for 75M. I've got an antenna to get local channels. I stream and use IPTV for another $15-$20 a month which gives me my sports. Gave up my home phone 15 or 20 years ago. Last year I bought TSN streaming, but it wasn't great and I thought it was too expensive for what it gives me. (They also charged me twice for 1 month and refused to refund or add a month at the end.) Basically I went from $140ish to $60ish a month.
  2. That's more on the OC than Reilly. Every time they show the all 24, there's one receiver in the short zone, none in the medium zone and the rest are deep. Hard to go to the 'hot' route when you do that.
  3. And losing to the Riders would be a disaster for BC. Sometimes the best games are when 2 desperate teams who are evenly matched go up against each other.
  4. Firing PLAP was the right move. Doing it 8 games into the season was the wrong timing. Giving the job to Burke was the wrong choice, but there wasn't anyone else available because of the timing.
  5. A few things on the Montreal situation: Gotta assume we're not talking about tiny amounts of money. Kavis is definitely not taking that money out of his own pocket. If the Envelopes in the locker room is accurate, not only did the GM know about it, everyone did. That sounds like SOP for the team. Once the league took the team over, they'd start looking at the finances. Now there's no line item for 'Under The Table' payments, but the money would show up pretty quickly. The CFL couldn't allow the Under The Table transactions to continue, so they had to do something. Not sure why it took so long, but then again it took them over a month to suspend Lawrence.
  6. We left Rogers when we moved from Calgary to Vancouver and they wanted to charge us a $10 change of address fee.
  7. I bolded the part where you were wrong, not google. Not only do you want to #BEBN this year, you're arguing that it's a myth that Nichols was ever inaccurate on long passes in the first place. This weeks accuracy stats show Nichols at the top of the list. Still hate the stat?
  8. Story on twitter is that Dom is injured so JJ gets the start. Jennings is either hot or cold. If he gets hot, which doesn't happen often enough IMO, he could do some serious damage.
  9. Whitehead's caught 1 deep pass on a good throw his other long TD wasn't a deep pass. Matthews got 1 where he dove for the ball, which matches your idea. Adams and Demski, who were both here last year, got the other deep balls.
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