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  1. Bob Irving @BobIrvingCJOB - Blue Bombers sign kicker Tyler Crapigna. Guess they’re not totally sold on Marc Liegghio. Smart move.
  2. Paul Friesen That #Bombers trade was brought on by a season-ending torn Achilles tendon injury suffered by Mercy Maston yesterday. Winnipeg's first major injury of camp.
  3. @BobIrvingCJOB - Andrew Harris will be held out of Blue Bomber practice for the next two weeks. Head coach Mike OShea would only say The 34-year old Harris doesn’t need to practice, and the young backs, like Brady Oliveira, need the work. Anyone believe what MOS says about injuries?
  4. Bob Irving @BobIrvingCJOB - Andrew Harris a spectator at t camp Tuesday.
  5. What MOS didn't say is that the appointment was with a Dr cuz Andrew got injured. Just Kidding Folks.
  6. It's just as easy to be a fan and look at more than just the best possible scenario's, at least for me. Facts add substance to the history and shouldn't be ignored. I think don't think any of my opinions or any posters opinions should go unquestioned. I think that it's the opinion that should be talked about instead of trying to make it about me. Argue the post, not the poster. BTW: Cool story about drinking from the cup. I think you have it backwards. I'm trying to get speedy not to make it about me, not the other way around.
  7. I tried to get you to stop making it annoying for everyone including me and failed. Too bad. We could have made it a better place for everyone. At least everyone knows it's on you now. You remind me of the kid who so badly wants to be one of the cool kids that he goes way overboard. It's kinda sad in a kid, but really sad in an adult. I'm done.
  8. Facts are facts, not opinion. Example: Being 4th overall last year. No editorializing. No opinion. What's actually happening IMO (No H cuz I'm not humble), is that the facts don't match people's opinions. Rather than change their opinions, folks choose to ignore the facts and go after the people who are presenting the facts. Example: A lot of folks around here believe we were a dominant team last year rather than a mid tier team that had a great playoff run. Being 4th in the league and many other facts don't match that belief. Folks can't argue the facts so they go to: 'you so negative' and 'those facts don't matter' and 'who cares' and you think 'whatever words they attribute to me' and you're a troll or a Riders fan. That's where the emotional editorializing lies, not in the facts. I can't say if that's Fox News or no, cuz I don't watch it. This whole raging against Speedy this week is me trying to get it out of his system before the season starts. I'm hoping to turn the conversations turned towards discussing the issues in Bomberland rather than the constant whining about other posters. No, Speedy, I'm not going away. No, I'm not getting roasted. No, I'm not moving the goal posts. No, I'm not too negative. No, I'm not a troll. No, I'm not a Riders fan. No, I didn't say 'whatever words you're pretending I said'. If you want to discuss the issues instead of whining about the messenger, I'm here every day. Cheers and how 'bout the first day of practice eh?
  9. And there it is. Less than a day later. The whining continues. It's almost as if there's no power in positive thinking or singing or looking for the best outcome or even rainbow farting unicorns. If you wanted to argue logic errors (I'd enjoy that) you'd do it, but what you really want to do is whine about my perceived negativity. Anyone who has read your posts knows what you're about so own it. You're not the troll busting keyboard warrior you think you are and everyone knows what I'm about and that I'm not a Rider fan or a troll. I only need one way to present the facts because.... wait for it.... they are the facts, but I didn't say we had no business winning the grey cup. That's something you made up in your own mind after misinterpreting what I type to give you an excuse to whine. BTW: Presenting the same facts over and over is the opposite of moving the goalposts. I tell you what... How 'bout we both stick to discussing the current topics. For example: If we're discussing vet vs 'rookie' backup QB, we stick to that topic. I think it would make it a lot better for everyone, but it's up to you. Keep whining or go off topic and this crap continues.
  10. I put on my rainbow farting Unicorn hat, sing a few verses of kumbaya, use the power of positive thinking, completely ignoring the past I look for the best outcome... I believe this is the very last time that Speedy whines about my perceived negativity or uses a dumb meme instead of discussing the topics at hand. He's going to change his ways for sure. Lets see how well this works.
  11. Again, you're proving you don't have any idea of what you're talking about. I'm not bitching about being able to develop a QB. It's just a fact that should be taken into account when looking at developing our current backup QB. Streveler, one of our best development QB's wasn't ready to win the GC 'last year'. We needed to bring in the vet Collaros to get us there. The chances that McGuire will be able to get us to the cup are slim to none and cup contender is what we all want to be. You're the one who loves to complain. It used to be about what the Bombers were doing, now it's about me not agreeing with you and the other positrons (first time this year... I'm in preseason form). I bring up facts. You whine that I'm complaining. I explain again. You ignore it and whine that I'm complaining, this time with some caps. I agree to disagree. You make up something I didn't say and whine about that. Finally, you go completely off the subject and whine about things I've said or things you think I really meant in the past. I sigh, roll my eyes and try to push the keyboard away. Failing, I answer your tired tirade. Facts: In 2019 we were 4th in the CFL, 3rd in the west. We traded for a vet QB at the last minute. He took us to the GC and won it. Years ago Calgary did the same thing. Based on these facts, we were a mid tier team that got hot in playoffs and won the cup, much like Calgary did all those years ago. No, that doesn't mean we didn't deserve it or that I didn't enjoy it. That's just the story you've made up. Yes we had some luck. Same holds true for all GC winning teams who weren't dominant in the regular season and some who were. Going forward.... We brought back a lot of the GC team. Should that mean we expect to be dominant this year? Some folks around here sure think so, but were weren't last year in the regular season. We're going with a rookie kicker instead of one of the best if not the best in the league and a rookie OC instead of one of the best in the league. We've got an oft injured starting QB who managed 4 starts last year backed up by a 'rookie'. We're replacing a couple of top end DB's. Everyone's a couple of years older and we don't know how that time will affect them. I sure hope we don't get a string of injuries like the Riders got yesterday, but it could happen. Note that none of that is complaining or moaning, but from the Kumbaya, positive thinking, look for the best outcome crowd it must sound like it.
  12. Bomber fans and Rider fans think their teams will be OK if their starting QB goes down based on nothing more than faith and the 'power' of positive thinking. Then they make fun of the other teams fans for thinking that their teams will be fine if their starting QB goes down. The truth of the matter is that most backup QB's fail. Some like Franklin and Jennings fail even after showing great promise. McGuire and other backups around the league haven't even got to the great promise stage. If you don't see that as a huge potential problem, then I can't change your mind. If you read my posts, then why did you ask your question? You always think you're right too. In fact, most if not everyone around here thinks they are right. If my opinions make you feel stupid, that's on you. All rookies are promising until they aren't. All unsigned vets are washed up until they are signed. You value the unknown over the known with issues and I value the vet over the rookie. Let's agree to disagree. The 'power' of positive thinking plus $5 gets you a coffee at Starbucks. Positive thinking shouldn't become a reason to hate folks who use critical thinking. It seems like reading my posts is making you angry. Maybe you should stop reading them.
  13. If you bothered to read what I've been typing, you'd already know the answer, but cuz you likely won't go back. Vet backup QB, not necessarily Jennings, on the IR so their salary doesn't count against the SMS. Activate them if/when Collaros goes down. If VBQB beats McGuire in TC, then flip the roles and McGuire goes on the IR. I'm not in favour of giving anyone a job just 'so they can develop'. Toronto and Hamilton will keep both of their QB's. Ottawa will keep Nichols and Davis. Montreal will keep Adams and Schultz. BC will keep Reilly and Arndt. Stamps will keep BLM and Prukop. Riders will keep Fajardo and Harker. All of those backups have more CFL experience than McGuire. Edmonton is in the same boat as we are.
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