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  1. So 1 full 18 game season as a starter.
  2. GP is games played, not games started. Backups can have 18 GP's and no starts at all. Last year Neuf had 6 GP's, which is one third of the season. I'm not sure how many starts. He didn't play until we had OL injuries. You call that the furthest thing from a backup. I disagree. 2017 and 2018 are the only 2 years in Neuf's entire 9 year career that he had 18 GP's and he wasn't the starter for all of those games. The only way I can think of to figure out how many starts he had would be to pull every game day lineup. Anyone know of a better way to find out how many starts Neuf had each year?
  3. I didn't cherry pick anything. I checked with CFL.CA to see if I was miss-remembering last year. It says 6 games. IIRC he didn't start until we had injuries on the OL. He didn't start 18 games in either of the 2 years before that, making him a backup those years.
  4. Neuf played 6 games last year. A part time player doesn't deserve $200K IMO.
  5. Neuf's always been expensive, especially for a guy who is basically a backup/part timer. I'd save the SMS $. I could see Medlock retiring and I'd miss him, but life goes on. Newbie would be way less $ and the DI spot would help us. Harris is one of the best, if not THE best RB in the league. His passport makes him way more expensive than other RB's. If he doesn't want to take a pay cut like the most players are doing, then he can leave and get paid elsewhere. He's old and we'd save a lot of SMS there, but I doubt we'd be able to find any other NI who is at his level. I hope we keep
  6. It's a very good day for signings.
  7. The best Canadian's are in the NFL. The next best are the 6 or 7 starting caliber Canadian's on every team. The rest are backups/special teams guys. I'd love to see what the CFL looked like if the best players in the world played it, but with the ratio and the NFL bucks, that's never going to happen. Personally, I'd like to see less jobs given to Canadian's simply because of their birth certificate. I'd reduce the number of starting Canucks required by 1 and the number of overall Canucks required on each team by 2 or 3. That would allow teams to have better players at less money whil
  8. Neuf is a good place to save SMS and we need to cut down.
  9. Like I said, I hope you guys are right.
  10. I don't have any opinion about how good or bad McGuire is yet, because I haven't seen him play enough. I hope you guys are right though, because he'll likely be our starting QB sometime next season.
  11. Make up things I didn't say just to complain about them, thereby proving once again that you are one of the ID 10 T's. Nope, I didn't complain about any of that. Nope, I didn't complain about the playoffs or the regular season either. It was me being condescending. That's the joke. If you've read any of what I actually wrote, you'd already know that I've been very clear on what part of the year I was talking about, when I said average, from the very first post onward. Not the pre-season. Not the post-season. Just the regular season. Who cares about the pre-season? Everyone ag
  12. Pre means before the season. Post means after the season. Condesending means talking down to people.
  13. There's the pre-season, the regular season and the post season. I've said exactly what I really wanted to say.
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