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  1. To all the folks who argued about how dominant we were last year... This is what it really looks like. Going to the stadium expecting a win every time is what it feels like. Getting a home playoff game. Getting the West final. These are the steps to the Grey Cup that we've already accomplished in a dominant manner. This is the type of team I've been waiting for for decades. My only advice to those who are going through this for the first time... Don't get cocky! Enjoy every minute of it while it while it lasts.
  2. Let it go. All I did was give my opinion when others were giving their opinion. All of the opinions are based on what folks saw and their guesses of what they saw means. Tweaked his knee and will be ready to go when we need him is as baseless as grabbing your leg right above your knee = Hamstring, but keep thinking that the positive one is the only speculation that could be true, cuz you love that.
  3. Montreal is a test... for Montreal to see if they're even close to us.
  4. They never tell us what's really wrong so that's not the flex you think it is.
  5. Grabbing the back of leg just above the knee says Hammy to me.
  6. My wife and I have both had our 3rd shots. We're in Alberta and we're not health care workers. We are, however, Immunocompromised. I'd guess everyone will be getting a booster and it will become a yearly thing like the flu vaccine.
  7. I'm a sports car guy actually. A cooper isn't a luxury car in any way shape or form, but it goes like stink and rides like it's on rails. Flowers are for my wife when I F up.
  8. I'm not excited about bringing Cooper in. It makes me think that Harris is out for the duration. I'm very excited about getting Rose back.
  9. Rose is an excellent signing. We actually got better on D.
  10. Medical exemption? 🤣 Stupidity isn't a medical exemption.
  11. Which of course isn't true as Crappy hadn't been signed yet, but don't let the facts get in the way of your hate. Assuming we've signed Castillo... great pick up.
  12. I didn't think they were the biggest threat weeks ago, but kudos to you and your crystal ball.
  13. I'm no Dr., I don't play one on TV or on the Internet, but non contact injuries usually aren't good for the player.
  14. I like the trade for Montreal. An experienced QB is always useful down the home stretch and every team is one play away from needing their backup to play. I doubt it turns out as well as the Collaros trade last year, but it's the same idea.
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