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  1. BC's problems went far beyond paying too much for their QB. Too much change. First year of a major rebuild without Wally for the first time since 2003. Rookie coaches including the HC that couldn't figure out how to turn things around when they started going badly. Think back to MOS' first year for comparison. Horrible OL that suddenly got better when Kelly Bates finally replaced Bryan Chiu mid season. JJ as the OC who couldn't or wouldn't change the offence so their expensive QB didn't get killed game in and game out. Even fans know you have to have a running game and you can't throw bombs all day especially when your OL is truly horrible. A change to quick passes, adding screens and draws would have saved Reilly from getting killed, which in turn coulda changed the outcomes of some of their games, especially in the first half of the season. A defence that consistently gave up 30+ points till game 10 by which time their season was pretty much over at 1-9. Tons of injuries on a team that didn't have quality backups (This one is partly due to over paying Reilly and partly due to being the first year of a rebuild).
  2. Doug Flutie - Best CFL QB Warren Moon - Second best Mike Pringle - Everyone in the stadium knew he was getting the ball, still couldn't stop him Jim Young - Dirty 30, shoulda been an NFL receiver Nik Lewis - Quick Nik or Thick Nik, he can play on my team any time. Larry Highbaugh - Dude could turn a game around by himself Gizmo Williams - Also turned games around by himself. James Quick Parker - Almost impossible to stop
  3. I don't agree with Christion Jones' opinion nor do I agree with firing him for having that or any other unpopular opinion.
  4. The CFL might not even exist if Braley hadn't saved the Ticats, the Lions and the Argos.
  5. It's naive to think that the pandemic will be over in a couple of months and even more naive to think that the CFL can make any money with 5-10K fans in the stands (Ask Toronto how well it works).
  6. If the players think they can still get their full salary while playing less than half the games, they're nuts.
  7. The CFL Players’ Association COVID-19 season survey - https://3downnation.com/2020/06/16/the-cfl-players-association-covid-19-season-survey/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Some interesting questions being asked in this one. CFLPA files grievance, prepares for CBA negotiations: memo - https://3downnation.com/2020/06/16/cflpa-files-grievance-prepares-for-cba-negotiations-memo/ We live in interesting times.
  8. I think I'll send in a tape where I do play by play in an Eeyore voice. I'd still be better than Rod Black.
  9. You finally provided the 'Close prolonged contact' Dr. Not sure why it took days, but thanks. I was unfamiliar with the term because neither Dr. Hinshaw, the Alberta Chief Medical Officer nor Dr. Bonnie Henry, the BC health officer use that term and I don't read much MB news. From the first article I googled: "Remember that this virus is spread through close prolonged contact, coming within one to two metres of an infected individual,” said Dr. Roussin. The distance is also on the CDC site. According to the CDC: The definition of “prolonged exposure” was extended to refer to a time period of 15 or more minutes. So now we have a definition that we can both agree on: Close prolonged contact means 2 meters for 15 or more minutes. Training camp is 24/7 living together and players will be within 2 meters of each other for more than 15 minutes every day during training camp. This isn't about 'how things may progress'. We agree, assuming there is a season, that TC will open. You seem to be assuming that quarantine will be close to perfect so no one will get Covid. I'm assuming that at least one imperfect person will get it and spread it because that's what has happened in my personal experience and it's what happened in the German soccer league (Which is as close to the CFL situation as possible). I'm not solely basing my opinions on one or two agencies. I've read tons of articles on Covid-19 from various sources. It's interesting to see how things change throughout the pandemic and how much good and bad information is floating out there. It's also interesting to see how the story changes depending on what the Governments want people to do. When they wanted everyone to stay home, the doom and gloom articles came out. When they want everyone back to work, the everything's OK, it's harder to get than we thought, articles come out. Neither of us is going to change the other's mind. I'm sure that everyone would like it if we just stopped arguing, so I'm done.
  10. We've both made our minds up. You're basing your opinion on a Dr. who suspiciously has something to sell that addresses the issue. I'm basing my opinion on the CDC and the Mayo clinic who have nothing to sell to address the issue. Training camps will start up because Politician's do what's popular rather than follow the science. The CFL and the CFLPA will find people who agree because they need the season to start to make any money from football this year. They'll choose to ignore what doesn't work for them. The teams will have the players sign off going back to work and will get the players to sign a daily waiver to say they aren't infected so they can't sue. I asked for where you were getting your info from. You replied with the 3rd down article. I accepted it even though it doesn't speak about "close prolonged contact" and noted that 24/7 is close prolonged contact anyway. Now you're saying there's more in depth info elsewhere without providing any sources. I never suggested that the world isn't going to open up again. Of course it will.
  11. Thanks for quoting the 3rd down nation article. A quick google search shows that Dr Steinman is involved with Questcap, who has developed an unreviewed Covid-19 antibody test that by their own announcement "Results from antibody testing should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection or to inform infection status". Antibodies are present if you've had Covid-19 or Cov-2. That doesn't mean you are immune to the disease. Isn't putting everyone together in one place 24 hours a day the very definition of "Close prolonged contact"? The whole idea of a training camp is to prepare for the season, so everyone is by default talking about what would happen in the regular season.
  12. Extended care homes and training camps are both places where you put a bunch of people together and take care of them through outside people. In my example, all staff wear PPE and take the necessary precautions. If anything, they have to be even more careful than people taking care of professional athletes because messing up can have way worse consequences. You can do anything other than the physical stuff from home, over the internet. Same goes for anything a coach can write on a white board or a blackboard. Players can do as many mental reps as they want to without actually being there. Players can work out at home. The physical stuff that involves other players is the only thing that they need to be at the facility for. The less interaction with other people the better it is for everyone. I've never heard the MB health dude and that's a pretty poor descriptor anyway. Considering you keep replying to me, I'd guess you really don't have anything better to do. Optimism doesn't mean anything when it comes to a pandemic, neither does being a problem solver or an engineer. Just a bunch of red herrings. Excessive touching is now what you want me to believe? (I think your serious so I'll laugh even harder) When you arrive 2 weeks prior to camp and you are tested, that just means you don't have Covid-19 on that day. 2 weeks of perfect self quarantine mean you most likely still don't have it, but there are no guarantee. You want me to also believe that every player, coach and support staff will also follow perfect quarantine protocol. That's what has to happen before no one inside can give or get the virus. Now add in all the folks who come and go as they please, and the idea that no one could possibly get the virus goes out the window. Look at the German soccer league who quarantined and then played in front of an empty stadium. 2 of their players tested positive in the first weekend of play, proving that quarantining teams together isn't so perfect after all. I'm not afraid of getting the virus. I do all the grocery shopping for the family because I'm the one who is at the least risk. I'm in my 60's so my chance of dying is greater than 20 and 30 somethings, but I'm not worried about dying if I do get the virus because the odds are still over 95% that I'll survive. My fear is that I get the virus and pass it along to someone who can't handle it, like one of my 90+ year old in laws or my wife who is immunosuppressed. I take the proper precautions. That's what any thinking adult should do. Wear a mask. Not only to protect yourself but to protect others in case you're sick and you don't even know it. Players and coaches and all the support staff should wear masks to, for the same reasons. They aren't facing known cases of Covid-19 on a daily basis like front line so I don't think they should wear full PPE, although the Dr's and training staff probably should and will. If covidiot's were only putting their selves at risk, then it wouldn't matter to me, but they're putting other people at greater risk without giving them a second thought. Who cares of someone elses parent or grandparent dies. I want to go out and get my hair cut, have a few drinks, and watch a football game.
  13. I'm suggesting that you're not reading what I'm typing. If you were, you'd acknowledge that it's not just about the players going out into the world. It's also about all the staff and their families and everyone they contact. Maybe you;re just ignoring everything that doesn't work for your "argument". No, I've never been in a pro camp and no, that doesn't matter one little bit. Re-read my first paragraph if you still don't get it. Still no source for your prolonged contact idea? No, you don't have to have prolonged exposure to an infected person with the virus spewing out of their mouth onto you. You can pick it up from hard surfaces up to 3 days after it lands there. From the article I linked to: "individual or group activities that have close prolonged face-to-face contact such as football are higher risk", so no, football players don't have less of a chance of infection. They have a greater chance. Do I think a football player would answer his questionnaire incorrectly so he could practice with his team? You bet I do. As you say, they are chomping at the bit. I also know that you can be asymptomatic and still pass the virus on to others. Let me tell you a bit about my own health questionnaire experience. My in laws are 90 & 93. They live at a very good long term health facility here in Calgary (They're the only reason we moved back here from Vancouver). At the beginning of the pandemic, they made everyone going into the building, including staff, fill out a Covid-19 questionnaire. Then they gave you a sticker saying "I've been tested" that you had to wear to move around the building. After the first Covid-19 outbreak, they added a temperature test to make sure you weren't running a fever. Then they stopped all visits to residents except for end of life situations, confined all residents to their rooms, stopped all the activities like the gym and movie nights and started delivering meals directly to the rooms. That looked like it had worked as planned for a couple of weeks as no new cases showed up. Then came the second Covid-19 outbreak while visits were cancelled and residents were confined to their rooms. The only way that could happen is if someone brought it in from the outside and either lied on their questionnaire so they could still get paid or was asymptomatic. As for my game story. Of course it's dumb. It was meant to be tongue in cheek and sarcastic. Sorry you didn't pick up on that.
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