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  1. Only the best of us. 😉
  2. You keep trying to sell what no one is buying. Adams had more than half our receiving yards in Calgary and more than a third of our receiving yards against Regina. His big plays got us out of huge problems in both games. Sure he dropped a couple, every receiver does. None of them were game changers, but his catches sure were.
  3. Evans, Fajardo and Arbuckle (to a lesser extent) prove that you don't NEED a vet starter to win games or even get 1st in your division. Collaros is better than Nichols. Both are better than Streveler, have significant injury concerns and will be expensive. Masoli is also coming off of a season ending injury, so all of the available vet QB's have injury issues. If Nichols was still our QB, the team would have already packed their bags and we'd be talking about next year around here. I doubt that Streveler gets any NFL interest at QB. I also doubt he gets any interest in the CFL as a starting QB. We will have 3 QB's next year, but only 2 on the game day roster.
  4. C train is good North/South. East/West by transit sucks.
  5. I agree that Fajardo was across the LOS and that the goalpost didn't take a TD away this time.
  6. C Train goes right by the stadium. Best way in and out if you ask me. See if you can get a cheaper hotel near a C train station.
  7. Put me in the 'I didn't want him here, but am glad he is' group. He's been our best QB this year by far.
  8. We should win the trench war and the running game. Assuming that Fajardo starts and can play at 80%, QB should be a wash. I think this one, like most games, comes down to turnovers. If the Riders can catch the couple of picks that Collaros has thrown and Calgary has dropped each game, we could be in trouble. If not, we should win this one.
  9. I liked this place better when it was a PJ/bluebeliever free zone.


    According to someone on that other (dead) site... MOS said something on his show about once a player has been declared a QB, you can't change it. That could mean during the year or it could mean ever, but Sinopoli makes me think it's during the year only.


    Possible I suppose, but I've never heard of anyone changing from a QB to another position in the CFL.


    Streveler has already been designated as a QB. I don't think you're allowed to change a players designation from QB to anything else.
  13. Re Security: They put in an invalid SSL certificate sometime after September 28. I'm not saying that's the only problem, but it shows that they were making changes around the time the site died.


    Dumb change indeed, but all they'll do is change the three to a two. Still won't be able to use Streveler as a HB.
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