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  1. My week preseason week 1 observations: The Riders 1st string is better than our 2nd string. The Stamps 1st string is way better than BC's 2nd string. Edmonton can still greatly outplay their opponents only to give the game away via turn overs. Hammy can still outplay their opponents only to give the game away via penalties. All radio guys are homers & the Riders have the worst radio play by play by far. Berrière can play like a derrière and get cut even though we waited 4 years for him. Montreal's 3rd string QB, Alexander, looked more ready to start than Arbuckle or Brown. Toronto has a QB problem. Not blitzing in preseason is a thing of the past. The punt halo is still somewhere between 3 & 7 yards. Offensive offside is still between 1 and 3 yards.
  2. That's because I'm not arguing that the women don't have a right to complain. I'm arguing that equality & equity is getting the same results as men who complain. I'd like to think they'd take the fine as the cost of getting their point across. It certainly wouldn't increase the gap. I have absolutely no problem with women in pro sports. Never had. You really need to define what you think privileged means to you. What's 'simply incorrect' changes over time. Most folks were on the wrong side of the slavery argument. It wasn't until 1980 that workplace sexual harassment became a form of discrimination. Before that women were the ones who were on the wrong side of that argument. Instead of blocking or firing people with differing opinions, we need to let them talk, think about what they have to say and each decide for ourselves if they are right or wrong.
  3. Equity is trying for equality of results. We aren't talking about equality of results here. Example: Giving poor schools more resources because they need more resources to achieve the same results as richer schools is equitable. Giving both schools the same is equality. I honestly think some people around here are simply parroting what they have been taught without actually thinking about it. I don't think either should be finable offences, but equality and equity would say they should.
  4. Can you tell me how equity is in play in this conversation. Two people complain about something the CFL does. One gets a fine. The other doesn't. Is this equal? Nope. Equitable? How?
  5. No wonder you hold your opinion, you don't know the difference between Equality and Equity. WHAT IS EQUITY? The term “equity” refers to fairness and justice and is distinguished from equality: Whereas equality means providing the same to all, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. The process is ongoing, requiring us to identify and overcome intentional and unintentional barriers arising from bias or systemic structures. It's obvious how equality doesn't apply. Can you explain how equity applies to this conversation?
  6. It could have been a couple of years ago. He could be completely honest. See how this isn't an actual argument?
  7. I’ve been in this league for a long time and I got fined for saying something about the schedule one year. - Jim Barker If that's a finable offence...
  8. After re-reading it, I agree with your analysis. It would have been He promised. The pertinent statement is: "As I and many female staff members across the league have communicated to Randy Ambrosie, the handling of this extremely serious situation has been a complete and utter failure from top to bottom." Barker states that he got fined for complaining about a league policy in the past, therefore the same should hold true for people complaining about the failure of a league policy in the present OR neither should be finable (My take). The denotation of Equality mean everyone gets the same rights. The Canadian connotation is that special groups or communities get special rights. You need to know a person's age, race, religion, and/or sex, sexual orientation, to understand which rights they have or don't have. Quite frankly, if all the groups got together and helped each other, we'd be way closer to true equality. 17.. I'm not saying equality is unfair. I'm saying it's not equal. wbb.. If Barker gets fired or fined for voicing his opinion, then that would prove my point that equality isn't equal.
  9. The bolded part is clear. The you in the statement is Randy Ambrosie, IE the league. Privilege? What privilege?
  10. Marcoux went on to say how she and female staff members across the league have advised CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie the handling of this “extremely serious situation has been a complete and utter failure from top to bottom.” “You promised to go above and beyond the league recommendations,” she posted. “Yet at the first opportunity to do so, you did the complete opposite. You have only managed to downplay a serious situation and make women across the league feel unvalued, disrespected and unsupported. Do better.”
  11. I see that you're one of the 'special groups need to be protected' = equality guys.
  12. Barker's right. If you want equality, you have to treat everyone the same. Of course what we like to call equality is actually 'special' groups who we need to 'protect'.
  13. Looking at the top paid players by position, we've got the most expensive QB & RB as well as 3 of the top 4 most expensive receivers. I doubt that leaves much room for a vet returner.
  14. I also said it when the story first broke months ago.
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