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  1. Dickinson is a breath of fresh air in coaching circles in so much as he actually answers questions when he's asked them. I like his style.
  2. I completely disagree with your "give them a consolation point for trying but failing" or that the drive itself matters without finishing it off. If you give it away or miss the FG, the drive doesn't mean anything. "Look at that poor kicker who just missed a 10 yard FG. He must feel horrible. We'll give him a point so he and his team feels better". Kick offs are scoring plays if the ball is kicked into the end zone and the returner can't bring it out. Same thing as a punt and a missed FG. The rules should be the same no matter how or when the ball gets kicked into the end zone (Missed FG, KO, Punt). 1 point if you don't return it out of the end zone. 0 points if it's kicked through the end zone without being touched. (Alternatively, 1 point for all kicks into the end zone that aren't returned out of the end zone.) I don't think the change would make the CFL any less Canadian, just more consistent.
  3. I read what he said and it has little to nothing to do with removing a point for a ball that's kicked through the end zone without being touched. It's just an excuse to bring up the 13th man penalty again because the Riders live rent free in a lot of Bomber fans heads.
  4. Driving the ball 105 yards then fumbling or throwing an interception or missing a FG and the ball going through the end zone without being touched, should all have the same result... Zero points. It's not the drive that matters, it's the failure at the end of the drive that matters. If you kick off and the ball goes through the end zone without being touched, you get no points, despite the fact that kicking a ball through the end zone is a huge kick. Why should you get a point if you kick it through the end zone from closer in? You wear socks in the house? That's crazy.
  5. Everyone knows it's sock-shoe, sock-shoe. Anything else is just crazy talk.
  6. 12 on the line blocks are legal. It was the 13th man that was the problem. It's not 'dumping the rouge' it's 'dumping the single point on a missed FG that goes through the end zone without being touched'. Kinda like when a kickoff goes through the end zone without getting touched. No point awarded.
  7. Absolutely. If you can't kick a 5 yard FG, you don't deserve any points.
  8. I like the single points as they make things interesting. I also like the run backs from the end zone on missed FG's. You'd lose both if a missed FG didn't result in any points. Personally, I wouldn't want to lose either, but I understand the idea that missing a FG being seen as rewarding failure, especially when it happens on a 20 yard try. I'd change the rule to no point if the ball goes through the end zone without being touched. That keeps the run backs and the 1 point while eliminating the point for shorter missed FG's.
  9. I don't think they thought it all the way thru. They added language to cap draft picks salaries for the first 3 years that also applies to NI's who play in the NFL before coming into the CFL. They just need to update the wording so the NI salary cap doesn't apply to NI's who get 1 or more years in the NFL.
  10. Folks around here are assuming that we're going to see the defence that played the last 4 or 5 games this year, rather than the one that showed up for the rest of the season. This is after losing 2 great DB's, who were the strength of the D and half the D line that allowed the DB's to cover tight for very short periods of time and not worry about the deep ball because it took too much time. Folks are also assuming that Buck will be as good or better than PLAP. He'll do all the good things AND change things so the receivers will be able to get open deep AND open up the playbook AND make all the right decisions when we're ahead or behind. Collaros will play most of the games and the raw McGuire will have no problems coming in and playing when he has to. Heck, he'll be better than Streveler. The ironic part is no one sees themselves being just like Rider fans.
  11. Of course he will. It's rumoured he was making $285K last year and $200K+ is currently top receiver bucks.
  12. I think guys like SJ and Dennis are going to double dip to get their salaries up to where they want them to be.
  13. I thought Antigha was going to take Jones' spot.
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