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  1. Pretend you're Ottawa's GM. Brown and Streveler are available. Which one do you take?
  2. As I said in my posts Maier and Cornhole had way more starting experience when they got given the starting roles and the big bucks. Brown doesn't have that yet. Why would any GM pay a player more than they have to? We can't offer him a shot at a starting role. That is what he needs to be able to get the big bucks in the future. Also, we're not going to pay Collaros 600K + Brown 160K + 3rd String 80K & tie up 840K on our QB's. The extra 80K will go towards Shoen, BO, etc.
  3. You don't have to pay Brown starters salary. You have to pay him more than any other team with a starting QB spot available to compete for. IMO, that's Ottawa and maybe Hamilton. Overpaying a guy who only has a couple of career starts under his belt is a huge gamble, especially if you don't have to pay him that much.
  4. Adams a top 3 starter last year was @ $285K + bonuses. Brown, a wanna be starter isn't going to get a $300K+ salary.
  5. We're not keeping him because we don't have the ability to offer him what he really wants and needs... A realistic shot at the starting job. $160K is double what he's making now & more than any other backup QB on the list. He hasn't started many games. His 2 best games were against 4 win Edmonton and 6 win Calgary. He's not a starting QB. He's a backup with a ton of up side. He's Arbuckle, not Maier. The only way he gets Cornelius money is if multiple teams see his as 'the guy'. Masoli & BLM are done IMO. I'd retire Harris too, but the Riders seem to like him for some reason. Maier and Cornhole are both majorly overpaid for their contributions to their teams, which is what usually happens when you overpay based on the hope they will eventually be worth the money. Maier started most of 2022 throwing for 2389 yards. Cornelius started most of 2022 and threw for 2768 yards. Brown started 2 games and threw for 983 yards. Looking at next year's QB's. Bombers - Collaros Lions - Adams Argos - Kelly Als - Fajardo Stamps - Maier Elks - Ford Riders - Harris Ticats - ??? - I'd guess BLM/Powell but I'd cut BLM to bring in Brown. Redblacks - ??? - Best choice for Brown
  6. I'd say $160Kish all in. He's started 2 games on a dominant team. He's in Arbuckle territory, not Maier.
  7. If Buck goes to Regina Spit Spit then it would be good for Brown to follow him. He'd be the QB with the most experience in Buck's offence.
  8. I don't bother looking at the FA lists until a week before the end of FA season. Most of them will be re-signed by their own clubs.
  9. Hang in there. It took me 7 days to shake my second Covid last week. It took my wife 10 days.
  10. Bighill throwing other players under the bus is a bad look IMO.
  11. DB made a great play on a slightly underthrown ball. Should have been thrown to Demksi IMO.
  12. They should have done a 'Shoresy'... Call out each players name then say 'You ready', 'Your going'.
  13. We were lucky to be up by 10 at the half. They could have kicked the FG at the end of the half for 3. Horrible roughing call gave us a TD instead of a FG. That's 7 of the 10 points we were up right there. We lost the game because we rostered hurt players instead of backups. We lost because we allowed FAJ-J to run for 13 yards on a 2nd and 18 then throw a 20 yard pass on 3rd down. We lost because we called cover zero at the goal to send pressure that hadn't worked the entire game. We lost because we thought all we had to do was show up and we'd win because we were the better team who'd been there before.
  14. I hated 'Reclaim the Throne'. There's no Throne in football. It should have been 'Reclaim the Cup'.
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