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  1. I'm old enough to remember that pick, but don't recall the name. Call it 2.0 then 😁
  2. That final play of the game should be dubbed "The Immaculate Interception!"
  3. That's what some people have said. It's just hard to believe that he didn't receive clear instructions from the coaching staff given the significance of the situation. I'd be really curious to know if he was just following instructions or something else happened there.
  4. From what I'm reading on social media, many Ti Cat fans are viewing that kneel kinda like the Riders' 13th man. They're in disbelief.
  5. Someone get Suitor and Smith some antidepressants asap. They sound heartbroken.
  6. No excuse not to throw the deep ball now. C'mon man - Lawler time.
  7. Gotta answer right back and get some momentum going into the 4th.
  8. Bombers D is going to force some turnovers in the second half. That's my prediction.
  9. To focus on the good news: 1) Only down by 3 with a half to go. 2) Only one turnover and it didn't cost us. 3) Haven't been screwed over by the "Command Center."
  10. Just can't have the Ti Cat d players basically charging unabated to the Qb on that many plays in one half. Time for some half-time adjustments on O.
  11. Been ready for this since I woke up this morning. Finally it's game time! Here WE GO!!!
  12. I'm all for having Matty in the booth doing color more often. He can be highly entertaining at times!
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