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  1. Maybe his preference was for Nichols or Collaros, but neither want to go there and get pounded into the TD Place turf.
  2. I was listening to TSN radio in Ottawa a week ago and there are "media rumours" that the RedBlacks are very keen on Lapo for HC. I have no way of knowing if this is just speculation or someone with inside info. Given the disaster in Ottawa this season at QB you can bet they will be throwing a ton of money at Collaros if he's interested. It was also suggested on the same show that Masoli might not be ready to go until August, which may affect his next contract with whomever that might be, but he probably remains in Hamilton.
  3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers - 2019 Grey Cup Champions !!!
  4. I can breathe again. Thank you football gods for not making this a nail biter like last week!
  5. Hamilton doesn't know what hit them right now. So go out there and hit them even harder in the second half!
  6. For whatever reason, this scenario keeps replaying in my mind: Imagine that last ball thrown hits the upright and floats into the waiting arms of a Rider player in the end zone. The fans erupt in hysteria believing it's a TD - a miracle comeback! Rider players do some lame, rehearsed celebration. Euphoria turns into confusion and shock as it eventually dawns on them that they've actually lost the game.
  7. Whew! No way my heart could have made it through overtime!!
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