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  1. Suitor, would you quite making excuses for Diggs on that clear helmet to helmet shot. You are an ass!
  2. Great run by Strevs for the TD!!!
  3. The Year of the Back Up QB The Year of the Return The Year of the Questionable Coaching Decision The Year of the Questionable Spot of the Ball They Year of the Oversized Burger to Ramble on and on About
  4. Awesome scores, now please don't take your foot off their throats. Obliterate any hopes or dreams B.C. might have of making a comeback.
  5. I don't understand the reasoning behind taking the ball at the 35 instead of forcing B.C. to kick from deep after the safety. Especially when B.C. is so damn scared of Grant. They might have been close to fg position after the kick.
  6. Very good although I didn't care for that run by Nichols from the 5 yard line.
  7. Winnipeg, B.C. and Edmonton are the only teams in the league playing with the QBs they started the season with, and all due to injuries. Why tempt fate?
  8. Why the hell is Nichols in there on short yardage? Calgary knows exactly who's getting the ball.
  9. You know it's bad when Suitor thinks it's a Bomber TD and the officials don't.
  10. This Grant guy looks pretty good.
  11. First I want to agree that the spot of the ball was absolute BS. But the way that the review system works in the CFL, and other leagues, is that there has to be conclusive evidence to overturn the call on the field. Trouble is that every angle shows MBT fumbling and almost immediately that ball disappears from view and is never seen anywhere. Thus there is no chance of a successful result to a challenge, going by the rules. Despite my questioning MOS more and more as a coach, I don't blame him at all for not challenging.
  12. Based on what you're saying, O'Shea would be an excellent special teams coach, but not a particularly effective head coach.
  13. He may have killed us on a lot of calls, but that play actually worked and got the first down, prior to the fumble.
  14. It will probably be closer than what most are expecting, but if the Bombers do go up by a few TDs, I'd like to see Strev go in sooner.
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