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  1. I love comedy, the darker and more irreverent the better. Inside the confines of a comedy club or on a comedy podcast where there is an unwritten rule that 'these are jokes, please don't take it seriously', that would have been a hacky toothless attempt at being funny, but at least it is still just a joke. In an email to potential paying customers? ehhh.... pretty stupid and worthy of the ridicule. While they're at it, why not add something like 'have an asian look over your girl-math but don't let them drive you to the game' it's the exact same kind of hacky tired joke that stopped being funny ages ago (if it ever was?) In my experience doing sales... most guys have to check with the wife before signing any dotted lines anyhow!
  2. Whoa he only asked a question, no need to get all John Murphy up in here
  3. I was curious and did some googling... I didn't know that CFL greats Damon Allen, Mike Pringle, and Allen Pitts all played for Cal State. I'm sure some of you already knew that but it's news to me! SFU once held a record for most 1st overall picks... so much for that...
  4. Eastern Washington leaps to my mind (I knew there were recently a few big names but had to look them up to be sure): Greg Peach, JC Sherritt, Bo Levi Mitchell, Matt Nichols, Vernon Adams, TJ Lee, and our latest QB recruit Eric Barriere
  5. The coach wrote in her lawsuit that she then informed Mujtaba and Argos assistant general manager John Murphy about what had happened. “Murphy responded by stating that [she] should not have spoken to [Kelly] and that she has now ‘opened a can of worms that didn’t need to be opened,’” the lawsuit says. Wait, you mean cool guy John Murphy wanted to sweep Kelly's behaviour under the rug? Say it ain't so... what a **** stain yes, sorry, "alleged" behaviour
  6. I remember looking into these same sheets of data leading up to the provincial election and was surprised to learn that while violent crime is on the rise since COVID started, violent crime rates in Winnipeg are way down today compared to the late 90s and early 2000s. It didn't feel like those were more violent times but if the stats are to be trusted there you go, we are safer today than 25 years ago.
  7. Last summer one weekend I stumbled upon a neighborhood block party being thrown at a Fort Gary community center. There were drink tickets for local beers and ciders, food vendors and live bands, a mixed crowd of young and old, teens, families, whatever. I was pumped to find out The Mariachi Ghost had been booked to play, and they absolutely ******* rocked. On a literal baseball diamond in Fort Gary on a random summer night. I spent $20 but I could have watched for free. I didn't see security but nobody was making any trouble, just chilling and having fun and looking out for eachother, no need for security or police presence. Not even one machete if you can believe it!
  8. There are lots of things about Winnipeg taken for granted by the people that live here. Big one for me... our tree canopy is uncommon for a city our size, and is usually overlooked and underappreciated... not just for the natural beauty it lends our city but actual economical and environmental benefits (passive cooling, prevention of heat island effects, habitat for wildlife and pollinators). You can barely walk outside for 2 minutes on a hot day in Arizona, scurrying from A/C to A/C, what a great place to live 🙄. In my travels I'm often left wondering 'where did all your trees go?'. Looks like some cities were bombed by Agent Orange, barely a stick of vegetation anywhere to be found. Hot as hell and unbearable. I couldn't live in a place where the only trees are at a park you have to drive to to visit. Anecdotal... crime is real here, I've been a victim of property theft multiple times (in a nice part of sunny St James no less)... BUT, I worked at Portage and Main for years, my late shifts ended at 10pm, caught my bus back to St James 100% of the time without issue. Likewise catching the 16 or 18 by The Bay, you keep your head on a swivel and don't flash your valuables but again 100% zero issues, ever. Yes I'm male but I'm not big or intimidating, if anyone got the idea to mug me I wasn't about to scare them off or take them physically, yet I never had a problem with anyone, ever, and there was plenty of opportunity. All that said, the criticism that downtown is a ghost town after work lets out is valid... unless you go straight to a restaurant or bar after work there is nothing else to do. Concerts, festivals, comedy shows... Winnipeg is no longer a flyover city when it comes to entertainment... in fact, we've only been getting better and better for decades. WAG and RWB are world class (and yet, I bet less than 1/3 of Winnipeggers have visited either, let alone both). Nowadays, I have to pick and choose which awesome concerts and live shows I'm going to attend because I couldn't possibly attend them all, and I always have tickets to look forward to. So much to see and do here, if you just go out and do it.
  9. No no no my brain read Reid for some reason, Smith and Reid were the 2.0 incarnation of Thunder and Lightning I just woke up from an old man nap in my defense haha
  10. Ford is also coming North and will hopefully factor in right away, and we have an extra 2nd round pick in our back pocket... things are going well for sure
  11. I absolutely 100% believe there are mercs all across the league here for pay and film, the reality is we couldn't have a league without them, I totally accept that
  12. That's a tough life lol imagine doing a job you hate
  13. This is fair, I have always been of the opinion the CFLPA awards were the 'real' awards, the closest to perfect you could get... maybe they still are, but ya the cracks were showing this year for sure imo
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