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    1.a game in which two opposing teams of 12 players each defend goals at opposite ends of a field having goal posts at each end, with points being scored chiefly by carrying the ball across the opponent's goal line and by place-kicking or drop-kicking the ball over the crossbar between the opponent's goal posts.

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  1. MOBomberFan

    No More Anxiety Watching the Bombers?

    So literally all pot sold up til this day has been poor quality and the feds have invented a new better weed? Tell me more.
  2. MOBomberFan

    No More Anxiety Watching the Bombers?

    These high school 2-for-25 prices are clueless. Nobody but the most casual pot smoker will change their source. If the gov't is serious about eliminating the black market they need to get competitive in a hurry. The only market they are attracting now is people who wanted to smoke but didn't because of the illegality or lack of a source. Not that I know, no sir. Friend of a friend and all that.
  3. MOBomberFan

    Bombers / Riders Pre Game "Discussion"

    It depends who you ask, and whether or not you're being an obtuse prick.
  4. MOBomberFan

    Riderfans.com Game Day Thread

    A game for the ages, really. I'll probably save this game for cold winter days when I need a pick-me-up.
  5. MOBomberFan

    Riderfans.com Game Day Thread

    If it's happened to anyone I bet it was Ricky Ray leaving early with an injury.
  6. MOBomberFan

    Riderfans.com Game Day Thread

    That's right, too! Our whipping boy from earlier this season gets himself on the stats sheet again and again. He scored a pick 6 at the Banjo Bowl, one of our lone bright spots that game. Solid pickup.
  7. MOBomberFan

    Riderfans.com Game Day Thread

    Obviously Matt came into the game with something to prove. On only his second pass of the game he did what everyone says he can't do; hit the deep ball when it matters. As if that weren't enough, he did it to our arch rivals who made him look like absolute dogshit in his own barn the last time he played them. That TD ended up being the only point we would need to win the game. Matt could have flossed on the W before cartwheel-summersaulting into the splits for all I care.
  8. We ended the game at what the 25 yard line? We could have kicked a fg to pad the score, but we'd already won the game. I have no issues with empty frames in the second half; that game was in the books by half time.
  9. MOBomberFan

    Through the West or the East?

    History does not favor crossover teams in the playoffs. Simply winning the cup and ending the drought will be historic enough without being the first crossover team to do it. Take care of our business in the West. Forget crossing over.
  10. That may be, but most of those pages would be the same 4-5 people complaining about smirks and passes behind the first down marker as if we haven't heard it all again and again and again. It's nice at the end of 4 quarters to simply say 'that'll do, pig' and move on to watching the rest of the triple header, satisfied in knowing Rider fans are not too happy and the Bombers are gathering mo at the right time.
  11. He continues to impress at every opportunity. We couldn't ask for more from this kid.
  12. What a day those Rider fans must be having in Fort Hew. Cold and miserable.
  13. MOBomberFan

    BOMBERS - LIONS - ESKIMOS Playoff Race

    LOL Do you wear a Stamps jersey, too?! Rep your team.
  14. MOBomberFan

    Regular Season Bomber News & Discussion

    Not sure if it's been mentioned anywhere else yet, but Freep's Paul Wiecek announced his retirement. One less 'journalist' ignoring practice im the stands.