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  1. I believe players entering the league as FA go through waivers with lowest seeded teams bidding first. Trestman had to trade for SJ Green when someone else poached him on arrival
  2. That oughta help put a few more butts in seats.
  3. Attaboy Strev. Sad to see him go. Wish him the best. Will always have a place on this team imo
  4. Futures/Reserve, he's not playing tonight
  5. Dominique Rhymes is #1 on my list by a mile. Shaq Evans a distant second. Luke Tasker could be a bargain coming off a bad injury shortened season. Derel Walker would certainly look good in Blue and Gold.
  6. Okay man, I wasn't trying to make a point, I was just trying to chime in to a conversation we were having about fans getting rings. It's just something that happened I thought was relevant and I thought I'd share. **** me right? I'm not sure what you're doing. Gatekeeping? Do you want me to shut up? Put me on ignore then.
  7. Holy crap Geebr you're right, that is different! Good thing that's not what I was talking about... I was responding to someone who facetiously stated maybe they should get a ring for supporting the club and I pointed out an instance when it has happened in this very city. I know you post opinions on articles you haven't even read. Maybe you should consider reading before commenting...
  8. Given. Just had to be in attendance at the game at which they were given out, not unlike the Andrew Harris bobble heads.
  9. Yep 40 men hugging and dancing is pretty lame isn't it
  10. The Goldeyes gave out replicas of their championship ring a couple years back! I have nowhere special to display it so it sits on the shelf with my Bomber memorabilia.
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