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  1. Nice try, Andrew but I'm not falling for it lol
  2. Anonymous Sask fans and a couple players on twitter accused the Blue of pumping in fake noise leading up to the Banjo Bowl. It would be pretty hypocritical (and at least a little funny) if they were doing exactly what they accused us of.
  3. That doesn't look like a fumble to me either.
  4. Hughes is 35 going on 36, he's probably just sore as all hell.
  5. Yes indeed. And isn't it nice to be having this conversation about Nichols/Strev when we used to have the same debates about Elliott/Brink/Goltz/Marve et al
  6. Who said Streveler is a better passer than Nichols? I must have missed it. Streveler definitely has upside. He's off to a good start and seems to be getting better. Nichols is who he is at this stage of his career, and injuries/age will lead to regression (if it hasn't already started). That's the opposite of upside. Saying this is not the same as saying Streveler is a better passer than Nichols.
  7. Just ran into Ambrosia! he says he never misses the banjo bowl. Nice dude. Nice suit!
  8. I'll admit I'm like a whipped dog this time of year; I expect to get pummeled at any moment and will shake uncontrollably until the game is finally over. I hope the Blue start off strong so maybe I can settle the **** down and enjoy the game.
  9. Haha I like either score! As for the votes... we now stand at 36-4 in favor of the Blue.
  10. Yikes cmon. Brutal deliberate cheapshot on a QB. Jefferson is who he is. He's like the Hammer Shapiro. He may be an SOB, but he's our SOB. I won't be buying his jersey, but I won't cry about the havoc he causes... to the benefit of my team. May he cripple 100 QBs this season (not really but kinda)
  11. Optimism is high; 23-2 Bombers
  12. Wish I saw this in time... to update my fantasy lineup
  13. I saw Strev moving the ball and getting first downs, even owning the TOP for a while. My opinion was that he is a greater threat to move the chains and that has only been reinforced. There were plays where Strev made something out of nothing where, at best, Nichols would have thrown the ball out of bounds if he wasn't clobbered first. I expect Strev will only get better. If he played the first Q the way he played the rest of the game...
  14. Woof 49-0 get your **** together Tim Burke
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