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  1. I remember the Montreal Expos comic book crossover with Spider Man better than I remember the Montreal Expos
  2. I remember it being crazy loud but I also remember moving on with the game in short order. No mid game ceremonies or interviews, just back to work. Years later when I think it was Geroy Simon breaking the receiving yards record they halted the game to chat him up... seemed silly to interrupt the game like that. My chunk of Milt Stegall TD turf is within arms reach right this moment.
  3. I'm guessing that players won't get paid anything beyond scheduled bonuses, and contracts end normally as scheduled. I'm thinking it will be up to teams to re-negotiate with guys on one year deals and so on. It will be interesting to see how things go down... I'm just hoping for a season, delayed if it has to be.
  4. ^^This is why we hunker down at every opportunity and slow the spread. Be safe everyone. Have you re-watched the 2019 Grey Cup yet today?
  5. The 2011 East Final vs Hamilton had so much. Vega coming in at tight end and scoring a goal line TD... Suber recovering the ball infront if a dumbfounded Chris Williams (the hottest **** in town at that point in time)... Garrett scoring a TD on what was meant to be the last play ever in the old barn... booing Glenn between flask swigs... saving the lives of underdressed Winnipeggers by sharing the wool blanket... good times.
  6. Most of them are. Evidently not all of them cough J5V cough. For your health buddy please lay low and eat canned soup. The devil can wait.
  7. 1000 isn't a lot of people until you ask the families of those 1000 people. Get on board the winning team and let's beat this thing people.
  8. I can only hope we are looking back in this saying 'man we went overboard' because that will mean we did an effective job of flattening the curve and preventing what we are seeing in Italy (bodies overflowing in crematoriums). I'd rather over react than under react. (That doesn't include hoarding)
  9. Ginsburg is 87 and Breyer is 81. Trump controls senate. There is a terrifying chance that he could be appointing another 2 supreme court justices and stack SCOTUS 7-2 with republican appointees that could sit for another 20-30 years. Dems need a big win.
  10. Maybe they'll look back on their approach to healthcare and consider change for the better. They have the resources to be a 'healthcare superpower' the same way they are a military superpower. Just have to sort out those priorities and vote accordingly
  11. I can only hope RATM and RTJ can return together and we won't get some other opening act. I'm equally excited for both.
  12. Of course Rage and Tool come to town and the plague strikes.
  13. The DEL (German Ice Hockey League) is suspending all operations immediately due to COVID-19 concerns. https://www.del.org/news/deutsche-eishockey-liga-beendet-saison-vorzeitig/11283
  14. Hahaha. The very worst part was when they asked him to do play by play. Truly the 'Cats' of interviews.
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