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  1. https://www.nhl.com/video/brown-scores-second-goal-of-game/t-323734474/c-8122707 Tkachuk takes a spill after a poke check at his own blue line, coughs up the empty net goal
  2. https://www.americanfootballinternational.com/japans-les-maruo-im-trying-to-compete-against-the-best-of-the-best/
  3. Yikes and Campbell is chased out of net
  4. That was in Buffalo, the officer got 30 days unpaid suspension and is currently back on the payroll. The victim has recovered and is suing the city, the mayor, and the police. No idea how that will turn out. The body cam footage came out a few weeks ago. Not a good apple that one.
  5. Are you guys stoked for the 2021 CFL Global Draft?!? Apparently it's today. No, TSN will not be covering it. The CFL will interview the top 3 picks (of course we pick 4th...)
  6. Saw this posted in response to the same boat pic, it sounds about right
  7. Yes, thats right, my mistake. The second to last one closed in 1979. The very last one up in Dauphin stayed open til '89.
  8. Obviously not, since virtually all of the residential schools in Manitoba were close by 1970, with the last ones closing in Winnipeg 1975 and The Pas in 1979. Sent right back out into the same **** situation they came up in and getting the same results? How cyclical. You don't say. Indigenous people account for only 5% of our countries population but over 20% of our homicide victims. They are also 8 times more likely to be the suspect of a homicide than a non-indigenous person. If the 'PC crowd' is going to bat for indigenous peoples it's because they are disproportionately suf
  9. I'm finding it harder to argue with two people at once LMAO
  10. I stand by what I said. "I empathize with these people, but..." then you call them "scum" and say "you don't give a crap" how does that not amount to '**** em'? Explain to me, I'm here to listen and talk. If you're not then you know where the ignore function is. And don't go editing the post again F you's aside (and make no mistake, F you too) sorry for what you may have had to endure in your time at the residential school. I know some were worse than others but it's a black mark on Canadian history and it's so recent. It's a shame that there are so many of us who are only hearing about t
  11. Laine goes coast to coast on his second of the night
  12. I have a plan. Put me in a cage with a leopard. If it eats my face, then your paranoid bullshit is legit. To my friends, family, I love you passionately. I'm in the ICU fighting complications related to having your face eaten by leopards. President Trump fight the hood fight!
  13. LOL at the girls barely containing their laughter as the air got sucked out of the room.
  14. Just thought it was worth quoting Especially at a time our Premiere says it "doesn't bother (him) at all" that about 1/4 of the teachers in this province routinely pay out of pocket for necessary classroom supplies. I'm a property owner, so I'll be enjoying the tax cut (not to the tune of 8k annually like our dear Premiere)... but I'd rather it wasn't coming at the expense of students and teachers.
  15. This right here is the most difficult factor, and sadly is where race works itself into the equation. WARNING TO ALL READERS: this is going to sound preachy and pertains to white privilege. If that triggers you, you're probably white and privileged! Also I acknowledge I'm super lily white and live comfortably, so this is an easy opinion for me to have (it's my...privilege?) Who generally tends to be better off almost everywhere at every point in history? White folks. Who tends to be poorer and in more dire circumstances everywhere at any point in the last 300 or so years? Colored
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