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  1. They are preparing for the influx of users after we win the Grey Cup
  2. Rootin Tootin Cowboy Shootin 2 for PC is incredible. I needed to spend over $400 beefing up my graphics card but since then it's been the best gaming experience I've had in quite a while.
  3. Every journey starts with a few short steps?
  4. I notice the ads on Firefox mobile (they take up the entire screen), but at home on my PC I have no ads with Firefox / AdBlockPlus
  5. Pre-ordered my Red Ded Redemption II for PC coming out Nov5. Can't wait. The game looks gorgeous on PS4 already, and with an additional 60GB or so of graphical and audio enhancements it should be enough to bring my PC to it's knees. I'm desperately trying to free up space on my SSD. I think I have enough room with about 10GB to spare haha
  6. Yes a band played at a venue. Happens a lot round these parts.
  7. We aren't getting it as bad as Morden or Winkler but there is more than enough heavy, wet snow to cause mayhem. The UofM was largely without power yesterday; staff and students were sent home early in the day. Assiniboine Park and the Zoo advised everyone to stay away as paths were made dangerous by downed and falling trees. Heavy snow and sagging tree limbs are tearing power lines down all over the city. Small vehicles are stuck in back lanes in every neighborhood. The snow is melting rapidly, but storm drains are clogged by the leaves that only just started to fall last week. I heard the Al's bus got stuck in the snow at the airport yesterday haha. Welcome to Winnipeg.
  8. I wanted Collaros so bad... back in 2014. Better late than never? Welcome to the Bombers, Zach..... keep your head on a swivel.
  9. Lightning in a bottle can change to flash in the pan pretty quickly. Swaggerville comes to mind. I'd like to see MTL to continue trending upwards however
  10. If true (and who knows if it is), I respect BLM for wanting to play more than wanting to get paid to hold a clip-board. Up here he gets to be the big fish.
  11. Unfortunate that's what it took to get Peterman back on the field.
  12. Hefney had no priors, at least according to the article I posted earlier in this thread.
  13. The US locks up one former Bomber as China releases another former Bomber https://atlantablackstar.com/2019/09/26/former-cfl-football-player-freed-after-spending-three-years-in-chinese-prison-for-reportedly-defending-himself-during-bar-fight/
  14. He was leaving Winnipeg for Toronto. It was a really stupid risk but hey some guys gotta learn the hard way. 2 years house arrest living with grandma is a walk in the park compared to 9 years though. Poor Hef.
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