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  1. MOBomberFan

    Lock of th Week 10

    Kamar Jorden
  2. MOBomberFan

    Lock of the Week 9

    Just under the wire with 3 minutes to spare... Derel Walker
  3. MOBomberFan

    Blue Bomber Attendance

    Maybe, but fortunately we don't need validation from other people to make us real fans. You do you! Go Blue!
  4. MOBomberFan

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    HHoF? I remember the Wolfman the most.
  5. MOBomberFan

    Blue Bomber Attendance

    I am a fan. Despite my busy and fulfilling lifestyle I still attend 3 games a year. You're a notoriously douchey and argumentative Albertan slinging mud from a woefully overburdened desk chair as if anyone other than Noeller cares what you think. Enjoy your seat at McMahon
  6. MOBomberFan

    Blue Bomber Attendance

    Anyone who thinks they get to decide who a real fan is and isn't... based solely on how many home games they attend... all other factors be damned... ought to give their swollen head a shake. One day I was gifted 10 free tickets by Wade Miller himself simply because I look like a walking Bombers billboard every game day. I spend hours upon hours reading CFL news and lurking on fan forums. I nearly cried when Dinwiddie threw that pick and I probably will cry when we finally hoist the cup. I'm a fan and I'd challenge anyone to say to my face that I'm not - just because I buy flex packs instead of ST's. Also if fans can only show support by spending money then I hope all these sanctimonious out of towners are buying the equivalent $ amount in merchandise, or recognize themselves as massive hypocrites.
  7. MOBomberFan

    Blue Bomber Attendance

    It really is a bye week.
  8. MOBomberFan

    Blue Bomber Attendance

    I appreciate the suggestions. I have a lot of good options including busing, park and ride, parking passes, and so on. I live a couple blocks west of Polo Park on the South side of Portage. Obviously, the old stadium location was a pretty sweet deal for me as I could walk or bike and be there in no time at all. I had front row seats in the balcony directly overlooking Section S. They were among the best seats in the house and were pretty darn cheap, too. Never missed a game for anything short of weddings or funerals. Then 2013 came with our new stadium already a year late, leaking water from cracks in the balcony down onto the East stands... and on the grand opening preseason game we were getting beat so bad by halftime that people were already trying to leave... but couldn't because traffic was backed up for mile after tragic mile by people still trying to get to the game. It was actually pretty funny. Garth Buchko, Joe Mack, Tim Burke, Max Hall, the whole crew was there and we all know how that season went down. I still biked or bused to every game mostly without incident. I even ran across ChaosMonkey once or twice. Safely followed the Assiniboine bike path, cross to Wellington, enjoy the nicely swept-twice-a-week roads up to Osborne Village, then take Pembina all the way South to the campus. The painted lines on the road indicating a bike path and plastic bollards every 20 feet made me feel real safe, let me tell you. Going under the tracks was always a treat, especially if it had rained recently. Real nice of people to yield to cyclists at marked bike paths when they're in a rush to get to Staples or A and f'ng W's. The Final Boss was always crossing Bishop over the Pembina bridge and getting past the turnoff without being clipped by someone in a hurry because of all the stadium traffic. Big stretches of this route has been under heavy construction for a couple years and will continue to be under construction for a couple more. Same for Waverly. Kenaston is about to get pretty busy, too. Every major route North and South from my place is fubar'd. Living as far as I do now, in order to drive to the Greenway I'm either detouring to Moray up to Wilkes (risking ******* trains, hence all the construction everywhere!) or going through the construction and stadium traffic... to avoid traffic while biking ahaha. I hope you're just generalizing and not talking about me. Since cancelling my ST's after the 2013 shitshow I've found life is better watching 2/3 of the home games in the company of family and friends where the screens are big, the beers are cheap and varied, and the couch has a butt groove with your name on it. After a recent career change I work just off campus and drive to and from every day. It's certainly not 'too far'. I always wanted to be a 40 year season ticket holder and I'm still young enough to maybe make that happen... but until our roads are better than Baghdad's I'd rather enjoy my game day experience without the hassle or frustration and save the coin for college. According to my neck and my back I'm on the young end of the old crowd. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed the new place is noticeably worse traffic-wise despite all the tweaks and enhancements. It's just a fact, but you'd actually have to live here and attend games regularly to know this. Unprecedented construction compounds this. The Alberta peanut gallery is entitled to their uninformed opinion, but it's just that.
  9. MOBomberFan

    Blue Bomber Attendance

    The new location absolutely has a lot to do with my cancellation of season tickets. Until the bike routes to and from the stadium are safe and secure I'll only attend 3 games a season. I'm not bitter but I am an ex season ticket holder. Cue the people that live 3 provinces over to tell me I'm wrong.
  10. MOBomberFan

    Lock of the Week 8

    Duke Williams
  11. MOBomberFan

    Lock of the Week 7

    So much jinx
  12. MOBomberFan

    Lock of the Week 7

    So much jinx up in this piece. Let's go with Eric Rogers
  13. As someone points out in that very thread, it reads like satire but it feels like some people are being serious. Top shelf trolling or just painfully obtuse.
  14. MOBomberFan

    Sask v Hamilton

    Strange onside kick attempt. Bombers may make strange calls but they aren't the only ones
  15. MOBomberFan

    Around the League: 2018 Season

    That would be on you bud. Who wants to be a rapist or wife beater anyhow? Sickos and cowards. Are you a sicko or coward?