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  1. Discussion of an NFL game? IN THE CFL FORUM? move to general per the rules
  2. A little early for victory laps but this is promising news.
  3. "My ultimate goal is to retire as a Winnipeg Blue Bomber," Matthews said Friday in a conference call from Los Angeles with reporters. "I want to my name to be up there with Milt Stegall and Terrence Edwards," he said, referring to two of the greatest receivers to play with the Bombers over the past two decades. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/chris-matthews-receiver-rejoins-bombers-1.5131360
  4. Travis Bond was a pretty solid find in 2016. I'd argue he'd be one top notch offensive player (if the only one)
  5. It's always going to be a numbers game. For every good Canadian there must be a hundred as-good Americans. Wouldn't be surprised if it's even more. What we really need is more loopholes for guys like Ben Cahoon and Drew Wolitarsky to slip through and become eligible "Canadians" Interestingly, Wolitarsky (my favourite Canadian on our team right behind Andrew Harris) wasn't born here, didn't go to school here, and didn't grow up here. It's his ability to play ball I like, even more than his shiny new passport.
  6. I'd argue the only American players we can't seem to find with the same success as other teams is at receiver. We do a pretty good job digging up DB's (Walker, Alexander), LB's (Santos-Knox), even RB's (Marshall, Flanders) since Walters took over.
  7. That same random Canadian kid (and every kid thereafter) could also be looking at a 14k/season pay raise if Ambrosie gets his way. It is Ambrosie suggesting the minimum salary be raised, isn't it?
  8. Dickinson on Roy Finch, when discussing his April 2018 arrest: “Roy has to be proactive. He’s texted with (running backs coach) Marc Mueller and he’s called him. I really enjoy talking to him. To me, he’s not a violent man at all." This quote from January 9th, 2019... the same week Finch allegedly kidnapped and punched this woman in his motel room. Finch. What a hero 🙄
  9. I always liked Marshall. He was a tough and balanced runner, he can block and catch. Nothing about him screams all-star but he was good enough to get look-sees in the NFL after we signed Andrew Harris. I recall he had a couple good games with the rump riders splitting touches.
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