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  1. Looking forward to seeing Oakbluff’s Tyler Mislawchuk compete in Triathlon later today.
  2. Just wanted to check and see how you are doing? It was not a good day for sure, my staff there were pretty shock up and one of my best friends went to HS with one of the brothers from Salmon Arm. 2 kids and a 3rd on the way, hard not to have feels when you hear that.
  3. He has an anti censorship one that you could post in if you hurry.
  4. I heard on the news on my way home tonight that the MB and AB Law Society’s are arguing over who gets to deal with the POS. Sounds like the both want to hang’em high.
  5. @NoellerAlberta has the second highest percentage of fully immunized of all the provinces. I’m shocked but the people are doing it despite what we all expected. SK in 3rd, some really surprising numbers why aren’t the people in the Atlantic getting second doses?
  6. I think we won’t see any further loosening for at least a week. “Yep” it will be earlier than August 2nd but not this week. Too many people still in hospital, need to protect the health care system a little longer. @Noellerdon’t feel too bad about AB, BC is the province screwing up second doses like no other. Have stood steadfast to the 8 weeks after first dose. Also sticking too the super centre / clinic system. No pharmacy doses, Drs offices or anything.
  7. I was talking to one of my staff in Kelowna yesterday, mostly about the heat but we also talked vaccinations. Bonnie Henry is staunchly sticking to the 8 weeks between doses. They are not going to be prepared for a Delta wave at all. The are still only doing larger sites and no pharmacy availability at all. I can't imagine where MB would be if we hadn't started putting Moderna and Pfizer in pharmacies a couple weeks ago. I understand that the heat is their greatest public health emergency this week but they need to get some second doses in arms. I just looked up the stats, most recent I can find is BC is 29.6% fully vaxxed and MB is 39.8%. Could it be that they were telling the truth and supply was the issue and not our strategy?
  8. Felt so good to eat in a restaurant with the family tonight. As for the vaccine uptake or lack there of in the SRHA the only “positive “ I can come up with is looking at many areas of the US with low vaccine uptake seem to be doing okay. I honestly think we’ll be fine. As for moving them to orange with the rest of the province, I think they had too, at least they can eat and shop in their own towns and don’t have to come to the city.
  9. My 8 year old was pretty bummed by that soap too.
  10. I had ever heard of these until you mentioned them, I do chat with a Kiwi fairly regularly on another forum so I asked him. This is what he told me: Two camps. Hate em or Love em. I don't love em, but son and Mrs do. Have a tree at home, over produces. Passionfruit size. Cut in half and scoop out whitish pulp like a kiwifruit/chinese gooseberry. Taste sort of like guava?
  11. I was worried last week or the week before that we would never see 80% first doses. We administered 3482 first doses yesterday and that is higher than it was when I looked last week or the week before. It seems like the incentive to get vaxxed is getting through and the hesitant ones are starting to get their shots. I am more hopeful now that we will hit the target than I have been in a long time.
  12. Many of my family and friends have booked Moderna in a pharmacy and received shots yesterday and today without cancelling their appointment ahead of time. The Safeway/Sobeys booking site is super easy to use. https://www.pharmacyappointments.ca/
  13. I am trying to understand vaccine hesitancy. If you are as concerned as you would appear to be why are you waiting a month for a scheduled vaccine appointment? Moderna shots are available as soon as today in many pharmacies around the city, why wait another month to visit a super site?
  14. I agree but the city could really aid in this by being consistent in design. Take the corner of Lagimodiere and Grassie. Westbound Grassie to Northbound Lag has a great yield/merge lane, likely 300M or so. Eastbound Grassie to Southbound Lag, direct spill in to 80km/hr traffic. Seriously WTF?!?!?
  15. Testing numbers are way down too. I won’t believe it until Thursday which often seems to be the highest day of the week.
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