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  1. It’s the whole” You can’t learn anything if your yap is always wagging “ sentiment that I learned in sales way back when...
  2. As nice as Craig is he is not a HC. Looks completely lost on the sidelines, almost a shell of his former self and we are only 2 games in to the season...
  3. I don’t know why I have the desire to watch two green teams but would love to see a game between the Riders and the Regina Rams (once Rams start camp of course) ...
  4. Are you trying to insinuate that BC wasn't prepared for Harris to run? They of all teams understand what a weapon he is, he was theirs for years. The key is that no matter how much a team schemes to stop Harris he finds a way to succeed. The surprise comes in when he busts past your best run blockers and stacked 7 or 8 man box...
  5. I think the wording of that statement is excellent. Pretty much dares the CFLPA to appeal and know they will look like heals if they do appeal.
  6. Best booth commentary of the game was Forde explaining that was a clean hit and that he didn’t agree with the call. Totally clean and proper play.
  7. Many of us here don’t care shite for respect. We needed Harris to carry that rock into the end zone.
  8. I could have sworn I heard him on the radio talking about being sober and doing motivational speaking about addicitions. Maybe being drunk wasn't his issue? (As scary as that may be).
  9. How about Evan Gill? Is he still playing somewhere?
  10. Thank you, I guess I never noticed before. Possibly this year I was watching closer due to the new supplier.
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