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  1. SOB, just realized I am out of town for at least 3 home games this year.
  2. I hope you’re right as this spring has me pretty low, I need some football to get things steering in the right direction.
  3. Two weeks from now will the trees have leaves? Will we be wearing layers and drinking hot chocolate to stay warm? What a year for the earliest start to the season ever.
  4. Big Smoak is at Goldeyes games this year, opens tomorrow at 5pm for the exhibition game. Might have to buy some baseball tickets.
  5. You can cay the menu seems similar but there is no comparison. Rob’s food is prepared from scratch and smoked incredibly. Would be a loss for Steinbach if he leaves.
  6. Noticed today that North Kildonan is getting another restaurant. Stella’s is moving into McIvor Mall where the RBC used to be. Torn between completely indifferent and mildly interested.
  7. I feel like we must see each other on the daily commute. That or my alter ego is posting under your name. Love Jonesey’s but so busy again that you have to plan ahead. I also like Jeffery’s and Junction 59. The 9yr old has no love for 59 so that’s out most times. We may have had our last meal at Watt Street Bistro, drove by there Saturday evening and it looks to be gone. Would be so nice to have a Bellamy’s, Big Guys, Pasquale’s or something similar. I’m a little surprised no one has said “ What about Dals or Charley’s”. Been there, done that and don’t need to again. They don’t make it easy to match our dietary restrictions.
  8. No argument on that here, just not really somewhere we would take out 9 yr old regularly.
  9. Transcona/ East&North Kildonan do not need another chain fast food place. We need decent family restaurant with home made food. What I wouldn’t do for a Taverna Rodos, Papa’s, DJays or so many others that the city has but this area is void of.
  10. Can I ask why? Even as a Celiac which eliminates 95% of the options I still found a couple I’d like to try.
  11. I haven’t had a chance to look for a source but I believe it was sol off to someone else years ago.
  12. Saw some IceTrax cleats on sale today and ordered them. Will just need to remember to take them off before coming in the house…
  13. I do need to consider this for next winter, normally I am on walking paths through the parks that don't ice up but will the amount of snow this year not enough people were walking those and they were difficult to navigate.
  14. Yes you can, that my whole point. All the elevators, escalators etc are in the centre of the building, completely inaccessible to perimeter residential units, or need to be removed a a centre courtyard. Without and concept drawings or anything it is impossible to say but it is 100’s of millions not 100 million. The recent federal budget allocated fund for affordable housing at $250000 per unit, these will cost more than that and this will likely be the only MB project funded by that initiative.
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