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  1. Who? Have these guys been mentioned at all before ?
  2. I think I read the same about the Riders getting ready for the WF.
  3. Walters might not be that guy but Wade is. Besides I think they are more focused on the 2020 GC Parade that will start at IGF West and travel all the way up the Trans Canada home to Winnipeg. What is that Simpson's quote "That's it, we're going back to Winnipeg!!"
  4. Did you have one of their fine premium Club beers while you were there? I was told Monday that they are ice cold (no one opens that fridge ever...).
  5. Already had a request for a couple tickets to the Ti-Cat game in September. Saturday night should be good for some out of towners to travel in for.
  6. The Bombers lost a great fan this weekend. RIP CST Allan Poapst. A great man and great fan, thankful that he was able to witness the victory in person and even had Strevy pour him a drink from the cup.
  7. You can’t be drunk all dat if you don’t get drunk in the morning...😂😆
  8. I am not too worried about what Dinwiddie thinks of himself. I only care that he convinces Pinball that the 9th pick and Arbuckle are better than Collaros. Until we have signed a couple of QB's I am concerned that Lapo brings Nichols to OTT and Pinball overpays Collaros and he goes to T.O. I really don't see us as a landing spot for Arbuckle and can imagine him extending in Calgary over signing in a system he's unfamiliar with. As my coaching and GM worries have been allayed I do expect the same for my QB concerns. I am confident that we will have 2 of Strev, Nichols and Collaros and I am fine with any 2.
  9. Where's my blood pressure monitor? I'm sure I could get the Dr a good reading right now...
  10. I was told that you have to mark sarcastic posts within emojis... Seems that some members need instructions for everything...
  11. How is it that the Bombers have done virtually nothing so far and I am loving this off season so far.
  12. How many of these kids even know who Carrot Top is...
  13. I hear what you are saying. Nichols reaction Twitter to the Lapo announcement, the notification I received from Twitter that both Lapo and Nichols started following @redblacks ... They only part I might disagree with it overpaying Collaros, I think we make him a fair offer and he takes it or not. If he goes to FA he's not coming back here. My greatest fear is that we end up overpaying for Nichols after being shunned by Collaros before FA opens. We are 3 weeks out from the Grey Cup Victory, why hasn't a new contract for Osh been announced yet?
  14. I still say it was Lemon and intention to injure. Was going to happen that game on the earliest play he could. Hate that F'er almost as much as Simoni.
  15. Emojis = Sarcasm indicator, I'm getting it now...
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