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  1. Took the drive out Hwy 44 to Beausejour yesterday. I’d been hearing some buzz about a new place that was very Celiac friendly and wanted to try it. Colin’s House opened about 7 months ago and is owned by 2 Colins that have plenty of experience in the biz. Menu is small and tight but everything we had was superb. Some basic items have a little fine dining touch at the same time the triple cooked fries had my seven year declaring them better than McD’s... If you are in the mood to drive farther than Jonesy’s you should check out Colins House. Then walk up the street to the DairyBar (don’t eat the crap at the Dairy Bar)... https://www.colinshouse.com/
  2. It’s too bad you don’t drive. Golf Central on Plessis South of Duglad Rd is excellent Probably half the price of BDI and better. Dug and Betty’s in St B is superb as well, corner of Marion and DesMeurons. Of course if you get a chance for a road trip go to the Dairy Bar in Beausejour for dipped and rolled cones. (More on dining in Beausejour in a minute) Sub Zero has new owners again and is back to being decent. They were even doing online orders for pick up via Door Dash.
  3. GCJenks


    I’m not sure what people you know in OK have to do with me having a reaction to someone coming from Arkansas and possibly spreading the virus. My reaction to their presence in WPG was 100% Covid related and not political at all. I would venture to guess that with the exception of any members living in the USA I have more daily interaction and have more American friends than anyone here. As a Canadian it what truly surreal to be in the USA on the day Trump was sworn in and the cheers that sounded throughout the trade show I was at as he took the oath. I likely have more republican friends than dems and know we employ both as well. To judge individuals based on political beliefs is likely the most unCanadian thing I have ever seen here. The idea that we have members that have never had a personal interaction with an American judging an entire nation based on media is absurd. My original comment was meant to demonstrate how the virus and the handling of it in different areas has caused a visceral difference in how I reacted. Something we likely all need to be mindful of as we move forward in this new normal. I feel like we’ve become more judgy when really we need to be more understanding.
  4. GCJenks


    Normally when I see a licence plate from out of country I’m kind of excited “I wonder what brought them here???” Today I saw and Arkansas plate and wanted to berate him with “Go the F Home!!!”
  5. I’ll try that from my laptop in the morning. Couldn’t get that option on my iPhone.
  6. Tuesday at Jonesy's Monterey Chicken and Chicken Parm.
  7. Had our first dinner out since March 13th last night. Had to be Jonesy’s in Birdshill. Was a great dinner and very good experience. (one of these days I’ll figure out how to post pics on this forum. )
  8. Sorry I missed this earlier. I bought a Weber Performer Deluxe charcoal grill from Luxe about a month ago. Have been using it 3 to 4 times a week. Best burgers and steaks I’ve ever made. Not to mention the crispy wings. The performer has a propane ignition for the coals. Gets you cooking real fast. I say do it. If you don’t want to spend that much I’d at least get a Master Touch model has some nice accessories included and comes in blue...
  9. GCJenks


    Do you have a source for this? In Manitoba it has been confirmed that not a single case has been in a first nations community.
  10. GCJenks


    I look at it this way. There is more to Public Health than just Covd-19. People being injured or killed due to violent protests are just as critical to public health and should be tried to be prevented as much as the spread of Covisd-19 is. The cause is important and could likely be viewed in itself as trying to reduce another public health crisis that has been ongoing for decades/ centuries. Preventing racially motivated death needs to be considered as if not more important than the spread of disease. Need to balance the scale, the threat of a group spreading the virus that is rarely fatal in their demographic vs violent protest causing injury/death and destruction. CFL fans aren't likely to riot and cause injury/death and destruction if games aren't played.
  11. GCJenks


    I agree but Unions...
  12. GCJenks


    I believe the agreement reached with some negotiating units was reported as 5 unpaid days off this fiscal year.
  13. GCJenks


    Follow up on the school opening discussion last week. Took a little longer to hear from my friend in Norway (his mother passed ((non-covid)) 2 weeks ago and he'e been dealing with her estate. His comment: There has been a few corona cases at the schools, but less then I thought it would be, we've opened up almost all schools nowadays He is quite concerned about a second wave and he believes that there will not be as such strict adherence to the guideline a second time through.
  14. The best thing you could do for yourself is to get a panzerotti from Pasquale’s.
  15. GCJenks


    This sounds much like the plan Norway implemented with elementary schools there a few weeks back. I haven't asked my friend there lately but the global stats would indicate that it has been successful with no surge in infection rates there.
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