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  1. More than okay with the outcome today. Thought Bailey looked good despite some early struggles, needs more time and will be excellent. Big Chris was decent and Harris was a beast. the Jets come back again and are 4-2, pretty good Saturday for Winnipeg sports fans.
  2. Just win!!! Have a feeling that Winston Rose has a bounce back and provides a spark with a defensive TD.
  3. Was away for work all week and not able to follow the run up to the game. Made my picks early this week, criders were the fav when I brought it back to even. FU to all of you that picked those a$$holes.
  4. Defence gets one too! Couldn’t look better than if they were hanging this on the Riders again.
  5. I was a little nervous early with all the plays to Demski, really happy seeing it spread around now.
  6. Hopefully AH33 has Bowman picking up his shorts are running past him for 200 today. WJ5 needs to knock VA’s teeth out so he knows better than to yap before a game. As much as I love Khari, these larks needs their asses whooped today.
  7. That is awesome but my son has made it clear he doesn’t want to do the game and his grandparents aren’t mobile enough to enjoy the experience. I am not going to the effort of planning something that not everyone will enjoy. I am glad the experience was awesome for your family.
  8. If we could only all be so lucky. A weekend in sin city North without the wife (at her insistence), the stuff dreams are made of...
  9. Grand parents will be pissy... that’s the “ family” celebration night.
  10. Damn it, that’s my sons 7th birthday and i have an industry banquet I’m supposed to attend that night.
  11. Simoni is a piece of garbage. If these players are truly a "brotherhood" as they profess to be at CBA time then they shouldn't allow this to happen. The league can only do so much with fines and suspensions, they players themselves are the only ones that can stop this type of behaviour.
  12. Stop trying to inject logic and facts in to an argument with a Rider fan. We appreciate the effort but it is completely lost on the target.
  13. Did the Riders get any better? Jordan Williams-Lambert returns. https://twitter.com/i/events/1171515804879216642
  14. I’d be satisfied with one win, October 5th at the toilet bowl. We need to go in there and destroy them in their turf. I see no reason why we don’t win 4 or 5 of them though.
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