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  1. By the time the 1s are all healthy I am not sure they will still be 1s. when we are healthy there will be some tough decisions and sone very good players not on the game day roster. Hopefully Walters has had enough of the other GM’s BS that he has his own way of keeping these guys on our team.
  2. The thing with the penalties that was most surprising to me is that there wasn’t a flag on the field for the helmet to helmet hit. That appeared to be added by the command centre, the shove of the red should have been 25yds and an ejection. He got off easy on that one. Also saw a low hit on Strevs that would have been called in June but hasn’t been called since.
  3. In planes and airports the next 5 hours. Should land just in time to hear we returned the opening kick off for a TD.
  4. I'm on the road for work this week and not catching any of the local media updates or discussion. I can only hope Osh is "rope a doping" Maas. I'll miss much of the game live as I'll be on a plane but can't wait to watch the PVR Sat morning and see Maas head explode as Harris has a 200/100 game...
  5. Kind of like a sense of Ha Ha that seems to be missing around here.
  6. I'm sorry if I offended your sense of better judgement. When I see Matt's arms I don't think "gunslinger quarterback". When I see her arms I think "she spends some time in the gym". P.S. I do think their daughter Elliot is an adorable cutey.
  7. Stand Nichols up next to his wife, if you only had the shoulder down view you would guess the wrong one is a pro football player.
  8. I totally agree. Our guys have to be at least as good as Fajardo and playing on a much better overall team. This team still battles for 1st place all the way to the end of the season.
  9. I for one was quite disappointed that Hecht didn’t drop a Chicken Wing on ole Crooked Hat for the short kick offs.
  10. Sask is not going to do us any favours. We play them 2 of the next 3 games and they are surprising lots of people as they are in the hunt for a playoff spot. They desperately want us to fail. No going to happen.
  11. If my mind serves me right, and my sports injury education was almost 30 years ago now a dislocation is the quicker rehab. Once the dislocation has been set the soft tissue around would need to be assessed. Soft tissue, muscle tendon damage is the longest to heal and hardest to saws. I don’t know if we’ve seen a QB do it but we’ve seen linemen with dislocated shoulders bang it back in to place, take a pain shot and return to playing.
  12. I'm not saying I agree with it but there is a fairly detailed description of the rule on the CFL website. https://www.cfl.ca/weather/
  13. I see we are still eating out own young. Time to fill my tumbler and head back to the pool. We need FNF to start early to distract ourselves from our own horrible first place team.
  14. It had already failed last night on the failed 2nd down conversion when he turtles 2 yards short of the marker. He’s missing the fire in his belly to do what it takes. OMG, is it possible that Maas is a better coach that O’sh? Or was it Jones still then? Are we truly asking our organization to be more like one run by CJ? Oh F$&@ are we in a bad state of fandom right now. Going to to go take a breathe and remind myself that we did win...
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