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  1. I have been incredibly impressed with Collaros. Zach has made a believer out of me. There was a play in the 4th quarter that I can’t get out of my mind. He gets pressure and escapes the pocket rolling to his left, his eyes lock on the receiver near the sidelines, I don’t know who that was but I swear Zach was looking at me, that’s how focused his eyes were. Next thing I know Dempski has the ball in the slot for a first down. I’m like WTF, how did that happen. if that’s how I read the play from above when I can see the whole field it must be impossible for the defenders to have a clue.
  2. I must say I’ve never had that much fun at that stadium before. What a fun night.
  3. Watching the warm up and I am impressed with how many skill players are bare armed. Doug Brown must be proud.
  4. 6pm start on a weekend is hard on my psyche. Need to get this thing started already!!!
  5. Just check the LK’s schedule, last two week are on the road. I guess after week 14 he might as well look for a car to drive back home leaving a couple game cheques in the team’s bank account. More evidence of the “Me First” attitude that prevails in that team. So glad we have FIFO here.
  6. Fully vaccinated do not need to isolate, need a - test before entry is all.
  7. Except of course they would lose their license. Drs can’t chose not to help a patient. Even propagating the idea makes the problem worse. Yes, I’ve be the angry “sell them to North Dakota” type but I am based that. I’m not sure if I can do so far as to say I pity them but I am sad for them. Most of them just aren’t educated enough to be able to tell right from wrong. We as a society have failed them and are somewhat responsible for allowing them to become the way they are. Instead of scorn maybe we need to try the sympathy route for a change.
  8. Why bother? It wouldn't solve anything. Many living within the SHD commute to Winnipeg daily. You would also be "punishing" thousands that are vaccinated. Most of the SHD is vaccinated at or near provincial averages. You lock down Portage and the RM of MacDonald because of Winkler and Stanley? It sounds great but just isn't feasible. Best thing to try would be enhanced enforcement of the rules that are in place in areas that are not following them.
  9. Just for the record, Survivor started tonight and is more interesting than the football game.
  10. I'm not privy to Liberal back room politics but I don't he steps down on his own and the party brand is damaged by a bitter divorce. "I couldn't get the majority because of the pandemic."
  11. I guess I'm just a poor rube, I always hoped mediocre would be better. All in on eectrification without a power grid that can support it using green energy. Making himself look good internationally but actually accomplishing nothing. 3. Absolutely this (as sad as that may be). 5. I don't think his ego will allow him to just leave, will need to be forced out and then like his father will return again when we don't want him. Seventy some years later and still the truth, some solace in all of this BS.
  12. The 5 to 11 year old announcement can’t come soon enough. My 8 yr old has a birthday late October and this is what he asked for.
  13. Just want to say, if you’ve never been to Jonesy’s in Birdshill you really should try it some time. Quite possibly the best family restaurant in the capital region.
  14. Heard an interview with the new kicker this afternoon. According to him he can hit 60yard field goals on a calm day and 75 yard kick offs but knows those need to be more directional so likely just under 70. Not sure if I found his self assessment assuring or brashly cocky.
  15. My question is Fajardo really hurt or did we Brandon Banks him? Almost looked to me as if he just quit on the team. Haven’t had a chance to watch the broadcast but at the stadium we didn’t hear anything about him being hurt. It was like a quarter later that I realized that Harker was in.
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