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  1. I just don’t understand the fascination with chain restaurants, especially US based ones. I’m not saying I never go but there are so many great local spots in all areas of Winnipeg and the surrounding area.
  2. Until AH retired and is on the ring of honour anyone who wants it can wear that as far as I am concerned. After that, you need to earn it or have his permission.
  3. I would contend that Dalton Schoen is at least a substantial rookie find last year. I do believe he won an award or something… This board this weekend…UGH!!!
  4. I was surprised about Adamson, covert the guy from Dline to Oline and not at least keep him around on practice roster?
  5. Not having this thread or a gameday GIF thread to keep me from working I did manage to watch the Ted Lasso finally a couple more times...
  6. For the record I feel that noon on game day is a little late to start this. I think you should post these before you go to sleep the night before. LFG!!!
  7. I am pretty sure the hesitation on Lemon isn't cost but whether he will FIFO.
  8. I laughed more than I cried which based on what I heard earlier in the day I was a little surprised. One of the reasons I need to watch it again is that I didn't think the loose ends were nicely tied and felt that ones that had been previously tied got untied last night. Is the door open for a return or spin off? Sure feels like it right now.
  9. Watched the final episode of Ted Lasso last night, likely need to watch it again and let it settle in before I really understand how I feel about.
  10. I just found and was about to post that same article. Can’t believe I didn’t find it earlier.
  11. His name comes up often in our house. His brother Tobias is a chef seen on Guys Grocery Games and Tournament of Champions. Also played some CFL but spent most of his football career in the NFL.
  12. Thanks, I had forgotten about him. Talk about an upgrade!!!
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