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  1. I saw that on Twitter this morning. I was going to post. "Are you trying to give Lapo a heart attack? That really looks like you pulled Nichols..." I decided not to feed the twitter trolls, it's a joke. Not trying to disparage Nichols at but in these times we have to look for humour when we can.
  2. Herringbone is the hip trend...
  3. This is for the Old Boys club that ran the board before Wade took over. I could walk 100ft to the boss's office and find a 1990 one in his closet.
  4. I bet if the tape exists you could email or text Hal and he would find it for you.
  5. Must be my blue tinted glasses again, I just thought we were better.
  6. I agree, reading the article and they are questioning BLM's injury recovery? Did he not finish the season looking okay? I don't remember us beating them because he sucked.
  7. Does Fenner have a place on our team at the right price? Surprised by a lot of the names still available, either time has past some by or the new CBA is really screwing with the mid tier guys getting jobs.
  8. So when the hell are the new jerseys going to be available. I need a new one and I know what player I want!!!
  9. Who? Have these guys been mentioned at all before ?
  10. I think I read the same about the Riders getting ready for the WF.
  11. Walters might not be that guy but Wade is. Besides I think they are more focused on the 2020 GC Parade that will start at IGF West and travel all the way up the Trans Canada home to Winnipeg. What is that Simpson's quote "That's it, we're going back to Winnipeg!!"
  12. Did you have one of their fine premium Club beers while you were there? I was told Monday that they are ice cold (no one opens that fridge ever...).
  13. Already had a request for a couple tickets to the Ti-Cat game in September. Saturday night should be good for some out of towners to travel in for.
  14. The Bombers lost a great fan this weekend. RIP CST Allan Poapst. A great man and great fan, thankful that he was able to witness the victory in person and even had Strevy pour him a drink from the cup.
  15. You can’t be drunk all dat if you don’t get drunk in the morning...😂😆
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