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  1. I would love a chance to meet the man himself. His autobiography is my favourite sports related book and one of my all time favourite reads.
  2. Thank you for understanding the sarcasm.
  3. I am quite aware that Collaros become a FA in February, doesn’t change that we hold his rights until then. Could allow Desjardins to talk to his agent ahead of time and if they reach an agreement we trade and they sign an extension. Desjardins has to know he’s the next one fired and needs to give Lapo something to work with. I also think he’s petty enough that he would enjoy “sticking it” to Pinball.
  4. Send Collaros to OTT for their first (2nd? Overall) and glady send our first (9th) to TO.
  5. I am not saying this is a definite but a possibility to consider. Nichols has had the shoulder worked on so we know there are no underlying defects. He is going to be working harder than ever on rehabbing and strengthening his shoulder. Probably also working on throwing technique and mechanics. It is entire possible that he comes back better than before. His lower body has also had extra time to heal and strengthen. I am not a Nichols lover, have even called called him softer than his wife. What I didn’t realize is that he has a huge fire burning inside but keeps it in check on the field. I think if he would let some of the passion he showed at The Forks on display a little more often fans are going to support and get behind him more. I now firmly believe that he’s been neutered by Lapo and once he gets some different leadership he will be a differential person. I’d like to see him on a 2 year deal with a full starter price the first year and a lower with playing time bonuses the second year to back up Strev. Is it possible? I’d like to think so...
  6. What station? 1290? They have no clue or sources other than Rod Penishead.
  7. I tried that one on my iPad and it’s a little busy. Willie J is just right. I wish they would extend him already, I need a new jersey.
  8. I suck at Twitter, can someone find Winston Rose's recent tweet and embed it? "I miss my Team. I miss walking in IG Field. I miss the Fans. Damn Winnipeg ❤️.
  9. Real cool initiative and a great way to get AH33 some extra $$ that doesn't apply to SMS...
  10. Went by the store in St. Vital today, thought the selection was a little poor. Should have ordered online but wanted my discount... I guess a trip to the stadium will be required after all. Really wanted one of the grey T-shirts they had after the game but the sizing is a little "off" sized to fit football player bodies not middle aged desk jockeys...
  11. I so wish I could have the Willie Jefferson one as my desk top but sadly those setting require admin privileges, stuck with corporate logo instead...
  12. I haven't been to an LDC in almost 30 years, beginning to think next year might be the year to check out the clown show in person. Of course that would then mean 2 trips to Regina in a year... Have to think on that a little...
  13. The only time I have them on at all is if I am in the car when the Jets are playing, that doesn't happen often. Can't even bring myself to listen to their pregame show on my way to a live game, they are just brutal time and time again. The stance against AH33 was what sealed the deal for any of their regular programming for me.
  14. I realize Toth is not known for being more than a talking head but seriously? Rod Pedersen as his source make this worthy of a tweet? FFS there is no greater detail or certainty in that source or statement than reading any fan forum.
  15. I believe that the ring ceremony is traditionally the home opener the following season. Supplemental presentations are often held when players that have left them team are in town facing the team the first time the next season.
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