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  1. Has anyone else been watching hockey with all the BET365 commercials? I was surprised (/s) by the one I saw last night detailing how you can see the app to restrict your access or to force you to take time away from it, I believe they called it a "holiday"...
  2. One other thing I will say is how proud I am to have Osh as our coach. In each of these incidents he has come out with statements that are on the right side and wasn't afraid to be critical of the CFLPA or the Argos/CFL interpretation of the CBA.
  3. This exactly, why aren't the Als facing and backlash on this? Guys betting on games they are playing in is usually only bad for the team...
  4. The Bombers don’t pay players to attend businesses, businesses pay for that. I know from having given Milt envelopes of cash back in the day.
  5. I expect this money gets paid to players for their school appearances in schools for I Love to Read Month and other things like that.
  6. Anyone else feel that the player that refused to answer questions during the investigation should face repercussions as well? I'm of the mind, if you aren't working to solve the problem, you are part of the problem. Hopefully he gets subpoenaed for the court case and tells the truth. F$%K the "Double Blue" line...
  7. I think the fact that CK is in Toronto and will be at Training Camp in Pinball's words "because the league says he could" is a real bad look for the Argos. If he can't play for a minimum of 9 weeks, IF he does the assigned tasks and is approved by a third party he shouldn't be around the team until he has at least begun this work. I did not get the sense from Pinball that he gets it, mostly that he's trying to toe a very fine line with the league but really is trying to protect his guys. Maybe more than ever I think he and Murphy as a minimum need to go.
  8. I didn't realize that Utah had to wait until 2025-2026 to launch their team. I am surprised it isn't this year... Further conversation on Team names and colours...
  9. This is the part that is so weird to me, a floor set for spending on this, in a league that tries to control all spending to make things "fair". I wonder if such an amount exists for the Ops groups and not just players cap.
  10. That’s a great deal. I paid almost $900 for that trip last fall for a conference.
  11. Eddie Veder performs a bit of a Gord Downie tribute during concert in Vancouver. Pearl Jam “Daughter” in Vancouver
  12. I will always appreciate Coach Bowness for all he accomplished here and the culture change that occurred under his leadership. I will not be please is Arniel is automatically anointed "The Next One", has he not been the one responsible for our abysmal PP and PK the last couple of years? I always loved the Jets 1.0 connection but he needs to win the job as the best candidate.
  13. Collectible stores seem to be common targets. Cancentral has had several incidents since their move to Milt Stegall drive.
  14. The boys will be popping off in the Deep Elum neighborhood tonight. Brossoit played the game he needed to and got a ton of support. Didn’t get to see the whole game but what I did see they looked great.
  15. I hope Brossoit knew he was starting yesterday. He is fond of a certain divey piano bar in Dallas and has been seen there way after curfew the night before games before... (Of course this was during his first tenure with the team and he seems to be more serious about his game now.)
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