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  1. It was Paul Friesen that he said it too, we’ve all wanted too just he did it with the cameras on. Wheels can’t avoid that he didn’t solve the problem that the C on his chest indicates he should thought.
  2. At least he isn't Kane, 39PIM in 4 games including 16 last night. I don't so much as have a problem with the penalties themselves it is when he takes them. Seems like it is always right at the end of a period giving them an extra boost to start the next. Myers has 2 minors this series, Scheif and Perreault each have 4, they are going to happen just need better than 78% penalty killing.
  3. As good as CSW played last night, do we not need to in a few face offs? Schief at 33% and Wheeler filling in at 0% ? I loved the 2nd and 3rd periods but it shouldn’t have been that close. We need to win some O-zone face offs and control that play a little more.
  4. Has been the busiest bar night of the year as far back as I can remember. The one up at The Pal used to start about 7. So glad that part of my life is over and I can just go home after the game ends.
  5. I am not sure why you would think this. Valour FC is owned by the Winnipeg Football Club and stadium revenues always benefit the Winnipeg Football Club. The WFC assets include the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Valour FC and the Lease of IGF. Anything that happens at IGF that is not UofM related is revenue for WFC.
  6. NLL 12 team league, third highest attendance of any indoor sporting league behind only NHL and NBA, $400 000 USD soft salary cap. $34 000 for a "franchise player" What about the new Canadian professional soccer league, what do their guys make? Independent Baseball ie Winnipeg Goldeyes. Any of these guys would be over the moon with $70 000. Or compare it to anyone getting paid to do what they love, many would love to be able to make $70 000 a year. I can't even fathom why I bothered to reply but your logic was so circular I was getting dizzy.
  7. Exactly my thoughts too. Like Lemieux's fire but the more I read about Hayes the more I like the sound of this deal. Let's just hope he can develop some chemistery with the guys real fast.
  8. In Sask to avoid talking about the Riders they are pumping media stories about vanity plates... https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/vbw79x/no-one-can-stop-assman-from-turning-his-truck-into-a-giant-vanity-plate
  9. Pure F’en Gold. Can’t believe I haven’t seen that before.
  10. Exactly this. Had a chance to meet him and chat last month. All he wants to to is play and contribute. Has the hunger in his eyes. Not saying I think he has what it takes to be an everyday NHLer but he has more hunger than some more talented, larger players exhibit.
  11. I ran in to him out for dinner last Friday and had this very conversation. He’s an RFA but is hungry to be a starter in this league. Feels he has the game for it and is ready. Only slight against would be he like to hang out with Petan...
  12. I just found a copy of that this summer, cleaning out my mom's house.
  13. Going way out on that limb again... Kenbrell Thompkins
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