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  1. The fact he's not...indicates there is more to the story. He should have been arrested 2 years ago.
  2. Too much does not add up: Why wait two years to report this? This amounts to treason - why was the MP not arrested and charged?
  3. Of course they are not comparable. But the bottom line is - without Layton - Harper never wins a majority That will not happen in the current situation - that's all I was saying I do remember all of that. I also remember that as finance minister, he slashed billions in transfer payments, which I assume was sanctioned by the Prime Minister When he ran for Prime Minister, it was hard to determine if he was really that inept, or if his party just wasn't behind him
  4. Yes, he used wedge issues. Also yes - there was a clear and well known connection between him and Jack Layton He couldn't have unseated Paul Martin's Liberals without NDP support
  5. I haven't been able to make sense of any of those election interference allegations Trudeau deflections and Pollievere snide marks - are mostly adding more mud to the water
  6. Harper was actually competent at working with the other opposition parties. PP just has no idea how to go about it.
  7. The 2011 election was unique and very unlikely to be repeated A very weak Liberal party and strength of Jack Layton leading the NDP No disrespect to Singh or Mulcair, but they are not of Layton's calibre and never will be We had the NDP not only form the official opposition, but also split the vote in ridings that usually go to the Liberals 4 years later, it was obvious that people were ready to have the Liberals in power again The current NDP are not going to do for Pollievere what they did for Harper Even if they wanted to, I doubt PP is savvy enough to work with them
  8. You have wonder what kind of staff he has working for him. It was completely predictable that this would happen.
  9. I knew it. TBURGESS is the pen name of Gordon Korman
  10. The Grinch who Stole the MBB Book Titles thread
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