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  1. Or if the Trevor Harris with the mental fortitude of a wet noodle shows up.
  2. MR is playing the way he always has - which last season didn't translate into a playoff spot. In other news - he needs at least two maybe three big play receivers - he's got 1 to 1.5.
  3. No idea what gave us that impression...no idea at at all. 🥺
  4. This cannot be overstated. Last year, I needed a place to have lunch on a class field trip. We checked Google maps for the closest park and found a tiny gem just a few blocks away. It was perfect for our purpose - that’s Winnipeg.
  5. Same as another guy who wore red and black...
  6. Too much time watching his protection, not enough time spent looking downfield.
  7. Imagination is the dark room where all fears are realized.
  8. Did not watch any of the game - this thread was more entertaining.
  9. Dude - he could throw the ball further...
  10. Except for Chungh, who’s better when healthy?
  11. I was at Bishop’s first practice - hell of a practice QB.
  12. And the date base is still not fully appreciated.
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