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  1. Don’t know about that, man. We used to have some pretty awful DBs that started about half a dozen games before they were benched.
  2. Dunno man - there were quite a few struggling OTs this past season.
  3. Ok, I can see how that could happen. You have to go with the lunch buffet or one of their specials. A & W is like that too, if you don’t use their coupons.
  4. Because your info is the not accurate. They have one of the few buffets that are still under $10 Also, there's the 5 5 5 deal when you buy one large pizza at full price I don't have a problem with their pizza. It is what it is; once in a while it's okay, but I wouldn't want to eat it every week
  5. I agree 100%. But i’m Thinking they’ll never do it because then the east would rarely if ever host a playoff game.
  6. If they add Walker it’ll be another Khari / Milt scenario. Guys will be coming back to the huddle saying “hey ZC, this guy can’t cover me.”
  7. Na - they're going to cut to the chase and just declare that holding will officially not be called - beginning each season after labour day.
  8. No worries - Fajardo still has Clarke to hug him after hitting goalposts.
  9. One just happens to be a pillar of Western civilization. But we live in a free country, so feel free to carry on.
  10. Combine that with playing behind the TO oline - you'll be hearing voices alright...
  11. Sickeningly accurate.
  12. And has the intestinal fortitude of a wet noodle at times.
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