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  1. This election is beginning to look like 2011. Except for Quebec voting Bloc again...
  2. Stop trolling. No one said he was capable of taking us to the Grey Cup. I normally deal with stuff in PM, but I’m sick and tired of it.
  3. Agreed. I voted Conservative in the advanced polls yesterday, for that exact reason - coupled with the fact that the Conservatives have my riding locked up and the other parties aren't even trying.
  4. Good job taking the bait guys, very nicely done. Episode 2: certain Rider fans show up on the defensive Episode 3: certain Bomber fans start asking where the mods are Lather, rinse, repeat.
  5. You joined MBB just to make this post - we can scarcely contain our excitement.
  6. Also, if he doesn’t push the ball downfield, teams will stack the box and there goes the running game. But I do think they should be using Harris more in the red zone, especially with the OL playing like they were yesterday.
  7. I hope that continues. I don't think other teams schemed to shut down the ground game as much as the Bombers just stopped using it.
  8. 1. Harris 2. Streveler 3. Sayles HH Glenn Young
  9. If he calls that hitch to Lucky Whitehead - I might be done watching games for this year.
  10. IMO, it's about bloody time. It has been really hard to get new fans interested in the CFL this year.
  11. That's the cumulative effect of officials looking right at serious infractions but not making calls. Eg. the Adams, Bighill incident - just no excuse for not throwing a flag for that infraction, and it is just one example among many. I know it's a tough job, but I cannot understand how you can be looking right at something like that and not throw the flag.
  12. I would say he's capable of centering one of the best checking lines in the league.
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