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  1. Lol. And a month later some of the heralded provinces are a disaster.
  2. There is optimism as we see fewer cases across the province. This is because “YOU” have made good decisions in regards to your activities and gatherings. There will always be those who choose not to adhere to the rules, but the majority of people did the right thing during Christmas and New Years and the numbers are reflecting that. That means we can prepare for reopening at a slow pace. We don’t want to return to this type of lockdown. This process will be slow but productive if done correctly. All provinces (except the Maritimes) are now seeing alarming increases because th
  3. The craziest thing is, this is all bigger than Donald Trump - the combination of unfettered social media and Trump giving them a voice - led to what we saw on Jan. 6
  4. Both. I’m just tired of large retailers being able to operate.
  5. I was thinking about doing that after Jan. 20, or just locking this thread at that point. With so much going on, a merge would be confusing.
  6. Many have also convinced themselves that 99% of the rioters were Biden supporters wearing Trump / MAGA garb (lol). Their boy Trump tried to be noble and send them home.
  7. This is their version of joining hands and singing kumbaya - problem is - they're all tone deaf.
  8. That statement from Trump has got to be the lamest thing I've ever heard. Pretend you're sending them home while still feeding their insane rhetoric.
  9. It becomes rather unfunny...when you actually know some red hat plebs.
  10. I hope so too. Given our history with backup QBs, it is indeed difficult to not be cynical.
  11. Something gets brought up that’s a legitimate concern, and just because it is not exactly the mainstream narrative, it gets glossed over as ‘so - called negativity.’ This gentleman would have died without intervention, and there’s no way to know how many others like him there are. I am not against the stay at home orders, but they could be presented in a way that is less fear - inducing.
  12. When someone feels the need to stay inside 100% of the time & it begins to effect their physical and mental health, that can be just as bad as picking up the virus No one should stay inside all the time - people should be made more aware that there are safe ways to go outside I don't know which one is worse, I just know both scenarios can lead to some pretty messed up situations and messed up people.
  13. Sure. But you have to see the whole picture. Recognize all the impacts.
  14. It is more likely to affect people who are afraid to leave home. My sister’s neighbour almost died because he was afraid leave his house.
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