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  1. Reilly will carve up the Hammy pass D again - this time for a win.
  2. In that sense, yes. But none of that will be considered once you've pushed an official.
  3. Is this a veiled 'Blitzkrieg' reference?
  4. If they spread out to defend Streveler, Harris has openings up the middle. Then you have Hardrick, Bryant and Co. blowing things up on every running play. If you're the opposing D, of course you will game plan to stop the run - but that doesn't mean it's going to work.
  5. You're a straight shooter. You don't pretend to be something you're not - it's appreciated.
  6. Could well be. But the interview ^^ is one of the better ones I've heard all year. Normally I don't even listen to the entire thing. But I don't agree with him about the penalties. When you push an official, you better expect 15 yards - he should have gotten 25 for that - it's pathetic.
  7. Pickup games in our backyard and on an outdoor rink in fall are the extent of my experience. Sure, I've learned some things from being a fan, but you gotta defer to those who obviously know more.
  8. His spin on how the Esks have been working on discipline was beyond belief - those two costly penalties were the cumulative effect of the crap they were doing all game.
  9. When in doubt, see what Booch has to say about it.
  10. And he's leading Operation Overlord when we play the Riders.
  11. Whatever point Pallister was trying to make, he needed to be a little more media savvy and just keep his mouth shut. I also think their ads on Kinew are a mistake, they will backfire.
  12. 1. Willie Jefferson 2. Rest of the DL crew 3. Running game: 17 & 33 HH: Medlock
  13. Looking at their starting lineup - I find it odd that two Americans are on the right side of the OL, while a Canadian rookie is at left tackle.
  14. Jack Layton, a remarkable political figure, passed away 8 years ago today. RIP, good sir.
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