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  1. With mostly the same line up they had this year...
  2. Well, I would think any tackle probably could, but it would depend on what the coaching staff's expectations are for that position In Winnipeg, the bar is set pretty high. On other teams, it was pretty much a gong show last season
  3. Possibly. But I wouldn't be surprised if they continue with 2 Americans at the tackle positions. Especially if they continue to start Canadians at running back.
  4. How so? It was #42 who got beat to the loose puck behind the net
  5. They could have been corporate or company credit cards. I am sure companies who support candidates purchase memberships and get employees and other people to vote for them.
  6. Restrictions are alive and well at the Canada / U.S. border - depending on who's on duty that day.
  7. He also knows when to leave - he has a history of that.
  8. If that is the case, then it doesn't say much about a significant number of the Jets' players If they become a contender under Trotz, then it will be clear that many of them have underperformed in 2021 - 2022
  9. You'd have to get very rigorous then, because partisanship and favoritism are entrenched in this country. I have heard an MP say to a fairly large group of people from across Canada "that he needed to 'repay people' who had helped him get elected."
  10. I read the article as "the Crown is arguing that she should be returned to jail." I don't see how "the possibility of speaking at a gala" can be a valid reason for sending someone back to jail.
  11. We've heard this drama before. No one can afford to hold up the season...and they won't.
  12. Sounds like a whole lot of smash mouth football.
  13. The company is called Lakeland today - we get our milk delivered from there.
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