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  1. Mark H.


    The whole thing is still nothing but a hoax and an overreach to many. And I include Canadians in that statement.
  2. That’s not unique to the CFL. Any of those other issues, they just have some things to work on, but to be in any way homophobic is a death sentence.
  3. Mark H.


    That's a broad brush stroke - it's very possible to be religious and believe fully in science and medicine as well.
  4. The Liberals have the next election in the bag, if that's the best he can come up with.
  5. No, it's a completely fair comparison. Germany has an enormous population relative to their land mass. They have high numbers of immigrants and refugees - they are a cultural melting pot. The U.S. has the affluence to be more successful, but too much money is flowing to the top.
  6. https://globalnews.ca/news/7065196/rcmp-search-missing-girl-drowning-spring-coulee-june-14/
  7. And Hilary Clinton was supposed win handily, according to this exact same source.
  8. I would trade the quality of those broadcasts for being able to watch all the games.
  9. Mark H.


    That’s happening. Kids are back in school here, borders are loosening up, restaurants are opening, etc.
  10. Mark H.


    1. We all understand your frustration. 2. There really wasn’t any way for government or law enforcement to effectively and peacefully stop the protests. 3. There was really no way for Dr. Roussin to say the protests were a bad idea and shouldn’t have happened. Perception is 9/10s of reality, and some would have perceived such comments as racist.
  11. Oh excellent, those are fine ideas. Not to take this thread too far off topic, but the usual portrayal and perception of Tommy Douglas is very interesting. When one knows that he believed in and promoted eugenics, statements such as the one above ring rather hollow.
  12. Mark H.


    I was not even aware of that, but I am not surprised at all. We get 'some' of the same treatment. Eg. I have never stolen anything in my life, but I have been followed in some stores.
  13. Mark H.


    I can absolutely believe this, and I'll tell you why. As most of you know by now, I'm a Hutterite. We are sort of the perfect test case for the spreading of germs. We eat communally three times daily (buffet style), we sit just a few feet apart in church, and when it comes to the children, there literally is no separation at any time. Now, when schools closed on March 23, we all started eating at home, one person from each family went to get food, and this was coordinated so that we had low numbers of people in the kitchen at any given time. School was online / home school and church was over the public address system. People from other communities could not visit us, and vice versa. During March and April, which tend to still be prime cold and flu season due to weather and temperature variations - can you guess what happened? I'm sure you can - colds and flus were (and still are) drastically reduced, almost non - existent. We probably won't be able to maintain these practices indefinitely, but some of them will certainly stay in place.
  14. Mark H.


    Ok man, good comeback. For the record, I was done with Mack after his first year.
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