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  1. Dickenson and Hufnagel both touched him - thus he was golden immediately.
  2. Isn’t there also caveat that as long as the player hasn’t played Highschool football in the States...?
  3. It may be that - you never can tell with money...
  4. Meanwhile, Collaros is casually surveying the field with their DL literally locked up. I’m getting a print of that made.
  5. The DL took it to the next level - everyone else just had to do their jobs behind them. They saved their best football for the big dance.
  6. The most other worldly aspect of their GC run - was the insane physicality and dominance in the trenches.
  7. I’m honestly beginning to wonder which games people were watching.
  8. Restaurant / food thread. It is not a busy thread at the best of times.
  9. Ok, my bad. I overreacted based my own misconceptions - apologies to TBurg.
  10. Did not happen on a consistent basis, it was just one of their options (punkt).
  11. This is an inaccurate post which I had responded to earlier and was going to ignore, but it has led to some unnecessary bickering and partially derailed the topic. There were DIs available to the offense, and they very rarely had 6 Nationals on the starting O. When Hecht was replaced by Alexander, the 2 nationals spots on D were filled by Kongbo and Thomas, with Hecht also slotting in for certain sets, allowing a National DL to swap out. I enjoy debate and a little controversy as much as the next person, but do please keep it accurate.
  12. It was the ideal playoff offence - just beat up the opposing D every time you step on the field. Run the ball with authority and take no prisoners. Players don’t play that way by accident, they don’t have each others’ backs by accident either.
  13. I would imagine he’ll still have the Grey Cup MOC / MOP at running back, and some pretty solid nationals on the interior OL. Add a perennial all - star at the left tackle position - he should be only moderately handicapped.
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