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  1. That's a good point about the Argos. Good chance we'll be playing them in December.
  2. A cat in heat is generally waiting to be screwed.
  3. Probably the experience factor, would be my mostly uneducated guess.
  4. Kinda sucks that they are missing both Hardrick and Harris in pass pro - be nice to have Harris in the flats.
  5. Elementary my friend. We sucked but still got the W.
  6. And he just happens to be the best of the bunch.
  7. Yes, there is such a thing. There are plenty of starters in CFL who would not be a starter for the Bombers. How good you are and whether or not you keep your position, often depends on where you're playing.
  8. All the 'relatively good' ones disagree with your reasoning.
  9. Na, this is the league where QBs have 9 lives.
  10. 'Talk' is the key word in your statement.
  11. 100 high calibre games at the OT position is bloody amazing.
  12. Someone will pay Jeffcoat...and he's earned it.
  13. This is internal...we are internal...now...don't touch the Quarterbacks.
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