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  1. Morissey and Nurse puck moving on the back end.
  2. I never watched Brock play, but my uncle always insists he was prone to overthrowing receivers. Would you say that's accurate?
  3. History suggests that the Als would be wise if they held on to Fajardo - unless they 100% have a suitable replacement
  4. Single malt and 1919 are exempt from the salary cap.
  5. CFRY is more of a news station for the Portage area. They do play country music, but it's not their bread & butter
  6. Jeffrey had previously coached in Edmonton and Toronto.
  7. The Big Blue were in an almost identical situation - back in 2013 when they hired O'Shea.
  8. Ok. But there was also 'pretty good authority' saying Pierce was the front runner.
  9. Yep. I"d say the Riders need to go with 3 imports on the OL, like the Bombers did not that long ago. But who's going to find good ones? Sure as cuss not O'Day.
  10. If I forget $100 at home on a shopping trip - I can't spend that money.
  11. Each team can only slice the pie so many ways The vast majority of these guys will not make much more money signing elsewhere And going to a non-contender = lost playoff $$
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