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  1. I still can't wrap my brain around this. Shut the most of the world down for the better part of a year and then some, then have Olympics in a country with an insanely low vaccine uptake.
  2. It often seemed like 'Let's stop doing this before they actually stop us.' Some games, I would compare to deliberately sacrificing your Queen in a game of chess - because the other guy might capture her in the next few moves.
  3. Excellent job by Wab Kinew - I just took the time to listen again. For them to try labeling that as bullying - is beyond tone deaf.
  4. In most cases it's not even misunderstanding, it's deliberate ignorance. You can show them it's incorrect, but they won't back down, because they've spent the past year mouthing off about it.
  5. Outstanding block by Obby Khan on that play.
  6. Or, the most recent logical brilliance: 'the public health orders are not constitutional, therefore, we don't actually have to pay the fines.'
  7. She is not your typical PC. Unfortunate side effect: Indigenous people just lost an excellent minister.
  8. Eileen Clarke resigns from cabinet - over Palister's 'statue remarks' https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/eileen-clarke-resigns-cabinet-pallister-indigenous-comments-1.6102299
  9. There was a lot going on and far too much inconsistency. If any semblance of all this remains in September, we will see more early retirements.
  10. I read the reports every day. Nothing beyond "we are seeing some transmission in schools." When there have been some cases, one contact tracer will ask the entire cohort to isolate, while another will say they don't need isolate if everyone was wearing masks. It has been wildly inconsistent. Some schools stopped wearing masks altogether, and there were no repercussions (true story).
  11. Schools outside Metro had very little or nothing of that. It seems there were other factors at play. But I don't imagine any of us will be seeing the data.
  12. Schools were not closed back in late fall - with daily case counts of 400 - 600. This spring, they were not shut down province wide.
  13. I don't know. I recall far fewer passes being thrown to his side of the field, because Chris Randle also played on that side.
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