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  1. Absolutely - they froze the basic personal exemption, which made no sense at all. Gouge low income folks to generate pennies for the government. A far as I know, a point on the PST is pocket change compared to the other cuts that were made. It is definitely pocket change compared to the increase in transfer payments the Palister government has received from Ottawa.
  2. Shhhh - that was justified and not his fault...😇😀
  3. Until that crutch breaks too. Funny - how Winnipeg had to solve its own financial problems.
  4. Does not compute - That was an era when the Leafs didn't make the playoff for 8 consecutive years
  5. IDK that was a poorly managed Leafs team from 2005 to 2012 - debating whether or not to rebuild & overpaying for talent. It's pretty hard to judge any coach they employed in that era.
  6. As strange it may sound to some - the Manitoba NDP under Doer / Selinger did actually cut $ 1 billion in taxes, mostly income tax.
  7. I'll admit that I found you annoying a week ago - but you have been proven right Hopefully their inevitable changes are sensible and effective
  8. Hmmm... an #1 line that can't perform in the playoffs.
  9. THIS. The Esks’ entire LB corps was a liability last year - Konar in particular.
  10. Oh yes, it does. Trudeau (for example) happened to have an AG with integrity who didn't go along with the status quo. But most of the time, that is exactly how the real world works.
  11. That means absolutely nothing. Planes fly at 500 - 600 km/h, jet fuel is explosive, steel does not need to melt in order to collapse, office supplies and furniture burn fast and hot.
  12. You are seriously using 911 to make a point? A conspiracy theory that is easily disproved by the most basic physics...
  13. No. Climate change is inevitable and fossil fuels have contributed to it in a big way. Thus, the rationale for compensating the third world. I was merely under the impression - that you disagreed with that rationale.
  14. Very interesting article - not one I would have expected you to post. Thanks.
  15. Tory majority in Alberta - Canada has gone blue. NS, Ont, MB, SK, AB
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