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  1. I see no reason why Strev couldn't roll out and find Lawler or Demski on some deep shots.
  2. That happens on some plays, for sure. But on others he does have time. The OL used to be lights out, now they are average.
  3. No sense in the DBs making fools of themselves. Wait...an LB already did.
  4. Ok folks, I have given several warnings about this. Please cut out the wheel chair/body cast comments. Thank you.
  5. ZC has time to throw most of the time. The OL they had 4-5 years is probably not attainable. BO is also getting decent yardage, for the most part.
  6. They need to employ more of a ball control offense. Looks like there isn't much intention of doing that.
  7. Competent enough to know that you attack a D where it's weak. While the vet on the other team keeps forcing throws.
  8. I Find it interesting that they have a home game on this weekend. Biggest farm show in western Canada (Ag in Motion) is happening in Saskatoon.
  9. Keys 1 and 2: they have talent on O to do all of that - if ZC gets the protection up front. Key 3: I could see the D not getting consistent pressure and giving up yards and points. O needs to score a lot and stay on the field.
  10. Lol, precisely You should check out the vid - he takes his viagra with beer.
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