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  1. I was looking forward to the crowd singing “we will we will Bockru” on his first TD, but yeah so much for that. 😂😂😂
  2. WR Macho Bockru was released per CFL.ca transactions page.
  3. after Briggs and Gauthier, we only have rookies Cadwallader and Lowes (who is currently not practicing). this pickup is for ST for sure and 13 ST tackles is music in O’Shea’s ears.
  4. Just for reference. Nichols passing stat. Lapo rejoined the Bombers in 2016. For the record, I'm not a pro/anti-Nichols and pro/anti-Lapo.
  5. If Meredith is practicing I'll agree to that but it's already 10 days since he last practiced. "Can't make the club from the tub", so they say.
  6. Seriously, that's the first Bomber's game I watched on TV, and the very reason why I became a fan of the Bombers and Milt. Don't know the Bombers players names yet and the all about the CFL game then.
  7. Was expected to be a "Thorpedo" because of his speed, turned out to be "Crap" instead.
  8. WR Rodney Smith was released by the Elks yesterday. Unless, he has injury or attitude issues, he can be a good pickup as backup vet receiver. In 2019, he has 600+ receiving yards and 5 TDs. A big dude too @ 6.5 235lbs.
  9. I wonder why the Riders', Argos' and Als' roster cuts are not listed or published.
  10. Antigha is what I'm thinking too. He has the physicality and speed to man the SAM and would minimize changes in the backend. Alexander in safety spot is the best option we have there. Johnson/Darby/Alexander/Taylor/Jones is not a bad secondary.
  11. And as per accounts, with that rag-tag OL, Fajardo is shredding their D on practice. So you've got to think what kind of D they'll have.
  12. Josh Johnson - 5yr CFLer Not exactly vet but... Jhavonte Dean - was on 2019 Rider's PR Rhantony Texada - was on 2019 RedBlack's PR
  13. A veteran. In 2019, Darby has 56 defensive tackles and 5 interceptions.
  14. Today: Monday is the countdown day to 75 excluding non-counters. If I’m not mistaken, the non-counters are: 2020: DB Noah Hallet WR Brendan Oleary-Orange K/P Marc Liegghio DT Nicholas Dheilly LB Tanner Cadwallader 2021: DB Resha Kramdi LB Robie Lowes RB Kyle Borsa WR Macho Bockru 2021 Global: LB Les Mauro OL Tomoya Machino LB Ayo Oyelola That makes 12 players will unfortunately be sent back home.
  15. Maybe he can't spell anymore?
  16. He was not permitted to join the team in practice past 2 days (I believe) while waiting for the result. By all account, result turned out false-positive, so he joined the team today .
  17. Not sure. If he's tested positive he shouldn't be talking with other guys.
  18. https://www.bluebombers.com/2021/07/15/im-winnipeg-learn-agudosi-ready-opportunity/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter that's a tall receiver... Carlton Agudosi 6'6" 220... reminds me of Gregg Carr
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