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  1. 3rd Alexander in the roster (or 4th if we count Alexandre as the same). Signed by the Bombers today.
  2. they tried but couldnt because our OL manhandled their DL all game long.
  3. Couple of guys signed by the Bombers per CFL.ca transaction page. DB Ranthony Texada OL Nolan Ulizio
  4. yup. and how about addison richards?
  5. Being an “NFL athlete” doesn’t guarantee a thing in the CFL. I like the fact that he was drafted by the Bomber but its remain to be seen if he will sign with the team and will remain healthy enough to stay.
  6. We will, we will, Bockru We will, we will, Bockru 😂
  7. Additional for the Bombers Zach Houghron Macho Bockru
  8. Bombers' CFL Draft Class 2020 Noah Hallett Brendan O'Leary-Orange Mark Lieggio Nicholas Dheilly Kyle Rodgers Tanner Cadwallader Bleska Kambamba
  9. I thought they would pick Claypool there
  10. Para bailar Kambamba, para bailar Kambamba,
  11. Just my hunch, if Bennett is still available on BC’s first pick (3rd overall), Kyle might send Couture to BC. We are deep in OL anyways, specially at center - Speller, Eli and Kolanskowski. Desjarlais can also play the position if needed be. And BC is in need of OL specially a center. BC boy for a Winnipeg boy it’s a trade in the making. 😉
  12. Cant find anything in Twitter-verse
  13. cue the Derrell Walker signing 😁
  14. https://www.cfl.ca/2020/04/01/mock-1-0-stamps-go-big-first-overall-pick/ Question on the territorial picks... Gallimore (19th) and Acheampong (20th) Does that mean Winnipeg can't select them on their first pick (18th) ?
  15. Riders release QB Bryan Bennett https://3downnation.com/2020/04/08/riders-release-quarterback-bryan-bennett/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  16. QB Dalton Sneed signed by the Bombers https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/03/30/bombers-add-montana-quarterback-dalton-sneed/ https://gogriz.com/sports/football/roster/dalton-sneed/5078
  17. Defense cant make a sack and tackle. 😂
  18. teams with lesser roster changes will definitely benefit from this.
  19. another restructuring done by Ticats - this time it's Van Zeyl
  20. im not trying to take any credit from it. in most of my posts i mentioned that im getting it from cfl.ca transactions page. im just posting it to get some discussion re the player. but if you think people are confused... sure no more posting about it.
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