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  1. From the news yesterday, the RedBlacks wants to keep Lapo. Added to the fact that there's a personnel cap space they're considering. So it would really make sense for them hire a GM that will agree on keeping Lapo. Does it make sense for us? No. Do we care? No.
  2. Duane Forde is interested in RedBlacks' vacant GM position. I would think he's OK with Lapo as the HC if ever he gets that job.
  3. No. He just want to beat Kevin Glenn's record. 😅 How can we put a Ambroise-helping-the-Bombers twist here? 😆
  4. I think the trade is fair for both side. Edmonton need a experienced QB other than what they have now. And Arbuckle will be their most experienced QB and have won games. On the other hand, Arbuckle never really established himself as the bonafide starter in Toronto and was beaten by McBeth. It's been known for few weeks now that Argos is shopping him.
  5. https://3downnation.com/2021/08/03/3downnation-contributors-fearlessly-predict-the-2021-cfl-standings/
  6. Unless of course, RedBlack wants a GM that will keep Lapo, which they do... and that limits their pool of available GM candidates.
  7. Jim Barker, Eric Tillman (currently with Atlantic Schooners) and Brendan Taman (currently with the Als) might get a look. Among those 3, Taman might have a good chance to retain Lapo.
  8. All of Alexander, Taylor, Maston and Johnson have expiring contract. I'm guessing Jones is probably at the last year of his rookie contract. Not sure about Darby, probably is on a expiring contract also.
  9. I would assume Alford signed a standard CFL contract. Not sure how long it is. Although, I'm sure the Bombers will release him if he has opportunity down-south. Ditto Nichols.
  10. Expect Danny Mac and/or Ted Goveia to get an interview on that opening. If any of them gets the job Lapo’s job might be safe.
  11. Agree. Given his failure on his first gig as HC and seeing for the previous years how O’Shea run things, I thought he would be successful this time around. But not. Though not 100% the blame is on his. Desjardins should carry most of the blame because of the lack of talent on this team.
  12. If Lapo wants to be successful as HC, he needs an OC. He can help formulate the offensive gameplan for the week but let the OC call the plays.
  13. what craps are you spillin’ on the RF again?
  14. Where the son of a certain HC is playing.
  15. Another INT for TD will close this to 50. make it happen D.
  16. A gooseegg will not a good look on Campbell’s resume.
  17. Lets keep the gooseegg on the board. Please.
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