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  1. There's an outrage of the Laff fans on twitter because of this. Asking fines for PLD and Pionk and calling the NHL a Mickey Mouse league.
  2. I'm watching his fights, not sure if he can give good pointers to Stanley either. 😅
  3. he need those fights to learn it by himself. shoulda pounded Perry last game. although he has to be smart about the timing of it also.
  4. I want to see a Stanley-Tkachuk fight !
  5. as much as I want Jets to acquire a top4 pairing Dman I dont want them to trade Perfetti, Heinola and Samberg and any of the players currently on the active squad.
  6. That's a very optimistic expectation though. 😁
  7. shoulda put Perreault on the 2nd line with Stastny and Dubois for our French Line seriously though, I prefer keeping the 3rd line of Copp-Lowry-Appleton intact
  8. You also have to account Ehlers here. Ehlers doesn't have to shy away from shooting anymore. Before he need to baby his old pal's confidence and pass a little more pucks to him.
  9. Chevy/PoMo needs to fix this D. This D will not get the Jets deep to the playoffs. And when I said fix, I don't mean just subbing Beaulieu or Niku for whoever is in the lineup right now.
  10. not a good first period then jets forwards should do the same.
  11. Are we going to see a Stanley-Tkachuk fight tonite?
  12. I would think Savard (RHD) is more likely than Ekholm (LHD).
  13. Could we see mass player retirements because of this new CFL announcement? F*** Ambroise. I avoided this discussion board since the CFL/XFL new surfaced. Makes me depress to think the CFL is slowly dying. Oh well, back to the NHL Jets board.
  14. It's interesting what the CFLPA say on this? I bet the Americans are in favor of this but the Canadians?
  15. It's a shame if this happens. CFL will turn out as an NFL farm league. Ambroise will be known as the Commissioner who killed the CFL.
  16. Dare to say blessing in disguise last night.
  17. Per Bauming, Rocquemore is projected more at SAM while Willams as a KR. They've been on the roster pre-pandemic I believe.
  18. Iirc, he asked for his release.
  19. There's no way they can keep all their off-season signing before the season starts (if there will be a season). Something has to give. I think the MO for Pinball this off-season is to make a buzz, to make the Argos significant at the news (somehow). They'll sort it out, once the training camp/season starts. Looks like John Murphy moved the Riders' taxi-squad from Regina to Toronto.
  20. Bombers' neg lister (assuming he's not removed yet) https://www.bluebombers.com/2020/09/24/bombers-unveil-10-names-45-player-negotiation-list/
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