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  1. Lapo said in an interview yesterday how Strev was so dedicated to his team and teammates and would do whatever he had to just win. Even when Zack was brought in he was a perfect pro and it was cause of guys like him and Matt and McGuire that made that QB room so strong..he is a guy who is intelligent and super positive and just wants to help his team win..will do whatever and laid it all out there for his team..who wouldn't want a guy like that on their team?? It's not a fan favorite thing cause of his personality and off field fun he showed..that's just all part of what makes him Strev
  2. He has already improved from when he got here..and like I said, in a prototypical offence..with real reps and not modified gimmickry he can and will get better. And sure..u can never compare any league from one to the other..but...if u have excelled at a level..within that level of competion getting to next level is almost the same..having played in all levels..prep schools..JC..NCAA and then stints and camps in CFL and NFL I can assure u that top players can elevate to match each level..for qb routes trees are same..looks the same..coverages the same..talent is better for u and against you..but if u throw for anything over 3000 in a college year..you can pass His measurables yeah if he was at national combine would be top of class.. tools are there..as is the brain..only thing that kept NFL types away was the inexperience and the fact they would need a yr or 2 of patience and work to progress him..but in the business of NFL that wouldn't happen..the politics.. money to do it..buried 4 deep never getting any reps..but in Canada it has been perfect and Winnipeg is allowing and able to follow the pre draft narrative for him..and we are gonna reap the benefits of it
  3. That's the thing with Strev, when he gets more reps and chemistry with the receiver's..throwing actual routes in the standard playbook, this will get corrected...just getting in sync with a receievr's tendencies..how they come out of their routes, the speed they break off things..etc..etc...his shots furthwr down the field will be more precise...like anything, if you don't practice it, and do it over and over...you don't get better
  4. was kinda shocked he was let go to be honest...was he hurt so told to rehab and come back if he got healthy for 2020?...can't recall
  5. All issues I have been sqwauking about for a year and a half...to much static targets...no layering..rail shots...etc And I agree on his accuracy...gets it in the catch radius but too many times the receiver has to do a lot to get the ball, and by then is engulfed
  6. remember how we could, or would be bemoaning things..who we needed to cut loose...chase...fire...as the drought rolled on, but now we aren't?..ahahahahah
  7. Mechanics are not terrible..he is an arm thrower, or what is refereed to in Draft profiles/classifications as unorthodox..but isn't viewed as a flaw or negative mark. Watch Phillip Rivers as an example..same mechanics and an 18 year vet with no arm issues over career and very successful. Strevelers report was a strong arm with a quick trigger and ball is gone with a flick of the wrist with steam/heat. He needed work on his platform..which has gotten way better, because his un-even footwork caused uncoordinated throwing at times, but still he was able to get ball away in a hurry and with power. Was also viewed as a QB who hits a receiver's catch radius accurately and timely and gives his receivers a chance to win the ball and has plenty of distance on deep throws but is hit and miss...but that (hit and miss) can be said about any QB. But with work on his set-up and footwork it can/will improve...we have seen that already. Also from my work at camps, we have improved QB's deep ball accuracy and downfield power with correcting footwork and improving their platform...so if we can do it with guys preparing for combines and drafts, it can be done with a Pro..he hasn't had the 10 years of QB training like most college graduates...so he is progressing on the fly as a pro Was viewed as a terrific pro RPO prospect just needed quality coaching and a program to show patience for a couple of seasons, (something being done here right now) as his athleticism and lightening release will create a winner, and a team should fit his style into there system...interestingly enough a lot of his pre-draft analysis seems to be coming to fruition and I bet next year, he makes a huge step forward. At minnesotta he played some qb..total attempts in 2 years was 11 as well as RB, TE and WR...but when he switche to South Dakota, in his final season was 316 for 481 for 4134 yards (a 8.6 td per attempt avg) for 32 TD's and 8 INT's...surely a passing QB considering he also had 720 yards on the ground for 11 more scores..a run first/only QB with an inferior arm doesn't put up those kind of numbers...And as his scouting report says..team that puts in the patience and coaching...will be rewarded...no point in giving up on that now
  8. Whatever way you slice it, you need a vet and a Strev, or a vet and and Arbuckle...an Arbuckle and Strev is too risky, and they don't have vet leadership to watch/learn from or ask questions...and thats huge. Arbuckle has shown well...but so did Evans and when it got time to play in the nitty gritty...he wilted...and Evans is a better QB than Arbuckle at moment. So a smart man will say it will be Strev and.....Nichols or Collaros with whomever we don't sign in Ottawa..and If Collaros does end up in T.O then one of MBT or Franklin is in Ottawa with Lapo This notion in people minds that Streveler can't pass is ludicrous, and of Nichols..Collaros and Arbuckle has the stronger arm...and put back in a conventional QB scheme where he uses his legs to buy time..escape pocket or take off if need be...and not as his main use...he will surprise many,
  9. That's the thing..he was showing and doing well as a typical QB when we first had to play him..but when his run abilities were discovered..well we changed our use of him..put him back to being a QB..but one who "can" run...lookout
  10. I actually thought this year he looked better...was moving around in pocket and changing his launch points...a couple early TD strikes were a direct result of him moving out of pressure Non-contact injury this year is false though..having a D-Lineman come down on you full force with arm in a bad position taking full force is what did him in...what it did who knows, but I think it was some kind of dislocation with a tear somewhere I think too...regardless of who we sign we will be paying between 550k to 750k for our QB's...what order they play on depth chart, or who is the starter I don't care..whoever is giving us the best chance in each game to win is all that matters...the money will still be paid regardless Tho Strev has to be part of that mix
  11. was comparing 2016 to their games played in 2019...which equaled the same amount oddly...either way tho...both would only be a starter this coming yr I think...so most likely best bet is to stick with familiarity (if Nichols is healed) and work Strev more into things with an actual normal package of plays..
  12. As a recruiter I can say yes...you do look at a players body of work...total body...not just the good...or the bad...and yes Masoli threw for 200+ in 2014...in true back-up QB fashion with minimal reps And yeah he rushed for more...BLM has rushed for next to nothing, but his stats are far superior to both and it's not just due to OC played under...it's about skill..and Masoli is alright..but not elite..and yes you can disagree but his stats are very pedestrian...and never said Matts were elite either...but his stats and his penchant for less turn overs make him a better option at this point in their careers in what we are doing here
  13. you can cherry pick portions of a season...or portions of a career all you like to support an argument or position on things...but overall...has done not a heck of a lot...and yeah other than his what appears to be anomaly season in 2018 Since 2016 Masoli has thrown for 12 657 yards with 67 TD's to 42 Int's Nichols thrown for 13 420 yards with 79 TD's to 35 Int's both guys played 60 games...which stats would indicate a superior QB?..And how has Matt thrown for a piddly amount when he has more yards than Masoli..but again, we seen all year that yards thrown doesn't equate to wins..so Masoli's 300+ yard games equated to 9 td's vs 7 int's....I'll take Matt's 15 tds's to 3 Int's and 200 yards a game to what Masoli's big numbers netted on the score board.. Failing also to mention those 300+ yard high risk games were against T.O at beginning of the season and the back to back spankings of MTL in games 3 and 4 when they were putrid...both teams were putrid...but against Sask..Cgy and Winnipeg he threw for 169 yards..192 yards and 59 yards (though he got hurt) with 3 TD's and 2 Int's...
  14. When you look at Masoli and his career though he has really only had 1 season worthy of top end QB money...his TD to int ration is less than 2:1 which isn't remarkable at all, and has only eclipsed 15 TD passes once and is prone to bad turn overs at really bad times trying to force things I am under the belief that he was a benefactor of what June Jones did that one year more than anything and his 3 years as a starter, and the 6 games this year are really pretty pedestrian numbers and as a 32 year old coming back from injury is what he is and isn't going to evolve into more...so I would hope we aren't considering him at all Collaros and Nichols track record alone, and experience as starters (which are more significant) as well as results wise would offer way more as what is going to be a stop gap anyway while Strev (or Mcguire) evolve and grow, or down the road we end up with a different QB altogether not even on the CFL scene yet in terms of top level talent
  15. Yeah he is a bit of an odd duck, but when he was dumped here was pretty much a guy with zip for CFL experience and has since learned the game.
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