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  1. I also think Coach **** really has no place in saying that...really...who's he to make that assumption Could say he isn't invested as a serious coach as half time his headset is dangling around his neck...seems to have no control of his players as the extra curricular b.s goes on and on...case in point banjo bowl...and the other constant yapping and mugging for camera...so really he should keep his pie hole shut truth be told If any of our guys pulled what the rider dorks did at Banjo Bowl...U could bet Oshea wouldn't have let them see field again that game...and a guy like Kindly Cal would possibly cut him..as I remember the time he cut a guy at halftime one year
  2. Yeah a team with a consistent coaching staff...minimal turnover and being able to hit ground running right away not having the growing pains of integrating new players..schemes..etc is gonna be huge in a shortened season...especially along an o-line and we are set up pretty well with everyone back on the whole offensive side of the ball
  3. YEah this record will never be broken I don't think ever...considering the most recent player to get in the top 5 (Geroy Simon) fell 33 TD's short, while playing one more year (15 to 14) tells me it will never happen. Other than Allen Pitts 10 years no other guy in the top played less than 13 years..Pringle..Reed
  4. I'm shocked nobody has mentioned Milts record breaking TD at the old barn..and the crazy thunderous eruption that created..one of the loudest moments I have personally experienced in not just a CFL stadium but from across North America
  5. Still wants to continue his playing career too...not ready to shut it down he says...maybe he will resurface in CFL just for funnsies
  6. Yeah Rudolph and I assume you mean Ross??..but yeah....those are 3 guys I am quite curious to see....especially if Stewart has his head in the right space he may be a real gem in our off-season scouting
  7. the WHO basically has said with awareness and due diligence that this is the first time a pandemic that can be controlled...people =just need to be smart and Governments need to stay on top of thjings and control whats going on within their borders...
  8. yeah I'm not gonna be bent outta shape if we don't sign him..I would be just fine going into season with our whole returning offence that played in the Grey Cup and won it, and have faith in our recruits...there are 3 guys coming who i can see making some serious noise...use that money to re-up guys at season's end again, or have a lil somethin somethin for any NFL cut that may wanna join a contender
  9. yes...it is a very nice stadium and you can say in the top 2 in Canada, though from being in both, and talking to players who played in both IGEast is much more intimate for football, as well as the crowd more intimidating than IGWest Fans are more than welcome and encouraged to be proud of their barns and hype them to no end....but the Rider Fan incessant babbling how their barn is the be all..end all..jewel of Canada is a bit nauseating, and baseless
  10. 4 stripes...4 cups...4 gene pools..take your pick
  11. what would it cost to fix that defective unsafe roof?...and 10-20k maybe for new seem covers...but did you stick your ratface into the structure to see if any freeze/thaw damage has occured...most likely not, and most likely that won't be made public to media as that could cause, or create fear of structural integrity...if there is a hairline gap..water will enter...and thats one of the worst enemies for structural concrete work in cold climates..
  12. along with the sewer issues they had, and beer lines freezing up in cold weather
  13. well....you could have banished me to Riderland and having to watch all theirs....so I will take that punishment
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