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  1. Not what he was getting at at all....It didn't cripple us as we were not in SMS crunch and had surplus left over to re-sign quite a few guys, and really a large upfront chunk is par for the course in the CFL for a pivot...so we all in the same boat, that being said we were in better position than other teams SMS wise as we didn't have several guys eating up gobs of the SMS... Further to that we only were on the hook for what...2 game day cheques at his prorated amount so basically peanuts...it would have been peanuts pretty much as well for who-ever was picked up. Will be a similar scenario again this year if it comes down to it..and if Zack goes down mid-season...end of season...first 3rd of season then his remainder whatever it is goes off the books and we work within what we have...that bonus...like with Matt's last year, and previous years is already accounted for and removed from in-season surplus, so the GM knows exactly what they will need to work with, and pretty sure Walter's and company have gone over all scenarios of the what if's since the season ended and they had to decide who they were going with AND if we need to roll with McGuire for an extended period in-season for some reason I am more than okay and confident with him for some reason from watching him all year, and knowing his history...he is more a true QB than Streveler and the speed of going through reads and comfort in the pocket is better, so behind our line, and the run game we have...he will manage just fine...he also has the best arm of all guys we have had in the system for last 4-5 years
  2. behind Harris as well, and pretty much in same ball park as Fajardo..and most likely Arbuckle...2 of whom haven't really proven much. And for all we know Fajardo, and the way he plays could be a walking injury all the time too...no history on him yet, though we do know last year he had wonky obliques, and had a shoulder seperation the Rider's claim at some point...The guy that lost out on all this is Masoli for selling himself short
  3. How do you know what their cap space is?...if you sign Strev to around 200k with playtime bonuses that easily fits into the SMS allotment
  4. guess he gets 225k upfront....risky if u ask me, but if there was no way he would sign without it...then it is what it is...
  5. as long as a whack isn't in the form of a bonus then really whats the big deal...and what starting QB (PROVEN) are you gonna get for less...ah right...nobody He gets hurt...his guaranteed money goes on the 6 game and we don't get burned...no way he gets 225k250k upfront like him and Nichols got last year
  6. either way you slice it..Nichols or Collaros was gonna get 450 to 500k...in this case it is 490k...and if 200-225k isn't up front...which I highly doubt it is...this is a very good deal... And who cares about Masoli...he won't be ready for start of season, and is hardly an established guy...so of course he won't be getting on the north of 400k this year 3 teams are in excess of 600k....Winnipeg and Sask are hovering around 500k...Ottawa and T.O will also be too...if not more now seeing as the pool of potential legit starters just shrank...And if Nichols is truly not ready for TC...Arbuckle is gonna get paid Injry history aside I'd much rather pay a proven guy (Collaros) what we are than an unproven guy (Arbuckle/Fajardo) the same amount...especially whhen I bet Collaros will have a smaller upfront cap hit in regards to a bonus than either of those 2 will
  7. Not sure if Farhan is accurate...but even so 490k isn't bad at all when you look at what other teams are paying..CGY/BC/Edm as well as what Fartado is getting in Sask...one season doesn't an all-start make... Minimal playtime bonuses but I bet you Collaros surrendered a big up front bonus that would go up against the cap, for more guaranteed cash total...so in case he does go down early for a while (guaranteed that was discussed) he won't have a big bonus up against our cap...either way he is gonna get paid, and the team is safely covered....to me thats a good deal
  8. I knew that....but there is still nobody who would have gave us a better chance...
  9. but when there is literally nobody out there "brand new" with the ability to lead and win you some games..you go with the best available "proven" option...and we just did that
  10. Under 500k is hardly hefty...and that prob if he makes all his incentives/Bonuses...very good deal..now dont get hurt!!
  11. Most likely Zack is gonna pull in 300k in hard money...with ability to max at 450 to 500k...which generally for a legit number 1 is pretty damn good...No way he is getting guaranteed 400+...not from anyone and he knows it...he stays upright and plays full year....I would bet there is an escalator in his deal for 2021 As for Strev having an imminent NFL deal...believe it when i read it, but good luck to him if he gets it, but I bet he's back by labour day unless he lands in an ideal spot and get to be rostered...cause if he id PR material he would make more in CFL...none the less Mcguire can serve a similar tandem to what Collaros and Strev di, with possibly better rerwards as McGuire is a much more polished passer... As well Adams and Zack have history going back to T.O and showed instant chemistry last year, so bringing him back as the #2 reciever is nothing but positive..the corp needs his leadership
  12. Laing rotating in and out with Stove and Nevis would be a pretty intense interior of a D-line...thats for sure...and add a bit more nasty to the defense
  13. It could be better especially with Willie back even though we lost a couple dbs There a couple in free agency who would make rose and Sayles gone a non issue.. Full year of Maston..Wilson will be better..and I expect a dominant yr from Biggie..he was knicked most of yr..and I see him at gym couple times a week and he is wayy fitter than last year and its noticeable..and he has been doing some intense freaky training to improve his quickness and flexibility
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