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  1. If The Canada Enterprise Emergency Funding Corp. (CEEFC) can give 310 million to Goodlife Fitness to keep their butts outta the tank, then they can surely give same type monies to The CFL ( tho it would require probably 1/3 to half of that amount) as when you factor in all the people employed within in, as well as all the outside entities that have lost significant revenue due to the league not running it basically employs a huge number of people. This falls under the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF) in an attempt to protect jobs. How is that any different really?...TV
  2. Yeah solid back-up for an in-game issue....and not messing up other aspects of our ratio in game...cant go wrong there, and if he has to play a game or 2 behind our line..again..no issues there and doesn't disrupt the apple cart. I have trained with and seen Oliveira training...no issues with his ankle and if anything is now in better shape than start of 2019 season...again...solid depth ans starter capable
  3. Oliveira got hurt basically minutes into his first game..in a freak injury at that...hardly was a case of not being able to stay healthy, and had no injury issues in College Augustine was cut by Edmonton, and then signed by the Riders...just puked in my mouth there sorry....and was cut prior to camp...dumb move by them but a score for us In spot play over 2 years has average 6.5 yards a carry so for a Canadian back up yeah we are set just fine..Harris goes down in a game we won't be yanking an American receiver to play a DI rb who would be a waste of roster space as 98% of plays in t
  4. YEAH looking back to if this occurred when I was a highschooler or College player and had 1..2 years stripped away it would have been very heart breaking sprinkle in some Grant....lotsa fire power...and dont discount Mekale Mckay who I think makes a lot of noise in camp, and makes job security for Bailey and or another American a bit sketchy..Ditto with Ardarius Stewart
  5. Harris was getting 180+ carries a year since 2012 as well as anywhere from 40 to 100+ receptions, not to mention punt and kick returns before that and special teams work...so he's had a fair bit of mileage Dean played 61 games in nfl as well as 4 years of 18 games seasons in CFL...Soli in his ten years played 7 or less games 3 times..so not like he was pulling 18 game seasons of banging his body for 10 yrs straight...wear and tear anyway is a bad barometer of what a player has left in these new times...things are different....How old was the Super Bowl winning QB compared to the losing on
  6. Camps are't games?..gee thanks for the heads up He's been involved tho in practice and training, on the PR of the Bucs and Cards, so he has been in football frame of mind and is only 28...If he is injury free and assume he is after the layoff then he is an easy 1200 yard reciever who is gonna stretch the field for us and make room for others
  7. There'S 4...also Evans, tho replaced was a starter and took significant snaps and was gushed over and raved about there by the "experts" Dean is 33 this year..Soli is 34...not much of a swap in ages there, and where did I say was too old?..and regardless of who bashes the former players...fact of the matter they were your "starters" and really havn't been replaced by anything to inspire super confidence..Bishop is a good guy to bring in...but like you said yourself...strong pass rusher in the "past" who is also going to be 31 this year...40 tackles and 6 sacks isn't replacing what Hughes
  8. everyone tho is basically gonna be 3 years removed from playing, and it's not like he was working at Walmart, he was in NFL camps and honing his craft
  9. I didnt see us going after anyone in free agency, or needing to actually, but this is a nice bonus..A true big play guy, and 2 years of healing now will have him back to his peak..I like. My only concern is DT...We have Stove who is solid as you can get, and a Rotating Jake but after that it's up in the air, unless they have a TC guy coming unbeknownst to us...There are some Draft prospects this year, but still a raw rookie isn't the answer coming out of the Canadian draft. I'm assuming Griffiths may get some snaps this year, but he isn't gonna be a game changer at this point. I almo
  10. Getting a look in NFL at mini camps is dime a dozen now...means nothing, and 99.8 percent of time amounts to nothing for CIS guys...so thats a moot discussion point Lump out performed Evans...isn't saying much and from what I saw just being on field...getting reps does nothing to give any confidence. Face it you are down most likely 5 starters...the 5 best at that and havnt replaced them, and it won't happen in free-agency without bastardizing other parts of your team which need help..Hello O-line Whats comical is you come to a rival board and try and pump up all things Riders, back
  11. and Judge...Putrid defence coming up there Edem..Henry..Bouka....yikes....They also signed a done nothing Canadian corner recently too, and have another young Canuck D-lineman that got snaps last year, but is more of a lump than a monster (converted O-lineman I think) so he isn't a lotta snaps type guy...That defense is gonna suck..Lost Hughes..Moncreif..Soli..Judge..Evans (even tho he sucked there)...thats a lot of guys to replace, and pretty much 4 of their best defenders to boot
  12. we were dominant when it mattered most...In the 3 playoff games..case closed..Cup won...put it to bed
  13. you can actually....but only need to have 2 on game day roster
  14. There were no issues with Whiteheads hands at all..I think he had maybe one bad drop...it happens...he was woefully mis-used, and then when he was used it was blatantly obvious to teams as Lapo never deviated from things or expanded his role and he got smothered...and subsequently beat to a pulp, as he was nicked games before he was replaced by Bailey and it was very obvious...If you look back, after about game 3 teams would totally converge on him and lapo basically had him sitting down and then having to beat 3-4 guys who were right on him.. he got a little over 500 yards in 15 games wi
  15. yup...They brought back him the one year wonder and half of his production came in 2 games....Useless Edem..Selfish and very overrated Marshall, and it was applauded all around over there..with no, or limited pressure up front those DB's are gonna get roasted. Yeah, thats gonna be an awful line...they had to bring back St John..who wasn't good enough to stick on that crap line before, or anywhere else for that matter, and Dan Clarke..sure he got picked as an all-star...head scratcher there, but he is not a top tier center. And yup...waiting for plays to develop and rel
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