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  1. Riders are better than I gave then credit for record wise so far..but they need to prove it against the west..and not just against bc... I dont see a solid well rounded team there..too many me me..look at me players and attitude too
  2. What a bunch of douchers..keep mugging it up your run against the crap teams is over today.. See how they fare against another real defense and well rounded team..that loss against CGY wasnt sn anomaly
  3. Yeah she needs a new job...gawd awful sideline stuff...
  4. Nothing about what I see worries me...and put even a little pressure on Fitado and their offence wilts..they yammer on about our dink and dunk but that's their offence in a nut shell It plays right into our defensive strengths..I can see them not putting it in endzone against us And what a doucher that 21 is..act like a pro. He took 2 sucker punches at red blacks..and very poor coaching by dickenson now continuing with Purifoy on returns..he gets hurt doing that they are screwed
  5. Actually Lawler was supposed to go to the endzone marker I think..he adjusted his route and cut in which for that play makes no sense
  6. I see bc winning this tonight..and big
  7. Gray causes a lot of after whistles..defenses dont like his aggresive play..that's pretty apparent
  8. He roasted them once..cant see why he cant again. Also they will be doing some new things with Paopao..that alone may mess up the riders somewhat Paopao likes big plays and m.j pushing the coverages down field..so may open up things for them somewhat
  9. Strev would be perfect for an option QB but like others say...more an amateur scheme for various reasons..mainly lack of skill/talent at key positions. An especially good scheme to hide oline issues or lack of big talented mailers...much like u seen a lot back in day with the veer
  10. The thing about or ends..all of them can play inside..and play well there..and look how many fronts we have shown this year with al DE's..and have stuffed the run..and got pressures
  11. Nullify him..Harris romps free. Nullify Harris..big holes for Streveler..or others..that's the thing with a very strong QB runner..you have to pick your poison and even then..winning against it is a tall order. Also Strev doesnt run like a typical QB.. and that is a huge factor too..and really his threat of getting hurt is no more than Harris or any other RB unless teams take cheap shots when he down or in a pile. He runs and inflicts the hits..punishes and runs with a purpose..QB'S generally run to get away..escape..and are looking to get down..or not looking to make the initiating contact..thus why many get hurt..this is key
  12. Strev has the prototypical short arm delivery..many have had it and once he gets comfortable and settles in..he will be fine..I have noticed already in practice and a lot in his limited repair he has worked on his platform.. and pocket set up..from last year. That was his one major knock coming out of college.. and that's totally coachable .and was/is due to his instinct to take off too soon..his coach in college even commented once they got that settled he was lights out..so it will occur here too. Let's give him another game or two..more practice with ones and a game with no wet field before we say he can..or cannot be a passer...
  13. Let Choke Harris have the MOP on glorified stats...I'd rather Andrew Clutch Harris be awarded the Grey MOP
  14. I think Jefferson and Rose are the most impactful FA signings by far...and our 2019 draft picks as well are tops in the league this bgg year..making most impact. And back to last night..Ol Willie J almost had a pick six to go with the other stats..
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