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  1. YEAH....But the CFL as the league can sit and have nothing going on..revenue in or out much longer than the majority of the CFLPA can...thats what he getting at...I doubt it comes to that anyway and just the standard media posturing, tho that being said the players have made concessions for years, and took a lot of things on the chin, and this time around they want a little fair compensation and treatment and have the best interest of their members now, and moving forward taken into consideration
  2. well...keep with the dumb rule tweeks...and trying to be innovative to hope in catching the interest of a new audience and the XFL will vanish just as quickly as it's first attempt
  3. Using the "Jones is a 5 yr vet unable to crack lineup " reasoning is foolish at best...Few if any Canadian DB's crack a starting lineup their first year or two..heck few players of any position do..Loffler took hold of the position when he did as Jones was working more as the boundary corner and wasn't taking many practice reps at safety...and last year..year 4 was primed to supplant Loffler and his limited skill-set, but was injured...but none the less he is coming into this year as a seasoned vet with more than adequate skills and athleticism...more than Loffler has to take over the role...stats be damned He will also allow us to mix up and use different coverage schemes and change the defensive look more than we could before, and that in itself will make us a stronger defense especially with what will probably be a lot of heat being brought from the Jeff's..Bryant and Neveis and Biggie...
  4. i dont think he started until into the season year two..supplanted Picard mid season I believe
  5. Shepley is as much a real deal as is Gray (which is hardly a lock to crack starting lineup)...probably to a lesser degree as Gray was looked at as a better prospect and did survive in the NFL longer..well actually Shepley didn't really survive there..Bladek yes may improve but he may not even be ready until labour as he got hurt right at the end of the season, and returning from a ACL rebuild is much easier for a smaller guy than for a big lineman..so for them to count on him now is a pipe dream. Also with their pop gun offence, and losing 3 of their big play makers on defense, they will be lucky to be a 4-6 win team...not to mention unproven coaching staff in the top spot and GM
  6. Who did they add to improve that O-line? Labatte another year older and declining..Bladek (who wasnt that good anyway yet) coming off ACL injury and may not be even ready..Clarke just..well sucks..StJohn who showed nothing isnt signed..their 2 American tackles are average at best...Blake is there but isnt a dominant guy by any means and isnt getting any younger and Shepley has shown nothing and is just a rookie who hasnt had live gamecaction since his last year of school. Factor in mush melon at QB and Roosevalt in a similar situation and that's a whole lot of issues.. Powell will not put them over the top and prob by week 8 or so will wonder why he signed there
  7. Sam Mills, Reggie White, Kelvin Bryant, Nate newton
  8. THE xfl though will follow a similar fate..maybe not as fast but I bet only one "complete" season Probably see a flurry of signings in the CFL though in the next few days...not earth shattering ones but significant ones in a few instances...
  9. did that league as well not state that they will not be signing players with criminal records/arrests...spousal abuse type stuff? basically any substantiated character flaws?...if so...he's out of that league as well
  10. yeah...if we add him to what we already have in the backfield...that would be as solid a unit as there is in the league...and he wouldn't break the bank so to speak either at this point
  11. I think it was a guarentee of 250 million...to help prop/sustain it if revenue wasn't keeping up...which it hasn't and he now realizes he is gonna be on the hook for at the least..the full 250 so he is getting ouuta dodge...don't care how rich a guy can be, but they didn't get that way from losing gobs of money with no real future return on the investment likely
  12. I am talking about Corey Washington...I think he could be an emerging talent this year
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