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  1. Its not an acl or he'd be done..and not running around and as an RB couldn't play with even a minor one with a brace .he'd be garbage. MCL mild to even total tear u can play through actually..and with a brace risk minimal to no further damage...but I think it prob just a minor strain as opposed to a tear and they just being precautions with it..and if we had a game tomorrow..I would be certain he'd be playing. Better to let it heal now so it doesn't linger and he doesn't need the reps..he knows his gig
  2. I believe with Harris it's a left knee issue of some type...seen a brace on him, so I would say an MCL strain of some sort, as he is running around with no apparent limp
  3. Carol did say a lot of tickets have ben sold...they are swamped and busy
  4. THING is..Pierce was key in installing a lot of what they did..people think it was all Lapo...but it was not
  5. I for one will not miss Lapo...not one bit..I don't think the players will either...You can already sense it in the receivers
  6. I think with Riders he played some corner...safety...not fulltime but in certain sets....Dude was originally a receiver when he came to Canada out of College, so I'm sure he can run just fine, and can run routes as a DB with a receiver...isn't foreign to him by any stretch
  7. and small fry Gaitor was??....Alexander is right in line with other SAM's...6 feet..200 pounds....Maston was 5'-11" and 208...basically a wash...don;t put too much into the eye test for how a player can slot in...that SAM guy a lot of times has to deal with a teams top inside receiver moreso than taking on a RB....he'd do just fine there actually I think Darby is a better safety than Alexander...but those 5 I think will be the basis of our starting backfield unless a newbie comes in and right steals a spot...which Is a bonus as we will certainly be carrying a extra DB on the roster anyway. Experienced guys to start the season on both sides of the ball are gonna be key to success this year especially with no pre-season games...We are bringing back our entire starting unit on offence, and basically defence as well...we missing Maston now, as well as Rose and Sayles but are replacing them with CFL vets in Johnson and Darby now...huge huge
  8. yeah...looking at that too....yeesh...Who knows what Michah Johnson has left after 2 yrs off....and basically sucked his last season in 2019...Mak Henry...pfft...AC Leonard is no Willie J or Jeffcoat...he's no Kongbo either...Geter whom had experience retired...and throw in a sub par Canadian for Judge...who knows what for Soli now that Dean is done, and thats a weak front 7...no depth either...how they are being touted as Grey Cup contenders is laughable at best...
  9. Actually Alexander is pretty physical...he could fill it at SAM rather nicely...we have excellent bodies in camp to try there..Antighua too could slot in there
  10. Not to be a Rider basher...but that is the absolute worst collection of O-lineman to create a lineup with in TC that I have seen in a long long time...and thats the worst positional group on a team to have a bunch of unproven and new guys to mesh in a short season...other than Clarke the whole group is new...what a recipe for disaster
  11. and what a pile of crap this is....sheesh..... https://www.cfl.ca/2021/06/08/no-changes-needed-riders-roster-designed-success/
  12. @wbbfan not sure whats your hate for Augustine but to each his own opinion...The only negative sentiment about him comes from you.... Love the Darby signing...solid solid player and great room guy...T.O got fleeced on that one. I would have loved that trade even without Maston going down...gives us tons of options and allows more options with BA as well...awesome pickup
  13. hahaha....niot nice to laughat another teams misfortunes...but hahahah...what a friggin mess...In a short season, with all new guys, and sub par ones at best...their are gonna be looking ugleeee
  14. MAN....who is gonna be the Rider's O-line...and who are the back-ups....what a mess there, They have Clarke...who after 2 years off will be more of a stick than he was...and then what??
  15. I'm not even sure what the point of that drill would even be....seen a lot and been involved in a lot of innovative things, but thats a head scratcher
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