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  1. They were a smoke and mirror team all yr tho...flawed in many areas...character up and down the line obviously from management to team leaders becoming apparent
  2. There were several busts that game...2 death shot ones at that....Rose being excluded was one of many dumb moves...which we won't rehash again...tho we all know rolling out with only 2 receivers who could be effective...let alone a threat. Biggie yes was not the guy at fault...per say...but he was faulty in he couldn't react immediately and when he did he didn't have ability to perform at high level. Clements..Cole..could have easily impeded that one play...but we will never know...but knowing a few things and knowing where a bust might occur based on what the offense did...a healthy guy could have reacted
  3. curious as to when this occurred...obviously during the season
  4. typical Rider over pay move...again....and payed top dollar to a lesser talent in Carney...oh Oday....You make me smile
  5. and history for both lead one to think the leopard hasn't changed it's spots
  6. Maybe he did it when he had the "concussion" and didn't realize??? Fact is...multiple witnesses have corroborated several incidents.....Murphy has a track record for being a greaseball....Kelly has many documented incidents of being unhinged and not right....So all signs point to this being something that was handled poorly...attempted to be glossed over and swept under the radar/rug for team and player to save face....and obviously nothing was solved internally, or the Trainer was treated even more poorly She is seeking lost pay it seems, and other damages related to it....and also not a huge amount by any means to make this a real big issue....and the media is just doing what media does....get a lead on a story...and they publish it I can see if she went to media...made multiple statements and interviews on it...asking for bags of money....then it may be seen as a lil more sensationalized, but this seems far from the case. Now.....bigger question is...if this is found and proven to be accurate...the threats of harm preceding having his desires for a relationship rejected...Murphy trying to make it seem it a non-issue, and his comments about wtf did you bring this up...eytc....should it be safe to assume good ship Argo immediately puts out a presser saying they don't condone this, and the 2 schmucks get sent packing...never to be seen in the CFL again??...I would think yes....correct me if I am wrong
  7. Love this signing....and we do have Kenneth Randall under contract for TC....Looking forward to what he has to show this yr...I think we let him go quietly before to pursue NFL opportunities
  8. total dollar wise team friendly sure...but an early to mid season season ender injury...not so much
  9. well...I lived in both cities...at different times...also multiple times....as well as a few extended stays in the U.S....and now have been back here for 18 yrs...theres a reason....just sayin...and I am not a born and bred Manitoban so no bias from growing up here Urban decay in all the big cities...the warts...crime....poverty...it's the same everywhere....and I seen many way worse than here, and I have seen areas I get a lil freaked in...and I dont get freaked out easily
  10. Taman also didnt even want Blink ..said he would always be fumbling cause his hands were too small ... And wouldn't last from pounding....prob one the toughest sob's pound for pound...much like Grant is...and Blink rarely fumbled. Another Taman assessment was he felt Gavin Walls as well was a pointless camp invite...never liked Taman...glorified ball boy with zero real football connections...more recruiting came to us thru players referrals and parents of players...
  11. Once I believe...was about usage too..when we had mills and the other back who's name escapes me... I think
  12. Yeah no kidding ..he never came from that background and when he got back to Cali he did a few things...postman.. but for the last three, four years works in the communication department at a branch of the School of medicine at UCLA.... So very far from a ghetto rat by any means.....shameful comment
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