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  1. who cares...they both can discuss whats going on with their personal anecdotes and goofy things they say...almost unfiltered..I could watch that for days
  2. they need to put Dunnigan and Walby together as a play by play tandem..that would be just golden and the things that they would say would be priceless....for sure would boost TV ratings
  3. nope..we were always told/taught to lead with our forehead straight through a guys chin/facemask
  4. yeah...was a lot of sneaky stuff back in day..was a tougher game then with lots of stuff happening that bordered on criminal...my one defensive coordinator told us that if we had to hurdle over a guy on the ground to get to a ball carrier we were to either kick him in the ribs or step on a hand..let em know your there he would say hahahaha..
  5. It was more an issue that he was cut/bleeding and needed that to be taken care of..most likely from a helmet buckle.. Interesting story.....I know of players when I played who would shave/file the edges of the metal strap buckles on helmets to a knife like edge...to cause cuts on opposing players..
  6. Been reported before that someone else has said if you wanted anyone as backup in a dark alley it would be him as well.. or something along those lines
  7. they look at it as he does short yardage and goaline packages...so potential to score several TD's a game
  8. yeah there's no doubt...Oshea just being...Oshea hahahaha
  9. what Harris has done against Montreal...and BC (WHO GUTTED THEIR DEFENSE) means not too much in my opinion...lets see what he can do against what should be a top 2 defense in the league, with some game film to be studied..
  10. I'd say 3 now...with a crap QB and offence you can expect a game..maybe two like that where the offense clicks and you pound out a win...but since that supposed "vaunted" defense played as to what they are...they didn't get the win...we'll see if the T.O game on the weekend was an abberation due to rust and no real game action to date...if they come out with a chip on their shoulder and beat the Rider's...man things gonna get ugly out there....
  11. he seems overwhelmed and almost stunned...to be honest
  12. so does that make the Riders the worst of the bad teams..seeing as you lost to both...all excuses aside, good teams don't lose due to excuses Shivers wasn't on the field though making plays...your DB's were being beat repeatedly, and the d-line didn't get any sustained pressure or push so maybe it's overated expectations of personnel, or just not that good of personnel
  13. he's fine tuning his "stats" agenda...and how we should not be happy with 185 yards passing , 3Td's and power running game allowing us to win at a .700 clip over the past 3 years, as opposed to 300+ yards and fancy numbers...but still a loss Trying to figure out how to say that now we should not be so content to have that..and a stout defense so that when we put up 30+ points and win that it is only because our defense got lucky or something..and that if we are happy about being solid but not spectacular in all facets that it doesn't mean diddly...or something along those lines...forgetting that winning football games takes 3 facets of the game...2 of which right sucked for them last night on probably the only night this year they ring up numbers like that on offence
  14. yeah...but hasn't he been coaching in the league for what now..pushing 20 years, doesn't take a lot to know the game..intricacies..in game situ type calls/adjustment...that's a poor excuse really for any new HC other than one like say Mike Sherman who had zero canadian football experience whatsoever
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