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  1. of any of the 3down nation writers he is probably the one who's articles hold the least value and legitimacy and are basically a fanboi blog
  2. I didnt even realize mouth piece Jordan Reaves was still cashing a CFL cheque to be honest
  3. and what other team was in a dire need at DB like we were and had a piece worthy of offering?....Hamilton's defense, and secondary for that matter has been pretty damn good this yr. I'd take Alden Darby on my squad over many other db's in this league, and if you can add him back into a system he knows, and excelled in, with 4 other guys he has played with all last yr, well thats a no brainer....our defense just got a lot better today and thats all that matters
  4. yeah...adding Darby...BA...Houston and Wilson for the playoff run would be a massive boost
  5. Hell yeah..it does...even moreso if Wilson appears at WIL like I think is gonna happen
  6. Hopefully come last game and playoffs its rose..nichols. ba..darby and houston
  7. yeah...I think he moonshot that so bad that Jones didn't lose it in lights...he just didn't think it was coming, and didn't think to look straight up in the air
  8. pretty much sums things up yup...their injuries were neither here nor there
  9. Darby can play HB or corner....he was more than adequate doing so in T.O and didnt really pay much attention to how he did in Hammer, but I don't see him at SAM here unless they feel fine with Rutz at Wil?...which could be an option...but I think he's going to HB and will help solidify things there, but either way...or maybe they have something totally different in mind, but I am sure the coaches here will be utilizing him
  10. AHHHH...makes sense...was wondering who that idiot was....some of what he spits out is just nonesense
  11. sure the riders had some injuries...what teams didnt...but the loss of Clarke, Ferland and Vaughn is hardly a death blow...they suck, or are average at best, so they replaced them with equal amounts of average at best...so really no loss there, and Moore and Evans sure...they are your "starters" but are not world beaters by any stretch, but again it comes down to recruitment and depth...which they dropped the ball on....and Duke being out has actually made them better as a team...the deal there is the guys been a huge bust, and distraction...again comes down to recruitment and depth. Same with the Faj....ok...he has a brace and is less mobile, but using that as your crutch is pointless...Brace or no brace he would of done what he did since end of 2019....have to be a QB who can pass, stand in the pocket and deliver a throw, or find secondary targets...which he can't...plain and simple. Their D-line issue too....they reaped the benefits of the first 4 games against garbage competition....not cause Marino is expelled....Robertson got hurt sure but is back...PED Leonard has mised a few, but the games he been in you would have to look at a depth chart to even know he was out there, and oddly enough his disappearance falls right in line from when he couldn't do pee pee....and now is under stricter testing...and amazingly his production has dryed up....again...where's your depth?...Lanier hurts sure....but where is the next man up mentality there...is it there is no next man worthy?...or is the talent evaluation there not good...I chalk it up to that...poor GM'ing there and poor culture....the "oh we been ravaged by injury" is just an excuse...and excuses are for losers...and who else really of any significance that is hurt is crippling them?...teamers and plugs who really are just filler?...I don't see any other major losses other than this week with Hickson and Morrow both down, and having to roll with one true RB on the roster....but again...where's your depth, and what HC rosters a team with only 1 RB??...a dumb one maybe, especially when any of their success was predicated on the run. We lost a starting center, our top receiver at the time (ellingson) and also Demski for what4 games?...a starting D-end...Our starting WIL....were on our 3rd option at safety...3rd as well at will...one side of our defensive backfield....have also lost another Canadian receiver now in Woli....our top Global but you would never know it...nobody whines about it, or makes excuses...either after a game or the pre-game excuse we seen from a certain team...instead we had guys step in...step up, and amass a 13-2 record...
  12. I think Wilson....and also a reason why we never really went out and traded, or grabbed an NFL reject to fill his spot, and just been filling it with what we have in-house
  13. for a vet...definitely...he hasn't forgot our system...and her knows the league/players/schemes....so it's not like dropping in a totally new guy, plus he has been practicing and playing...played their last 2 games so is in game shape
  14. he's still the fastest on the team...dude is a physical freak....no let up in his play, but I certain he is done for yr...Of all our guys I feel he is the one not coming back...Woli I expect..Agudosi as well....and I also see Wilson being back....fact Hansen is walking around beit in a boot...means he didnt need surgery...Taylor I am sure is crouching it exactly...he will be the exact player he was here last yr...no questions about that at all
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