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  1. Rose was in Cinnci camp as well this year, then on PR briefly he will be fine, plus he knows the system...he would slot in seamlessly.
  2. People forget in offseason and leading up to start of season Edm was projected as the class of the west..and we have em 3 times in a row ...no shitty Ottawa... Hamilton rematch first game..the other assumed slam dunk grey cup contender...and of course 2 against rider's..weren't they supposed to be the be all end all?? And what the most back to backs in the league..hardly us controlling anything schedule wise .what a load of ****
  3. No u forget...it's weird apparently Harris didn't tweek a hamstring...I know this as a fact. Also knew it before that based on how/when he injures it on the pplay..and fact he had a ice pack...on his knee after he was in sweats...as well as a knee brace. And watching him pre game and on the sidelines last night ..running..jumping..it's not a hammy and is a strain...of most likely MCL...and if we were desperate and need a win or be done last night he could/would have played with a brace...
  4. Yeah he comes here all fake an cordial...and spews negative crap to his boyfriends there when he not blowing sunshine up their butts
  5. 11.45 points a game given up...crazy And rider fans saying our secondary is a weakness??!!...they given up what...2 TD's via the pass all yr...oh...and we added Rose...what a dumb fan base
  6. Was that Sask guy not offside..looked to me like. He jumped...none the less 2 very mediocre teams
  7. Another lousy Fajardo deep attempt .and wasn't really even deep...he's brutal
  8. Adams..Jefferson to start season played dinged .plus we replace 2 vet DBS with rookies..
  9. Duke williams looks slow and fat..hardly a game breaker and same ol' dink and dunk offence
  10. Rider online is horrid..3 Jerry Rice's and a Lynn swan wouldnt help
  11. He had a brace on under sweats tho on sidelines..you don't brace a knee for a hammy.
  12. He had brace on left knee earlier in year..this time it's right knee. From what I seen...and how he planted and it jammed it's probably MCL strain..his impact and strain was to outside and front..not an acl or posterior type of injury chance..MCL u can play with if need be braced up and rarely needs surgery...I no expert but have 1 complete knee rebuild (all 3 ligaments) and an ACL recon..as well as 6 other surgeries so know a bit..I not too concerned
  13. they really really liked him...so I assume so...and he's still relatively young for a reciever..Maybe a next year guy
  14. Rose wont disrupt any chemistry and will slot right in where he was seamlessly as he already knows the system, and has played with everyone except the one guy he doesnt replace, and Darby, but I sure he knows Darby is a lights out baller and wont have to worry about covering up for him....Darby has been a huge addition, and he's loving it here....
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