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  1. Salsbury was brutal...I believe he was an under 50 percent or just at 50 percent passer...and no escapability whatsoever...Crandell was prone to dumb mistakes..over and over and wasn't deemed "too intelligent" from what I know and have talked to...Burgess very pedestrian and lack luster....those three don't have skillset or intelligence that Strev has, all they have on him is experience...and that's what he is learning now.
  2. I did a post a long while ago about attendances..with figures...and overall other than recently..and the early 2000's the avg attendance was in the mid to low 20k area...a few years were under 20k for average attendance....you seem very intrigued by me and my posts...spend some time and effort and search them out and see for your self...or are you capable of doing that...it's either here or on the other Bomber site...I am too busy with important grown up things to go back and find it for you, and don't have the time to re-hash some things that are known as fact...but have at er...pretty sure when you find it though you still won't shut yer dickhole TV ratings are hardly subjective and linked to just a team...may get more eyes on a rider game outside of that cruddy province but thats mainly due to the mass exodus of "former" Sask residents...and it's not as Rod Balck likes to yammer on about that Rider Fans travel well...those ugly green uni's in the crowd are worn by defectors
  3. only recently when they have been marginally successful...when they aren't...the support was laughable...quit cherry picking things and base things on a whole...over the course of the franchise...
  4. good luck with that...even when cold hard facts or actual history hit them square in the face they argue or dispute it...
  5. Crandell...Salsbury...just off top of my head without even thinking much..I'd say Burgess too as he was limited skillwise but relied on smarts..
  6. as mentioned before...a lot of things Streveler is learning/gaining on the fly are things most back-ups/new guys have had 3 or 4 years of more than him..being a QB all through college...Streveler is learning a lot of these things, as well as a totally different game all at once...not making excuses for him, but that is a huge thing, and a lot of the instinctive reactions that a QB has and does without even thinking due to reps...game play and practice he is just getting...and he has been getting better....even an untrained eye can see it. His overall body of work for a fresh faced rookie new to Canada in his first 2 years (with only 2 years of College experience as a starter) and a lot of it in a neutered offence is pretty impressive...he has generated 40 td's basically...not sure how many were result of coming in for 1 play after Nichols got us to goaline, but even then it's probably not more than 10...and even in some of those instances he was brought in when ball was outside the 5 yeard line, and threw some TD's to end Nichols drives, as well as ran them in. Show me the TD total for any of the now "elite" QB's in the league in their first 30 games or so and I bet few if any come remotely close. He is gonna have ups and downs for sure...but there are more ups then downs, and what rookie/second year QB hasn't had them..save for Ricky Ray?
  7. Adams I don't think is 100 percent..you can see it in his running and just the fact he still is wearing a brace. Bailey though is an excellent blocker so the drop off there prob wont be noticeable...bigger body bulkwise as well
  8. yeah it was done more mockingly than anything...and where do you think the rider's got it from..copied it from kids basically...me first guys based on their play..selfish penalties..and the fact they are are on their 3rd and 4th teams in the league after being dumped for various reasons...not all having to do with their play...though Edam is a lot to do with his play as he is sub par You need to stop posting about things you have no clue about...especially when you are constantly belittled for it...or perhaps you are just dumb enough to actually not even realize it...the latter to which I lean toward....though reading your drivel is entertaining at the least and your fascination with what I have to say, and disputing it all is i'm not sure weird..creepy...sad...flattering,..or a combination of them all... Oh and BLM is not what I would call whiney...that's the Rider fanbase...he's outspoken and cocky and has backed it up...the Stamps culture is leaps and bounds ahead of the Rider's...on all levels..for decades now...and sad that you basically just called your DT whiney....Is that your excuse for his sub par play?...or is it sub par as he is second guessing going to the Riuder's and it shows in his play, like others before him?
  9. Strevler can throw..not sure why people are on this cant throw train..but when u have minimal practice reps with deeper balls..and chemistry with your receivers.. u get ups and downs...as the game has slowed for him and he has been less panicky and high strong.. his passing gas improved and he has a pretty good completion percentage last several games..give it time..he is basically gaining experience and instinctive reaction tendancies now as most other guys have gathered throughout 4 years of college and first year or 2 of pro..his only being a true QB and a starter at that for basically 3 years now has him behind the curve a bit..and this is huge..all things considered he is developing pretty good in this bizzare offence..and really should have a winning record as a starter this year if we didnt give 2 of his starts away
  10. That's the crux of that team..all me first guys..Purifoy..Edam..Gainey..Evan's.. Hughes..I bet Michah Johnson Hope's to get the heck outta there as that's not the culture he is accustomed to..prob reason why he has done Jack **** there this yr..hoping he gets released in offseason as not earning his cheque..prob go back to Cgy and be dominant again..just like Dennis who hated it in Sask I hope we actually grab second..host a playoff game for the fan base then waltz onto Sask again like last year and end their season..again..and continue to be undefeated in playoffs in their toilet bowl stadium..
  11. Yeah that fan base loves to crap on Winnipeg.. and why I am.not sure as their 2 major cities are crap holes with nothing..and all the sask youth leave the province now as soon as they are old enough..tells u a lot..no? The funniest part is they revel in the dude crapping in the flower pot that went viral..and dont even realize..or acknowledge it was a visiting Saskatchewsn resident who did it..that's the funniest part of it and obviously a Saskatchewan thing moreso than Winnipeg. The second funniest is their #1990..maybe they should focus more on the #4cupsinover100yrs If anything that is the essence of ineptitude..or #2saveustelethons....
  12. Strev is learning on the fly..and each game there are improvements over the previous.. and int's when pushing/forcing ball down the field I can live with..and with reps and chemistry over time..he will get better He is still a pretty raw QB solely in the fact he has only 2 yrs experience as a starter at college level and in his second yr at pro level..and pro being Canadian ball as opposed to US ball which he is accustomed to..so to say he isnt a potential star QB of the future at this level is foolish..and really as a starter this year he did enough and had us in position to win 2 additional games in which the defense gave away...chill people
  13. Fajardo has looked pedestrian against CGY.. wpg..and mtl..all good teams..and edm defense prob will smother him too much like they did Reilly But he's a world beater against to and Ott..and early season Bc..I bet next week BC lights them up..especially if they win today which i bet they do
  14. Streveler could and can stretch the field and also mix in very productive mid range stuff if we had game plans implemented for that..people say he cant because he misses on his rare opportunity more often then not...but when he gets no reps doing that..and receivers get no reps running it..and each other learning tendancies and chemistry is non existant due to lack of reps doing it..well that's what u get..more failure than success...and there in lies the problem...scheme
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