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  1. What a pile of hot garbage. Jets look like **** and while Helle has been unreal at times, he's also let in some muffins. That first goal was embarrassing as a pro goalie. 10 goals given up in two games... While that's not all on Helle, that is not Jets hockey.
  2. I don't remember hearing or reading that anywhere.... Likely just not on the same financial page. And if every other team in the league is also passing..... His health might be too much an issue.
  3. Man I have no clue what is happening in that trailer but I'm still pretty damned excited to see it ..
  4. Helle was pretty good I thought. He made a ton of tough saves. We just got into a crazy firewagon game that we don't normally play. I feel like Bones will get that fixed in a hurry.
  5. Ugly ugly.... But Helle was better than people might think. He made a ton of huge saves. It was just way more "firewagon" than the Jets normally play. I expect 1-0 in G2.
  6. @Coorsmanjust sent a message to our group chat saying "this game is drunk..." And that seems fair. Way too wide open. Jets have to get back to their game and settle it down.
  7. Finally got around to watching the Please Do Not Destroy movie.... And it wasn't terrible. It's all very K-Mart Lonely Island, but it's funny for what it is .. definitely laughed out loud several times.
  8. Also how could anyone say Habas results are mixed when he's hardly played due to the guys above him and also poor roster management not allowing for more bodies on the DL...??
  9. this could go in either thread, but the cap numbers from last year are in....
  10. Yeah, I think a lot of people took it as him saying something sexist about the basketball player, but all I got out of it was that he was shitting on the CFL. At any rate, he's a tool and the sooner he leaves the league, the better.
  11. I'm torn on Vegas, because **** Bettman "sun belt" teams, but they're also basically Manitoba-South...... ...Roy and the Isles? Definitely can go **** themselves. Hard no thank you.
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