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  1. yeah I laughed when I saw the pictures of the field........typical bowling lane field. I just don't understand 'Muricans...
  2. I agree that I'd like to see Harris rested, for sure...
  3. honestly, I'm not sure why anyone here would get too worked up about it. The Bombers aren't out anything...they get a flat fee "rent" for their space, and the stadium is gonna look like a million bucks on TV (not to mention some Winnipeg/Manitoba exposure during that whole documentary thing the NFL Network is doing on the Raiders right now...) so whatever...if it doesn't sell well that's fine. We're an NHL/CFL town....
  4. things were already looking bad, but missing Harris makes the game a laugher....if there was such a thing as an "AHL Version" of the Bombers, that's what I feel like we have for this week. I'm gonna watch, because I always do, but........my expectations are very very low.
  5. this feels like a giant lord of horse poop and I fully expect Harris to sit.......
  6. He hasn't looked good in Toronto but he was better than a lot of guys when he was in Edmonton. I'd absolutely take a chance on him. As mentioned in the article, a change of scenery might be all he needs...
  7. that's really interesting.....I wouldn't go 2nd Round, but I might do 3rd. Let's see how Streveler looks this week and go from there.
  8. Sure didn't...until 17to85 talked me into seeing Iron Man 1, I had ZERO knowledge of superhero stuff. I knew of the existence of Superman, Batman and Spiderman....and had seen the Christopher Nolan movies and the Tobey Maguire Spiderman movies........that's about it.
  9. when MOS went overboard with the damage control on Harris yesterday I knew there was a problem. Cue the 6-game from a random blocking drill in practice......
  10. I just didn't get this........I'd heard so much good stuff, then I watched it, and........I dunno. It was not for me. Not sure if it's the animation or the fact that there's all these alternate dimension things......just......no.
  11. People assume I meant that they'll bring in a potential starter if Streveler falters.....not what I meant at all. I just don't think they're in a rush to bring in a #3 at all, but the rush will be on if things don't look good on Friday....in the meantime, I think they're happy with 2 guys.
  12. I was gonna say earlier that I actually think you might be unbalanced...
  13. they want to see how Streveler looks in his first game.....if it's a tire fire, they'll have someone in town by Sunday at the latest.
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