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  1. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    that is some serious mental gymnastics....
  2. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    and yet it was suggested by Jefferson that the Bombers weren't the biggest contract he was offered...
  3. Noeller

    The TV Thread

    I need to watch that one...Hank Azaria is beyond brilliant. Loved the FoD sketches where the show came from..
  4. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    So the question I have is, who's most likely to shake loose prior to the season starting?
  5. Noeller

    The TV Thread

    Watched it over Christmas...I'm not a HUGE Sprinsteen fan, but it was solid, for sure. Good storyteller...
  6. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Bighill's being PAID 250k.......his worth? A lot more than that...
  7. Noeller

    Upcoming Movies

  8. Noeller

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Not really. Said they did their best to try and land a receiver, offered as much as everyone else, but players just chose other situations. Have cap flexibility now and if a big time WR shakes loose from the NFL before camp, then they'll be in a good position to try and land one. Also still trying on some other options...
  9. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Even if Manny is fully healthy, with a garbage OL and easily the worst QB situation in the league, that's not an offense that will be able to use him properly...
  10. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    Pretty sure I read that Ackie is pursuing NFL opportunities right now and not entertaining CFL offers...
  11. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    And Bighill and Alexander and Couture and, and, and, and....
  12. Noeller

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    This is exactly how I think, too...
  13. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    You could make the case that getting those guys to avoid testing FA is a testament to Walters work.......
  14. Noeller

    Free Agent Frenzy

    You negative types should keep in mind that the signings prior to Feb 12 count, too......."a complete disaster" is not possible when you signed Adam Bighill to a multi year extension...