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  1. Oosterhuis will forever be one of my favourite underrated Bombers ever...
  2. Somebody call Poulin's to get rid of the cockroaches on this site right now.........
  3. Supposed to be October 16th across Canada, both the flu shot and the new COVID booster.
  4. You're on the road to recovery and it's good to see...
  5. I have one of the Jets stat blanket orange tees, but really need to get a Bombers one.... heading to the website now.....
  6. some people projecting their own personal beliefs on to the general public here. Talked to the pharmacist yesterday and already looking forward to October 16th... should have both the seasonal flu shot and the brand spankin' new COVID booster in stock and ready to go. Looking forward to loading up the protection as we head into the always brutal Cold/Flu/COVID season...
  7. The first 85% of Skyfall was great. The Home Alone ending was embarrassing to the franchise. I just felt sad for whoever wrote that. Spectre was fine... I enjoyed that. I still like Casino Royale the best, and the one after that... with the guy trying to buy land for water purposes.... is the worst.
  8. I still think Dinwiddie was kidding/playing for the local media, but......
  9. *Couldn't care less.... .... but yes..... one week at a time, as has always been the mantra. Just win this week, worry about BC after that.
  10. this feels very much like playing to the local media.....
  11. Me too... I kid. I was ******* TERRIFIED going into the Banjo Bowl..... whew. Hoping for more of the same!
  12. "...for what they want to do" is the important piece you skipped on purpose
  13. Milanovich made all the difference in the world for Hamilton. They're a totally different team since he arrived (if you ignore the most recent Toronto game where they laid an egg)
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