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  1. It's been a few years since MD said it.....in people's defense.......Dave always going for the deep cuts.
  2. Argos, TiCats and Als take turns looking like world beaters one week and then couldn't beat a CIS team the next. Zero consistency to any team in the east....
  3. I wouldn't say no to Devonte Dedmon and they've got one DB that's not bad (blanking right now...) but other than that.............
  4. What a mess in Ottawa.....as for the next GM, Herb Zurkowski in Montreal is beating the drum for Duane Forde. As good as DF might be one day, you don't take a pure rookie GM with zero front office experience and hand him this mess. They need an experienced hand on the rudder. If you're going to take someone from TSN, it's likely Barker...
  5. Super curious to find out how the team handles the next month.....probably the most interesting thing between now and Dec 5.
  6. But how long since he's seen "live bullets", as they say? Hasn't played an actual game since the Grey Cup, likely.... vs guys that have been there for 11 weeks now. Trust me, I'm a Winston Rose fan, and fully trust the coaching staff to have a plan, but it's not as simple as "Rose plays immediately and will instantly make them better"...
  7. My wife is losing her mind, she's so excited. We're booking flights this week and will be ready to go. Now, about finding some kind of Grey Cup-esque pre-party the night before the game. Can't freaking wait....
  8. trying to determine who's going to come out of the East for the GC is a fool's errand at this point. Impossible to call it, because it's such a dog's breakfast over there. Anyone can beat anyone on any given day, and virtually impossible to tell from week to week.
  9. Reinebold was like Kelly, but not an *******. He was way too hands on with every aspect of the team and it really cost him. If he would have JUST coached, he might not have been too bad.
  10. Any Manitoban complaining about the cold is not a real Manitoban. Bring it on... The colder the better. Manitoba based FXR makes some of the best winter gear there is. Get bundled up and have a shot or two of anti freeze and you're all set!
  11. Not a popular take, but I think I like August better than Oliveira as #2 right now. I'm not sure Oliveira is quite ready yet.
  12. Audio Vault is the only way so hopefully that gets fixed up!
  13. Hey al - no I don't know him. That is HILARIOUS. I do have a music buzz friend that is an old school Lions fan.... He claims the Lions didn't have the correct footwear and that's why they lost. Fml.... He also believes Milt is "maybe a top 10 receiver all time" and "Mervyn Fernandez is the greatest receiver in CFL history and its not close".... Siiiiiiiigh.
  14. This gane is teh shits... Both these teams are awful.
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