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  1. I'm pretty sure he's talking about my comment where I said "if he can ever learn to read a defense, he could be one of the best QBs we've ever recruited"... I see how that could be interpreted as "over the top", but I stand by it. If the kid has brains and can figure out a CFL defense (and I believe that learning to process information and read a D is the thing that makes you a legitimate starting QB) then he'll be a good one...
  2. Nenshi just isn't a big sports guy... But... He is a smart guy. He understands this isn't about just sports. It's about attracting world class events and about being a world class city, so you need world class facilities.
  3. If that guy can ever learn to read a D (something that only comes with experience) he'll be the best QB we've recruited in years and years. That guy looks like a pro QB. I don't know a lot about "mechanics" but I like how he throws a football. He just seems like a pro QB in the pocket.
  4. It's all I want for Christmas... The cup was just a bonus.
  5. I really thought we'd have heard about a MOS contract re-up by now.......the diagnosed general anxiety in me is acting up a bit......
  6. My mom really wants one of the grey GC Champs toques, but can't find those anywhere. It's incredible how quickly stuff sells out...
  7. that's how badly this was needed.....he got a stern talking-to from Bettman and others. This is just so far overdue. It's by far the worst barn in the loop.....even that ****-hole on The Island isn't as bad as this thing is.
  8. that's 100% because of the attention he got during the parade and other "celebrating"......huge demand for Strev merch because of that...not necessarily because of some re-up contract.
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