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  1. Our town invested millions in a locally owned fibre optic network that allows for the second fastest internet speeds in North America. 1000mbps top speed. It's pretty cool for sure.
  2. The question nobody has an answer for is: does the year off help or hinder older players...?
  3. That's a shame. I remember playing his music when I was in Dauphin. I don't know how many people know, but Manitoba has a truly incredible First Nations music scene right now. I think a lot of people are discovering William Prince (finally!), but Don Amero, Desiree Dorion, and Jade Turner are a few of my favourites right now and I know there's a ton more coming up the ranks. It's impressive.
  4. My money's on someone from the Flames... or someone's wife/girlfriend/etc has symptoms.....
  5. I'm sort of torn on the two eps I watched. I really don't care for the retro-Sitcom homages, but am very very curious about what's going on and why it's happening. We'll keep plowing through in the hopes that it starts to pick up....but if the whole show was just spoofing on old sitcoms......ehhhhhhhh.
  6. it's on deck for us tonight, too. Apparently 2 eps released for this week, then it'll be one per week after that. I'm sort of confused as to what the show is, exactly, and how Vision is still alive. There's apparently some kinda "preview" thing that explains "how we got here" that'll be available to stream before the first ep...
  7. I was expecting this crazy rush of games and here we are with nothing between Thurs and Mon....cripes.
  8. Peterman is a guy I really want back, but if I was him, I'd absolutely be looking at FA as a way to find a starting role. The guy is good enough to be a starting WR/SB in this league, but is stuck behind some pretty good players in Wpg.
  9. Would really like to see Meddy re-upped but also understand if he's ready to call 'er a day and spend more time with the fam down south. Other than that, load up on the OL. I know Eric Rogers was mentioned as a potential target in FA, but another name to watch out for would be Greg Ellingson, who the Bombers have had interest in before and still hasn't re-upped in Edmonton. Having said that, I don't see FA being a big money bonanza this year, as it has in past years. With everyone taking haircuts to stay with their existing team, who's gonna be getting a big cheque??
  10. 3DN got **** on pretty good by some *legitimate* media the other day for their shoddy piece on the league not doing enough right now to ensure the government is on board for a new season.....tells me all I need to know about 3DN. People that matter don't really respect it. It's not really worth your clicks.
  11. oooo Oilers fans gonna be chapped about that one....
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