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  1. Just a FWIW....LOLks injury report for today: Emmanuel Arceneaux WR Ankle Limited Mike Beaudry QB Healthy Scratch Full Jake Ceresna DL Ankle Limited Ed Gainey DB Ankle DNP Deon Lacey LB Healthy Scratch Full Kenny Lawler WR Shoulder DNP Kai Locksley WR Shoulder Full Cole Nelson OL Illness DNP Jordan Reaves LB Healthy Scratch Full Malik Tyne DL Healthy Scratch Full
  2. Jeeze, just reading that, that looks a LOT better.....
  3. Yeah, you know if little else, Darby will be a veteran on the side of the field that really needs one. One rookie over there is enough, but 2 was problematic. He can be a big help to whichever of Holm/Parker starts the other spot.
  4. oh man, I saw your comment on the sidebar, without the Tweet for context, and I panicked........
  5. big loss for a vaunted D.... curious about McManis, who went down last week as well....
  6. he had 2... was not necessarily a guy to show up in the big game. As has been told many times, he enjoyed Grey Cup Week a lot....
  7. Agudosi seems like more of a nice bonus, than an important piece. Like, Woogie and Ellingson would be the Top 2 pieces to get back, but Agudosi could be a rotational piece that would be a nice extra option.
  8. takes a queen to know a queen...
  9. there are certain guys who don't need to practice. Getting "visual/virtual reps" is fine.....
  10. So, I've gotta say...... I think I follow this league as closely as anyone, but I have no ******* clue who Desmond Walker is and why everyone is excited that he might be coming to Winnipeg.............?
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