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  1. Once again, Gen X/Y to the rescue.....smart enough to know "just ******* get it in me!!"
  2. Tomorrow....lots coming tomorrow.
  3. there was too much mixed-messaging regarding AZ vaxx. It's just ridiculous. For what the vaccine is trying to accomplish, it's every bit as good as the others. This narrative of AZ somehow being a "lesser" vaxx is crazy. Don't get caught up in all the efficacy numbers...
  4. I've got an appointment for Moderna/Pfizer on Saturday night, but if I can get a AZ jab prior to that, I'll likely take it.... Alberta doesn't start taking 40+ appts till tomorrow morning so we'll see how it goes.
  5. a peek at the likely message from tomorrow's announcement:
  6. it's really starting to speed up now...more and more Canadians becoming eligible every week, it seems. And there'll be more vaccine brands coming on market soon, too. The JJ 1-shot is going to make a huge difference once it starts arriving...
  7. I love it. Would absolutely love to move on as a league without the organizations always holding us back.
  8. I'll never stop caring. I'll take every little shred of news. This league means everything to me.... I'll take whatever I can get.
  9. I appreciate Hodge's positivity... It's needed at a time like this. Someone who actually cares about saving the traditions.
  10. The only synopsis needed is: "John Wick With Saul Goodman"
  11. So any thoughts on what the league will announce this week? Announcement coming Tuesday, by all accounts. Part of it will be the official postponement of the start of the season, but I'm gonna say that they'll announce a hard start date of Canada Day. Now, will that be TC begins then or first game of the season.... But that's my guess. They'll give us something "written in stone", so to speak, so we have something to look forward to....
  12. You can't stop McJesus, but you have to limit him. The Jets are a much better overall team and SHOULD beat the Oilers without too much trouble, but CMcD can win a game all by himself, so you just never know...
  13. B117 is the UK variant I believe....definitely dangerous for all ages. Not AS bad as Brazilian variant (P1) but still really bad...really contagious.
  14. his line is always making something happen. Just all hustle, all the time. That's my kinda NHL player...
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