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  1. one of the talking heads on Twitter says he had the Jets first two picks at 10/15, so getting them at 18/50 was massive value.......according to this particular talking head, anyhow.
  2. Premier actually had a media availability where he said, and I quote, "the pandemic is over" earlier this week. Health officials were aghast. Cases nearing 100/day and climbing exponentially......
  3. https://www.bluebombers.com/2021/07/23/training-camp-far/ Some really great stuff from Our Man Tait, with an assessment of the team through two weeks...
  4. for the length and $$ of that contract...... no thanks.
  5. OEL too old and making way too much money for way too long.....that's not a good deal for ol' Dim Jim....
  6. Yeah, Losses get immediately deleted from my PVR..........ain't nobody got time for that.
  7. there really is no such thing right now. It's best to just avoid altogether.
  8. So just an update from the west, in case anyone is curious about what happens if and when you ditch the masks...... AB seeing exponential growth again, due to Delta Variant and largest group of "unvaccinated even though eligible" population in the country. 96% of all new cases are people not fully vaccinated. Some of that is kids, but most is assholes not getting vaccinated. It's gonna be BRUTAL come fall time....and it's already begun.
  9. anti-vaxxers/maskers are, as a rule, among the dumbest in society.......not a huge shock that this guy fits the mold.
  10. Brown is not a race......don't be an *******.
  11. Yikes...MCL/ACL stuff never good. How long you figure that'll hold him out?
  12. I will never understand the Nichols haters....just complete lunatics. Talk about his inability to stay healthy all you want, but when he was healthy, he was outstanding. He was our MOP last year till he went down. Was chucking the ball all over the field...making all the throws.
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