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  1. He looked really good at times too. That was a weird goal for sure, but he had some huge saves as well. Nice to see the Hyphen have a big game... Love that guy.
  2. Saw Strange on the weekend (not as bad as if been led to believe), going to Top Gun this weekend, Jurassic in a few weeks, Thor in July.... So much great stuff in theatres. I'm also a dork that loves the Despicable Me movies and I'm super pumped for Rise Of Gru....
  3. Yeah, honestly, I really couldn't care less about this....
  4. If you're a BCS fan, you've already seen it...
  5. New proposal from the league has been submitted...we'll see where things stand after practices today and players have a chance to see the new one.
  6. my take after watching the replay was that they were coming in hard and fast, and Kadri got bumped and lost his balance and fell into the goaltender. He didn't mean to, from what I could tell. It's a fast game, and if you lose an edge, you're out of control.
  7. Not a real surprise, but some info anyhow... I would think the Canadians were voting down re Ratio and the Americans re the supposed ratification bonus that they believed they were getting...
  8. The CFLPA sent out an internal memo late Monday evening updating its membership regarding the union’s decision to vote against the tentative collective bargaining agreement that was struck last week. The memo was obtained in full by 3DownNation. Gentlemen, There is currently not enough support from the CFLPA membership to ratify the most recent offer from the CFL. The CFLPA has communicated with the league that a new memorandum of understanding (MOU) can be achieved if the league is prepared to resolve the outstanding issues quickly. In reviewing and discussing the offer, all CFLPA members maintained to the bargaining committee that, while many components of the current offer align with the direction that’s been provided by the membership, there remain critical outstanding items that must still be resolved in order to achieve a fair deal. The entire CFLPA membership has indicated a strong desire to come to a fair agreement as soon as possible so that players can work and fans and partners can get back to celebrating the game. With that, the CFLPA bargaining committee has already informed the CFL which items within the package still need further negotiation in order to satisfy the membership and keep discussions moving forward as efficiently as possible. The CFLPA bargaining committee remains committed to doing everything it can to find a fair resolution on behalf of its membership and come to a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the CFL on a new and fair collective agreement (CBA) as quickly as possible. If you have any further questions, please speak directly to your player reps who have just been briefed in detail. In solidarity, Your CFLPA
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