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  1. Noeller


    "this year"......
  2. Noeller


    tl/dr: "I can't do it, so it's ****" It works for sure....probably not for club curlers, but for the pros that know how....definitely works.
  3. Definitely not that, but I wouldn't cry if you guys would get to -30 every day from now until then. LW is always froze up till May. It's the truck access to places like Caddy and West Hawk that concerns me...
  4. Noeller


    Yeah, it's not the new brushes (they all have to use the exact same ones now) but the new WAY of brushing. It's called "Directional Sweeping", and it really does work. They can actually sweep it to curl more OR less, depending on what they need.
  5. one month and I'll be out there!! Counting down the days. Splitting our honeymoon into two fishing trips. One ice trip for a week at the end of March, with a couple days on Big Windy. Then another trip in the summer at a camp near Kenora. Weeeeeoooooooooooooo I can't wait for some March Madness on Peggy!
  6. Noeller


    not really a miracle...she's been better than both teams all year. Top 3 teams in Canada: Fleury -- Einar -- Jones. Kerri's been due for awhile...nice to see her break through.
  7. Noeller


    She didn't curl BADLY but Jones definitely did. Whole team was ****. So Homan had it easy.
  8. Noeller


    Ugh. ******* Homan beats Jones today. Desperately wanted an all MB final to make it anxiety free... Now we'll be on the edge of our seats praying for Einar today. Anyone but Homan, seriously...
  9. Tasker is a washed up Woogie......just feels redundant. I want to find ways to get Petey on the field....not take up more space with has-beens...
  10. Even Tasker is a giant Meh......the other two are done for sure.
  11. Down to one "name" receiver left................. #CmonDownToWinnipeg #WeBoutThatSmoke
  12. Noeller


    Congrats to Mackenzie Zacharias (Altona) and Jacques Gauthier (Assiniboine Memorial - Winnipeg) winning Double-Gold at the World Junior Curling Championships. I believe it's the first time Manitoba has ever pulled the Double Gold. With both Jonesy and Einar in the Scotties Final 4, we have a good shot at taking that home, too. If you're willing to overlook the sad state of our current Men's curling in Manitoba, this province is living up to it's billing as the Home of Curling...
  13. I'm coming home for the home opener and then the night after is the big Manitoba 150th party with Bachman Cummings headlining. I have never looked forward to anything more than those two nights...
  14. Graeme Bell.... Frig. A friend of mine in the PR business works with him in Edmonton on public speaking engagements and I was giving him shut about that situation. Friiiiiiig.
  15. Booch says to expect a Walker decision by Monday, so take that to the bank. Whether in our favour or not...
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