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  1. Noeller


    I assumed it meant "outside your own home".....but honestly, why not wear it outside? Just ******* wear them everywhere. Better safe than sorry, I figure...
  2. Just having something that means that much to me, to look forward to each week.....it's taken a huge emotional toll on me. Having hockey back is cool and all, but even if the Jets and Oilers were still alive, it doesn't mean as much to me as CFL does. Not even close.
  3. Noeller


    So, I spent a crazy time of my life working at the Maple Leaf plant in Brandon in my late teens. A stint on the "loin trim line" and another doing "ham (de) -boning". One thing to mention about the people who work "on the floor" (basically anywhere that isn't office work...the manual labour folks) is that they all wear masks already. Full lab coat, a white hood thing and a mask (from what I recall...this was 1999/2000ish for me). They also wear gloves at all times. They're pretty hyper about sanitization as it is.....so in theory, it should be (relatively) easy to get/keep things under control. The issue, I think, is during lunch breaks. As I recall, everyone goes upstairs and takes their gear off and hang out in a giant mess-hall style room. So that might be where things have to change. Anyhow, just some recollections of how things are at Maple Leaf....or were, I suppose......
  4. Noeller


    I've got the Bombers foam ones that they'd been selling, and some of the non-medical masks that we bought in bulk at Costco. I'd like to get a nice cloth one, and will probably try to buy one at the Jets store whenever I get home next.
  5. Noeller


    I saw a commercial last night for The Gap (or Old Navy?? I dunno...) talking about back to school fashion, and prominently featured kids with "trendy" masks on. I thought that was a good step toward "normalizing" things, especially among kids. I think it'll become "normal" in short order...
  6. Noeller


    this is exactly why AB has had "open testing" (anyone, regardless of symptoms or not) since May. My biggest fear is not that I'll get sick and die, but that I'll unknowingly pass it to someone else. This thing spreads like wildfire if left unchecked. That's precisely why the wife and I are going to get a test done before we come home to Manitoba in September, and maybe again when we return.... just to be safe.
  7. there is absolutely zero chance the CFL is gone forever. In some capacity, it will be back when things are healthy. It might look different, but it will be back, no matter what.
  8. Noeller


    Pallister's various quotes today were bordering on inhumane. His willingness to just send kids back to school with zero care about getting everyone sick and overwhelming the system is shocking. "We can't live in fear".....well, yes....yes we have every right to be ******* terrified of sending all the kids and teachers back like some sort of science experiment.
  9. Noeller


    absolutely completely agree. I'd dare say it's wildly dangerous to suggest that asymptomatic people shouldn't get tested.
  10. Noeller


    who gives a **** if people are freaked out? We need to identify as many cases as possible every single day. Alberta's been doing asymptomatic testing for months now. If it was financially feasible, every single person should get a COVID test every single day.....as the NHL is doing with their bubble. That protocol should be mandatory around the world. Of course, that's extremely expensive......but I'm just saying, in an ideal world.............
  11. Noeller


    also, apparently capacity is 2800/day right now. Would like to see that number closer to maxed out if possible...
  12. read a great quote on Twitter about how he'll "have to check with 'Mother' first to see if it's okay"....fantastic. She's going to ******* tear him apart.
  13. I don't know if I'm more excited because she's a great candidate and will absolutely decimate Mike Pence in a debate, or because Maya Rudolph and Jason Sudekis together in sketches will be fantastic....
  14. a whole lotta this. You don't have to like 'em, but they get the job done.
  15. not sure if I posted about this before or not, but I've been watching my DVDs of the 2007 season, and my wife can not reconcile in her mind that the guy playing STs wearing 34 is the same guy that is "in charge of the Bombers" right now.....
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