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  1. It is unfortunate how true this statement is.
  2. Damn, my holidays have torpedoed my promising season!
  3. Maybe they can dub our crowd noise over the next Argos game to help them out.
  4. I live an hour south of the city and was at the game last week. We parked 30 mins away from the stadium at the LC on Pembina (my lazy excuse to get a workout instead of going to the gym). Literally zero traffic heading southbound from there, just waited for red lights but other than that was off to the races. When I had season tickets at CanadInns, I would get stuck between St. James to Ness turning onto Kenaston for at least the length of my 30 minute walk. We used to run right after the final buzzer to get to the car to try to sneak out via Empress instead but that was hit and miss. TL;DR, everyone has had different experiences at both locations and it probably depends on which direction you are going after that determines your commuting experience to and from games.
  5. A few concerns I have had over the past few weeks are the turnovers, penalties and second-half offense. If we fix those issues, we are always going to be hard to beat. All of our losses (save for maybe Hamilton where our D was horrendous) were self-inflicted wounds. Even last week, aside from a few missed FG's, the only time the Argos scored was when we shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers. The penalties though are really annoying, especially ones like JSK's illegal contact last week. No need to hipcheck the guy as he runs past you and it nullified what would have been a 2nd and long.
  6. I appreciate the heads up KBF. I am hereby changing my pick then to William Powell.
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