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  1. I was in the area and saw easily over a 100 people lined up outside and the drive thru line snaked all the way down to Sterling Lyon. I don't get why people would bother doing this when in a few weeks they won't have to wait hours to purchase a generic doughnut.
  2. Apparently sticking with the NFL for a few years and even making it onto the highlights a few time somehow equates to diminishing in talent? Maybe people question if he's a "CFL" qb... you know how people always prefer the CFL having a mobile QB rather then a slow as molasses drop back passer that the NFL favours... oh wait.... I think some people are just looking for reasons to complain. Strev is fine, I would hope they would play him here as a normal QB and not the gadget crap that LaPo had him doing in his last year with us. In his first season he dropped back and ran a normal O and was clearly able to make passes and escape the rush for the big runs. The gadget option plays should only be utilized a few times, it's predictable and dumb.
  3. I missed the game (again) , can anyone do a mini odds and sods of what went wrong?
  4. Is Lucky Whitehead still a free agent and healthy?
  5. I missed the game tonight, looks like the starters were rusty and not ready for the real season. I wonder if they had more time in pre season to play if they would of been more prepared.
  6. It's the CFL.... we've seen many times guys come into the league on short notice and immediately take off and excel come game time. I'm not understanding why they go with the "known talents" who have a ceiling of mediocre. Why not try out guys who "can" become break out star players.
  7. Easily Masoli he can't even take a single hit. Next BLM and lastly Harris.
  8. I'm not writing off Thursday as a loss. I will however be unhappy if the O is out of synch and we give away a game that we should of won because some guys were shaking off the rust. If the mindset is treating the first few weeks as an extended pre season and not putting as much weight on losing the first few games... that is a risk that I'm not a fan of, If 8 teams out of 9 are giving starters some reps in pre season and if 8 teams out of 9 are not using additional Canucks for no real reason... I refuse to believe that O'Shea is the only smart guy who has it figured out while everyone else is behind. I know his track record gives him the benefit of the doubt but these are a few things that had a new coach implemented we would be much more vocal with the complaints.
  9. It makes for an easy piss break + restock on snacks without missing anything important
  10. I just hope we don't stall out on O like we did during pre season.
  11. Is O'Shea a huge fan of our punter? He seemed terrible last year and this pre season he was a whole lot of mediocre?
  12. I'll be the first to ask.... Sign Fine as a 3rd stringer and keep Grainger on the PR and cut Wilson?
  13. I like our technique of handing off on first down and throwing it into the turf on 2nd down. So nice!
  14. We are getting good film of Calgary players who they may cut That's a positive I think?
  15. Well this is the fun part of the game where we see players make boneheaded plays that makes the cuts easier. Such as a fumble on a return.
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