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  1. Brink was mobile (not a burner) and he ran for his life numerous times. But as you had pointed out so many of his throws skipped off the ground before hitting the legs of the receiver.
  2. Winnipeg is a dump and Edmonton is a dump, either way the guy could be classy and talk about how he enjoyed the passion from the fans and not take a shot at the city.
  3. Who would be #2 and #3 on the list of candidates that we would want to go for?
  4. Once again... nobody wants to see this.
  5. His production increased from previous seasons , by the numbers he had two of his top four seasons with the Riders.
  6. Not really he had 15 sacks and 16 sacks in Saskatchewan .... last year he disappeared.
  7. Is it me or does the TSN guys on TV always fixate on Hughes and make it seem like he's a far bigger deal then what he is?
  8. Famous Dave's from my experiences has degraded both in quality and quantity over the last three or so years. We've found the place to also be really quiet with only a few tables with people and the service has been really sub par. It is good however for catering, we've used them a few times for the kids birthday parties and it's always been a hit. I wonder if Bigg Smoak were to go closer to downtown that it could fill the void of Lovey's closing up shop? Back in the day Lovey's was almost always busy and had a tonne of people getting take out also. Either way the city needs more places for Brisket and Pulled Pork!
  9. I wonder if the owner will be more considerate on rental prices or if he'll try to gouge like he did when COVID started. I'm not sure if that would be the best location considering Famous Dave is only a few minutes away.
  10. I saw a pic of the attacker afterwards.... gruesome injury that he must of incurred by accidentally falling
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