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  1. Robert Shake N Bake and wanted to be a rapper Baker?
  2. Jonathan Jennings passed for 5200 yards ..... sometimes stats do not tell the full picture. AC was definitely elite... but it didn't hurt that he started with guys like Pringle and moved on to teams with fully stacked o-line and great receivers and a top notch defense. If I were to put both guys against each other at their prime and healthy... I choose Ricky Ray. Also Calvillo had a 3 - 5 Grey Cup record (and was 1 - 5 before winning his last two) compared to Ray who had 4 - 1 record in the big game with two different teams.
  3. I only question Calvillo because of the book ends of his career.... no doubt in a solid system with a solid cast he was elite. He looked much more average in his early and later days with sub par teams. I also don't think injuries (like with Ray) is what made his production slow down. The reason I think Ray is more elite is because so many receivers looked absolutely elite when playing with him and then when they were not they suddenly became very average.
  4. In Winnipeg they had one I think it is where 5 Guys is.... either in that location or closer to Boston Pizza. In Ontario he had quite a few restaurants, they were very much like the Boston Pizza lounge. Lots of hockey and UFC and average food. Mr Mikes - I've only gone to the one in Dauphin a few times and it was really good, I found it better then Montana's.
  5. Brandon


    Still doesn't make it an intelligent decision. People going to the beach can say they needed to go for their mental health. Either way people will be selfish by going to a protest and/or to the beach proving that some Canadians just are not smart.
  6. Brandon


    Well considering 20 000 people attended a protest a month ago downtown.... it was already established that a certain amount of people around here just don't care.
  7. Just because someone is bigger it doesn't mean they have a higher pain threshold. Watch any of the lighter weights in the UFC and you'll see guys taking absolute beatings and still get up and fight hard.
  8. Sub Zero used to be good but I stopped going when the lady with the thick glasses started to become really nasty to customers. It's on Brazier I think.
  9. I'm going to say it.... BDI is highly over rated. It's the equivalent of Mitsy's Chicken Fingers and Jeannie's Cakes where Peggers rave about it but it's really super average. I'm not sure about what Ice Cream places that T-Cona has that you can go to... but if you're down Henderson Hwy Sweet Tops has really high quality ice cream that's tasty.
  10. Wow with all these incidents it's a great time to defund the police
  11. Look at Streveler that guy was completely busted up and still toughed through it.
  12. This has been circulating around social media lately, Golden Girls was so ahead of the times.
  13. Who was the guy that punched our player in the balls? Was it Murphy?
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