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  1. Brandon


    I do like the idea of stripping him and having Santos vs Reyes to determine the champ.... if Jon Jones comes back then just put him at HW or in super fights only..
  2. Not to be that guy... but usually for movie sizes it's the audio that bloats up the file size so when you download at stereo it's 1.5 GB and at 15 GB it's usually multi language and 7.2 surround...
  3. They are lowering the bitrate, for a non technical example..... the resolution will still be at 4k... however everything will look a bit more muddy and less sharp. Think video games .... it would be like going from a PS4 down to a PS3 level of visuals or maybe Blu-Ray down to DVD quality with upscaling. IMO most people won't notice a big difference , but for the people with crazy set ups and who are really anal on how sharp and clear everything is will notice it.
  4. Brandon


    I think everyone knew his last year or so of trying to pretend he's a good guy was all just an act. I wonder how Dana White will spin this to make it look like he's not a bad guy....
  5. Ballmer has some serious cash....
  6. It's a bit fuzzy on how much stronger it is, the PS5 has a faster hard drive so in theory in certain games it could be more powerful. On the other hand apparently the Xbox X has dedicated hardware to assist with raytracing which makes a huge difference in the lighting of games. It more then likely will be closer then 30% difference though.
  7. Brandon


    Lawrence Taylor I thought was used good.
  8. Refresh my memory... what did he say?
  9. Brandon


    I watched the 5 minute clip of Gronk ... I guess kids might like him? Myself I was annoyed half way down the ramp for his entrance and him dry humping the ring post was more then enough for me.
  10. Still a f****in stupid idea. I shouldn't be penalized for being responsible and controlled with my spending habits while others could not.
  11. So Tom Brady to Tampa and Houston trading away their number 1 receiver for basically nothing in return. What a crazy off season!
  12. Working at home... trying to survive one child doing virtual classes and the other getting bored staying inside of the house and not going to daycare to play
  13. Random thought, if the season is cancelled... Do the teams still pay the players and if not do the contracts carry over a year?
  14. Both guys claimed that each other **** talked first. Good for Kapp though, Mosca deserved it.
  15. Definitely as a kid watching the 700 yard Dunigan game. It was real life Tecmo bowl.
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