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  1. As per the TSN stats it shows 0 fumbles from Pigromes. As per CFL.ca it shows Pigromes as playing for the Blue Bombers and the stats don't even show fumbles because heaven forbid cfl.ca doesn't have comprehensive stats for the fans.
  2. I'm guessing the only way this happens is if the two guys they brought into camp look bad then maybe at that point they bring back Piggy.
  3. Drew Willy Brian Brohm Robert Marve Dom Davis Max Hall Jason Boltus Justin Goltz Alex Brink RJ Archer Joey Elliott Buck Pierce Brandon Summers Zac Champion Steven Jyles Casey Bramlet Ricky Santos Bryan Randall Richie Williams Michael Bishop Stefan Lefors This is the list that I could come up with.... a whole lot of yikes. I also didn't realize that Brink/Elliott lasted three seasons with us. During this timeline... the only QB that had a good TD to INT ratio was Jyles with 19 TD - 7 ints. A really ugly time.
  4. I guess at this point it won't make a difference since downtown is completely dead Still a dumb idea.
  5. Do you have something in your past that you want to share? That's quite the odd stretching of what TBURGESS had said. Did you know that some women have made false claims of harassment/abuse/assault. It is possible. In the celebrity world just look at the Amanda Heard / Johnny Depp fiasco to see an example of a woman with zero reasons to make false claims as she is rich and famous.... yet she did out of hatred.
  6. I'd put the % of her being a crazy emotional woman wanting vengeance at quite a low percentage... but their is always a chance. I've seen enough videos online of crazy girlfriends using their cars to ram into an ex or them going to their work places and going ballistic to never say never.
  7. In fairness she could be mainly doing this for attention and/or to kill Kelly's reputation.
  8. It couldn't of been as bad as Jason Boltus bobbling the ball and fumbling it and cowering. The string of bad QB's we had after Bishop up until Willy/Nichols was the darkest days from my time watching the Blue.
  9. That was a perfect throw, I don't remember the rest of his play so I can't comment if he was fat and out of shape.
  10. My only memory is Tee Martin throwing a perfect dime to Peterson who had his man beat by a large margin only for Kamau to completely whiff on the catch. I then look at Martin with his shoulders dropping and all of the soul escaping his body.
  11. https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2024/02/26/ole-anderson-dead-at-81/
  12. It's in bad taste but far from RAGE inducing. Anyone who gets to a point of being RAGED by this should probably self reflect on why they get angry over the smallest things in life.
  13. Are you trying to tell us that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and that in happens in real life.... Noooooooooooooo waaay!
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