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  1. My concerns are that Harris thrives in the medium passes hitting receivers in stride. Our soft zone gives me concern as the receivers will be open and unless we get massive pressure he will pick us apart. Last season his two games against us he had 361 and 349 yards passing!
  2. Dickenson doesn't look overwhelmed to me, frustrated more so from what I saw. Claybrooks looked overwhelmed and in over his head IMO.
  3. Myers will easily get that kind of money... now Tanev at 4 million... that I don't think will happen.
  4. Long story short.... team needs to extend Streveler big time!!!
  5. Maybe the riders are not the worst team
  6. A bit easier to beat BC knowing that they won't run. We did not know this in week one until after the first half.
  7. Because the d line was eating them up. I did notice his tongue sticking out a lot in the 2nd half. Looked like a nervous tick.
  8. Who cares about the hat... The guys body language by the end of the game was eerily similar to Burke's soul less stare.
  9. Edmonton at the beginning were sending everyone at Reilly... in the 2nd half they were getting to him with a 3 man rush. BC looked very very bad.
  10. Absolutely terrible o line they are getting best with a three man rush. Claybrooks started the game dancing, then looked confused now looks way over his head as a coach. Eskimos are a good team , BC is horrid. I think the riders could beat them .
  11. Wow BC is falling apart. That defense is so soft. I don't think they have anyone in the secondary who can tackle.
  12. Poor Montreal, I'm not sure who they can get in aside from Bridge?
  13. Let's not kid ourselves Winnipeg's downtown is still a dump. It's just less dumpy lol.
  14. I want BC to win. Edmonton coming alive. Harris is Jekyll and Hyde.
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