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  1. If your parents are into Italian food, when things go back to normal take them to DeLuca's for lunch down Portage Ave. The absolute best homemade pasta at a really good price!
  2. I have no questions on the cleanliness of McDonalds. As a kid I worked at one and it was a well oiled machine with it's practices of keeping the place clean and quality control of the food they served. That being said the food is so full of preservatives and filler that the quality of it is the drizzling shits. The fries are weird and unnatural, if you ever want a good watch then check out the special features of Super Size Me in the following video....
  3. You know what I hate..... McDonalds it's so nasty and over priced. Give me Zaxx or any greasy spoon around town which have fatboy combos which are double in size and at a cheaper price. This is what I hate for today.....
  4. Brandon


    Does this mean that the UFC has an opening for a referee position.... I think someone on here should apply
  5. It apparently has moved into the strip mall next to it with the old restaurant being renovated to hold two different non restaurant tenants.
  6. Says the person who is out of touch with modern day society.
  7. I still don't understand why they couldn't get some sort of deal with the Government... felt like they didn't even make a proper effort.
  8. Are we speaking about modern day North America? Religious services is to blame and education as the antidote? LOL you may be in a time warp. The real answer is modern society has way to many selfish think for them self only people who do not take responsibilities for their action. In the olden times it was taboo to be a single parent... these days we have people even in Winnipeg who purposely get pregnant so that they can collect more money from the Government without them having to go to work. It's messed up. Ideally everyone is raised by two parents regardless of income
  9. It's a good article and makes sense to me. I don't see any issue with it being a smaller league / small potatoes rather then trying to expand and becoming a big league. I don't see TSN really caring either way.
  10. Way to generalize a whole race based on one guys story. Maybe if the guy was raised by loving parents he wouldn't feel that way regardless of what color he was. For the record if you were to speak with anyone in law enforcement they could tell you dozens of stories of criminals saying that same line regardless of gender/race/background. I've had friends from Africa and other very dangerous places where they had family come to Canada from places from poverty, extreme abuse and neglect and all of their children became extremely successful because the kids grew up in a household with two
  11. Laine is going to get paid big time, the Jets have zero chance of signing him again unless they shed a massive salary from the team.
  12. https://globalnews.ca/news/7742787/man-chokes-dies-taco-eating-contest-lawsuit/
  13. No doubts, The Houston managment is probably pisssssssssed because they had offers of 3 first round draft picks for him earlier.
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