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  1. This along with Jeannie's cake are the worst most over rated "Winnipeg" things that older people rave about.
  2. I don't get it... he has a high approval rating and people are happy with him. Just because Noeller doesn't like him doesn't mean he is right and everyone else is wrong? Having strong feelings or judging your own opinions purely based on your own beliefs/ideas doesn't mean everyone else should follow suit. Here in Winnipeg when I lived in the Elmwood area where it was full of lower income and/or people on welfare people were heavy NDP fans because what they stood for benefited them greatly, when I moved into an area where it was above average income you can't find a single person being a fan of the NDP with everyone being Liberal/PC fans. Why because what those parties pushed greatly benefited them. So who is right and who is wrong? I'm sorry that because I'm open minded and look at things from other peoples perspectives that this rubs some people the wrong way. The moral of the story is... just because you think you are the smartest person based on your own opinion and own beliefs... doesn't mean it's true. Use some facts to back up your argument and if someone has an extremely high approval rating that is a hard fact to negate.
  3. I have no opinion on the person but have you ever considered that if the majority of people disagrees with what you feel that you may be the one in the wrong?
  4. I haven't been hardcore watching the team in the last 3 or so seasons... but it feels like earlier on we drafted well and lately it's just been a lot of misses and not many hits.
  5. The link you provided shows that in his last 4 season he averages 0.43 points per game which equals out to 35 points per season.
  6. A - I didn't say majority, I said it will cause controversy and I was proven CORRECT with that statement. I didn't offer my own personal opinion on the name change at any point. All I said was that it was a hard name that will cause controversy and I suggested naming it Chris Walby because he is beloved by all Winnipeg people. I strongly recommend trying to not push a SJW outrage/crusade and reshaping what people say because that's just lame. B - No
  7. A - Once again.... do you represent the majority of the people. No you don't. Your opinion doesn't reflect the reality. B - I have to simplify because otherwise you will go on a tangent that is unrelated because you cannot shape whatever is being said into your own agenda. Sometimes reality sucks, our downtown is awful and possibly the worst one across Canada. You can't live in denial of the truth.
  8. A - I said the general population may and most likely will not be a fan of the changes, just because everyone is not in agreeance with you doesn't mean your opinion is the only valid one. I'd suggest keeping an open mind, its unhealthy to have a focused tunnel vision of reality. You don't need to shape anyone elses comments to fit your own narrative. People will have some push back on a name change because of the reasons I outlined. B - I'm keeping it very simple... the current Winnipeg downtown is dead and the publics opinion is that it's very unsafe. How do you make it safe... you need to clean it up. You can't have homeless shelters and/or safe injection sites in an area that you want an average citizen to visit. This is reality and not an opinion. AA for drugs is a rehab facility. In a perfect world everyone could go to rehab and hope to get clean, unfortunately the city and province do not have the money to fund this. Also it would be "unethical" to force someone to go to rehab to get clean.
  9. A - Once again changing the narrative , what does my opinion have anything to do with this? Just because you yourself believe in one way it doesn't mean that everyone else does and that everyone should conform to what you believe in. I merely gave an opinion on what I thought the general population (i.e. more then you) would think about this name change. Maybe the city should have the citizens vote similar to the opening of Portage and Main. B - Take them out of the area ? Clearly nobody is visiting downtown now and the numero uno factor is safety. Once again, look at most tourists areas. Do they allow people under the influence to harass the visitors? Zero % chance of a Winipeg downtown being revitalized unless they address (i.e. remove) the homeless/drugs/alcohol. How they treat the addicts who knows, you can have safe injection sites such as East Hastings out in Vancouver. Basically create an area that everybody knows to avoid. They could do the morally incorrect thing by putting them on a bus like how Las Vegas would ship people off to San Francisco. Create a facility somewhere far enough way that they don't walk downtown. Who knows? The end game though is that you can't have a safe environment with people under the influence harassing the general public.
  10. It took me even less time then your 5 minutes to learn that the overall feedback online is that people think the name is hard to pronounce and that they think the idea of changing the name is ridiculous. Once again your quote makes no sense and changing the narrative of what I originally said.
  11. Visit any tourist destinations and they have a zero tolerance on this. I don't understand the 2nd part of your quote since that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.
  12. Instead of changing it to a word that nobody can pronounce and that will cause controversy regardless of the intentions... can we just rename it Chris Walby Blvd?
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