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  1. Brandon


    Wow that is much lower then back in the glory days. I think Nitro and Raw combined for a near 10 rating at the peak...
  2. Brandon


    What kind of ratings are they doing these days?
  3. No way i'd want to get rid of Wheeler, I wouldn't mind him playing less minutes and the lines being mixed up though.
  4. Really only Tanev is the only Ufa I would want back.
  5. Maybe they should of got the guys who wrote and the same director of Rogue One to do the new trilogy. I don't understand the love for Rian Johnson and why they went with him?
  6. I don't know the Nmc but I'd start with trading trouba, little , Perreault , maybe buff and trying to get some guys with heart and who how up consistently and who actually want to be here.
  7. This team seems so soft compared to last season and before. We seem to avoid hitting anyone and seem to have zero urgency at going for the puck in the corners and in our end. We used to fly around and hit guys which generated mistakes from the opposition which we would capitalize. It feels like everyone is just standing around and staring and waiting for the puck. Only lime that shows any urgency is Tanev and Lowry.
  8. Lost the team and also this team all year has never been able to make adjustments (sadly Goalie is correct). Trade some dead weight and bring in some leaders who can lead on the ice. I don't think we have any coaches that we can sign this season though 😕
  9. Wow terrible penalty by Buff this team is unhinged. No discipline and lackadaisical effort all around.
  10. Playing 500 hockey and getting worse as times goes on... this is not the trend we want.
  11. I think Maurice has taken the team as far as he could get them. Time to get a new coach who can get the most of all his talent. Losing 3 home games when you have one of the best home crowds is unacceptable.
  12. I didn't mind Snoke dying and the Leia scene was cheese but it didn't ruin the movie. I am very confident that if Luke kicked ass and was strong that people's opinions would of been very different of the movie.
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