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  1. Right now Rider fans are claiming that the media is just making up crap and that Hughes is awesome bla bla bla... I guarantee that if he were to sign somewhere else they would instantly change tune and suggest that he's over the hill and washed up.
  2. GM's in the league will be happy that this guy will no longer be around to deal with. Fringe players will have no one else to turn to in order to squeeze more money then they deserve.
  3. I think he's planning to move and stay in Winnipeg for the long term.
  4. Poor Danny Duggan... typical local wrestling dorks messing with each other and screwing the local scene.
  5. This questions gets asked on reddit frequently and the answer is unfortunately no where =\ Chicago Phil's apparently is a disgusting cock roach infested drug front if I am to believe what the people of reddit say. I don't think I've ever had any real deep dish in Winnipeg. When I was in Chicago I do remember getting extremely full after one "slice" because it was ridiculously thick.
  6. I'm not sure about that article... I wouldn't say that..... I'd say Strev dwarfed other players in popularity and most of the other guys are on the same equal level of being loved by the fans.
  7. This would explain why he was trying to get a boxing fight with one of the Paul brothers. What a moron.
  8. They are at Capitol hill duh lol
  9. The guy cuts a wrestling promo on a group of people who don't exist and you suggest for me to put in critical thinking? Come on now I'm sorry if this thread is some kind of fantasy role playing thing where people like to pretend they are involved in the drama in the States. If you are from Winnipeg you could go outside and find out that for the most part the largest drama happening around town is small businesses being unable to re-open and suffering (valid issue) and a whole lot of soccer moms getting cranky because they cannot get a hair cut. Seriously Riderfans are not as ba
  10. I'm pretty sure at least 95% of the users on these boards are Canadian and don't give two shits about Trump/Biden and are way more invested with Canadian politics. Even in this long winded thread I'd say it's predominately people thinking Trump is a joke and mostly in amaze of just how far a bad joke went over the last 4 years. I can't remember anyone on these boards mentioning on here about going out with assault rifles and walking the streets while wearing tacky camouflage with red hats. What a weird post you made and it sounds like you are lost and are looking for a MAGA reddit or so
  11. I think Maurice bought himself at least this full season based off our depleted defense situation.
  12. No these are the best kind of signings, high quality depth players that I will assume didn't cost us an arm and a leg. Signing 10 of these types of players will get us much further then making a couple of splashy high price free agent signings.
  13. If he were to stay and retire a Bomber he would forever be beloved in this city. Can we somehow get True North + Thompson to buy out the league please and thank you?
  14. Streams / Kodi / Torrents / Amazon Prime / Netflix is never pre-empted
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