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  1. It will be a good test for the Riders against our defense.
  2. Terrible time to whiff on the sack. Cost them any chance of getting back into the game.
  3. Fajardo looks competent and does make quick reads. Very good at quick slants. Everything else is meh.
  4. Ignore my previous comment. I just saw the int... That was a poor decision. Very ugly.
  5. Hamilton dealing with the injury but. I wouldn't count out BC.
  6. Just like Toronto had no chance against us? I wouldn't favour Ottawa , but to say no chance is a bit far fetched. Are you that much sold on Fajardo being the real deal?
  7. Ottawa has a chance to win, I wouldn't count them out.
  8. Willie is his own agent, so if he likes it here then I don't see the issue on signing him long term. He did leave money on the table when he signed with the Blue.
  9. Also what was up with the refs tonight.... that botched call early in the game when it should of been roughing the kicker and the weak off side on our offense deep in the end was brutal. It was nice to see though Edmonton making a bone headed penalty late in the game. Also nice to see Streveler in the last 5 minutes able to move the ball instead of doing quick two and outs. Also nice to see the QB being able to take a hit or two without having to leave the game.
  10. Streveler didn't look that bad tonight, tough game playing against a strong defense and absolute terrible weather conditions. He didn't look like the 2nd coming but he definitely showed flashes. The drops really hurt his stats and also the lack of plays of him throwing on the run was puzzling. I'd like to see him play against a team that offers less pressure and where rain won't be a factor.
  11. Davis Sanchez could be good but he's such an ******* that no one wants him on the panel. Rod Smith clearly does not like him and it showed tonight. Stegall is also useless, I'd rather they put Benevides in on every game and find someone else to rotate with Matt D.
  12. Jefferson The O-line The D-line HH - Harris Bozo - The refs for screwing up numerous major calls against the Blue
  13. Stegall was a loser as per Davis Sanchez....
  14. I seem to remember hearing about the NFL playing a game in Mexico and then having to move it back to the States at the last minute because the field in Mexico literally had a concert and was completely destroyed 1 week before game day. I don't think this is the same.
  15. The Bombers are going to be going after a guy on the cheap with CFL experience. No way they pay a hefty price to acquire and then pay for Franklin all for him to sit on the bench. I'm assuming we get a name that's familiar but nothing special.
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