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  1. Anyone know how good/bad the guy is compared to what we have now?
  2. Roosevelt played more games then Darvin last season and was more productive. I only tossed Arceneaux's name mainly for fun. Personally I still rather go with Rhymes...
  3. I don't see Bighill ever leaving us, he has his family and his offseason job here.... zero chance of that happening. He's retiring a Bomber.
  4. I remember ordering a stuffed cheese crust pizza and a 2nd hawaiian and my bill was something around $55. I could go to Dominos and get 7 medium 2 topping pizzas for that same price....
  5. Lol he had 946 yards last season. Our leading receiver last season was Lawler with 637 and Adams with 549.
  6. The last time I went a few years back it was obscenely expensive ordering off the menu. Like Boston Pizza insane expensive...... The deals at Dominos absolutely blew it away...
  7. I am surprised that he didn't sign in Toronto....
  8. Roosevelt for 1000 yard season and clutch 2nd down production. Arecenaux for TCF.
  9. I think we end up with Roosevelt or Arceneaux on the cheap
  10. How does Pizza Hut stay in business when anywhere else offers better pizza at half the price....
  11. Lol how is Cathay House still around
  12. Dummmmmmmmb idea. Why not focus on making the season start a month earlier instead of this garbage.
  13. Absolutely ridiculous, they need to move on from Harrison and have Ryan Reynolds or Chris Pratt be the new Indiana Jones.
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