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  1. Brandon

    Portage & Main

    I don't think people will die and that's a stretch. I look at it realistically. People won't get hit by cars , however it will 100% slow down traffic flow and for me that alone is enough reason to leave it. They can build some patios bit it won't make a difference people still won't come downtown. Most downtown eateries near the arena only get business at night during events at the mts center. To many people are dreamers opening it won't draw anyone downtown and it also won't kill anyone. It will slow traffic and make it convenient for a few folks during lunch break trying to cross. The meth crisis, panhandling epidemic, urban sprawl , water quality issues are a million times more important then this.
  2. I want Dressler to stay with us so that he can retire in Blue and Gold purely to sadden Rider fans.
  3. Brandon

    Portage & Main

    I assumed it didn't happen because after 1 year Portage Place was deemed a colossal failure. Those youtube videos that showed the day it opened and then the one year follow up really tell the story of how the idea really wasn't the true solution to fix downtown. Now so many years later with so many other shopping and dining options it really would be impossible for Portage Place at this point to becoming a destination. Regardless the ads and the Open propaganda is so far fetched that it makes it difficult to take them seriously. Bowman can't be taken seriously at all since whenever anyone confronts him he resorts to dirty tactics and misdirection so it's hard to believe him. Perhaps the idea of opening the intersection can be revisited when the city has proper leadership and a clue on how to do it the right way.
  4. Brandon

    Portage & Main

    My own study ! Did you know at one time their was a study that made it seem like Portage Place was rejuvenate the downtown area... can't believe everything you read!
  5. Brandon

    The iPhone Thread (or Tech Thread)

    I doubt that they will have Golden Eye or a Wrestling game (licensing issues). I'd imagine it's mostly Nintendo first party games.
  6. I haven't followed anything at all but have they increased the penalties for dealing drugs in Manitoba? Usually when it comes to crimes that involves losing out on that sweet tax money... the punishments are much more strict.
  7. Brandon

    Random News Items

    Also studies have shown that adding an extra second or two for an amber light and red lights going both ways massively decreased accidents at busier intersections.... but doing that doesn't generate money.
  8. Brandon

    Portage & Main

    My own which consists of me driving through the intersection every day. I used common sense and 7 years of getting mad at buses running red lights to turn left onto Portage for them to only block the intersection and making us all miss the light. Each bus that does this extends my drive 3 minutes. I also used basic math... on average when driving from Memorial to Main street via Portage I will sit at each set of lights and watch the light cycle from green to red and then back to green. Factor in that only when I hit Main street is when traffic starts to flow. About 12 sets of lights in total ... I'd assume the crosswalk would be 45 seconds to cross at P& M. I'll have to wait an extra 45 seconds for the left turn arrow to turn green.... 45 seconds times 12 = 9 minutes. Basic math.
  9. Brandon

    Game 7 : Vancouver Shakedown

    Morrow was really solid last season, I think lots of guys are really off their game and haven't locked it in yet. If this is the worst the team can look then I'm not complaining.
  10. I see Dressler going back to Saskatchewan for a season and retiring
  11. Brandon

    Random News Items

    Easy revenue generator... it's just like how they have photo radar vans in bizarre places where little to no pedestrians cross , yet ignore the areas near the school which have many kids crossing but very little people speeding.
  12. Brandon

    Portage & Main

    30 seconds during rush hour is a bold face lie and embarrassing that they would try to pass it off that your commute would only extend 30 seconds. It's stuff like that that immediately dismiss anything they say because if they are willing to lie about that then I can't take anything else they say seriously. If they used real times such as 5 - 15 minutes extra then I'd at least respect them for being honest. The real time will be closer to 10 - 15 minutes which for me is a massive deal since it already takes me 35 minutes to drive to pick up my children.
  13. Brandon

    Random News Items

    In fairness some people are complete morons and drift in two lanes while completely focused on their cell phones. I understand the reasons it's just unfortunate that some people really make it hard to defend cell phone usage while driving. I would like to see the police enforce more distracted driving outside of cell phone usage... when driving on the very slow Portage Ave trying to cross Main I tend to see some really weird stuff where people are clearly not paying attention. In the last while I've seen several times people typing on a laptop in the passenger side , ladies doing make up, reading books, and my favorite which I will never complain a couple of ladies trying on different tops while crawling in rush hour. That last one was the only time I did not complain about waiting at a set of lights 3 times in order to cross
  14. Brandon

    Portage & Main

    I'm not voting based on Brodbeck being a loud mouth. I do find overall the Yes people are much more "annoying" because they are doing the old shout louder to prove that they are correct. I find a lot more close mindedness with the Yes folks who don't like hearing both sides of the argument. The advertisements are also soooo lame on the radio .. I'd be much more open to changing my mind if they were honest and wouldn't use terrible arguments to back them up. Telling me my drive will only be 20 seconds longer , suggesting that their is an issue with handicap people crossing the intersection, suggesting that people would go downtown because the intersection will be easier to cross, suggesting that people will walk from the Forks all the way down to the intersection and then head to Portage place... that crap instantly makes me roll my eyes and realize that it's all crap. I'd respect Bowman more if this was a part of a complete transformation of downtown such as zero-tolerance pan handling & drunk in public , clean out the drug dealers, new ideas for better traffic flow, closing Portage Place mall, buy out the crappy drinking places for the bums etc....
  15. Brandon

    Random News Items

    I find my friends equally distracted when trying to find music in the car... For myself I have a smart watch to check my messages and for me to be distracted....