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  1. How much does he make on the open market? 7 million? More?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't the Yankees have an exclusive ppv stream that other clubs do not which generates 100s of millions in profit?
  3. I laughed but he does have a few good points in it. His closing arguments are hilarious.
  4. But how do you get free shoes and liquor by doing that? I kid... I thought it was cool in Belarus when all the women united and were shrilling and scaring away the military.
  5. You are not allowed to have a different opinion and rather then dispute you on why I don't agree by using facts or my own reasons... I will be rude instead and take the easy way out with lazy answers. Do I fit in now?
  6. Should this post not be deleted and user flagged for abusive behaviour?
  7. Did you not read where I said I think it's 50/50 fault on both parties. Did you not read where I said the police bungled the situation. I clearly said that the actions of both parties lead to this consequence. Society today always just wants to blame someone instead of holding everyone accountable for their own actions. Nobody deserves to go through the trauma of shooting someone and nobody deserves going through the trauma of being shot. Had both parties chose a better path then nobody would of got hurt. It's really weird that society HAS to blame someone 100% instead and make one
  8. Just because you don't share the same opinion does not mean you are correct. At least I provided valid points to make up my opinion rather then simply jumping on a bandwagon and keeping a close mind. As I said before... could the end result of this situation been different (better) had the guy followed orders and didn't put himself at risk by doing something foolish. The answer is clearly yes.
  9. They definitely bungled it, I have no idea what the training is for that area. In Canada it would of been handled differently I'd imagine. I wouldn't say this is Cowboy attitude and abuse of authority... this situation looks 100% of people who were either not trained properly or completely f'd up and made a panic decision. Cowboy authority would of had them beating the guy to a pulp before he even had a chance to walk to the van. Why shoot him that many times, most police are trained to shoot to stop the immediate threat. Their has been times (not sure about in Winnipeg)
  10. It goes back to decisions made in a matter of seconds... like I said it's super easy to analyze a situation from the couch and to say I would of done this and that.... when you have seconds to make a life or death judgement call and a guy who you think is dangerous is ignoring you and reaching into a car for which you have zero knowledge of what it contains... it's easy to throw stones without being in that persons shoes. No I have not been in that situation myself and would never want to be, but at least I'm aware that it's a really hard job and you have to act on the fly. I think
  11. I agree he definitely flubbed the situation and does hold responsibility for not acting sooner. But answer me this.... would the guy get shot in the back had he listened to the police and avoided turning his back and reaching into his car for who knows what. He definitely holds some responsibility for the situation. I don't understand why people can't accept that sometimes people on both sides need to be held accountable.
  12. If the cop was racist then why didn't he shoot him in the face beforehand? Silly comment for you to make.
  13. When you have seconds to make a judgement call it's easier to say don't do this from the comfort of your couch where you have time to analyze.
  14. But what if he has a gun under the drivers seat and turns around and shoots you in the face... how do you know that he doesn't have this? Like I said easier said from the couch then in the heat of the moment.
  15. But how are you sure that he is unarmed and also he is resisting when he is not listening to the police and following orders to stand down. How is the policeman suppose to know that this guy doesn't have a gun in the drivers seat. I don't think the Police handled it well and probably should of tazed or knocked him down before he reached the car but its so easy for you to say this kind of stuff on your computer chair rather then in the heat of the moment. I say blame is easily 50/50.... police should of tackled him before he reached the car and the guy should of listened. E
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