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  1. Brandon

    Needs for next year

    Well next season Nichols will be on thin ice, if he goes through a stretch of doing nothing then I can't imagine him winning that starting job back unless Streveler really shits the bed.
  2. Brandon

    Random News Items

    Anyone offended by that song should probably start a protest to ban all rap music being played anywhere..... I don't understand why people these days have such thin skin.... it's sad to see the state of some people these days. How will they ever survive....
  3. Brandon

    Game 30 : My Kind Of Town

    I couldn't believe Chicago didn't have a shot on net until the lame Buff penalty 17 minutes into the first period... they were already down 3 - 0 at that point. Me thinks firing Quenneville was a bad move.
  4. Brandon


    You don't say? What next you will tell me that Jimmy Snuka was not a great human either?
  5. Brandon


    I don't understand why you wouldn't want to have a bit of fun and cut a guys hair or even come out of the side doing the strut? I'd be bored to tears just sitting at a table doing nothing 30 days in a row. It's not like he was asked to take a bump or to really get involved. I also agree with Danny in regards to his appearance on the CTV Regina segment where he was completely disinterested and did nothing to help sell the show. The HTM whenever he comes to town and goes on TV has fun with it and goes over the top on the segments and seemingly looks like he enjoys himself.
  6. Brandon

    Manitoba Moose

    The Moose need him... listening to 1290 yesterday with the call ups and injuries to the Moose they are down 10 guys from the normal roster!
  7. Brandon

    Needs for next year

    Can we use Murphy's database for his list of receivers?
  8. Brandon


    I don't know... the stories I read was of him being crazy and used to beat the crap out of his ex wife and threaten her with a gun to her head saying he'd kill her on more then one occasion. The accusations of him raping women and beating them up... breaking his nieces knees to collect insurance money. Guy sounded like a terrible human. Chris Benoit was a fantastic wrestler... but it's not like they can put him in the HOF and have everyone ignore his dark crime.
  9. Brandon


    Going over both long winded Facebook posts... I believe I read that he wanted his first two weeks paid ahead of time for $5000. Danny's post mentioned that he also took in money from merch sales (said he also skimmed extra money from the cash float) and he sold out of all his autobiography books and was selling pictures. I'd imagine the money would be around $15 000 ? This was for just being at the show, he didn't wrestle or participate in any of the matches in any way.
  10. Brandon


    I saw Mike Davidson and Marc Merric's name in the comments kind of sucking up to Brutus.
  11. Brandon


    From every shoot interview I've watched the guy seemed to be a major a-hole and a scum bag. I wonder if he'll ever go in the HOF?
  12. Brandon


    I was reading more into the stories with each guy posting a massive Facebook post complaining about each other. I found the comments hilarious with the local promoters brown nosing Brutus and slightly cutting into Danny. I'm sure it's a bit on both guys... probably Brutus is old and to tired to go on the road for a month straight and I'm sure CWE was cutting corners to save money and had crappy rest stops and crappy transportation. I wouldn't have a clue on why a man 40 years into his career would find the need to hit the road for a month straight? I'm way younger and I find myself tired of being on the road for 5 days with work...
  13. http://www.all-xfl.com/xfl/stats/teamstats/finalstats.shtml This site shows attendances from the initial XFL ... Birmingham had the 2nd lowest in the league.
  14. Brandon


    That Brutus Beefcake stuff was hilarious to read, while I understand working in the Indies isn't glamorous... perhaps Danny should of given Brutus a heads up of how shitty the hotels are (assuming these shows are on Reserves). If not then most small towns do have clean hotels at somewhat decent rates around this province. I've stayed in many that were decent.
  15. Brandon

    Bomber News: 2019 Off Season

    Agreed.... if anything the uptown alley tweet was more promising then the Andrew Harris one....