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  1. Saskatchewan had the 2nd best run defense (next to us) in 2019. They also had a top 3 pass defense. Those numbers I posted were the only 2 games Augustine started , so tell me once again why this guy is a bum based on how much he produced on the amount of carries he was given? This was also in an offense in which we had zero passing attack at the time (unlike this season).
  2. https://3downnation.com/2021/10/26/during-his-time-in-ottawa-lazy-narratives-emerged-about-former-redblacks-gm-marcel-desjardins/ I'm pretty sure this was already posted but 3downnation really throwing all the blame on LaPo for this season.
  3. Arbuckle must really be a dink if nobody wants to keep him around.
  4. I can't wait until they make the all star roster and leave out obvious Bombers that should be on the team.
  5. 09-01 12 SSK 12 98 0 8.2 55 09-07 13 SSK 16 75 0 4.7 12 He played 2 games in 2019 against Saskatchewan and IMO those are decent numbers.
  6. Something something something Augustine can't block based on one person on the forum watching one play where he missed a block something something something
  7. Hopefully he never does anything like that again... easy way to get someone hurt and/or lose the ball.
  8. I did like how we mixed it up with more runs to Bailey/Demski/Augustine. The one sweep to Bailey worked nicely, they then ran the same play but this time handed it off to Oliveria and the defense completely bit on Bailey which gave Brady a nice hole on the left to run through.
  9. Dickenson's loyalty/stubbornness is what is going to sink that team this year. Maier gives them a better shot at winning.
  10. Based on what? Incompetent sure, but arrogant?
  11. Much appreciated and it is nice to read these finally with mostly positive bullet points
  12. I'm only concerned if Calgary puts in Maier against us. Otherwise Riders are looking awful and BLM is still having issues throwing the ball which won't get any better in the cold weather.
  13. I didn't read this thread... but can 17to85/Noeller finally stop whining about our offense being subpar after tonight? The whole team was lights out... what a great performance. Even back ups like Augustine and Gray had fun near the end of the game. Great game.
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