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  1. Brandon


    You mean ideas he stole from ECW. They did it long before WCW ever did and raided the ECW locker room. From everything I've watched and seen , Bischoff was a good salesman / con man. Weaseled his way up in WCW and conned (for better or for worse) Turner into giving him money to go out and play. I think a lot of his success was also luck from WWE making terrible choices (dumping Hogan / Savage before they were truly done) and the benefit of being able to write blank cheques irresponsibly. For about a 1 year period WCW was really good (beginning of the nWo) but it was absolutely dreadful and hard to watch.
  2. Magic Johnson was terrible lots of videos that made fun of him. One episode had Howard Stern who completely embarrassed him on his own show. The episode with Artie Langue on the Joe Buck show was super cringe. He nearly had Buck in tears. Both are must watch though super funny.
  3. Brandon


    So what's the deal with Bischoff? His podcast was pretty dry as he rarely provided insight aside from how he stole talent. I can remember listening to several guys like Greg Gagne and others who claim the guy was a snake and shyster and literally lied his way to the top of WCW backstabbing everyone on his way up. Does the guy have any talent ?
  4. I'm out of the loop which rider fan is nicthesizz? Migs? Brock Streveler?
  5. Sarah Silverman late night talk show..... will it be as bad as the Magic Johnson or Joe Buck show from the past?
  6. Streveler has a weird throwing motion, his arm is not my concern. I find his mid range passes to be way more accurate then Nichols, the ball seems to hit the player in the chest or in stride. It's his decision making which is questionable but to be expected from a raw young QB. I hope the team keeps him after this season but I'd like the club to go for Masoli in the off season because Chris still needs more time to grow.
  7. Well including today his overall body of work this season has been not that good. Very rough around the edges, who would make them their starter at this point? The guy still has potential but unless a team wants the bumps in the road I don't see him getting starter money anywhere.
  8. Jesus Christ how many times has Saskatchewan played against teams missing their starting qb. Horse shoes galore with them this season. Feels like every week they play against a team starting a brand new qb for the first time.
  9. I liked the pressure the d-line brought today. The secondary also was playing aggressive which was nice. It also helped that VAJ made some brain dead throws. Streveler... love the guy but he needs two more seasons as a back up. We can't expect to win with him running non stop. This off season I would make a push for Masoli (assuming he's the only available decent qb) and I fully would support dumping Darvin and Whitehead and try someone new. I'd also like a new o-coordinator because the o was predictable and while they didn't run trick gadget plays... I still wish we could push the ball down the field more often.
  10. 1 - O-line as a whole, love watching Hardrick smash people down the field. 2 - Alexander - Massive difference with him in, big hits and closes in on the player way faster then Hecht. 3 - Harris just a beast. HH - Jefferson the guy is a must re-sign. Disappointed with Adams and the lack of effort , even Dunigan called him out. I also am not sure if I'd put Streveler as a top 3.... the running was good... the passing at times was real bad.
  11. If we are comparing both guys when they were at their peak then yes ZC definitely was better. But if we are doing what have you done for me lately, Nichols has been light years better the last 2 seasons then ZC.
  12. Our defense has also kicked major ass at times and dominated games. Why do we only focus on the negative? This team HAS shown that the defense can take over games. Our o-line was dominating in the first half of the season, Harris had huge holes and both qb's were well protected. Once again how come we ignore the positive? Also what does AH failing a drug test show? Before being caught he was MOP of the league. I'd agree with questioning the play calling and consistency, but to suggest we don't have the ability to dominate on both ends is extremely ignorant. Sometimes peoples emotions cloud reality.
  13. Our defense is more then good enough to win a championship. On offense our o-line as of late has sucked (coincidence that the decline started when they made changes on the original group which was having great success) , our RB is still awesome. We have good enough receivers, some guys need to sit (Whitehead / Demski). The QB'ing of course is the only question mark and of course the coaching. If we played fantasy trades and somehow Reilly was on our team with a O-Coordinator that isn't so passive.... I think it would make a world of difference.
  14. Laine with 10 points on the season already...
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