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  1. Brandon

    Portage & Main

  2. Brandon

    Leos @ Argos / Als @ Esks

    The fans did boo Nichols I think late in the 2nd quarter though and then again later when Streveler was pulled. The fans most definitely booed his poor play at least once in the game...
  3. Brandon

    Paul Lapolice

    It wasn't Lapo.... The receivers were open .. Nichols just didn't see them.
  4. Bighill is my #1... Guy is amazing
  5. Brandon

    2018 Matt Nichols

    The fans booed in the first half at Nichols because he had guys wide open in front of him. Did not throw to them. The second boo was 100% at coaches. The team and crowd came to life when Streveler went in. The decisions and the passes were really fast and more accurate. Team builds momentum and they pull the guy?? It really made the fans second guess how smart O Shea is. Chris Jones level of foolishness doing that.
  6. The whole stadium booed twice...both times at Nichols.
  7. Brandon

    2018 Matt Nichols

    Nichols had guys open also...like I said locked on receivers. The oline did a good job and he had time.
  8. Brandon

    Paul Lapolice

    It's Nichols... He missed guys who were open. Also the drop from Lankford was killer.
  9. Brandon

    2018 Matt Nichols

    Not really they were amped up and playing tight. Streveler zipped his last pass really hard in a tight window.
  10. Brandon

    2018 Matt Nichols

    I wouldn't say terrible... Just not good enough. Streveler was making much quicker reads tonight and was more accurate. What puzzles me is that he seems to be locking in on guys and forcing throws. Several times tonight he tossed to guys in double coverage meanwhile his next read or Harris were wide open.
  11. I was at the game today this is what I saw.. Terribly soft defense in first half with zero blitzes soft zone coverage easy pickings. Absolutely terrible game by the refs mostly the tiny short ref was the worst. Lots of mediocre calls on us that killed us. Fogg had the worst game I've ever seen by a bomber db. Absolutely terrible tonight. Bighill is a must read sign he was amazing. Nicholls not seeing wide open guys in front of him. Harris was waaaay better. Fans were absolutely livid at the end when they pulled Streveler. Completely sucked all the energy out of the crowd when they did it. No idea why they because he was making much quicker decisions and wasn't telegraphing his throws. Nichols really locked in on some guys. Lankford succcks try someone else. This defense won't win the big games .. the DBS were burned and the initial gameplan was terrible. Today was a perfect example of how this defense can't stop **** unless the dline gets pressure.
  12. I think people are over reacting on how bad Lankford is. He's a decent returner and as a receiver he isn't the worse we have seen in the O Shea era.
  13. Brandon

    Random Death Notice 2018

    Wasn't she 76?
  14. It's not like Nichols can't throw the ball to Demski, Adams, Wolowhateversky, Thompkins, and Harris...
  15. Brandon

    Upcoming Movies

    So an asian James Bond is out of the question I assume?