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  1. I'd assume the Boomers will be making more of an attempt to come out this year.
  2. Two players that after getting hurt changed completely in how they played. I see you didn't watch the games that Streveler played in his first season with us and you didn't watch Zach who with the exact same players and with the exact same scheme were able to push the ball down the field. If you get a chance re-watch some old games and see that Nichols played like a scared man and Willy the same. If you need evidence that you are wrong then watch the Grey Cup and see just how wrong you are. Do I need to prove you wrong again and bring up the old post where I showed the sharp decline in stats from Nichols after his second last injury with us? In which pre injury he was getting 250 - 325 yards per game and then post injury he averaged under 200.
  3. You mean Nichols problems, we had no issues once Zach was in at QB with moving the ball down the field to the receivers.
  4. I wouldn't say it is, these receivers had no issues once we moved on from Nichols and had guys who could throw the ball in to an area for these receivers to make plays.
  5. I'm surprised they couldn't do a trade with either of them while retaining some salary... at least get some assets or draft picks?
  6. https://kotaku.com/a-sealed-copy-of-super-mario-64-just-sold-at-auction-fo-1847269269 1.5 million for a copy of Mario 64.... that is insane....
  7. He is better then Nichols, he can take a hit and come back.
  8. So what you are saying is that McGuire is unbeaten and has never loss a game in the CFL in the last 3 years unlike Jennings who has lost many games. That's what I got out of this!
  9. Pretty obvious to know what to think, a bunch of people doing something really stupid.
  10. I would lower the expectations on a guy who was last good 5 years ago pre injury.... also how did he cross the border and come to Canada 5 months ago?
  11. Someone once posted that Augustine was a bad blocker and everyone else believed it and kept mentioning it despite it being an exaggeration. The guy is physical (look at this physique) and runs hard and from what I saw blocked like a normal person in his position. He showed more then anyone else at that position not named Andrew Harris has in the last 10 years easily.
  12. You are not impressed by Augustines 6+ yards per carry yet you are impressed by Oliviera's zero carries and one big injury? That is a weird take.
  13. That intersection is just a mess and needs to redone correctly...
  14. I don't mind if *some* parks are privatized , would not be happy if they were all privatized. Some people hate change or hate having to pay some money in exchange for a much nicer end result. Look at the city and with the golf courses, people flip out when they talk about getting rid of the courses... they'd rather it run deep in the red so that some old men can enjoy the benefit of cheaper golf rather then going to another course that charges a few extra bucks.
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