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  1. Still think we didn’t need to offer first rounders in those years... if I’m a cfl gm I’d never offer more than low second or high third and gamble on the bid
  2. Toronto’s OL will mesh - mcewen is no slouch and the bomben injury hurts them letting van zeyl walk was dumb though
  3. Starsky wins starsky and clutch ...
  4. If I’m sask I offer the 1st - they need a centre very soon
  5. Tight market for D this year would think beaulieu is worth 1.4 especially if it means you can buyout kulikov heard van is considering 7-8 million for Myers... yikes
  6. The problem is that Niku can play left side but that means Pionk with Morrissey and I don’t have enough beer to deal with that
  7. I would have gone ‘wojo’ In honour of Barney Miller
  8. Toronto sask and bc probably all in on this guy
  9. So now no morrow or beaulieu... morrissey-niku kulikov-buff pionk-poolman ummm... there’s got to be a trade coming... right?
  10. Letting beaulieu walk - wtf?? bet we overpay chiarot
  11. Always thought that lettin fans win the chance to do play by play for a quarter would be great marketing gimmick better than the third quarter crap right now anyway
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