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  1. Floyd


    League would go for it - Toronto is the only team with Cdn QBs...
  2. Floyd


    Death rate didn't seem to spike with the cases in BC... almost seems like things are levelling off over here - will find out this week
  3. Floyd


    I was reading that locals think the death toll is around 40k in Wuhan
  4. Floyd


    All Canadian CFL... I'd still watch that
  5. I mean he didn't exactly **** all over him... he said he was smart and well-liked and blah blah... and just not fully committed to football - its probably one tiny part of the interview blown out of proportion like always
  6. They will play out the season without fans in the stands... start it back up in mid-May
  7. Collaros has the power to sustain multiple head injuries and stay standing?
  8. Floyd

    US Politics

    How many years have we been waiting for him to implode though... Putin has his man in the White House and he will stay there Trump will be seen as a steady hand on the economy and reporters will be blamed no matter what happens
  9. Floyd


    I honestly think that he's been lying so long that he changes his story and automatically believes it... Then if there aren't 200,000 deaths, he will come out and blame the lamestream media for fearmongering That border is going to be closed for a long time...
  10. Floyd


    Ahhh... Trump was re-opening for Easter because that would be the peak number of deaths I mean seems fair to me.
  11. Floyd

    US Politics

    So it hasn't changed at all...?
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