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  1. Substitute Trouba for Laine and I have totally read this thread before - with the same posters... minus some who have left... Scheifele hit top line when he was 21-22... you think Scheifele would have signed long term if he was 2nd line until RFA sometimes benched?
  2. He’s five million a season - I guess we were trading Perrault?
  3. Read the thread before you post. Beaulieu coming back is a huge blah... we're going with the same D-core that got absolutely smashed by Calgary
  4. I never claim that Noeller is right about anything...
  5. Love how the now annual Wayne Simmonds signing is a huge coup for every team beccause he's a 4th line game changer...
  6. There's no money left... $10.5 million in space for Roslo, Appleton, Harkins, Samberg, Heinola (or Niku) - that's about $6.5 million $4 million puts us right at the cap to start the year... Dumba won't sign for $4m
  7. Solid top 9 But, man, did we gut our depth chasing the cup run... $10 million in cap for the four RFAs and another D... There's no 1RHD coming - Chevy only has $2-3 million (IF THAT) unless he can shed the Perrault contract
  8. meh. You're a bit naive to think McPhee isn't still running that team...
  9. 34 and a knee injury is a bit scary but his faceoffs and corsi are still off the charts... still taking Statsny helps Vegas more than it helps us Part of me hopes that Chevy strings McPhee along right up until UFA opens and then pulls the trigger on another trade
  10. Floyd


  11. Madison Bowey is UFA - that would be a great signing...
  12. Yeah I was just kidding about buff didn’t know Turris had attitude - my Sens fan buddy thought he was great
  13. Shattenkirk ($7mx2) and Turris or Galchenyuk ($3.5mx2?) would be my main targets - this team needs experience and leadership Shattenkirk would transform our powerplay instantly Other notables - Borowiecki would be a nice 3rd pairing with Pionk I'd give Buff a call again for a one year contract and playoff run... he is a pretty random guy and had a full summer of fishing to think about things
  14. Love the deMelo signing - great value contract... just need a big 1D to partner with Morrissey now
  15. Floyd


    Obviously you have a stake in this game so you want to twist my original statement And your second paragraph is 100% false unless you are calling this staff member a liar
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