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  1. Yes send him down if its a restocking year - but otherwise we have no D really... Bitetto-Kulikov are an absolute tire fire - Kuli is clueless and Bitetto is trying but the game is just too fast for him - then they are constantly put out there behind LSW... Poolman is not good enough to be paired with Morrissey - JoMo looking overwhelmed and trying to do too much now... If Buff doesn't make a decision until Dec... Jets really could be out of the race by then with this D lineup
  2. Guess we’ll find out if glen Young was the difference - I expect 400 yards from BLM
  3. Niku and Heinola would have helped i thought Poolman Bitetto was the worst D pairing I’ve seen until I saw kulikov Bitetto scheif and wheeler do need to be split connor Copp ehlers is coming together nicely maurice still Maurice
  4. Would be insane to give up on streveler for a post shoulder surgery Nichols
  5. Every thread is getting hijacked by this troll... sad
  6. I’m not a TSN conspiracy guy but it would be nice to find a Jets game review buried somewhere underneath the leafs win recap
  7. This still applies if Osh brings back Hall and Lapo?
  8. i might wait for next week’s gif... hopefully it’s the tombstone....
  9. Guess the next question is whether Glen Young is able to work Richie Hallls schemes better than Richie Hall or if this is just personnel hange up Lapo still sucks though
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