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  1. Once trouba is gone the locker room problems are gone - that’s my bet his Dad probably showed up as soon as buff was injured ha
  2. Its not literal circles just a metaphor for someone who is more agile and faster on the ice.
  3. A friend who skates circles around me suggested we should trade Trouba for Connor McDavid and a puppy.
  4. Stone contract is still better than the LIttle and Wheeler contracts... we'll regret those in 2-3 years You get Stone's prime years - Vegas got a real deal on that trade/signing
  5. Players would be nowhere near the first to get a payout in this process... I'd also be surprised if there isn't a clause limiting damages to something ridiculous like a percentage of the last week's paycheque
  6. Will be boring regulation games and super exciting overtime in that series
  7. Agreed but I have a feeling that Simonies wows them in camp - gray too
  8. I think we end up with 3 NI OL, Harris and 3 NI REC Just really think that Woli and Demski end up as SB and Simonise/Peterman take over at Boundary
  9. I'd bring back Myers at $4.5 mill or lower for 3 years on a buyout friendly contract... but only if Maurice actually plays all our D consistently Morrissey ($7m)-Niku ($1m) Chiarot($2.5m)-Buff ($7.6m) Beaulieu($1.5m)-Myers($4m) Samberg/Kova/Poolman Buyout - Kulikov Trade - Trouba for a 2C About $25-26 mill on D...
  10. Wouldn't be surprised to see 5 import DBs...
  11. Bit of both... missing out on Stone was a real bummer and Statsny too... but Manitoba can't compete with Vegas taxes and weather so there's that Broissoit, Beaulieu - these are two Chevy diamonds in the rough... Kulikov, Morrow - less so... Not sure who could have helped this defensive system though - maybe Bobby Orr. Real test will be what Chevy gets for Trouba...
  12. You mean besides the Myers/Kane trade I guess... and the extensions to our core group?
  13. Hayes and Trouba sound like they are already gone...
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