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  1. I still don’t understand how the CFL isn’t even trying to stay on the radar - fly guys in for a skills day or event or something... cdns can fly to the states - maybe do it there... just something - maybe for Grey Cup week
  2. Obviously you mean ‘besides’ Berube, Brindamour, Cooper, Cassidy, Bednar, Green, Keene, Ward, Colliton, Boughner, Hynes, Blashill, etc But aside from half the coaches in the league, yes it’s an old boys club hahah
  3. Floyd


    Love how you have changed the narrative to make Hutterite colonies out like innocent victims - been watching the pivot for a while there were clusters on Hutterite colonies - this is just a simple fact - like all the rest of us - you are affected by Manitoba and Canada creating extreme and generalized rules to protect the masses - there is no ‘scapegoat’ just stop it already hutterite and the maple leaf foods cluster (originating with a group of middle management) are over - that’s why cases are falling rapidly as always the prairies remain almost free of covid with an occasion
  4. Well Vancouver was like watching the jets...
  5. nico hischier for Laine is an interesting trade
  6. Its absurb to say that the system was secure. GWB admin was absolutely corrupt and stole massive amounts of $$ from the American people - Trump is not an aberration, he is a natural progression - Roger Stone, etc have all been in place since Nixon... The question is... was the 'system' ever not corrupt or do we just have more access to information now?
  7. Floyd


    Whoa check this conspiracy... Covid is acting exactly like every other coronavirus that ever existed... #mindblown Herd immunity was and still is our best hope - there is no vaccine coming, the virus is weakening - but we are keeping it stronger for longer - and we are still not adequately protecting the ones actually threatened by covid... https://www.businessinsider.com/long-term-coronavirus-immunity-t-cells-2020-8?fbclid=IwAR0Bv_6fde3c_gXY4lkN3m70ksLxFtHZdAqJCWT-cNxwSSvCOUjZsOb6eWQ
  8. Floyd


    We have known this for four months now - but if someone mentions it you’re call crazy the predominant strain is more contagious but far less deadly - hence the lack of hospitalizations conciding with cases
  9. Floyd


    Oh you're right... the sky is falling. Cases are 'spiking... everyone run. There's no conspiracy. Just groupthink based on caseload and the deaths of two people in their 90s. General population paying for irresponsibility of a few clusters.
  10. Floyd


    So Manitoba instituting 'isolation centres' to force people to self-isolate even if they've only been in contact with someone who has tested positive... thanks to a few small clusters. Insane. I can't imagine what things would be like if this actually was as contagious and deadly as we believe...
  11. Well that would have brought us up to $320,000... only $29,680,000 to go...
  12. Wow - I always believed they would get the deal done. Sure sounds like Toronto was deadweight and Ambrosie was unrealistic. What a bummer.
  13. Ha still so bitter about the N95 masks... I stand corrected!
  14. Boring hockey but what a great playoff format
  15. Umm nope. US citizens pay US taxes...
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