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  1. Would you do that is it’s a 1st?
  2. He’s good but he’s still not mo leggett
  3. If im Ottawa I want Geoff gray and a pick for Ward...
  4. Oh I’m not too sure about that... we were pickin a lot of banjos on the field last week haha
  5. I think you have to include Benson in this discussion... he is the common factor in all three kickers absolutely stinking up the joint...
  6. Sloppy bomber win Suitor likes the heavy ball Mourtada bye bye
  7. So the Glen Suitor recap... Cornelius has a heavy ball Buck unfortunately only has one ball Apparently we used to call Charles Roberts 'chuck bob' And well... JWJ ... cmon... A pity there wasn't more handfighting.
  8. He would flex while pouring the milk.
  9. Kind of my point... this is the worst tackling I’ve seen from us and we got greedy several times - it was a sloppy game but we still dominated
  10. This was a trap game that we still won handily...
  11. So with a real kicker, the game is 47-22?
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