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  1. Irving saying Streveler is about to sign in NFL
  2. Bold move by Walters - really like his GM style
  3. Weird how there’s still hope for Davis but everyone has given up on bridge and jennings ha
  4. Barron Miles to Montreal... Khari has built a really nice team - great job
  5. I guess I'm wondering if the league has $$ then
  6. CFL is going full on with this global combine - five cities...?? Its neat and all that but do teams actually have the budget for this
  7. Toronto should - he’d do well with Jackson and dinwiddie
  8. I’m hoping we target Stephen as well - don’t see too much else out there for NI DB
  9. If only there was some way to settle this debate, like a couple weeks before the season where we actually get to see the guys under contract on the field...
  10. Well he's proven he's good at finding talent that's not quite good enough for the NFL...
  11. No I'm more comparing him to Alex Ross, Darian Durant, Brian Brohm and all the other journeyman QBs that Walters has signed to be our #2...
  12. Haha like Matt Nichols? That worked out okay
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