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  1. I think Ottawa really goes after Arbuckle now...
  2. If he stabbed someone he’s basically an honorary Winnipegger
  3. It does sound like both sides moved from their original positions - at least on paper... plus part of the govt dollars involved demolishing the saddledome which they would have had to pay for anyway
  4. Oh I remember - its a huge difference now though... Collaros is going back to Toronto and rumours that Nichols may not be ready plus I remember Khari's shoulder injury... We also gave Lefors possibly the worst gameplan, no Oline and a bare bones receiving core... so there's that...
  5. Saw that James Franklin made $350k last year... can't see Streveler signing for less than that
  6. He was never against public $$ but the first deal was a huge over ask with parking rights etc - interesting to see details on this now
  7. No I’ve been a huge Osh fan from day one ... I just thought he’d sunk his own ship Now Richie Hall... that’s a different story and I’m fine being wrong about him
  8. I would 100% roll the dice on Arbuckle and Streveler rather than Nichols or Collaros...
  9. It’s the annual BPA vs position argument...!!! Except BPA doesn’t actually Really exist because every position has different pros/cons and true BPAs are NFL bound all I know is I don’t want a receiver in the first round - ever ha
  10. BC had a chance to re-sign him and went after other talent... Rose was the steal If free agency - I could see a three year contract for him
  11. Bitetto is more Adam pardy - supposed to be in the AHL...
  12. So you'd say Dahlstrom was the difference in that last 5-1 game...?
  13. We’ll get someone good at 9 - I’m hoping for a DB or DE too many teams need OL help
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