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  1. You're right. The way that game started with the fumbled snap it could have gone right downhill. But it didn't. We're a pretty darn good team.
  2. Yeah a little lucky but the way Gray went about the shoving was perfect. Wasn't really looking at the guy. Making things look accidental. It was beautiful. Right on the line
  3. HM to Geoff Gray who used all of his ingenuity to piss Hunter off on that play
  4. Willie Jefferson is a championship level player. He has been our best player for about 5 games now.
  5. I'm just looking at this as: it's a game against a top team, in their park, with our backup QB getting his first start in a while. Our defense (though really starting to get nicked up) and special teams will always give us a chance...but even with Nichols this would be a saw-off.
  6. This would certainly be the pinnacle of adversity for the season so far. Not at all expecting us to win this week but one can hope.
  7. Drew Tate has been coaching since 2007.
  8. I am going through various stages of grief.
  9. The 1290 guys were unbearably hammering this home.
  10. Even still, at least in my eyes, it was very unlucky that ended up being an interception. Bad throw? Sure. But usually those end up falling incomplete.
  11. I'm already wondering what McGuire can do. I haven't seen anything from Streveler this year that tells me he can run an offense. And I hope he proves me wrong.
  12. Willie Jefferson gets better as the game goes on. When the tides appear to be turning against us, I'm looking for Jefferson to make a play.
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