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  1. Calvillo and Lulay seem like good guys (not trolling now)
  2. There is a lot of sensationalist bullcrap in that article. I would count that maybe half of that holds any merit. But half of it being true isn't great for the league, either. It mentions Wade Miller running the league, and in the same breath talks about presidents not taking any paycuts. https://3downnation.com/2020/04/16/bombers-cut-payroll-wade-miller-kyle-walters-mike-oshea-included/ He mentions the Riders budget in how they bring in 30 million dollars in revenues and how they ended up losing money. Don't the Riders disclose their finances just like us? It's not like 30 million goes directly in their pockets. There are costs. The kicker was when they spent 2 million dollars on the Grey Cup that didn't happen. The margins in the CFL are fairly thin. If you're going to throw a bunch of **** out there, you might want to make sure a whole bunch of it isn't proven false.
  3. I'm sure there are some good players in the XFL. But they were picking from a pool of players that were already 1. Not in the NFL and 2. Not in the CFL . So I really wouldn't be making such bold claims.
  4. A couple specific memories come to mind. Sometime around 2005 or 2006 when Omar Evans called me out on coming to training camp all of the time. I was also wearing his jersey and he signed it. One of the few bright spots of our defense in those days. Also we used to bring a football wherever we went and we had brought one to training camp. I told holoman to throw the football to Arjei Franklin (who was passing by under the grandstands) and he did and Arjei caught it.
  5. Yep and that's why I take my training camp reports with a grain of salt. Although I have gotten better over the years.
  6. I went to a lot of training camps in the late 2000s and early 2010s...A lot of those were very lean years, and our scouting was not very good. You would expect there to be quite a bit of TCF. So when a new player stood out in practice, it was very noticeable. Whether they were good or bad. I used to love writing up my useless scouting reports for the message boards and reading everyone else's. It was a great time sitting in the sun and hanging out with friends/family. We'd usually get an ice cap and soak it all in. Now it's a bit more difficult to pay that kind of attention and be at all the practices. But I still try to get to one a year.
  7. I'd pay a reasonable amount of money to watch CFL football in some capacity. I mean...I'm likely not paying for season tickets this year.
  8. CFL playing a hub season in the prairies would be amazing (and probably the best idea) . They'd probably still need some bailout money from the government but at least there would be football.
  9. Could be a good idea. But also I'm uncertain how putting bonus money on the table is going to look at this point when the CFL is pleading for a bailout. I wonder if the teams have been told to lay off that for now.
  10. For an argument, maybe. The act of arguing is done independently.
  11. Are y'all talking about my favourite player Jade Richards
  12. Very nice. Gotta think the Bombers put more hours into scouting special teamers than most of the other teams. I'm pretty excited about most of those picks
  13. https://leaderpost.com/sports/football/cfl/reginas-nicholas-dheilly-prepared-to-take-next-step-into-cfl/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Good article on Dheilly. Seems like he still has room to get better.
  14. Apparently the two worst teams get territorial picks after the second round. It just happens to always be Toronto.
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