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  1. Moving on...Let's ******* go Bombers! Sask sucks
  2. Haha true but on a really disfunctional team
  3. But they have a QB that can be a world beater one day and horseshit the next week. Guess which week it is..
  4. I'm sure it will sting a bit but not sure about crushed. I also think it might be a bit too late to bring him in. Would be nice to have him next year and develop him further
  5. I'm hoping this game can remove the bad taste in my mouth from the loss last week. Just got so used to winning.😂 Go Blue. Go Dru
  6. Darvin Adams fits our team nicely as a 4th option receiver. He is an elite blocker and occasionally slips behind coverage for big gains. We have Lawler, Demski and Bailey that will put up yards
  7. Throwing off his back foot out to the wide side of the field when the receiver was covered? Missing the crossing route and throwing straight to Ackie? Let's call a spade a spade Not seeing a defender underneath. A lot of these were extremely questionable reads and decisions
  8. Honestly McGuire was making it easy to tell whose fault it was. Maybe he wasn't getting the protection he needed but it's just bad decisions and bad ball security on his part.
  9. At least half were certainly his fault. Maybe all of them
  10. Looks like they listened to me. But McGuire isn't able to throw for ****
  11. Not even just that. Montreal is crowding the box and we insist on running the ball on 1st down every time. 2nd and long all day.
  12. I could be wrong but I think Rose only gave up yardage in the first quarter. Once he got comfortable he locked it down. BTW, does anyone know if Nichols was hurt? I saw Jones out there playing half back at the end.
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