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  1. Count me in as someone not concerned about our WIL position with the rest of that front 7. Pretty happy with how our secondary is shaping up too. Should have a great defense this year and that will be good enough to win a lot of games. Look at how many games Sask won last year with less of an offense than what we currently have. And now we have Willie Jefferson
  2. What kind of stupid investment is that?
  3. As much as I like Roh, does he make the Bombers roster as a Rohtational player this year? Seems like the trend is to save some money. After signing Jeffcoat and Jefferson to big money, our 3rd DE may need to be a rookie.
  4. Were probably best off grooming the Canadian receivers we already have. We're in pretty good shape there. Seeing that list of receivers gives me hope that we can still get a really good player (and better than some guys that have already signed) before the season starts. Maybe Walters was onto something
  5. If we don't sign someone as good or better than Dressler then I don't see how our passing game can improve.
  6. He seems a little stung if he's saying publicly he's not coming back.
  7. If the PR guy of the Bombers is saying below 50/50 then it's probably below 10%...
  8. Love the toughness Alexander brings and how much he improved last year
  9. If I'm us we try to lock up a top flight receiver before the qb situation gets ironed out. I wonder how many wait to see which qb is throwing to them
  10. Maybe. He's a guy that will gut your defense if you leave him anything. But he doesn't throw guys open like a Ricky Ray, Reilly or BLM can
  11. When did Dom Davis become even close to a replacement for Trevor Harris? Did I miss something? Edit: on mobile. Forget that I have some random empty quote I can't delete
  12. I'd like to see what our linebacking core would be like if your top guy was JSK and we had to fill our MLB position again. Oh no wait, I wouldn't
  13. Kind of figured with JSK. Like I said before...with Bighill in the middle the WIL linebacker seems pretty arbitrary.
  14. "Fenner bender - restructuring his contract with the Bombers to free up $ is telling.." Telling what exactly? That he got beat out for the starting job?
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