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  1. Amazing idea. Based on our average of around 24000 we could definitely afford to get in on a couple thousand youth season tickets. I worry that after a Grey Cup though that they are going to try to squeeze every penny out of us
  2. The Grey Cup game wasn't exactly the most gripping one of the 3, but would I have wanted it to be closer? Hell no. My only complaint is that we didn't beat Sask worse.
  3. For now that is a safe assumption. Highly likely both make the opening day roster.
  4. Yeah I thought he might be gone. But I suppose when you start a Canadian RB that's the best opportunity for playing time.
  5. What was the scoop with Anderson. Was he a guy we liked but he just wanted more of an opportunity? Either way I don't blame Lapo for bringing in some familiarity. It should help him early on
  6. https://www.cfl.ca/players/dominique-rhymes/163356/ I'll stop you right there
  7. Not sure if this has been posted but... https://mobile.twitter.com/_TopDawg20/status/1206355810693066758 Good BB prospect picked up by Lapo
  8. So do we sign Stanley Bryant next and then once free agency comes around we let all of the QBs bid for lowest salary to be able to play behind our offensive line?
  9. We have our three skilled starting Canadians on the offensive side of the ball back for next year. Awesome
  10. Regardless of the quote I dont get the sense that Dinwiddie is going to be the one to get them out of the basement. But I hope I'm wrong, to an extent.
  11. I don't think Sask was that far behind Calgary this year as far as overall talent. But they were fortunate enough this year in several different ways to get the home playoff game. Their luck ran out against us (though it was almost looking like it wasn't). If we play them at home we would have annihilated them in the Western Final. This team won the Grey Cup the hard way this year. Hopefully next year we can finally win the West and make it a lot easier on ourselves
  12. Certain NFL teams really like looking at CFL free agents. NYG, PHI and MIA come to mind.
  13. There shouldn't be any drop off from Lapo to Buck. It's been stated that he has been very involved in game planning. That and being a QB coach and former QB he should be very capable to run this offence. RR has a keen eye for CFL players that would be much harder to replace for us at this time.
  14. It's going to be really weird seeing Lapo as HC on another sideline. But good luck to him
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