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  1. Drewali - Best when the lights go on.
  2. Not mentioned too much but I'm guessing Wolitarsky is doing okay this week? He left the game clutching his elbow against BC.
  3. I'm not a moderator, but please don't take this any further in this thread. For all our sake. Please
  4. I was going to go Andrew Harris but everyone picked him so ill go with Bralon Addison
  5. This is the type of **** that makes me forget what the person's actual first name is. I just know it's not Mike
  6. Franklin taking a lot of heat for that game. Stats wise he was far from terrible. I agree with your ranking but I'm not sure it all falls at the feet of their qb.
  7. I was another one. And yes I felt very gambly
  8. Toronto a complete team effort on that loss. They still suck. Hamilton top 3 team for sure. Sask will continue to suck until they can win. Being close in a game like that doesn't exactly mean much. Ottawa has beaten Calgary and Sask. Last year that would mean you are probably a top team. I am just not sure yet. Edmonton went full risk reward playing pass rush and BC couldn't respond. Fell behind and didn't want to run the ball. Their oline is not good. Edmonton is a veteran team that will be fighting for a top spot in the west Really hard to gauge after 2 weeks where teams are at... but just look at the standings.. That is the team you are right now
  9. Glad to hear that Kyrie is back practicing. Matthews should be back this week as well. Neufeld might be an expensive back up plan at this point (not a bad thing)
  10. The Outrageous Burger is still BC's MVP
  11. I went with the Esks. Mostly because I thought we handled BC pretty easily last week despite the score being somewhat close. Edmonton seems pretty good too and they're at home. Should be close though.
  12. Ah. Well I'd have to see what the other 9 catches looked like. The 2 long ones I'm thinking of the coverage was definitely there. Maybe he had a bad game. But generally I thought he was pretty good.
  13. I was only thinking about the long balls. You're going to have short stuff completed on you. The long ones it looked like he was in good position and the receiver made some plays, legally and illegally.
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