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  1. Has anyone heard anything new about Oliveira? I thought he was getting closer to a return. Or have they shut him down?
  2. Yes that is clear indication. SMH. Not going to argue whether he is actually good at reading the field and passing the ball (he seems like he's always getting better). But wasn't the play selection fairly similar with Nichols? I seem to recall a lot of running the football. It's not Streveler's fault that he gives us another option running the ball.
  3. For me, when we play Calgary, they are Eric Rogers. It usually comes down to how much we can limit him.
  4. Well if you can't see the difference between Ottawa and Edmonton at the start of the season VS now I'm not sure what to tell you. BC is a better team now but without Reilly they aren't.
  5. Yes BC has been bad all year. Losing Reilly may not have changed the outcome (you'll never know) but it certainly makes it exponentially easier. Every team is going to play more or less the same teams but when we were playing BC, Edmonton, and Ottawa they still had something to play for. Edmonton and Ottawa were even considered good teams when we played them. So I don't think it's the same thing at all.
  6. Are you sure about that? I seem to recall a 3 way tie we were in that we ended up on the bottom despite having the season series against one of the 2 teams
  7. It can never be 100 percent fair based on the structure of the league. Every year is different. A team could get an easier schedule every year. Look at the east haha
  8. This has a lot to do with it Imo. Every year a team gets a softer schedule based on uncontrollable circumstances. Edmonton was a good team in the first part of the season. Now not so much. Riders now get them twice.
  9. We handled Montreal fairly well. Just like we should have handled them in the first game but decided to not cover their receivers in the 2nd half. With our defense on the same page we made Adams look average. The only team that actually scares me at all is Hamilton. They will probably win the Grey Cup, if I had to guess. But I'd put our team right up there. When we're playing our best we are better than Sask and Calgary. But unfortunately with losing our starting qb, losing our starting RB and going into a mini slump, and taking the pedal off against some not so great teams, we likely won't have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. And in football that is huge. Im just hoping that with our run game and defense forcing turnovers we can get it done in the playoffs.
  10. Imo this was the only somewhat useful trade they could have made and it only cost has moving down 2 rounds to do it
  11. Oline was mostly fine this game. Yeah couture blew that play. But if I had to single out a position group tonight it would not be them
  12. The improvement of having Alexander playing safety will be bigger than the falloff of having Thomas play DT. That guy has never let us down
  13. If we want any hope of first place it starts Saturday.
  14. I think the only guy I wouldn't want it to be is MBT. To me he looks like he reads defenses about as well as Streveler. Could kind of see it being Collaros as he might be able to pick up a system faster than the other 2.
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