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  1. We are still the Grey Cup Champs. So we have that going for us I guess.
  2. He might want to sign a contract with a signing bonus now just in case there is no season. That would be smart
  3. Well let's just hope he doesn't crumble under a little adversity because so far things have gone pretty good for him.
  4. I was thinking that it could be a single point if the ball lands in play. So the punter could dribble the ball over the goaline and go through the endzone, but the ball would have to touch at some point. It could really add some fun moments.
  5. Thank you. People come up with some pretty terrible analogies. And even worse are people that accept them as logical proof. "YASSSSSSS"
  6. You mean Faith Ekakite? Bilukidi was never on our roster, I don't believe
  7. Lawler is for sure an up and coming star. He can make spectacular catches. Now we have a qb that will give him a chance to showcase that more
  8. Yeah I get that. I wouldn't mind tasker. I just happen to think that between Nelson, Whitehead and Bailey someone will step up. They aren't raw rookies anymore
  9. Tasker might not be bad. He does have the experience to get open and pick up key first downs. But I dunno if there's a tonne of upside there
  10. Yeah I remember being pretty invested in that signing too lol. What a ride
  11. https://www.cfl.ca/2006/03/09/karikari_has_bombers__als_on_wild_ride/
  12. I would really only go after Walker. Nobody else would transform our receiving core like him.
  13. IIRC there were even Rider players saying that they had all kinds of fortune throughout the year.
  14. Awe is a hard hitter and an impact player. Was always a guy you had to account for on the field. Unless I'm thinking of someone completely different this is quite the signing. Maybe more credibility to a 3-4 defense?
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