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  2. Pissing contest between league and an agent that only penalizes the teams and the players. Somewhere a commissioner could step in.
  3. It’s not right that the league insists on having guys run drills and tests that they’ve already run, just to allow them to talk to teams.
  4. Time : Monday 7, TSN3 Stats : 38-31-6 @ 45-26-4 Countdown To The Playoffs : T-7 Arm solid rocket booster range safety safe and arm devices
  5. Not sure why Hendricks was playing tonight. He definitely looked like he was skating in cement. But nice to see him get the apple on the Copp goal.
  6. Hendricks made us older and slower Good night for Hayes. At least for one night the 2nd line clicked.
  7. Predators had no answer for the second line. And their "upgrades" they made at the deadline just made them older and slower. Simmonds and Boyle are not the answer to beating the Jets in the playoffs.
  8. My original comment says Connor is more valuable to our club then Ehlers. Are you suggesting Ehlers is more valuable? Why are you going off on a random rant that has nothing to do with my original comment? Can we somehow trade you to Riderfans.com ? At this point I'd even take Nasty Nate back in return
  9. Canadian offensive lineman Shane Richards has refused to participate in any of the testing events at the CFL combine — so the league has sent him packing. Richards’ agent, and everybody’s favourite - Johnathon Hardaway, has a history of directing clients not to participate in combine testing on short notice. Don’t know who’s Matthew Boateng’s agent, but he has been sent home from the CFL combine after electing not to run the forty-yard dash on Sunday. https://3downnation.com/2019/03/23/another-prospect-has-been-sent-home-from-the-cfl-combine-and-its-time-to-change-the-events-eligibility-rules/ 👁‍🗨As reported, these guys have every right not to participate, but, by doing so, they prevent 2 other players who weren’t invited, to miss a chance to impress some CFL team. And that’s not right.
  10. Ya. Our 3rd game in 4 nights had no effect on that
  11. Vegas is in cap hell starting next season
  12. Complete and total bullshit. They are both valuable and u keep both. First line was flying also... The fact ud trade Ehlers over getting rid of useless vets like Perreault or Kulikov is just dumb AF. Draft Develop and trade? Ya. Nope.
  13. We should probably try to win the last 7 games anyway.
  14. Being 1st is a massive deal for us... need to keep on winning
  15. And this is why Connor is much more valuable to our club then Ehlers....
  16. now that we've clinched the spot we now have to play the waiting game to see who we are facing
  17. Wow, what a fantastic game. Really dominant performance. Very enjoyable.
  18. well it took 2 seasons, but KConn has his first career hat trick and the Jets clinch their berth from Retro Winnipeg Ironic because we won't be seeing that ad during playoffs because tsn won't be airing them
  19. Connor stick handlling is fun to watch. subban done nothing in this game.
  20. KConn again 4-0 Jets, do you feel lucky?
  21. Well after 2 periods this is one of our best games.
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