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  2. no one is offering Matt anywhere near what he made last year. At this point, if you're Ottawa or Toronto, there's no need to make a knee-jerk signing. If Ottawa can't land Arbuckle, then you have to wait and see where he goes before you do anything on the Nichols front. And to think Nichols could even ask for top starter money, that's his agent wishing now. Teams have leverage over him in negotiations. Will be interesting to see if he can accept that he's not the superstar QB he thinks he is. He sure made it known a couple weeks ago that he wasn't happy he wasn't the Bombers priority, and other teams will look at Walters assessment of the talent, electing to sign an injury prone QB with upside over an injury prone QB who I believes best days are behind him. Matt was a good team guy, but I don't see him coming back here. To paraphrase Paul Maurice, there are some ruffled feathers now!
  3. You really think that the mic and camera is the only thing they are worried about? Bolton doesn't exactly fit the wide eyed, crazed leftist narrative does he? Uber right crazy, perhaps....
  4. Between Ottawa and Toronto, the team that loses out on Arbuckle will likely get Nichols.
  5. This offence will look pretty different with Buck and Collaros instead of LaPo and Nichols. Looking forward to some medium and deep routes and less checkdowns.
  6. If there were multiple teams looking at signing Nichols you could probably get something for him. But Toronto must know that nobody else is clamoring for him.
  7. I really hope the Bombers are not even thinking of offering Nichols a contract now (and I suspect they aren't going to). MBT/Nichols are on the downside of their career. Bombers need a backup with potential. They have one now. No need to **** with that.
  8. Now that we settled the qb. situation...at least a part of it...cuz I still think Streveler will return to fill out the lethal combo we had...I like the idea of McGuire in the wings and that's a good thing...Matt will most likely see what's out there in fa BUT there's no doubt he would've preferred to remain here...Unless he's willing to reduce his ask, that probably won't happen soooooo it's likely Nichols is going to move on...We've sent a message today that our qb. situation has stabilized...now I'm waiting for some more key signings like Nevis and Willie if in fact he's returning to the CFL...Walters is definitely on his game so far
  9. I hve a feeling trump isn’t very smart. Maybe he should check with lawyer before tweeting. Oh never mind
  10. Basic politics. You don't go out of your way to give opponent the microphone and camera.
  11. I hve a feeling trump isn’t very smart. Maybe he should check with lawyer before tweeting. Oh never mind
  12. The signing bonus is the cost of keeping Collaros from the market. Really the options are Collaros or Nichols, and the Bombers are all-in on Collaros. Now the question becomes how would Streveler fit in. Basically we gotta hope he doesn’t come into the picture until the fall. The Bombers don’t have the cap space to fit another money QB on the roster. The other question moving forward is how we replace the production Streveler brought to the offense as the option QB. Going to need a lot more from the downfield passing game I think.
  13. Personally I would not pay him starters money if I’m Toronto. I would sign mbt and Nichols. But with feb 2nd (tampering window) coming up pretty soon here Toronto will also have the chance to speak to Arbuckle unless Ottawa signs him. If Ottawa misses out on Arbuckle I could see them actually spending quite a bit to get Nichols.
  14. It’s unlikely to happen. But let’s say Toronto was interested in Nichols and wanted to get that done early so they can know where they are at heading into free agency it would make a degree of sense. But yeah it won’t happen. It wasn’t intended as an overly serious comment.
  15. If Toronto doesn't pay Nichols starter money then he will have to sign for backup money. I'm guessing own year deal maybe even with us.
  16. who’s gonna trade for him when he is a pending free agent and the free agency is in essence is like a week away?
  17. Let me know when your life no longer revolves around me. Getting more than a little creepy.
  18. No upfront cash has been reported as of yet... just a salary that doesn't depend on in game performance/number of games started. In the end the amount tied to bonuses either doesn't matter (because he gets them for playing all year) OR it's purely a books loss (rather than against the teams cap) because he gets 6-gamed.
  19. Not sure how much of a difference it makes in terms of the cap. I mean. If he gets a significant injury you put him on the extended injury list and save a bunch of cap space. The key is how much of it was paid out in a bonus. Let’s say he had signed and half was playtime bonus you’d still have to budget for that playtime bonus being paid out until such time as he got injured.
  20. guess he gets 225k upfront....risky if u ask me, but if there was no way he would sign without it...then it is what it is...
  21. Who is royally spooked by the notion of witnesses? What have we been watching for months? So Trump's NSA at the time..... would just be giving "air time and sound bites for the media" You sound eerily, like a White House Spokesperson......
  22. I'm not sure who's crazier....MBT or you, for posting something like this......
  23. Gotta have faith that Walters knows what he's doing, but I agree...that's a lot of up front cash.
  24. Good move. Now can we trade Nichols to Toronto for MBT and get him locked up as our backup?
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