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  2. Hell, I flex all the time........and that gin glass knows it.
  3. Hell, I flex all the time........and that gin glass knows it.
  4. Sloppy bomber win Suitor likes the heavy ball Mourtada bye bye
  5. The more I hear about that Hitler guy the more I don’t like him.
  6. I want to complain about the kicking game and TSN being cheap and not having the Flex cam for Wilder.
  7. Elizondo says Cornelius has NFL arm strength. Well, wouldn't that mean if you threw an NFL out from the far hash mark on a CFL field, you'd be short? ,
  8. I never thought of that. Your right.
  9. I can't have been the only one thinking of this:
  10. Hard to find athletic running backs
  11. I suddenly feel a little bad for all the negative comments I have made about Troy Westwood over the years.
  12. Respectfully…6’5” and ATHLETIC
  13. Kinda looks like Wilder... It IS Wilder.
  14. So the Glen Suitor recap... Cornelius has a heavy ball Buck unfortunately only has one ball Apparently we used to call Charles Roberts 'chuck bob' And well... JWJ ... cmon... A pity there wasn't more handfighting.
  15. Bombers game on the road Ups and downs, but in the end Elks in the Blue headlights
  16. FYI I just read this last page and flexed.
  17. Week 7 Bombers at Antlers (guest poet: James Wilder, Jr) flex flex flex flex flex: flex flex flex flex, flex flex flex! oh ****, did we lose? Bombers at Antlers (regular idiot) Athletic QB lays trap for Blue! Alas, he's no Rocky Butler.
  18. Terribly sorry. They said the kickers had busted legs.
  19. I’d be REALLY surprised that AH33 played the game with two broken legs.
  20. Sees the speedflex name, goes into flexxing frenzzy! flexflexflexflexflexflexflexflex
  21. The IR. Grant is now eligible to come off the IR. Should get stove back, we miss his push up the middle a lot. Kyrie would be big too. Hansen had 3 pressures 2 on one drive back to back. Loved adams getting called for PI coming back and getting the td back too.
  22. Sees that post. Flex. Sees the poster’s name. Nods in approval. Then flex.
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