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  2. What do you like about Franklin? He seems like a turnover machine to me and a double clutcher... honest question
  3. Canadians seem to worry about deficits and the Yankees run up 1trillion/yr and dont give a damn.
  4. Totally agree. I would rather they reduce my income tax and increase the consumption tax.
  5. He was allowed to skip a ton of practices. That's usually reserved for vets. But, given his medical history, they (coaching staff) allowed him to miss a lot of practice despite being a fairly young player. It was assumed that it was to preserve his health.
  6. How come people who complain about a sales tax will happily pay a carbon tax? A tax is a tax is a tax.
  7. Most fans are footballed out after the Super Bowl. I honestly think they want a break from football with it being late winter, the Final Four Tournament gets going in March, MLB spring training starts mid February & then the NBA & NHL are in their final third of the season leading to the playoffs. Another spring football league doesn't excite a lot of fans because a lot of sports are going on. .
  8. Nichols is signed thru next year actually...
  9. in a couple of weeks I'll hit my peak season for football... Friday nights will be high school football and CFL Saturday, NCAA and CFL and Sunday, NFL come Feburary I'll add XFL
  10. Ten years.... think you're off a bit with that. Anyway there are all kinds of top players in the NFL these days. Every team has some. Probably have more good exciting to watch quarterbacks right now than they've had in years.
  11. Reducing a consumption tax is pretty much sheer stupidity. A consumption tax is the fairest form of taxation.
  12. Four hundred dollar tickets on the 50 yard line in the upper decks. Absolute insanity.
  13. I am still pissed that the conservatives promised to reduce the PST- which they did, three years later... for political reasons... that cost me roughly $3000+ and most Manitobans $2400 ($800/yr as per conservative estimates for the average manitoban). **** pallister.
  14. That's it. I watch every CFL game. I can usually only watch one NFL game a week. For the reasons you mentioned.
  15. I don't understand this comment. Care to explain?
  16. Yea. This is a trap game for Esks. 😂
  17. There's a lot of FA QB after this season though... including Nichols and Streveler. It's a perfect opportunity if you ask me.
  18. We win or not.. he will be a hot commodity. There's only a small pool of HC prospects.
  19. If we win a play off game I can easily see him being a hot commodity.
  20. The KC vs Rams game last year was as good as football gets. That quality of play is something the CFL can't match. Having said that, I'm more invested in the CFL than NFL. I'll watch every CFL game, but am less likely to watch NFL games with teams I don't care much about.
  21. there are around 9,000 seats left so they are approx. 23,500 - 24,000 for the ticket count. Maybe they boost that by another 1-2,000 tomorrow morning and afternoon with some last minute group sales to corporations.
  22. You mentioned three guys and two of them haven’t played/been relevant in ten years. Isnt that abit of a clue?
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