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  2. Bryant was struggling last night. STANLEY BRYANT. Either he's playing hurt or there are problems with the protection scheme, as JBR keeps pointing out.
  3. Fair enough. I removed it for you.
  4. https://deadline.com/2022/08/anne-heche-brain-dead-injury-taken-off-life-support-1235090375/
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  6. Id like to withdraw my more personal commentary on Mark. Calling him a loser etc. Heat of the moment. Still want him gone from the team tho.
  7. And he did make a Grey Cup winning kick. I think a point to be made here is that pretty much all kickers have these games. Medlock had one against us in 09 and it’s the entire reason he was up here to start with because he blew it in KC and Carolina later on. Anyone got an idea of kickers that are available right now? I mean the NFL guys are hanging around waiting for someone to screw up to get another shot. Who’s been cut this year? Is Crapigna healthy?
  8. Legs wasn't the only reason we lost but no I don't trust he can do the job. You do & that's fine. I hope you're right & I'm wrong. Right off the bat, Legghio has to somehow learn to be a lot more mentally tougher. Don't let the last miss affect your next kick. Throw the negative thought aside. Just go out there & kick the damned ball through the uprights. I recall half the city wanted Hajrullahu's head after that Calgary game. The Bombers cut him at season end. They brought in other kickers like Castillo & shut Lirim down for the season. He never played here again. Did O'Shea hate the guy too or was it just a business decision that he wasn't good enough at the time?
  9. because his growth as a player is obvious to anyone who doesn't fly off the handle at every misstep. You still hate Harjalahu because he dared to have ups and down as a rookie now he's an NFL level kicker.
  10. You absolutely trust that Legghio will make a pressure kick from 37 yards out when the game's on the line to win a playoff or Grey Cup game? How can you have that much trust when he's never shown he can do it? I really want to trust that the guy will do it & I was starting to come around to him this season. Like maybe he's somehow overcome his nervous inconsistency & now is mentally tough like a pro kicker needs to be. And then tonight happened...
  11. There’s basically one kicker I’d trust in the league right now and he’s in Calgary. Whyte is good but his range is getting shorter. I don’t know if bringing random Americans in solves the problem. I would have liked to see some guys in for training camp not Mourtada. Now anyone in and on the roster is going to be under a 1000x zoom microscope and every missed kick will be a call for their head. I don’t really want to pay Castillo more than what half our starting receivers make to kick 80%, although yeah he was big in the Grey Cup game. Liegghio gets to have this feeling and hopefully builds from it because I don’t see a white knight with a big leg in our future this year.
  12. Walters is the most pro-active GM in the league. They don't just sit on their asses and do nothing ever.
  13. No YOU don't have that trust. Legs is having a real good year. it is a shame he screwed the pooch tonight but that doesn't define him or his career. He is having a very good year.
  14. Castillo may be 78.3% but most of us would trust that he'd kick a game winning FG in a regular season or Grey Cup game when it was all on the line. We don't have that same trust with Legghio. I think we all knew at some point, he'd cost us a game with his inconsistency. Someone name me the pressure kicks he's made to win games for us when everything is on the line the past 2 seasons. I sure can't because he hasn't.
  15. Already have guys here. I'd certainly rather have an American who can block in the interior than Greg McCrae out there to flip the ball to Grant immediately if he touches it on kick return.
  16. An NFL kicker who did that would be cut. There'd be no second chances. Seen it a hundred times.
  17. My concern is the playoffs & if we can win with the OL playing at the low level it is now. I understand we're starting 8 Canadians. Perhaps we bring in some American OL who are NFL cuts. Work them out & choose the best taking out one of our Canadian OL (likely Neufeld). Insert an American in his place at guard. To me, it's got to be done. We have to protect Collaros.
  18. What about this team makes you think they aren't going to come out spitting fire after the bye?
  19. Yes a lot of blame to go around. I'm not saying it's all on Leggio. Although his mistakes were pretty costly, even with all the mistakes we made, we should have won that game 9 times outta 10.
  20. Less worried about the OL and more worried about Buck's ability to scheme for pressure, and scheme in a way that Collaros will run it. Collaros has a lot of blame here too, he has a way he wants to run a pass game and it relies on having a lot of time to move the ball downfield. Have to adjust to the D a bit sooner than the 3rd quarter.
  21. I think 2 weeks off will solve a lot of these problems. They need a break
  22. Legs can't kick under pressure. He proved it again last night. When he absolutely needed to make that kick to win the game he couldn't do it. He had a chance to redeem himself a minute later & he hit the upright. We all knew bad kicking would cost us a game. It finally did. not good enough. There were other reasons we lost the game. Our OL absolutely stunk the joint out all game. Something needs to be done. We can't just stand pat. The line is beginning to look like it's 2015 with Drew Willy back there which is a scary thought as it's Zach Collaros taking snaps & not Willy. If he goes down the season is over. The D that prides itself on being so stingy as well as in the 4th quarter couldn't stop a journeyman Trevor Harris & the Als offense after the Collaros fumble as they marched downfield. On a couple of plays the secondary looked mesmerized & seemed to just watch the ball being caught by Als receivers. Rutledge lining up offside. The Bomber offense going into a shell trying not to lose the game by running the ball to Oliveira instead of going after the Als jugular. At least throw the ball once. Maybe we'll get a first down & continue to shave time off the clock & we end up scoring another TD. The last series was so LaPo it wasn't funny. So, it wasn't all Legs fault although his mistakes were for all to see. The Bomber D, Buck Pierce, the OL can all take equal credit for the loss last night. I just hope Walters & O'Shea sit down & try to address the problems in the 2 weeks we have off. Thanks ******* God this team has a bye!
  23. know how I know you don't read your own posts.?
  24. Yup. Don't mind having differing opinions, but don't start calling others down.
  25. What happened later in the season though, you know, when he was replaced
  26. Nobody's happy with it. But don't let it distract from the offensive dump that was taken on that field tonight for the most part.
  27. He just doesn't get it! That "dim" wit. I actually get what Noellers saying. He is handling 3 gigs and doing a pretty good job this season generally speaking. The whole team played bad tonight. There's no ifs ands or buts around it though. Kid ****** shanked it. 😆 I hope leggs will be a good consistent kicker in this league. **** happens. Let's hope it doesn't happen again, or happen when it really counts. What bothers me about these forums is that the minute you had a difference of opinion of someone your condescendingly told youre an idiot
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