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  2. Lapo cant just take people..we have to agree to let em talk..and doubt we would..and why would buck leave here..where he is entrenched.. in a good squad too, to somewhere across the country for same position..and a poorer team..never happen
  3. Do you remember what he was like as the head coach?
  4. Confusing...one post you’re concerned about buck as a rookie OC. Then the next post you say that you want buck as the OC.
  5. I'd be ok with MBT as our qb next year. With a good ol and a running game, I think he'd win games here. As of right now though, I'm working under the assumption that Nichols will be back.
  6. I think the fact we are a run focused offence has more to do about being last in passing... IIRC, we were 1st in rushing... I think Lapo had just little a bit of a hand in the successful run game... And yes the defence was better than Championship calibre, but the offence needs to put points on the board in order for us to win. Our D > O, but the Bombers played complimentary football- all three phases... gosh that playoff run was beautiful... I am not saying we won the Grey Cup on the back of our Offense, but they still managed to put up 30+ on two very good teams and enough to win in a grind it out defensive battle. Give credit where credit is due. Lapo is not the greatest OC there ever was, but he's pretty darn good.
  7. No one knows if Nichols is healthy enough to play football or if his shoulder injury will allow him to play at the necessary level. That uncertainty means no team will likely offer him the starting QB money he earned this year. Also, the only way Strev will re-sign here is with a big pay bump. So I guess if they split the QB pay envelope at $250-$300k each it is possible, as you say, that we will see Nichols-Streveler in 2020. Really hoping we get to see what McGuire has too. Big question mark if we go with Buck Pierce as OC though.
  8. Today
  9. I bet he starts Game One of the season.
  10. A big splash for a guy who isn't going to dress until Labour Day.
  11. "Resign ourselves". Man, I hope we can start he season 7-2 again. I will resign myself to that.
  12. They won't. The Collaros deal with the Argos will be announced just after FA opens.
  13. I don't think he's a good fit at all but I think Desjardins likes to make a big splash at QB, so I think they'll target him.
  14. One of the biggest knocks I think Lapo had when he was HC with the Bombers was it was too much for him trying to run the Offence and be a HC. He has been a good OC and even made me a believer this year. But let's see what he does as a HC again. Hes going to need a lot of help me thinks. Also congrats to Coach Lapo.
  15. I guess I bid him best of luck and thank him for service. I find it a bit bizarre people are so reverent about him considering our offense was fairly pedestrian. We finished dead last in passing, and if not for our running game, which sure as hell wasn't anything he was responsible for, and our defense, we weren't doing anything in the playoffs.
  16. I am really happy for LaPolice. He was one of the top offensive coordinators in the league the past couple years. Hopefully they get a QB in Ottawa that gives him a decent shot at success. Now we'll get a chance to see what Buck can do as OC. LaPo's offenses are always designed around the run game. I'd like to become more pass-oriented. If we can get the pass game working consistently, we are a completely different team.
  17. Ottawa is going to take an insane run at Collaros, like a $600,000 run.
  18. Congrats to Paul. I wish him great success as Ottawa’s HC. Thanks for all he did here.
  19. Congrats to Lapo. Excited to see what Buck can do.
  20. They're all basically the same
  21. Could work out with Collaros... doesn't his Wife work on southern Ontario?
  22. I don't know. I think Lapo would rather go after Nichols or Collaros. Arbuckle might be too much of a risk in terms of being unproven at this point ( then again, I kind of hope the Bombers go after Arbuckle).
  23. I would like to see: Buck to OC, Collaros as Qb1a Strevs as QB 1b And Nichols as QB coach. I think a room with Collaros, Buck and Nichols would churn out some really nice plays.
  24. Rookie OC? Bound to be some bumps and set backs...
  25. I think Lulay has work with the Lions, TV, and generally likes living in Vancouver.
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