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  2. Oosterhuis will forever be one of my favourite underrated Bombers ever...
  3. ABC finally made a decision about Home Economics....it's over https://tvline.com/news/home-economics-cancelled-abc-season-4-topher-grace-1234977123/
  4. #31 Rick House my man. Him and Joe Pop dynamic duo.
  5. The age thing is that age sometimes gets guys gassed more easily or maybe it's harder to bring it game in and game out. This is where depth is more important but there are some areas lacking depth.
  6. No argument. Corporate welfare (to a massively profitable corporation) is still just that: welfare.
  7. What a glorious fall day for a football game. Looking forward to it!!
  8. Somebody call Poulin's to get rid of the cockroaches on this site right now.........
  9. Today
  10. Supposed to be October 16th across Canada, both the flu shot and the new COVID booster.
  11. kid is right...he looks like he is 13
  12. Can't see that happening. You'll have your ears pinned back ready to rattle the kid. Hope he's learned how to evade blitzes.
  13. yup...we won 2 games with the back-up...and many people forget we won butt loads of games with a lot...like a lot of key guys out, but wasn't mentioned as many who prob weren't familiar with the team didn't even realize they were not the actual starters...Our top 21..22 guys are top shelf....our bottom 3rd of roster tho....i'd say not so much.. This game...out of the bye...importance of it....a QB who has thrown all of 15 passes and a pic, and a couple key defensive guys missing...should not even be close....and if we come out lack luster...sputtering...and are down at any point other than if the Argo's score some points on games opening drive, or we have to scratch and claw to get a win, is an issue smack dab at coaches feet, and a look in the mirror gut check for our core group of vets...should be no excuse tonight, and really shouldn't even be a game ever in question.....if it isn't....then some major flaws are inside the walls that need to be corrected and pronto
  14. I looked briefly and can't see any announcements. Do we know when they'll be available here?
  15. I like Kap and he got screwed....but he cashed in on it too. He was a martyr but he sold out.
  16. Toronto has no excuses. They are trying their best to create some...but nope....a loss will be a loss. If they lose tonight, it just shows weakness..in this case depth. Could be....they do kinda look like Huey, Dewey, and Louis when they face the press.
  17. Probably... but in my mind's eye I just imagine some functionary in MLSE's offices receiving the cheque and then throwing it into a silo filled with a Scrooge McDuckian pile of luchre.
  18. Totally agree. Motivation does not seem to be there as much as in past years. It is something they can get back in a hurry if the leaders in that room start now. Whatever our roster issues might be, I think if our current roster concentrates, focuses, and mentally/physically commits to winning every game there is no team that can hang with us.
  19. I keep on hearing how good Toronto is, GC 2022 Champions and 'you are your record' so Toronto should be the favorite tonight, depth playing in certain positions or not. Enough with the silliness of guaranteed win for us nonsense thrown at us by argoblow fans because of who their team has decided to healthy scratch. Put up or shut up.
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