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  2. You clearly dont watch they are using the vets to build up the kids very nicely. You never see a old guy vs old guy. Sting was used to bring up Darby Allin, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks. Jerhico surrounds himself in inner circle with all young guys Santana and Ortiz, MJF, Sammy Guvera. Matt Hardy with private party. Shaq comes in to give a rub to Cargil. Building young talent by having them with known names has been done for years.
  3. Well, there are NFL fans here too. It's doing no harm. You don't have to read the posts.
  4. "Blue Bombers Forum: A forum to discuss all things Blue Bombers and the CFL" It's been there since Sept 2020 and should have been in the Gen Forum. It'll be much easier for me to ignore over there. Good riddance....
  5. Volvo is Chinese owned? I'll never buy one.
  6. Why? It's been here since Day 1. Not worth it.
  7. Putting forward another motion to have this thread moved to Gen Forum where it belongs :).....
  8. This is just a fabulous post that I quoted so people would read it again. I don't believe in the federal NDP as a viable alternative, regardless of their leader, and think they're too far left for this country. Other than that, your post is perfect.
  9. I just found out that Kent Restaurant won't reopen, which sucks they had good chicken fingers, that place was closest to my house, the owner didn't know my name, but whenever I came in she knew what I wanted (it was either the chicken fingers and fries with BBQ sauce and Mayo on the side or it was their breakfast) it was kind of like the amount of times when went to the Arby's at BellMTS when they had it at the time
  10. The very good news is that the number of ICU patients has dropped.
  11. There is no one currently in the Conservative party who has the credentials to step forward as a credible candidate for PM. The influx of Reform Party people have skewed the party so far to the right that it is in danger of being mistaken for the GOP. Singh is both credible and articulate but I do not think Canada is ready for a practicing, observant Sikh as prime minister. Trudeau has made some politically bad decisions, and this is on him and his advisors, but none of them are criminal, so far as I know. When the Conservatives were able to have credible leaders like Joe Clark and Bob Stanfie
  12. Weird, I thought I changed that. My bad. To make up for it...
  13. Dak Prescott gets paid big time 40m/160m that's a lot of cake, 126m of it is guaranteed.
  14. You fooled me, I thought that the game was tonight! Argh...
  15. 45 days in and this POTUS has not spent a minute on a golf course on the tax payer dime.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I'm not claiming I'm immune to this either, but to say one party is more corrupt then the other will often follow whatever party line you subscribe to. People will tend to excuse and put less scrutiny on the things the party they support does, and will even see many of the things they do as somewhat justified as it supports an ideology they subscribe to anyway, where as the things "the other party" does will be magnified much worse because not only are they corrupt, but they are corrupt in doing things that one generally opposes from the very start. The stink the liberals left after the
  18. Because the producers were ready to move on but....something tells me that they probably filmed the final episode without a resolution. https://tvline.com/2021/03/08/kims-convenience-cancelled-ending-simu-liu-reaction-jung-netflix/
  19. CFL 2021 Grey Cup odds Team Odds to win the Grey Cup (as of Feb 20) Hamilton Tiger-Cats +328 Saskatchewan Roughriders +446 Winnipeg Blue Bombers +502 Calgary Stampeders +503 Toronto Argonauts +637 B.C. Lions +900 Montreal Alouettes +900 Edmonton Football Team
  20. https://www.tsn.ca/moncton-n-b-born-lefty-rheal-cormier-veteran-of-16-mlb-seasons-dead-at-53-1.1604437
  21. https://globalnews.ca/news/7684024/winnipeg-jets-reset-series-toronto-maple-leafs/ After the collective bed-shitting on Saturday night, a solid bounce-back is the least I expect from them. This is a big three-game stretch coming up.
  22. A reminder these are betting odds and not the probability of winning the Grey Cup. Betting odds are impacted and changed based on popularity many times and how they predict money will be placed down for future bets. It's much more prelevent in Boxing/MMA fights with people betting on names they recognize (Connor McGregor) rather then actual who is the better talent. They have Saskatchewan high because it's more likely that Rider fans are willing to throw money down on a bet.
  23. You'd think with all the money that they could of done something better or even just get rid of the deathmatch gimmick all together. Most common fans would associate deathmatch with backyard wrestling with light tubes, it's not a good idea. It's also disappointing that AEW is slowly becoming TNA 2005... Christian Cage who is 47 and hasn't wrestled in 7+ years...he debuted in 2005 with TNA.... they really should be focusing on the young talent and building stars from within. Sting is 60+ , Big Show/Shaq are almost 50, Cage and Jericho are old.... to put it in perspective.
  24. I'm really new to all that stuff....how does one take advantage of those odds within Canada and place a bet? Or does it have to be done in Vegas only?
  25. The nature of betting institutions. Just means put some money on the blue n gold.
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