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  2. Not sure how much NFL people watch but Schoen would easily be the 4th best receiver on any NFL team and likely a 3rd/slot receiver on most. Teams need 6-7 receivers to get through a season and he'd be on a rookie scale deal with already solid pro experience. He's not a kid coming out of college now. He's got 20 games in as a pro which is like 3-4 years worth for a fringe NFL guy. Won't be surprised when he gets signed by the Chiefs or Bills. I'm sure the Chiefs are kicking themselves right now that they don't have him when they look at their current depth chart with Hardman down too. He'd probably be the X receiver on that team this week.
  3. Not comparing them as players. Simply showing that the NFL doesn't wait for a certain time of year to look for new talent.
  4. Great interview with Walters. https://www.bluebombers.com/2022/12/01/kyle-walters-december-1-2022/
  5. Special Master no more, maybe they need to have a look at Trumps judge who tried to delay the government from looking at Trumps theft.
  6. Rourke and Good-Jones are different positions, so apples and oranges comparison. Schaffer-Baker is younger, and both he and Cottoy are 3-4” taller. The NFL is often about raw physical data, and some biases die hard (like smaller players, left-footed kickers). Their loss, our gain hopefully.
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  8. Everything they are focusing on are things no one is asking for. No one wants a provincial police force, no one wants the albertan sovereignty act, no one wants an alberta pension plan, no one wants more private health care. Just stop trying to force things we don't want on us and call an election so you get the message.
  9. On top of that even when she uses the most misused term when she starts her sentence with ‘’Albertans want’, no it’s not what the majority of Albertans want, it’s want a kooky group of knuckle draggers want.
  10. Honestly, I know so very little about the NFL because I just don't give a single **** about that league......but I just assumed they've got their hands full worrying about this season right now, and aren't messing around with new recruits, but I do suppose the scouts never stop working and looking for the next ones, so they might be looking right now, as Jay mentioned above...
  11. that's a really good point...Schoen is better than any of those you mentioned, and if they got calls, he should have as welL. That is very curious, indeed...
  12. Yet Rourke, Kian Schaffer-Baker, Julian Good-Jones & Jevon Cottoy have all gotten NFL interest once their season was done. Why hasn't Schoen? I have no clue but I do agree that they'll call eventually. I'd be shocked (and delighted) if they didn't.
  13. Schoen's age is most likely a drawback to some nfl clubs BUT that doesn't mean he might have piqued someone's interest down there....I just hope he doesn't get caught up in the ol tc fodder game and end up getting screwed over...I'd like to offer him a solid contract and re-up with us for the forseeable future.... After all we still owe that guy a ring after we effed up the last shot ....so it's 'come on down and stay in the Peg Dalton'
  14. In the middle of the season, I'm not surprised the NFL hasn't come calling yet. Once they get into their off-season, I have zero doubts Schoen will get workouts. His numbers this year were too good to not at least get a peek. Whether he sticks or not is another story, but he'll get a look in Feb/March, I'm sure...
  15. I believe the one arrested was from The Pas, they said........and I'm not saying anything about the fine people from The Pas.......ahem...... but definitely not Americans.
  16. Disney+ (via their Star subsidiary)... new ep every Friday. Due to being on streaming now, they're a lot looser with the language and stuff. It's quite good...
  17. The cover of that issue of McLean's has aged like milk.
  18. Which channel and time? Can't find it.
  19. Soooo....you're saying that Justin has been sleeping very well for the last while?
  20. The Mandalorian will return in three months https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/mandalorian-season-3-premiere-date-disney-plus-1235447261/
  21. There was a convo on twitter yesterday suggesting that this may be the worst group of Premiers in Canadian History. Is it a mere coincidence that there are 7 provincial Conservative governments?
  22. Yes, every and any player leaving for the NFL in their option year window has his rights retained by the CFL club they are departing until the end of his existing CFL contract.
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