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  2. Jim Van Pelt was drafted into the US military in 1960. Spent a 3 year hitch in the Air Force. When he got out the Bombers tried to re-sign him. He & his wife were the Bombers special guests at the 1962 Grey Cup in Toronto. Ultimately Van Pelt decided to turn down the Bomber contract offer & went into private business in Chicago. In 1959, Van Pelt separated his shoulder in the Western Final series & it was Ken Ploen who quarterbacked the Bombers to their Grey Cup win in 1959. Looking at the records though, he certainly was a great qb when he played. I agree that he should have been on the list & was a major oversight by all of us.
  3. We showed up this afternoon to watch camp but were told they moved it to this morning suddenly. Glad we didn't miss much but what a bummer.
  4. No you keep hammering away and it will become funny again.
  5. The joke ran it's course a while back. More like beating a dead horse now.
  6. Pederson and Co still have him down as the MOP front runner.
  7. Jim Van Pelt was the winning QB for the Bombers in 1958 and 1959. Actually beat out Kenny Ploen for the QB position but unfortunately had a short career. I don't know why, but he beat out who most on this board consider the greatest.
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  9. Bart Starr legendary Packer quarterback passed away today at age 85. He won 5 NFL championships including back to back to back in 65, 66 & 67 & the first two Super Bowls. He was 85. He had suffered a stroke in 2014 & had been in failing health ever since. RIP Bart.
  10. So, with the season about to start maybe it's time to reopen the debate. Of course, we'll need a separate thread for that.
  11. My quick two cents on the great thread debate of 2019. I dont post often. Usually come just to catch up on things. I personally dont mind it either way. If you have lots of threads then you have to scroll through pages to find older threads and if you have a few threads with lots of replies you have to scroll through pages. It is the same either way and you can't please everyone. The around the league offseason threads are a nice way to keep everything together and it doesnt take that long to scroll through and see where you left off. But I think big news topics should have there own thread. Big signings, big releases, major injuries etc. What we dont want is multiple threads discussing the same topic or the useless threads like what Andrew Harris had for breakfast. And because training camp is so short having one for each day is kinda silly. I like the one thread. Just my opinion.
  12. ....Isn't everything from SSK of questionable value?
  13. Hey, no news is is good news, so thanks for that!
  14. Holy **** we are tainting every thread with these running jokes... and I just contributed to the madness.
  15. Stopped by this morning to pick up my tickets and watch some practice. Bad timing, I guess, because when I was there, they didn’t do a damn thing with a ball. I was lucky to even get my tickets, as there had been a power outage and the Bomber store was closed. Thankfully someone let me in to grab them. So, unfortunately I have absolutely nothing to report.
  16. I feel like that asteroid with a hangover circling my head.
  17. You might get a first for him at the trade deadline next year depending on his season but it's likely to come from a team that is in the playoffs so the 1st rounder won't be low. Ranked 2nd(or 3rd) in the draft is an LHD. Hmmmm.
  18. HAM unexpectedly gets OL Ryker Matthews back from an NFL try. Nice.
  19. This is a good radio team, can listen if desperate for football. Sir Vicent Rogers edmonton, tore bicep, out for a while. "The Eskimos host the B.C. Lions on Sunday. The kick-off on The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium is at 2 p.m., 630 CHED will have Countdown to Kick-off starting at 12:30 p.m." https://globalnews.ca/radio/630ched/player/#/
  20. I believe they prefer to be called “thread etiquette white nationalists (#MAGA)” nowadays.
  21. They want to lead and inspire a nation on, as of today, Trump is bad, late term abortions are fine, various and sundry identity politics , open borders, job killing globalism, higher taxes. Let the good times roll.
  22. Do not underestimate the likelihood that there may a couple of sudden, mysterious injuries.
  23. “Unofficial and of questionable value”. Is he referring to the ‘Riders final roster of players?
  24. Hmmmm....so Collaros has actually improved from last year?
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