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  2. The thread is officially unreadable. FFS. Also LOL @ comparing starting QB for years to Journeyman backup QB. But seriously.. Its a fan forum.. People can discuss aspects whether others ageee or disagree. But.. Bringing that **** to this thread... WTAF Why? Why cant u speak of the game u are watching instead. In the thread its intended to be in.
  3. Really looks like the Stamps are about to open this one up
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, looks like we're going to upgrade from Matt Nichols to that great hack QB Arbuckle. Yup that guy who's taking Drew Willy bad sacks out there against the CFL's worst team. Yup, that's our guy alright, the Almighty Nick Arbuckle. Man ... I dread to think what would happen if people like AKAChip were running our front office
  5. The offer of free land on University land is compelling. Not a new concept. Free land to Eastern Europeans is how Western Canada was developed. Coughing up 50 mil in lieu of fed money, and coughing up millions for any other location would make anyone think twice. The politics and funding of the construction was a lot of work. Creative even. Glad the city pulled it off. Location is what it is. The building is gorgeous. Inevitably we grow into the location.
  6. Man and from all the hype those silly Nichols detractors were giving him he's supposed to be the next Ricky Ray. Man, I have never laughed so hard about sack taking. Man, I had better never hear any more of that ridiculous complaining from the Nichols detractors ever again.
  7. What happens when you are not going against Rider D
  8. I'm not saying I don't like the sacks but I would definitely trade a couple of them for an Arbuckle pick 6
  9. Derek Dennis that was an abomination
  10. Man, that Nick Arbuckle, ohh man what an amazing QB, ohhh man you know, maybe he will become a good game manager one of these days.
  11. Jermaine Franklin telling the exact same story Claire Hannah did 2 weeks ago, almost verbatim
  12. Is this the Argos first lead of the season?
  13. At least this isn't a live mic game so we don't have to constantly hear a certain coach be a giant weiner all game.
  14. This really doesn't bother me, it's probably just easier to wear the Jersey than to explain to everyone why your teeth are so shity and you and your wife share such a strong resemblance.
  15. That Arbuckle guy he holds onto the ball too long. I know, I think he's as shell shocked as Drew Willy
  16. There are Rider jerseys in the crowd
  17. Did i just see a guy wearing a scarf and toque in the crowd?!?
  18. Well it's Thursday night football so it makes sense to go third and one from the gun. The argos have resorted to taking play calls from the recklaws
  19. I'm sure AKAChip will be delighted to see that
  20. Wilder can stopped being talked about
  21. I'd like Arbuckle throw a few pics, take that shine off real fast
  22. There's another 2 and out for that game manager Matt Nichols .... Oh wait
  23. Would love it if Arbuckle **** the bed
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