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  2. Demski got hurt in his 3rd season (broken foot) while KSB is going to start his 3rd season on the injured list so they aren't exactly worlds apart in terms of staying healthy. You could argue Demski actually has the edge since he made it through 40 games before hitting the IR where KSB has only played 30. The jury is still out on how durable KSB will be as he gets older.
  3. Followed up by 'I plead the fifth' officially recorded 793 times throughout the testimony. Oh and "I don't recall' coming in a close second officially recorded 723 times throughout the testimony.
  4. Trump Executive Privilege Claim Shattered As Judge Orders Mark Meadows And Others To Testify Special Counsel Jack Smith scored a big win as a federal judge rejected Trump's claim of executive privilege and ordered Mark Meadows and others to testify about the plot to overturn the 2020 election.
  5. Every week when its on, but some of it is, well, unenlightening and boring.
  6. Losing privilege feels like oppression. Can sum up so many of the "issues" people have these days.
  7. More than fair - IMO there's nothing better.....
  8. If I were in Congress I would bring an “Eliminating Abortions” bill that would aim to protect the unborn from abortion. To do this I would mandate that all males at the age of twelve must undergo a mandatory vasectomy to avoid accidental pregnancies. Of course since these procedures are reversible, any male could choose to reverse it if they wanted to start a family with their partner, married or common-law. Any male who reversed it was then bound to raise the child for a minimum of two years before putting the child up for adoption, and pay all costs associated with the adoption process. They could also be liable civilly and criminally if they were involved in an ”unwanted” pregnancy because they reversed their vasectomy under fraudulent circumstances, or never got one. As for the 0.2% whose procedures fail through no fault of their own, well that is one tenth the rate of ectopic pregnancies or one fifth the rate of total pregnancies that come as a result of rape, and no one seems too worried about those exceptions, so like a Republican senator once said about a rape victim “if you can’t stop it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it”. Let’s see how fast the religious right change their tune on abortion once the onus is on men to be responsible for the child.
  9. 100% he wouldn’t. Ksb can’t block. Woli blocks more than he runs routes. Seriously it’s a completely different role. demski didn’t have injury Issues for his first 5 seasons. Can’t really compare the last two season health wise to a guy 22-24. He’s a talented young guy with lots of success for an ni wr. Nothing would change if he was here. Would it be sick to have that depth? Sure. But he wouldn’t sit on the bench as depth any way. And wouldn’t bump a starter. you really don’t seem to get what we have in bolo and woli. Or the role that our ni wrs play. just because it’s a contrarian point you don’t have to own it. 3dn, cfl pa, tsn, really any outlet you choose to look at demski is recognized for what he does.
  10. Today
  11. And what makes me vomit even more is how he constantly trots his family out as royalty and his F'ing knuckledraggers lap it all in.
  12. I heard of someone who obsessed over Pickachu to the point where he wound up in the ICU.
  13. I like this. I'm going to borrow this but will cite you. 🙂
  14. Agreed about the dubiousness of the entirety of the report. That the Chinese embassy chose to "leak" it to the least trustworthy news network in Canada with the most right-wing bias sets off alarm bells.
  15. Most of these statements seem to be made by people who have already benefited economically over their lifetime from the stability of the country and government they seem to loath. They fail to acknowledge that younger citizens and immigrants on their way up should also have access to the same opportunities stable government provides. In my estimation this attitude stems from greed and selfishness as a base motivation that often seems to be derived from an increased sense of prosperity. Poorer people tend not to adopt the attitude of disgruntled shitbags.
  16. Same. Despite the production value being sub public access.
  17. Idaho Republicans want to keep doctors from treating ectopic pregnancies “We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” exclaims a disgruntled philosopher in Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The philosophers had banded together to protest the advancement of computer science, which they believed was imposing entirely too much clarity on the existential mysteries that gave them job security. The Idaho GOP and a coalition of antichoice groups in the state are taking a similar tack regarding the state’s murky and punitive abortion law. This session, two Republican state legislators introduced a bill that would clarify key concepts in the state’s felony abortion ban. These include defining when an abortion is necessary to save the life of the pregnant person, and confirming once and for all that it’s not a felony to treat ectopic and nonviable pregnancies and to remove fetuses that have died. It would also stop doctors who perform life-saving abortions from automatically being dragged before a judge to plead medical necessity as an affirmative defense. Whatever happens with the felony abortion ban, Idaho doctors risk devastating lawsuits for treating one of the most common and dangerous gynecological emergencies: ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are fertilized eggs that implant outside the uterus. These rogue ova will never become babies and they can kill the patient if they’re allowed to swell like a tumor on a speedrun. It’s all about the uncertainty. A doctor doesn’t know if she’s going to get sued by a vengeful ex for treating an ectopic pregnancy, but it could happen. Uncertainty can be even more paralyzing than a clear-cut but draconian rule. https://www.alternet.org/idaho-republicans-2659652264/
  18. Watch it every week. It's honestly not even that good...but I still watch it lol.
  19. but it counts against cap, and toward other bonus signings....and affects other guys getting on a roster
  20. Crisis was an overstatement. Just a snafu really for the next couple years.
  21. We always seem to intend to as the clips they promote are good but usually miss it doing other things like enjoy a Manitoba summer.
  22. Not really a lie. If he is on the PR he likely gets less than CFL. If he dresses than he could potentially earn a lot more. More of an omission than a lie. Terry has been scarce around here lately. Must still be busy eating crow on that one.
  23. Show of hands - who here watches CFL Wired, and how often?
  24. Beathard?? He got a $1M in guaranteed money. That's pocket change. The 9ers guaranteed $3.5M to someone they know will be 3rd on the depth chart.
  25. not on PR he wont...and he wont beat out the backup they signed for huge gauranteed money
  26. That's a lie from Campbell, though. He's going to mke $900k USD plus pay no state tax.
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