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  2. I could very well see the Bombers starting Two in the secondary in the near future. Rene can play CB. Kramdi was a SLB in college, but can play anywhere in the secondary at the pro level. Weekes is supposedly a natural safety. Add in the Halett brothers and the Bombers probably have the deepest national DB room in the CFL.
  3. and it's official, we're going to the playoffs again
  4. so what is more likely tonight? a hat trick or me releasing the Andrea (if the Jets score 5 before the 5 minute mark of the 3rd period) we are down to the last 5 minutes, The Andrea will not be released tonight
  5. yeah no he ain't Wheels just scored
  6. And all are illegal immigrants wearing tan suits who are secret crisis actors to fake a school shooting so they can take away our guns.
  7. my impression is wheeler scheifele connor getting less time on ice. ditto forbort.
  8. children are from benghazi I assume?
  9. A ballot printed off of Hunter’s laptop, which was purchased for him by George Soros from a pizza place fronting a child sex trafficking ring. Did we miss anything?
  10. Thank you Lowry, for the love of god please keep this lead 2-0 Lowry, does he feel lucky?
  11. NYR better do something other than start fights tonight. Overshadowed by this BS is TJ Oshie scoring 2 goals on the night they are honoring his late father.
  12. Yesterday
  13. they are not letting this go without a fight....literally...6 of them OH KARMA!
  14. He was an awesome person, and easily the best of the 3 wrs. Its too bad injuries derailed his career.
  15. If only it were the kids who taught him in the end amirite?
  16. That said, we all should be like
  17. Yeah, that'll be "Will be eligible by the 21st" is how I read it...
  18. Kito was doing alot of work with youth in the city. Basically helping them get better at football and school.
  19. Of course Stanley came out. Nobody can mess with Poolbort
  20. ....who is probably labouring in a cubicle, somewhere....
  21. Isn't that can book appointments by?
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