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  2. Yeah, except that it’s really just back. Very little forth. Was at the game tonight and we were getting dominated zone time. Really only evened out after the Avs got the two goal lead and sat back to defend. They have been better than us in both ends of the rink.
  3. Toffoli and Monahan both looking like rentals.
  4. Absolutely. Except that it was 50 min of getting dominated. And the tiring narrative around Helle, the “best goalie in the world” and “shoe in for the Vezina trophy” gets very aggravating when it doesn’t translate into playoff performance. Like, it doesn’t really matter at all what you do in the regular season if you can’t back it up in the playoffs. Toffoli invisible. Slow.
  5. I’d probably sit Toffoli or Ehlers next game for Perfetti. id also prob put in Schmidt for Stanley.
  6. Why? Jets are like 9 and 16 in the whiteout or something. They lose more. Jets better suited for the road games. My only concern after 2 games is I’m not sure what the game plan is. This isn’t jets hockey. If we don’t get back to playing jets hockey it’s over. If they pull their heads out their asses and realize you can’t go back and forth with the Avs, jets still have a very very good chance at winning the series. It really does come down to playing our game vs playing Colorados. I feel it might be easier on the road. Jets were solid for 10 minutes. Played jets hockey the first 10 then got away from it. Think the Stanley experience needs to end. He’s just to slow to keep up.
  7. It’s 1 1. Just like the leafs bruins series and the canucks and predators likely. Lots of games left. Jets need to stop paying Colorado’s back and forth game tho.
  8. Disappointing effort. Hopefully they regroup and play their game in Colorado and stop trying to play Colorado's game
  9. Gorgiev out duelled Hellebuyck. Ehlers couldn't make a ******* pass all game. 2nd line did nothing. This team reverted to it's losing ways.
  10. lol. Jets got dominated for 2 periods. It’s not just Helle. They won’t win playing Colorado’s game and they have been. Hopefully in Colorado we find our game cuz if we don’t we are done in 5. This is not how the Jets win. This is very high event hockey, that’s Colorados game not ours. Sportsnet is thrilled tho.
  11. This pp is the game.here. 12 mins of absolutely nothing. We need to score. And of course we didn't. This loss is 100% on Helle. He cost them the game. He is one of the worst goalies when handling the puck.
  12. He hasn't been great the last two games. Especially tonight.. that ******* Gaffe. 10 mins left. Losing hope of a comeback
  13. Great regular season goalie but it’s obvious Helle is not all that in the playoffs 😟
  14. I really thought after that huge 4 minute pk then 55’s beauty tap in we were going to take over. Nope.
  15. Helle has yet to prove he can be the guy in the playoffs. The first two goals were definitely stoppable. First one five hole… His stick’s gotta be there. Second one wasn’t really screened or touched, was it? Third one he created 100% himself and the fourth one…?? His save % is **** in the playoffs.
  16. Yup they’re playing nervous chasing Av players all around the ice.
  17. Thanks, at the time the CFL just had the DEL transaction.
  18. Jets D really making brain dead plays all over the ice. Pionk can’t make a pass and neither can Stanley. Demelo almost put one in on Helle himself. They look nervous. I actually think home ice can be a curse at times.
  19. What a pile of hot garbage. Jets look like **** and while Helle has been unreal at times, he's also let in some muffins. That first goal was embarrassing as a pro goalie. 10 goals given up in two games... While that's not all on Helle, that is not Jets hockey.
  20. There’s 4 others guys who should notice a penalty ending also
  21. Well, if there's any goalie they can score on, it's this one. They need to simplify things and just throw pucks to the net
  22. Last year they were very structured game 1. This year not so much. They seemingly want to play Colorados game.
  23. It's been all Avs since midway through the first.
  24. Must they give me a reason to go to bed?
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