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  1. Man that made me laugh! Well done. Best description I've seen of TSN in general.
  2. It’s not great news. But his insights and analysis of the situation were excellent. I’d rather have a reality check. Great questions! I think based on Naylor a big driver of this is gambling. Football gambling is huge, and filling a gap between the NFL season might be the thing. I know people that live in England that bet on the NFL every week!
  3. Excellent insights and analysis from Dave Naylor. https://youtu.be/OTGQpdluvbY
  4. That would be ideal, I just don't think it will ever happen. We have to remember, Ambrosie is not going rogue on this. He's following the wishes of the owners. I would think every private owner in the CFL is open to some $$$ from the Rock. They were losing money before COVID. Lawless said on Peterson's podcast that the Montreal owners basically bought the team with the intention of the CFL looking for other avenues to increase revenue. To be clear, I love the CFL! I just am facing the reality that we are in now, and have been in for a while. The CFL is in trouble financially. Pre COVID I
  5. Exactly! I haven't listened to the Doug Brown clip, but did he offer any alternative solutions? I haven't really heard any viable solutions from anyone who is vehemently on the anti-XFL talk side. If the solution is continue business as usual, my response is ...
  6. You're right, that's the best option. But unless those dud franchises (BC, Toronto, Montreal) turn it around financially, start getting some actual decent attendance (unlikely), I don't think the TV deal grows. I think it disappears. I think TSN would likely drop CFL football if it was a six team league with no presence in the largest markets in Canada. The CFL is in a real dilemma.
  7. I'd contribute. But I think that's a one-off. Not sure that's a sustainable revenue model. And government support ... given what the government has chosen to support, I would like to think the CFL would also be considered. But again, that's not a long term revenue model.
  8. I think there's all types of different options for revenue. Not sure if I read it here, or Twitter, but seems like CFL fans immediately get very defensive about the sanctity of the CFL game, status quo, but have zero solutions for the bottomless pit of revenue in our largest markets. Worse, I know some personally who never attend Bomber games (NFL fans) but want to preserve the CFL product! At least pony up for some season tickets if you're going to take that hard a stance.
  9. My preference is for the CFL to survive and thrive on it's own, a unique Canadian league. But, realistically, the CFL was in trouble before COVID, and now 😲 I'm not sure these discussions lead anywhere, but can you blame Ambrosie and the league for considering it? Considering everything? How long do you think Toronto, Montreal and BC can survive as CFL franchises? My son plays USports football in Montreal and I swear there is more buzz for the three RSEQ teams located in Montreal than the Alouettes. If it's a choice between no CFL and some hybrid CFL/XFL/international football leagu
  10. Wonder who will be throwing to him.
  11. I love this hit so much! It's the type of hit you'd see in a football movie for dramatic effect, but generally not something that would ever happen. And yes, I think Hansen is going to become a rotational pass rusher in addition to being a special teams monster.
  12. I agree with the critics of CFL 2.0 who say that the CFL's first priority should basically be to get it's own house in order - better relationship with the CFLPA; better salary cap structure and management; some type of revenue sharing model; focus on large market fan engagement, etc. However, to me it's not either/or. The CFL should do this and I still think it's worthwhile exploring a 2.0 type plan of trying to find streaming/TV revenue from other countries. Plus, developing players for other countries is kind of exciting. Wasn't that long ago that the thought of a Swedish or Finnish superst
  13. That was my take initially. Then I saw this article from Justin Dunk. https://3downnation.com/2020/08/17/the-cfl-wanted-to-be-treated-different-than-every-other-canadian-citizen/ If there's any accuracy to it, sounds like a bunch of CFL owners really didn't want a CFL season this year. A 7% loan is reasonable but they probably thought why take a 7% interest loan plus lose money on the season. Guaranteed the Bombers wanted a season, but bet Toronto, Montreal, BC said no.
  14. Good article by Justin Dunk. He usually has pretty reliable sources. https://3downnation.com/2020/08/17/the-cfl-wanted-to-be-treated-different-than-every-other-canadian-citizen/ Key quote: According to sources, the league could have landed a loan, which had the potential to max out at $60 million, with a four-year payback period and increasing interest rates each time the calendar flipped over that topped out in the seven percent range. The same loan financing programs are available for eligible businesses in the mid-market program. However, the league said no thanks and contin
  15. Totally agree. I really miss sitting outside on a beautiful summer evening at IG Field watching football. Or going to the Banjo Bowl every year. The energy and excitement. Loved it!
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