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  1. I agree with JCon and Dr. CFL. Unlikely that there will be high school sports. Definitely not in the Fall. Slim chance they might try to do some Spring 2021 sports. My son plays USports football and that's what they're talking about as a possibility - potential Spring 2021 league. They haven't officially said no USports football for the Fall 2020, but, it's pretty much guaranteed not happening. No or very few on campus courses, means no students on campus, and no sports. Bummer year for so many.
  2. I don't want to wade into this debate, but, just to clarify, the NBA is funding research conducted by the Mayo Clinic on better finger stick test for immunity antibodies. Good news for everyone. But, the Mayo Clinic certainly is a for profit business, that will team up with interested funding parties when beneficial. And the CDC ... not an agenda-less entity let's say. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2020/5/20/21264742/nba-coronavirus-testing-covid-19
  3. Thanks for posting this. Really interesting article. However the CFL decides to proceed, lots of questions and obstacles to address. Many will come up that they didn't even anticipate. It's mentioned briefly in the article, but, I would think that the whole global player combine/draft idea will be squashed for this season. Ambrosie did mention a while ago that he hoped to do a mini version before the season. But, it will be hard enough trying to get Americans up here. Can't imagine the CFL is going to try to fly in players from all over the world, most of whom will never make a roster.
  4. All players and coaches are required to be in one of these at all times. We know the Bombers have at least two in stock. You're welcome CFL!
  5. You have a point, and you're right to put "obey" in quotations. Again, not sidetracking, or getting Trumpy, but federal, state and civic governments are all re-examining the roles of public service health officials and elected officials. Not saying one is bad or good, just that I think there was an imbalance (perhaps necessary) early on where governments did whatever public service health officials suggested. Their role was not to worry about economic repercussions, impact, etc. It was and is public health. Long winded way of saying you're right, and civic, state and provincial governments will start to make different choices based on many factors, while still considering public health. States like Texas are an example. Could the NFL use Texas as a hub for all NFL games with minimal or no fans? Absolutely. There's probably 20 full sized stadiums in that state alone. Again, no absolute right or wrong answers. I just stand by my position that there will be pro sports again.
  6. I'm not going to side track this into how much risk of death elite athletes have if they contract COVID-19. Sorry, but, I do think it is ultimately about $$$. The majority of NBA, NFL, NHL players may not be set up for life financially. Aaron Rodgers, Lebron James, Blake Wheeler ... no worries I'm guessing. If pro sports ends for Mason Appleton or Chris Boucher on the Raptors, I'm guessing eventually they would be looking for jobs. I think players associations will try to negotiate a few contingencies for a return (pensions, guarantees in contracts, some type of covid related disability protections), but all players associations want the leagues to thrive and exist. Otherwise they no longer exist. Player agents no longer exist. Pro leagues will play again. I bet the NFL will basically go ahead almost on schedule.
  7. Good point. There isn't really an answer, other than I think pro sports leagues are going to see exposing players, coaches, with protocols in place, as an acceptable risk in order to do business. The alternative is to do what? Shut down the NFL, NBA, NHL for a couple of years? Won't happen. These are billion dollar businesses. It's like asking Sam Walton to close down Walmarts (I get that Walmarts are "essential", but a billion dollar business is a billion dollar business). Fans attending games in stadiums and arenas is going to drastically change for sure, but leagues will play again. Not exactly sure when though.
  8. I'd be in favor of some type of arrangement like this. I heard Randy Ambrosie on the Waggle podcast (episode 201), and he talked about a relationship with NFL and advice from Roger Goddell. My take was that the CFL would do it, but, the NFL is reluctant. From their perspective it's really just an additional expense. They already pluck the best players off CFL rosters every year. And I think a lot of NFL teams would rather have their best prospects close by on the practice roster, working with the position coaches and roster players. Doesn't mean it could never happen. I just think that the CFL might have to bring more to the table. Not sure what that would be. Might be time to float the idea/beg the NFL again.
  9. Interesting idea about asking the NFL for some assistance. Wonder if the CFL brass has considered it? I wonder if the NFL would consider it. I agree on both your points - the NFL could definitely afford to provide some type of assistance, and the CFL's existence is a good thing for the NFL. My only question/concern is that once you accept that money, create that relationship, you likely change the CFL to some extent. You'd have to think there would be concessions to the NFL. Maybe not a full "minor league" arrangement with the NFL, but, I'd think they would want more control over players, free agency, etc. Maybe not a terrible thing though. Might be time for a formal working arrangement with the NFL.
  10. Scouting report at the time - "And he ran, he ran so far away ... he couldn't get away"
  11. Agree. There's a required baseline level athletically, depending on the position and level of football. If you have that, or exceed it, you have a chance to make it. But, if you have it, and your scouting report includes "if he stays healthy" or "low football IQ" or "can't run patterns" or "difficulty shedding blocks" or "misses tackles" ..., athletic ability likely isn't going to save you, because someone in training camp competing against you can do that. You'll end up being a Crossfitter, not a pro football player.
  12. I'm no CFL draft expert, but I watched most of McGill's games this year, saw a couple in person, and Andrew Seinet-Spaulding looks like a CFL nose tackle to me. Won the J.P. Metras Trophy as best USports lineman. Mock drafts have him as a about a fourth rounder. Not sure why. Size? Six feet - 285. Looked bigger to me. Was quick off the ball and disruptive despite being double and triple teamed in RSEQ. You're welcome for the drafting advice Kyle. 😄
  13. Definitely the safest approach to cancel. Plus, they had the global players participating from around the world, which also increases risk. I love watching the combine - bit of a draft geek. But, drafting players without benefit of a combine really provides an advantage to the teams that have great Canadian player scouting and evaluation. In other words, the Bombers will be just fine in terms of drafting.
  14. New pro leagues struggle in part due to: Lack of regional allegiances – No history with team in that region. The Seattle Dragons are not the Green Bay Packers, Saskatchewan Roughriders, LSU Tigers, Oklahoma Sooners … Poor level of play – Can never compete with the established leagues initially – NFL is vastly better; CFL is much better at present. Lack of star players – Unless a new league can poach existing stars like the WHA or USFL did, there are not any name players who drive interest in the new league. New leagues can overcome this, but, it takes time. And in that time you will lose money. The WNBA is an example. Started slow, now it is very entertaining basketball with star players who are being marketed. Always secondary to the NBA of course, but a very good product on its own. Also was being propped up financially to some extent by the NBA.
  15. Good point. NFL games have become super expensive in most markets. And with TV coverage being so great, sitting at home watching in HD is a pretty good option. I've gone to a few NFL games and I'm glad I did, but, not sure it was money well spent. CFL games are inexpensive and fun. Sounds like the XFL games are too.
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