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  1. Anyways, apologies to all for high jacking this Bombers-Elks thread. Won't happen again. Go Bombers!
  2. With which part? Pro/retired pros not threatening civilians? Really? So Malice at The Palace stuff is okay?
  3. Nope. Didn't see that one. Just saw one from Rush saying what I put before. Maybe it was in response to this. Who knows. Showed up in my feed, though I don't follow him. Anyways, didn't know Rush was such a beloved Winnipeg sports alumni. And not going to debate or defend who is at protests. My point - still sticking to it - pro athletes, and retired pro athletes, should never threaten to beat up civilians. Period. Even provoked. Especially if you're planning a post retirement media career. You don't think pro athletes get provoked all the time!? Try playing any kind of pro sport in Philadelphia as a visiting team.
  4. That is impressive, truly. Former pro athlete threatening to beat up people - not at all impressive. Look, you might be him, or friends with him. Don't know. And I'm fully vaxxed, not attending any rallies, so I'm not defending that camp. As an adult, life long Bombers fan, never want to see an alumni of any pro sport threatening to beat up citizens. Bad move. And he did on Twitter.
  5. Also something about "how would they feel getting beat up by a guy looking like this" and a photo of him with a man-bun. It's there somewhere in the Twitter verse. If he's planning to have some kind of media career, not a great position to take. Wasn't impressed as a Bombers fan from an alumni.
  6. He also somehow showed up on my Twitter feed threatening to go to anti-vax rallies and beat people up. I don't even follow him on Twitter. Real tough guy.
  7. Ha! Yup. Big 7 yard gain by Charles “fair catch” Nelson.
  8. Yay! Celebration drink for that! Was rooting for Leggio, but he’s just not getting it done
  9. If I were Walters I’d stop watching the game now are start checking NFL cuts for kickers. Time to pony up $ for a US kicker. Leggio Will cost us games
  10. Can a player be cut during a game? Asking for the entire fan base. #nelsonmustgo
  11. Yeah, it's interesting to me that most teams load up on DL and LB's dressing for games. I get it - keep the pass rush fresh; LB's play on special teams. But, the coach in me would dress one more OL, DB and WR in place of three other spots. QB is your most important position. Having just one back up OL terrifies me. You lose 2, you're f'ed. Putting Jake Thomas in there is death for Collaros. Having one extra WR is one additional weapon in a diverse offense. And only one back up DB? Opposing OC's are dreaming about two DB's going down and a team having to drop a LB back to safety.
  12. Don't want to dwell on this, but what exactly are the coaches seeing in the film room that we're missing? I don't see anything. Hesitant, not quick, lack of vision and no results in terms of positive yards. There are no better options on the roster? Last I'll vent about this. 😀
  13. One of the reasons I love going to the Banjo Bowl - seeing and interacting with Riders fans. In my experience, it's always been good natured and fun interactions. And, I do hope they will all need to drown their sorrows with Rum Hut beverages because the Bombers make it two wins in a row. Seems like it. I feel for him because seems like the surgery to his throwing arm did not solve the problem. And pre-surgery he had an average arm, average accuracy, so any deterioration really shows. Gotta say thanks to Matty N for his years as a Bomber. But, management made the right choice with Collaros. Looks like an MOP candidate so far.
  14. If either is the case he won't be back soon. We need a better option than Nelson. As someone pointed out, we're bad in all areas of special teams this year. Better kickers might be tough to find, but a returner? There's probably a better one on the roster.
  15. Please bench Nelson. I know Roosevelt isn’t a kick returner, but Nelson shouldn’t be playing. Has to be a better returner, and he’s not a CFL level receiver.
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