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  1. Thoughts? https://3downnation.com/2019/08/21/the-blue-bombers-should-trade-for-argos-qb-james-franklin/ I wouldn't do it unless we're talking about a 4th round pick or later. Not a second round pick. We got Nichols for a seventh round pick.
  2. Exactly, there's no rush. Lots of NFL teams go with two QB's on the roster, one on the PR, or sometimes none on the PR. They realize that if you need to go to your number 3 guy, you're done. There's no one out there in the football universe that the Bombers can sign as a number 3 right now that could salvage a season for us, or even beat out Streveler or Show Me The Money McGuire. And why do they need another veteran presence in the QB room? Nichols is that.
  3. Sloter is a QB who I think would do very well in the CFL. Wonder if he's on a neg list. He does well in pre-season games, so he may have a bit of an edge over Browning now, but who knows. You're right. But, if the Panthers cut him it might be the end of the line for the NFL for now. Come to Canada, play well enough to make the NFL forget your issues with glass doors!
  4. It would be nice if we could wait around until a few low on the depth chart NFL QB's get cut. Not that they could step in right away, but, there are a few names on there who are interesting. I suspect though that the Bombers will sign someone late this week or early next week with CFL experience. I'm guessing Willy or Bridge. Some potential NFL QB's who look like they may be cut who are of interest include: Jake Browning - on Calgary's neg list, but ... Chad Kelley - formerly of Last Chance U! Big time arm. Taylor Heinicke - the Vikings were pretty high on him before he kicked a glass door with his bare foot (?) Tom Savage - journeyman who may want one more chance at becoming a starter, somewhere Kyle Lauletta - big time college player at a smaller school, Richmond
  5. But he was so forthright telling us the injury was "upper body". So he's narrowed it down to anything from strained abdominal to fractured skull.
  6. Where is Neufeld? I've heard nothing of him. Last known photo. O'Shea says he's almost ready to go!
  7. O'Shea later today - "He looks good. We'll see how he is Thursday. He's tough. He's a veteran. He doesn't need to practice"
  8. Can we vote for neither? If we get down to the point that you have to play Willy or Bridge for an extended period, the season is over. Seriously, what's the panic for essentially our fourth string QB? We've lost our number one. Our number two appears capable, we hope. If he's goes down, it's over. No Glenn, Willy, Bridge, Burris ... is going to save the season. If that happens (fingers crossed it doesn't), you ride with Sean (You complete ... passes) McGuire and we start talking CFL draft and debating whether we ride with Nichols again in 2020.
  9. True. I think either way management was going to be at a Nichols crossroads this January when they can walk away from his contract. Unless he would have won a Grey Cup for us. The decision to extend him or not may unfortunately be easier now. And Streveler too. If he doesn’t seize the moment we’re back to a QB search
  10. Exactly. It’s not that Streveler is “better” than Nichols. It’s that a DC planning against Nichols knows what to expect, and the basic ceiling for his play. Planning against Streveler is a challenge because he’s an unknown and has facets in his game Nichols doesn’t. On the flip side, he lacks experience, so some defences are going to baffle him. This is what we wanted people. Let’s enjoy
  11. And on Monday, Nichols could like like below and O'Shea's update will be - "needs a bit more time, but he looks good. We'll see on Thursday".
  12. Great questions. I have no idea, but, I have ranted before about the CFL's veil of secrets around stuff like negotiation lists, injury reporting. Weird because other pro leagues, like the NFL and NBA, are becoming more transparent with information to fans as a way to engage them more. The CFL to me takes a rather ho hum approach to fan engagement. If I were part of the CFL executive I would be losing my mind trying to figure out how to get fans more engaged and actually paying for tickets in the big markets.
  13. Definitely. I was aware of that. I just thought it was curious that the team with arguably the worst QB situation in the CFL (and has been for quite a while) wouldn't take an opportunity to release the names of at least a couple of negotiation list QB's to give the fans some tiny glimmer of hope. Even pie-in-the-sky hope like "hey, maybe Tua Tagovailoa would rather play in Montreal than for whatever NFL team drafts him in the first round. You never know!".
  14. That's fair. Balancing makes sense. Maybe target a few highly touted dudes who like the marijuana a bit too much for the NFL 😄
  15. I know a few names only. The interesting thing to me is teams placing players on there who actually might come to the CFL versus ones who never will. I think some team had Kyler Murray on their list last year. Not sure why. First overall pick in the NFL draft will never set foot in Canada. Smart teams put players on who actually may end up here. Like Jake Browning. Highly sought after UDFA in the NFL, but may not stick on a roster.
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