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  1. Rebus's Hot Take: 3DownNation's contributors predictions aren't worth using as TP.
  2. Borsa whom we drafted looks like a Demski clone.
  3. Need to do something about those congress people too. Ban from running for office imo.
  4. I don't care who wins the East. All I care about is Winnipeg winning on December 5th and December 12th.
  5. Marcel comes off as arrogant in that piece.
  6. Interesting that they didn't give Marcel till season's end before doing this. Lapo to TSN for 2022?
  7. He wasn't a good coach either. Guy was just a ST coach.
  8. So Fajardo averaged 190 yards passing with 0 TD passes and 4 Ints versus Winnipeg as opposed to 243 yards passing with 10 td passes and 5 Ints in his other 8 games. MR averaged 154 yards passing with 0 TD passes and an Int versus Winnipeg as opposed 252 yards per game with 10 Td passes versus 3 ints in his other 8 games. I'd say our D is pretty good.
  9. I liked this one from Riderfans: Winnipeg is the class of the CFL and it isn’t even close. Must be lots of crow eating on the Mike OShea comments of the last couple years. They are stacked in all three phases.
  10. Domination and we clinch hosting the West Final. Got to love it.
  11. Fairly certain it has long been established that losing the penalty battle leads to losing more often than not, same as losing the turnover and time of possession battle.
  12. I for one have not been able to find SkittleBrau anywhere.
  13. I'd really like to see the names of these 5-6 key Stamps. As for QBs, Calgary went Flutie-Garcia-Dickenson (Burris was Dickenson's back up then left) which is wow followed by Burris-BLM. Edmonton went Wilkerson-Moon-Dunigan-Allen-Ham with I believe the later three all rostered together.
  14. I'll say 24,000. Oh and don't real fans camp out over night outside IG Field before every home game?
  15. I could see them adding in Cooper in after the bye for somebody like McKnight and beginning to work him in.
  16. I'll assume Hardrick is the scratch come game day. Hope the OL holds up.
  17. I disagree but out of curiosity, who would you look to add, especially considering only Ottawa and Edmonton are out of the race?
  18. Flutie was miles ahead of BLM. Garcia too.
  19. That is concerning on the OL. I'd assume Gray in and one of our PR I OTs for the 6th OL spot.
  20. McVay is an offensive guru. Brandon Staley of the Chargers is a good example of a young HC who was a DC.
  21. Buck has been here since 2010, wife is from Winnipeg, wife's family is here, can't see him looking to leave.
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