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  1. What's the deal with this badges thing and status? Site redo? Oh big movie guy and also have never seen Gone with the Wind.
  2. So are we taking the youngsters to Regina so that they can see that being on our PR is a better fate than having to live in Regina?
  3. I am so happy that it appears you will have to be fully vaxxed to attend Bomber games. Also happy gyms are opening and in a few weeks will be able to dine inside with other people. Yay being doubled vaxxed.
  4. I believe overall vaccination rates when you look at the fully vaxxed are still higher in the US than here. Some of those southern states are interesting though.
  5. Sinopoli is a huge loss for Lapo and Ottawa. Interesting the number of big names retiring.
  6. Need to work on the Southern Health region. Cases rising there. Not a surprise that they have the lowest Vax rate (52%). If they were even at the next lowest region which is about 14% more, as a province we'd be at 73.2% first dosed versus 71. Seemingly they're going to end up messing things up for the rest of us.
  7. Building on Tait's article but isn't it possible that McGuire has the level of success we saw from the relatively untested Evans, Fajardo, Arbuckle in 2019? Going back further Ricky Ray, Khari Jones, Printers all had success despite limited reps before coming starters. As Kevin Garnett said, "Anything is possible."
  8. I got my second dose today. I must say I am disappointed that the 5G hookup hasn't kicked in and that the ability to control metal also isn't working. Then again, being protected, protecting others, the chance to see friends and go to Bomber games is reward enough.
  9. Alberta is crazy. I'm just hoping for a modest reopening such as being able to go to the gym, eat on a patio with family or friends, 25% in stores. Oh and being at IGF on August 5th.
  10. That fan ranking also lists the retired Ricky Collins among Edmonton's Wrs so you know its quality writing.
  11. Wasn't Marco considered one of the best kicking prospects in recent years?
  12. This is from the lawyer for the Capitol Hill Atttack QAnon Shaman “A lot of these defendants … they’re all f—ing short-bus people,” Watkins said. “These are people with brain damage. They’re f—ing r—–ed, they’re on the goddamn spectrum.”
  13. So we still have Neufeld-Couture-Dejarlais on the interior of the OL. Neufeld is a proven starter. Dejarlais had an outstanding rookie season. Courture also had a great 2019. Additionally we have Gray who started 12 games I believe and a promising Eli. These guys are out to lunch on the OL. As for abdicating these bozos need to consult a dictionary. Winnipeg did not cast off the Grey Cup. Also did not relinquish it.
  14. I fully trust the Canadian Mafia to make sure that Winnipeg remains the champs for a long time and that the Riders stay stuck on 4 stripes for the next century.
  15. I mean, we might have less ST holders than that. Some might not want to attend. Its likely a Moo point.
  16. Wonder how the team will decide how gets into IG Field in August. I assume half capacity so it makes sense to go ST holders but do we have more than 16,800? If so, it should be the longer you've been a ST Holder, the higher up in line you are.
  17. Second shot booked for Sunday. Me and my Dad should be good for the start of the season.
  18. I wish Wheeler didn't have a NMC. He needs to go, overpaid and overated as a leader.
  19. https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/12/politics/vaccinations-blue-red-states-analysis/index.html
  20. Um it was a joke. I totally didn't drink a bottle of tequila and walk into a 7-11 at 3 am pantless.
  21. So close, need them to open up May 10th. Want to get my second shot so I can go to IGF. Plus I need that 5G upgrade because right now the hookup from the first shot is spotty.
  22. Still waiting for them to open up May 10th people for shot 2. Looking forward to being able to do this.
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