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  1. At times like these I wonder why I support and love the league like I do. Doesn't not seem to care about the fans.
  2. While not at the level of Vancouver and Toronto, the market in Winnipeg keeps increasing. In March, the average single family detached home was $439,535 which was up 14% from March of 2021. It's getting tough to own a house everywhere in Canada. Back to the topic, apparently Edmonton is the only club not to have a CBA ratification vote yet.
  3. Is Edmonton really better though? Its not like he's in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal.
  4. Our man Tait has a great piece on Dobson. Sounds like he's fitting in, bonding with the group all ready and displaying that Bomber OL mindset = Its about the team+Physically maul people. Love it.
  5. Dobson added takes away one concern about National OL depth.
  6. Sounds like Glass is doing well in the defensive back field which is good to see. Hopefully Rene and Ford show well.
  7. I'm going out on a limb but the first team to win 16 games is going to win the cup.
  8. Dark MAGA? Up until now we've had happy, fun times MAGA?
  9. What's troubling is that the CPC is polling well with young voters, particularly Men 18-35.
  10. I need some TC reports. To borrow from Barney Gumble, "Just stick it in my veins!!!"
  11. Kenny stepping down in Cowboyland, I mean Alberta.
  12. We should be discussing camp stand outs and the upcoming Monday game. This is frustrating.
  13. Sounds like the pre season game next Monday is in peril. Not impressed with Miller and Mitchell.
  14. Battle of Alberta, taking me back to my childhood.
  15. What exactly are owners hiding that they don't want revenue sharing to be fully transparent?
  16. Not the first day of TC we were hoping for.
  17. Joe Pop, Cal Murphy or Battle would be great choices for the next few years. James Murphy is another good one. Longer term, Charles Roberts is a no brainer. Of the current/recent group, Bryant, MOS and Harris, with Bighill and Jefferson getting closer.
  18. Schoen sounds like a Canadian Mafia guy.
  19. No, I still hate the Riders.
  20. On no party being willing to privatize healthcare. We just had the first debate for the leadership of the Federal Conservative Party where candidates argued over who supported a bunch of traitors who blocked national borders the most. In the words of Kevin Garnett, "Anything is possible."
  21. I got my first dose a year ago and I am still here. Guess those Anti Vaxxers were wrong about us being dead in a year.
  22. What a scouting database they have there. I mean at 38, he's younger than John Chick or Luc Mullinder but not by much.
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