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  1. No. No. Just work on it- it will serve us both better next time.
  2. Nothing- I don't understand why he got fired.
  3. for the last 15- 20 years,I have been rememebering CHerry as the Load Mouthed batshit crazy racist Grampa that shows up for each holiday dinner... He's entertaining brash opinionated and racist as hell- but you give him a pass because he's Canadian Hockey Royalty. Snowflakes? Jesus... Yeah, **** them for not being intolerant of racists.
  4. Looks like we will be facing Harker....
  5. Agreed- I am often one of the first to **** on him- but yeah he was awesome yesterday.
  6. wow- it's like he's a cruel, vindictive, insecure, malignant narcissist.
  7. Have you not been watching the game? it's over. Or are you expecting game changing half-time adjustments from our D and O coordinators?
  8. I'm out Can't watch this garbage anymore Out played, out coached, out ref'd, out efforted?
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