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  1. Best phrasing for that grotesque acronym.
  2. EDIT: my mistake, apparently this was a private contractor for the inauguration that had outdated credentials.
  3. Ah FFS, so looks like more elementary kids will get shot with no consequences or systemic changes.
  4. Finally. This might be very good for the USA. Maybe the next time an elementary gets shot up and children killed... something will ******* change.
  5. You forgot, that in the case of replacing the VP, that honor goes to.... the President. You know, he would have installed Ivanka as VP to pardon his ass.
  6. Fun stuff, thought I would share.
  7. She should have just let it go-- no need for that final video...
  8. Trump is going to pardon every single last one of the rioters. That will be part of his final **** you and he will just get deified even more by his supporters.
  9. Interesting thread on the outside dark money used to fund the riot: An Update on where the money leads... interesting- Suicide.
  10. There is almost no one left to act as trump's lawyer in his upcoming removal trial, so guess who is the synchophant that would take up this task?
  11. I think I should follow Rick Wilson...
  12. The MFr just doesn't get it. This 100%on brand
  13. A dubious distinction that is well Deserved. Hopefully McConnell might.... yeah, I know- *insert maniacal laughter*
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