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  1. Scott Adams sounds like a ******* narcissistic ****** bag. I HATE his pod casts...
  2. A damning thread with a litany of examples that trump hates his military. I knew it was bad, really bad... but never knew it was this BAD. How self proclaimed patriots can vote for this ****** is ever more of question than before...
  3. This is one of the many reasons for the BLM movement. Equally despicable and terrifying
  4. Racial inequality in the USA? This is probably not going to help. "Zero of Trump's judges at the highest levels ― on the nation's appeals courts and the Supreme Court ― have been Black."
  5. File this one under... holy crap
  6. "All Americans are entitled to equal justice under the law and due process. " Oh Yeah, like so many other defendants that pleaded guilty (TWICE) and the POtuS steps in to have the charges dropped. Happens all the... never- FFS...
  7. I thought this might be the thread for this: What an idiot.
  8. Oh boy. I hope this is a sign of things to come. I so very much want the knives to come out from his past supporters...
  9. Here is a pretty good thread about Barr and his lawlessness:
  10. America under Biden would be vastly better than 4 more years under trump... leg shooting comment or not. Biden was never in my top five candidates for dem nom, but a ******* potato would be a better POTUS than trump. Biden is not a strong candidate, but- here we are. a ******* potato...
  11. Until he nukes a country to wag the dog... What is ******* batshit crazy- this is a scenario that becomes more plausible each day...
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