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  1. Now we wait and see what he does.
  2. Oh FFS, 2020 is the ******* worst.
  3. Oh hey, I totally forgot that OANN hired a Russian disinformation agent in the past.
  4. Awesome! Good to hear that you are covid negative!
  5. They really should just go with, "This administration is full of ****." It's concise and more accurate.
  6. Wow, I had no idea that so many people skimmed off of the money raised for his campaign.... Sweet schadenfreude...
  7. Good article, worth the read. Much of it is as expected, but it is worth it to see it from Vindman's perspective.
  8. Still looking for the "back to top button... Other than that- looks great!
  9. Really? ST:V is the best crew in your eyes. Interesting choice. I totally respect your choice, just surprised- I honestly think you are the first to claim that. Neelix, Janeway and Tom killed it for me. I'm more of a ST:TNG or ST:DS9 guy.
  10. Awesome. That is the best funding retort I have ever read. Thanks for that.
  11. A good summary of Barr's serial dishonesty.
  12. Actually, for Manitoba covid stuff- this site has been really good.
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