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  1. Congress however... was not informed on the strike...
  2. Bob Rae- Ontario can never forgive Bob Rae.
  3. I don't know how politically talented he is- I know that you could have run a Ham Sandwich sans mustard and won against Wynne.
  4. C'mon! Dershowitz accepted a massage... from an underaged girl... in a known prolific serial pedophile's house... That Clown also represented Epstien, and OJ simpson. Two monsters who are totally guilty but got off pretty easy.Par for the course.
  5. And the newest addition to the trump orbit... Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Hyde- volcano hiker extraordinaire.
  6. He did it because he ws getting pressure from the NY field office... crooked people in the NY FBI field office were leaking **** all over the place and essentially forced his hand... there is no way that Comey would ever help trump- he loathes him. https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a25458047/james-comey-2016-fbi-new-york-hillary-clinton-emails-rudy-giuliani/
  7. This is a video that I never knew I needed to see... but I did.
  8. Agreed, hence my follow up about the public-private Partnership of Hydro 1. The stupidest thing about all that... the government retained only 40% of the utility- making it impossible to ever get it back or being able to make any decisions that benefit the population.
  9. "Watching Pelosi challenge Trump, Bannon whispered to col­leagues, "She’s going to get us. Total assassin. She’s an assassin."
  10. Yeah that PPP with the electricity was an epic failure- that alone should bar anyone from re-election.
  11. Yet the people of Ontario elected him as PREMIER! How does that even work? "Wynne? No way- she has questionable values (ie: she's Gay). I will vote for the college drop out drug dealer..." I honestly think Doug Ford was universally disliked when he was sworn into office... I don't get it...
  12. Well- I have no horse in the race and I see this as bad. Simple question- my children, do I want them in a class room setting to learn or from an E-course... Sure the pension aspect and so on spooking teachers is probably a real thing- but it's still a bad move from an education aspect... Considering he was in high school for 5 years, went to community college for two months and dropped out... its no wonder he doesn't value education. To be honest, I don't blame him- "Look Ma! i dropped out of communty college and I'm the premier of Ontario!" FFS...
  13. Specifics. As far as I know, none of the Steele dossier was actually proven to be bunk. Please show me, as I was also surprised that nothing in the Dossier was proven to be false- some of it, uncorroborated, yes- but nothing proven to be false. Also, what news networks are trusted to be unbiased? I honestly would like to know which are the better ones, if you have any suggestions- send em my way.
  14. Well.. not to the level of dishonesty of fox- which is my point. they are not equal in any shape or form. WHat news network would you recommend? I am always on the look out for a good one. As for the Steele Dossier... how much of that dossier has been proven to be wrong? How much of it has proven to be right?
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