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  1. How does every month of June stack up against each other?
  2. Yeah, you might want to check on your data- it's not extremely rare for kids under 12 to become very sick. Sure thing, stand by your statement- it doesn't make it less ignorant.
  3. I would temper that sentiment- there are many who can not get the vaccine. My kids who are under 12 are not "the truly stupid", nor is my co-worker's wife who is immuno-compromised.
  4. Agreed, if someone asked me to borrow my vax card... they would be in for a unvarnished metadescriptive fire hose of profanity that would make George Carlin blush.
  5. So... they are going to boycott Ben & Jerry's? Israel just killed irony.
  6. ****... finally, Sad that it took a private corporation and not ... congress or the electorate to hold her accountable for the **** that spews from her bullshit hole.
  7. So... UK just went full open today:
  8. I think the housing market in Winnipeg broke in 2002, 2003... the mortgage rates took a complete nose dive after 9/11 and everyone that could, got into the market. Houses doubled in price over the next couple of years. That was the era where affordable housing died.
  9. 61.1% FULLY vaccinated! that is awesome!
  10. It's funny, because it's true.
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