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  1. Thought this was funny- I don't think they recognize the irony here...
  2. Got a link? That man does crazy in a very entertaining way.
  3. Which one though? I would take brown face 20 years ago vs having hand picked racists as his campaign heads and senior staffers in present day.
  4. It's ******* crazy in there. Amusing... so terribly entertaining. Trying to keep my nose out of there.
  5. I don't live in Calgary. And generally- up until recently, everything the stamps do is generally better as an on-field product. STamps as a whole though- suck ******* donkey dong.
  6. Harper isn't running, but scheer is Harper with a smile- he is a graduate from harper's school of politics. How different is his platform from Harpers?
  7. Seriously man- Just own up to the fact what you are saying about the communist party of canada is not advocating genocide- you are are being ridiculous.
  8. Good lord what an ass- total racist ****- you can't do that. Now- is Trudeau a racist? Black/Brown face 20+ years ago: Check. Advancing racist bills and/or agendas: nope. Promoting racists into positions of power: nope. Courting the racists: not that I can see. Anything else anyone wants to throw in there that I missed? I would like a clearer picture.
  9. **** that noise- Liberals campaign left and govern right. It's always a sham with them.
  10. OMG that was crazy funny! I just shot coffee out my nose. Good one! Wait wait, I got one- No ****, if only Congress can do as good of a job as the Senate! Guffaws all around!
  11. WOw- iheart with the death notices every time. I should know better
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