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  1. That's not an opinion, that's facts. You are saying there was a sexual assault in his past. There was not. All the above does scream weirdo and all that, but it is not sexual assault.
  2. That would be cool. I have met many rider fans and everyone of them good folk who are awesome fans of their team and the CFL in general. This is why I take umbrage when people make sweeping statements about a fanbase.
  3. You know that many people though GM should have been turfed after the Masoli incident... Many people weren't cool with the gun toting gangster life style There are a lot of low moral characters that went through the riders, but to lambast the entire fanbase for a few loud chowderheads? You can't paint the entire fanbase just on a few chucklefucks... that's petty and dumb.
  4. No one said boys will be boys- where are people getting this from? No one is excusing the behaviour here... Different workplaces will have different degrees of risk for every facet... its important to Do they have female guards in male penitentiaries? Honest question.
  5. You can do both. Also, I teach both my son and daughter to be careful. I also teach them both that that **** ain't right and that behaviour is reprehensible. I don't get this either/or choice. Who is making excuses? no one is making excuses for that ******* behaviour. You can condemn the behaviour and be cautious while looking out for some potential situations at the same time.
  6. First of all you can expect more from men- no one here said they expect less. And sometimes those choices are the wrong ones.
  7. Sure- but clearly that day ain't here yet. But, I don't think @Fatty Liver's take is a horrible one.
  8. Low bar- farting in a wet paper bag yields more journalistic talent.
  9. RBs are my Darkhorse prediction for WF champs. He earned it- that was a pretty good year for VAJ Yeah, and he rightly got **** from many posters here for it. This exactly what I am hoping for!
  10. I was actually talking about Strev making promotional appearances and such. Seriously... that dude would be able to move merch like crazy! On top of that, he does energizes our fanbase- fur coats and a cowboy hat? seriously who the hell other than Strev can make that a thing? He just brings next level excitement and pure awesomeness...
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