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  1. I ******* hate the way he plays the game. *******. Hate. It.
  2. I would hope they would if a highly transmissible and very deadly virus comes along... where there is no treatment for. in the case above, I am sure that would be short lived. You get a virus with an R value of say... 4.7 and a fatality rate of 36%... there will be lockdowns and people will ******* abide by them (eventually).
  3. Is he your starting quarterback? If not, there is a good chance he gets the W. Bombers love to make 2nd and 3rd string QBs, world beaters.
  4. I agree with everything you said except for the bolded. I much rather the even, calm demeanor Osh shows... much better than those assholes who lose it on the field- especially those that berate their players in public. you are your record; they have the best record- they are the top team, until you arent.
  5. I disagree. Its a smart way on RDs part to take the option of Hall trying a few things against CK to see how he reacts and test him. Hall cant throw certain looks at him to see how he responds...
  6. Well, there is a little silver lining in the fact that we won't be playing any **** teams in the playoffs... these sub .300 teams just seem to have our number.
  7. Well... I dont have faith that we get first place in the west anymore. Other than us... that was the only other team I thought would beat the lions.
  8. And miss the next one at home and the other 3 in-between GCs? Stay around longer man.
  9. In Winnipeg? Yup, could be on the couch after getting bounced out of the playoffs by the Als.
  10. Must be... *checks notes*... yup, an election year.
  11. Which was really sad... When covid first hit and the serious threat became apparent and the "shelter in place " first started... it was really nice, you could see a lot of humanity coming together and I honest thought the best side of mankind was showing through... fast forward a few more weeks and... yeah, that ugly side reared its ******* head and here we are.
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