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  1. I'd be very surprised if WFC saw a profit this year. Or the next couple for that matter. Just too many costs that won't see a ROI for a bit at least.
  2. yup, doesnt matter how many new rules you put in place. If you can't get quality players on the field you're done.
  3. I like the play off format, but I'd like to see a shorter season.
  4. Couture CAN play Tackle sure...but he really should never. And Harris listed as anything other than a Ratio breaking all star is a crime.
  5. Best situation for me is trade one for a WR or a prospect with a lot of up side....and use one on Betts.
  6. We had one of if not the best group of canadians in the CFL. It would benefit the teams with the worst just as much. Also I never implied it would/wouldn't be better for the bombers then anyone else...either did your original statement. I simply said it would be good for every team. Which is true.
  7. There was plenty of talk by fans and media alike that Jones was on the heels of Loffler last TC and that the coaches would have a hard choice to make. Obviously once Loffler left Walters would make those kinds of statements. But it wasnt the first or only time it had come up. And before you say it, I know the fans talking or the media talking aren't the same as the coaches....but youd be ignorant to think the coaches would say something like that, about an allstar during the TC. Further more....many I'm sure including yourself thought the loss of Bond was going to be a set back. We all saw how that played out. Yes he wasnt replaced by a rookie or a unproven player....but the sentiment was still there that his backup wouldn't suffice. We've seen over the course of the past 2 years how back ups have come in to replace starters due to injury without a drastic drop in quality, with the exception of Receiver's. There is reason to be optimistic. I dont think anyone is saying there is no potential for a drop in quality. We're just choosing to be optimistic based on a fairly large body of evidence. Optimism...you should try it sometime.
  8. The CFLPA is doing ok, but the players on Social media need to stop. Out there talking about how they are willing to walk if needed. There are very few players in the CFL that aren't immediately replaceable. Sounds harsh, but it's the truth. The QB's a couple D players and a couple Canadians...but after that...there's already someone there waiting for their chance. Would the quality suffer...probably a bit...but would only be a matter of time before it was up to standard. Wouldn't be NFL holdout type of play...in fact I'd bet most fans wouldn't notice that big of a drop. I understand the players need to look out for what's in their best interest....but acting like they can hold the leagues feet to fire is laughable. I'm watching CFL football this summer whether they're a part of it or not.
  9. It's gonna take ten years to develop...so we shouldn't start for another ten years...is the mindset some seem to have about this.
  10. As long as you keep scoring you keep the ball!!
  11. That's incorrect. He has started. And has taken snaps in multiple games. And if Gray can't beat out Foketi then he won't be playing and a OL who again has started will be......starting. And as has been said multiple times, Jones was showing very well last TC...can he get back to that now? Who knows...but reason to be optimistic about replacing Loffler with an upgrade...if not at least close to his level of play. Wilson was very close to being a starter last year as well, and looked solid in limited time...and lets be honest, you'd have to be Hurl to look bad next to Bighill. Go ahead and roll the eyes, but Couture and Jones are in a very good spot to improve their play and the expectation is that they do/will. Gray is an unknown, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that we see very little to no drop in play from the OL, and an improved Safety.
  12. If I know anything, it's that owners/ceo's/presidents/commissioners(?)commishes...you know what I mean! Never do more then 1 thing at a time. They only focus on one priority as they can not fathom doing more then 1 thing. There are definitely not any lawyers involved in the CFLPA talks who are taking on most of the work, and there is absolutely more he could be doing to get fans out in TO and MTL, those two fan bases are just looking for a reason to come out to games...they want to...I swear...the CFL just makes it so hard. I will say, out of all the complaints about his work, the only one that holds any water is the rush on the international drafts...that's a bit of a waste...but could be a part of having any kind of deal done...for all we know those leagues could have been close to getting into proprietary deals with other leagues etc etc. We the fans absolutely have a grasp on all of these complex situations!! And there is no bigger picture we could be missing.
  13. only if he's right...and I can't say for sure, but I believe they lose a timeout for getting it wrong. I could just be making that up though lol
  14. Dont have any issues with these changes with the exception of the "can't hit a kickers leg at all"....how the **** are they supposed to block punts?
  15. I wish people (mainly the media) weren't getting their panties in a bunch over some boston reporter who is obviously trolling or just an idiot. Comes off as needy. Who the **** cares about what he thinks even if he's being serious? He's now replied with a "sorry I hurt your feelings"... It's like arguing with a flat earther...the proof is there, go look at it, or don't. I don't give a ****...you can be wrong.
  16. I think Shepley is the real deal and only see Bladek improving. The one thing I did forget was SJS who isn't signed. I don't think they'll be solid. I just think BC and Edm will be worse. And I have no rational opinion as to why BC won't be as good as they are on paper. just a hunch.
  17. I think he means, keeping something illegal doesn't stop it from being abused. In the same way legalizing something doesn't increase the amount it's abused.
  18. I think it will be their O that carries the team this year. I see their Oline improving with the guys they added...along with Powell. That will(should) take pressure away from Collaros. The rec may still be a question mark. Their D won't be as dominate this year. Maybe for the 1st half, but once that game 12/13 rolls around Hughes will be gone again, and I'm not convinced that Leonard will be as good of an addition as they think he is. Micah will be solid of course, but likely won't put up the numbers he did in CGY...just due to a lack of support from the talent around him. I can see them finishing above Edmonton and maybe even BC...yes even BC....I think they're in for a surprise in just how competitive they'll be this year.
  19. liberals and ndp aren't socialist though...in the same way the PC's aren't actually free market capitalists. Also, everyone hates socialism until they need the cops/hospitals etc. And on the flip side, everyone hates capitalism until they want new technology or more income. Both have played a large role in your life whether you like it or not. Stop being ignorant and understand that there are nuances in everything.
  20. Guys, listen...he's been to one CFL game...pretty sure he has a handle on it.
  21. I'm thinking it's a home town team thing.
  22. Ambroise is just sticking to the script. Anyone who expects him to say otherwise isn't living in reality.
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