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  1. MLSE can get ****** afaic. This is such a joke of a situation and it's 100% on them for creating it. CFL needs to get them out asap.
  2. Few hours at a Raptors game where everyone is vaccinated....against COVID protocol. Spending the night in prison...good to go? Make it make sense!!!
  3. It's unbelievable that the Team wouldn't know this. How does no one at least even look into it just in case. Details matter!! **** sakes Argos.
  4. I dont believe the reports about 50/50 for Sunday. That's BS. He's gonna play.
  5. Jamie Nye wrote an entire article about how good the riders are. But picked the Bombers. Don't think we don't know your putting the jinx on them Jamie!! YOU RIDER SHILL!!
  6. I've always wondered how they enforce those life long bans, especially when they don't check ID to get in to the stadium. Not in a way that would identify anyone who has been banned anyway.
  7. We have a much more rounded Offence this year. Yes. But we have the same hogs and running backs and WRs blocking. Don't get it twisted, this team still loves that style of ball.
  8. This team is a cold weather team. The colder the better. There will be no leveling of the playing field due to weather. The colder it is the more it tips the field in the Bombers favour.
  9. Before our 1st child was born (2014). I had a serious convo with my wife about not allowing our children to travel there. Never mind attending school. My parents used to talk about going to Disney land etc with them and would get upset when I said that wasn't allowed. Now that conversation never comes up, and if it does it's because they all agree with me. I saw a cell phone video inside a class from this school. Just utterly terrifying. But...."Greatest Country on Earth!!"......🙄
  10. Fair enough. Though I seriously doubt he'd be getting 1st team reps (As per Ed Tait) if they weren't planning on dressing him game day.
  11. I've never been so happy to be wrong!! I thought he was done for the year.
  12. Just because they are paid less does not mean they are under-paid.
  13. I'm not sure anyone has suggested he was arrested for no reason. He was drunk, likely ran his mouth a bit too much and ended up in the drunk tank and then was released in the am. It happens every weekend in every city.
  14. I don't know enough, but it's not out of the realm of possible that she didn't see who hit her. Sucker punches happen. STOP MAKING ME DEFEND A RIDER!!! lol.
  15. Oh he was certainly belligerent, even if he wasn't drunk. Yelling at a waitress cause your food is taking too long = trash pile of a human afaic. to be fair, they would review footage anyways
  16. True, there's more to the story. But I doubt we ever find out. You do if you're drunk. I'm assuming he was likely intoxicated/stoned/both etc etc. A night in the drunk tank sounds a lot worse than detained overnight.
  17. I'm not sure what he did warrants a suspension.
  18. This, the argument Steve made doesn't hold water. You're telling me AC gets NO double teams/extra attention while being one of the premier ends in the league because Micah gets it all? hhhmmm ook...
  19. Tell her the game starts at 5....I'm assuming she has a hard time with numbers
  20. Where is this ridiculousness from? I'm also going to assume he only watched the 2nd half of the Bombers last regular season game.
  21. Not sure where to put this. But this IS big news and should have plenty of media coverage right....? RIGHT? Trail started today!
  22. That's just TSN supporting the CFL the way it always has.
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