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  1. If only there was also a way to tack on "no chance of pardon" as well...
  2. I saw him rag doll and was really worried as he was laying there on the turf not moving. He was out for a long time before he moved at all, that was pretty scary to see.
  3. Sounds like a waste of PVR space I only say that because they've lost 3 in a row... that last one was exciting though.
  4. That 2-3 percent would only be 2 or 3 people as well. If you're basically the only guy on the team not Vaxxed, that's not a good look.
  5. Sard


    I remember seeing something about the possibility that it was detected in Italian sewage samples from early 2019. Something of note with that was that it was in an area of Italy where many Chinese people (from the Wuhan province) have gone for work in factories. I'll see if I can dig up the article where I read that, it was about a year ago.
  6. Could be... there is illegal participation as well, but I think that's for stepping out of bounds and then coming back into play to participate. As I dig a bit, I see that there is in fact a penalty for Illegal Deployment of Designated Import (and it's a 25 yard penalty). Can't say I've ever seen it called.
  7. I believe it's illegal substitution, and yes it's been called a number of times.
  8. Saw it live from the upper deck, he was wide open before Collaros even rolled out. If he had seen Adams, it was an easy pitch and catch. Yes, Adams would have had to make the catch, but it's not very often that a receiver drops one like that.
  9. Adams was also wide open in the end zone on the throw to Bailey on the play before the Demski touchdown. If the ball had been thrown to Adams, that was a sure TD for him.
  10. My vote would be to give Leggs another shot at it.
  11. https://can.givergy.com/Orangejersey/?controller=home
  12. If I remember correctly, the last game that Legs did the place kicking, he missed a bit in the 1st half and then corrected in the 2nd half. I actually thought they should have given him one more game to see if he had actually figured it out, but they went with Mourtada instead. I think they should just give the job to Legs and I think he can handle it.
  13. First thing I did when I got home was re-watch the goal line stand on the Bombers' first drive. McGuire was 100% in... you could see on the replay with the overhead shot, even after he got pushed back a bit, the white stripe on the ball had clearly broken the plane of the goal line.
  14. I was not aware that there was going to be a sequel... interesting.
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