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  1. Park on Kingston Crescent and walk over the bridge to BDI... much easier than dealing with Jubilee at the best of times.
  2. Some of the sunsets at IGF have been pretty spectacular as well. I sit in the upper deck on the East side and have a great view of it at every game.
  3. The number of comments about how this is a new thing is strange to me because every game in Montreal that I can remember has had those horns. I just took a quick look back at an old youtube of a Montreal game from 2010 and I could hear it... not as incessantly as last night, but it's been around for a while... and by the looks of the couple, it's likely been them the whole time.
  4. I think that once we have 1st place locked up mathematically, they start resting guys and that's when we could lose... that being said, you can't rest everyone so some starters will still be playing, and Dru Brown has shown that he can play a pretty good game so time will tell.
  5. Capacity is 25K... it's a small stadium and it seemed like the atmosphere was pretty good.
  6. Demski was definitely down at the one and Ford was talking about how it would have been a TD if he had secured it... clearly not, so I don't expect them to catch whether the defender was in or out of the endzone when he secured the catch and was down... I didn't look too closely, so won't comment on whether they made the right call on the spot.
  7. Montreal has had that stupid horn (or horns) for years. As someone else mentioned, they even showed them on the broadcast pumping a small bike pump into a horn. I didn't think any mechanical noise was allowed by the CFL rule book, but I haven't gone to look it up... yet.
  8. I think it's the same in many sports and just comes down to awareness... some guys just know what's going on around them and others don't. I play Ultimate, and I can usually tell the people who've played other sports growing up because they tend to have an awareness of where others are on the field and that sort of thing, where some people are just clueless and always running into other people, or cutting people off. I could see the same with the better route runners just knowing where the defenders and open spots are. Some of it is from film study, knowing the other teams' tendencies, but a bigger part in my mind is that field awareness. Ellingson, Schoen and Demski seem to have that awareness in spades because they are very good at finding the holes. The part about running a route is the difference between being able to do a head fake and then a sharp 90 degree turn vs. just running a slow arc. The crisp cuts will get you open, where the lazy arcs will make it super easy for the defender to stay with you.
  9. Sportsnet would be the only other real option that I'm aware of. And they seem to hate the CFL and look down on it as 2nd class to the NFL (typical TO mentality).
  10. Midweek from Tuesday isn't there either, likely because it's set to private. I'm guessing it's an option that Darren needs to change on the uploaded video.
  11. Hey Zach, the youtube link says that the video is unavailable because it is set to private.
  12. Pretty sure that there was a report that a player and coach had tested positive a couple of days before they left Sask. It was unclear whether they travelled with the team or not... pretty dumb if they did.
  13. Yeah, but the fact that CoFaj is one of the toughest guys in the league (just ask him) evens it out.
  14. I was going to say the same thing. Pretty sure that was a thing last year. I assumed that was a thing they would keep doing unless they found that it was scavenging full ticket sales. Maybe they only offer it for sellouts?
  15. And now he continues to be undefeated in Grey Cup appearances, as a player, coordinator, and Head Coach.
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