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  1. Sard


    I believe that the big difference between COVID and the swine flu (referenced in the article) and the seasonal flu is how contagious it is. The simple fact is that anyone saying that we should go on as normal is not taking into account that COVID is far more contagious than the other flus and has the potential to quickly overwhelm the medical systems. The only reason it hasn't is because of the measures that have been taken.
  2. Sard


    I think the part you're missing is that if the measures that have been taken (ie. social distancing, etc.), then the load on the health care system would be much higher than it already is, and the number of deaths would escalate much quicker than they have. If we are able to keep the number of deaths below that of the seasonal flu, then that would indicate that the measures taken have worked as intended.
  3. Sard


    We do have something, it's called the flu shot, and if more people took that seriously (ie. enough to get herd immunity) the number of deaths from the seasonal flu would likely go down significantly.
  4. Sard


    Since this whole thing started in China, you'd think they would have used this tea to stop it before it got out of hand... Yes, I realized that he's full of crap.
  5. No shortened season, Grey Cup the day after boxing day 😁
  6. Yeah, fair point... hard to follow the bouncing ball.
  7. I thought there was a rule that you had to always have a designated QB or kicker on the field, but you couldn't have more than one QB.
  8. Scoring a TD there still wasn't securing the win either, it would have setup the extra point to tie and go to overtime, so there was still plenty of ball to be played even if they did score. Everyone keeps making it seem like Sask would have won on that play, but the game still wouldn't have been over.
  9. Kelly Moore did a Bomber version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on the radio this moring: https://globalnews.ca/pages/audio-vault-cjob/ December 24, 7:00am, starts at 52:52.
  10. No worries, you were just thinking ahead to next year 😃
  11. Are you sure about that? TSN had it at 11 on SportsCentre after the game.
  12. I had the exact same thought when they first came on.
  13. Game cant start soon enough... Been antsy all week, and it's just that much worse today... GO BLUE!!!
  14. As much as I wanted a horsecollar call on that play in real-time, after seeing the replay the defender clearly grabbed the front of the shoulder pad, which is clean and legal.
  15. Sard


    Thanks for this Jpan, that's great info. It raises another question (that likely would never come up in a game). I wonder if a Quarterback was ever put in as a place kicker, would that mean that one of the other QBs wouldn't be allowed to hold for him?
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