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  1. Andrew's gonna have a hell of a time getting into the end zone this week... Bomber's don't play again until the home opener
  2. Didnt think the reffing was too bad, but I counted 3 calls that Rod Black guessed wrong, two of which were pretty bloody obvious that he was going to be wrong.
  3. I've seen some comments on twitter complaining about the coach's salary cap being the reason for this. I seem to remember seeing a story in the off season that said June Jones refused a salary for some reason or other, or maybe donated it all to charity, so I don't think the amount he was being paid really mattered to him. Agreed that it sucks for the league to be losing coaches, especially this late in the off-season.
  4. Watching that just gets me more excited for the season to start... They better not delay the start of the season. Go Blue!!!
  5. Good for Ray and his health, unfortunate for the league.
  6. But that's kindof the point, it will never be a priority, so it will never get done and the payoff in 5 to 10 years will never happen. At some point someone has to take a step back and say, despite the fires that I have to put out today, I need to do something to prevent them from happening in the future. Agree with it or not, it is a bigger picture view of the situation that someone had to take eventually, and it just happens to have been taken now.
  7. I would wonder if getting international players into the league actually would help in TO. There is a rather large immigrant population there, so if the CFL becomes more popular internationally and with international players, it may catch the interest of some immigrants who could become fans that attend games. Probably a bit of a stretch, and would definitely take a while to get legs, but could be part of the thought process.
  8. It's just the plant leg. They can still hit the kicking leg.
  9. Makes sense... I believe that was some sort of hovercraft...
  10. I will echo what others have implied... Manziel wants to play in the AAF and took the easiest out available to him. I'm not surprised he missed the meetings at all, he likely did it on purpose so that he could have his way and be able to go play in the other league. I guess time will tell weather he actually signs down there, but it seems awfully convenient for him that things went down the way they did.
  11. That's only around 17 Celcius... For someone living in Arizona, they probably would consider that pretty cold.
  12. Wellington-Altus also has a history of having professional athletes on staff requiring flexibility (Jennifer Jones), so it's definitely not just because the owner happens to be married to a member of the board.
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