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  1. Strevler did the Kawhi laugh, i have no words. This team is awesome
  2. its a shame Hecht was so bad that Alexander had to take his spot and we lose starting Richardson on the D-line. Not sure what snap counts have been like, but haven't noticed him as much since, and we definitely are weaker vs the run as a result. But I guess that was the only real option, outside of maybe Petermann as another Cdn WR. Something had to be done, Hecht is garbage.
  3. Id rather have Jake Thomas starting at safety over Hecht
  4. Defence will get all the flak, but this offence is absolutely brutal
  5. I’m so sick of Strevler and this offence. Call it out QB, call it out coordinator, I don’t care. This offence is brutal. Only thing worse would be Brian brohm
  6. wow, did not realize this. good to hear
  7. Safety is definitely a weak point in the secondary. Never got aboard the hype train for Jones after Walters said he pushed Loffler for the role last year, so not surprised to see Hecht over Jones, either way it's a weak point I think. Hopefully the D-line gets enough pressure and can compensate.
  8. unless they really do sign Coombs
  9. I mean, I know Walters said Jones was pushing Loffler for that job before the injury last year, but when Jones is the incumbent and the previous starter left in free agency, I think Walters (or most GMs) are going to say something positive about that player. Not about to stand up there and say we are going with our back up from last year because that's all we have. Probably a different argument, but I take all Walters and O'Shea comments with a grain of salt. They are always positive. Not knocking them, think they've done a great job, but Im not getting excited about Jones replacing Loffler until we see him on the field.
  10. People will never be happy and will find a way to complain.
  11. with 2 first round picks upcoming, I really hope Walters can flip one in a trade for a proven player. with how Ekakite, Corney, Goosen, etc ultimately panned out (although Goosen gave us great play for a few seasons) I just feel like the draft is too much of a crap shoot lately.
  12. ****, no one to back him up either. that's a brutal loss, gonna have to hope offence can stay on the field and keep the defense off of it as much as possible.
  13. I think we end up 3-2 in this stretch, would be awesome to go 4-1 and sweep sask in the process though
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