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  1. People will never be happy and will find a way to complain.
  2. with 2 first round picks upcoming, I really hope Walters can flip one in a trade for a proven player. with how Ekakite, Corney, Goosen, etc ultimately panned out (although Goosen gave us great play for a few seasons) I just feel like the draft is too much of a crap shoot lately.
  3. ****, no one to back him up either. that's a brutal loss, gonna have to hope offence can stay on the field and keep the defense off of it as much as possible.
  4. I think we end up 3-2 in this stretch, would be awesome to go 4-1 and sweep sask in the process though
  5. even if that was the case, I'd 100% rather face their #2 back than Wilder. Plus Wilder was active catching the ball as well last week.
  6. Damn - only an 8th round pick. oh well, he wasn't producing here and I'm excited to see what Washington / Thompkins can do.
  7. he has a tendency to out-think himself sometimes (ex. the goal line stand in BC), but overall I'd say Im happy with him. Also, if no more Demski sweeps were called the rest of the way, I'd be fine with that.
  8. Fog was returning punts, not kick returns. But yes, its small sample size to make any conclusions off of
  9. Really didn't think Cooper looked that great as a returner. Not a fan of Lankford the receiver, but he was a better return man IMO. I realize that doesn't justify him a roster spot though.
  10. doesn't fix the D but it will hopefully keep them off the field more. 6 straight 2 and outs is a recipe for disaster against a good team. We were in the game up until halftime.
  11. well anything is better than the Hodge podcast I guess
  12. wonder if Moe is ready to come back full time, would he slot into Gaitor's HB spot and Fenner stay at SLB?
  13. I'm hoping the defense & special teams can chip in something to make it a bit easier on Streveler. Really hoping the experience we have among our vet WRs can exploit the injuries Edmonton has in the secondary. Of course Streveler still has to get them the ball, but there should be opportunities for him to do so. Game day at last! Go Bombers!
  14. down 3 starting DBs, hopefully leveling the playing field for Streveler at least a bit
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