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  1. Not sure why Hendricks was playing tonight. He definitely looked like he was skating in cement. But nice to see him get the apple on the Copp goal.
  2. Predators had no answer for the second line. And their "upgrades" they made at the deadline just made them older and slower. Simmonds and Boyle are not the answer to beating the Jets in the playoffs.
  3. how is not "remotely true"? It's 100% true. BTW - right now I wouldn't care what the ethnicity or gender of my Conservative candidate is in my riding, I will be voting for them in order to rid ourselves of the arrogant, corrupt and morally bankrupt Liberals. So if the Conservatives run a Somali immigrant in my riding, and I vote for her, am I still a "white nationalist"? This whole labeling people based on a few posts in a forum thing is just so confusing.
  4. Interesting that that was how you interpreted my comment. 1. I wasn't calling you a communist, because I know you aren't a communist 2. You labeled me a "hard-core conservative", even though I'm not a "hard-core conservative". It was the juxtaposition. Your label for me was just as ridiculous as my label for you, though my label for you wasn't really a label, I was actually asking you since you like defining others, how you would define yourself, and using an extreme example of "communist", mostly because you used an extreme example for me. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. It's hard to say that you have a harder life, when you weren't even around at that time you are comparing to. I will agree with this, but only if the AOC's and Omars of the world are successful in taking over. Then the next generations are definitely doomed. Fair enough. I think you and I could clink beers on this, as I believe we both hope for the betterment of mankind, all mankind, and in the end, that's what really matters.
  5. it appears that the only criterion in this thread to get you labeled a "white nationalist" is to disagree with the policies of a foreign politician who isn't Caucasian. I assumed TUP disagrees with Castro's policies in Cuba, and Maduro's policies in Venezuela. I assume that he even disagrees with Kim Jong in North Korea, but I am giving TUP the benefit of the doubt. It's basically impossible to not be a white nationalist if that's how you are judging people.
  6. This is great rhetoric but I am from the 1970's, and can honestly say that people are a lot better off now then they were then. When I look at how I grew up, definitely as "middle class" at that time, we'd be considered poverty level now, given what metrics are being used to measure these things. You preach doom and gloom, I say that's a load of bunk. Do wages need to go up? I think so. And they are going up. Should the wealthy share more of the pie? Yes. Is that government's problem? I say no. Except that it is working, and if you are saying "taxing the super wealthy" worked in the past, I say that I have bridge over Lake Okanagan to sell you. What's with this obsession of labeling people? So if I am a 'hard-core conservative", what are you? A hard core communist? This is just ignorant propaganda. If you do any research, the only time revolutions start is when people don't have anything to eat. The Czars would still be running Russia if they had had the brains to give the people bread (well not really, they'd have evolved to a constitutional government by now). What you are doing is buying into propaganda. "Everything is bad". It's just not true. Human civilization is at its historic peak. More people than ever are living free of poverty. Technology has provided amazing advances in medicine and human comfort. Why is everyone so willing to buy into the 'everything sucks" propaganda? Why the glumness? Why the negativity? Turn that frown upside down!
  7. oh man, the irony in the above statement is just off the charts. Where's my irony detector? Oh it just exploded. Not really. The DNC is scared to death of Omar and AOC. They are so scared of Omar they had to introduce a bill because of her rampant anti-Semitism. Omar can't even stop herself from tearing down Obama, which is just so mind-numbingly stupid it is beyond belief, if you are a Dem supporter. If AOC and Omar are the new face of the Democratic party, get used to losing a lot of elections. And supporting racist anti-semites. I don't agree about not engaging with white nationalists, obviously, because here I am engaging with you. I think anybody and everybody should be engaged with, because just because you apply a label to someone doesn't make it true. It's just a label that seeks to further divide people via identity politics. "Crazy" ideas becoming center or moderate ideas does have some historical basis, however, the true test is if these ideas actually are sustainable, or if they turn your country into Venezuela. When ideas become reality, and that reality results in the greater good being served.
  8. And that has never worked before and won't work now. Taxing the "super wealthy" won't provide the funds needed, even if some of the super wealthy stick around to pay the taxes (they won't). This is a tried and true failed path. It won't work and will result in mass suffering. agree 100% with the above - "taxing the super wealthy" to provide the funds to stop cows from farting. Because "taxing the super-wealthy" has worked before. Or ever. This whole thread gives me Bea Arthur face. It truly makes me wonder how people come to believe the things they do, or are just unable or unwilling to learn from past history and past mistakes. Is the ability to think critically just a lost art form?
  9. yes, as an example of a hypocrite who wanted super-high taxes, and then ran to Belgium when they actually were implemented. Perfect example. The wealthy are able to transition to lower-tax jurisdictions, and so if you implement high tax rates, they leave, and you get nothing. Nada. High tax rates DON'T WORK. It's that simple. I can ask you the exact same question. Right back at you. Please stop accusing me of this. And take a long hard look in the mirror.
  10. Having read a lot about the Vietnam war, and having been there twice (and truly realizing what a stupid freaking horrible waste of humanity that war was) I can safely say that the BBC is not telling the entire story (surprise surprise). And if you want to blame politicians for Vietnam, Kennedy and Johnson wear a lot of shame as Kennedy started a stupid useless war, and Johnson escalated it dramatically. Nixon ended the war, though he really didn't have much choice.
  11. This is pretty ignorant. It's like you are deliberately putting your head in the sand to not understand basic tax concepts. How are you supposed to be taken seriously with comments like this?
  12. What part of her plan isn't? Where is she going to get the money??? Chasing Amazon out of New York has pretty much doomed her. It's nice to promise unicorn farts and pixie dust, but when you kill real jobs and cost people actual money, it's not fun and games anymore. Even DeBlasio couldn't believe she was that clued out, and he's right up there with the most regressive "progressive" leftists. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbarkoukis/2019/02/18/bill-de-blasio-aoc-didnt-understand-amazon-dealat-all-n2541634
  13. Well of course you want less of the latter, because you want to sell the myth that "progessive" (ie Left-wing politicians) are "forward thinking (the myth). This is not the case, as much as the Left are trying to push this false narrative. The country is at risk of losing it's most wealthy, who, despite claims to the contrary, create jobs and wealth. Venezuela chased all of their capital and investment and rich people out, and look where that got them. It's a doomed strategy that will always fail, as long as the mega-wealthy have somewhere else to go. Taxing zero wealth at 70% is less tax revenue than taxing billions of dollars at 40%. They never get it.
  14. https://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-the-liberals-are-now-at-the-edge-of-a-cliff
  15. and as has been demonstrated in every country that this has been tried, the "pro-human" types end up taxing nothing, as the super-rich head out the door. Even uber-leftist and Fidel Castro super-friend Gerard Depardieu high-tailed it out of France when they brought in a tax on the super-rich, proving the hypocrisy is alive and well in all of these far-left celebrities.
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