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  1. Behind that o-line in TO Nichols might wind up with both feet pointing in the wrong direction...
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/winnipeg-blue-bombers-sign-qb-zach-collaros-to-two-year-extension-1.1433446 With Collaros signed, fellow Blue Bombers quarterback Matt Nichols is expected to hit free agency next month. Nichols had served as the team's starting quarterback since 2015 when suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in August. His agent said last week that Nichols was "a little bit upset" over the team's decision to prioritize signing Collaros. I can see why Matt is upset but this is business. It's not personal. I was happy to hear what a team guy Nichols was in the QB room when Collaros was brought in, and I hope that he received a big playoff bonus cheque, because he deserved it. Now I wish him all the best in Ottawa with Lapo.
  3. When we had Clements we knew that he would be getting injured so we had Huffer as a back up. Is McGuire our Huffer? I would have preferred to keep Strevy, will hold out hope that he comes back.
  4. If that's the criteria we might as well give Brandon Bridge a chance while we are at it....
  5. I had myself tested once, turns out I'm mostly made of bacon grease and methane.
  6. Even with the speech issues, I always enjoyed Buck's call-in show on CJOB with Bob Irving. I never listen to O'Shea's call in show, as that was just too boring.
  7. I believe that this is what they did with John Wayne when he had cancer. How do you process food if you have no stomach?
  8. yes, it would have been right up there with 1972 and that loss to Sask in West Final. Thank goodness that history didn't repeat itself.
  9. He might be still suffering PTSD from that Grey Cup game though....he's probably still screaming "Willie!!!" in his sleep and waking up in a cold sweat...
  10. yes in some ways those losses revealed why we couldn't have Hecht as our safety. No great loss without some small gain. I don't mind big mistakes, as long as they are not repeated.
  11. LOL - I'd like to think that was the master plan all year, makes those gut-wrenching last play of the game losses to the Alouettes and Argos more palatable I guess...on second thought, no still doesn't help.
  12. he just couldn't make Chicken salad out of chicken poo...
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