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  1. Approaching Rod Black Sam Giguere level of man love...
  2. Time to replace Foucault with a road pylon. Would be more effective.
  3. Dis guy on turd down, he no legible to catch da ball so dats a penal-tee...
  4. All three of the Lions fans are in Regina this weekend...
  5. I need John White to have a big game for my fantasy pool this week.
  6. With the way she bobs around on camera and her voice inflection changes it's like someone is giving her shocks like Cliff Claven and his electrified contact lenses.
  7. Lol I was wondering if you were going to edit that...
  8. Both teams are trying to see who can suck the most. Hot garbage vs. dumpster fire.
  9. I wish that she would pick an octave and stay with it when she speaks.
  10. you must have really hated Obama too then. Harper and Obama had remarkably similar fiscal policies they both put in place to fight the economic downturns they faced in North America. And I think they both did pretty good jobs.
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