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  1. I think he was on a line with Ehlers and Armia...
  2. What incidents were those? They could compromise and live in Miami MB.... So anyone want to venture a guess on who replaces Beyak?
  3. Why do we always end up picking 9th every year??? Come on Kyle!! Oh...right...
  4. Really enjoyed the 3rd period. Kind of reminded me of the Jets of 2018 season when they would just pour it on and no one could skate with them.
  5. With Schief getting injured does Vesa get the call up?
  6. LOL at the Flyers in those ridiculous pants. What were they thinking back then.
  7. As a Canadian Ukrainian Mennonite I stand with the people of Ukraine. I hope that although I understand why Canada can't get involved formally that we can at least supply their people with technology to battle the Russian scum invaders. As someone who was told from day one how bad the Russians are (why my ancestors fled Russian communists 100 years ago) I am cheering on the Ukrainians and hope that they can hold back the evil Russian hordes. Otherwise this is going to get really ugly.
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