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  1. Tyrone Jones blowing through the line and smacking Roy Dewalt, over and over again, in a home game against BC. BC was "the team to beat" at that time so I am assuming it was in the 1985 or 1986 time frame. It was total domination, the Bombers just destroyed them. In my favorite memories, Tyrone always plays a big part.
  2. I just remember him as a wrestler...
  3. It might have been Taman dropping his Subway sandwich by accident...
  4. Sounds like Suitor with the "Oh no!" to me.
  5. he is probably wanting to impress management, can save a lot of dough living with his parents while playing for the Jets....lol
  6. because he wants to join his cousin Andy and become the fourth member of Lonely Island?
  7. Where are you staying? We were in Kannapalli.
  8. I like 4 pm start times, gives me an excuse to quit work an hour earlier than usual...also increases the CR drinking time...
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