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  1. I'm thinking Finland could use Vesa and Heinola..... Keep looking lol
  2. Bird-cage lining maybe. My TP consists of Green and White paper and pictures of Chris Jones...
  3. So he's apparently saying that the Bombers were going to suck, and to "blame the schedule". But yet here I thought that the only reason the Bombers are winning is because of the schedule. So confused...
  4. I like that Brandon Alexander force on Reilly that caused him to throw up the ball for the Jefferson INT. The BC running back doesn't even try to block Alexander because he doesn't even see him, he's into the backfield so fast. That's a play you don't see very often.
  5. From what I've heard about Lanky, he's wasn't all that "sober" lol. One time I was watching a satellite feed of the Bomber game in a bar in St. Adolphe back in the early 1990's on CBC, and Lanky was doing the color. For some reason the commercials didn't come on and so we got to hear Lancaster speaking to his play by play guy on a hot mic, as he thought everyone was on commercial and no one could hear what he was saying. On the CBC main feed they were on commercial, but for some reason not on this CBC satellite feed. Man did he go at it with the trucker mouth during commercials! It was fun because we got to really hear what he thought of the coaches and players. That was good entertainment!
  6. in the course of my business travels I ended up trying to do a deal with a guy who played linebacker for the Ottawa ROUGHriders in the 80's. He said in those years no one wanted to play in Winnipeg, because you knew it was going to be a massive beat down, both on the field and on the score board. This was around five years ago that I met this guy. I remember fondly looking back on those years, and thinking that I probably would never see them again. Boy was I wrong. And I am very thankful that I was! No one hits harder than Winnipeg, in all three phases. Receivers are just getting smoked out there by BA and Biggie among others and you can tell that they don't want the ball. Ellingson was running away from the ball by the third quarter of that last Elk game. I can just see fans wanting to implement some sort of "Winnipeg rule" where you can't hit hard anymore. Let's just go to "two hand touch" when Winnipeg is playing lol.....
  7. I'm living proof of the cockiness. Almost the entire 80's and early 90's I thought the Bombers would win every game. It wasn't until Reinebold that I realized that it was possible for a Bomber team to suck, and suck hard. What a rude awakening that was.
  8. I'd feel sorry for Snake breaking into any houses in Regina tho...what are you going to steal? The 8-track player? Their typewriter? The tub they bathe in once a year?
  9. Yup the TSN guys didn't mention Kongbo until he was almost back on his feet.
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