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  1. Can't wait to see Dubois back at center with Connor and Ehlers.
  2. Stanley definitely looked the rookie in that giveaway...yikes.
  3. McDavid and Dri playing together. Shut down that line (somewhat) and what else does Edmonton have?
  4. and we started Brossy and rested Scheif, Wheeler and Connor, and still won...lol
  5. That was beautiful. He made Marner and Rittich his you know whats on that play.
  6. any idea what he did to deserve that 10 minute penalty? Other than just being a general ******-bag we all expect him to be? Was he chirping the refs? Anyone know?
  7. Yes if I had to choose I would take a D man. Of course. But I do miss Laine's rocket of a shot.
  8. Just watching the Calgary/Winnipeg 1995 game, a few comments - at the 24 minute mark (ish) - Slack throws a pass to Stegall (incomplete). He takes a hellacious hit to the head from the Calgary player and goes down like a sack of potatoes, but then just gets up after collecting himself on the ground. Glad to see the game has moved to the point whereby hits like that are flagged etc. The play doesn't even warrant comment from Don and James Curry who just ignore the horrible hit to Slack's head, other than Curry talks about how CFL QB's get "worn down" by hits like that during a game (lo
  9. I miss Don Wittman so much. He was the voice of so many classic Jets and Bomber games from the 80's and 90's...
  10. I wonder if those two (Liut and Scott) are still sticking to that story. Laine sure drove me nuts sometimes but I do miss that guy's goal scoring. We sure could have used him in that shoot-out against TO the other night...
  11. imagine having a crystal ball and Chevy drafting Dubois over Laine in 2016. He might have gotten fired for it but here we are...
  12. Sweet hands, sometimes this guy could just defy the laws of physics...
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