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  1. I agree, the same that happened to Harris just happened to me mowing my lawn this morning...Crown may start flowing a bit earlier than usual today...lol don't turn me into the Germans! Demski played like a man on a mission in the playoffs. He definitely displayed another gear and the heart of a lion during those 3 games that I'm sure Osh just loved to see.
  2. I could watch this blind-folded and still tell you which play is coming up next...lol...
  3. always my favorite part of camp. Hearing about all the potential newbies and what they can bring to the table.
  4. I definitely see Ottawa leading the league in field goals. And field goal attempts. Without a doubt. According to my schedule that date will be Sunday, December 12th, 2021. I really hope by that point Strevs is back with us as well, if only to see him in that fur coat once again in the parade....
  5. I am looking forward to meeting him one day. My neighbour played for him in Toronto and says that he would have run through walls for the guy. So obviously that's way more important that being a media darling.
  6. I bumped into an old Winnipeg sports-writer one time and he told me this: "Mike Kelly was a sports-writers dream come true. Mike O'Shea is every sports-writer's nightmare". Those coaches' call in shows with Kelly were classics. I gave up listening to poor old Bob try and do call-in shows with O'Shea, as the two word grunts in response to a detailed question were just not really doing much for me. I love Osh of course and what he has done for the Bombers, but he's definitely not a talkative guy, and that's ok.
  7. He couldn't take more than one game playing for the Kelly regime....
  8. took three days just to get in touch with someone at Westjet to use up our credit on file, not going through that hell again lol....next year will definitely plan better, hopefully the schedule comes out well in advance.
  9. Good to hear, unfortunately the Bombers are out of town when I am in town this year otherwise, I'd be there! Got my second jab so I am good to go!
  10. Thank you so much. A friend sent me this video today, and I never appreciated it more than I do now. I've lived here a long time and we've never had something this tragic happen in Kelowna, as long as I've been here anyway. We are definitely hurting as a city but we'll get through it. Glad to hear that your nephew is ok. If he ever wants to watch a Bomber game with me, I would welcome the company! Thanks all.
  11. Oh hey thanks for checking in. Things are starting to slowly return to normal. I was finally able to access my vehicle yesterday, which was stuck on the street behind a temporary fence across from the accident scene. I still have the image of the paramedics working on a guy right beside my SUV on the street..... Anyway, thanks again guys, keep the great posts coming! Focusing on the Bombers is the best therapy I could have right now, so much positive stuff going on with the team! Yes that was my thought too.
  12. Hey KBF, it's times like these that make you appreciate what you have, where you've been, what you've done. Life is a fleeting thing not to be taken for granted. You're okay, time heals all wounds, live a good life in honor of those who can't. Hang in there buddy, keep on rocking.

    1. kelownabomberfan


      Thanks!  I never knew what PTSD was before, now I know!  Appreciate the note, means a lot!

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